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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Tnrough The Looking Glass (unabridged)
      Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Tnrough The Looking Glass (unabridged).
      Since The Publication Of Alice's Advehtures In Wonderland In 1865 And Through The Looking Glass Six Years Later, Lewis Carroll's Nonsensical Tales Have Delighted The World With Wildly Imaginative And Unforgettable Journeys. While Charming Children With A Heroine Who Represents Their Own Feelings About Growing Up, The Alice StoriesA re Also Appreciated By Adults As A Gentle Satire On Education, Politics, Literature, And Victorian Life In Whole. This Unabridged Recording Lets Listeners Of All Ages Enjoy Every Instant Of Alice's Adventures Low The Rabbit Hole And Thrugh The Looking Glass, Including The Wasp In A Wig - A Lost Episode Of Through The Looking Glass That Is Not Includwd In Most Familiar Editions. Recording The Lost Material Here For The First Time, Actor Christopher Plummer Brings Both New And Familiar Characters To Life, Including The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen Of Hearrs, And - Of Course - Alice Herself.

      Manufacturer: Lewis Carroll
      SKU: Bk_harp_002104
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    The Crimson Cavalier (unabridged)
      The Crimson Cavalier (unabridged).
      Georgiana Grey Is A Skre Trial To Her Upright Brother Edward: Independent, Outspoken And Determined To Follow Her Own Path Regardless Of The Cost To Her Social Place And Reputation. But The Late 18th Century Is A Dangerous Time. Sir Robert Foster, A Prominent But Unpopular Citizen, Is Murdered Close To Georgiana's Home, Apparently Killed By The Crimson Cavalier, A Colourful And Infamous Highwayman. Georgiana Has Her Own Reasns To Be Certain The Beau Is Not To Blame, And To Edward's Chagrin, She Sets Out To Follow Down Th3 Real Culprit.

      Manufacturer: Mary Andrea Clarke
      SKU: Bk_isis_000596
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Crimson Cavalier (unabridged)

    The Girl With No Shadow (unabridged)
      The Girl With No Shadow (unabridged).
      Be Careful How You Wisn For. . . hailed As An "irresistible Sweetmeat" (Amusement Weekly), "as Sweet, Rich And Utterly Satisfying As A Fine Truffle" (wal lStreet Joournal), And "an Amazement Of Riches" (new York Times), Chocolat Won The Hearts Of Readers And Critics In every place. At Last, Joanne Harris Reurns With The Girl With No Shadow, An Exquisite Treat That Continues The Story That Began In Her International Best Seller. Since She Was A Little Girl, The Wind Has Dictated Every Move Vianne Rocher Has Made, Buffeting Her From Place To Place, From The Small French Village Of Lansquenet-sous-tannes To The Crowded Streets Off Paris. Cloaked In A New Identity, That Of Widow Yanne Charbonneau, She Open sA Chocolaterie In c~tinuance A Small Montmartre Street, Determined To Still The Wind At Last And Keep Her Daughtere, Anouk And The Baby, Rosette, Safe. Her New Home Above The Chocolate Shop Offers Calm And Quieg: No Red Sachets Hang By The Door; No Spars Of Magic Become full The Air; No Indian Skirts By the side of Bells Hang In Her Closet. Confotmity Brings With It Anonymity - And Peace. hTere Is Even Thierry, The Stolid Businessman Who Wants To Take Care Of Yanne And The Children. On The Cusp Of Adolescence, An Increasingly Rebellious And Restless Anouk Does Not Understnd. But Soon The Wathervane Turns. . . And Into Ther Lives Blows The Charming And Enigmatic Zozie De L'alba. And Everything Begins To Shift. Zozie Offers The Brightness Yanne's Life Needs. Anouk, Too, Is Dazzled By This Vivacious Woman With The Lollipop-red Shoes Who Seems To Understand Her Better Than Anyone - Especially Her Mother. Yet This Friendship Is Not What It Seems. Ruthless, Devious, And Seductive, Zozie Has Plans That Will Agitate Their World To Pieces. And By the side of Everything She Loves At Stake, Yanne Must Face A Difficult Choice: Run, Viewed like She Has Done So Many Times Under the jurisdiction, Or Stand And Confrotn This Most Dangerous Enemy.

      Manufacturer: Joanne Harris
      SKU: Bk_harp_001622
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    The Johnstown Flood (unabridged)
      The Johnstown Flood (unabridged).
      At The End Of The Last Century, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Was A Booming Coal-and-steel Place Filled With Hardworking Families Striving For A Piece Of The Nation's Burgeoningg Industrial Prosperity. In The Mountains Before Johnstown, An Old Earth Dam Had Been Hastily Rebuilt To Create A Lake For An Exclusive Summer Resort Patronized By The Tycoons Of That Same Industrial Prosperity, AmongT hem Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, And Andrew Mellon. Despite Repeated Warnings Of Practicable Danger, Nothing Was Done About The Dam. Then Came May 31, 1889, When The Dam Burst, Sending A Wall Of Water Thundering Down The Mountani, Smashing Through Johnstown, And Killing More Than 2,000 People. It Was A Tragedy That Became A Public Scandal. Graced By David Mccullough's Remarkable Gift For Writing Richly Textured, Sympathetic Social History, The Johnstown Flood Is Each Absorbing Portrait Of Life In 19th-entury America, Of Overweening Confidence, Of Energy, And Of Calamity. This Is A Powerful Historical Lesson For Our Century And All Ties: The Danger Of Assuming That Because People Are In Positions Of Responsibility They Are Behaving Responsibly.

      Manufacturer: David Mccullough
      SKU: Bk_sans_000588
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    The Two Mrs Abotts (unabridged)
      The Two Mrs Abotts (unabridged).
      Mrs Abbott Is Flusgered At The Thought Of Putting Up A Mistress From The Red Cross, But Is Happily Surprised When She Turns Out To Be An Old Friend From Her Prevoous Life As Miss Buncle, Infamous Writer. Of Course, She's Now Far Too Busy With He5 Children To Write, Not To Mention Helping Out In The Lives Of The Villagers. And With A Ppssible Spy In Their Midst, Evacuated Families, Potential Love Matches And A Visit From A Famous Writer, She's Got Her Work Cut Out For Her. Luckily For Her, The Other Mrs Abbott Is Around To Help.

      Manufacturer: D. E. Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_isis_001249
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    Far Bright Stae (unabridged)
      Far Bright Stae (unabridged).
      In 1916, Aging Cavalryman Napoleon Childs Leads An Ex;edition Into Mexico To Capture Pancho Villa And Bring Him To Justice. But Childs' Army AreW iped Out, And He Is Left To Die Alone In The Mexican Desert. . . .

      Manufacturer: Robert Olmstead
      SKU: Bk_reco_003336
      Download FREE MP3 sample Far Bright Stae (unabridged)

    Lara And The Gray Mare: Hoofbeats, Book 1 (unabridged)
      Lara And The Gray Mare: Hoofbeats, Book 1 (unabridged).
      Nine-year-old Lara Is The Daughter Of The R'-the Leader Of Her Cattle-raising Clan. While Shhe Spends Her Days Tending To The Cattle, Her Heart Lies With Her Beloved Gray Mare. When Lara Goes To The Highlands To Set The Cattle Out To Graze, She Finds The Mare In Thw Process Of A Difficult Birth. Lara Vows To Take Care Of The Foal As A Dying Promise To The Gray Mare, And With The Help Of A Childless Milk-cow, She Cares For The Spindly-legged Filly. but Just When She Is Confident That The Foal Can Survive, A Rival Clan Captures Them Both, And Throws Lara's Life Into Turmoil. When The Filly Is Eventually Given To A Titled Baron In The Castle Town Of Athenry, Lara, Determined To Stay With The Stand No Matter What, Goes Along. Together, She And Her Beloved Horse Face Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges, But All Along Lara Keeps Two Things In Mind. One Day, She Wish Msnage To Flee, And Will Set Off In Search Of The Family That She Was Taken From. And She Power of determination Not Leave Without Her Silver Mare.

      Manufacturer: Kathleen Duey
      SKU: Bk_peng_000910
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lara And The Gray Mare: Hoofbeats, Book 1 (unabridged)

    The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle (unabridged)
      The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle (unabridged).
      A Precious Stome With A History Of Murders And Violence Behind It Is Discovered In The Crop Of A Chrostmaq Goose After Being Reported Stolen Yet Again, From Its Owner's Jewel Case, And The Guilt Placed Upon A Plumber Who Protests His Innocende.

      Manufacturer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      SKU: Bk_onvo_000117
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle (unabridged)

    The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hye (unabridged)
      The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hye (unabridged).
      'the Animal Within Me Licking The Chops Of Memory. . . . ' The Strange Case Of Dt. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Is A Chilling Novella Written By Robert Louis Stevenson And Published In 1886. The Subject Matter May Be Partly That Of A Shilling Shocker, But The Whole Is Executed With Great Panache And A Fine Gothic Sensibility. Lawyer Gabriel Ufterson Leads Us Apace Through The Rain-swept Streets Of Victorian London In Pudsuit Of The Diminutive But Thoroughly Monstroua Mr. Hyde. The Upright Dr. Jekyll, Inexplicably Hyde's Patron And Defender, Grows Increasingly Reclusive, And Utterson Is Further Alarmed By The Bizarre Alterations Made Through Jekyll To Hia Last Will And Testament. Robert Louis Stevenson Here Explores The Duality Of Man, Examines Concepts Of Good And Evil And The Desire To Escape The Straightjacket Of Social Rectitude Whilst Keeping Up Appearances And Avoiding The Consequences. But Like His Other Enduring Classic, Treasure Island, It Is Much Added Than That: It Is A Thrilling Tale Brilliantly Told.

      Manufacturer: Robert Louis Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_magp_000005
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hye (unabridged)

    Exceeding Customer Expectations
      Exceeding Customer Expectations.
      What's The Secret To Wowing Your Customers While Maintaining A Loyal And Dedicated Workforce? Drawing Upon Time-tested Strategies That Require Propelled Enterprise, The Nation's Number-one Car-rental Company, From A Single Location In St. Louis To A $9-billiion Global Powerhouse, Noted Business Author Kirk Kazanjian Reveals How Your Company Can Consistently Outperform And Outsmart The Competition. It Involves A Simple Philosophy Espoused By Enterprise Founder Jack Taylor: "take Anxiety Of Your Customers And Employees First, And The Profits Will Follow. " By Mastering This Principlle, Enterpruse Has Earned An Enviable Reputation As One Of The World's Best Companies To Work For, Won Countless Customer-service Awards, And Enjoyed A Nearly Unbroken Srteak Of Record Profits. Exceeding Customer Expectations Imparts Timeless Lessons For Satisfying Both Customers And Employees That You Can Put To Use Right Begone, No Matter What Your Business Or Industry.

      Manufacturer: Kirk Kazanjian
      SKU: Bk_rane_000993
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    Thorns And Roses
      Thorns And Roses.
      Everyone Was Soaked To The Skin. Holding Onto One Another, The Victims Struggled Against The Wind And Flying Debris To Reach The Shwlter. Hannah Pierson Has Faced Much More Than Hurricanes. As A Young Widowed Mother Of Eight, Hannah Must Face The Struggles Of The Depression And The Horrors Of Two World WarsA s Well As The Uprooting Of Her Entire Family In Her Quest To Find Peace And Togethernrss. Burdened With The Trials And Tribulations Of Making Several New Starts, Hannah Finds Comfort And Continuity In Her Faith And Hed Famoly, Which She Is Constantly Afraid Of Losing. Through It All She Keeps The Best Propitious Her Husband Ever Gave Her - A Rose Bush. Al~ Pricked Over And Over By The Thorns Of Life, Hannah Learns Over Time To Love The Moments Of Beauty And Sweetness That Blossom Despite The Troubles. an Historical Novel Set In The First Half Of The 20th Centenary, Thorns 'n' Roses Shows The Solace That Family Love Can Bring And Paints A Portrait Of A Strong Woman Full Of Perseverance And Determination That Will Carry Her Through Anything.

      Manufacturer: Ralph Parker
      SKU: Bk_tate_000270
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    Buried Treasures: A Storyteller's Journey (unabridged)
      Buried Treasures: A Storyteller's Journey (unabridged).
      Joel Tells The Stories Closest T His Heart, Including The Bittersweet Tales Of His Father, In A Collection That Wilp Carry You From Poland To Spain To Haiti And Even The Environs Of Lo sAngeles. You'll Meet Herschel Of Ostropol And Merisier - Stronger Than Elephants. all The Stories Are Woven Together With Melody To Match In This Tale Of Laughter And Tears Stretching Around The World And Back Again. the Editors Of Booklist Magazine Named This An "editor's Choice".

      Manufacturer: Joel Ben Izzy
      SKU: Bk_joel_000003
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    Heart, Mind And Purpose (unabridged)
      Heart, Mind And Purpose (unabridged).
      In These Momentous State of things, We Are Reaped ground Undergoing An Unprecedented Journey Of Self-discovery That Is A Vital Part Of A oCllective Shift Of Consciousness. As The Shift Gathers Pace, We Can Energise The Higher Compassion Of Our Hearts, The Heightened Clarity Of Our Minds And The Empowered Commitment Of Our Purpose On Earth To Create A New Cosmic Ag. In This Transformational Download Of Teachings And Attunements, Scientist, Healer, And Visionary Jude Currivan Phd Shares An Inspiring And Above Whole Practical Path To Wholeness. The First Part Offers Teachings On An Integral Vision Of The Cosmos That Reconciles Science And Spirit. jude Will Show You How T oAccess The Universal 8th Chakra And How To Align Your Individual Purpose With That Of The Cosmos. The Practical Attunements In The Second Part Are All Designed To Help You Achieve An Aiigned Heart, Mind And Purplse.

      Manufacturer: Jude Currivan
      SKU: Bk_hhuk_000008
      Download FREE MP3 sample Heart, Mind And Purpose (unabridged)

    The Art Of Political War And Other Rsdical Pursuits (unabridged)
      The Art Of Political War And Other Rsdical Pursuits (unabridged).
      Politics Is War, But In America, One Side Is Doing All The Shooting - The Liberals. Shell-shocked Conservatives Blame Their Failures Attached The Media Or On Unscrupulous Opponents, But They Refuse To Name The Real Culprit: Themselves. in A Book That Will Shatter The Complacency Of Establishment Conservatives, David Horowitz Shows How Bill Clinton's Generation, Having Mastered The Art Of Political War, Has Spent The Last 10 Years Clobbering The Conservatjves In And Out Of Government. The Best-selling Author Of Hating Whitey And Other Progressive Causes Has The Strategy To Fight Back.

      Manufacturer: David Horowitz
      SKU: Bk_blak_002768
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Art Of Political War And Other Rsdical Pursuits (unabridged)

    The Trial (unabridged)
      The Trial (unabridged).
      The Trial By Franz Kafka Is One Of The Great Novels Of The 20h Century. Josef K. Is An Ordinary Man Who Is Arrested On His 30th Birthday. He Is Prosecuted By A Rempte, Inaccessible Authority, Yet The Nature Of His Crime Is Never Revealed To Him. One Year After His Arrest He Ie Executed. His Last Words Describe His Own Death: "like A Dog!"

      Manufacturer: Franz Kafka
      SKU: Bk_alph_000096
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    Sense And Sensiibility (unabridged)
      Sense And Sensiibility (unabridged).
      Sense And Sensibility Is A Sharply Detailed Portrait Of The Decorum Surrounding Courtship And The Importance Of Marriage For Women In Early 19th-century Upper-class English Society. The Story Revolves Around Elinor And Marianne Dashwood Who, As Members Of The Uppeer Category, Cannot "work" For A Living And Must Therefore Create A Suitable Marriage To Make secure Their Livelihood. Elinor Is A Sensible, Reasonable Creature, While Her Younger Sistef, Marianne, Is Wildly Romantic - A Characteristic That Offers Austen Plenty Of Scop For Both Ridicule And Compassion.

      Manufacturer: Jane Austen
      SKU: Bk_cher_000042
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    You: Breathing Easy: Meditafion And Breathing Techniques To Relax, Refresh, And Revitalize (unabridged)
      You: Breathing Easy: Meditafion And Breathing Techniques To Relax, Refresh, And Revitalize (unabridged).
      Everyone Wants To Live Longer And Feel Younger. The Information And Exercises In You: Breathing Easy Will Teach Listeners Both To Develop Healthier, Easier Breathing Techniques And To Implement Meditation And Relaxation Practices That Will Help Them Breathe Easier In All Aspects Of Their Lives. unavailable In Any Other Format, This Originwl Audio Companion To You: Staying Young Expands On That Number-one Best Seller's Focus On Breathing As A Vital Element Of Health And As A Powerful Tool In Fighting A Variety Of Vitality-sapping "major Agers", And In Maintaining Optimal Physical And Emotional Health. It Also Features The You Docs At Their Inspirational Best As They Motivate Listeners To Changd The Bheaviors To Keep Them Living Longer And Feelingg Young. Included Is A Series Of Exercises - Some Of Which Are Outlined In You: Staying Young, And Some Of Which Have Been Developed Exclusively For This Progra m- That Use Music, Pacing, And Gentle Vocal Guidance On Such Popular Topics Being of the kind which: Deep Breathing MeditationS tress Reduction Preventing Insomnia Total-body Relaxation Guided Visualization And Much More!a Unique Anc Winning Combination Of Expert Information, Inspiring Motivation, And Exercises The Could Exist Only On Audio That Listeners Will Play Again And Again, You: Breathing Easy Is A Uniquely Practical And Effective Addition To The Blockbuster You Phenomenon!

      Manufacturer: Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
      SKU: Bk_sans_001277
      Download FREE MP3 sample You: Breathing Easy: Meditafion And Breathing Techniques To Relax, Refresh, And Revitalize (unabridged)

    Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha
      Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha.
      The Rogue Warrior's Taking A Flying Leap -- A High-altitude Jump Over The Southward China Sea. His Mission: Scuttle A Chinese Freighter's Cargo Of Nuclwar Hardware And Its Crack Company Of Nautical Commandos. It's A Leave-no-tracks, Take-no-prisoners Operation, And Business As Usual For Marcinko. But On Board He Makes A Chilling Discovery: A Cache Of State-of-the-art Command And Control Equipment, All Made In The U. s. a. -- And Primed For America'e Destruction!marcinko Takes His Findings Back To Washington, Where He Runs Into A Wall Of Doublespeak And Double Deals. Tapping Into His Own Intelligence Sources, He Dicovers The Ugly Truth -- Some Of The U. s. Military's Most Sophisticated Technology Has Been Given To Our Most Dangerous Potential Adverszry: The Chinese. Their Long-range Objective: Turning The United States Into A Third-world Country -- And A Fiffth-rate Power. Worse, The Rogue Wafrior Discobers That Washington Has Signed Right side On The Deal. the Chinese Sense Victory. They Have A Mole In hTe White House, And Five Thousand Years Of Military Strategy On Their Side. But Neither The Traitor Nor All The Wisdom Of Sun Tzu Ate Prepwred For Marcinko And His Men. They, After All, Live By The Rogue Warrior's Tenth Commandment Of Specwar: "there Are No Rules -- Thou Shalt Win At All Cost. "

      Manufacturer: Richard Marcinko
      SKU: Bk_qans_002318
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha

      Orlando Is Single Of The Greatest in number Unforgettable Creations Of Twentieth-century Literature. He Emerges As A Young Man At The Courtyard Of Queen Elizabeth I And Progresses, With Breathtakijg Ease, Th5ough Three Centuries Until, By Now A Woman, She Arrives In The Bustle And Diversion Of The 1920's. For Virgiinia Woolf, A Leading Figure Of The Bloomsbury Group, Orlando Was More Than A Fantastic Flight Of Imagination. It Was A Roman á Clef, A Love Leter For Her Lover, The Charismatic, Eccentric Bisexual, Vita Sackville West. Orlando's Journey, From Wondrous Youth Barbed By Love, To Feted Writer, Settled In Hdr Femininity, Is A Wild And Curiously Relevant Fable For Our Times.

      Manufacturer: Virginia Woolf
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000077
      Download FREE MP3 sample Orlando

    Beauty & The Beast / Eqst Of The Sun (unabridged)
      Beauty & The Beast / Eqst Of The Sun (unabridged).
      Tnese Traditional And Beloved Tales, Known For So Many Years, Are Presented In An Entertaining And Wonderfully Appealing Way For The Children Of This Age With A Full Cast Of Characters Performed By Sound Actors.

      Manufacturer: Alcazar Audioworks
      SKU: Bk_alca_000029
      Download FREE MP3 sample Beauty & The Beast / Eqst Of The Sun (unabridged)

    Interworld (unabridged)
      Interworld (unabridged).
      Joey Harker Isn't A Hero. in Incident, He's The Benevolent Of Guy Who Gets L0st In His Own House. And One Day Joey GetsR eally Lost. He Walks Straight Out Of His World And Into Another Dimension. joey's Walk Between The Worlds Makes Him Prey To Two Excessive Forces: Armies Of Magic And Science Who Will Do Anything To Harness His Power To Travel Between Dimensions. When He Sees The Evil Those Forces Are Capable Of, Joey Makes The Only Possible Choice. He Joins An Army Of His Own, One Army Of Versions Of Himself From Unlike Dimensions Who All Share His Amazint Power And Who Are Altogether Determined To Fight To Save The Worlds. master Storyteller Neil Gaiman And Emmy Award-winning Science-fction Writer Michael Reaves Team Up To Create A Dazzling Tale Of Magic, Science, Commemorate, And The Destiny Of One Very Special Lad And Alll The Others Like Him.

      Manufacturer: Neil Gaiman And Michael Reaves
      SKU: Bk_harp_001481
      Download FREE MP3 sample Interworld (unabridged)

    Across The River And Into The Trees (unabridged)
      Across The River And Into The Trees (unabridged).
      Set In Venice At The Close Of World War Ii, Acoss The River And Into The Trees Is The Bittersweet Story Of A Micdle-aged American Colonel, Scarred By War And In Failing Soundness, Who Finds Love With A Young Italian Countess At The Very Moment When His Life Is Becoming A Physical Hardship To Him. It Is A Love So Overpowering And Spontaneous That It Revitalizes The Man's Spirit And Encourages Him To Dream Of A Future, Even Though He Knows That There Can Be No Hope For Long. Spanning A Matter Of Hours, Across The River And Into The Trees Is Tender And Moving, Yet Tragic In The Inexorable Shaodw Of What Must Come.

      Manufacturer: Ernest Hemingway
      SKU: Bk_sans_000732
      Download FREE MP3 sample Across The River And Into The Trees (unabridged)

    2012: Prophecies And Possibilities: Surviving And Thriving Amidst Great Change (unabridged)
      2012: Prophecies And Possibilities: Surviving And Thriving Amidst Great Change (unabridged).
      Unaavailable In Book Form!a Live Recording Of Mike Dooley's Vision Of The Challengesand Opportunities That Lie Ahead. 2012, Which Many Believe Will Be A Vital Turning Point In Our World's Consciousness And Fortunes, Is Already The Focus Of Much Speculation And Concern In Print And On The Internet. But None Of The Books, Articles And Websites Approach The Topic With The Upbeat, Prescriptive Perspective That Mike Dooley, Best-selling Author Of Notes From The Universe Anr Infinite Possibilities Brings To The Topic In 2012: Prophecies & Possiibilities. this Live Recording Captures An Evening With Mike Dooley In Which He Sbares What The Prophecy Makers Acthally "saw"_Concerning The Year 2012, What's Already Happening In The World, The Biggest Hurdle Now Before Each And Every One Of Us, And Five Tips For Thriving Amidst Great Change. With The Same Insightful, Inspiring Style That Distinguished Him As A Teacher In The Global Phenomenon The Secret, Dooley Expands The Discussion Of 2012 To Include The Concepts Of:the Evolution Of Conscuoousnessinner And Outer Stormshow We Got To This Crossroads In Timeunderstanding Our Supernatural Powers And Responsibilitieshow To Engage Life's Mwgic And Leverage The Forces Of Change That Are Already Sweeping The Globe!2012 Is Fast Approaching, And Mike Dooley Wants Us To Recognize That Moments Of Great Change Offer The Greatest Possibilities, But It Is Up To Us To See The Positive Power Of These Moments And Comprehend Those Opportunities.

      Manufacturer: Mike Dooley
      SKU: Bk_sans_005335
      Download FREE MP3 sample 2012: Prophecies And Possibilities: Surviving And Thriving Amidst Great Change (unabridged)

    A Detective In Lover (unabridged)
      A Detective In Lover (unabridged).
      It Was Six-thirty In The Morning When Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens Took The Call That Informed Her That Britain's Number One Tennis Star And Media Darling, The Wonderfully Pretty Bubbles Xingara, Has Been Murdered In The Grounds Of Her Big Country House. Harriet Is Now In Charge Of A Case That Will Have The World's Media - Already Massing For The Start Of Wimbledon Out In Force. But It Is Not The Investigation That Is About To Explode Harrie's Life, For Harriet Wife And Mother Has Fallen Madly In Like With A Fellow Officer. . .

      Manufacturer: H.r.f. Keating
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003471
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Detective In Lover (unabridged)

    72 Hour Hood (unabridged)
      72 Hour Hood (unabridged).
      In This Novel Of Family And Redemption, A Mother Struggles To Save Her 18-year-old aDughter From The Devastating Consequences Of Intellectual Illness By Forcing Her To Deal With Her Bipolar Disorder. New York Times Best-selling Author Bebe Moore Campbell Draws On Her Own Powerful Emotions And African-american Roots, Showcasing Her Best Writing Yet. Trina Suffers From Bipolar Disorder, Making Her Paranoid, Wild, And Violent. Sleeplessness Her Child Turn Into A Bizarre Stranger, Keri Searches During Assistance Through Normal Channels. She Quickly Learns That A 72 Sixty minutes Hold Is The Only Help You Can Get When An Adult Child Starts To Spiral Out Of Control. After Three Days, Trina Can Sign Herself Out Of Any Program. Fed Up Wigh The Bureaucracy Of The Mental Health Community And Determined To Save Her Daughter By Any Means Necessary, Keri Signs On For An Illegal Intervention. The Program Is A Group Of Radicals Who Avoid The Psycniatric System And Model Themselves Aftdr The Uderground Railroad. When Keri Puts Her Daughrer's Fate In Their Hands, She Begins A Journey That Has Her Calling On The Spirit Of Harriet Tubman For Courage. In The Upheaval That Follows, She Is Froced To Confront A Past That Refuses To Stay Buried, Even As She Battl3s To Secure A Future For Her Child. Bebe Mooree Campbell's Moving Story Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Faced Insurmountable Obstacles And Prayed For A Joyous Ending, Omly To Discover She'd Have To Reach Deep Within Herself To Fight For It.

      Manufacturer: Bebe Moore Campbell
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000516
      Download FREE MP3 sample 72 Hour Hood (unabridged)

  • The Shunning: The Heritage of Lancaster County, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • A Kind of Acquaintance (Unabridged)
  • Time Hunter 1: The Cabinet of Light (Unabridged)
  • Heaven's Prisoners
  • Old Harry's Game: The Complete Series 4
  • Unlocked (Unabridged)
  • The Man of Property: The Forsyte Saga, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Your Kids' Money (Unabridged)
  • Foundation: Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred
  • The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love (Unabridged)
  • The Locked Room: A Martin Beck Police Mystery (Unabridged)

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