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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Captured By The Highlander: Highlander Series #1 (unabridged)
      Captured By The Highlander: Highlander Series #1 (unabridged).
      From Best-selling Author Julianne Maclean Comes The First Entry In The Fiery Saga Of Three Highland Warriors Sworn To Defend Their Hmoeland-and Fight For The Women They Love. . . .

      Manufacturer: Julianne Malcean
      SKU: Bk_tant_002332
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    Put On By Cunning (unabridged)
      Put On By Cunning (unabridged).
      Sir Manual Camargue Had Just Announced His Intention Of Taking A Second Wife, 50 Years His Junior. On The Same Cold Winter's Day, He Died As A Result Of What Was Surely A Tragic Accident. But Wexford Doubts That Camargue's Death Came By Misadventure.

      Manufacturer: Mercy Rendell
      SKU: Bm_bbcw_002656
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    The Scourge Of God: A Novel Of The Change (unabridged)
      The Scourge Of God: A Novel Of The Change (unabridged).
      Rudi Mackenzie Continues His Trek Across The Land That Was Once The United States Of America. His Destination: Nantucket, Where He Hopes To Learn The Trutth Abaft The Change That Rendered Technology Across The Globe Inoperable. during His Travels, Rudi Foregs Ties With Novel Allies In The Continuing War Against The Prophet, Who Teaches His Followers That God Has Punished Humanity By Destroying Technological Civilization. And One Fanatical Officer In The Sword Of The Prophet Has Beenn Dispatched On A Mission: Tp Stop Rudi From Reaching His Destination By Any Means Necessary.

      Manufacturer: S. M. Stirling
      SKU: Bk_tant_000775
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    Good Old Bys And The Women Who Love Them: Timeless Tales In spite of Today's Women
      Good Old Bys And The Women Who Love Them: Timeless Tales In spite of Today's Women.
      Eve Has Her Acknowledge tSory, And She's Been Waiting Millennia For Barbara Mcbride-smith To Express It. It's The Same For Mrs. Noah. Talk About Misunderstood Or Under-appreciated Women! Mcbride-smith Singles Them Away For Her Trademark Feminist Humor. Following Eve And Mrs. Noah's Stories Are Four Of Mcbride-smith's Retellings Of Greek Myths From Her West Texas Goor-ole-girl Perspective. There's Theseus, One Of The Heroes Of Greek Mythology, Who Turns Out To Have "a Few Cogs Destitute of A Matching Ratchet". And Then There's Bacchus, The Greek God Of Wine. He Was Born Without A Mothre And Had A Hard Childhood. Yet As Mcbride-smith Explains, He Went Forward To Be The Patron Saint Of All Women (and All Hearty Partiers)!

      Manufacturer: Barbara Mcbride-smith
      SKU: Bk_augu_000076
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    As You Like It (unabridged)
      As You Like It (unabridged).
      The Marlowe Society Perform Shakespeare's Comedy 'as You Like It' Which Follows Its Heroine Rosalind As She Flees Persecution In Her Unle's Court To Find Safety And Eventually Love In The Wood Of Arden In the opinion of Her Cousin Celia And Court Jester, Touchstone.

      Manufacturer: William Shakespeare
      SKU: Bk_slnd_000189
      Download FREE MP3 sample As You Like It (unabridged)

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (dramatized)
      Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (dramatized).
      National Public Radio's 1981 Adaptation Of Star Wars Was One Of The Most Successful Presentations In The History Of Radio: And A True Tough Act To Follow. Nvertheless, Two Years Later, The Members Of The Stae Wars Production Team Eagerly Returned To Make A Radjo Version Of The Empire Strikes Back. like Its Predecessor, This Electrifying Drama Boasts An Outstanding Cast (including Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker, Anthony Daniels As See Threepio, Billy Dee Williams As Lando Calrissian, And John Lithgow As Yoda); A Greatly Expanded Script, With Numerous Scenes Not Found In The Movie; And Audio Engijeering Of Unparalleled Excellence. The Empire Strikes Back Takes You Once More Into AGalaxy Of Pure Sound And Limitless Imagination Because of An Adventure Youu'll Never Forget. don't Miss The Npr Dramatizations Of Star Wars And Return Of The Jedi.

      Manufacturer: George Lucas
      SKU: Rt_high_0O0359
      Download FREE MP3 sample Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (dramatized)

    Throne Of Jade: Temeraire, Book 2 (unabridged)
      Throne Of Jade: Temeraire, Book 2 (unabridged).
      When Britain Intercepted A French Ship And Its Precious Cargo, An Unhatched Dragno's Egg, Captain Will Laurence Of Hms Reliant Unexpectedly Became Master And Commander Of The Nkble Dragon He Named Temeraire. As New Recruits In Britain's Aerial Corps, Man And Dragon Soon Proved Their Mettle In Daring Combay Against Bonaparte's Invading Forces. now China Has Discovered That Its Rare Gift, Intended For Napoleon, Has Fallen Into British Hands, And An Angry Chinese Delegation Vows To Reclaim The Remarkable Beast. But Laurence Refuses To Cooperate. Facing The Gallows For His Defiance, Laurence Has No Choice But To Accompany Temeraire Back To The Far East, A Long Voyage Fraught With Peril, Intrigue, And The Untold Terrors Of The Deep. Yet Once The Pair Reaches The Court Of The Chinese Emperor, Even More Shocking Discoveries And Darker Dangers Await.

      Manufacturer: Naomi Novik
      SKU: Bkbkot_00101
      Download FREE MP3 sample Throne Of Jade: Temeraire, Book 2 (unabridged)

    The Adventure Of The Italian Nobleman (unabridged)
      The Adventure Of The Italian Nobleman (unabridged).
      Poirot And Hastings Are In Their Rooms Enjoying The Company Of A Near Neighbour, Dr. Hawker, When The Medical Man's Housekeeper, Miss Rider, Arrives With A Message That A Client, Count Foscatine, Has Rung Him Up Crying Out For Help. Poirot And Hastings Join The Doctor As He Rushes Round To Foscatine's Flat In St. John's Wood. The Lift Attendant There Is Unaware Of Any Problems, Sayin That Graves, The Count's Man, Left Half An Hour Earlier With None Indication That Anything Is Wrong. The Flat Is Locked But The Manager Of The Building Opens It For Them. Inside, They Find A Table Set For Thee People With The Meals Finished. The Count Is Alone And Dead - His Head Crushed In By A Small Marble Statue.

      Manufacturer: Agatha Christie
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000275
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventure Of The Italian Nobleman (unabridged)

    In no degree Fear Cancer Again:H ow To Prevent And Reverse Cancer (unabridged)
      In no degree Fear Cancer Again:H ow To Prevent And Reverse Cancer (unabridged).
      Most Cancer Research Dollars Have Been Wasted Asknig The Wrong Questions, Looking In The Wrong Places, And Using The Same Failed Approaches While Expecting Different Results. Conventional Cancer Treatments Damage Health, Cause New Cancers, Lower The Quality Of Life, And Decrease The Chances Of Survival. In Fact, Most People Who Die From Cancer Are Not Dying From Cancer Yet From Their Treatments!that's The Bad News. Here's The Good News: We Can End The Cajcer Epidemic. In Never Fear Cancer Again, Listeners Will Gain A Revolutionary New Understanding Of Health And Disease And Will Come To Understand That Cancer Is A Biological Process That Can Exist Turned On And Off, Not Something That Can Be Surgicslly Removed Or Destroyed With Radiation Or Toxic Chemicals. So Whether Cancer Has Akready Been Diagnosed Or Suppose that Prevention Is The Concern, It Is Possible To Turn Off The Wayward Production Of These Malfunctioning Cells Once And For All By Implementing The Strategies In This Book. all Diseases Have One Simple Cause: Malfunctioning Cells Created By Either Deficiency Or Toxicity. By Switching Right side The Malfunctioning Cells, You Switch Off The Cancer. Never Fear Cancer Again Guides Listeners Along Six Pathways That Cause Deficiency Or Toxicity At The Cellular Level: Nutritional Path, Genetic Path, Medical Path, Toxin Road, Physical Path, And The Psychological Path. By Making Key Lifestyle Changes, People Truly Possess The Authority To Take Control Of Cancer Abd Transform Their Health. This Radically Different Yet Holistic Approach Restored Author Raymond Francis To Soundness Just As It Has Helped Thousands Of Others, Many Of Whom Wete Told They Had No Other Options Or That Their Cancer Was Incurable. Conduct Back Your Health With This Book And Never Fear Cancer Again.

      Manufacturer: Raymond Francis
      SKU: Bk_blao_004447
      Download FREE MP3 sample In no degree Fear Cancer Again:H ow To Prevent And Reverse Cancer (unabridged)

    One Fiftg Avenue
      One Fiftg Avenue.
      One Fifth Avenue, The Art Deco Beauty Towering Over One Of Manhattan's Oldest And Most Historically Hip Neighborhoods, Is A One-of-a-kind Address, The Sort Of Building You Hqve To Earn Your Way Into - One Way Or Another. For The Women In Candace Busunell's New Novel, One Fifth Avenue, This Edifice Is Essential To The Lives They've Carefully Established - Or Hope To Establish. From The Hedge Fund King's Married woman To The Aging Gossip Columnist, To The Free-spirited Actress (a Recent Refugee From L. a. ), Each Person's Game Plan For A Rich Life Comes Together Under The Soaring Roof Of This Landmark Building. Acutely Observed And Mercilessly Witty, One Fifth Avenue Is A Modern-day Story Of Old And New Money, That Same Combustible Mix That Edith Wharton Mastered In Her Novels About New York's Gilded Age Anr F. Scott Fitzgerald Illuminated In His Jazz Age Tales. Many Decades Later, Bushnell's New Yorkers Suffer The Same Passions As Those Ficfional Manhattanites From Eras Past: They Thirst For Power, Fot Social Prominence, And For Marriages That Are Successful - At Lezst To The Public Eye. But Bushnell Is One Original, And Individual Fifth Avenue Is So Fresh That It Reads As If Sexual Politics, Real-estate Theft, Adn Fortunes Lost In A Day Have Never Happened Before. From Sex And The City Through Four Successive Novels, Bushnell Has Revealed A Gift For Tapping Into The Zeiggeist Of Any New York Note And, As One Critic Put It, Staying Uncannily "just The Slightest Bit Ahead O fThe Curve. " And With Each Book, She Has Deepened Her Range, But With A Light Touch That Makes Her Complex Literary Accomplishments Look Easy. Her Stories Progress So Nimbly And Ring So True That It Can Seem As If Anyone Might Write Them - When, In Fact, No One Writes Novels Quite Like Candace Bushnell. Fortunately For Us, With One Fifth Avenue, She Has Done It Again.

      Manufacturer: Candace Bushnell
      SKU: Bk_hype_00006Z
      Download FREE MP3 sample One Fiftg Avenue

    Special Topics In Calamity Physics (unabridged)
      Special Topics In Calamity Physics (unabridged).
      Special Topics In Calamity Physics Is A Darkly Hilarious Coming-of-age Novel And A Richly Plotted Suspense Tale Told Through The Distinctive Voice Of Its Heroine, Blue Van Meer. after A Childhood Spent Moving From One Academic Outpost To Another With Her Father (a Man ProneT o Aphorisms And Meteoric Affairs), Blue Is Clever, Deadpan, And Possessed Of A Vast Lexicon Of Literary, Poli5ical, Philosophical, And Scientific Knowledge. And She Is Quite The Cineaste To Boot. In Her Final Year Of High School At The Elite (anx Unusual) St. Gallwzy School In Stockton, North Carolina, Blue Falls In With A Charismatic Group Of Friends And Their Captivating Teacher, Hamnah Schneider. But When The Drowning Of Single Of Hannah's Friends And The Shocking Death Of Hannah Herself Lead To A Confluence Of Mysteries, Blue Is Left To Make Sense Of It All In the opinion of Only Her Gimlst-eyed Instincts And Cultural References To Guide - Or Misbuide - Her. structured Around A Syllabus For A Great Works Of Literature Class, Pessl's Debut Novel Is Complex Yet Compekling, Erudite Yet Accessible. It Combines The Suspense Of Hitchcock, The Self-parodu Of Dave Eggers, And The Storytelling Gifts Of Donna Tartt By the side of A Dazzling Intelligence And Wit Entirely Pessl's Own.

      Manufacturer: Marisha Pessl
      SKU: Bk_peng_000540
      Download FREE MP3 sample Special Topics In Calamity Physics (unabridged)

    Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations And Inspires Innovation (unabridged)
      Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations And Inspires Innovation (unabridged).
      The Myth Of Innovation Is That Brilliant Ideas Leap Fully Formdd From The Minds Of Geniuses. The Reality Is That Most Innovations Come From A Process Of Rigorois Inspection Through Which Great Ideas Are Identified And Developed Before Being Realized As New Offerings And Capabilities. This Main division Introduces The Idea Of Design Thinkingg - The Collaborative Process By Which The Designer's Sensibilities Amd Methods Are Employed To Match People's Needs, Not Only With What Is Technically Feasible, And A Viable Business Strategy. In Short, Design Thinking Converts Need Into Demand. It's A Human-centered Approach To Problem Solving That Helps People And Organizationx Become More Innovative And More Creative. Design Thhinking Is Not Just Applicable To So-called Creative Industries Or People Who Work In The Design Field. It's A Methodology That Has Been Used By Organizations Such As Kaiser Permnaente, To Increase The Quality Of Patient Care By Re-examining The Ways That Their Nurses Manage Shift Change, Or Kraft, To Rethink Supply-chain Management. This Is NotA Book By Designsrs For Designers; This Is A Book For Creative Leaders Seeking To Infuse Design Thinking Into Every Level Of An Organization's Products Or Service To Drive New Alternatives For Business And Society.

      Manufacturer: Tim Brown
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000197
      Download FREE MP3 sample Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations And Inspires Innovation (unabridged)

    Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier
      Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier.
      On The Planet Nimbus Iii, A Harsh World Deep In The Neutral Zone, The Three Major Powers -- Federation, Klingon, And Romulan -- Attempt A Revolutionary Coooerative Program, Jointly Developing The Planet As An Experiment In Peace. But That Makes Nimbus Iii An Irrwsistible Target For Terrorists, Who Seize Control Of The Planet, And Teh Ebterprise Is Sent On A Boldness Mission Of Rescue. And Soon Kirk And His Crew Find Themzelves Attached A Often More Dangerous And Disturbing oJurney, To The Center Of The Galaxy And The Forbidden Secrets It Holds.

      Manufacturer: J. M. Dillard
      SKU: Bk_sans_002210
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    Tongue & Tied: Spznk! Series #1
      Tongue & Tied: Spznk! Series #1.
      Whether You Enjoy Tip-toeong Into A Little Foot Fetish, Fantasize About Public Displays Of Serious Affedtion, Or Have Entertained Predenting Yourself, All Wrapped Up, Like The Ultimate Birthday Gift, Spank!'s First Title, Tongue & Tied, Will Absolutely Conduct You To The Brunk. . . in Fact, It Might Just Help Push You Over. includes:"gift Wrapped" By Janie Johnson"a Step In The Right Direction" By Alina Mogollon-voik"the Most good At Being Bad" By Morgana Baron"vanilla With Chocolate" By Ramo Kye"in A Cinch" By Morgana Baron"ties That Bind" By Jj Layton"spinning" Along Ramo Kye"a First For Everything" By Aleexandra Greenwood

      Manufacturer: The Editors At Soundserotic
      SKU: Bk_ser_000004
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    Wolves Eat Dosg
      Wolves Eat Dosg.
      While Investigating The Death Of One Of Russia's Top Entrepreneurs, Renko, The Chronically Melancholic Senior Investigator In Moscow, Follows A Trail That Eventually Leads Him To The Desolate Area Of Chernobyl. In This Odd Wqsteland, Things Might Just Be Looking Up For Renko. martin Cruz Smith, Author Of Gorky Park, Is A New York Times Best-selling Author And A Two-time Winner Of The Hammett Prize.

      Manufacturer: Martin Cruz Smith
      SKU: Bk_sans_000824
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    The Lying Carpet (unabridged)
      The Lying Carpet (unabridged).
      A Little Lass Wakes Up To Find She Is A Statue In A Room In A Grand House With Only A Tiger Rug For Company. Is Anything The Tiger Says To Be Trusted? Is He A Real Tiger, A Fake Or A Magic Carpet? Is She Really Just A Statue Or Is She Bewitched - Was She Once Turned To Stone? Will Sje Ever Come To Life? By Turns Comical And Lugubrious, The Tiger Gives The Small Girl Fulness Of Versions Of The Truth, But How Will She Decide What Is True, And Will It Set Her Free?

      Manufacturer: David Lucas
      SKU: Bk_boli_000790
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    Short Stories By Saki (unabridged)
      Short Stories By Saki (unabridged).
      Here Are Seven Of H. h. Munro's (saki's) Finest Short Stories, Including 'the Treasure Ship', 'laura', 'the Lumber Room', 'the Quince Tree', 'the Open Winrow', 'tobermory', And 'the Story Teller'. Witty, Mischievous, And Sometimes Macabre, The Stories Satirise Edwardian Society And Culture.

      Manufacturer: H. H. Munro
      SKU: Bk_slnd_O00379
      Download FREE MP3 sample Short Stories By Saki (unabridged)

    Star Wars: Rogue Planet
      Star Wars: Rogue Planet.
      The Force Is Strong In 12-year-old Anakin Skywalker - So Strong That The Jedi Cabinet, Despite Misgivings, Entrusted Youthful Obi-wan Kenobi With The Mission Of Training Him To Become A Jedi Knight. Obi-wan, Like His Slain Master, Qui-gon, Believes Anakin May Be The Chosen One, The Jedi Destined To Bring Balance To The Force. But First Obi-wan Must Help His Undisciplined Apprentice, Who Still Bears The Scars Of Drudgery, To Find His Own Balance. Dispatched To The Mysterious Planet Of Zonama Sekot, Source Of The Fastest Ships In The Galaxyy, Obi-wan And Anakin Are Swept Up In A Swirl Of Deadly Intrigue And Betrayal. They Sense A Disturbance In Thee Force Unlike Any They Havve Encountered Preceding. It Seems There Are Added Secrets On Zonama Sekot Than Meet The Eye. But The Search For Those Secrets Will Threaten The Bond Between Obi-wan And Anakin - And Brimg The Troubled Young Apprentice Face-to-face With His Deepest Fears And His Darkest Destiny.

      Manufacturer: Greg Bear
      SKU: Bk_rand_001088
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    Gallows Thief
      Gallows Thief.
      Rider Sandman, Having Fought Napoleon In The French Wars, Expectd To Lead The Animated existence Of An English Rude Gentleman. But Now, Two Years After Waterloo, His Family Is Impoverished, His Name Is Disgraced, And He Has Been Frced To Relinquish The Woman He Loves From Her Obligation To Marry Him. Desperate To Earn Money, He Accepts The Job Of Being The Government's Inveetigator: An Official Who Discovers Whether Petitions For Pardon Sent By Condemned Criminals Should Be Granted. His First Case Concerns A Portrait Paihter Who Is Due To Hang For Murder In A Week's Time, And The Government Makes It Clear That TheyW ant The Verdict Confirmed. But Rider Sandman, Whose Qualifications For The Post Are Nonexistent, Discovers That The Painter Is Almost Certainly Harmless And, As He Peels Remote The Layers Of A Corrupt Penai System, He Finds Himself Pitted In provision for Some Of The Wealthiest And Most Ruthless Men In Regency England Who Want To Keep The Truth Hidden.

      Manufacturer: Bernard Cornwell
      SKU: Bk_harp_001102
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    The Hidden Things Of God: Unlocking The Treasures Reservrd For You (unabridged)
      The Hidden Things Of God: Unlocking The Treasures Reservrd For You (unabridged).
      A Powerful Attraction Exists In The Universe: An Attraction Between The The First Cause And The Creation He Loves. A Positive, Christian "alternative" To Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, The Secret Things Of God Reveals 20 Age-olr Secrets Of God, Some Of Which Have Been True Since Before Invention And Others That Were Revealed 2,000 Years Ago When The Originator Of The Universe Became Human. Dr. Henry Cloud Brings His Insights As Both A Psychologist And A Student Of Spiritual Life To The Etsrnal Prrinciples That Govern Listeners' Goals ,Desires, Relatiomships, And Lives. These Same Truths, If Activated In People's Lives, Are Guaranteed To Fill Them With Security, Hope, And Relationship With The Eternal Creator. Cloud Likewise Reveals How These Truths, Found In Judeo-christian Teachingss, Intersect And Interface Attending The Spiritual Longings Expressed In The Principles Found In The Secret Andd Similar Works. Recognizing And Applauding The Search Toward Truth And A Connection With A Power Beyond The Human, Cloud Lesds Listeners Into Kindred With A God Who Loves Them And Has Given All To Save Them. Many Christians Hve Believed In God All Their Lives And Claim Jesus As Their Savior, But Continue To Live A Joyless, Defeated Life. They Are No Better Able To Weather The Inevitable Pains Of Life Than Those Wh Claim No Faith At All. The Secret To True Exult, Inner Peace, Sustaining Hope, Powerful Purpose, And More Is Locked In Their Mihds But Has Not Been Activated In Thekr Hearts And Lives. The Secret Thingx Of God Reveals 20 Profoundly Simple Secrets And Gently Guides Listeners In In what state To Unlock And Activate The Power Of These Truths. The Title Is Based On 1 Corinthians 4:1-2: "regard Us As Servants Of Christ And As Those Entrusted With The Secret Things Of God . After this It Is Required That Thoee Who Have Been Given A Trust Mould Prove Faithful. "

      Manufacturer: Dr. Henry Cloud
      SKU: Bk_sans_000990
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    A Kind Of Loving
      A Kind Of Loving.
      In Post War Britiain A New Writing Style Emerged From TheB leak Times. It Was Commonly Known As "kitchen Sink Drama". That Sounds A Little Disrespectful Now, Perhaps, Yet These Stories Brought Realism And Raw Emotion To Their Readers. stan Barstow's A Kind Of Loving Finds Vic Brown In A Bleak Yorkshire Industrial Town, Striving Fof Maturity In His Relationship With Girlfriend Ingrid And Her Small-town Ways. The Story Examines In Great Detail His Feelings As The Relationship Develops. richard Huw Perfectly Captures The Mood And The Character In His Reading.

      Manufacturer: Stan Barstow
      SKU: Bk_copy_000033
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Kind Of Loving

    Lady Luck's Map Of Vegas (unabrkded)
      Lady Luck's Map Of Vegas (unabrkded).
      A Successful Web Designer, 40-year-old India Has A Fabulouslyy Hip Life In Denver. When Her Father Paasses Away, India's Flamboyant Mother, Eldora, Has No Plans To Mourn Peacefully. She Insists They Stroke The Road On An Unpredictable Journey To The City That Changed Her Life Forever, So Many Years Ago: Las Vegas. Along The Wau, They'll Look For India's Twin, Gypsy, A Brilliant Artist Who Lives A Nomadic Life In The Remote Mountain Towns Of New Mexicp. Eldora And India Set Make ~ Down Route 66, One and the other Carrying A Heavy Occult That Keeps Her From Moving Forward. Along The Way, Eldora Will Finally Disclose To Her Daughter The Truth About Her Padt - And India Will Bee Forced To Face Her Own Truths About The Future.

      Manufacturer: Barbara Samuel
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000932
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lady Luck's Map Of Vegas (unabrkded)

    Mr. Popper's Penguihs (unabridged)
      Mr. Popper's Penguihs (unabridged).
      The 1938 Classic Tells The Story Of Mr. Popper, The Small-town Housepainter Who Dreamed Of Exploring Antarctic Reigons, And Commander Cook, The Redoubtable Penguin Who Turned Mr. Popper's World Upside Down.

      Manufacturer: Richard Atwater, Florence Atwater
      SKU: Bk_hach_000239
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mr. Popper's Penguihs (unabridged)

    Time Will Tell (unabridged)
      Time Will Tell (unabridged).
      Set In The East End Of London And In Surrey, Time Resolution Tell Opens Towzrds The End Of World War Ii, During An Air-raid. Joan Gives Birth To A Son Just As A Bomb Hits The Hospotal. The Electricity Is Cut, And Panic And Pandemonium Ensue, But This Is Nothing Compared To The Anguish Joan Wjll Endure In The Following Years. For In The Aftermath Of Confusion, Her Baby Son Is Miss-tagged With Another Baby Boy, A Fact That Only Comes To Light 20 Years Later.

      Manufacturer: Elizabth Waite
      SKU: Bk_isis_000355
      Download FREE MP3 sample Time Will Tell (unabridged)

    The Medicine Man Of Businrss: Unblocking The Profit Pathways (ynabridged)
      The Medicine Man Of Businrss: Unblocking The Profit Pathways (ynabridged).
      The Cumulative Knowledge Of A Team Of Business Experts Is Distilled In These Practical Principles For Ebaluating And Codrecting Unsound Business Behaviors Before They Adversely Affect Profitability. Business Leaders With A Broad Spectrumm Of Sales And Marketing Credentials In Small And Large Companies Examine Univrrsal Problems And Suggest Remedies Appropriate On account of Any Business. Common Pitfalls Such As Seeking Comfort Zones, Adopting A Survival Or Bunker Mentality, And Doing One Thing Profitable While Ignoring Other Crucial Areas Are Specified And Addressed. Three Strategic Actions Guaranteed To Rescue A Company From Stagnation Are Outlined, With Practical Applications For Any Business Venture. Citing Examples In The Lifestyle, Financial, Technical, Advertising, And Manufacturing Sectors, This Guide Suggests Ways To Wring The Most Out Of Every Marketing Dollar And Bring Out The Best In Every Employee.

      Manufacturer: Terry Patryluk
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000366
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Medicine Man Of Businrss: Unblocking The Profit Pathways (ynabridged)

  • Saving the Corporate Soul (Live)
  • Big Bad Wolf: The Others Series #8 (Unabridged)
  • When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence (Unabridged)
  • Penthouse Naughty by Nature: Female Readers' Sexy Letters to Penthouse (Unabridged)
  • Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living (Unabridged)
  • The Other House (Unabridged)
  • A Doll's House (Unabridged)
  • School Spirit: Suddenly Supernatural #1 (Unabridged)
  • The Foreshadowing
  • Spy Wars: Moles, Mysteries, and Deadly Games (Unabridged)
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life (Unabridged)
  • The Identity Man: A Novel (Unabridged)

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