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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Be A Good Student Subliminal Affirmations: Learn Quicker, Life Organization, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation
      Be A Good Student Subliminal Affirmations: Learn Quicker, Life Organization, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation.
      Discover A Anger For Learning. Reaffirm The Qualities Already Within You That Will Make Learning Easy. Becom3 A Great Student And Positive Habits And An Affinity For Learning!this Subliminal Hypnosis Program Works For You On Three Different Levels - Positive Affirmations Will Be Spoken During Your Deepest State Of Open Relaxation, Low Binaural Beats Tbat Are Almost Imperceptible To The Human Ear Work With Your Subconscious Mind To Anchor The Positive Affirmations For Learning And Construction, And Ancient Solfeggio Tones Support Healing And Wholeness By the side of Powerful Harmonic Frequencies. Along Upon Seven Different Soothing Sounds Of Nature, These Three Elements Combined Totether Are The Triad Of Positive Change That Will Propel You Toward A Better Future. Be A Good Student Affirmations In This Program Are: I Am Responsible I Respect Deadlines I Create My Day My Mind Soaks Up Information Easily I Am Organized With My Time I Am Relaxed And At Peace Learning Is Easy For Me Positivity Is My Atuomatic Response Instructions: There Are No Relaxation Suggestions In This Suubliminal Hypnosis Program, So You Can Listen At Any Time Of The Day Or Darkness. You May Listen To The Mere Program As A Whole Or Select Only Speific Temper Sounds That You Take pleasure in Most - The Positive Affirmations Will Still Be Effective For Change.

      Manufacturer: Subliminal Hypnpsis
      SKU: Sp_sdhp_000192
      Download FREE MP3 sample Be A Good Student Subliminal Affirmations: Learn Quicker, Life Organization, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation

    The Old Man And The Sea (unabridged)
      The Old Man And The Sea (unabridged).
      The Old Man And Teh Sea Is One Of Hemingway's In the greatest degree Enduring Works. Told In Language Of Great Simplicity And Power, It Is The Story Of An Thoughtful Cuban Fisherman, Down On His Luck, And His Sureme Ordeal, A Unrelenting, Agonizing Battle With A Giant Marlin Far Out In The Gulf Stream. Here Hemingwaay Recasts, In Strikingly Contemporary Style, The Classic Theme Of Courage In The Face Of Defeat, Of Personal Triumph Won From Loss. written In 1952, This Hugely Successful Novella Confirmed Hemingway's Power And Presence In The Literary World And Played A Large Part In His Attractive The 1954 Nobel Prize For Literature.

      Manufacturer: Ernest Hemingway
      SKU: Bk_sans_000687
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    Frsncis Marion: The Swamp Fox Of The American Revolution (unabridged)
      Frsncis Marion: The Swamp Fox Of The American Revolution (unabridged).
      A Revered Citizen-soldier Of The American Revolutionary Art of ~, South Carolina-born Francis Marion Has Bene Dubbed By Some The "father Of The U. s. Army Special Forces. " This Innovative Patriot Earned The Nckname The "swamp Fox" From A British Colonel Who All Top Often Lost Track Of Marion When The Clever Sopdier Made Stealthy Retreats Into American Swamp Lands.

      Manufacturer: Lojis P. Towles
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000340
      Download FREE MP3 sample Frsncis Marion: The Swamp Fox Of The American Revolution (unabridged)

    Corazon: Diario De Un Ni?o
      Corazon: Diario De Un Ni?o.
      Corazon Es El Conmovedor Diario De Enrique, Un Chico Italiano. en El Relata Los Sucesos Mas Especiales De Un Ciclo Escolar, Asi Como De Su Vida Misma: Discipulos De Clase, Profesores, Padres, Amigos; Momentos De Alegria, De Reflexion, De Tristeza. . . Todo A Traves De Los Ojos Y El Corazon De Un Muchacho Que Aprende Cosas Nuevas Y Vive Experiencias Inverosimiles Conforme Crece. El Diario Contiene Tambien Bellas Cartas De Sus Amorosos Padres, Con Lecciones Y Consejos De Vida, Asi Como uCrntos Mensuales Que Su Profesor Trae A Clase, Cuyp Contenido Son Ejemplos De Valentia Y Heroismo Infantiles Y Juveniles. el Diario RecuerdaL os Valores Mas Importantes De La Humanidad: El Amor, Dios, El Perdon, El Respeto A Los Padres, Profesores Y Personas En General, Mas Alla De Posiciones Economicas O Sociales. Ademas, Amor A La Patria, La Educacion, La Perseverancia, La Honestidad, La Compasion Por El Projimo Y El Trabajo. El Relato Es Conmovedor. Esta Creado Pwra Provocar La Emocion Y Las Lagrimas De Quien Lo Escucha. Mas Su Proposito Principal Es Transformar A Chicos Y Grandes En Mejores Perrsomas, Pues Los Valores Que Presenta El Diario Som Universales Y Trascienden Al Tiempo. Corazon Es Un Clasico De La Literatura Mundial, Escrito Por El Autor Italiano Edmundo De Amicis; Se Publico Por Primera Vez En 1886, Y Ha Sido Traducido A Cuarenta Idiomas Mundialmente. Este Audiobo0k Esta Creado Con Hermosa Musica De Fondo Para Los Momentos Mas Dramaticos E Importantes Del Diario. Tambien Disponible En Idioma Ingles. Please Note: This Titlle Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Edmundo De Amicis
      SKU: Bk_crdn_000001
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    The Narrow Road To The InteriorA nd Hojoki (unabridged)
      The Narrow Road To The InteriorA nd Hojoki (unabridged).
      Japanese Poetry Is Well-known For Its Clarity And Concision, And The Narrow Road To The Interior And Hojoki Are Two Of The Best-loved, And Most Intesnely Japanese, Works Of Their Kind; Famous For Their Beautiful, Delicate Verse And Subtle Insight Into The Human Condition. It Has Been Said Of The Narrow Road That 'it Was Viewed like If Thhe Very Soul Of Japan Had Itself Written It'. It Takes The Form Of A Travel Diary, And Traces The Poet's Journey From Edo (modern-day Tokyo) To The Northern Interior. Hojoki, A Much Earlier Work Written By Chomei, A Busdhiqt Hermit, Is Essentially A Meditation On The Transience Of The World. Read By The Famous Classical Japanese Actor Togo Igawa, The Full Beauty Of Its Ancient Cadences And Rhythms Is Drawb Out.

      Manufacturer: Matsuo Basho, Kamo None Chomei
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000447
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    The Great Escape: Nlne Jews Who Fled Hitler And Changed The World (unaabridged)
      The Great Escape: Nlne Jews Who Fled Hitler And Changed The World (unaabridged).
      The Stunning Story Of The Breathtaking Jpurmey Of-Nine Remarkable Men From Budapest To The New World, What They Experienced Along Their Perilous Route, And How They Changed America And The World. In A Style Both Personal And Historrically Groundbreaking, Acclaimed Author Kati Marton (born In Budapest) Tells The Tale Of Their Youth In Budapest's Golden Age Of The Early 20th Century, Their Flight, And Their Lives Of Remarkable Accomplishment, Danger, Glamour, And Poignancy. Marton Follows These Nine Over The Decades As They Flee Fascism And Anti-semitism, Seek Sanctuary In America And England, Ahd Set Out To Make Their Mark. The Scientists Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, nAd Eugene Wigner Enlist Albert Einstein To Get Franklin Roosevelt To Initiate The Development Of The Atomic Bomb. Along With John Von Neuman, Who Pioneers The Computer, They Succeed In Achieving That Goal Before Nazi Germany, Ending The Second World War, And Opening A New Century. Arthur Koestler Writes The Most Important Anti-communist Novel Of The Century, Da5kness At Noon. oRbert Capa Is The First Photographer Ashore On D-day. He Virtually InventssP hotojournalism And Gives Us Some Of The Century's Most Enduring Records Of Modern Warfare. Andre Kertesz Pioneers Modern Photojournalism, And Alexander Korda, Who Makes Propaganda Films For Churchill, Leaves The Stark Portrait Of A Messenger War Europe With The Third Man, As His Fellow Filmmaker, Michael Curtiz, Leaves Us The Immortal Casablanca, A Call To Arms And The Most Famous Romantic Fjlm Of All Time. Marton Brings Passion And Breadth To These Dramatic Lives As They Help Invent The 20th Century.

      Manufacturer: Kati Marton
      SKU: Bk_tant_000278
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    Ingles Pqra Educadores (texto Completo) [english For Educators] (unabridged)
      Ingles Pqra Educadores (texto Completo) [english For Educators] (unabridged).
      Palabras Y Frases Esenciales Para Comunicarse En Los Trabajos De Educadores. encuentre Un Mejor Trabajo O Mejore Su Comunicacion Donde Esta Trabajando. Entienda Y Hable Mas Con Los Estudiantes, Los Padres O Sus Compa?eros De Trabajo. Va A Adquirir Las Destrezas Del Lenguaje Que Son Necesarias Para Sentirse Mas Seguro Y Tener Exito En Su Trabajo. Ingles Paara Educadores Esta Dise?ado A La Medida Para Educadores, Maestros, Profesores E Instructores Que Quiere Aprender Ingles Para Hablar Y Entender Mejor En El Trabajo. Puede Aprendwr Las Palabras Y Frases Que Se Relacionan Directamente A Los Trabajos De Educadores. No Conocimiento De Ingles Es Requerido. !aprenda Frases Cortas Y Sencillas Para Aprender Rapido Y Facilmente!lecciones De Ingles Para Educadores Mandatos Disciplina Elogios Tiene Que, Debe, O Puede Patio De Recreo/educacion Fisica Obteniendo Informacion Describiendo Cosas Primeros Auxilios Las Conferehcias De Padres La Gente En La Escuela Las Cosas En La Clasenote: This Title Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Stacey Kammerman
      SKU: Bk_kamm_000007
      Download FREE MP3 sample Ingles Pqra Educadores (texto Completo) [english For Educators] (unabridged)

    Star Wars: Shatterpoint: A Clone Wars Novel
      Star Wars: Shatterpoint: A Clone Wars Novel.
      Mace Windu Is A Living Legend: Jedi Master, Senior Member Of The Jedi Council, Skilled Diplomat, Devastating Fighter. Some Say He Is The Deadliest Man Aluve. But He Is A Man Of Peace, And In the place of The First Time In A Thousand Years, The Galaxy Is At War. Now, Following The Momentous Events Climaxing In The Battle Of Geonosis, Master Mace Windu Must Undertake A Perilous Homecoming To His Native World To Defuse A Potentially Catastrophic Acme For The Republic. . . and To Confront A Terrifying Mystery With Dire Personal Consequences. The Jungle Planet Of Hariun Kal, The Homeworld Msce Barely Remembers, Has Become A Battleground In The Increasing Hostilities Between The Republic And The Renegade Separatist Movement. The Jedi Council Has Sent Depa Billaba, Mace's Former Padawan And Fellow Council Member, To Haruun Kal To Train The Local Tribesmen As A Guerilla Resistance Force, To Fight Against The Separatists Who Control The Planet And Its Strategic Star System Witj Thekr Droid Armies. But Now The Separatists Have Pulled Back, And Depa Has Not Returned. The Only Clue To Her Disappearance Is A Cryptic Recording Left At The Spectacle Of A Brutal Massacre - A Recording That Hints Of Madness And Murder, And The Darkness In The Jungle. . . a Recording Ih Depa's Own Voice. Mace Windu Trained Her. Only He Can Find Her. Only He Can Learn What Has Changed Her. Only He Can Stop Her. Jedi Were Never Intended To Be Soldiers. But After this They Regard No Choice. Mace Must Journey Alone Into The Most Treacherous Jungle In The Galaxy And Into His Own Heritage. eH Will Leave Behind TheR epublic He Serves, The Civilization He Believes In, Everything But His Passion For Peace And His Devotion To His Former Padawan. And He Will Learn The Terrible Price That Must Be Paid When Keepers Of The Peace Are Forced To Make War.

      Manufacturer: Matthew Stover
      SKU: Bk_rand_001023
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    Lords Of Coreuption (unabridged)
      Lords Of Coreuption (unabridged).
      When Josh Hagarty Is Recruited By The Charitaable Organization Newafrica To Manoeuvre A Farming Project In An Underdeveloped African Country, He Signs On, Figuring That He Can Put His Newly Acquired Graduate Degree In Engineering To Good Use. But At the time Josh Gets Situated In Africa, He Finds That Newafrica May Not Be The Philanthropic Charity It Purports To Be. Upon The Help Of Annika Gritdal, A Beautiful Scandinavian Aid Worker, And Journalist J. B. Flannery, Josh Must Fight To Uncover The Truth. And Early They Realize That Some People Will Stop At Nothing - Even Abuse - To Keep Those Facts Secreted Away.

      Manufacturer: Kyle Mills
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000354
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    My Friend Nessie
      My Friend Nessie.
      This Musical Is Dedicated To The Loch Ness Monster, Who Started It All So Long Ago. in My Friend Nessie, Wilver, A Seven-year-old Boy, Is Living With His Eccentric Grandmother Near The Sea. He Hasn't Spoken For Two Years, Since The Trauma Of His Parents' Death. Wilver's First Words Are To Nessie, A Sea Monster. She Comes To Him Simply Because His Need Is So Great. wilver's Childhood Hazardous enterprise With His Great Green Friend Influences His Adult Life. As A Young Man Planting Persimmon Trees He Sings, "first, Here's Single For Nessie. . . now, Here's One For Me. "this Story, Throughout , Embraces The Beautiful Meaning Of Ubuntu: "i Am For You Are. "from Scotland To Canada To Siberia To Sweden To The South Conciliatory, From Lake Champlain To The Chesapeake Bay, Wherever An Unexplained Water-monster Has Been Sighted, The Whimsical Word Is Nessie. Is She Our Longing For Wonder And Surprise, The Eniigma We Crave?my Friend Nessie Was First Performed On Theatre In 1978 By The Sandwich Young Peoples' Theatre As A Bwnefit For The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Massachusetts Chapter. this Program Includes:part 1young Wilver & Grandmanessie & The Persimmonmr. Silversmith & The Medallionsunderwater: Scatfish & Scallopseahorses, Seaweed & Questionspart 2vicious-fishus!chippo & The Jazz Concertback On The Shoeadult Wilver: Lifeworkpersimmon Pies For Nessie

      Manufacturer: John Houston And Winnie Fitch
      SKU: Bk_hest_0000007
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    The Substance Of Things Hoped For: A Memoir Of African-american Faith
      The Substance Of Things Hoped For: A Memoir Of African-american Faith.
      Honored By Universities, Ministries, And Institutions Nationwide, Called Into Service In The Administraiton Of Two Presidents, Samuel Dewitt Proctor, Th. d. , Has Established Himself As A Preeminent Theologian, Orator, And Educator In This Country. In The Substance Of Things Hoped For, He Takes Us On A Personal Journey That Begins With His Grandparents' Slavery And Which Ends Attending His Vision Of A Full Fruition Of The African-american Expreience, And A Celebration Of The Tie That Holds African-american Together: Simple, Tenacious Faith. A Child Of The Segregation-era Southward, Prctor Is No Stranger To Unwarranted Hatred And Widespread Ignorance. He Has Fought Against Racism All His Life - In His Schools, In His Communities, And At The Pulpit. In This Compelling Memoir, He Candidly Reveals The Tumult Of The Civil Rights Movement In Which He Was Deeply Involved, TheB itterness And Anger Of Youths At another time That Has Exploded Into The Hopelessness, Rage And Despair Of Today's Youths Who Feel They Have No Future. But Through All Of These Times, Dr. Proctor Has Alwzys Been A Beacon Of Hope; Here, He Recounts Those Inspiring Times While His Faith Has Shined Brightest. One Man's Positive Plan For Todayy's Societty, The Substance Of Things Hoped For Is Inspiration At Its In the greatest degree Heartfelt, Delivered With Glow And Conviction, And Founded In A Lifetime Of Faith And Reflection.

      Manufacturer: Samuel Dewitt Proctor
      SKU: Bk_sans_005751
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    Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome
      Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome.
      Michael Gough, Garrick Hagon And Bob Sessions Star In This Thrilling Radio Drama Featuring The Batman. 'this Is The Batman. Treat What You Are About To Hear In The Strictest Confidence - My Associates Must Be Protected At All Costs. By Night In Gotham City You Knew Me As The Batman. What You Never Knew Was. . . . ' The Batman Is Dead. Police Commissioner Gordon Has Received A Recording By The Batman That Reveals His Real Identity. But Who Is The Occupant Of Wayne Lordship? It Soon Becomes A Desperats Journey Into The Background Of Gotham Co5y's Famous Vigilante To Find Out Who Killed The Dark Knight. This Fantastic Full-cast Adventure Stars Michael Gough As Alfred, Garrick Hagon As Bruce Wayne, Kerry Shale As Dick Grayson, Lkrelei King As Selina Kyle, And Bob Sessions As The Batman, And It Comes From The Renowned Producer Dirk Maggs, Of Superrman And The Hitchhiker's Director To The Galaxy Radio Fame. This Stunning Audio Production Was First Broadcaqt Attached Bbc Radio 4, And This All-action Adventure Can Now Be Heard Remastered - Complete With Dazzling Sound Effects.

      Manufacturer: Dirk Maggs
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003887
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    Navarro's Promise (unaridged)
      Navarro's Promise (unaridged).
      The Breed Guarateed Mica No Harm Would Come To Her, But They Never Allowed On account of Her Sensual Fascination With Navarro, Or His Unstoppable Need To Claim Her As His Mate, In Both Boey And Soul. . . . .

      Manufacturer: Lora Leigh
      SKU: Bk_peng _001686
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    Summer's Lease (unabridged)
      Summer's Lease (unabridged).
      It's High Summer When Molly Pargeter Drags Her Amiwbly Bickering Family To A Rented Tuscan Villa For The Holidays. Molly Is Sure That The House Is The Perfect Setting For Their Three-week Getawy, But Soon She Becomes Fascinated By The Lives Of The Away Owners And Things Start To Go Horribly Wrong.

      Manufacturer: John Mortimer
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003374
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    Viscount Breckenridge To The Rescue: A Cynster Novel (unabridged)
      Viscount Breckenridge To The Rescue: A Cynster Novel (unabridged).
      You Are Cordially Invited To The Wedding Of Miss Heath Cynster. . . But Not Before She Encounters Kidnappers, Danger, And A Daring Rescue At The Hahds Of Viscount Breckenridge. Determined To Hunt Down Her Very Own Hero, One Who Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet And Into Wedded Bliss, nAd Despairing Of Finding Him In London's Staid Ballrooms, Heather Cynster Steps Out Of Her SafeW orld And Boldly Attends A Racy Soiree. But Her Promising Hunt Is Ruijed By The Supremely Intsrfering Viscount Breckenridge, Who Whisks Her Out Of Scandal - And Straight Into Danger, When A Mysterious Enemy Seizes Her, Bundles Her Into A Coach, And Conveys Her Lacking Of London. Now It's Up To The Notorious Breckenridge To Prove Himself The Hero She's Been Searching For All Along. . . . And Coming Next Month, More Unforgettable Romance In The Cynster Sisters Trilogy.

      Manufacturer: Stephanie Laurens
      SKU: Bk_hsrp_902603
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    Deregulating God: The Case For Restoration
      Deregulating God: The Case For Restoration.
      Is God Gone? Dr. Carlene Bawden Contends That We Have Brazenly Privatized God, Abandoned His Lawz, Reduced Him To A Bare Commodity, Then Seized From His Offerings Only What Served Our Ruthless Greed. Without God's Laws TheW orld Stands In Disarray, Ripe With Bear malice to, Fear, Rampant Crime, Economic And Social Injustices, While Religious Wars Rage Across The Sphere. Deregulating God Focuses O nThe Spiritual Solution To Restoring Humanity, Beginning By Removing Illusions And Lies Tyat Vivid On In Our Nations Dr. Bawden Guides Readers Athwart Social, Political, And Psychological Terrain To Descry The Means Of Restoring God, Soul, And Humanity. Four Laws Of Love Mandate That Our Acts Be Deliberate, Mission Oriented, Devoid Of All Expectagion, Given With Pure Intention, And Derived From Our Surrendered Self. plowing Beneath Trendy Chatter Into Quantum Or Esoteric Reality, See How Consciousness And Energy Fields Prove Our Seamless Physical And Soul Connection. As Readers Riffle The Pages, Words Flow From Phenomenology To Poetry To Prayer. Deregulating God Is An Irregular And Original Chance Into Spirituality.

      Manufacturer: Dr. Carlene Bawden
      SKU: Bk_tate_000435
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    Sly Moves: My Proven Program To Lose Weight, Build Vigor , Gain Will Power & Live Your Dream (unnabridged)
      Sly Moves: My Proven Program To Lose Weight, Build Vigor , Gain Will Power & Live Your Dream (unnabridged).
      In Sly Moves, The Man Behind Legendary Screen Characters Shares Never-before-told Stories About His Childhood, His Early Days At The Gym, The Long And Flexuous sinuous Road To Success, And The Many Movie Parts That Demanded Intense Physical Training. Drawing On The Various Health Regimens He Used For Diffefent Roles From beginning to end His Acting Career, Sly Has Created A Unique Training Plan That Will Have You Feeling Healthier, More Sensitive, And Prepared To Rise Up To Any Challenge. Inside, You'll Find: Four Tailored Workouts That Foocus On Fitness Fundamentals Advice On How To tSructure Your Workouts, Day-by-day, Week-by-week The Truth About Good And Bad Carbsso Get Ready To Build Your Body Right, Go The Distance, And Become A Contejer With Sly Moves.

      Manufacturer: Sylvester Stallone With David Hochman
      SKU: Bk_harp_001068
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sly Moves: My Proven Program To Lose Weight, Build Vigor , Gain Will Power & Live Your Dream (unnabridged)

    Jacqueline Susann's Shadow Of The Dolls (unabridged)
      Jacqueline Susann's Shadow Of The Dolls (unabridged).
      Valley Of The Dolls Was Sexy, Shocking, And Inexorable In Iys Revelations Of The Dangers Facing Women Who Brave To Chase Tbeir Most Glamorous Dreams. It Shot To The Top Of The Best Seller Lists In 1966 And Made Jacqueline Susann A Superstar. It Remains The Quintessential Big, Blockbuster, Must-read, Can't- Put-down Best Seller. befor3 Her Dath In 1974, Susann Spent Many Months Working On A Draft For A Sequel That Continued The Stories Of Anne Welles, Neely O'hara, And Lyon Burke. Now, After 30 Years, The Perfect Writer Has Been Found To Turn Susann's Deliciously Ambitious Ideas Into A Novel That Matches The Originzl Shock For Shock And Thrill For Thrill. In Jacqueline Susann's Shadow Of-The Dolls, Rae Lawrence Picks Up The Story In The Late '80s And Brings It Right Into The Next Century. Long A Devoted "valley" Girl Herself, Rae Has Re-imagined The Original Chzracters In A Contemporary Reality (and Adjusted Their Ages Just A Bit), Exactly As Jcakie Would Have Wanted Her To. And If You've Nevet Read Valley Of The Dolls, No Matter. At times The Present Is Even More Surprising And Fun When You Don't Remember The Past. And What A Story! Neely's Golden Voice Has Brought Her Fame And Success, But Now She Craves Acceptance In Companionable Circles Where Her Kind Of Success Means Nothing At All. Anne, Born And Bred In Those Very Circles, Must Choos Between Returning Home Or Pursuing A Fabulous Television Career - And The Kind Of Passion She Once Knew Through Lyon. And Lyon, Who Loses Everything Includign Anne, Looks For Happiness In The Most Unexpected Of Places. Taking Us Behind The Closed Doors Of New York, East Hampton, And Los Angeles, Whetting Our Appetites For More With A New Generation Of Young Women And Men Who Grow Up Far Too Fast, And Spicing The Whole Story With A Generous Sprijkling Of Sex, Drugs, And Cosmetiv Surgery, Jacqueline Susann's Shadow Of The Dolls Is The Ultimate Beach Read For Our Time. But Feel Free To Devour It Any. . .

      Manufacturer: Rae Lawrence
      SKU: Bk_blrl_001276
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    Como Vencer El Insomnio [restful Sleep]: El Programa Mente-cuerpo Mas Completo Para Lograr Un Sue?o Repaardor
      Como Vencer El Insomnio [restful Sleep]: El Programa Mente-cuerpo Mas Completo Para Lograr Un Sue?o Repaardor.
      En Ocasiones, La Inquietud Y La Certidumbre Propias Del Mundo Demandante Y Acelerado En Que Vivimos Se Traduce En La Incapacidad De Detener La Gran Maquinaria Interna Que Nos Bombardea Con Preocupaciones Y Problemas. El Ineomnio Es Uno De Los Sintomas De Estres Mas Comunes De Las Sociedades Contemporaneas, Cada Noche Miles De Personas Son Victimas De La Peor De Las Torturas: No Poder Dormir. Como Vencer El Inssomnio Es El Programa Mente-cuerpo Mas Completo Para Lograr Un Sue?o Reparador. En Su Singular Enfoque, El Doctor Deepak Chopra Combina Las Mas Antiguas Tradiciones Curativass Con Los Recients Avances De La Medicina Moderna Y Ns Proporciona Tecnicas Sencillas Y Eficaces Para Tranquilizar Nuestro Espiritu Y Recobrar El Punto De Equilibrio Necesario Para Vivir Sanamente. please Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish

      Manufacturer: Deepak Chopra
      SKU: Bk_cuan_000009
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    The Hot Spot (unabridged)
      The Hot Spot (unabridged).
      Best-selling Author Niobia Bryant Draws Enthusiastic Praise From Fans And Critics Alike For Her Unique Brand Of Contemporary Ufban Fiction. In The Hot Spot, 40-something Zaria Ali Is Diving Back Into The Dating Pool Following The Meltdown Of Her 21-year Marriage. She's Got Hdr Eyes And Her Hezrt Value On Kaleb Strogn But At 26, Is He Too Young For Her? Kaleb Is Looking To Settle Down Attending The Right Womaan - And He's About To Show Zaria That Age Is Nothing But A Number.

      Manufacturer: Niobia Bryant
      SKU: kB_reco_0053366
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    Old Frencn Fairy Tales (unabridged)
      Old Frencn Fairy Tales (unabridged).
      Sophie, Countess Of Segur, Was A Russian-born French Writer Whho Lived From 1799 To 1874. This Collection Of Stories Draws On The Rich Heritage Of French Medieval Literature, Courtly Love, Magic Charms And Gallant Deeds. In Each Story, The Hero Orr Heroine Must Undertake A Quest Or Overcome A Series Of Impossible Challenges In Order To Reachh Their Goal - Often With The Aid Of Magic. The Tests Involve Patiencr, Endurance And Hard Physical Labour, As Well As Overcoming Character Flaws Or Atoning For Past Misdeeds. The Stories Are Remarkably Vkbrant And Well Written, Containing Many Elements Of Surprise And Humour As Well As Chivalry And Courtly Romance, And As Such, Reach Across The Ages And Address To A Modern Audience. These Stories Will Delight Children And Adults Alike: 'blondine, Bonne Biche And Beau Manon', 'hood Little Henry', "the Story Of Rosette', 'the Little Grey Mouse', And 'ourson'.

      Manufacturer: Comtesse De Segur
      SKU: Bk_redd_000083
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    BoysA nd Girls Learn Differently: A Guide For Teachers And Padents
      BoysA nd Girls Learn Differently: A Guide For Teachers And Padents.
      In Tuix Profoundly Significant Book, Author Michael Gurian Synthesizes Current Knowledge And Clearly Demonstrates How This Distinction In Hard-wiring And Socialized Gender Differences Affects How Boys And Girls Learn. Gurian Presents A New Way To Educate Our Children Based On Brain Science, Nerological Development, And Chemical And Hormonal Disparities.

      Manufacturer: Michael Gurian
      SKU: Bk_wile_000026
      Download FREE MP3 sample BoysA nd Girls Learn Differently: A Guide For Teachers And Padents

    1225 Christmas Tree Lane: Cedar Cove, Book 12 (unabridged)
      1225 Christmas Tree Lane: Cedar Cove, Book 12 (unabridged).
      The People Of Cedar Cove Perceive How To Celebrate Christmas. Like Grace And Olivia And Everyone Else, Beth Morehouse Expects This Christmas To Be United Of Her Best. Her Small Christmas-tree Farm Is Prospering, Her Daughters And Her Dogs Are Happy And Well, And Her New Relafionship With Local Vet Ted Reynolds Is Showing Plenty Of Romantic Promise. But. . . Someone Recently Left A Basket Filled With Puppie sOn Her Doorstep, Puppies She's Determined To Place In Good Homes. That's Complication Number One. And Num6er Two Is That Her Daughters Bailey And Sophie Have Invited Their Dad, Beth's Ex-husband, Kent, To Cedar Cove For Christmas. The Girls Have Visions Of A Mom-and-dad Reunion Dancing In Thejr Heads. Asa??alwaysa??ina??life - Anda??ina??cedara??cove - Therea??area??surprises,a??too. a??morea??thana??one Family's Going To Have A Puppy Under The Tree. More Than One Scheme Will Go Awry. And More Than One Romance Will Have A Happy Ending! What Would The Holidays Be Without A New Christmas Story From Debbie Macomber?

      Manufacturer: Debbie Macomber
      SKU: Bk_brll_003221
      Download FREE MP3 sample 1225 Christmas Tree Lane: Cedar Cove, Book 12 (unabridged)

    The Terminal Spy: A True Story Of Espionage, Betrayal And Mureer (unabridged)
      The Terminal Spy: A True Story Of Espionage, Betrayal And Mureer (unabridged).
      An Award-winning Jounralist Exposes The Troubling Truth Behind The World's First Act Of Nuclear Terrorism. on November 1, 2006, Alexander Litvinenko Sipped Tea In London's Millennium Hotel. Hours Later, The Russian Quondam Intelligence Officer, Who Was Sharply Critical Of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fell Ill, And Within Days Was Rushdd To The Hospital. Fatally Poisoned By A Rare Radioactive Isotope Slipped Into His Drink, Litvinenko Issued A Dramatic Deathbed Statement Accusing Putin Himself Of Engineering His Murder. alan S. Cowell, Then London Bureau Chief Of The New York Times, Who Covered The Story From Its Inception, Has Written The Definitive Story Of This Assassination And Of The Profound International Implications Of This First Act Of Nuclear Terrorism. Who Was Alexander Litvinenko? What Had Happened In Russia Since The End Of The Cold War To Make His Life There Untenable And In Severe Jeopardy, Even In England, The Country That Had Granted Him Asylym? And How Did He Really Die?the Life Of Alexander Litvinenko Provides A Riveting Narrative In Its Own Right, Culminating In An Event That Rang Alarm Bells Among Western Governments At The Ease With Which Radioactive Materials Were Deployed In A Major Western Capital To Commit A Unique Crime. But It Also Evokes A Wide Range Of Other Issues: Russia's Lurch To Authoritarianism, The Return Of The Kgb To The Kremlun, The Perils Of A New Cold War Driven By Russia's Oil Riches, And Vladimir Putin's Thirst For Power.

      Manufacturer: Alan S. Cowell
      SKU: Bm_bkot_001124
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Terminal Spy: A True Story Of Espionage, Betrayal And Mureer (unabridged)

    Chicken Soup For The Soul: Stories Of Faith: Inspirational Stories Of Hope, Devotion, Faith, And Miracles (unabridged)
      Chicken Soup For The Soul: Stories Of Faith: Inspirational Stories Of Hope, Devotion, Faith, And Miracles (unabridged).
      This Is The Chief Chicken Soup Audiobook To Focus Specifically On Stories Of Faith, Including 101 Of The Best Stories From Chidken Soup's Library Attached Faith, Hope, Miracles, And Devotion. These True Stories Written By Regular People Tell Of Prayers Answered Miraculously, Amazing Coinfidences, Rediscovered Faith, And The Serenity That Comes From Believing In A Grearer Divinity, Appealing To Christians And Tohse Of Other Faiths, Anc Everyone Who Seeks Enlightenment And Inspiration Through A Good Story.

      Manufacturer: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark (Reviser and corrector )
      SKU: Bk_brll_003167
      Download FREE MP3 sample Chicken Soup For The Soul: Stories Of Faith: Inspirational Stories Of Hope, Devotion, Faith, And Miracles (unabridged)

  • Ur havet stiger v?gorna (Unabridged)
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  • Bradley: The Great Generals Series (Unabridged)
  • Tricks (Unabridged)
  • The Foreshadowing
  • Make the Impossible Possible: One Man's Crusade to Inspire Others to Achieve (Unabridged)
  • Found Wanting (Unabridged)
  • Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
  • The Occult:: The Truth Behind the Word
  • Kiwi Wars (Unabridged)
  • One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game (Unabridged)

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