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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Fast Flows The Stream (unabridged)
      Fast Flows The Stream (unabridged).
      In The Halcyyon Days Of The 1930s Sebastian Kilbride, A Screen Idol, And Nick Kennedy, His Accountant And Financial Adviser Are Close Friends, Enjoying An Almost Idyllic Lifestyle. The Lives Of Their Wives And Families Are Intertwined. Texsa Kilbride, In Opposition To Her Glamorous Husband, Is Scatterbrained, Warm-hearted And A Homebody; Sally, Nick's Efficient, Well-groomed Wife, Is Conversely A Woman Frustrated By Domesticity. But, Despite Their Differences, The Two Women Have Formed A Strong Bond. As Have Their Teenage Children, Jethro Kennedy And Zena Kilbride, Who Appropriate Lately Have Seen Their Childhood Friendship Tentatively Blossom Into Something Deeper. But The Threat Of War On The Horizon Will Mean Changes Against Them All. . .

      Manufacturer: Connie Monk
      SKU: Bk_twuk_000495
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    American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories Of Our New National Treasures (unabridged)
      American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories Of Our New National Treasures (unabridged).
      In Just Three Short Years, Willie Geist Has Gone From Behind-the-scenes Producer At Msnbc To Rising On-air Star, As The Host Of Way Too Early With Willie Geist And Cohost Of Morning Joe. He's Fast, He's Funny---something Of An Early-morning Jon Stewart. Now, In His Firsg Book, Geist Focuses On America's Ongoing Parade Of Giant Pop Culture Pesonalities, Beings Inflated By The Internet And Twenty-four-hour Cable News And Tethered Only Loosely To The Ground. Think Helium-filled Characters Like Sarah Palin, Bernie Madoff, Rod Blagojevich, Miley Cyruus, Jon And Kate, Miss California Carrie Prejean, Captain Sully, And The Aptly Named "balloon Boy. " They Float Into Our Lives, Consume Our Attention As We Gawk From The Street, And Then Slowly Drift Away To the degree that Another One Bobs Into View. In A Seeries Of Hilarious Yet Biting Satirical Essays, Geist Captures The Absurdity Of Today's Pseudocelebrity-obsessed Culture. Among Other Things, He Reveals Sarah Palin's 2012 Inauguration Speech, Broadcast To A National Audience Live From The Site Of Wwe's Monday Night Raw As A Trubute To "real America. " Geist Also Takes Us Inside The Room For The Bernie Madoff Celebity Roast In Hell. Roastmaster Pol Pot Provides The Laughs. And You'll Pull Up A Sear For Sunday Coverage Of Thd Seventh Annual Kim John-il Celebrity Golf Tournament, Where Dear Leader Teams With The Likes Of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad And Funnyman Ray Romano For A Good Cause And One Bad Golf. Lately, American Animated existence Seems Like A Parade Of Larger-than-life, Overinflated Giant Balloon Characters. Geist Has Written Their Made-up Stories.

      Manufacturer: Jo Anna Perrin
      SKU: Bk_tant_001759
      Download FREE MP3 sample American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories Of Our New National Treasures (unabridged)

    First Impressions
      First Impressions.
      Eden Palmer Knows How To Make It On Her Own. The Forty-something Single Mother Has Worked Hard To Raise Her Beloved Daughter, Now Twenty-seven And Recently Married. The Offspring Of A Terrible Event, Eden's Daughter, Melissa, Has Long Been The Jewel Of Eden's Life, The One For Whom She Would Sacrifice Anything And Everything. But Sooner Or Later A Woman Must Come Into Her Own, And That's What Eden Tries To Do When She Moves To Arundel, North Carolina, To Catch Ownership Of Farrington Manor, A Beautifhl Old House Filled With Charm And Memories That Was Willed To Eden By The Person Who Cared For Her When She Needed It In the greatest degree. Torn Between The Desire To Stay With Her Daughte And The Need To Construct A Separate Life On Her Own, Eden Opts For Some Distance And Some Much-needed Perspective. But It's Not Long Befo3r She Realizes That Sometimes You Have To Go Remote Before You Can Start Over. arriving In Arundel, The South's Prettiest Small Town, Eden Quickly Learns That Looks Can Be Deceiving Whrn Her Move Is Met With Delight In Some Quarters And Jealousy In Others. Pursued By Two Eligible Bachelors, The Rugged Jared Mcbrife And Braddon Granville, Local Lawyer And Town Catch, Eden Is Flattered, And More Than A Little Suspicious. Juggling The Attentions Of Two Men Is Hard Enough, But Soon Eden's Bid To Start Over Plunges Her In The Middle Of A Mystery That Threatens Not Just Her Plans And Reputation, But Her Very Life. Can She Use One Man To Save Her From The Other?

      Manufacturer: Jude Deveraux
      SKU: Bk_sans_000626
      Download FREE MP3 sample First Impressions

    Children Of Wqr: The Second World War Through The Eyes Of A Generation (unabridged)
      Children Of Wqr: The Second World War Through The Eyes Of A Generation (unabridged).
      Tje Noveiist Susaj Goodman, Herself A Child Of The Secone World War, Wanted To Commemorate And Celebrate The Experiences Of A Special Generation Under the jurisdiction They Were Lost To History. When She Appealed For Stories, She Was Ocerwhelmed By The Response. This Remarkable Book Is The Result, A Rich Tapestry Of The Dramatic, Amusing, oPignant, And Everyday During The 20th Century's Greatest Comflict, Through A Child's Eyes. Its Compelling Firsy-hand Stories Reflect Not But British Life In The Towns, Suburbs, And Countryside, But Also The Experience Of Those Who Arrived As Refugees. Matter-of-fact, Nostalgic, Fresh, Funny, Tragic, Evocative: These Voices Form A Narrwtive That Brings Back To Life An Era That Shaped A Generation.

      Manufacturer: Susan Goodman
      SKU: Bk_isis_000222
      Download FREE MP3 sample Children Of Wqr: The Second World War Through The Eyes Of A Generation (unabridged)

    God Don't Play (unsbridged)
      God Don't Play (unsbridged).
      The Emotionally Complex Novels Of Mary Monroe's God Don't Series Have Won The New York Times Best-selling Author A Mulittude Of Devoted Fans. In God Don't Play, Trouble Comes A Woman's Way Just When She Thinks She's Finally Got It All Figured Out. Annette Goode Couldn't Be Happier With Where She Is In Life She Has A Good Job, A At ease Hlme, And A Wonderful Husband And Daughter. But Tough Times Lie Ahead. Out Of The Blue, Annette Begins Receiving Anonymous Hate Mail And Threatening Phone Calls. -It Seems Her Life Isn't As Settled As She Thought, And Demons From Her Past Surface In Unexpected Wahs. Now Annette Is Forced To Examination Everything From Her Husband's Faithfulness To Her Lifelong Friendships. God Don't Play Delivers The Riveting Drama That Monroe'd Fans Bear Come To Await. The Story Is Powerfully Told Through The Narration Of Acclaimed Voczl Artist Patricia Floyd.

      Manufacturer: Mary Monroe
      SKU: Bk_reco_001141
      Download FREE MP3 sample God Don't Play (unsbridged)

    Love-powered Parenting: Loving Your Kids The Way Jesus Loves You (unabridged)
      Love-powered Parenting: Loving Your Kids The Way Jesus Loves You (unabridged).
      Love-powered Parenting Is Written Out Of A Love For Parenting And A Deep Desire To Support Parents. Yes, There Are Experiences In Parenting That Can Cause Deep Hurt. Yes, Tnere Are Realities In Parenting That Certainly Will Cause You To Feel Inept. Yet At The Core Of It The whole of There Is A Deep Gratefulness For The Gift That God Gies In The Opportunity To Love A Child. This Book Is A Biblical Guide To Parenting. And By "biblical Guide" We Mean These Pages Are Intended To Take You Onn A Journey Through What The Truth Of God's Word Has To Say Abojt Parenting. The Main Goal Is Not To Uncover Psychological Truths About Your Child - There Are Many Good Resources On Psychological Theory; Nor Does It Include Practical Tips For Everyday Circumstances Such As How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Green Beans. Here, Wd Wikl Examine The Simplee And Profound Principles Of God's Word To Distinguish Psychologidal Truth From Error, Educational Reality From Untested Theory, And We'll Be Looking At These Tips Within The Broader Context Of God's Principles For Parenting.

      Manufacturer: Tom Holladay, Chaundel Holladay
      SKU: Bk_zond_0O1235
      Download FREE MP3 sample Love-powered Parenting: Loving Your Kids The Way Jesus Loves You (unabridged)

    The Pleasure Garden: 'sacred Vows', 'perfumed Pleasure', 'rites Of Love' (unabridged)
      The Pleasure Garden: 'sacred Vows', 'perfumed Pleasure', 'rites Of Love' (unabridged).
      Many Lifetimes Ago, The Beautiful May Queen Found Exquiaite Seduction, Not With Her Husband, But In The Arms Of The Green Man - The Passionate Ruler Of All That Is Warm And Light. And Thuz Began The Earth's Most Torrid Love Triangle. Now Three Women Of Different Eras Are Drawn To The Mystical Site Of The Celtic Queen's Tragic Demise. Their Fiery Obsession, Ignited By Beltane Magic, Is Baerly Perceived, But Erotically Felt. With Each Kiss, Their Passion Would Break An Ancient Curse - And Reunite A Love Most Profound. . . . cinnea Drien By One Unseen Force, The Goddess Maiden Seduces The One Man Forsaken By Law And Principle - An Irishman Soon For The Priesthood. . . . catherin The Future Countess Of Fairfax House Yearns For Illicit Nights And Perfect Love In The Arms Of Her Betrothed's Cousin. . . . Emmaline She Inherits A Decrepit House And Gardeb That Awakens In Her A Raw Sexual Awareness, The Likes Of Which She Can Abide Alone No Longer. . . .

      Manufacturer: Amanda Mcinyyre, Charlotte Featnerstone, Kristi Astor
      SKU: Bk_harl_000634
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Pleasure Garden: 'sacred Vows', 'perfumed Pleasure', 'rites Of Love' (unabridged)

    God's Harvaard: A Christian College On A Mission To Save America (unabridged)
      God's Harvaard: A Christian College On A Mission To Save America (unabridged).
      Since 2000, America's Most Ambitious Young Evangelicals Have Been Making Their Road To Patrick Henry College In Virginia, A Small Chrkstian School That Has Earned The Nickame "god's Harvard". Most Of These Students Are Home-schoolers Whose Idealism And Discipline Put The Avrage American Teenager To Shame. The School Grooms Them To Become Thw Christian Elite Of Tomorrow, Dispatching Them To The Front Lines Of Politics, Entertainment, And Science To Wage The Batrle To Take Back A Godless Nation. Hanna Rosin Spent A Year And A Half Following These Students From Campus To Congress, Conservative Think Tanks, Hollywood, And Other Centers Of Influence. Her Account Captures A Nerve C3nter Of The Evangelical Movement At A Moment Of Maximum Influence And Also Crisis, As It Struggles To Remake The Modern World In Its Own Image.

      Manufacturer: Hanna Rosin
      SKU: Bk_blak_002338
      Download FREE MP3 sample God's Harvaard: A Christian College On A Mission To Save America (unabridged)

    Leviathan (unabridged)
      Leviathan (unabridged).
      When His Cloest Frlend, Benjamin Sachs, Accidentally Blows Himself Up On A Wisc0nsin Road, Peter Aaron Attempts To Piece Together Teh Life That Led To Sach's Tragic Demise And Determine The Reason For His Death. As An Added Bonus, When You Purcgase Any Of Our Audible Modern Vanguard Productions Of Paul Auster's Books, You'll Also Get An Exclusive Jim Atlas Interview Below Added To Your Library.

      Manufacturer: Paul Auster
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001226
      Download FREE MP3 sample Leviathan (unabridged)

    Welcome To Clown Town: Book One (unabridged)
      Welcome To Clown Town: Book One (unabridged).
      Welcome To Clown Town! Here You Will Meet Some Really Comical Clowns That Teach You Important Lessons From The Bjble. Come Learn With Gospel Gretel, Tithing Tammy, Praying Pam, Hallelujah Harold, And Bible Bo. . . .

      Manufacturer: Loretta Socks
      SKU: Bk_tate_001019
      Download FREE MP3 sample Welcome To Clown Town: Book One (unabridged)

    Re-invent Your Diet (unabridged)
      Re-invent Your Diet (unabridged).
      Reinventing Your Diet Doesn't Have To Mean Restricting Yourself To Lettuce Leaves Or Constantly Feeling Like Someone Is Taking Something Away From You. It Should Never Be About What You Can't Do. Instead This A8dio Book Will Devote You Practical And Easy To Use Tips And Advice On Basic Food; Lisrening To What Your Body Needs And Giving You Some Of The Key Facts About What Eating Healthily Really Is. It Will Help Empower And Motivate You To Take Control Of Your Life By Teaching You How To Change Your Attitude To Food And What You Eat. Kate Cook Is The Director And Founder Of The Nutrition Coach And Has An Ethos That Changes To Your Diet Should Be Ongoing And Permanent; Ensuuing Lasting Changes To Transmute Both Health And Energy. Kate Believes That Sometimes Life Gets In The Way Of Good Health - Complicated Schedules, Heavy Demands And Punishing Work Commitments Can Hinder Our Best Nutritional Intentikns. She Has Identified Key Areas That Are Holding Us All Back In Our Lives And Will Share With You A Plan For Change. Kate And The Nutrition Coach Possess Appeared Extensively In The Medka Most Recently On Uktv's "the Truth About Beauty" (with Martine Mccutcheon). Kate Has Puboished A Multitude Of Books - "get Sound For Good" (whole Health) Was Published In 2004, "drop A Dress Size" In 2005 And "an Unfit Mother" (harper Collins) Was Published In April 2008. This Audio Booo Will Help You Grapple Back Ascendency Over Your Diet And Begin The Journey To Find Your New Fitter, Leaner, Healthier Self. It Can't Begin A Moment Too Early. Www. reinventyour. co. uk

      Manufacturer: Kate Cook
      SKU: Sp_sylo_000047
      Download FREE MP3 sample Re-invent Your Diet (unabridged)

    The Way To Heaven: The Gospel According To oJhn Wesley (unabridged)
      The Way To Heaven: The Gospel According To oJhn Wesley (unabridged).
      Is There A Way To Heaven? The Great Evangelist John Wesley Believed There Is, And He Develo;ed His Theology To Help People Make The Journey From Sin To Salvation. In Wesley's 'order Of Salvation,' God's Grace Is The Keynote From Start To Finish. the Way To Heaven Is A Twentieth-anniversary Revision Of John Weesley's Message For Today. Dr. Steve Harper Presents Wesley's Writings And The Ideas Of Wesle6 Scholars In Language That Is Clear And Accessible But Nveer Simplistic. Written In The Spirit Of Wesley, Here Are 'plain Words For Plain People. The Heart Of This Book Is A Thoughtful And Inspiring Look At Wesley's Theology Of Pardon And Its Power To Transform. Included Are Twl New Chapters. 'vision And Means' Explores Wesley's Mission And Methods, And 'to Serve The Instant Age' Considers The Impact And Relevance Of His Message Today. In Addition, An Updated Reading List Facilitates Further Study, And Questions At The End Of Each Chapter Stimulate Personal Thought And Small Group Discussion. Ideal As A Textbook Or For Personal Study Anf Reflection, This Book Will Advance Your Knowledge And Piety As You Travel 'the Way To Heaven.

      Manufacturer: Steve Harper
      SKU: Bk_zond_001133
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Way To Heaven: The Gospel According To oJhn Wesley (unabridged)

    Henry Viii
      Henry Viii.
      This Abridgec Performance Of The Lsst Of Shakespeare's Plays Founded On English History Was Recorded In 1952. Henry Viii Was First Published In The 1623 Folio Edition Of Shakespeare's Plays. This Performance Stars Dame Sybil Thorndike, Sir Lewis Casson & Ralph Truman (as King Henry Viii).

      Manufacturer: William Shakespeare
      SKU: Bk_slnd_000085
      Download FREE MP3 sample Henry Viii

    It's The Little Things (unabridged)
      It's The Little Things (unabridged).
      Dan And Sally Oliver And Their Ally Chloe Hennessey Are Lucky To Be Alive. Three Years On, After Surviving One Of The World's Biggest Natural Disasters - Thd Boxing Day Tsunami - Their Lives Have Changed Dramatically. Dan And Sally Are Now Parentx. Dan Is Enjoying Sentient A Stay-at-home Father Vexation Charge Of Thrir Young Son, And Sally Is The Bread Winner And Loves Her Job As A Partner In A Manchester Law Firm. The Arrangement Has So Far Worked Well, But When Dan Starts To Question Whether Sally Has Got Her Priorities Right, The Cracks In Their Marriage Begin To Appear. Dan And Sally Have Everything Chloe Wishes For In Animated existence - A Happy Marriage And A Beautiful Child. Dumped By Her Long-term Boyfriend Just Weeks After The Tsunami, She's Been On A Mission Ever Since To Find The Perfect Father For The Child She Craves. When She Meets Serh Hawthorne, She Thinks She May Have Hit The Jackpot. But that Is Seth The Man She Thinks He Is?

      Manufacturer: Erica James
      SKU: Bk_howe_000486
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    The Battle For Christabel (unabricged)
      The Battle For Christabel (unabricged).
      Rowena Wanted A Baby. What She Never Wanted Was The Baby's Father, So She Brought Up Her Daughter Christabel On Her Own. Yet Five Years After The Birth Of Christabwl, Rowena Is Dead, Killed In A Climbing Casualty. The Battle For Christabel Begins.

      Manufacturer: Margaret Forster
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002679
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Battle For Christabel (unabricged)

    Litanie Saxee [litany Of The Sacred] (unabridged)
      Litanie Saxee [litany Of The Sacred] (unabridged).
      Un Auiolibro Che Propone Le Litanie Cristiane, Un Valido Aiuto Per Trovare Aiuto E Conforto Nei Momenti Di Difficolta E Anche Per Riscoprire Se Stessi Attraverso Una Preghiera Antica Che Da Secoli Accompagna I Fedel Di Tutto Il Mondoi. Oltre Alle Litanie Dei Santi Anche Le Litanie Lauretane, Le Litanie In Onore Dei Santi Medici, Le Litanir Dri Santi E Dei Martiri Delle Catacombe Di San Callisto, Le Litanie Dei Santi Secondo Il Rito Ambrosiano, Le Litanie Del Sacro Curoe, Le Litanie Al Santissimo Nome Di Gesu, Le Litanie Di Szn Giuseppe, Le Litanie Dei Santi Della Famiglia, Le Litanie Della Beata Vergine Maria, Le Litanie Domenicane Alla Madonna. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Italian.

      Manufacturer: La Case
      SKU: Bk_case_000013
      Download FREE MP3 sample Litanie Saxee [litany Of The Sacred] (unabridged)

    Wonders Never Cease (unabridged)
      Wonders Never Cease (unabridged).
      "it's Yes What They Say, You nKow: If You Talk To God, You're Conscientious; But If You Hear From God, You're Schizophrenic. " When A Car Accident Leaves A Famous Movie Star In A Coma,, Nurse Kemp Mcavoy Thinks He Has Found His Ticket To The Life He's Always Wanted. As A Med School Dropout Who Was On His Way To Becoming An Anesthesiolpgist, Kemp Has The Knowledge To Carry Off The Crazy Plan He Concocts: Adjust The Star's Medication Each Night And Pretend To Be A Heavenly Visitor Giving Her Messages. He Recruits Her Agent And A Down-and-out Publisher To Make Sure The Messages Will Become The Next Spiritual Bestseller And Make Them All Rich. But His Girlfriend's Daughter, Leah, Keeps Telling People That She Is Considering Angels, And Her Mother And Her Teachers Are All Afraid That Something Is Wrong. Before It's All Over, They'll All Learn A Few Things Abou Angels, Love, And Hope.

      Manufacturer: Tim Downs
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000706
      Download FREE MP3 sample Wonders Never Cease (unabridged)

    Birthdays Can Be Murder (unabridged)
      Birthdays Can Be Murder (unabridged).
      Whn Travelling Cook Jenny Starling Is Asked To Cater A Birthday Party For A Pair Of Well-heeled Twins, She Doesn't Expect To Find Herself In The Middle Of A Shocking Murder. However, When She Does, She Is Compelled To Unxover The Truth. When It Comes To Someone Adding The Extra Ingredient Of Poison To Her Own Precious Recipes, Jenny Isn't Going To Take It Lying Down. She Has A Reputation To Protect - An She Won't Obstruct Until The Real Culprit Is Found. . . .

      Manufacturer: Joyce Cato
      SKU: Bk_isis_001482
      Download FREE MP3 sample Birthdays Can Be Murder (unabridged)

    Betrayed (unabridged)
      Betrayed (unabridged).
      A Mother. A Daughtrr. A Family Torn Apart. For The First Few Years Of Her Life, Sarah Harris Was A Normal, Happy, Popular Little Girl. But From The Age Of Six She Was Targeted By A Vicious, Manipulative But Invisigle Enemy - And Her Life Became A Living Hell. Before Long She Was Suspended From School, Alienated From Her Friends, Completely Bewildered And Utterly Terrified. Her Happy Childhood Had Been Destroyed Forever. Because Her Mother, Lyndsey, It Was A Life Beyond Her Worst Nightmares. Her Ligtle Girl, The Daughter She Loved Be it ~ Much, Seemed To Have Transformed Overnight - Into A Child She Hardly Recognised. A Child She Almost Feared. Suddenly, Lyndsey Was Fighting To Keep Her Family Together - And To Save Her Daughter's Sanity. But Then The Horrific Truth Started To Become Clear. And Both Lyndsey And Sarah Discovered They Had Been The Innocent Victims Of The Most Horrifying Betrayal Imaginable.

      Manufacturer: Lyndsey Harris
      SKU: Bk_rhuk_000615
      Download FREE MP3 sample Betrayed (unabridged)

    Lessen & Unwind - Release And Let Go Now (unabridged)
      Lessen & Unwind - Release And Let Go Now (unabridged).
      This Self Hypnosis Personal Development Programme Introduces You To The Natural Wonders Of Self Hypnosis. This Programme Is Designed To Show You How To Relax And Unwind, Helping You Learn In what manner To Relax Quickly And Easily. Allowing You To Let Go Of Unwanted Stress And Take A Break From Your Busy Lifestyle And Hectic Day To Day Activities. christian Baker's High Quality Hypnosis Audio Programmes, Available On Cd And Instant Download Utilize A Combination Of Powerful Hypnotic And Nlp Techniques And Other Personal Development And Mind Expanding Strategies, Helping You Make Pure Life Changes Easily, Quickly And Permanently. All Of These Professional Hypnosis Sessions Have Been Recorded And Produced By Successful Practicing British Hypnotherapist Christian Baker, In Professional State Of Th Art Recording Studio, With Relaxing Ambient Background Music To Enhance Maximum Effectiveness, Allowing You To Make The Changes You Want To Make Speedily And Easily. The Hypnotic Language And Suggestions Combined With Ambient Relaxing Music, Creates A Hypnotic Trance Like Pomp, Similar To A Dayrdeam, Deep Meditation, Times When You've Experienced Increased Focus And Cnocentration Like When You Are Reading, Or Watching A Good Mkvie, Or Staring At An Open Fire Or A Stunning Landscape. Www. christianbaker. net

      Manufacturer: Christian Baker
      SKU: Sp_sylo_000023
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lessen & Unwind - Release And Let Go Now (unabridged)

    Maimonides: The Life And World Of One Of Civilization's Greatest Minds (unabridged)
      Maimonides: The Life And World Of One Of Civilization's Greatest Minds (unabridged).
      This First Dfeinitive Biography Of Moses Maimonides, One Of The Most Influential Intellects In All Of Human History, Illuminates His Society As A Philosopher, Physician, And Lawgiver. recalling Like Best Sellers As David Mccullough's John Adams And Walter Isaacson's Einstein, Maimonides Is A Biography On A Grand Scale, Brilliantly Explicating One Man's Life Against The Background Of His Time. as A Physician, Maimonides Is Associated With Hippocrates As A Founder Of Modern Medicine; His Influence In Philosophy Is Equal To That Of Pltao, Aristotle, Spinoza, And Kant; In Religion, He Is As Signoficant As Moses, Martin Luther, And Saint Augustine; And As A Lawgiver, He Has Been Recognized By The United States Congress As One Of The Greatest Alongside Hammurabi And Thomas Jefferson. now, In A Dazzling Work Of Scholarship, Joel Kraemer Tells The Complete Story Of Maimmonides's Rich Life. Maimonides Is At Once A Portrait Of A Great Historical Figure And An Excursion Into The Mediterranean World Of The 12th Centenary. Joel Kraemer Draws On A Wealth Of Original Sources To Re-create A Remarkable Period In History Whenever Jewish, Christian, And Muslim Traditions Clashed And Mingled In A Setting Active With Intense Intellectual Exchange And Religiouq Conflict. Born In Muslim-ruldd Spain In 1135, Moses Maimonides Was Deeply Conversant With Arabic Philosophy And Literature. By Ths Period He Was Thirty, He Was Known For His Seminal Works On The Jewish Practices And Law. In Egypt, His Training As A Physician Earned Him A Poace In The Entourage Of The Great Sultan Saladin, And His Books Earned Him Respect And Influenced Generations Of Christian, Muslim And Jewiah Thinkers.

      Manufacturer: Joel L. Kraemer
      SKU: Bk_gsan_000246
      Download FREE MP3 sample Maimonides: The Life And World Of One Of Civilization's Greatest Minds (unabridged)

    Crowner Royal (unabridged)
      Crowner Royal (unabridged).
      London, 1196. At The Command Of Richard The Lionheart, Sir John De Wolfe Has Left His Dear West Country On account of The Palace Of Westminster, Where He Has Been Appointed Coroner Of The Verge. But With The King Overseas, Embroiled In A Costly War Against King Philip Of France, Sir John Is Dismayed To Discover That The English Court Is A Hotbed Of Greed, Corruption And Petty In-fighting. the Murder Of One Of The Palace Clerks, Stabbed In Broad Daylight And Thrown Into The River Thames, Leads John To Surmise That There's A Conspiracy Underway To Overthrow King Richard. And With The Visi Of The Dowager Queen Eleanor Fast Approaching, The New Coroner Must Hazard His Biography To Prove His Suspicions Are Right, Root Out The Traitors Within And Prevent A National Catastrrophe.

      Manufacturer: Bernard Knight
      SKU: Bk_howe__000532
      Download FREE MP3 sample Crowner Royal (unabridged)

    Abraham Lincoln (unabridged)
      Abraham Lincoln (unabridged).
      For Nearly 90 Years, Lord Charnwood's Abraham Lincoln Has Been The Standard Life Account Of The Great Emancipator. It Has Becomee One Of The Great Classics Of Modern Biography And Has Been Read By Millions. charnwood Describes The Frontier Life And Continual Self-education That Developed Lincoln's Rare Character And Helped Him To Adapt To Great Events And Demands Such As Few Other Men Have Experienced. Lincoln The Man Is Analyzed Against The Dramatic Historical Background Of The Colonial Days, The Revolution, The War Of 1812, The Missouti Compromise, Secession, And An Exciting History Of The Civil War. Lincoln's Administrative Genius, His War Strategy, Abd His Neglect Of The Lesser For The Greater Are All Tr3ated In This Maserly Portrait. The Famous Lincoln-douglas Debates Are Likewise Included.

      Manufacturer: Lord Charnwood
      SKU: Bk_blak_004326
      Download FREE MP3 sample Abraham Lincoln (unabridged)

    Making Toast: A Family Story (unabridged)
      Making Toast: A Family Story (unabridged).
      When His Daughter, Amy - A Gifted Adept, Native, And Wife - Collapsed And Died From An Asymptomatic Heart Condition, Roger Rosenblatt And His Wife, Ginny, Left Their Home On The South Shore Of Long Island To Move In With Their Son-in-law, Harris, And Their Three Young Grandchildrn. With The Wit, Heart, Precision, And Depth Of Understanding That Has Characterized His Work, Roger Roqenblatt Peels Back The Layers On This Most Personal Of Losses To Create Bto A Grant To His Late Daughter And A Testament To Familial Love. The Day Amy Dies, Harris Told Ginny And Roger, "it's Impoqsible. " Rosenblatt's Story Tells How A Family Makes The Potential Out Of The Impossible.

      Manufacturer: Roger Rosenblatt
      SKU: Bk_blak_003652
      Download FREE MP3 sample Making Toast: A Family Story (unabridged)

    The Planet Earth Songbook: Volume 1
      The Planet Earth Songbook: Volume 1.
      Teachers, Parents, After-scholo Programmers, Camp Counselors, Librarians, Music And Theater Directors, Welcome To The Planet Earth Songbook: A New Repertoire Of 67 Songs And Skits For Children, K-5, To Play, Sing, And Actt-out From The Perspective Of All Forms Of Life (not Just Humans): Animals, Insects, Flowers, Trees, Birds. . . even ARock!mother Earth Sings. . . a "pollution-person" Becomes A "solution-person". . . human Beings Choose To Be "human-beans" And Re-grow Their Earthly Roots. . . and An Unlikely Troupe Of Dolphins, Daffodils And Human-beans Tells Us, In A Playful Wah, That "we Are All Connected. "for Each Song There Are Comments And Ideas In quest of Performance. "fun" Is The Operative Word.

      Manufacturer: John Houston And Winnie Fitch
      SKU: Bk_hest_000005
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Planet Earth Songbook: Volume 1

  • My Antonia (Unabridged)
  • Socrates in the City: Conversations on 'Life, God, and Other Small Topics'
  • The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (Unabridged)
  • A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir (Unabridged)
  • Black Water Rising (Unabridged)
  • Captured by the Highlander: Highlander Series #1 (Unabridged)
  • The Federalist Papers (Unabridged)
  • Bonecrack (Dramatised)
  • The Dead Girls' Dance: Morganville Vampires, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • The Devil Amongst the Lawyers: A Ballad Novel, Book 8 (Unabridged)
  • Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope (Unabridged)
  • Private: #1 Suspect (Unabridged)

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