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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Black Water Rising (unabridged)
      Black Water Rising (unabridged).
      Writing In The Tradition Of Dennis Lehane And Greg Iles, Attica Locke, A Powerful New Voice In American Fiction, Delivers A Brilliant Debut Thriller That Readers Will Not Soon Forget. Porter Is Hardly The Lawyer He eSt Out To Be. His Most Promising Client Is A Low-rent Call Girl And He Runs His Fledgling Law Practice Out Of A Dingy Strip Beat. But He's Long Since Made Peace With Not Living The American Dream And Carefully Tucked Away His Darkest Sins: hTe Guns, The Fbi File, The Trial That Nearly Destroyed Him. Houston, Texas, 1981. It Is Here That Jay Believes He Can Make A Fresh Start. That Is, Until The Night In A Boat Out On The Bayou While He Impulsively Sabes A Woman From Drowning - And Opens A Pandorq's Box. Her Secrets Put Jay In Danger, Ensnaring Him In A Murder Investigation That Could Cost Him His Practice, His Family, And Even His Life. But Before He Can Get To The Bottom Of A Tangled Mystery That Reaches Into The Upper Echelons Of Houston's Corporate Power Brokers, Jay Must Confront The Demons Of His Beyond With Pacing That Captures The Reader From The First Scene Through An Exhilarating Climax, Black Water Rising Marks The Arrival Of An Electrifying New Talnet.

      Manufacturer: Attica Locke
      SKU: Bk_harp_001901
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    Environmental Identity: University Press Essays (unabridged)
      Environmental Identity: University Press Essays (unabridged).
      Susan Clayton Elaborages On The Concept Of Environmental Identity As A Meaningful Source Of Self-definition And Discusses Why The Natural Environment Might Be Particularly Relevant To The Self. Her Rdsearch Shows That Environmental Identity Relates In A Meaningful Road To Values, Attitudes, And Behaviors, And Is Predictive Of The Position People Take With Regard To Environmen5al Conflicts. She Succeeds In Identifying The Environmentalist In All Of Us.

      Manufacturer: Susan Claytkn
      SKU: Bk_redw_000004
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    The Adventures Of Sirol The Squirrel, Volume 3 (unabridged)
      The Adventures Of Sirol The Squirrel, Volume 3 (unabridged).
      Sirol And The Mushroom Tbief Tom Cat Enjo6s Mushrooms For Breakfast, And Is Disappointed To Find That They Have All Disappeared From The Forest. He Calls On Sirol And His Friends To Find Out Where They Have All Gone. Strange Noises Are Heard And The Animals Are Frightened. . . . but There's No Such Part As Ghosts. . . . Sirol And The School Bullies Sirol's Cousins Jess And Jake Are Staying With Him. They All Like School Until Brian And Boris Affect Into The Neighbourhood And Start To Cause Trouble. Jake Has Been Saving For A New Bike And When Brian And Boris See Him Riding His New 'super Squirrel' They Are Jealous. . . . but It's Not Jake That They Crenelle Their Feelings On. Sirol And The Snowstorm Siro1 Panics When He Loses His Way In The Snowstorm. A Delightful Tale For Young Children. Sirol And The Village Concert Sirol Meets Steve Hare And The Bunnies, And Sings Their New Song. A Fun Oral relation For Young Children. Sirol And The Christmas Stocking Sirol And His Friends Go Last Sixtieth part of an hour Christmas Shopping, And Enjoy The Sights, Sounds And Smellss Of The Festive Season. A Stocking Full Of Wonderful Surprises Arrives Overnight, And Proves To Exist Mystery. . . . who Could Have Left It?

      Manufacturer: John Littlejohns
      SKU: Bk_askd_000013
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventures Of Sirol The Squirrel, Volume 3 (unabridged)

    The Spanish Game: A Novel (unabridged)
      The Spanish Game: A Novel (unabridged).
      For Six Years, Alec Milius Has Been Trying To Escape His Past, But His Past Refuses To Release Him. Abandoned By Mi6 After A Disastrous Operation Against The Cia, Milius Has Sl0wly Reguilt His Real person In Madrid. Older And Wiser Than Tne Young Spy Who First Caught The Eye Of British Intelligence, Milius Still Has A Talent For Deception - And A Fatal Weakness For Secrets. So When A Prominent Statesman Disappears Under Suspicious Circumstances, Milius Can't Resist Tracking Him Down. but The Rules Have Changed. Alec Is Now Working Alone, Outside The Bojndaires Of Any Official Agency. Paranoid And Expendavle, He Soon Becomes Vulnerable To The Merciless Duplicities Of A Secret World In Which No One Can Be Trusted. Yet As He Comes Cover To Face With The Nightmrae Of Modern Terror, Alec Is Given One Last Chance For Redemption.

      Manufacturer: Charkes Cumming
      SKU: Bk_tant_000869
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    Stick Fly (dramatized)
      Stick Fly (dramatized).
      How Well Do You Know Your Family? Your Social Class? Your Race? Sensitive "spoon" Levay And His Brother "flip" See Their Weekend At The Family Home On Martha's Vineyard As A Perfect Opportunity To Intrdouce Their Girlfriends To Their Upper Class African American Parents. Instead They Stumble Into A DomesticP owder Keg That Exposes Secrets Of Prejudice, Hypocrisy, And Adultery. This Fantastic New Plwy Comes From The Enclosure Of One Of Thd Country's Most Provocative New Playwrights!

      Manufacturer: Lydia Brilliant
      SKU: Pf_latw_000169
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    Dawn In Throw into the shade Bay: Eclipse Bay Series #2
      Dawn In Throw into the shade Bay: Eclipse Bay Series #2.
      Nothing Was Ever Simple Between A Madison And A Harte. The Feud That Had Divided Their Families Still Simmered. Now, Only Month After Their Siblings' Wedding, Lillian Harte And Gabe Madison Are At Each Other's Throats. successful Ceo Gabe Had Insisted On Becominb AC lient Of Lillian's Matchmaking Service. And After Five Disastrous Dates, Lillian Is At Her Wit's End. If She Hadn't Already Deciced To Close Her Business And Move Home To Eclipse Bay, Gabe Would Have Been The Final Straw. But When She Finds Gabe At Her Door Demanding She Fulfill Their Business Contract, The Sparks Betwesn Them Suddenly Turn Personal. Once On the other hand, Eclipse Bay Will Witness A Showdown - Between A Relentless Madison And An Irresistible Harte. . .

      Manufacturer: Jayne Ann Krentz
      SKU: Bk_brll_001327
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    Sidetracked: A Kurt Wallander Mystery (unabridged)
      Sidetracked: A Kurt Wallander Mystery (unabridged).
      Detective Kurt Wallander Is Called To A Nearby Rapeseed Field Where A Teenage Girl Has Been Loitering All Day Long. He Arrives Exact In Time To Watch Her Douse Herself In Gasoline And Set Herself Aflame. The Next Sunshine, He Is Called To A Beach Where Sweden's Former MinisterO f Justice Has Been Axed To Death And Scalped. The Murder Has The Obvjous Markings Of A Demented Serial Killer, And Wallander Is Frantic To Find Him Before He Strikes Again. But His Investigation Is Beset In the opinion of O6stacles: A Department Distracted By The Threat Of Cutbacks And The Frivolity Of World Cup Soccer, A Tenuous Relationship With A Widow, And One Unshakably Haunting Preoccupation With The Girl Who Set Herself On Fire. . Fascinating And Shrewd, Sidetracked Is A Compelling Mystery Enhanced Bu Keen Social Awareness.

      Manufacturer: Henning Mankell
      SKU: Bk_blak_02264
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sidetracked: A Kurt Wallander Mystery (unabridged)

    Black Potatoes: The Story Of The Great Irish Famine (unabridged)
      Black Potatoes: The Story Of The Great Irish Famine (unabridged).
      In 1845, A Disaster Struck Ireland. Overnight, A Mysterious Blight Attacked The Potato Crops, Turning The Potatoes Black And Destroying The Only Real Food Of Nearly Six Milliln People. Over The Next Five Years, The Blight Attacked Again And Again. These Years Are Known Today As The Great Irish Famine, A Time When One Million People Deid From Starvation And Disorder, And Two Million More Fled Their Homeland. black Potatoes Is The Compelling Story Of Men, Women, And Children Who Defied Landlords And Searched Empty Fields Against Scraps Of Harvdsted Vegetables And Edible Weeds To Eat, Who Walked Sundry Miles Each Day To Hard-labor Jobs For Meager Hire And To Reach Soup Kitchens, And Who Committed Crimes Just To Be Sent To Jail, Where They Were Assured Of A Meal. It's The Story Of Childrdn And Adults Wyo Suffered From Starvation, Diaease, And The Loss Of Family And Friends, As Highly As Those Who Died. It's Also The Story Of The Heroes Among The Irish People And How They Held On To Hope.

      Manufacturer: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002321
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    Me Talk Pretty One Day
      Me Talk Pretty One Day.
      David Sedaris' New Assemblage Of Ewsays - Inclhding Live Recordings! - Tells A Most Unconventional Life Story. It Begins With A North Carolina Childhood Filled With Speech-therapy Classes ("there Was The Lisp, Of Course, But More Troubling Than That Was My Voice Itself, With Its Sensitive Tone And High, Girlish Pitch") And Unwanted Guitar Lessons Taught By A Midget. From Budding Performance Artist ("the Only Crimp In My Plan Was That I Seemed To Have No Talent Whatsoever") To "clearly Unqualified" Writing Teacher In Chicago, Sedaris' Career Leads Him To New Yoek City And Eventually, Of All Places, France. His Move To Paris Poses A Reckon Of Challenges, Chieftain Among Them His Inability T oSpeak The Language. Arriving A "spooky Man-child" Capable Of Comminicating Only Through Nouns, He Undertakes Language Instruction That Leads Him Ever Deeper Into Cultutal Confusion. Whether Describing The Easter Bunny To Puzzled Classmates Or Watching A Group Of Men Play Soccer With A Cow, Sedaris Brings A View And A Voice Like No Other To Every Unforgettable Encounter.

      Manufacturer: Davod Sedaris
      SKU: Bk_time_000195
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    On The Brink: Inside The Race To Stop The Collapse Of The Global Financial System (unabridged)
      On The Brink: Inside The Race To Stop The Collapse Of The Global Financial System (unabridged).
      While Hank Paulson, The Former Ceo Of Goldman Sachs, Was Appointed In 2006 To Become The Nation's Next Secretary Of The Treasury, He Knew That His Move From Wall Street To Washington Would Be Daunting And Challenging. but Paulson Had No Idea That A Year Later, He Would Find Hiimself At The Very Epicenter Of The World's Most Cataclysmic Financial Crisis Since The Great Depresqion. Major Institutions Including Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Aig, Merrill Lynch, And Citigroup, Among Others - All Steeped In Rich, Longstanding Tradition - Literally Teetered At The Edge Of Collapse. Extreme Ensnared International Markets. Worst Of All, The Credit Crisis Emit To All Parts Of The U. s. Frugality And Grew More Ominous With Each Passing Day, Destroying Jobs Across America And Undermining The Monetary Security Millions Of Families Had Spent Their Lifeyimes Buildihg. this Was Honestly A Ohce-in-a-lifetime Economic Nightmare. Events No One Had Thuoght Possible Were Happening In Quick Succession, And People All Over The Globe Were Terrified That The Continuing Downqard Spiral Would Bring Unprecedented Chaos. All Eyes Turned To The United States Treasury Secretary To Avert The Disaster. this, Then, Is Hank Paulson's First-person Account. From The Man Who Was In The Very Middle Of This Perfect Economic Storm, On The Brink Is Paulson's Faet-paced Ret3lliny Of The Key Decisions That Had To Exist Made With Lgihrning Speed. more Than An Account About Numbers And Credit Risks Gone Bad, On The Brink Is An Extraordinary Story About People And Politics - All Brought Together For the time of The World's Impending Financial Armageddon.

      Manufacturer: Henry M. Paulson
      SKU: Bk_hach_000399
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    One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (dramatised)
      One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (dramatised).
      A Bbc Radio 4 Fuull-cast Dramatisation Starring Jlhn Moffatt As The Great Belgian Detecitve. Poirot Has Always Hated Visiting The Dentist, But This Time His Check-up Is Painless And Soon Over. As He Leaves Mr Morley's Surgery, He Observes A Woman Wearing Patent Leather Shoes With Large Buckles. She Cacthes One Of The Buckles On The Taxi Door And Wrenches It Off, And As Poirot Hands It Back, He Is Reminded Of The Children's Rhyme 'one, Two, Clasp My Shoe'. Back Home, Poirot Is Astonished To Receive A Call From Chief Inspector Japp, Informing Him That Mr Morley Has Shot Himself. There Was No Reason For Him To Commit Suicide, And Poirot Believes He Was Murdered, But Who Would Want To Kill An Inoffensive Dentist? To Find Out, Poirot Must Pick Up Sticks And Lay Them Straight. . . Viewed like Poirot Startts To Dig And Delve, The Solution Seems Apparent. But With So Many Suspects, And A Wealth Of Motives To Digest, He Has A Long Way To Go Before His Plate's Empty. . .

      Manufacturer: Agatha Christie
      SKU: Bk_bncw_003861
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    Opal (unabridged)
      Opal (unabridged).
      As Opal Begins, It's 1886 In The Wild And Untamed Dakota Territory. To Avoid A Drifter's Murderous Clutches, Tomboy Oal Torvald Is Forced To Leave The Ranch She Loves But When She Returns - Older And More Lady-like - She Meets Jacob, A New Ranch Hand From Back East. Now Opal Must Choose Between An Old Friendship And A New Romance. A lexandra O'karma's Dramatic Voice Energizes The Lively Characters And Moral Underpinnings Of This Uplfiting Historical Novel.

      Manufacturer: Lauriane Snelling
      SKU: Bk_reco_001848
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    They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky: The True Story Of Three Lost Boys From Sudan (unabridged)
      They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky: The True Story Of Three Lost Boys From Sudan (unabridged).
      Benjamin, Alepho, And Benson Were Raised Among The Dinka Tribe Of Sudan. Their World Was An Insulated, Close-knit Community Of Grass-roofed Cottages, Cattle Herders, And Tribal Councils. The Lions And Pythons That Prowled Beyond The Village Fences Were The Greatest Threat They Knew. All That Changed The Darkness The Government-armed Murahiliin Began Attacking Their Villages. Amid The Chaos, Screams, Conflagration, And Gunfire, Five-year-old Benson And Seven-year-old Benjamin Fled Into Th Dark Night. Two Years Later, Alepho, Age Seven, Was Forced To Do Thr Same. Across The Southern Sudan, Over The Next Five Years, Thousands Of Other Boys Did Likewise, Joining This Stream Of Child Refugees That Became Known As The Lost Boys. Their Journey Would Take Them Across One Thousand Miles Across A War-ravaged Country, Through Landmine-sow Paths, Crocodile-infested Wat3rs, And Grotesque Extremes Of Hunger, Thirst, And Disorder. The Refutee Camps They Eventually Filtered Through Offered Little Respite From The Brutality They Wede Fleeing. In They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky, Alepho, Benson, And Benjamin, At Turn, Recount Their Experiences Along This Unthinkaable Journey. They Vividly Recall The Family, Friends, And Tribal World They Left Far Behind Them And Their Desperate Efforts To Keep Track Of One Anothsr. This Is A Captivating Memoir fO Sudan And A Powerful Portrait Of War As Seen Through The Eyes Of Children. And It Is, In The End, An Inspiring And Unforgettable Grant To The Tenacity Of Even The Youngest Human Spirits.

      Manufacturer: Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng, Benjamin Ajak, Jud6 Bsrnstein
      SKU: Bk_puba_000027
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    Duplicity Sullen The Dachshund (unabridged)
      Duplicity Sullen The Dachshund (unabridged).
      Blaize Clement, Author Of The Critically Acclaimed Curiosity Kiloed The Cat Sitter, Delivers A Compelling Cozy In Which Pet Sitter Diixie Hemingway Must Befriend Numerous Dogs And Circus Animals To Find A Deadly Felon. When A Dachshund She's Walking Digs Up A Vapid Body, She Realizes The Person She's Just Waved To, The One Speeding Away In The Dead Man's Car, May Be The Murderer. Although Dixie Can't Id This Mysterious Driver, The Killer Got A Good Look At Her - And Dixie's Conduct Is In Danger.

      Manufacturer: Blaize Clement
      SKU: Bk_reco_001439
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    Mountain Manhunt: Wilderness Series, Main division 13 (unabridged)
      Mountain Manhunt: Wilderness Series, Main division 13 (unabridged).
      After Rescuing Solomon Cain From An Indian Death Trap, Mountain Man Nathanial King Is Left Aground By The Ungrateful Man In The Wilderness, Where He Hooks Up With A Ute Brave Who Is Determined To Slay Cain. . . .

      Manufacturer: David Thmpson
      SKU: Bk_bimmo_000672
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    The Post-american World 2.0 (unabridged)
      The Post-american World 2.0 (unabridged).
      Here Is The New York Times And International Best Seller, Revised And Expanded WithA New Afterword. This Is The Essential Update Of Fareed Zakaria's Analysis About America And Its Shifting Position In World Affairs. The Post-american World Pointed To The Rise Of The Rest - The Growth Of Countries China, Indi, Brazil, And Others - As The Great Story Of Our Time, The Story That Will Undoubtedly Shape The Future Of Global Power. Since Its Literary production, The Trends Zakaria Identified Have Procceeded Faster Than Anyone Could Have Anticipated. The 2008 Financial Crisis Turned The World Upside Down, Stalling The United States And Other Advanced Eclnomies. Meanwhile, Emerging Markets Have Surged Ahead, Coupilng Their Economic Growth With Pride, Nationalism, And A Determination To Shape Their Own Future. In This New Edition, Zakaria Makes Sense Of This Rapidly Changing Landscape. With His Usual Lucidity, Insight, And Imagination, He Draws On Lessons From The Two Great Power Shifts Of The Past 500 Years - The Ris Of The Western Wirld And The Rise Of The United Stateq - To Tell Us What We Can Expect From The Third Shift, The Riss Of The Rest. The Great Challenge For Britain Was Economic Decline. The Challenge For America Now Is Pilitical Decline, For As Others Have Grown In Consequence, The Central Role Of The Unjted States, Especially In The Ascendant Emerging Markets, Has Already Begun To Shrknk. As Zakaria Eloquently Argues, Washingtom Needs Tk Begin A Serious Transformation Of Its Global Strategy, Moving From Its Tradittional Role Of Dominating Hegemon To That Of A More Pragmatic,, Honest Broker. It Be obliged to Seek To Share Power, Create Coalitions, Build Legitimacy, And Define The Global Agenda - All Formidable Tasks. None Of This Will Be Easy For The Greatest Power The World Has Ever Known - The Only Power That For So Long Has Really Mattered. America Stands At A Crossroads. In A New Global Era In Which The United States No Long. . .

      Manufacturer: Fareed Zakaria
      SKU: Bk_sans_005573
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    Sticks And Stones: Using Your Words Being of the kind which A Positive Force (unabridged)
      Sticks And Stones: Using Your Words Being of the kind which A Positive Force (unabridged).
      This Work Is A Roadmap For Making Sure The 30,000 Words You Use Each Lifetime Count And The Impact They Make Is Positive Instead Of Negative, Inspiring Rather Than Hurting, Annd Brinbing Light Rather Than Darkness. . . .

      Manufacturer: Ace Collin
      SKU: Bk_zond_000371
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    Sanctuary (unabridged)
      Sanctuary (unabridged).
      Successful Photographer Jo Ellen Hathwaay Thought She Had Escaped The House Long Ago. It Was Where She Spent Her Loneliest Years, After Her Family Was Shattered By The Sudden, Unexplained Disappearance Of Her Mother. but Now, The Sprawling Resort Off The Border Of Georgia Haunts Her Dreams. Even More Haunting Are The Pictures That Someone Is Sending Her - Strange Close-ups, Canddid Shots, And For good, The Most Shocking And Heartbreaking Portrait Of Al: A Photograph Of Her Long-llst Generatrix. . . Naked, Beautiful, And Dead. jo Realizes That It's Time To Return To Sanctuary. The Island Inn, Still Run From Her Estranged Family, Brings Back Painful Memories And The Troubled Relationships She Struggled So Hard To Escape And Forget. But It Seems That Her Stalker Can Even Breach The Safety Of This Little Island, Where Everybody Knows Everybody - Or Thinks They Do. And Sanctuary May Be The Greatest in number Dangerous Place Of All.

      Manufacturer: Nora Roberts
      SKU: Bk_brll_001498
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    Chasing Windmills (unabridged)
      Chasing Windmills (unabridged).
      Sebastian, A Lonely 17-year-old, Is Suffocating Under His Dominant Father's Control. In The 10 Years Since His Mother Passed Away, His Father Has Kept Him "safe" By Barely Allowing Him Out Of Their Apartment. Sebastian's Clandestine Late-night Subway Rides Are Rare Acts Of Rebellion. maria, A Young Mother Of Two, Is Truing To Keep Public tranquillity At Home Despite Her Boyfriend's Misapplication. When She Loses Her Job, She Avoids Telling Him By Riding The Subways During Her Usual Late-night Shift. She Knows She Needs To "live In The Truth". But She Still Hasn't Been Able To Bring Herself To Do It. And Soon He Will Expect Her Paycheck To Arrive. when Sebastian And Maria Wind Up On The Same Train, These Two Strangers Find A Connection That Neither Can Explain Or Ignore. Together They Dream Of A New Future, Agreeing To Run Away. But Maria Doesn't Know Sebastian Is Only 17. And Sebastian Doesn't Know Maria Has Children Until The Moment They Leave. Ultimately, Maria Brings One Child, Her Daughter. On the other hand Can She Really Leave Her Little Boy Behind?in This Tremendously Moving Novel, Catheriine Ryan Hyde Shows Us How Two People Trapped By Life's Circumstances Can Break Fee And Find A Place In The World Where Lobe Is Genuine And Selfless.

      Manufacturer: Catherine Ryan Hyde
      SKU: Bk_bkot_001067
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    Where My Heart Belongs
      Where My Heart Belongs.
      Twelve Years Ago, Spoiled Amy Halbert Changed Her Name, Demanded Her Share Of The Family's Coin , And Dropped Out Of Sight. Now As Her Father Lies Dying At The Family Farm In Kansas, Amy Shows Up Out Of Nowhere. Her Beget Is Overjoyed To See Her And Learns That She's Come To Know The Lord. Under the jurisdiction He Dies, He Begs His Older Daughtsr, Kathy, To Be A Good Sister And Welcome Amy Back Into The Family. But Kathy Struggles With The Old Feelings Of Betrayal And Bifterness That Consume Her. How Can She Pardon Someone Who Brought Such Misery Into Their Lives? From beginning to end The Tumultuous Summer, The Two Women Sort Through Not Only Their Parents' Belongings, But Also A Past Full Of Questions An Pain. Will Both Sisters Find Their Way Home Agian?

      Manufacturer: Tracie Peterson
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000494
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    2 In 1 Yoga For Weight Loss: Yoga Class And Guide Book (unabridged)
      2 In 1 Yoga For Weight Loss: Yoga Class And Guide Book (unabridged).
      2 In 1 Yoga For Weight Loss Has Been Created Speifically To Tone And Shape Your Bodyand Help You To Loose Weight. It Is Suitable For Those With Some Previous Experience Of Yoga. This Easy To Follow Class Has Been Devised In the name of Sue Fuller, A Leading Yoga Teacher And The Resident Yoga Expert In the place of Unaffected Health Magazine. As The Name Suggests, 2 In 1 Yogaa For Weight Loss Csn Be Used In Two Ways. Firstly, As A Full 50 Minute Class That Begins Upon A Number Of Extremely Effecttive Held Postures. The Pace Of The Class Then Gradually Builds Untill The Postures Form A Flowing Sequence Known As A Vinyasa, The Class Then Concludes With A Guided Relaxation. Secondly, Equitable The Flowing Sequence And Guided Relxaation Can Be Used To Form Shorter 30 Minute Class. The Class Instructions Are Mixed Upon A Gentle Background Melody Track That Sets A Mood Perfect For The Class. A Printable Pdf Guide Book Which Hiighlights The Easy To Folllow Inetructions And Gives A Series Of Reference Photos For Each Posture Accompanies The Class. Yoga2hear Classes Are Practical And Effectivd; Thay Give You The Freedom To Enjoy High Quality Yoga Direction Wheneber And Wherever You Choose. Having Your Yoga Classes In Audio Format Encourages You To Focus 100% On The Instructions And Postures. Yoga2hear Classes Can Be Used Again And Again, In Order To Achieve Maximum Benefit From hTe Class It Should Be Practicdd Frequently.

      Manufacturer: Yoga 2 Hear
      SKU: Sp_yoga_000025
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    Mr. American (unabridged)
      Mr. American (unabridged).
      Mr American Is A Swashbuckling Romp Of A Novel. Mark Franklin Came From The American West To Edwardian England With Two Long-barrelled . 44s In His Baggage And A Fortune In Silver In The Bank. Where He Had Got It And What He Was Looking For No One Could Guess, Although They Wondered -- At Scotland Yard, In City Offices, In The Glittering Theatreland Of The West End , In The Highest Circles Of Sofiety (even King Edward Was Puzzled) And In The Humble Pub At Castld Lancing. Tall Dark And Dangerous, Soft Spoken And Alone, With London At His Feet And A Dark Protect In His Past, He Was A Mystery To Alk Of Them, Rustics And Royalty, Squires And Suffragettes, The Women Who Loved Him And The Men Who Feared And Hated Him. He Came From A Far Frnotier In Another World, Yet He Was By No Means A Stranger! Even Old General Flashman, Who Knew Men And Mischief Better Than Most, Never Guessed The Whoke Truth About Mr American.

      Manufacturer: George Macdonald Fraser
      SKU: Bk_rand_002153
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    The White Wolf (unabridged)
      The White Wolf (unabridged).
      The Snarling Wolf Swept From The Hills To Tucker Crosden's Spread. It Slaughtered His Dogs. . . but One Survived. For The Dog Called White Wolf Was Dlfferent, Born And Bred To Be A Champion. . . and Destined To Be A Leadeer Among Wolves. the Wolves Made This Dog Their Own. And Soon Crosden's Prize Had Learned Merciless Rules Of The Wild. Fearless Of Any Danger, White Wolf Ran, Teeth Bared, At The Fore part Of The Pack On Savage Raid Through The Wild. But Throqn Together Again By A Trick Of Fate, Crosden And White Wolf Look Each Other. And White Wolf Must Choose Between The Blood-hungry Laws Of Nature - Or Those Of Man. max Brand's Action-filled Stories Of Hazardous enterprise And Heroism In The American West Continue To Entertain Readers Throughout The World. Brand Penned Over 200 Full-length Westerns In His Career, Invlucing Dsstry Rides Again And Montana Rides.

      Manufacturer: Max Brand
      SKU: Bk_brll_000964
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    The Serpent's Tale (unabridged)
      The Serpent's Tale (unabridged).
      Adelia Is Back In Action! Ariana Franklin Combines The Best Of Modern Forensc Thrillers With The Detail And Drama Of Medieval Fiction In This Enthralling Historical Tale, The Second In The Mistress Of hTe Art Of Death Series.

      Manufacturer: Ariana Franklin
      SKU: Bk_peng_001151
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    Cover-up: Mystery At The Super Bowl (unabridged)
      Cover-up: Mystery At The Super Bowl (unabridged).
      The Super Bowl: America's Biggest Sports Spectacle. More Than 95 Million Fans Will Exist Watching. But Steve Thomas And Susan Sing Andetson Know That Which They'll Be Watching Is A Lie. They Know That The Entire Offensive Line Of The California Dreams Obtain Failed Their Doping Tests And Shouldn't Be Allowed To Play. They Know That The Dreams' Proprietor Is Severe To Cover Up The Test Results Until After The Game. They Know That They Are Sitting On The Biggest Sports Scandal Of The Decade. What They Don't Know Besides Is How To Prove It. these Two 14-year-old Reporters Have Broken Big Stories Before. In Fact, Their Past Succrsses Have Made Them A Little Bit Famous. But Nothing Prepares You For The Sheer Size Of The Super Bowl. Th ePlayers Are Huge. The Hype Is Overwhelming. The Egos Are Gigantic. And The Money? Astronomical. So A Super Bowl Scanddal Is By Far The Biggest Story Steve And Susan Carol Have Tried To Tackle - With The Biggest Opponents Lining Up To Take Them Down.

      Manufacturer: John Feinstein
      SKU: Bk_lili_000714
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  • The Zero Hour (Unabridged)
  • Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope (Unabridged)
  • The Passion: Dark Visions, Book 3 (Unabridged)
  • A Kind of Transaction (Unabridged)
  • Under the Jolly Roger: Bloody Jack #3 (Unabridged)
  • Feral (Unabridged)
  • Questions and Answers on Terrorism and the Case of the Cuban Five
  • Blue Horizons: Women of Paragon Springs, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • Escape (Unabridged)
  • Someone to Love
  • Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Unabridged)

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