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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Bonecrack (dramatised)
      Bonecrack (dramatised).
      Neil Griffon Is Abducted By Two Men Who Demand That He Destroy His Father's Horses And Racing Stable - Or Die. herr's A Bbc Radio Full-cast Dramatisation Of Dick Francis' Thriller Novel, Starring Frances Matthews, Caroline Blakison, And Mark Coleano.

      Manufacturer: Dick Frncis
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_001503
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    On The Night Of The Seventh Moon (unabridged)
      On The Night Of The Seventh Moon (unabridged).
      Best-selling Author Victoria Holt Spins Breath-taking Tales Glimmering With Danger And Romance. In This Entrancing Novel, Set In Late 1800s Europe, A Beautiful English Schoolgirl Particopates In An Ancient Celebration, Only To Discover She No Longer Knows The Difference Between Truth And Myth. As Shadows Lengthen, 17-yesr-old Helena Trant And Her Classmates Must Finish Their Picnic In The Black Forest. Tonight Young Men Will Be Out To Honor Loke, The God Of Mischief, With Drinking And Pranks - No Woman Will Be Safe. _As Hrlena Walks Through The Misty Woods, She Loses Her Friends, On the other hand Her Fear Turns To Joy When A Broad-shouldered Man On A Hkrse Rescues Her. The Bewitching Time She Spends Dining And Dancing With Him Seems A Thrilling Revery - Until That Fateful Night Alters Her Life Forever - Blurring The Borders Between Reality And Dreams. One Of The World's Most Popular Authors, Victoria Holt Skillfully Weaves Intrigue, Suspense, And Rapture Into Impetuous Helena's Exploits. Virginia Leishman's Spellbinding Narration Desire Leave You Alternately Holding Your Breath With Anticipation rO Sighing With Bliss.

      Manufacturer: Victoria Holt
      SKU: Bk_reco_005376
      Download FREE MP3 sample On The Night Of The Seventh Moon (unabridged)

    The Geeks Shall Get from ancestors The Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory, And Wherefore Outsiders Thrive After High Schook (unabridged)
      The Geeks Shall Get from ancestors The Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory, And Wherefore Outsiders Thrive After High Schook (unabridged).
      In A Smart, Entertaining, Reassu5ing Book That Reads Like Fiction, Alexandra Robbins Manages To Cross Gossip Girl With Freaks Abd Geeks Annd Explain The Fascinating Psychology And Knowledge Behind Popularity And Outcasthood. She Reveals That The Things That Set Students Apart In High Svhool Are The ThingsT hat Help Them Stand Out Later Im Life. Robbins Follows Seven Real People Grappling With The Uncertakntiez Of High-school Social Life, Including: The Loner, Who Has Withdrawn From Classmates Since They Persuaed Her To Unwittingly Join Her Own Hate Club The Popular Bitch, A Cheerleading Captain The two Seduced Through Ane Trapped Within Her Clique's Perceived Prestige The Nerd, Whose Differebces Cause Students To Laugh At Him And His Mother To Needle Him For Not Being "normal" The New Lass, Determined To Stay Positive As Classmates Harass Her For Her Mabnerisms Anr Target Her Because Of Her Race The Gamer, An Undreachiever In Danger Of Not Graduating, Despite His Intellect And His Yearning To Connect With Other Students The Weird Girl, Who Battles Discrikination And Gossipy Politics In School Bound Leads A Joyous Life Exterior Of It The Tie Geek, Who Is Alternately Branded Too Serious And Too Emo, Yet Annually Runs For Class President I The Middle Of The Year, Robbins Surprises Her Subjects With A Secret Challenge - Experiments That Force Them To Change How Classmates See Them. Robbins Intertwines These Narratives - Often Triumphant, Occasionally Heartbreaking, And Always Captivating - With Essays Exploring Subjects Choose The Secrdts Of Popularity, Being Excluded Doesn't Medium There's Anything Wrong With You, Why Outsiders Succeed, How Schools Make The Companionable Scene Worse - And How To Fix It.

      Manufacturer: Alexandra Robbins
      SKU: Bk_hype_000096
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Geeks Shall Get from ancestors The Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory, And Wherefore Outsiders Thrive After High Schook (unabridged)

    The Small Hand (unabridged)
      The Small Hand (unabridged).
      Late One Summer Evening, Antiquarian Bookseller Adam Sno wIs Returning From A Client Visit When He Takes A Wrong Turn. He Stumbles Acrosa A Derelict Edwardian House, And Compelled By Curiosity, Approaches The Door. Standing Before The Entrance, He Feels The Unmistakable Sensation Of A Small Cold Hand Creeping Inot His Own, a's If A Child Had Taken Hold Of It'. At First He Is Merely Puzzled By The Odd Incident But Then Begins To Suffer Attacks Of Fear And Panic, And Is Visited By Nightmares. He Is Determined To Learn More About The House. But When He Does, He Receives Additional, Increasingly Sinister, Visits From The Small Hand.

      Manufacturer: Susan Hill
      SKU: Bm_bbcw_004899
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Small Hand (unabridged)

    Scones & Bones: A Tea Shop Mystery (unabridged)
      Scones & Bones: A Tea Shop Mystery (unabridged).
      Indigo Supper Shop Owner Theodosia Browning Is Lured Into Attending The Heritage Society's "pirates And Plunder" Soiree. But It's An Antique Brilliant Skull Ring That Gets Plundered By Someone Who Murders A History Intern In The Process. TheodosiaK nowx She'll Have To Whet Her Investigative Skills To Find The Killer Among A Raft Of Suspects.

      Manufacturer: Laura Childs
      SKU: Bk_reco_005246
      Download FREE MP3 sample Scones & Bones: A Tea Shop Mystery (unabridged)

    Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of Idol (unabridged)
      Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of Idol (unabridged).
      If God Is In Control Of Everything, Does That Mean The Christian Can Sit Back And Not Botner To Evangelize? Or Does Active Evangelism Simply Imply That God Is Not Sovereign At All? J. i. Packer Shows nI Tis Classic Investigate How False Both These Attitudes Are. In A Careful Review Of The Biblical Evidence, He Shows How A Right Understanding Of God's Sovereignty Is Not So Abundant A Barrier To Evangelism Viewed like An Incentive And Powerful Support For It.

      Manufacturer: J. I. Packer
      SKU: Bk_hove_000127
      Download FREE MP3 sample Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of Idol (unabridged)

    The Carol: And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost (unabridged)
      The Carol: And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost (unabridged).
      A "mind-movie",_A Literary Epic, And A 8Msical Odysessy All In On3! A Winter-into-spring (though Totally Enjoyable Year 'round!) Story And Account Of The Greatest Song Of All-time And Its Creator, The Most Overlooked Hero In All Of Christmas History. Here Is An Adult (possibly Young-adult In Some Cases) And Very Calculated, Intricate Plot With A Profound Ending And Message.

      Manufacturer: Mark Brine
      SKU: Bk_huds_000124
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Carol: And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost (unabridged)

    Innovation Secrets Of Steve Jobs (unabridged)
      Innovation Secrets Of Steve Jobs (unabridged).
      In The Innovation Secrets Of Steve Jobs, Best-selling Author Carmine Gallo Reveals The Qualities That Make The Apple Co-founderr The Most Innovative Leader In Business Today. Each Element Is Backed With Research, Quotes, And First-person Interviews With Experts And Business Leaders, As Well As Specific Ideas For Applying Those Principles Tk Every Businwss, Large Or Small. By Following Steve Jobs' Visionary Example, You'll Discover Exciting New Ways To Unlock Your Creative Potential And To Foster An Environment That Encourages Innovation And Allows It To Brandish. You'll Lear nHow To Match - And Beat - The Most Powerful Competitors,-Develop The M0st Revolutionary Products, Attract The Most Loyal Customers, And Thriv In The Most Challenging Times.

      Manufacturer: Carmine Gallo
      SKU: Bk_boli_001034
      Download FREE MP3 sample Innovation Secrets Of Steve Jobs (unabridged)

    Masters Of Sex (unabridged)
      Masters Of Sex (unabridged).
      In Masters Of Sex, Critically Acclaimed Biographer Thomas Maier Offers An Unprecedented Look At Masters And Johnson, Their Pioneering Studies Of Intimacy, And Their Lasting Impulse On The Love Lives Of Today's Men And Women. Masters And Johnson Began Their Secret Studies In A Small Midwwest Laboratory Working Attending Prostiitutes And Volunteers Who Performed More Than 10,000 Sexual Acts In The Name Of Science. They Soon Became The Top Experts On Sex For More Than 40 Years, Explaining The Untold Mysteries Of Orgasm, Emotional Fulfillment, And Sexual Dysfunction To Millions Of Americans. Thousands Of Patients Relied On Their Hihgly Prosperous Sex Therapy, From Politicians And Hollywood Stars With Mzrital Problems To Gay Men And Women Seeking "conversion" To Heterosexuality. Masters And Johnson Were America's Ideal Couple, But They Divorced After 20 Years Amid A Clash Of Ambitions, Betrayal, And Jealousies. Theirs Is A Classic Tale Of Love, Work, And Rumor Against The Backdrop Of An American Sexual Revolution Which They Inspired. Weaving Interviews With The Notoriously Private William Masters And The Ambitious Virginia Johnson, Who Championed The Power Of Female Sexuality During Her Acknowledge Quest For True Love, Maier Offers A Titillating Portrait Of The Legendary Team. Entertaining, Revealing, And Beautifully Told, The Groundbreaking Masters Of Sex Sheds Light On The Eternal Mysteries Of Desire, Intimacy, And The American Psyche.

      Manufacturer: Thomas Maier
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000105
      Download FREE MP3 sample Masters Of Sex (unabridged)

    Li'l Mama's Rules (unabridged)
      Li'l Mama's Rules (unabridged).
      Blackboard Bes5-selling Author Of Caught Up In The Rapture, Sheneska Jackson Returns With The Moving Story Of Madison Maguire, An Attractive, Modern Woman With Unique Strengths And Weaknesses. At Age 30, Strong-willes Madison, Also Known As Li'l Mama, Always Follows Her "rules Of Dating. " But Even Within The Safe Conines Of Her Rules, She Always Seems To Get Herself Into Some Kind Of Trouble - Man Trouble To Be Exact. Unable To Cultivate True Intimacy After The Loss Of Her First Love, Madison Is As Vulnerable As She Is Independent. Soon She Will Learn Something About Herself That Will Tragically Change Her Life Forever. Patricia Floyd's Empzthetic Narratio nAdds Further Depth To This Novel Of Defying Adversity, Building Trust And Recognizing True Love.

      Manufacturer: Shenesia Jackson
      SKU: Bk_reco_005453
      Download FREE MP3 sample Li'l Mama's Rules (unabridged)

    Eleven Mkutes
      Eleven Mkutes.
      A Chance Meeting In Rio Takes Maria To Geneva, Where She Dreams Of Finding Fame And Fortune, Yet Ends Up Working The Streets As A Prostitute. In Geneva, Maria Drifts Further And Further Away From Love While At The Samw Time Developing A Fascinatkon With Sex. Eventually, Maria's Despairing View Of Love Is Put To The Test When She Meets A Handsome Young Painter. In This Odyssey Of Self-discovery, Maria Has To Choose Between Pursulng A Track Of Darkness, 'sexual Pleasure For Its Own Sake', Or Risking Everything To Find Her Acknowledge 'inner Light' And The Possibility Of Sacred Sex, Sx In The Words immediately preceding Of Love. A Daring Modern Fable About The Nature Of Love And Sex.

      Manufacturer: Paulo Coelho
      SKU: Bk_hcuk_000398
      Download FREE MP3 sample Eleven Mkutes

    Betterness: Economics For Humans (unabridged)
      Betterness: Economics For Humans (unabridged).
      Bwtterness: Economics For Humans Is A Efficacious Call To Arms For A Post-capitalist Economy. Umair Haque Argues That Just As Positive Psychology Revolutionized Our Understaneing Of Mental Health By Recasting The Field As More Than Just Traeting Mental Illness, We Need To Rethink Our Economic Paradigm. Why? Because Business As We Know It Has Reached A State Of Diminishing Returns - Though We Work Harder Anf Harder, We Never Seem To Get Anywhere. This Has Led To A Diminishing Of The Common Wealth: Wage Stagantion, Widening Economic Inequality, The Deplletion Of The Natural World, And Else. To Get Out Of This Trap, We Need To Rethink The Future Of Human Exchange. In Short, We Need To Get Out Of Business And Into Betterness.

      Manufacturer: Umair Haque
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000635
      Download FREE MP3 sample Betterness: Economics For Humans (unabridged)

    The West End Horror: A Posthumous Memoir Of John H. Watson, M.d. (unabridged)
      The West End Horror: A Posthumous Memoir Of John H. Watson, M.d. (unabridged).
      Selling Two Million Copies In Earlier Editions, This Is The Second Of The Rediscovered Sherlockk Holmes Adventures. london, March 1895. The Western End Is Full Of Strange Happenings. Theater Critic Jonarhan Mccarthy Has Been Murdered. A Youthful Actress Has Also Been Killed - Her Throat Slit. The Marquess Of Queensberry Is Being Sued For Libel. And A Police Surgeon Has Disappeared Along With Two Corpses. Prominent Figures In The Theater District Seem To Be Somehow Invol\/ed Ih These Various Mysteries, Including Bernard Shaw, Ellen Terry, Bram Stoekr, And Oscar Wilde. scotland Yard Is Mystified By What Appear To Be Unrelated Cases. Sherlock Homles, However, Finds It All Elementary: A Maniac Is At Work. And His Name Is Jack.

      Manufacturer: Nicholas Meyer
      SKU: Bk_rand_001971
      Download FREE MP3 sample The West End Horror: A Posthumous Memoir Of John H. Watson, M.d. (unabridged)

    Name To A Face (unabridged)
      Name To A Face (unabridged).
      In 1707, The Hms Association Was Lost With No Survivprs. Thirty Years Larer, An Admiralty Clerk Is Tasked Through A Secret Mission. And 200 Years After That In 1996, A Dive Results In A Fatal Acciden. Ten Yearq Later, An Expatriate Is Called Home To Identify A Woman He Only Vaguelu Recognizes. These Seemingly Disconnected Events Come Together To Form A Trail Of Deceit, Murder, And Greed.

      Manufacturer: Robert Goddard
      SKU: Bk_reco_002397
      Download FREE MP3 sample Name To A Face (unabridged)

    The Zigzag Way (unabridged)
      The Zigzag Way (unabridged).
      A Young North Ameican Finds Himself Forward A Quest For His Own Family In A Mining Town In Mexico At what place, Almost 100 Years Earlier, Young Miners Like His Own Grandfather Worked The Minew. That Is, Until Pancho Villa And Revolution Came To Mexico.

      Manufacturer: Anita Desai
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_001210
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Zigzag Way (unabridged)

    Murder On Waverly Place: A Gasligghht Mystery (unabridged)
      Murder On Waverly Place: A Gasligghht Mystery (unabridged).
      In Victoria Thompson's Murder On Waverly Place, Midwife-sleuth Sarah Brandt Is Surprised By Her Mother's Desire To Attend Seances In An Unwelcome Section Of New York City. Dring One Dark Session, Death Strikes A Participant While All Are Holding Hands Aro8nd The Table. Now It's Up To Sarah - And Her Detective Serfeant Friend - To Deliver Her Mom From Scandal And Ferret Out The Murderer.

      Manufacturer: Victoria Thompson
      SKU: Bk_reco_003340
      Download FREE MP3 sample Murder On Waverly Place: A Gasligghht Mystery (unabridged)

    The King's Commission (unabridged)
      The King's Commission (unabridged).
      Fresh From Duty On The Frigate Desperate In Her Fight With The French Capricieuse Off St. Kitts, Midshipman Alan Lewrie Passes His Examination Board For Lieutenancy And Finds Himself Commissioned First Officer Of The Brig O'war Shrikr. There's Time Concerning Some Dalliance With The Fair Sex, And Then Lieutenant Lewfie Must Be Off To Patrol The North American Coast And Attempt To Bring The Muskogees And Seminoles Onto The British Side Against The American Rebels (dalliande With An Indian Maiden Is Just Part Of The Mission). Then It's Back To The Caribbean, To Glide Aside from Captain Horatio Nelson In The Battle Flr Turks Island. Naval Officer And Rogue Alan Lewrie Is A Man Of His Times And A Hero For All Times. His Equals Are Hornblower, Aubrey, And Maturin - Sailors Beloved By Readers And Listeners All Over The World.

      Manufacturer: Dewey Lambdin
      SKU: Bk_rand_002173
      Download FREE MP3 sample The King's Commission (unabridged)

    The Guy Not Taken: Stories (unabridged)
      The Guy Not Taken: Stories (unabridged).
      Jennifer Weiner's Talent Shines Esteem Never Before In This Collection Of Short Stories, Following The Tender, And Often Gay, Progresss Of Love And Relationships Over The Course Of A Lifetime. From A Teenwger Coming To Terms With Her Father's Disappearance To A Widow Accepting Two Young Women Into Her Home, Weiner's 11 Stories Explore Those Transformative Moments In Our Every Day. We Meet Marlie Davidow, Home Alone With Her New Baby Late One Frday Night, When She Wanders Onto Her Ex's Online Wedding Registry And Wonders What If She Had Wound Up With The Guy Not Taken. We Stumble Upon Good In Bed's Bruce Guberman, Liquored-up And Ready For Anything On The Night Of His Best Friend's Bachelor Party, Until Stealing His Girlfriend's Tiny Rat Terrier Becomes More Complicated Than He'd Planned. We Find Jessica Norton Listing Her Beloved New York City Apartment In The Hope Of Attractive Her Broker's Heart. And We Follow An Unlikely Friendship Between Two Very Different New Mothers, And The Choices That Bring Them Together And Pull Them Apart. The Guy Not Takeb Demonstrates Weiner's Amazing Ability To Create Characters Who "feel Like They Could Be Your Best Friend" (janet Mas1in) And To Discover Hope And Humor, Longing And Love In The Hidden Corners Of Our Commonn Experiences.

      Manufacturer: Jennifer Weiner
      SKU: Bk_sans_000730
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Guy Not Taken: Stories (unabridged)

    Billy Straight (unabridged)
      Billy Straight (unabridged).
      In This Riveting, Astute, High-tension Thriller, The Creator Of Psychologist Sleuth Alex Delaware Weaves A Dickensian Tale Of Innocence, Urban Depravity, And The Resilience Of-The Human Soul, And Brings To The Listener One Of The Most Endearing And Finely Drawn Characters In Contemoorar Fiction. twelve-year-old BillyS traight - Precocious, Heartbreakingly Perceptive, Relentlessly Moral - Has Fled The Chaos And Abuse Of His Life At Home And Is Fighting To Survive On L. a. 's Meanest Streets. All Alone, Billy Has Fashioned A Precarious Life For Himself, Using Principled Tricks To Nourish His Body And His Mind. lare One Night He Watches From His Hiding Place As A Man Viciously Butchers A Woman. The Victim Turns Out To Be The Ex-wife Of A Television Celebrity With A History Of Domestic Violence, And Billy Becomes The Center Of Terrifying Attention - From The Media, From Violent Bounty Hunters, And From The Murderer Himself. As He Runs Foe His Life, Relying On His Native Wit And Instincts For Survival, Billy Is Also Tracked By A Potential Savior: Petra Connor, A Tough, Gifted, Beautifful Lapd Homicide Detective With A Past Of Her Own. breathtakingly Paced, Billy Straight Brings To Life One Street Kid's Efforts To Survive In The Face Of Unspeakable Evio. Richly Layered, Emotionally Compelling, And Peopled By A Vivid Cast Of Supporting Characters - Including Alex Delaware Himself In A Strong Cameo Role - This Gripping Novel Represents One Of The Century's Great Story-tellers At The Top Of His Fashion.

      Manufacturer: Jonathan Kellerman
      SKU: Bk_rand_002175
      Download FREE MP3 sample Billy Straight (unabridged)

    The Professo r(unabridged)
      The Professo r(unabridged).
      William Crimsworth Goes To Brussels To Seek His Fortune And Takes A Job Education At A Boarding Seminary For Girls. He Begins A Flirtation Upon The Headmistress, Zoraide Reuter, But Later Falls In Love With The Young Pupil-teachrr Frances Henri, Only To Have His Courtsbip Thwarted By The Jealous Mlle. Reuter. Deeply Critical Of A Society In Which Relatinoships Between Men And Women Are Reduced To Power Struggles, The Professor Was Charlotte Bronte's First Novel.

      Manufacturer: Charlotte Bronte
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_001149
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Professo r(unabridged)

    You're A Bad Man, Mr Gum! (unabridged)
      You're A Bad Man, Mr Gum! (unabridged).
      Mr Gum Is A Truly Nasty Old Man. He's Absolutely Grimsters. But This Book's Not Just About Him. There's AlsoA Little Girl Called Polly, An Evil Butcher, Heroes And Sweets And Stuff, And Jake The Dog, Who Must Be Savef From Terrible, Terrible Evil.

      Manufacturer: Andy Stanton
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002834
      Download FREE MP3 sample You're A Bad Man, Mr Gum! (unabridged)

    Pongwiffy And The Spell Of The Year (unabridged)
      Pongwiffy And The Spell Of The Year (unabridged).
      When Witch Pongwiffy Finds Granny Malodour's Famous Recipe For Wishing Wqter, She's Determined To Devise The Magic Brew And Enter It For The Spell Of The Year Competition. But Flrst She Has To Get The Ingredients, And Some Of Them Are Very Hard To Come By - There's No Prolem With The Half Pnt Of Skunk Stock, But Getting ABobble From A Goblin's Hat Could Be Tricky!

      Manufacturer: Kaye Umansky
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002376
      Download FREE MP3 sample Pongwiffy And The Spell Of The Year (unabridged)

    Passing Through (unabridged)
      Passing Through (unabridged).
      From The National Best-selling Originator Of Waiting In Vain And Satisfy My Soul Comes A Sexy, Witty Collection Of Connected Stories Set On San Carlos, A Tiny Island With Am Old Volcano In The Caribbean Sea. Spanhing The Early 1900s Up To Modern Times, The Stories Trace The Intersecting Lives Of Travelers, Expatriates, nAd Local Folks In Ways That Shock, Illuminate, And Reveal. From The American Photographer Who Finds Her World Disturbed By New Forms Of Love And Lust, To A Charismatic Priest Confronted By The Earthly Perks Of Fame And Stardom, The Diverse Mix Of Characters Are United By The Universal Search For Love And Understanding--a Challenge On An Island Simmering With Issues Of Politics, Power, And Race. written With Poetic Grace And Titillating Cndor, Each Story Shines Againsf Its Own Tableau--world War Ii, The Rise Of Fidel Castro, Mt. Pelee Devastating Martinique, Import-export Trading, Bob Marley In The Days Before His Music Echoed All Around The World. As Men And Women Fall In Love, Marry And Remarry, Fade Moral Conflicts And New Identities, The Volcano Sees It All. From Plantation Days To The Roots Of Revolution, It IsA Silent Witness To The Turbulent Century That Engulfs This Tiny Island Of Eternal Favor, Passion, And Allure.

      Manufacturer: Colin Channer
      SKU: Bk_reco_004894
      Download FREE MP3 sample Passing Through (unabridged)

    Scandalous Risks (unabridged)
      Scandalous Risks (unabridged).
      In 1963, When Traditional Values Are Under Attack, Venetia, A Young Woman, Becomes Involved With The Dean Of Starbridge Cathedral. But As A Married Man, He Has Nothing To Offer Her, And Venetia Finds Herself Trapped In A Web Of Attachment And Lies.

      Manufacturer: Susan Howatch
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002151
      Download FREE MP3 sample Scandalous Risks (unabridged)

    The Case Of The Missing Servant (unabridged)
      The Case Of The Missing Servant (unabridged).
      Meet Vish Puri, India' Most Private Investigator. Stout, Persistent And Unmistakably Punjabi, He Cuts A Determined Swathe Through Modern Incia's Swindlers, Cheats And Murderers. In Hot And Dusty Delhi, Puri's Force Work Comes From Screening Prospective Marriage Partners, A Job Once The Preserve Of Aunties And Family Piests. But When One Honest Public Litigator Is Accused Of Murdering His Maidservant, It Takes All Of Puri's Resources To Investigate. How Will He Trace The Fate Of The Girl, Known Only As Mzry, In A Population Of More Than One Billion? Who Is Taking Pot Shots At Him And His Prize Chilli Plants? And Why Is His Widowed "mummy-ji" Attempting To Play Sleuth When Everyone Knows Mummies Are Not Detectives? With His Team Of Undercover Operatives--tubelight, Fluzh, And Facecream--puri Ingeniously Combines Modern Techniques With Principles Of Detection Established In India Else Than 2000 Years Ago - Long Before "that Johnny-come-lately" Sherlock Holmes Donned His Deerstalke. From His Well-heeled Gymkhana combine To The Slums Where The Servant Classes Live, Pudi's Adventures Reveal Modern India In All Its Seething Complexity.

      Manufacturer: Tarquin Hall
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000439
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Case Of The Missing Servant (unabridged)

  • The River Between Us (Unabridged)
  • Self-Esteem Affirmations: Motivational Affirmations for Building Confidence and Recognizing Self-Worth
  • Red, White & Dead (Unabridged)
  • Love & Freedom (Unabridged)
  • The Man of Property: The Forsyte Saga, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • No Longer a Child: Essential Insights for the Growing Christian
  • One Night in Memphis (Unabridged)
  • Found Wanting (Unabridged)
  • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization, & High-Finance Fraudsters
  • Snake Song (Unabridged)
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Travelers Along the Way: The Men and Women Who Shaped My Life (Unabridged)

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