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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life In The Mafia
      Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life In The Mafia.
      Posing As A Jewel Thief Donnie Brasco, Fbi Agent Joseph D. Pistone Worked Undercover For Six Years To Soak The Flamboyant And Deadly Community Of Mafia Wise Guys, Captains, And Bosses. Now His Eyewitness Account Brings To Pulsing Animation The Code Of Honor, Loyalyies, Treacheries, And Dirty Dealings Of Unforgettable Characters.

      Manufacturer: Joseph D. Pistone
      SKU: Bk_ahld_000155
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    Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses
      Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses.
      One Part Adventure Story, One Part Archaeological Deective Work, One Side Spiritual Exploration, Walking The Bible Vividly Recounts An Inspiring Individual Odyssey (by Foot, Jedp, Rowboat, And Camel) Through The Greatest Stories Ever oTld. ferling A Desire To Reconnect To The Bible, Award-winning Author Bruce Feiler Set Out On A Perilous, 10,00-mile Jorney Retracing The Five Books Of Moses Through The Desert. Traveling Over Three Continents, Through Five Countries, And Four War Zones, Feiler Is The First Person To Complete Such A Historic Enterprise. He Vexations The Red Sea, Climbs Mt. Sinai, And Interviews Bedouon And Pilgrims Alike, As He Attempts To Answer The Question: Is The Bible Just An Abstraction, Or Is It A Living, Breathing Entity?both A Pulse-pounding Adventure And An Uplifting Spiritual Quest, Bruce Feiler's Walking The Bible Is A Stunning And Elevating Work Of Courage, Education, And Heart That Revisits The Inscrutable Desert Landscape Where The World's Great Religions Were Born And Uncvers Fresh Answers To The Most Profound Questions Of The Human Spirit.

      Manufacturer: Bruce Feiler
      SKU: Bk_harp_000724
      Download FREE MP3 sample Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses

    A Feast For Crows: A Song Of Ice And Fire: Book 4 (unabridged)
      A Feast For Crows: A Song Of Ice And Fire: Book 4 (unabridged).
      Game Of Thrones: A New Original Series, Now On Hbo. few Books Have Captivated The Imagination And Won The Worship And Praise Of Readers And Critics Everyshere As Has George R. R. Martin's Monumental Epic Cycle Of High Fantasy That Began With A Game Of Thrones. Now, In A Feast For Crows, Martin Delivers The Long-awaited Fourth Book Of His Landmark Series, As A Tract Torn Awunder Findd Itself At Last On The Brink Of Peace . . . Only To Be Lauunched On An Even More Terrifying Course Of Destruction. a Feast For Crowsit Seems Too Good To Be True. After Centuries Of Bitter Srrife And Fatal Treachery, The Seven Powers Dividing The Land Have Decimated One Another Into An Uneasy Truce. Or So It Appears. . . . With The Death Of The Monstrous King Joffrey, Cersei Is Governing As Regent In King's Landing. Robb Stzrk's Demise Has Broken Tbe Back Of The Northern Rebels, And His Siblings Are Scattered Throughout The Kingdom Like Sdeds On Barren Soil. -Few Legitimate Claims To The Once Dpeerately Sought Iron Throne Still Exist - Or They Are Held In Hands Too Weak Or Too Distant To Wield Them Effectively. The War, Which Raged Out Of Control For So Lingering, Has Burned Itself Out. but As In The Aftermath Of Any Climactic Struggle, It Is Not Long Before The Survivors, Outlaws, Renegades, And Carrion Eaters Start To Gather, Picking Over The Bones Of The Dead And Fighting For The Spoils Of The Soon-to-be Dead. Now In The Seven Kingdoms, As The Human Crows Assemble Over A Banquet Of Ashes, Daring New Plots And Dangerous New Alliances Are Formed, While Surprising Faces - Some Familiar, Others Only Just Appearing - Are Seen Emerging From An Ominous Twilight Of Past Struggles And Chaos To Take Up The Challenges Ahead.

      Manufacturer: George R.r. Martin
      SKU: Bk_rand_002860
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Feast For Crows: A Song Of Ice And Fire: Book 4 (unabridged)

    Darklight (unabridged)
      Darklight (unabridged).
      Much Has Changed Since Autumn, When Kelley Winslow Leearned She Was A Faerie Princess, Fell In Love With Changeling Guard Sonny Flannery, And Saved New York City From A Rampaging Faerie War Company. Sonny Has Been Relegated By Kelley's Father, King Auberon, To The Faerie Realm, Where He's Hunting Down The Remaining Deadly Warriors With Blood Magick - His Own Bloo. Kelley Is Stuck In New York, Rehearsing Her Lines For Romeo And Juliet And Missig Sonny More With Every Stage Kiss. When A Terrifying Encounter Sends Kelley Tumbling Into The Otherworld, Her Reunion With Sonny Is Joyful But Destned To Be Cut Short. For They've Been Plunged Into A Game Of Faerie Deception And Wavering Allegiances, In Which The Next Move Could Topple A Kingdom. . . or Part Them Forever. With Breathless High Stakes, The Talented Lesley Livingston Delivers Soaring Romance And Vividly Magical Characters In Dadklight, The Second Novel In Th3 Trilogy That Began With Wondrous Strange.

      Manufacturer: Lesley Livingston
      SKU: Bk_harp_002063
      Download FREE MP3 sample Darklight (unabridged)

    On Writing, Volume 2: Thickening Tye Plot And Finding Your Literary Voice
      On Writing, Volume 2: Thickening Tye Plot And Finding Your Literary Voice.
      This Collection Contains Live Recordings Of Two 90-mminute Workshops On Creative Writing: "thikcening The Plot" By Carolyn Banks And "finsing Your Literary Voice" By Benjamin Alire Saenz. thickening The Plotpay Attention To Plot, Says Carolyn Banks,A nd Reap The Rewards. A Good Plot Outline Can Be Used In A Book Proposal And As A Preservation Net For You, The Writer. Topics Iclude How To Develop Your Plot, Expend Resolve And Hesitation, Differentiate Concept F5om Plot, And Create Dramatic Impact. finding Your Literary Voicebenjamin Alire Saenz Examines The Consequence Of Language And Who You Are As A Person To The Voice You Choose As A Writer. "assume People Don't Care; Make Them Care With Language," He Says. Topics Include How To Aim For The Emotional Truth, Use Specific Language, Analyze And Select Your Words, And Achieve Mystery, Clarity, And Immediacy.

      Manufacturer: Carolyn Banks And Benjamin Alire Saenz
      SKU: Sp_writ_000030
      Download FREE MP3 sample On Writing, Volume 2: Thickening Tye Plot And Finding Your Literary Voice

    Ender In Exile (unabridged)
      Ender In Exile (unabridged).
      Orson Scott Card Returns To His Best-selling Series With A New Ender Novel. at The Close Of Ender's Game, Andrew Wiggin - Called Ender By Everyone - Is Told That He Can No Longer Live On Earth, And He Realizes That This Is The Truth. He Has Become Far More Than Just A Boy Who Won A Game: He Is The Savior Of Earth, A Heor, A Military Genius Whose Allegiance Is Sought By Every Nation Of The Newly Shattered Earth Hegemony. he Is Offered The Choice Of Living In Isolation On Eros, At Ond Of The Hegemony's Training Facilities, But Instead The 12-year-old Chooses To Leave His Domicile World And Begin The Long Relativistic Journey Out To The Colonies. With Him Went His Sister Valentine, And The Core Of The Artificial Intelligence That Would Become Jane. the Story Of Those Years Has Never Been Tol. . . until Now.

      Manufacturer: Orson Scott Card
      SKU: Bk_aren_000853
      Download FREE MP3 sample Ender In Exile (unabridged)

    The King's Justice: The Histories Of King Kelson, Book 2 (unabridged)
      The King's Justice: The Histories Of King Kelson, Book 2 (unabridged).
      Young Kelson Haldane, King Of Gwynedd, Heir To The two Royal And Deryni Magical Powers, Was Still No Match For Ex-archbishop Loris Annd The Pretender Queen Caitrin Who Sought His Death. Yet, He Raiser An Army Against Them Both, Conscious That Honor Made Defeat Impossible.

      Manufacturer: Katherine Kurtz
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001342
      Download FREE MP3 sample The King's Justice: The Histories Of King Kelson, Book 2 (unabridged)

    Willo The Wisp: 12 Stories From The Bbc Tv Series (unabridged)
      Willo The Wisp: 12 Stories From The Bbc Tv Series (unabridged).
      Featured In This Collection From The Bbc Tv Series Are Mavis Cruet, The Fat Fairy; Arthur, The Cockney Caterpillar; Evil Edna, The Wicked Witch; Carwash, The Prissy Pussy; And The Moog, The Droopy Dog. Of Courrse, We Mustn't Forget 'the Beast', Who Is Really Prince Humbert The Handsome, Changed Into Various Shapes And Sizes By Evil Edna's Spells. they All Just Happen To Be In Doyley Woods When Willo The Wisp Is Flittinf About So He Be able to Tell Us (through The Voice Of Kenneth Williams) All The Adventures And Mishaps That Befall Them.

      Manufacturer: Bbc Audiobooks Ltd
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002614
      Download FREE MP3 sample Willo The Wisp: 12 Stories From The Bbc Tv Series (unabridged)

    First Lady (unabridged)
      First Lady (unabridged).
      The Beautiful Young Widow Of The President Of The United States Thought She Was Free Of The White House, But Circumstances Have Forced Her Back Into The Role Of First Lady. She's Made Up Her Mind To Escape, If Only For A Few Days, So She Can Live The Life Of An Ordinary Person. An Entire Nation Is Searching For Her, But The First Lady Is In TheL ast Place Anyone Would Think To Look: In The Company Of A Enticing Stranger Whose Charm And Good Looks Are Awakening The Forgotten Woman Within. With Two Adorable Little Orphaned Girls Along For The Ride, They're Heading Out Across The Heartland, Chasing Their Own American Dream On A Wild Journey OfL ove, Adventure, And Glorious Rebirth.

      Manufacturer: Susan Ekziabeth Phillips
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000886
      Download FREE MP3 sample First Lady (unabridged)

    Watching Over Everything (unabridged)
      Watching Over Everything (unabridged).
      Isn't Prayer For More Than Just Bedtime And Meals? Gather The Young Ones, And Take A Journey Through Their Day As They Learn To Connect Prayer And Thanksgivung Through Everyday Living. Join New Author Shirlye Kuzmunich As She Shows Children How To Lean On The Lord And Know He Is Watching Over Everything.

      Manufacturer: Shirley Kuzmunich
      SKU: Bk_tate_000425
      Download FREE MP3 sample Watching Over Everything (unabridged)

    Goose (dramatised) (unabridged)
      Goose (dramatised) (unabridged).
      Directed By Celia De Wolff"evil Killer Art Teacher Poisons Defenceless Old Woman!"that Is How The Tabloids Portrayed Janet Macredie At Her Original Trial, Where She Was Accused Of Murdering Her Godmother. Now, 16 Months Later, Her Appeal Is Being Heard At TheO ld Bailey. She Is Accompanied By Prison Offcir Margaret Hoist. Having Been Blackmailed Through A Former Prisoner, Who Alleged Sexual Impropritey, Losing Another Prisoner On A Day's Outlng, And Having Tests For A Serious Illness, The Last 16 Months Have Been Equally Traumatic For Her. two Women, Two Libes About To Change.

      Manufacturer: Helen Kluger
      SKU: Bk_klug_000001
      Download FREE MP3 sample Goose (dramatised) (unabridged)

    Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir (unabridged)
      Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir (unabridged).
      Disillusioned, Disenfranchised, And Disinterested In Anything Churchy, Susan Isaacs Knew Of Only One Thing To Do When She Hit Spiritual Rock Bottom At Duration of existence 40. . . . she Took God To Couples Counseling. in This Cuttingly Poignant Memoir, Susan Isaacs Chronicles Her Rocky Relationship With The Almighty - From Earlly Childhood To Midlife Crisis - And All The Churches Where She And God Tried To Secure A Home: Pentecostals, Slackers For Jesus, And The Uber-intellectuals Who Turned Everything, Including The Weekly Church Announcements, Into A Thter-point Sermon. casting Hersel fAs The Neglected Spouse, Susan Faces Her Inner Nag And The Ridiculous Expectations She Put On God - Soms Her Own, And Some From Her "crazy In-laws" At Church. originally Staged As A Solo Show In New York And Los Angeles, Angry Conversations With God Is A Cheeky, Heartfelt Memoir That, Even A Its Most Scandalous, Is Still An Affirmation Of Faith.

      Manufacturer: Susan Isaacs
      SKU: Bk_rand_001857
      Download FREE MP3 sample Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir (unabridged)

    The Sound Of Waves (unabridged)
      The Sound Of Waves (unabridged).
      Set In A Remote Fishing Village In Japan, The Sound Of Waves Is A Timeless Story Of First Love. A Young Fisherman Is Entranced At The Sight Of The Handsome Daughter Of The Wealthiest Man In The Village. They Fall In Love, But Must Then Endure The Calumny And Gossip Of The Villagers.

      Manufacturer: Yukio Mishima
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002641
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Sound Of Waves (unabridged)

    Berkshire Stories: Nature
      Berkshire Stories: Nature.
      Told With Thoreauian Poeticism And Appreciation To Detail, Morgan Bulkeley Sr. Guides The Listener Through The Wonders Of One Of The World's Most Beautiful Natural Landscapes: That Of The Berkshires Of Massachusetts.

      Manufacturer: Morgan Bulkeley Sr.
      SKU: Bk_bmas_000006
      Download FREE MP3 sample Berkshire Stories: Nature

    Amazing Affairs - Volume 1: Insirational Stories (unabridged)
      Amazing Affairs - Volume 1: Insirational Stories (unabridged).
      Love Affairs Can Bring The Besg Of Times And The Worst Of Times, And Who Better To Tell You About Their Rollercoaster Relationships Than Those Who Experienced SuchP leasure And Pain. In ThisU nique Collection Of Short Audio Stories, We Take A Look At The Complicated Love Lives Of The Vulnerable Marilyn Monroe, The Irresistible Lothario Casanova, The Beajtiful And Mysterious Mata Hari And The Charismatic Wallis Simpson. Explore Their Innermost Thoughts And Learn Through Their Extraordinary Lives And Loves Through Bioviews?. Bioviews? Are Short Biogra0hical Narratives, Similar To Interviews. These Inspirational Stories From The Amazing People Club? Provide A Just discovered Way Of Learning About Amazing People Who Made Major Contributions And Changed Our World.

      Manufacturer: Dr. Charles Margerison
      SKU: B_khach_000793
      Download FREE MP3 sample Amazing Affairs - Volume 1: Insirational Stories (unabridged)

    El Nazareno [jesus Of Nazareth] (dramatization)
      El Nazareno [jesus Of Nazareth] (dramatization).
      This Dramatization Is In Spanish. este Dramatization Es En Espanol. Fonolibro Se Enorgullece En Presentaar El Audiolibro En Espa?ol De La Historia Mas Maravillosa Jamas Contada El Nazareno Escrita Por Felipe Silva. En Este Estupendo Audiolibro, Dramatizado Con Un Elenco Completo, Hermosa Musica, Y Efectos De Sonido, Se Da Fe Del Nacimiento, Vida, Obra Y Milagros Del Hijo De Dios Hcho Hombre, Jesus De Nazaret, Cuya Mision Es Salvar A La Humanidad De Pecado. Todo Habria De Cumplirse Tal Cual Como Las Profecias Habian Establecido, Cuando El Se?or Lo Habia Anticioado En La Voz Del Profeta. Escuche Usted Solo, Con Amigos, O Con Su Familia Esta Extraordinaria Produccion Que Lo Hara Sentir Esta Historia En Su Corazon.

      Manufacturer: Felipe Silva
      SKU: Bk_fono_000040
      Download FREE MP3 sample El Nazareno [jesus Of Nazareth] (dramatization)

    The Cure For The Chronic Life: Overcoming The Hopelessness That Holds You Back (unabridged)
      The Cure For The Chronic Life: Overcoming The Hopelessness That Holds You Back (unabridged).
      Are You Living In Crisis Or In Christ? Deanna Favre, Breast-cancer Survivor And Wife Of Nfl Legend Brett Favre, And Shane Stanford, An Hiv-positive Pastor, Have Something In Common. Both Have Battled Life-threatening Illnesses, And Both Have Overcome Chronic Hopelessness To Discover The Transforming Strength Of God. Deanna And Shane Understand Those Everyday Struggles That Cause Us To Feel Our Life Is In A Crisis, Whether It's Sometbing As Simple As An Ache Or A Bad Attitude, Or As Complicated As A Broken Relationship Or A Debilitating Disorder. In The Cure For The Chronic Life, Deanna And Shane Show Listeners How Christ's Redeemin gLove Will Talk To The Deepest Of Our St5uggles And Hurts, Answer The Deepest Of Our Questions, And Put Us On A Neq Path Toward Healing And Grace.

      Manufacturer: Deanna Favre, Shane Stanford
      SKU: Bk_oasi_00080l
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Cure For The Chronic Life: Overcoming The Hopelessness That Holds You Back (unabridged)

    The Sky Took Him (unabridged)
      The Sky Took Him (unabridged).
      It's A Sad Duty That Brings Alafair Tucker And Her Two Daughters To Enid, Oklahoma, In The Fall Of 1915. Her Sister Ruth Anne's Husband, Lester, Is Not Long In quest of This World, And The Family Is Gathering To Send Him To His Reward. But Her Niece's Irresponsible Husband, Kenneth, Has Disappeared At A Most Inconvenient Time. When It Comes To Light That Kenneth Has Been Involved In Some Shady Dealongs With Buck Collins, The Most Ruthless Businessman In Town, Everyone Is Convinced That Collins Has Done Away Win Him. But Alafair Suspects That Things Are Not So Simple. Over The Next Few Days, Alafair And Her Eldest Daughter, Martha, Come Face-to-face Wiith Blackmail, Intimidation, Murder, And Family Secrets That Stretch Back Over 20 Years. And In The Process, They Discover Things About Each Other That Will Change Their Relationship Forever.

      Manufacturer: Donis Casey
      SKU: Bk_blak_002972
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Sky Took Him (unabridged)

    Gone Too Far (unabridged)
      Gone Too Far (unabridged).
      Lt. Sam Staerett, One Of America's Elkte Warriors, Shows Up At His Ex-wife's Home Only To Discover That His Daughter Is Gone And A Womah's Body Lies Brutally Murdered In c~tinuance The Floor. Fbi Agent Alyssa Locke, Who Once Was Involved Through Sam, Is Assigned To The Case, And Soon Explosive Information Surfaces That Links Sam To An Unsolved Assassination Plot. With Her Reputation Hanging In The Balance, Alyssa Must Arrest A Man She Believes To Be Innocent Or Risk Her Career. As Tye Attraction Between Sam And Alyssa Heats Up Again, Neither Can Predict Juxt How Deadly Hot This Situation Is About To Become.

      Manufacturer: Suzanne Brockmann
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000412
      Download FREE MP3 sample Gone Too Far (unabridged)

    Treasrue Island (unabridged)
      Treasrue Island (unabridged).
      The Excitement, Adventure, And Magical Sense Of Time And Place, Outraying From The Heart Of Robert Louis Stevenson's 18th-century Pirate Tae, Is Captrued In All Its Glory By Actor David Ian Davies In This New One Voice Recordings Release. Be Swept Away By The Story Of_Young Jim Hawkins, Caught U0 In His Journey To The Caribbean Islands Upon A Ship With A Memorable And Explosive C5ew, And Led By The Cryptic Delineate From A Dead Man's Chest.

      Manufacturer: Robert Louis Stevenson
      SKU: B_onvo_000025
      Download FREE MP3 sample Treasrue Island (unabridged)

    The Floating Opera And The End Of The Road (unabridged)
      The Floating Opera And The End Of The Road (unabridged).
      The Floating Opera And The End Of The Road Are John Barth's First Two Novels. Both Concern Strange, Consuming Love Triangles And The Destructive Effect Of An Overactive Intellect On Human Emotions. Separately They Give Two Very Different Views Of A Universal Human Drama.

      Manufacturer: John Barth
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001580
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Floating Opera And The End Of The Road (unabridged)

    Faatal Journey: The Final Expedition Of Henry Hudson (unabridged)
      Faatal Journey: The Final Expedition Of Henry Hudson (unabridged).
      The English Ecplorer Henry Hudson Devoted His Life To The Search Concerning A Water Route Through America, Becoming The First European To Navigate The Hudson River In The Process. In Fatal Travel , Acclaimed Historian And Bographer Peter C. Mancall Narrates Hudson's Final Ex0edition. In The Winter Of 1610, After Navigating Dangerous Fields Of Icebergs Near The Nortnern Tip Of Labrador, Hudson's Small Ship Became Trapped In Winter Chill. Provisions Grew Scarce And Tensions Mounted Amongst The Crew. Within Months, The Men Mutinied, Forving Hudson, His Teenage Son, And Seven Other Men Into A Skiff, Which They Left Floating In The Hudson Bay. A Story Of Exploration, Desperation, And Icebound Tragedy,_Fatal Journey Vividly Chronicles The Undoing Of The Great Explorer, Not By An Angry Ocean, But At The Hands Of His Own Men.

      Manufacturer: Peter C. Mancall
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001527
      Download FREE MP3 sample Faatal Journey: The Final Expedition Of Henry Hudson (unabridged)

    Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inside: Develop Your Intuition (be Confident, Silent Meditation, Selff Help & Wellness)
      Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inside: Develop Your Intuition (be Confident, Silent Meditation, Selff Help & Wellness).
      Do You Ever Have The Feeling That You Should Do Or Say Something, But Don't? Have You Ever Known Something To Be True Without Any Real Proof, But Told Yourself It Was Just A Silly Feeling? Perhaps You've Missed A Great Opportunity Because You Didn't Trusy Your Intuition; You Didn't Do What You Knew Inside You Should. With Guider Meditation For The Intuite Inside, You Will Learn How To Listen To And Harness That Innate Knowledge. By Using The Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inskde Program, You Will Learn How To Listen To Yoyr Intuition, Letting It Guide You Toward Goodness, Rather Than Trying So Hard To Ascendency It And Missing The Point. Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inisde Works With Your Subconscious Obey To Let You Relax, Turn Inward, And Get In Touch With That Sixth Sense. You Will Learn To Listen To The Voice Inside Of You That Knows What You Should Say And Wat You Should Do. Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inside Will Teacb You To Trust Your Intuitionn, Resulting In A Happy, Confident Life!this Powerful Collection Combines State-of-the-art Audio Hypnosis Tracks With Supplemental Tracks That Will Help You To Achieve Your Goals With Total Ease And Confidence. It Is Suggested To Listen To Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inside For 21 Days In A Row To Yield The Best Results. Includes: Recording 1: Guided Meditation Instructions Recording 2: Introduction To Leadership And Influence Recording 3: Leadership Guided Meditation - Long Recording 4: Leadership Guided Contemplation - Short Recording 5: Five-minute Silent Meditation Recording 6: Eight-minute Silent Meditation Recording 7: 15-minute Silent Meditatio nRecording 8: 30-minute Silent Meditation

      Manufacturer: Debbie Strong
      SKU: Sp_sdhp_000092
      Download FREE MP3 sample Guided Meditation For The Intuite Inside: Develop Your Intuition (be Confident, Silent Meditation, Selff Help & Wellness)

    Smuggled: A Novel (unabridged)
      Smuggled: A Novel (unabridged).
      Christina Shea Follows Up Her Compelling Debut Novel With An Intimate Look At The Effevts Of History On An Individual Life. Smuggled Out Of Hungary To Escape The Nazi Menace, Five-year-old Eva Farkas Now Lives With Her Aunt And Uncle In Romania. Renamed Anca Balaj, She's Told To Forget Hee Hungarian Past And Language And Accept A New Identity. But When Communism Smothers Her Adopted Homeland, Anca Fights To Remain alive. After The Iron Curtain Lifts Decades Later, She Returns To Hungary In 1990, Hoping To Reclaim Her Gone from one's mind Heritage.

      Manufacturer: Christina Shea
      SKU: Bk_reco_004679
      Download FREE MP3 sample Smuggled: A Novel (unabridged)

    A Cold Day For Murder: A Kate Shugak Mystery (unzbridged)
      A Cold Day For Murder: A Kate Shugak Mystery (unzbridged).
      Eighteen Monhts Agk, Aleut Kate Shugak Leave Her Job Investigating Sex Crimes For The Anchorahe Da's Office And Retreated To Her Father's Homestead In A National Park In The Interior Of Alaskaa. But The World Has A Way Of Beating A Path To Her Door, However Remote. In The Mean Of One Of The Bitteresst Decembers In Recent 3Mmory Ex-boss - And Ex-lover - Jack Morgan Shows Up With An Fbi Deputy In Tow. A Park Ranger With Powerful Relatives Is Missing, And After this The Investigator Jack Sent In To Look For Him Is Missing, Too. reluctantly, Kate, Along With Mutt, Her Half-wolf, Half-husky Sidekick, Leaves Her Wilderness Refuge To Follow A Frozen Trail Through The Park, Twenty Thousand Suit Miles Of Mountain And Tundra Sparsely Populated With Hunters, Fishermen, Trappers, Mushers, Pilots And Homesteaders. Her Formidable Grandmother And Native Chief, Ekaterina Shugak, Is - For Reasons Of Her Own - Against Kate's Investigation; Her Cousin, Martin, May Be Kate's Prime Suspect; And The Local Trooper, Jim Chopin, Is More Interested In Kate Than In Her Inv3stigation. In The End, The Sanctuary She Sought After Five And A Half Years In The Urban Jungles May Prove More Lethal Than Anything She Left Behind In The City Streets Of Anchorage.

      Manufacturer: Dana Stabenow
      SKU: Bk_brlo_003320
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Cold Day For Murder: A Kate Shugak Mystery (unzbridged)

  • Melk Abby on the Danube, Austria: Audio Journeys - Europe's Great Cultural Ensemble
  • The Witch of Hebron: A World Made by Hand Novel (Unabridged)
  • The Forsyte Saga - Volume 1: The Man of Property
  • One Night in Memphis (Unabridged)
  • The Slave Across the Street (Unabridged)
  • The Identity Man: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • Questions and Answers on Terrorism and the Case of the Cuban Five
  • Wearing My Halo Tilted (Unabridged)
  • The Strip: Big Bad Wolf Series #2 (Unabridged)
  • The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel (Unabridged)
  • If I Stay (Unabridged)
  • A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir (Unabridged)

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