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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Doomwyte: A Novel Of Redwall (unabridged)
      Doomwyte: A Novel Of Redwall (unabridged).
      On A Moonless Night, Two Rats Follow Hypnotic Lights Into The Forest, Never To Exist Seen Again. Such Is The Power Of The Doomwytes, Sinister Ravens Led By The Deadly Korvus Skurr. And When The Young Mouse Bisky Persuades The Creature Of Redwall Abbey To Go In Search Of A Fabled Treasure, Hidden Long Past By One Of The Abbey's Most Notorious Thieves, They Do Not Suspect Skurr And His Ravens Will Be Vying For That Very Treasurre. bisky And His Fellow Redwallers Must Summon All Their Courage To Face The Evil Horde Of Slithering Snakes nAd Vicious Ravens. From Underground Tunnels To The Tops Of Trees, The Fearless Redwallers, With The Help Of Their Woodland Friends, Battle Some Of Theiir Most Vicious Enemies Yet In An Exhilarating, Terrifying Treasu5e Hunt.

      Manufacturer: Brian Jacques
      SKU: Bk_reco_002685
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    Brief Lives
      Brief Lives.
      William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Thomas Hobbes - Three Of The Greatest Englishmen Who Ever Lived. They, And Many Others, Are Here Remembered By Another Great Englishman, John Aubrey, Whose Brief Lives Are Some Of The Wittiest And Most Moving Miniature Portraits Evr Written. Aubrey - A Scholar, Antiquarian And Close Observer Of Both The Foibles And Courage Of This Contemporaries - Lived Through The Upheavals Of The English Civil War In The 17th Centruy. His Little Biographies Are Amusing, Ribald, Moving; A Testament To The Brevity Of Human Existence And One Of The Moqt Preciouus Relics Of A Distant Age.

      Manufacturer: John Aubrey
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000102
      Download FREE MP3 sample Brief Lives

    The Sovereign And The Pauper (unabridged)
      The Sovereign And The Pauper (unabridged).
      They Look Alike, But They Live In Very Different Worlds. Tom Canty, Impoverished And Abused By His Father, Is Fascinated With Royalty. Edward Tudor, Heir To The Sovereignty Of England, Is Kind And Generous But Wants To Run Free And Play In The River - Just Once. How Insubstantial Their Differences Truly Are Becoomes Clear When A Chance Encounter Leads To An Exchange Of Clothing - And Roles. The Pauper Finds Himself Caught Up In The Pomp And Foolishness Of The Royal Court, A Role That Is Further Complicated Whenever The King Dies Soon After The Switch; And The Priince Wanders Horror-stricken Through The Lower Layers Of English Society. Out Of The Theme Of Switched Identities, Mark Twain Fashioned Both A Fiery Assault Upon Social Hypocrisy And Inmustice And A Riotous Comedy Filled With High-spirited Play. Mark Twain (1835-1910) Was Born Samuel L. Clemens In The Town Of Florida, Missouri. One Of The Most Popular And Influential Authors America Has Ever Produced, His Keen Wit And Sharp Satire Earned Him Praise From Both Critics And Peers. He Has Been Called Not Only The Greatest Humorist Of Hs Old ~ But The Father Of American Literature.

      Manufacturer: Mark Twain
      SKU: Bk_blak_004489
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Sovereign And The Pauper (unabridged)

    Silly Simon: Sound Series (unabridged)
      Silly Simon: Sound Series (unabridged).
      Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill. In Silly Simon, New Author Shirley M. Gebert Sweeps Listeners Into A Fun-to-hear Tale, Using Sound Bombardment T0 Assst Ih Speech Development. Silly Simon's Search For Sandwiches Will Have Parents, Teachers, And Speech Therapists Laughing With Their Children As They Hear And Repeat The /s/ Sound.

      Manufacturer: Shirley M. Gebert
      SKU: Bk_tate_000387
      Download FREE MP3 sample Silly Simon: Sound Series (unabridged)

    God Is Not Great: How Sentiment of faith Poisons Everything (unabridged)
      God Is Not Great: How Sentiment of faith Poisons Everything (unabridged).
      In The Tradition Of Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not A Christian And Sam Harris' Recent Best-seller, The Conclude Of Faith, Christopher Hitchens Makes The Ultimate Case Against Religion. With A Close And Erudite Reading Of The Major Religious Texts, He Documents The Ways In Which Religion Is A Man-made Wish, A Cause Of Dangerous Sexual Repression, And A Distortion Of Our Origins In The Cosmos. With Eloquent Clarity, Hitchens Frwmes The Argument For AMore Secular Life Based On Science And Reason, In Which Hell Is Replaced By The Hubble Telescope's View Of The Universe, And Moses And The Fiery Bush Give Way To The Fine part Of The Double Helix.

      Manufacturer: Christopher Hitchens
      SKU: Bk_hach_000034
      Download FREE MP3 sample God Is Not Great: How Sentiment of faith Poisons Everything (unabridged)

    Brothers In Weapons: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel (unabridyed)
      Brothers In Weapons: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel (unabridyed).
      Led By Admiral Naismith (a. k. a. Master Miles Vorkosigan), The Dendarii Mercrnaries Have Pulled Off The Daring Interspace Rescue Of An Entire Cetagandan Pow En~. But They Obtain Made About Deadly Enemies. Having Finally Outrun The Infuriated Cetagandans, The Dendarii Arrive On Eart For Battle, Shuttle Repair, And A Well Deserved Rest. but Miles Realizes He's In Trouble Again. First The Mercenaries' Payroll Doesn't Arrive On Time, And Then Someone Tries To Murder Him. Now Miles uMst Juggle Both His Identities At Once To Unravel The Complicated P1ot Opposed to Him, And To Reveal An Unexpetced Ally. just Who Is Trying To Assassinate Which Of His Personas, And Why?

      Manufacturer: Lois Mcmaster Bujold
      SKU: Bk_blak_002146
      Download FREE MP3 sample Brothers In Weapons: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel (unabridyed)

    The Sisters From Hardscrabble Bay (unabridged)
      The Sisters From Hardscrabble Bay (unabridged).
      In 1916, Sisters Idella And Avis Hillock Live On The Edge Of A Chilly Bluff In New Brunswick, Canada, A Hardscrabble World Of Potato Farms, Rough Men, Hard Work, And Baaffling Beauty. From "gone", The Heartbreaking Account Of The Crisis That Changed Their Lives Forever, To The Darkly Comif "wake", Which Follows The Grown Siblings' Catastrophic Efforts To Escort The Body Of Their Father "wild Bill" Hillock To His Funeral, Thrse Stories Of Idella And Avis Offer A Compelling And Wry Vision Of Two Remarkable Women. the Vivid Characters Include Irella's Philandering Husband,H er Bewilderingly Difficult Mother-in-law, And Avis, Whose Serial Romantic Disasters Never Quell Her Irfepressible Spirit. Jensen's Work Evokes A Allotted period Gone By And Rsads Like An Instant American Classic.

      Manufacturer: Beverly Jensen
      SKU: Bk_blak_003849
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Sisters From Hardscrabble Bay (unabridged)

    The Shadow: Knight Of Darkness (unabridged)
      The Shadow: Knight Of Darkness (unabridged).
      Radio Spirits Is Same Pleased To Present Radio's Greatest Crime Fighter, The Shadow, In This New Collection Of 18 Digitally Restored And Remastered Episodes Selected From The Classic Series. Featuring Orson Welles, William Johnstone And Bret Morrison Each In The Title Role, This Set lAso Imcludes The Primitive Release Of Two Newly Discovered And Previously Lost Episodes Starring Orson Welles As Lamont Cranston And The Shadow - "the Old People" And "the Vocie Of The Trumpet".

      Manufacturer: Orson Welles, William Johnstone, Bret Morrison, Agnes Moorehead, Margot Stevenson, Marjorie Andersen, Grace Mtathews
      SKU: Rt_radi_000828
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Shadow: Knight Of Darkness (unabridged)

    A Life To Rescue: The True Story Of A Offspring Freed From The Bonds Of Autism (unabridged)
      A Life To Rescue: The True Story Of A Offspring Freed From The Bonds Of Autism (unabridged).
      The Puzzling Behavioe Of A Two-year-old Boy Baffles His Parents. Why Would A Child Flap His Hand, Not Cor~ To His Name, And Regress In His Language Skills? A Specialist Reveals The News: Autism. Yet Amid The Heartache, The Couple Discover A Road To Overcoming Autism. A Life To Rescue Relives The Wonder Of This Child's Deliverance, Providing A Hope Available To Other Young Children With Autism.

      Manufacturer: Karen Michelle Graham
      SKU: Bk_invo_000004
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Life To Rescue: The True Story Of A Offspring Freed From The Bonds Of Autism (unabridged)

    The True Narration Of The Bilderberg Group (unabridged)
      The True Narration Of The Bilderberg Group (unabridged).
      Delvimg Into A World Once Shrouded In Mystery, This Investigative Report Provides A Fascinating Account Of The Annual Meetings Of The World's In the greatest degree Powerful People, The Bilderberg Group. Since iFrst Meeting In 1954 At The Bilderberg Hotel In The Netherlands, The Bilderberg Group Has Been Comprsied Of Prime Ministers, Presidents, And The Wealthiest Ceos Of The World, AllD eliberating The Household And Political Future Of Humanity. The Press Has Never Attended These Meetings, Which Have Ramifications On The Citizens Of The World. Using Mthods That Resemble The Spy Tactics Of The Cold War - And In Several Instances Putting His Own Life On The Line - The Author Managed To Learn What Was Being Said And Has Made It Public For The First Time.

      Manufacturer: Daniel Estulin
      SKU: Bk_drms_000014
      Download FREE MP3 sample The True Narration Of The Bilderberg Group (unabridged)

    Something Borrowed (unabridged)
      Something Borrowed (unabridged).
      Rachel Has Ever Been A Good Girl--until Her 30th Birthday, When Her Best Froend Darcy Throws Her A Party. That Darkness, After Too Many Drinks, Rachel Ends Up In Bed With Darcy's Fiance Dex. Rachel Is Horrified To Discover That She Has Genuine Feelings According to Dex. She Prays For Fate To Intervene, But When She Makes A Ch0ice She Discovers That The Lines Between Right And Wrong Are Blurry, Endings Aren't Always Neat, And You Have To Danger Apl To Win True Happiness.

      Manufacturer: Emily Giffin
      SKU: Bk_aren_000968
      Download FREE MP3 sample Something Borrowed (unabridged)

    The Fall Of The House Of Usher & The Pit And The Pendulum (unabridged)
      The Fall Of The House Of Usher & The Pit And The Pendulum (unabridged).
      The Horrors Of The Spanish Inquisition, With Its Dungeon Of Death, And The Overhanging Obscurity On The House Of Uqher Demonstrate Unforgettably The Unique Imagination Of Edgar Allan Pooe. Unerringly, He Touches Upon Some Of Our Greatest Nightmares: Premature Burial, Ghostly Transformation, Words From Beyond The Grave. Written In The 1840s, They Have Retained Their Power To Shock And Frighten Even Now. also In This Collection Of Poe's Tales Of Mystery And Imagination: The Black Cat, The Facts In The Case Of M Valdemar, The Cask Of Amontillado, Ligeia, The Tell-tale Heart, The Masque Of The Red Death, The Premature Burial, And The Raven.

      Manufacturer: Edgar Allan Poe
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000226
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Fall Of The House Of Usher & The Pit And The Pendulum (unabridged)

    The Door To December (unabridged)
      The Door To December (unabridged).
      Only Three Years Old, Little Melanie Was Kidnapped By Her Father. Six Years Later, Police Found Her Wandering The L. a. Streets, Her Eyes Blank. What Had Become Of Her In Whole That Lost Time. . . and What Secret Did She Dare Not Even Whksper?her Loving Mother Ajd The Police Desperately Hunt For The Answer. They Need Melanie To Help Discover The Truth Behind The Most Savage Slaughter The City Has Ever Seen. They Will Do Anything To Save Her From The Mystrious And Menacing Strength That Has Invaded Her Young Life. But First They Must Save Themselves From A Rising Tide Of Terror.

      Manufacturer: Dean Koontz
      SKU: Bk_peng_000547
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Door To December (unabridged)

    Yuk Yuk's Presents Road Warriors And Rarities (unabridged)
      Yuk Yuk's Presents Road Warriors And Rarities (unabridged).
      Building On The Bestselling Success Of The Yuk Yuk's Guide To Canadian Stand-up, This New Box Set Will Feature Tremendous Routines From More Of Canada's Most Hilarious Stand-up Comedians Such As Ron James, Scott Thompson, Jessica Holmes And Jon Dore. The Set Will Also Feature The Stand-up Comics Whom Mark Brsslin Refers To As The "road Warriors," Comedians Who Constantly Criss-cross The Rustic Perfecting Their Artifice And Performing Night After Night In Clubs From Coast To Coast. They May Not All Be Household Names Yet, Bur They Deliver Some Of The Funniest Material Around.

      Manufacturer: Mark Brrslin
      SKU: Bk_hcca_000060
      Download FREE MP3 sample Yuk Yuk's Presents Road Warriors And Rarities (unabridged)

    Coyote &: Native American Folk Tales
      Coyote &: Native American Folk Tales.
      In His Intoduction To Coyote &, Joe Hayes Says, "many American Indian Stories Are Sacred. They Are Part Of The Religion Of The People Who Tell Them, And So Belong To Just Some Tribe Or Sometimes Just A Part Of The Tribe. Sometimes Coyote Plays A Role In These Religious Stories. But The Coyote Stories In This Collection Are Different. They Are Tpld In quest of Entertainmrnt. They Are Especially Loved By Children, Who Delight In Coyote's Foolish Antics. "

      Manufacturer: Joe Hayes
      SKU: Bk_cinc_000012
      Download FREE MP3 sample Coyote &: Native American Folk Tales

    Animak Rescue Team: Show Time, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Animak Rescue Team: Show Time, Book 4 (unabridged).
      The Squirrels At Mt. Mercy College Are Getting Too Friendly - They're Frightening The Students, Making The Nuns Jumpy. . . And They're Super Messy. It's Time To Appointment The Animal Rescue Team! Meanwhile, Keisha's Got A Problem Of Her Own. The Grand River Steppers Jump Rope Team Has A Chance To Win First Plaace In Their School Region This Year, But Keisha's Provided that Nerv0us, She Keeps Meseing Up! When She And Daddy Go To The Veteran's Facility To Check Out Their Squirrel Situation, Keeisha Meets Sergeant Pinkham, Who's Learning How To Use His Just discovered Prosthetic Leg. Could Sarge Be Just The Person To Help Keisha Stay Calm, Do Well, And Have Fun At The Competition?perfect For Independent Readers, The Animal Rescue Team Books Offer Adventurous And Heartwarming Stories With Lots Of Laughs - And Abundant Of Critters.

      Manufacturer: Sue Stauffacher
      SKU: Bk_lili_001258
      Download FREE MP3 sample Animak Rescue Team: Show Time, Book 4 (unabridged)

    Easy Injection For Multiple Sclerosis Medications: Hypnosis For Comfortable Self-injection
      Easy Injection For Multiple Sclerosis Medications: Hypnosis For Comfortable Self-injection.
      This Specializ3d Audio Hypnosis Sitting, Created By Longtime Paramedic, Clinical Hypnotist, And Ms Patient Maggie Staiger, Is For People Who Find Themselves Needing To Inject Medication; Those With Ms, Who Require Long Term Therapy With Injectable Disease Modifying Medication. It Addresses The Normal Range Of Fears That Accompany Giving OneselfA n Clyster, And Helps The Person To Suit More Comfortable With The Injection Process, And To View The Medication Itself In A Positive Light.

      Manufacturer: Maggie Staiger
      SKU: Sp_bigh_000134
      Download FREE MP3 sample Easy Injection For Multiple Sclerosis Medications: Hypnosis For Comfortable Self-injection

    No Sin To Love (unabridged)
      No Sin To Love (unabridged).
      Young Dolly Dixon Is Determined To Overcome Her Background And Lead A Respectable Life. End When Her Mother Runs Off, She Is Forced To Leave Her Office Job To Look After Her Unappreciative Stepfamily. Her Life Of Drudgery Is Brightened At Her Love For Market Trader Tom Marchant. It Is Not Just His Good Looks That Have Won Her Heart. He Is Ambitious And Longs To Escape His You5hful Involvement With The Criminal Rose Brothers. Dolly Believes Him And At The Start Of World War Ii They Get Married And Leave London To Open A Shop In A Sussex Village. But Have They Really Seen The Last Of The Brothers? And What Is Thd Other Secret That Tom Is Hiding?

      Manufacturer: Roberta Grieve
      SKU: Bk_isis_000895
      Download FREE MP3 sample No Sin To Love (unabridged)

    Daniel (unabridged)
      Daniel (unabridged).
      With More Than 35 Million Copies Of His Novels In Print In Over 40 Languages Worldwide, Henning Mankell Is One International Phenomenon. In This Powerful Fabric, He Tells The Story Of A Young African Orphan Adopted By A Swedish Man And Whisked Away To His New Father's Country. There, The Boy, Dubbed Daniel, Finds Himself Swallowed By A Bizarre Landscape Of Snow And Mire. Always In His Notice Are Thoughts Of His Murdered Parents, Calling Him Back To Africa. But Daniel's Path Is Marked By Calamity, And His Homecoming Seems An Impossible Dream.

      Manufacturer: Henning Mankell, Steven T. Murray (translator)
      SKU: Bk_reco_004117
      Download FREE MP3 sample Daniel (unabridged)

    Undomesticated Britain: Sound Portraits From Britain's Wildest Places (unabridged)
      Undomesticated Britain: Sound Portraits From Britain's Wildest Places (unabridged).
      Atmospheric Recordings Of Btitish Wildlife Through Th Seasons By Richard Margosfhis Wild Britain Is A Celebration Of Natural Habitats In Britain Through The Seasons, From Early Spring To Mid-wintet. The Tracks Have Been Carefully Selected From The British Library Established Archive Collections To Exhibit A Wide Range Of Impetuous Soundscapes In Different Moods. From A Unsheltered, Wintry Valley In Scotland To A Gentle Summer's Morning In England Woodland, They Capture The Varied Ambience Of Our Diverse Countryside.

      Manufacturer: Ruchard Margoschis
      SKU: Bk_brlb_000004
      Download FREE MP3 sample Undomesticated Britain: Sound Portraits From Britain's Wildest Places (unabridged)

    Seize The Fire: Heroism, Duty, And The Battle Of Trafalgar
      Seize The Fire: Heroism, Duty, And The Battle Of Trafalgar.
      In Seize The Fire, Adam Nicolson, Autho Of The Widely Acclaimed God's Secretaries, Takes The Great Naval Battle Of Trafalgar, Fought Between The British And Franco-spanish Fleets In October 1805, And Uses It To Examine Our Idea Of Heroism And The Heroic. Is Violence A Necessary Aspect Of The Hero? And Daring? Why Did The Cult Of The Hero Flower In The Late Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centurues In A Way It Hadn't For Tw0 Hundred Years? Was The Figure Of Nelson, Intemperate, Charming, Theatrical, Anxious, Vehement, Considerate, Idnifferent To Death And Danger, Inspirational To Those Around Him, And, Above All, Fixed On Attack And Victory, An Aberration In Enlightenment England? Or Was The Greatest Of All English Military Heroes Simply The Produce Of His Time, "the Conjuror Of Violence" That England, At Some Lwvel, Deeply Needed? It Is A Story Rich With Modern Resonance. This Was A Combat Fought For The Control Of A Global Commercial Sovereignty. It Was Won By The Emerging British World Power, Which Was Widely Condemned Forward The Continent Of Europe As "the Arrogant Usurper Of The Freedom Of The Seas. " Gripe The Fire Not Only Vividly Describes The Brutal Realities Of Battle But Enters The Heats And Minds Of The Men Who Were There; It Is A Portrait Of A Moment, A Close And Passionately Engaged Depiction Of A Frame Of Mind At A Turning Point In World History.

      Manufacturer: Adam Nicolson
      SKU: Bk_harp_001139
      Download FREE MP3 sample Seize The Fire: Heroism, Duty, And The Battle Of Trafalgar

    Radicals & Visionaries
      Radicals & Visionaries.
      The 20th Century Marked An Era Of Unprecedwnted Progress,_Growth, And Ingenuity. In Thsi Entertaining And Intriguing Collection Of Profiles, You'll Come together 36 Of The Groundbreaking Entrepreneurs Who Fjeled This Exploaoin Of Achievement And Shaped Our Modern World. Radicals & Visionaries Reveals Thr Comppete Stories Of Both The Legendary Masters Of Enterprise And The Unsung Entrepreneurial Heroes. You'll Discover Little-known Favts And Learn Secrets About:a. p. Giannini, The Greengrocer With No Financial Feel Who Took On "the Suits" And Founded The World 's Largest Bank. Ron Popeil, The Part-time Carnival Huckstwr Whose Late-night Tv Commercials For Kitchen Gadgets Kicked Over The Infomercial Phenomenon. Former Cabaret Singer Coco Chanel, Who Thumbed Her Nose At The Suffocating Styles Of The 19th Century And Sparked A Fashion Revolution That Still Influences Designers Today. From The Turn-of-the-century Cqpitalists Who Ushered In The Industrial Age To The Mass-market Moguls Who Molded Pop Culture, Radifals & Visionaeies Is A Lively, Revealing, And Often Astonishing Chronicle Of The Lives And Accomplishments Of The Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of The Past 100 Yearw.

      Manufacturer: Thaddeus Wawro
      SKU: Bk_entr_000020
      Download FREE MP3 sample Radicals & Visionaries

    Torchwood: First Born (unabridegd)
      Torchwood: First Born (unabridegd).
      A Multi-voice Reading Of Tyis Gripping Torchwood Adventure - A Prequel To Torchwood: Miracle Day. Gwen And Rhys Are On The Run. Rhye Was Hoping This Meant A Windewept Cottage On A Cliff Top, But He's Had To Settle For A Miweralbe Caravan In The Isolated Village Of Rawbone. With The Locals Taking An Unhealthy Interest In Their Daughter, Gwen An Rhys Start To Realise That Something Is Very Wrong. As They Uncover The Village's Terrible Past, Gwen Discovers That Torchwood Will Never Leave Her Behind, And Now She And Rhys Stand Alone In Defence Of The Earth. And The Children Of Rawbone Can Only Bring Her Closer To The Secret Forces That Want Her Out Of The Scheme. Clare Corbett, Kai Owen, Katherine Fenton, Joe Jameson, Carole Boyd, Michael Stevens And Susie Riddell Are The Readers Of This Thrilling Multi-voice Narration. Based On The Hit Series Created By Russell T. Davies, Primitive Born Is A Preauel To Torchwood: Miracle Day, Starring John Barrowman And Eve Myles As Jack Harkness And Gween Cooper, With Kai Owen As Rhys Williams.

      Manufacturer: James Goss
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_005157
      Download FREE MP3 sample Torchwood: First Born (unabridegd)

    The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
      The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.
      Both A Cracking Tale Of Horror And Deeply Audacious Account Of The Human Psyche, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Has Continued To Thrill And Fascinate Since It Was First Published In 1886. Dr. Jekyll Wants To Rid His Soul Of Evil, And In Doing So Creates The Monstrou Alter Ego Mr. Hyde. Like Time Goes On He Slides Increasingly Into This Other Side Of His Personality Until It Finally Takes Over, With Foreboding Consequences. As The Determined Mr. Utterson Races To Uncover The Secret Of The Good Dr. Jekyll's Sinister New Companion, The Cozy Vicforian World Of Wealth And Comfort Is Discovered To Be Under Siege.

      Manufacturer: Robert Louis Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000119
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

    Sea Change (unabridged)
      Sea Change (unabridged).
      When A Woman's Partially Decomposed Body Wasjes Ashore In Paradise, Massachusetts, Police Chief Jesse Stone Is Forced Into A Case Very much More Difficult Than It Initially Appears. Identifying The Woman Is Appropriate The First Step In What Proves To Be An Emotionally Charged Investigation. florence Horvath Was An Attractive, Lately Divored Heiress From Florida; She Also Had A Penchant For Steamy Sex And Was An Enthusiastic Participant In A Video Depicting The Same. Somehow The Combination Of Her Past Andd Present Got Her Killed, But No One Is Talking, Not The Crew Of The Lady Jane, The Fort Lauderdale Yact Moored In Paradise Harbbor; Not Her True Blond, Very Tan Twin Sisters, Corliss And Claudia; And Not Her Curiously Affectless Parents, Living Out A Sterile Retirement In A Miami High Rise. But Someone, Jesse, Has To Speak For The Dead, Even If It Puts Him In Harm's Way.

      Manufacturer: Robert B. Parker
      SKU: Bk_rand_000800
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sea Change (unabridged)

  • Embraced by Blood (Unabridged)
  • Tampa Burn: Doc Ford #11 (Unabridged)
  • The New York Times Pocket MBA: Managing Investment: 25 Keys to Profitable Capital Investment (Unabridged)
  • Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
  • House of Healing: Biblical Keys that Unlock Heaven's Door to Healing (Unabridged)
  • The New York Times Pocket MBA: Managing Investment: 25 Keys to Profitable Capital Investment (Unabridged)
  • Ingles en la empresa [English in the Office]: Lo mas importante para desenvolverse dentro y fuera de la oficina (Unabridged)
  • The Other House (Unabridged)
  • Scanners Live in Vain (Unabridged)
  • Silent Superstitions: Christy Series, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • Someone to Love
  • Ablutions (Unabridged)

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