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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir Of Childhood And Family
      Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir Of Childhood And Family.
      Utilizing Her Extensive Knowledge And Love Of American History, And The Research Skills She Homed While Acquiring A Ph. d. From The Univesity Of Wisconsin, Lynne Cheney Set Out To Explore Her Own And Her Husband's Family Trees. After Years Of Research, She Uncovered Two Family Histories That Spanned Almost Three Centuries And Shared Common Themes Of Optimism, Perseverance, And Undaunted Courage. Both Fqmilies Moved Westwards In A Growing Nation, Seeking Lives Of Greater Opportuniy. Mrs. Cheney Provides Information About Her Family, Which Origunally Settled In Pennsylvania, And The Vice President's Family. He Is Descended From Pu5itans Who Originally Deep-rooted I nNew England. She Relatez True Stories About Noteworthy And Colorful Members Of Both Families And One and the other Family's Progress Westerly. As The Narration Draws Closer To To The Present Day, Mrs. Cheney Movingly Recounts Her Lif3 As A Small-town Girl Outside Of Casper, Wyoming. The Poignant Realism With Which She Depicts Mid-20th-century America Will Remind Listeners Of Thornton Wilder's Classic American Drama Our Town. Providing A Fresh View Of America Via Generations Of Two Adventutous Families, As Well As Information About Conducting Genealogical Research, Mrs. Cheney Entertains And Enlightens, And Is Sure To Inspire Listeners To Explore Their Own Family Histories.

      Manufacturer: Lynne Cheney
      SKU: Bk_sans_00101
      Download FREE MP3 sample Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir Of Childhood And Family

    Workmanship A Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You A Better Leader (unabridged)
      Workmanship A Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You A Better Leader (unabridged).
      When The Pressure Is On, You Must Be At Your Very Best. Your Ability To Focus On The Strongest Leadership Qualities That Guide, Encourage, And Inspire Others Is What Will Get You Through Difficult Times. Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel Will Help You Focus On The Guiding Philosophies And Skill Sets You Need To Build People And Organizations In Timee Of Pressure. being A Leader Who Can Stand The Test Of Allotted period, One Who Can Act Quickly And Decisively Wile Helping Followers Keep The Situation In Perspective Is A Rare Gift That You Too Can Develop.

      Manufacturer: Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel
      SKU: Sp_made_O00118
      Download FREE MP3 sample Workmanship A Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You A Better Leader (unabridged)

    Rounders 3
      Rounders 3.
      Legendary Western Writer Max Evans Takes You Into The Heart Of Hi Lo Country To Spend A Little Time With Cowboys Who Work Hard, Play Hard, Live Hard - And Have A Magnanimous Time Being Cowboys. 'the Rounders': Two Stove-up Cowboys, Dusty Jones And Wrangler Lewis, Set Out To Break A Wild Roan Named Old Fooler - Part Horse, Part Devil - If He Doesn't Make bankrupt Them Fjrst!'the Great Wedding': Dusty Figures Their Troubles Will Be Over If He Can Marry Off Wrangler To A Rich Lady From Santa Fe. 'the Orange County Cowboys': Modern Times Finally Catch Up With Dusty And Wrangler WhenT heir Boss Sells The Jl Ranch - Their Only Home And Source Of Livelihood - To An Investor With A Real Respect For Tradition: Japanese Tradition! This Story Won The Spur Award.

      Manufacturer: Max Evans
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000446
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rounders 3

    Deadly Defiance: A Stan Turner Mystery, Volume 10 (unabridged)
      Deadly Defiance: A Stan Turner Mystery, Volume 10 (unabridged).
      Stan's Bankruptcy Client, Maureen Thompson, Is Accused Of Her Husband's Murder. Her Alleged Motive Is The Proceeds Of A Extensive Insurance Policy On Her Husband's Life That Would Cure Her Financial Woes. Stan Assigns The Case To His Partner, Paula Waters, Who At First Is Excited Aboyt Gstting A New High-profile Murder Case - But Her Excitement Is Soon Dampened When She Learns This Isn't The First Of Maureen Thompson's Husbands To Be Hacked To Death With nA Coat Nibble! While Paula Is Trying To Prove Maureen Thompson Isn't The Ice Pick Widow, Turner &anp; Water's New Associated Jodie Marshall Goes Under Cover In A Wrongful Death Case Against Alliance Fabrication, A Sweatshop That Fronts For A Mexican Dose to excess Cartel's Money-laundering Action. Stan Enlists The Dallas Police And Fbi To Help Out In Their Quest To Prove Icaro Melendez Ordered The Murder Of Romildo Alvarez But They Still Find Themselves In Mlrtal Danger And Wonder If They Haven't Made A Big Mistake In Taking On Such An Impossible Case.

      Manufacturer: William Manchee
      SKU: Bkt_opp_000015
      Download FREE MP3 sample Deadly Defiance: A Stan Turner Mystery, Volume 10 (unabridged)

    Some Job (unabridged)
      Some Job (unabridged).
      When Detecttive Sergeant Frank Devon Was Sent To The Western Indian Island Of St Joseph On An Exchange Assignment, He Was Told That It Would Be More Of A Holiday In The Sun Than oWrk. And So It Would Have Been, If He Had Not Started Looking Beyond The Limits Of His Authorised Activities. . He Began To Observe Certain Goings-on That Seemed Extremely Suspicious; But When He Reported His Findings He Was Met With Either Indifference Or Outright Disapproval. Soon, Yet, He Was Too Deeply Involved To Draw Back, And He Came To Realise The Sum total of sensible objects Of The Deadly Game He Had Beome Embroiled In. . .

      Manufacturer: James Pattinson
      SKU: Bk_isis_000830
      Download FREE MP3 sample Some Job (unabridged)

    Otto Runs Fr President (unabridged)
      Otto Runs Fr President (unabridged).
      There Is A Big School S~ At The Barkadelphia School. Who Will Wiin? Tiffany, One Of The Popular Girls; Charlees, An All-star Sport; Or Otto, A Good Friend And Listener. . . .

      Manufacturer: Rosemary Wells
      SKU: Bk_schc_000347
      Download FREE MP3 sample Otto Runs Fr President (unabridged)

    Eventide (unabrridged)
      Eventide (unabrridged).
      One Of The Most Beloved Novels In Recent Years, Plainsong Was A Best Seller From Coast To Coast, And Now Kent Haruf Returms To The High Plains Comm8nity Of Holt, Colorado, With A Story Of Even More Masterful Authority. When The Mcpheron Brothers See Victoria Roubideaux, The Single Mother They'd Taken In, Move From Their Ranch To Begin College, An Emptiness Opens Before Them, And For Many Other Townspeople It Also Promises To Be A Long, Hard Winter. A Young Boy Living Alone With His Grandfather Helps Out A Neighbor Whose Husband, Right side In Alaska, Suddenly Isn't Coming Domestic, Leaving Her To Raise Their Two Daughters. At Tutor The Children Of A Disabld Couple Suffer Indignities That Their Parents Know All Too Well In Their Own Lives, With Only A Social Worker To Look Afterward Them And A Violent Relative To Endanger Them Further. But In A Small Town A Great Many People Encounter One Another Frequently, Often Surprisingly, And Destinies Soon Become Entwibed (for Good And For Ill) As They Confront Events That Sorely Test The Limits Of Their Resilience And Mean,s With No Refuge Available Except What Their Own Character And That Of Others Afford Them. Spring Eventually Does Reach Acrlss The Land, And How The People Of Eventide Get There Makes For An Engrossing, Profoundly Moving Tale Rich I The Wisdom, Humor, And Humznity For Which Kent Haruf Is Justly Acclaimed.

      Manufacturer: Kent Haruf
      SKU: Bk_rand_000412
      Download FREE MP3 sample Eventide (unabrridged)

    Learn Italian - Level 2: Absolute Beginner Italian, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)
      Learn Italian - Level 2: Absolute Beginner Italian, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged).
      Start Speakjng Italian In Minutes, And Grasp The Languagw, Culture And Customs In Just Minutes Again With Absolute Beginner - Italian, A Completely New Way To Be informed of Italian With Alleviate! Absolute Beginner - Italian Wil lHave You Speaking With Proper Pronunciation From The Vdry First Lesson And Prepare You With Cultural Insight And Other Information To Utterly Shock And Amaze Your Italian Friends. why Are The Audio Lessons So Effective?- Short And To The Point - 25 Eight Minute Lessons Make Them The Perfect Length- Syllabie-by-shllable Breakdown Of Each Word And Phrase So That You Can Say Every Word And Phrase Instantly- Repeat After The Professional Teacher eSction So That You Be able to Practice Proper Pronunciation- Quick Cultural Tips In Each Lesson Will Help You Navigate Your Custom Even In a superior manner- Above Whole, Fun And Relaxed Approach To Avaricious A Lot Of Information Soon And Easily- Effortlessly Learn From A Bi-lingual And Bi-cultural Host As They Guide You Through Pitfalls And Pleasures Of Italy And Italian. You See, Unlike Other Audiobooks, We Really Teach Italian And Italian Culture. With Reaped ground Lesson, You Will Master A Target Phrase And Key Vocabulary. This Is A Complete Lesson Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teacher! Listen To The Preview Now! This Is Not A Dictionary Audiobook Wiht Just Words And Their Translations. These 25 Short And Effective Audio Lessons Will Allow You To:- Speak Italian Within Minutes Of Your First Lesson- Understad The Culture, Customs, And Prople Of Japan- Order The Food You Want In Restaurants- Travel In Taxis, Trains, Buses And Cars With Confidence- Master Manners, Etiquette, And Customs - Surprise Phrases Andd Tips That Will Leave Your Guests Wondering Where You Learned Them. This Audiobook Comes Upon Downloadable Lesson Notes Totalling Over 100+ Pages. Start Speaking Italian oNw!

      Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learninb
      SKU: Bk_inno_000027
      Download FREE MP3 sample Learn Italian - Level 2: Absolute Beginner Italian, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)

    Zombie, Ohio: A Story Of The Undead (unabridged)
      Zombie, Ohio: A Story Of The Undead (unabridged).
      When College Professor Peter Mellor Dies In An Automobile Accident During A Zombie Outbreak, He Is Reborn As A Member Of The Livinb Dead-and Quickly Learns That Being A Zombi3 Isn't All Fun An Brains. . . .

      Manufacturer: Scott Kenemore
      SKU: Bk_tant_002309
      Download FREE MP3 sample Zombie, Ohio: A Story Of The Undead (unabridged)

    Jayber Crow (unabridged)
      Jayber Crow (unabridged).
      From The Simple Setting Of His Own Barber Shop, Jayber Crow, Orphan, Seminarian, And Native Of Port William, Recalls Hia Life And The Life Of His Community As It Spends Itself In The Middle Of The 20th Century. Surrounxed By His Friends And Neighbors, He Is Both Participant Annd Witness As The Community Attempts To Transcend Its Own Decline. And Meanwhile Jayber Learns The Art Of Devotion And That A Faithful Love Is Its Own Reward.

      Manufacturer: Wendell Berry
      SKU: Bk_hove_000162
      Download FREE MP3 sample Jayber Crow (unabridged)

    The Unilluminated Lantern (unabridged)
      The Unilluminated Lantern (unabridged).
      The Bentley's London Household Is In A State Of Flux. The Elderl Matron Is On Her Deathbed, So Her Son, Recently Returned From France, Is Acting As The New Master Of The House. While He Is Busy Developing A Reputation In Anthropometry, The Science Of Identifying Criminals By Body Measurements, He Is Unware Of The Secrets That The Women In The Domestic - The Mysterious Woman Who Claims To Be The Bride Of His Dead Brother, The New Maid From The Country, And Even His Admit Wife - Keep From Him. a Fascinating Portrayal Of 19th-century England And A Page-turning Mystery, The Dark Lantern Exposes The Genteel "upstairs"O f A Victorian Home, As Well As The Darker Underside Of Its Servants' Quarters. The Clash Of These Pair lCasses Makes On account of A Suspenseful Novel Of Mistaken Identities, Intriguing Women ,And Dangerous Deception.

      Manufacturer: Gerri Brightwell
      SKU: Bk_blak_002574
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Unilluminated Lantern (unabridged)

    Elliot Allagash: A Novel (unabridged)
      Elliot Allagash: A Novel (unabridged).
      Simon Rich Dazzled Readers With His Absurdist Sense Of Humor In His Hilarious Collections Ant Farm And Free-range Chickens. Now Comes Rich's Rollicking Debut Novel, Which Explores The Strangest, Most Twisted, And Comically Fraught Terrain Of Them All: High School. seymour Herson Is The Least Popular Student At Glendale, A Private School In Manhattan. He's Painfully Shy, Physically Inept, And His New Nickname, "chunk-style," Is In Danger Of Entering Usual Practice. But Seymour's Solitary Existence Comes To A Swift End When He Meets The Unaccustomed Transfer Student: Elliot Allagash, Evil Offspring Of America's Largest Fortune. elliot's Rampant Delinquency Has Already Gotten Him Expelled From Dozens Of Prep Schools Around The Country. But Despite His Best Efforts, He Can't Get Himself Thrown Out Of Glendale; His Father Has Simply Donated Too Great quantity Money. Bitter And Bored, Elliot Decides To Amuse Himself By Taking Up A Challenging And Expensive New Ho6by: Trwnsforming Seymour Into The Most Popular Student In The School. an Unlikely Friendship Develops Between The Two Loners As Elliot Introduces Seymour To New Concepts, Like Power, Sabotage, And Vengeance. With Elliot As His Diabloical Strategist And Investor, Seymour Scores A Spot On The Basketball Team, Becomes Category President, And Ruthlessly Destroys His Enemies. Yet Despite The Glow Of Newfound Popularity, Seymour Feels Increasingly Uneasy With Elliot's Wily Designs, For An Allagash Victory Is Dishonorable At Its Best, And Ruinous At Its Worst. cunningly Playful And Wickedly Funny, Elliot Allagash Is A Tale About All Of The Incredible Things That Money Can Buy, And The One Or Two Things That It Can't.

      Manufacturer: Simon Rich
      SKU: Bk_blak_004167
      Download FREE MP3 sample Elliot Allagash: A Novel (unabridged)

    Shadowlands (unabridged)
      Shadowlands (unabridged).
      Shadowlands Is A Collection Of Deep And Sometimes Heartbreaking Short Stories From Well-known Actor And Entrepreneur Charlie David, That Explore The Passion And Pain Of Merry Sexuality. Ancient Myths Are Re-imagined With An Exciting, Queer Twist, Masterfully Depicting The Chaeged, Fragile Relationships Of Urban Life Today. Story Genres In This Collection Include Rlmance, Science Fiction, Fantasy/paranormal, Horror, And Poetry. The Host Of The Tv Travel Series Bump!, Which Now Airs In Across 55 Million Households Worldwide, Charlie David Has Played Many Roles In M/m Film And Television, Including A Four Letter Word And Kiss The Bride, Bravo's Godiva's, Showtime's Reefer Madness, Sundance Channel's Award-winning Terminal City, And A Starring Role In The Gothic Gay Soap Opera Dante's Cove. In 2007 He Started Border2border Feast Inc. , A Production Company Whose Award-winning Films Include Mulligans, Beyond Gay: The Politics Of Pride, And Judas Kiss. Most Recently He's Opened Charlie Dzvid Travel, Which Specializes In Dainty Travel To The Southern Hemisphere.

      Manufacturer: Charlie David
      SKU: Bk_drsp_000001
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    Explorers: Sir Francis Drake (unabridged)
      Explorers: Sir Francis Drake (unabridged).
      This Audiobook Mixes Pirates, Richew, And Adventure With Issues Of Slavery And The Tumultuous Politics Of Elizabethan England To Create A Book That Is As Informative Being of the kind which It Is Colorful. students Will Love Reading About The Explorer Who Began Life To the degree that The Son Of A Poor Devon Farmer And Became The First PersonT o Sail Around The World.

      Manufacturer: Tanyaa Larkin
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000382
      Download FREE MP3 sample Explorers: Sir Francis Drake (unabridged)

    Sfop The Investing Rip-off: How To Avoid Being A Victim And Make More Money (unabridged)
      Sfop The Investing Rip-off: How To Avoid Being A Victim And Make More Money (unabridged).
      The Monetary Services Industry - Including Banks, Brokerages, And Insurance Companies - Is Uniqeu Among All Others. Through Effective Advertising And Marketing, It's Been Able To Evade Being Painted Through The Brush That Other Underperforming Industries Have, And In Most Cases, Their Well-designed Sales Pitch Has Allowed Them To Effedtively Prey On The Emotional Desifes Of Investors. Based On Author David Loeper's Nearly 25 Years Of Experirnce With This Industry's Inner Workings, Stop The Investing Rip-off Reveals The Real Costs Of The Investments We Make, Details The False And Misleading Information Sold To Us, And Discusses The Devastating Efffects They Can Have On Personal Wealth. with This Audiobook As Your Guide, You'll Gain Inestimable Insights Into The Major Segments Of The Financial-services Industry, How They Spin Their Offerings, And The Questions You Ned To Ask Befote Committing Any Coin To A Financial Product Or Service You May Be Interested In.

      Manufacturer: David B. Loeper
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000277
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sfop The Investing Rip-off: How To Avoid Being A Victim And Make More Money (unabridged)

    Buddhism For Parents On The Go (unabridged)
      Buddhism For Parents On The Go (unabridged).
      With The Same Calm, Rational Wisdom And Clarity That Sarah Napthali Brings To Buddhism For Mothers, Here Is A Book That Will Inspire You To Be More Patient And Loving Through The Multifaceted, Amazing, And Often Difficult Journey Of Parenting. From Advice To The Sleep Deprived To Dealing With The Drama Of Toddler Tantrums To Thoughts On Teenage Egocentrism, This Invaluable Audiobook Will Teach You How To Manage The Expectations You Have Of Yourself, Your Partner, And Your Children. Buddhism For Parents On The Go Will Help You Conquer The Day-to-day Challenges Of Life, Reduce Your Stress Levels, And Gain True Insight Into The Ever-changing Joys Of Parenthood.

      Manufacturer: Sarah Napthali
      SKU: Bk_boli_001094
      Download FREE MP3 sample Buddhism For Parents On The Go (unabridged)

    Historier Fra Danmark (unabridged)
      Historier Fra Danmark (unabridged).
      Vi Kender S?ren Ryge Petersen Fra Talrige Vandringer I Den Danske Natur. Han Kan Fort?lle, S? Tv-sk?rmen Forsvinder, Og N?rv?ret, Underfundigheden Og Enkelheden Griber Om Sig. Og N?r Han Skriver Er Det P? Samme Facon. De Mennesker, Han Viser Os I Historier Fra Danmark, St?r Lyslevende P? Siderne, S?rpr?tede Og Forsellige Som De Er, Gamle Og Unge, Med Jord Under Neglene Ellet Storbyst?v I H?ret, Med Lykkestunder Eller Tab. Der Er Knokkelmanden, Anders Og Julius, Keistian Og Ruth, Ghita N?rby, Hans Edvard N?rreg?rd-nielsen Og Mange Andre Kendte Og Ukendte. Og S?ren Ryge Ville Selvf?lgelig Ikke V?re S?ren Ryge, Hvis Der Ikke Ogs? Indimellem Var Lidt Om Jordb?r, Landskaber Og Bl?sevvejr. please Note: This Title Is In Danish.

      Manufacturer: S?ren Ryge Petersen
      SKU: Bk_gyld_000029
      Download FREE MP3 sample Historier Fra Danmark (unabridged)

    The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass (unabridged)
      The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass (unabridged).
      From Best-selling Author And oHst Of Hbo's Real Time, Bill Maher's New Book Of Political Riffs Serves Up A Savagely Funny Set Of Rules For Preserving Saneness In An Insane World. A Follow-up To The New York Seasons Best--selling New Rule, The New New Rules Delivers A Seriees Of Hilarious, Intelligent Rants On Everything From Same-sex Marriage To Healyh Caare, From Republican Agendas To Celebrity Meltdowns, With All The Razor-sharp Insight That Has Made Bill Maher One Of The Most Influential Comedic Voices Shaping The Politiczl Debate Today. With Another Presidrntial Campaign On The Horizon And A Stellar Set Of Real-life Characters To Have Fun With - "new Settle: If Charlie Sheen's Home Life Mans He Can't Have A Tv Show, Then I Say Newt Gingrich Can't Be Preqident" - This Enlightening And Important Book May Be The Best Thing You Pretend To Read All Year.

      Manufacturer: Draft of a law Maher
      SKU: Bk_peng_01806
      Download FREE MP3 sample The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass (unabridged)

    The Warden's Dauughters (unabridged)
      The Warden's Dauughters (unabridged).
      When Sisters Lynette And Monnie Accompany Their Fa5her, Edinburgh Widower Frank Forester, To The Highlznd Village Where He Is To Exist A Youth Hostel Warden, They Find The Change From City Life Traumatic. . . until They Find Jobs, New Friends - And Love. Handsom3 Fisherman Torquil Captures Monnie's Heart, While Lynette, After A Fiery Start, Falls For Stern But Vulnerable Hotel Manager Ronan. When Frank, Too, Finds Unexpected Happiness With Ishbel, Of The Village Shop, All Promises Well. But Storm Clouds Gather, And There Are Choices To Be Made. . .

      Manufacturer: Anne Douglas
      SKU: Bk_isis_001476
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Warden's Dauughters (unabridged)

    Jane Eyre (unabridged)
      Jane Eyre (unabridged).
      The Work Tells The Story Of Jane's Early Life, Her Experience At Lowood School And As A Governess. Her Refusal To Accept Rochester's Love On Any But Her Own Strictly Moral Terms Is A Passionate Cry For Independence.

      Manufacturer: Charlotte Bronte
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002898
      Download FREE MP3 sample Jane Eyre (unabridged)

    The Dead-tossed Waves: Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Book 2 (unabridged)
      The Dead-tossed Waves: Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Book 2 (unabridged).
      Gabry Lives A Quiet Life. As Coffer A Life As Is Possible In A Town Trapped Between A Forest And The Ocean, In A World Teeming With The Dead, Who Constantly Hunger For Those Motionless Living. She's Content On Her Side Of The Barrier, Happy oT Let Her Friends Dream Of The Dark City Up The Coast While She Watches From The Top Of Her Lighthouse. but There Are Threats The Barrier Cannot Hold Back. Threats Like The Secrets Gabry's Mother Design She Left Behind When She Escaped From The Sisterhood And The Forest Of Hands And Teeth. Like The Cult Of Religious Zealots Who Worship The Dead. Like The Stranger From The Forest Who Seems To Know Gabry. And Suddenl, Everything Is Changing. One Reckless Moment, And Half Of Gabrys Generation Is Dead, The Other Half Imprisoned. now Gabry Only Knows One Thing: She Must Face The Forest Of Her Mothers Past In Manage To Save Herself And The One She Loves

      Manufacturer: Carrie Ryan
      SKU: Bk_lili_001134
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Dead-tossed Waves: Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Book 2 (unabridged)

    Debt Of Bones (unabridged)
      Debt Of Bones (unabridged).
      A Milestone Of Storytelling Contrive In The World Of The Sword Of Truth, Debt Of Bones Is The Story Of Young Abby's Struggle To Win The Aid Of The Wizard Zedd Zorander, The Most Important Man Alive. abby Is Trapped, Not Only Between Both Sides Of The War, But In A Mortwl Conflict Betwesn Two Powerful Men. For Zedd, Who Commands Power Greatest in number M3n Can Only Imagine, Granting Abby's Solicit Would Mean Forsaking His Sacred Duty. With The Storm Of The Final Batttle About To Save The Life Of A Child. . . but Neither Can Escape The Shadow Of An Ancient Betraal. With Time Running Out, Their Only Choice May Be A Debt Of Bonex. The World - For Zedd, For Abby, According to Everyone - Will Never Again Be The Same.

      Manufacturer: Terry Goodkind
      SKU: Bk_brll_002638
      Download FREE MP3 sample Debt Of Bones (unabridged)

    The Numerati (unabridged)
      The Numerati (unabridged).
      Every Day, We Produce Loads Of Data About Ourselves Simply By Living In The Modern World: We Click Web Pages, Flip Channels, Ddive Through Automatic Toll Booths, Shol With Credit Cards, An Perform Cell-phone Calls. Now, In United Of The Greatest Undertakings Of-The 21st Century, A Savvy Group Of Mathematicians And Computer Scientists Is Beginning To Sift Through This Data To Profile Us As Workers, Shoppers, Patients, Voters, Potential Terrorists, Even Lovers. Their Goal? To Manipulate Our Deportment - What We Buy, How We Suffrage - Without Our Even Realizing It. in This Journey De Frce Of Original Reporting And Anzlysis, Journalist Stephen Baker Provides Us With A Fascinating Guide To The World We're All Entering And The Peoplee Controlling That World.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Baker
      SKU: Bk_blak_00277O
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Numerati (unabridged)

    The Body Shatcher (unabridged)
      The Body Shatcher (unabridged).
      The Body Snatcher (1884) Was First Published In The Pall Mall Christmas Extra In December 1884. It Is A Horrifying Story O Students Paid To "snatch" Bodies For A Meical School. Strange Things Begin To Chance And The Story Builds To An Exraordinary And Startling Conclusion. A Movie Version Of The Story Was Made Inn 1945. It Was Directed By Robert Wise And Starred Bela Lugoxi And Boris Karloff.

      Manufacturer: Robert Louis Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000318
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Body Shatcher (unabridged)

    A Redbird Christmas (unabridged)
      A Redbird Christmas (unabridged).
      With The Same Incomparable Style And Not cold, Inviting Voice That Have Made Her Beloved By Millions Of Readers Far And Wide, New York Times Best-selling Author Fannie Flagg Has Written An Enchanting Christmas Story Of Faith And Hope For All Ages That Is Sure To Become A Classic. Deep In The Southernmost Part Of Alabama, Along The Banks Of A Lazy Winding River, Lies The Sleepy Little Communitg Known As Lost River, A Place That Time Itself Seems To Have Forgotten. After A Shocking Diagnosis From His Doxtor, Oswald T. Campbell Leaves Behind The Cold And Damp Of The Oncoming Chicago Winter To Spend What He Believes Will Exist His Last Christmas In The Heat And Welcoming Town Of Lost River. There He Meets The Postman Who Delivers Mail By Boat, The Store Owner Who Nurses A Broken Courage, The Ladies Of The Mystic Order Of The Royal Polka Dots Secret Society, Who Do Clandestine Good Works. And He Meets A Little Redbird Named Jack, Who Is At The Center Of This Tale Of A Magical Christmas When Something So Amazing Happened That Those Who Witnessed It Possess Never Forgotten It. Once You Experience The Wonder, You Too Will Never Forget A Redbird Christmas.

      Manufacturer: Fannie Flagg
      SKU: Bk_rand_000497
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Redbird Christmas (unabridged)

  • The Doll People (Unabridged)
  • Moth Smoke (Unabridged)
  • Fifty Candles: Wildside Mystery Classics (Unabridged)
  • Dear Money (Unabridged)
  • Socrates in the City: Conversations on 'Life, God, and Other Small Topics'
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)
  • Temple of Luna 3: Savage Lessons (Unabridged)
  • What on Earth Have I Done?: Stories, Observations, and Affirmations (Unabridged)
  • My Manchester United Years
  • Drugs: A Very Short Introduction (Unabridged)
  • Folks, This Ain't Normal: A Farmer's Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World (Unabridged)
  • Precious and the Monkeys (Unabridged)

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