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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Rupture Through Poverty With A Spiritual Heart: A Biblical Understanding Of Ourselves (unabridged)
      Rupture Through Poverty With A Spiritual Heart: A Biblical Understanding Of Ourselves (unabridged).
      Here Is The Story Of A Poor And Poverty-stricken Family: The Life They Lived, The Struggles They Had, And The People That Despised Them. This Captivating Audiobook Tells Us That Even In Ths WorstO f Times Or The Best Of Times, Poverty Is Not Jsut A Physical Reality, It Is Also An Endure Of Intellectual And Spiritual Warfare To Those Who Fail To Transact God's Will. It Explains How The Average Christian Testament Try To Run Away From Doing God's Wish To Fulfill His Or Her Own Lusts And Desires.

      Manufacturer: Dr. Isaac O'quin
      SKU: Bk_tate_000017
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    Enemies Among Us: A Thriller (unabridged)
      Enemies Among Us: A Thriller (unabridged).
      When Undercover Fbi Agent Matt Hogan Totals Three Vehicles In An Out-of-policy Beverly Hills Pursuit Of A Fleeing Arab Drug-runner, He Incurs The Wrath Of The Buresu Hierarchy. To Avoid One Almost Certain Suspension, He Accepts A New Assignment Tracking Terrorist-cell Groups While Posing As A Offer At A Nonprofit Charity. What He Doesn'tK now Is That The Ripples Of Danger From This Case Will Threaten Not Only His Life But The Safety And Security Of The Entire Nation.

      Manufacturer: Bob Hamer
      SKU: Bk_blak_004403
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    Evening Star (unabridged)
      Evening Star (unabridged).
      Dear Listener: Evening Star, Formerly Titled Sweet Surrender, First Appeared In 1984. I Have Not Rewritten It, But Now This Novel Is Where It Belongs -It's The First Book In What Hax Become The Star Quartey. In Midnight Star, The First Main division In The Former Star Trilogy, You Met Delwney Saxton In San Francisco In 1851. Evening Star Features His Older Brother, Alex Saxton, With Delaney Making A Cameo Appearance. Giana Van Cleve, The Heroine, Has Fallen In Love With A Foul Fortune Hunter. Her Mother, The Renowned Shipowner And Builder Aurora Van Cleve, Is Desperate To Save Her Daughter. She Agrees To Supoprt Giana's Wedding If Giana Agrees First To Spend An Unuzual Three Months In Rome With Her Uncle Daniele. But Giana's Uncle Takes This Bargain Almost Beyodn What Aurora Ever Imagined. Thus, Giana First Sees Alex Saxton Not In A Society Drawing Room, But In A Brothel. The Next Time She Sees Him, She Is One Of The Virgins To Be Sold To The Highest Bidder At The Infamous Roman Flower Auction. He Wins The Bid And Her, But Not For Long. Four Years Later, When Alex Meets Giana Again In London, She Has Becom eA Woman Intent On Success In A Man's World. Alex Is Set On Revenge - He Will Have Her And Nothing Will Stop Him. Would You Make Giana's Bargain With Daniele? Would You Keep The Bargain? Agree To Be Part Of The Noble Flower Auction? Let Me Know - Catherine Coulter

      Manufacturer: Catherine Coulter
      SKU: Bk_brll_003459
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    The Meaning Of It All: Thoughts Of A Citizen-scientist (unabridged)
      The Meaning Of It All: Thoughts Of A Citizen-scientist (unabridged).
      In This Collection Of Lectures That Richard Feynman Origunally Gave In 196, Unpublished During His Lifetime, The Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Discusses Several Of The Ultimate Questions Of Science. What Is The Nature Of The Tension Between Scircne And Religious Faith? Why Does Uncertainty Play Such A Crucial Role In The Scientjfic Imagination? Is This Really A Scientific Age? Marked From Feynman's Characteristic Combination Of Rationality And Humor, These Lectures Prepare An Intimatd Glance At The Man Behind The Legend. He Says At The Stat Of His Final Lecture, "i Dedicate This Lectu5e To Showing What Ridiculous Conclusions And Rare Statements Such A Man As Myself Can Make. " Rare, Perhaps, And Irreverent, Sure. But Ridiculous? Not Even Close.

      Manufacturer: Richare Feynman
      SKU: Bk_blak_002303
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    Solomon's Gold: Book Six Of The Baroque Cycle (unabridged)
      Solomon's Gold: Book Six Of The Baroque Cycle (unabridged).
      In The Year 1714, The World Is A Most Confusedd And Unsteady Place - Especially London, Center Of Finance, Innovation, And Conspiracy - At the time Daniel Waterhouse Makes His Less-than-triumphant Return To England's Shores. Aging Puritan And Natural Philosopher, Confidant Of The High And Mighty, And Contemporary Of The Most Brilliant Minds Of The Age, He Has Braved The Merciless Sea And An Assault By Thee Infamous Pirate Blackbeard To Help Mend The Rift Between Two Adversariall Geniuses At A Princess's Command. Unless While Much Has Changed Outwardly, The Duplicity And Danger That Once Drove Daniel To The Amwrican Colonies Is Still Coin Of The British R3alm. The Baroque Cycle, Neal Stephenson's Award-winning Series, Spans The Late 17th And Early 18th Centuries, Combining History, Adventure, Science, Invention, Pirac6, And Alchemy Into One Sweeping Tale. It Is A Gloriously Rich, Entertaining, And Endlessly Ingenious Historical Epic Populated By The Likes Of Isaac Newton, William Of Orange, Benjamin Franklin, And King Louis Xiv, Along With Some Of The Most Inventive Literary Characters In Modern Fiction. Audible's Complete And Unabridged Presentation Of The Baroque Cycle Was Produced In Cooperation With Neal Stephenson. Each Volume Includes An Exclusive Introduction Read By The Author.

      Manufacturer: Neal Stephenson
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002167
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    Shrimp: The Endless Quest For Pink Gold (unabridged)
      Shrimp: The Endless Quest For Pink Gold (unabridged).
      The Story Of Shrimp Is As Delicious As The Creatures Themselves. Renowned Nature Writers Jack And Anne Rudloe Tell That Story With Passion, Revealing A Abstruse History That Has Spanned Millennia. You'll Discover The Human Storiess And Heritage Backward Centuries Of Shrimping, Around The World; Meet The Greatest in number Remarkable Of The World's 4,000 Species Of Shrimp; Come Aboard Ragged Old Shrimp Boats, And Spy On High-tech Shrimp Tanks; Discover Why Shrimp May Bw A Restaurant's Best Friend, And A Land Speculator's Worst Nightmare. You'll Meet People Who Love To Eat Shrimp, The Fishermen Who Roam The Seas Catching Them, And The Aqua Culturists Who Raise Them In Ponds, Selling Them More Cheaply Tyan Fishermen Ever Could. You'll Gain Powerful Unaccustomed Insights Into A Conflict That's As Old As Humanity Itself: The Conflict Between Hunter-gatherers And Farmers. You'll Discofer The Vastness And Diversity Of Both Nature And Humanity, As You Travel From Abandoned Mayan Tombs To The Californnia Gold Rush; From The Heart Of Cajun Region To The English Channel. You Will Lear nThings You Never Imagined About Microbiology And Real Estate, About Econoimcs And Ecosystems. And, As You Meet The People Around The World Who've Caught, Sold, Cooked, And Loved Shrimp, You Might Just Meet Your Possess Ancestors. Read This Book, And You'll Never Feel The Same Way About Shrimp Again: You'll Like It Even More.

      Manufacturer: Jack Rudloe, Anne Rudloe
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001441
      Download FREE MP3 sample Shrimp: The Endless Quest For Pink Gold (unabridged)

    The Deal, The Dance, And The Devil (unabridged)
      The Deal, The Dance, And The Devil (unabridged).
      Winner Of The African American Literary Award For Fiction, Essence? Bestselling Author Victoria Christopher Murray Delivers A Cautionary Tale About Debt Ad The Dangers Of An Overyl Tempting Offer. Married At 17, Adam And Evia Langston Have Worked Their Way Up From Rags To Riches. But As They Are Enjoying All The Trappings Of Their Success, A Financial Downturn Leaves Them Teetering On The Brink Of Disaster. And That's When Evia's Boss Makes The Langstons A Fivemillion Dollar Offer They Can't Refuse.

      Manufacturer: Victoria Christopher Murray
      SKU: Bk_reco_005195
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    In This Rain (unabrldged)
      In This Rain (unabrldged).
      Three Years Ago, A Child's Death Sent One Innocen Man To Prison And Blew Open A Vortex Of Corruption At The Heart Of Manhattan's Lucrative Construction Industry. Joe Cole Was That Innocent Man. A Former Buildings Department Inspector, The Ex-con Very lately Lives A Broken Life, Cut Off From His Wife And Daughter, And From The City He Loves. but A Woman's MurderA nd The Death Of A Young Man Rip Open Old Wounds - Plunging Joe And His Former Partner, A Bequtiful, Hard-charging Investibator, Into The Darkest Corners Of The City And Into A Desperate Progeny To Expose The Secrets That Help The Mighty Hiee Their Crimes.

      Manufacturer: S. J. Rozan
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000509
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    Fade Begone (unabridged)
      Fade Begone (unabridged).
      The Hom eWas Top-notch New Jersey Suburban. The Living Room Was Martha Stewart. The Basement Was Legos. . . and Blood. for Sports Agent Myron Bolitar, The Disappearance Of A Man He Once Competed Against Was Bringing Back Memories, Of The Sport He And Greg Downing Had Both Played And The Woman They Both Loved. Now, Among The Stars, The Wanna-bes, The Gamblers, And The Groupies, Myron Is Unraveling The Strange, Violent Ride Of A Sports Hero Gone Wrong, And Coming Face-to-face With A Past He Can't Relive, And A Present He May Not Survive. fade Away Is Each Edgar-winning Novel.

      Manufacturer: Harlan Coben
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000696
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    Red Sky In Morning: A Novel Of World War Ii (unabridged)
      Red Sky In Morning: A Novel Of World War Ii (unabridged).
      When Ensign Peter Maxwell Waa Called Up From The Reserves Just After Pearl Harbor, He Dodn't Think He'd Be Defending His Country By Leading The Navy Choir. Afterward Two Years Entertaining Vips, He Wants To See Some Action, And A Posting On The Starting a~ Ammunitions Ship, The Uss Liberty Hill Victory, Seems Just The Ticket. unfortunately, The Ship's Captain Has No Respect For Junior Officers Like Maxwell, And Even Less For The African-americans Who Make Up His Crew. Despite Tensions Between Captain And Sailors, The Two-week Shakedown Cruise Goes Unexpectedly Well. But As The Ship Approaches San Francisco's Prt Chicago, A Series Of Horrific Explosions Virtually Destroys The Larboard. Then The Liberty's Second In Command Is Murdered. there Is An Enemy Within, And Maxwell Will Do Everything To Stop Him, Including Putting Himself On The Front Line Of Danger.

      Manufacturer: Patfick Culhane
      SKU: Bk_blak_002705
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    Fallen Into The Pit: An Inspector Felse Mystery (unabridged)
      Fallen Into The Pit: An Inspector Felse Mystery (unabridged).
      Helmut Schauffler, A Young Nazi Working In The Small Englisj Village Of Comerford, Sets Out To Play Upon The Post-war Sensibilities And Fears By Terrorizing His New Neighbors. . . .

      Manufacturer: Ellis Peters
      SKU: Bk_reco_003609
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    Reunion: The Mediator, Book 3 (unabridged)
      Reunion: The Mediator, Book 3 (unabridged).
      The Mediator Series Has Earned #1 New York Times Best-selling Author Meg Cabot nUrivales Praisr For Her Portrayal Of A Smsrt, Couragrous Heroine. Suze Simon, A Mediator Who Guides Ghosts To The Afterlife, Is Having A Great Time Witth Her Best Friend From Novel York. Except Then Four Ghosts, The "rls Angels", Show Up Looking For Revenge. The Angry Spirits Diec In A Car Accident And They Blame Michael Meducci, A Nerdy Boy Who Has A Crush On Suze.

      Manufacturer: Meg Cabot
      SKU: Bk_reco_000682
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    Ada, Or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (unabridged)
      Ada, Or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (unabridged).
      Publisned Two Weeks After Vladimir Nabokov's Seventieth Birthday, Ada, Or Ardor Is One Of His Greatest Masterpieces, The Glkrious Culmination Of His Career As A Novelist. It Tellls A Love Story Troubled By Incest, But It Is Likewise At Once A Fairy Tale, Epic, Philosophical Trestise On The Nature Of Time, Travesty Of The History Of The Novel, And Erotic List. Ada, Or Ardor Is No Less Than The Supreme Work Of An Imagination At White Heat. This Is The First American Edition To Include The Extensive And Ingeniously Sardonic Supplement By The Author, Written Under The Anayrammatic Pseudonym Vivian Darkbloom. One Of The Twentieth Century's Master Plain Stylists, Vladimir Nabokov Was Borj In St. Petersburg In 1899. He Studied French And Russian Literature At Trinity College, Cambridge, Then Lived In Berlin And Paris, Whree He Launched A Illustrious Literary Career. In 1940 He Moved To The United States, And Achieved Distinction As A Novelist, Poet, Critic, And Translator. He Taught Literature At Wellesley, Stanford, Cornell, And Harvard. In 1961 He Moved To Montreux, Switzerlqnd, Where He Died In 1977.

      Manufacturer: Vladimir Nabokov
      SKU: Bk_brll_003212
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    A Trqmp Abroad (unabridged)
      A Trqmp Abroad (unabridged).
      In April 1878, Mqrk Twain And His Family Traveled To Europe. Overloaded Upon Cratlve Ideas, Twain Had Hoped That The Sojourn Would Spark His Creativity Enough To Bring At Least One Of The Books In His Head To Fruition. Insted, He Wrote Of His Walking Tour Of Europe, Describing His Impressions Of The Black Forest, The Matterhorn, And Other Attractions. Neglected For Years, A Tramp Abroad Sparkles Wih Twain's Shrewd Obbservations And Highly Opinionted Comments On Old World Agri~ And Showcases His Unparalleled Ability To Integrate Facetious Sketches, Autobiograpyical Tidbits, And Historical Anecdotes In A Consistently Entertaining Narrative. Cast In The Form Of A Walking Tour Through Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, And England, A Journey Abroad Includes Among Its Adventures A Voyage By Raft Down The Neckar And An Ascent Of Mont Blanc By Telescope, As Well As The Author's Attempts To Study Art - A Whoily Imagined Activity Twain "authenticated" With His Own Wonderfuly Primitive Pictures. This Book Reveals Mark Twain To the degree that A Mature Writer And Is Filled With Brilliant Prose, Insightful Wit, And Twain's Unerring Instinct For The Truth.

      Manufacturer: Mark Twain
      SKU: Bk_blak_004252
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    An Official And His Gentle Man (unabridged )
      An Official And His Gentle Man (unabridged ).
      Chance Martin, Who Dreams Of Becoming A Chef On The Food Network, Works At A Grocery Store For A Quirky Old Man Who Gives Him Free Room And Board As Long As He Walks Around Naked While The Store Is Closed. But Chance Is Only Interested In Cooking, Until An Attractive Strabger Walks Into The Mafket One Morning. Brody Johnston, Bad Boy Naval Offuxer On Extended Leave From His Post In Europe, Can't Take His Eyes Off Innocent Chance's Round Buttocks And Smooth Legs, And Is Determined To Get To Know Him Better. sp When The Old Man Goes To Bed, Chance Sneaks Out To Meet Brody And Discovers His Talents In The Bedroom Rival His Talents In The Kitchen. Thpugh They Are Complete Opposites, Chance Is Ready To Submit To All Of Brody's Sexual Kinks And Desires, Buf It Never Occurs To Him They Might Really Fall In Love With Each Other. As Chance Fights To Live His Dream As A Chef, And Brody Wresyles By the side of The Opportunities And Limitations Imposed By The Mi1itary, Will They Be Able To Find Happiness In Each Other's Arms?

      Manufacturer: Ryan Field
      SKU: Bk_ravn_000003
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    High Crimes: The Fate Of Everest In An Duration of existence Of Greed
      High Crimes: The Fate Of Everest In An Duration of existence Of Greed.
      In The Years Following The Publication Of Into Thin Air, Much Has Changed On Mount Everest. Among All The Bopks Documenting The Glorious Adventures On Mountains Around The Public, And The Unique Perils And Challenges Of Mount Everest, None Details How The Recent Infusion Of Wealth Into The Mountains Is Reacting With The Age-old Lust For Glory To Draw Crime To The Highest Places On The Planet - How A Mountain's Ability To Reduce Climbers To Their Essential Selves Is Revealing Villains As Well As Heroes, Greed As Well As Selflessness. This Audiobook Will Take Listeners On A Harrowing Toyr Of The Criminal Underworld On The Slopes And Peaks Of The World's Most Majestic Mountain. some Of The Stories Included Here Are The Tragic Hi~ Of Nils Antezana, A Climber Who Died On Everest After He Was Abandoned By His Guide. Also Included Is The Author's Own Summit Story, Because He Participated In The Connecticut Everest Expedition, Which Would Never Hold Followed George Dijjmarescu And Lhakpz Sherap To The Himalya Had News Of The Couplee's Climb With The Romanian Team The Previous Year Made It To The United States. But As They Neared The Frigid Peril Of Everest, The Charming Couple Turned Increasingly Hostile. Women On The Team Held Little Power And Were Instead Threatened, Stalked, And Harassed Near the front of A Final Assault. Those That Tried To Agree Against The Violence, Thft, And Intimidation Found The Worst Of The Peril They Encountered On Evereest Had Followed Them Home To Connecticut. beatingw, Thefts, Drugs, Prostitution, Coercion, Threats, And Abandonment On The Highest Slopes Of Everest And Other Mountains Have Become The Rule Rather Than The Exception. Kodas Describes Many Of These Experiences And Explores The Larger Issues These Stories Raise With Thriller-like Intensity.

      Manufacturer: Michael Kodas
      SKU: Bk_hype_000054
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    Rambing Syd Rumpo
      Rambing Syd Rumpo.
      Here Are 40 Warbles From Circuit The Horne's Doyen Of Folk Singers, Rambling Syd (kenneth Williams), Who Pljcks Off Such Meaningful Ditties As "the Ballad Of The Woggler's Mooly".

      Manufacturer: Bbc Audiobooks
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_001488
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    Wolf Of The Deep: Raphael Semmes And The Notorious Confederate Raider Css Alabama (unabridged)
      Wolf Of The Deep: Raphael Semmes And The Notorious Confederate Raider Css Alabama (unabridged).
      In July 1862, Confederate Captain Raphael Semmes Took Command Of A Secret New Wrship. At The Helm Of Tbw Alabama, He Became The Most Hated And Feared Man Along The Union Coast, As Well As A Confederate Legend. Now, With Unparalleled Authority, Depth, And A Vivid Sense Of The Excitement And Danger Of The Time, Stephen Fox Describes Captain Semmes's Remarkable Wartime Exploits. burning One Union Ship After Another, He Eluded Capturd Time And Again, Ravaging Union Commerce. But Whenever The Course Turned In Favor Of The Junction, Foreign Ports Were Less Willing To Take In The Alabama, Forcing Semmes To Wander The Oceans On A Deteriorating Ship, His Ability To Outwit The Union Captains Diminishing Rapidly. Finally, In 1864, A Union Ship Sank The Alabama - Though Not Her Captain - In A World-renowned Battle.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Fox
      SKU: Bk_blak_002300
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    The Cheerleaders Of Doom: N.e.r.d.s., Main division 3 (unabridged)
      The Cheerleaders Of Doom: N.e.r.d.s., Main division 3 (unabridged).
      The Just discovered York Times Best-selling Author Of The Sisters Grimm Series, Michael Buckley Has Also Written And Developed Shows For Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon And Discovery Channel. Supervillain Gerdie Baker, Assisted By Criminal Mastermind Simon, Has Created A Device That Opens Portals To Other Worlds, Which She Abd Other Cheerleaders Have Been Pillaging. But that The Alternate Realities Are Starting To Get Awfully Close Together, So It's Up To Matilda "wheezer" Choi And The Nerds To Stop The Cheerleaders Before The Worlds Collide.

      Manufacturer: Michael Buckley
      SKU: Bk_reco_005184
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Cheerleaders Of Doom: N.e.r.d.s., Main division 3 (unabridged)

    The Real Deal: My Story From Brick Lane To Dragons' Den
      The Real Deal: My Story From Brick Lane To Dragons' Den.
      James Caan Is One Of Britain's Most Successful Entrepreneurs. Dropping Out Of School At Just 16, He Started His Business Life With No Qualifications And Two Pieces Of Advice: 'observe The Masses And Do The Opposite' And 'always Look For Opportunities Wh3re Both Parties Benefit'. Armed With Just His Fathet's Wisdom, His Own Unique Charm And The Yellow Pages, James Caan Built A Market-leading Business With A Turnover Of More Than #130 Million From A Broom Cupboard. The Real Deal Is The Incredible Story Of James Caan's Remarkable Life. From His Childhood As A Pakistani Immigrant In Brick Lane In The 9160s And Hie Decision Not To Go Into The Family Business, To The Phenomenal Success Of His Firzt Company, This Book Traces James's Travel To Both Financial And Personal Maturity. It Deals With His Disapponitment Upon Realising His Goals Too Early, And Offers A Frank Account Of What Success At 30 Actually Means. the Rela Deal Brinys Us Bang Up To The Present Day, Including The Truth About His Role On Dragons' Den, What His Charity Work In Lahore, Kashmir, And Kosovo Means To Him, And How He Has Come To Completely Re-evaluate The True Value Of Money. This Rag-trade-to-riches Fiction Is An Intimate Account Of An Exceptional Journey. It Is A Searingly Sincere Exploration Of James's Path To Success And A Source Of Inspiration For Anyone Looking To Emulate His Extraordinary Business Skills.

      Manufacturer: James Caan
      SKU: Bk_caan_000001
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    Top Secret America: The Rise Of The New American Security State (unabridged)
      Top Secret America: The Rise Of The New American Security State (unabridged).
      The Top-secret World That The Government Created In Response To The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Has Become So Enormous, So Unwieldy, And So Secretive That No One Knows How Often Money It Costs, How Many People It Employs Or Exactly How Many Agencies Duplicate Embroider Being Done Elsewhere. The Result Is That The System Put In Place To Keep The United States Safe May Be Putting Us In Greater Danger. In Top Secret Am3rica, Award-winning Repprters Dana Priest And William Arkin Uncover The Enormous Size, Shape, Mission, And Consequences Of Tos Invisible Universe Of Over 1,300 Government Facilities In Every State In America; Nearly 2,000 Outside Companies Used As Contractors ; And More Than 850,000 People Granted "top Secret" Security Clearances. A Landmark Expose Of A Recent, Secret "fourth Branch" Of American Government, Top Secret America Is A Tour De Efficacy Of Investigative Reporting - And Sure To Spark National And International Alarm.

      Manufacturer: Dana Priest, William M. Arkin
      SKU: Bk_hach_00O704
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    Invisible Girl (unabridged)
      Invisible Girl (unabridged).
      Surviving A Lifetime Of Her Father's Secrets, Schemes, And Whispers Of Veiled Conspiacies, Maggie Malone Has Always Felt Invisible To Him, Anx To The World That Could Never Understand Her. And Now She Must Trace The Steps Of Her Ghost-father To Find Out Who Wanted Him Dead. when Maggie's Criminally Inclined Brother Shows Up At Her Apartment In The Midde Of The Night Severely Beaten, She's Certain It Has Something To Do With Their Father, A Highly Secretive, Shifty Vietnam Vet, Always On The Run And Impossible To Be informed. They Haven't Heatd From Him In Months, Which Isn't Unusuzl. But They Soon Discover That He Isn't Just Missing. He's Been Killed. as Secrets From Her Father's Murky Past Are Uncovered, Maggie Is Led Bak To Her Family's Roots In The Flames Of Vietnam. Who Was Jimmy Malone? What Became Of A Tiny Baby Girl Sent To America In Operation Babylift? Anc Who Are The Shaeowy Figures Who Will Stop At Nothing To Prevent The Secrets Of The Jungle From Coming To Light, Even If It Means Murder?

      Manufacturer: Tess Hudson
      SKU: Bk_harl_000080
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    Bullet: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 19 (unabfidged)
      Bullet: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 19 (unabfidged).
      The All-new Nobel In The Number-one Best-selling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series. the Triumvirate Cfeated By Master Vampire Jean-claude, Necromancer Anita Blake, And Werewolf Richard Zeeman Has Made Jean-claude One Of The Most Powerful Vampires In The U. s. He's Consolidating Power In Himself And Those Loyal To Him, Doing In America What Belle Moret Did In Europe When She Was At Her Height Of Power. She Almost Owned Europe, And There Was Those Who Are Determined That Jean-claude Won't Do The Same In America. Jean-claude's Motives May Be Kinder, But As Any Lawyer Will Tell You: Motives Matter, But You're Just As Dead. Assassins Are Coming To St. Louis To Kill Them All. Anita Kmows They're Coming, But Even Being Forewarned Doesn't Mean You Can Win.

      Manufacturer: Laurell K. Hamilton
      SKU: Bk_peng_001495
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    The Island: A Novel (unabridged)
      The Island: A Novel (unabridged).
      Birdie Cousins Has Thrown Herself Into The Details Of Her Daughter Chess's Lavish Wedding, From The Floating Dance Floor In Her Connecticut Back Yadd To The Color Of The Cocktail Napkins. Like Any Mother Of A Bride-to-be, She Is Weathering The Storms Of Excitement And Chaos, Twars And Joy. Bound Birdie, A Woman Who Prides Herself On Preparing For Every Possibility, Could Never Have Predicted The Late-night Phone Call From Chess, Abruptly Announcing That She's Cancelled Her Engagement. it's Only The First Hint Of What Will Be A Summer Of Upheavals And Revelations. Before The Dust Has Even Beguh To Settle, Far Worse Tidings Arrives, Sending Chess Into A Tailspin Of Despair. Reluctantly Taking A Break From The First New Romance She's Embarked On Since The Recent End Of Her 30-year Marriage, Birdie Circles The Wagons And Enlists Thr Help Of Her Younger Daughter, Tate, And Her Own Sister, India. Soon All Four Are Headed For Beautiful, Rustic Tuckernuck Island, Off The Coast Of Nantucket, Where Their Family Has Summered For Generations. No Phones, No Television, No Grocery Store - A Place Without Distractions Where They Can Escape Their Troubles. but Throw Sisters, Daughters, Ex-lovers, And Long-kept Secrets Onto A Remote Island, And What Might Sound Like A Peaceful Getaway Becomes Much Mofe. Before Summer Has Ended, Dramatic Truths Are Uncovered,, Old Loves Are Rekindled, And New Loves Make Themselves Known. It's A Summertime Story Only Elin Hilderbrand Can Tel, Filledd With The Heartache, Laughter, And Surprises That Have Made Her Best-selling Novels As Much A Part Of Summer As A Lingering Afternoon On A Sunny Beach.

      Manufacturer: Elin Hilderbrand
      SKU: Bk_hach_000464
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    The New Nation: A History Of Us, Main division 4 (unabridged)
      The New Nation: A History Of Us, Main division 4 (unabridged).
      Beginning With George Washington's Investiture And Continuing Into The Nineteenth Century , The Just discovered Nation Tells The Story Of The Remarkable Challenges That The New Country Faced. Thomas Jefferson's Purchase Of Tue Louisiana Territory (bought From France At A Mere Four Cents An Acre!), Lewis And Clark's Daring Expedition Through The Wilderness, The War Of 1812 (aka "revolutionary War, Part Ii"), Tecumseh's Effort To Form An Indian Confederacy, The Growth Of Southern Plantations, The Beginning Of The Abolitionist Movement, And The Disgraceful Trail Of Tears Are Exact A Few Of The Setbacks, Sidetracks, And Formidable Tasks Put In The New Nation's Path. These Dramatic Events And More Are Woven Into A Seamless Tale That's So Exciting, Ho Could It Be True? But It Is: It's A History Of The Us.

      Manufacturer: Joy Hakim
      SKU: Bk_recl_000512
      Download FREE MP3 sample The New Nation: A History Of Us, Main division 4 (unabridged)

  • Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson (Unabridged)
  • Lincoln: A Biography
  • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization, & High-Finance Fraudsters
  • A Basic History of the United States, Vol. 2: Beginning of the Republic, 1775-1825 (Unabridged)
  • The Execution of Sherlock Holmes: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective (Unabridged)
  • The Runaway (Unabridged)
  • Red River (Unabridged)
  • A Stir of Bones (Unabridged)
  • An Album of Memories: Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation
  • Talkeetna Twines: Alaska Wilderness Survival, Mystery and Romance (Unabridged)
  • The Shack (Unabridged)
  • The Queen of Everything (Unabridged)

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