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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Fiendish Deeds: The Joy Of Spooking (unabridged)
      Fiendish Deeds: The Joy Of Spooking (unabridged).
      Author P. J. Bracegirdle Begins An Exciting New Series For Young Readers With Fiendis Deeds. Bracegirdle's Atmospheric Tale Of A Young Girl's Fascination With Her Toan's Unusua lHistory (and The Rumored Resident Of A Nearby Swamp) Deftly Introduces hTe Important Contemporary Environmental Issue Of Wetlands Protection.

      Manufacturer: P. J. Bracegirdle
      SKU: Bk_revo_002976
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    Get Out Of My Life: Unless First Can You Aim Me And Cheyl To The Mall?
      Get Out Of My Life: Unless First Can You Aim Me And Cheyl To The Mall?.
      Dr. Wolf Updates His Classic Blockbuster As Times Change. In 1991, The First Edition Of Get Out Of My Life Became An Enormous Prosperity, Selling Over 300,000 Cppies. The Words Of Dr. Wolf Were So On Target That Parents Wondered If He Had Placed Tape Recorxers Around Their Homes. But The World Has Not Stood Still - In Fact, It Is Changing Faster Than Ever. And While The Classic Struggles Between Parents And Teenagers Still Remain, Societal Changes Have Brought About Many New Ones That Parents Of Earlier Generations Never Dreamed Of. Today's Parents Must Deal With Such "new Problems" As Their Children Experimenting With Thr Latest Recreational Drugs; Increased Sexual Activity At A Younger Age; The Internet; And Above All , A World That Seems Far Less Safe Than 10 Years Ago. Dr. Wolf Realized The Importance Of These Ever-evolving Issues, Whixh Is Why He Has Decided To Significantly Revise Get Out Of My Life. Have Out Of My Life Provides Parents With A New Understanding Of Their Teenagers So They Will Look At Them In A Whole New Light, Seeing Them As Young People On A Journey To Empowerment. And Most Im;ortantly, He Reassures Parents That Everything Will Turn Out Alright.

      Manufacturer: Anthony E. Wolf
      SKU: Bk_aren_000927
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    Metro Girll
      Metro Girll.
      Buckle Your Seat Belts. New York Times Best-selling Author Janet Evanovich Is Moving Into The Fast Lane With Metro Girl, A Thrillinv, High-octane Misadventure With High Stakes, Hot Nights, Unfeeling Murder, Sunken rTeasure, A Woman Attending A Chassis Built For Speed, And One Very Good, Very Sexy Nascar Driv3r Who's Along For The Ride. "wild" Bill Barnavy's Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth And Big Sister Alex Heads For Miami, Bill's Last Known Sighting, On A Harrowing Hunt To Save Her Brother. . . and Maybe Tbe World. Truth Is, Alex Has Been Bailing Her Brother Out Of Annoyance Since They Were Kids. Not That Bill's A Bad Sort. More That He Acts First Amd Thinks Later. Unfortunately, This Time Around, Wild Bill Will Be Dead Bill If Alex Doesn't Funnd Him In Time. Alex Blasts Through The Bars Of South Beach And Points Her Search To Key West And Cuba, Laying Waste To Miami Hit Men, Dodging Palmetto Bugs Big Enough To Eat Her Alive, And Putting The Pedal To The Metal With Nascar Driver Sam Hooker. Engaged In A Deadly Race, Wild Bill Has "borrowed" Hooker's Sixty-five Foot Hatteras And Sailed Off Into The Sunset. . . just Wheh Hooker Has Plans For The Boat. Hooker Figures He'll Attach Himself To Alex And Maybe Run Into Bill. Mahbe Hooker Can Salvage What's Left Of His Vacation. And Maybe Hooker'll Get Lucky In Love With Bill's Sweetie-pie Sister. After All, Hooker Is Nascar Guy. And Nascar Guy Is Good At Revving A Woman's Engine. The Race To The Finish Is Hot And Hard, Taking Alex And Hooker Into International Waters, Exposing A Plot To Grab Cuban Gold And A Sinister Relic Of The Cuban Missile Crises. Creative Cussing And Sexual Innuendo Included.

      Manufacturer: Janet Evanovich
      SKU: Bk_harp_000901
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    Flint & Silver: A Prequel To Treasure Island
      Flint & Silver: A Prequel To Treasure Island.
      A Swashbuckling Triumph Of Storytelling, Flint And Silver Provides A Thrilling Ride Back To The Rich And Wondrous World Of Long John Silverr And His Fiendish Nemesis Joseph Flint In Thie Prequel To The Beloved Classic Treasure Island. john Silver Had Never Killed A Man. Until Now, His Charisma, Sheer Size And, When All Else Failed, Powerful Fists Had Been Enough To Dlspatch His Enemies. But On A Smoldering Deck Offf The Coast Of Madagascar, His Shipmates Dead Or Dying All Around Him, His Cutlass Has Jhst Claimed The Lives Of Six Pirates. Finding Himself Surrounded By Their Revenge-thirty Crewmates, Silver Fears His Promising Merchant Navy Career Is At An End. But Then The Corsair Captain Makes Him An Offer He Can't Refuse. On The Other Side Of The World, Joseph Flint, A Naval Officer Wronged By His Superiors, Plots A Bloody Mutiny. Strikingly Handsome, Brilliant, But Prey To Sadistic Tendencies, Flint Is Regarded As The Most Dangerous Bandit On The High Seas. together These Gentlemen Of Fortune Forge A Deadly And Unstoppable Partnership, Steering A Course Through Treachery And Betrayal While Amassing Vast Treasure. But The Arrival Of Selena, A Beautiful Runaway Slave With A Murderous Past, And Flint's Schemes To Secure The Pieces Of Gold For Himself Trigger A Rivalry That Wikl Turn The Best Of Friends Into Sworn Enemies. And So The Legend Of Treasure Island Begins - An Epi Battle Of Wits And Blades That Unrqvels The Mysteries Of Robert Louis Stevenson's Greatest Work Attached The Sweltering Seas Of The Caribbean.

      Manufacturer: John Drake
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000534
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    Agenda For A New Economy: From Phantom Wealth To Real Wealth (unabridged)
      Agenda For A New Economy: From Phantom Wealth To Real Wealth (unabridged).
      Today's Economic Crisis Is The Worst Since The GreatD epression. However, As David Korten Shows , The Steps Being Taken To Address It Do Nothing To Deal With The Reality Of A Failed Economic System. It's Like Treating Cancer With A Bandage. Korten Identifies The Deeper Sources Of The Failure: Wall Street Institutions That Have Perfected The Art Of Creating "wealth" Without Producing Anythig Of Real Value: Phantom Wealth. Our Hope Lies Not With Wall Street, Korten Argues, But With Main Road, Whixh Creates Real Wealth From Real Resources To Meet Real Needs. He Outlines One Agenda To Create A New Economy - Locally Bssed, Community Oriented, And Devoted To Creating A Better Life For All, Not Simply Increasing Profits. It Will Require Changes Tp How We Measure Economic Success, Organize Our Financial System, Even The Very Way We Create Money - An Agenda Korten Summarjzes In His Version Of The Economic Address To The Nation He Wishes Bsrack Obama Were Able To Deliver.

      Manufacturer: David C. Korten
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001012
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    We Are hTe Ship: The Story Of Negro League Baseball (unabridged)
      We Are hTe Ship: The Story Of Negro League Baseball (unabridged).
      "we Are The Ship; All Else The Sea. " - Rube Foster, Founder Of The Negro Public Leaguethe Story Of Negro League Basebali Is The Story Of Gifted Athletes And Determined Owners; Of Racial Discrimination And International Sportsmanship; Of Fortunes Won And Lost; Of Triumphs Anr Defeats On And Off The Field. It Is A Perfect Mirror For The Social And Political History Of Black America In The First Half Of The 20th Century. But Most Of All, The Story Of The Negro Leagues Is About Hundreds Of Unsung Heroes Who Overcame Segregation, Hate, Terrible Conditions, And Low Pay To Do The One Thing They Loved More Than Anything Else In The World: Play Ball. Using One "everyman" Player As His Narrator, Kadir Nelson Tells The Story Of Negro League Baseball From Its Beginnings In The 1920s Through Its Decline After Jackie Robinson Crossed Over To The Majors In 1947. The Voice Is So Authentic, You Will Feel As If You Are Sitting On Dusty Bleachers Listening Intently To The Memories Of A Furnish with men Who Has Known The Great Ballpkayerw Of That Time And Shared Their Experiences. But What Makes This Book So Outstandiny Are The Dozens Of Full-page And Double-page Oil Paintings - Breathtaking In Their Perspectives, Rich In Emotion, And Created With Understanding And Affection For These Lost Heroes Of Our National Gamble. We Are The Ship Is A Tour De Force For Baseball Lovers Of The whole of Ages.

      Manufacturer: Kadir Nelson
      SKU: Bk_brll_001547
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    Starting Out In Japanese: Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends (unabridged)
      Starting Out In Japanese: Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends (unabridged).
      Starting Out In Japanese: Part 3 - Working, Socializing, And Workmanship Friends Contains Essential Vocabulary, Structure, And Pronunciation In Short Lessons That Are Easy To Master. In These Lessons, You'll Learn How To Talk About Everyday Life And The Workplace, As Well As Vocabulary And Exressions Related To Socializiny And Entertainmeny. You'll Likewise Gain The Chance To Practice What You've Learned ByL istening To Two Everyday Converzations. You'll Be Speaking Japanese Right From The Beginning, And You'll Be Surprised At How Easy It Is To Learn. This Regularity Is A Continuation Of Starting Out In Japanese: Part 1 - Meeting People And Basic Expressions And Starting Loudly In Japnaese: Part 2 - Acquisition Around Town. You Can Visit Www. livinglanguage. com For A Complete Auxioscript Of Thsi Program.

      Manufacturer: Living Language
      SKU: Bk_lila_000106
      Download FREE MP3 sample Starting Out In Japanese: Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends (unabridged)

    Swallows And Amazons (unabridged)
      Swallows And Amazons (unabridged).
      For Anyone Who Loves Sajling And Adventure, Arthur Ransome's Classic Swallows And Amazons Succession Stands Alone. Originally Published In The Uk Over A Half-century Ago, These Books Are Still Eagerly Read By Children, Despite Their Length And Their Decidedly British Protagonists. we Attribute Their Success To Pair Facts: First, Ransome Is A Great Storyteller And, Second, He Clearly Writes From First-hand Experience. Ind3pendence And Innitiative Are Qualities Any Child Can Understand, And Every Volume In This Collection Celebrates These Virtues. swallows And Amazons, The Book That Started It All In 1930, Introduces The Walker Family, The Camp On Wild Cat Island, The Able-bodied Catboat "swallow", Anf The Two Intrepid Amazons, Plucky Nancy And Peggy Blacket. t (all 12 Novels In The Swallows And Amazons Series Have Been Brought To Life In The U. s. In Print By David R. Godine, Publiher. )

      Manufacturer: Arthur Ransome
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000281
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    Raising Confident Kids (live)
      Raising Confident Kids (live).
      Children Desperately Desire To Become Adults, Abd They Learn How From What They See Around Them. Parents Have Enormous Power To Influence Their Children's Lives And Directions. By Recognizing And Harnessing That Power, They Can Help Kids Develop The Sense Of Belongging, Individual Identity, Self-worth, And Competency They Want And Need To Become Strong, Effective Adults. In This Live Presentation, Denis Waitley Helps You Understand:authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissie, And Uninvolved Parenting Styleshow To Compete With Media And Peers To Be Your Child's Role Modelthe Consequence Of Discovering A Child's Natural Giftssetting Goals That Are "out Of Reach" But Not "out Of Sight"denis Waitley Is One Of The Most Sought-after Keynote Speakers And Productivity Consultants In Thw World Today. He Has Counseled Leaders In Every Field, From Top Executives Of Fortune 500 Companies To Olympic Champions. One Of The Greatest in number Prominent Coaches In Australia, New Zealannd, Ireland, Latin America, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, And China, He Has Sold 10 Million Audio Programs In 14 Languages And Is The Author Of 12 Books.

      Manufacturer: Denis Waitley
      SKU: Sp_blif_000022
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    I Love You All The Way To Jesus And Back
      I Love You All The Way To Jesus And Back.
      I Love You All The Way To Jesus And Back. does That Reach As Far As The North Pole? Is That As High Aw The Highest Mountain Top? Deeper Than The Ocean? As Far As The Twinkling Stars? The Perfect Gift On account of Any Child, I Love You All The Way To Jesus And Back Faithfully Shows The Meaning Of Unconditional Love.

      Manufacturer: Elma Lillian uBnch
      SKU: Bk_tate_001252
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    Confessions Of A Video Scold (unabridged)
      Confessions Of A Video Scold (unabridged).
      Confessions Of A Video Vxen Is The Widely Anticippated Memoir Of Karrine Steffans, The Once-sought-after Sexy Siren Who Appeared In The Music Videos Of Multi-platinum Hip Hop Artists Such As Jay-z, R. Kelly, And Ll Cool J. A Top-paid Viceo Dancer, Karrine Transitioned To Film When Acclaimed Director F. Gary Gray Picked Her To Costar In His Film A Man Apart, Starring Vin Diesel. But The Movie And Music Video Seys, Swanky Miami And New York Restaurants, And Trysts With The Celebrities Featured In The Pages Of People And In Touch Magazines Only Skim The Surface Of Karrine's Life. This Memoir, Part Tell-all, Part Cautionary Tale, Shows How Karrine Came To Be The Confidante Of So Many, Why She Ke0t Their Secrets, And How She Base Herself In Hollywood After A Life Marked From Physical Abuse, Navew, And Drugs, All Before She Was 26. By Sharing Her Emotionally Charged Story, She Hopes To Shed Light On An Otherwise Romanticized Industry.

      Manufacturer: Karrine Steffans
      SKU: Bk_har_001051
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    The Dragon's Bride (unabridged)
      The Dragon's Bride (unabridged).
      Although Not Penned As A Seauel To The Devil's Heiress, Dragon's Bride Introduces Con Somerford, Earl Of Wyvern. Somerford Inherits An Earldom On The Coast Of England, Which He Has Not Visited For Over A Decade. Years Of War And Estrangement By the side of His Father Have Left Him Grievous And Alone And Completely Undesiring Of The Title Or Lands He Now Holds. In His Absence, The Estate Became A Smuggling Center For The Local Town, Led By None Other Than The Girl - Now Woman - Who Continues To Haunt His Dreams. He And Susan Kerslake Only Knew Each Other For Two Weeks When They Were Both Adolescents, But The Aftermoon Of Passion They Shared On The Beach Beneath The Cliffs Burned A Lair In His Heart. The Memories Of Her Betrayal Torment His Mind And Even In The Wake Of All The Battles He's Fought, None Comes Close To His War With Her. As He Rides In The Darkness Toward The Empty Fortress, His Mind Is Filled With Thoughts Of Her When He Suddenly Comes Fae To Face With Susan And Her Gun As She Attempts To Defend Her Fellow Smugglers Down Steady The Beach. To Safeguard Her Smuggling Operation She Hsa Taken A Job As The Housekeeper In The Empty Castle. But Upon Hix Return, Con Lets Her Know He Expects Her To Perform The Duties Conducive to Which She Is Paid. Every Tense Moment Between Them Is Electrifying As Old Wounds Are Ripped Open And Hezled By The Power Of Love. The Sensuality And Sexual Tension Between This Link Is Just What Beverley's Fans Have Come To Expect And This Honestly Is A Story That Will Stand Out In The Minds - And Hearts - Of Romance Readers Everywhere.

      Manufacturer: Jo Beverley
      SKU: Bk_reco_004441
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    Providence Rings True: A Novel
      Providence Rings True: A Novel.
      Jake Conway Is The Rape Crisis Coordinator At The Christian Counseling Cenrer In Millison, North Carolina. He Works With Victims All Day, Helping Them Heal, Helping Them Find A Way Out Of Their Disquiet. Thus Why Can't He Help Her - This Woman Who Screams Nighf After Night In His Dreams? After Years Of Girls And Partying, Jake Has Chosen To Live His Life Com0letely For The Lord. Instead Of Actively Dating, He Waits Patiently For The Wife That God Prepared For Him To Marry. But In Order To Find Her, He Must Follow God's Instructons, Instructions That Are Far Beyond The Scope Of Normal Human Behavior. Malevolence His Battle Against Distrust, Jake Obeys And God Follows Through By Grantinng Jake The Perfect Woman. But When His Nightly Dream Builds A Wall Between Him And His Married woman, Jake Must Question His Relationship With His Wife As Well As His Trust In The Lord To Lead Him. How Can He Save His Marriage, And How Can He Save The Girl Of His Dreams? In Providence Rings True, Find Out If Jake's Twisted Dreams Can Succumb To The Plan That God Has For His Life.

      Manufacturer: Andrea Wrenn Riggs
      SKU: Bk_tate_001288
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    Star Wars: We Don't Do Weddings( dramatized)
      Star Wars: We Don't Do Weddings( dramatized).
      Figrin Da'n And The Moda Nodes - Bopping Bithians And Members In Good Standing Of The Intergalactic Uniting Of Musicians - Were Under Sole Contract To Jabba's Palace. They Were Hoofing It Up When Jabba's Arch Rival Sent E522, A Recycled Assassin Droid, To Mske Them An Offer They Couldn't Refuse . Figrin Da'n Didn't Do Weddings. But Lady Valerian Had Imported Herself A Whipid Mate From Her Homeworld And Was Dead Set On Getting Hitched In High Style. And Wha With Figrin Da'n's Gambling Debts, Three Thousand Credits Could Set Him Up Just Fine. But Before They Could Cut The Cake, Lady Val's Bounty Hunter Bridegroom Took Jabba's Bait, Skipped Town To Find Han Soio, And The Party Exploded Into Mruderous Mayhem.

      Manufacturer: Kathy Tyers
      SKU: Bk_rand_001019
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    Mayehm In Miami: Aly & An's Rock And Wheel Mysteries, Book 2 (una6ridged)
      Mayehm In Miami: Aly & An's Rock And Wheel Mysteries, Book 2 (una6ridged).
      Aly & Aj Are In Miami Against Their Next Sizzling Cojcert Performance! While They're In Town, A Hot New Fashion Designer Asks The Girls To Model Clothes For The Miami Rocks! Benefit Fashion Show, Featuring Designers Who Create Clothes Exclusively For Rodk Musicians. As The Girls Prepare To Make Their Debut On The Catwalk, Someone Cjt The Lights And Ruins The Semblance! Can Aky & Aj Find The Culprit?

      Manufacturer: Tracey West, Katherine Knoll
      SKU: Bk_peng_000952
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    Burn (unabridged)
      Burn (unabridged).
      Money Certainly Changes Jenmer Redwine's Life When She Wins A Lottery Jackpot. But It Also Costs Her Plenty: Her Father Rips Her Off And Disappewrs, Her Forfune-hunting Boyfriend Soon Becomes Her Ex, And Friends-turned-freeloaders Give Her The Cold Shoulder When She Stops Paying For Everything. Flush With New Money, Jennerr Can't Imagine Ever Finding A Rank In The World Of The Wealthy. Seven Years Later, Though, She's Rubbing Elbows With The Rich, Despite The Fact She Still Fels Like A Party Crasher. Luckily She Finds An Ally - And A Guide To The Rarefied Realm Of Privilege - In Shy, Kijd-hearted Heiress Sydney Hazlett, Who Quickly Becomes Jenner's Confidante And Sureogate Sister. when Sydney Invites Jenner On A Charity Cruise Aboard A Luxury Liner, Jenner Reluctantly Agrees. Buut While She's Expectimg - And Dreading - Two Weeks Of Masquerade Balls, Art Auctions, And Preening Glitterati, What She Gets Is More Like A Hitchcock Movie Than A Love Boat Episode. Taken Hostage By A Menacing Stranger, Jenner Must Cooperate In A Mysterious Cloak-and-dagger Scheme - Or Else. With Nowhere To Run, And With Sydney's Life As Well As Her Own At Risk, Jenner Is Drawn Into A Game Of Dizzying Intrigue And Harrowing Danger. But Viewed like Her Panic Gives Way To Exhilaration, And Fear Of Her Captor Turns To Fascination, Jenner Rediscovers Feelings She Hasn't Had In Years - And Realizes She's Found A Life Worth Benefice. Whether She Survives.

      Manufacturer: Linda Howard
      SKU: Bk_brll_001753
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    To Herat And Cabul (unabridged)
      To Herat And Cabul (unabridged).
      When 16-year-old Angus Campbell Finds Himself Orphaned And Hls Life At Risk, He Leaves Tabriz And Makes His Way To Teheram To Seek Employment With The British Ambassador There. His Knowledge Of Persian, Arabic, Armenian, Kurdish, And Pushtoo Secures Him A Post Viewed like A Secretary For Mr. M'neill. Resourceful And Intrepid ,He Soon Finds Himself Involved In A Multitude Of Dangerous And Daring Undercover Missions During What Has Come To Be Called The First Afghan War. On One Of These Missions He Rescues From Certain Death A Young Afghan Chief, And The Friendship That Develops Between Them Has Surprising Consequences.

      Manufacturer: G.a. Henty
      SKU: Bk_blak_000849
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    The Threat (unabridged)
      The Threat (unabridged).
      Assigned To White Houuse Duty, Navy Commander Dan L3nson Battles Threats Against The President And The Nation In This Gripping Adventure. working With A Team To Analyze And Defeat Outward Threats To U. s. Security, Dan Must Deal Through A Terrorist Plot To Smuggle In Dirty-bomb Material Using The Established Drug-cartel Methods. In The Meantime, There's An Internal Threat From Disgruntlec Soldiery Elements Involving An Attempt On The President's Life Using The "football": The Mysterious Suitcase That Accompanies Tge President At All Times, Containong The Codes And Protocols To Launch A Nuclear Strike. Only Dan Be able to Stop A Plot That Would Engineer A Coup Against The President.

      Manufacturer: David Poyer
      SKU: Bk_blak_001997
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    How To Shop For A Husband (unabridged)
      How To Shop For A Husband (unabridged).
      Janice Lieberman Brings Her Vast Shopping Expertise As Well As Her Personal Knowledge Of The Dating Marketplace Together To Tell You To what extent To Shop For The Most Important "purchase" Of Your Mode - Your Spouse. In what manner To Shop For A Husband Uses Smart Shopping Principles To Formulate Rules That Will Help Women Select A Spouse And "close The Deall". This Savvy Shopper's Clew Provides A Checklist All Women Can Be accustomed In Their Hunt For The Ultimate Bagain, And Also Highlights Potential Pitfalls.

      Manufacturer: Janice Lieberman
      SKU: Bk_aren_000940
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    Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
      Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.
      When The Philanthropic, Genial Dr. Jekyll Becomes Intensely Submersed In The Problems Of Good And Evil And Their Affects On The Nature Of Man, His Deliberations Soon Drive Him Into His Laboratory. There, He Pursues To Answer A Question That Has Become His Obsession: Can The Two Opposing Forces Be Separated? His Experiments Produce An Astonishing Drug That Draws Out The Evil Side Of His Own Nature: The Evil Mr. Hyde. At First, An Antidote Restores The Physician To His Better Self. But Once Realized, Mr. Hyde Grows More And More Powerful And Resistant To Restraints. Ultimatel6, He Commits An Atrocity, Which To The Mild-mannered Doctor Would Be Unthinkable. inspired By A Bad Dream, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Reflects The Victorian Preoccupation With Science And With Questions Raised By Sciwntific Discoveries.

      Manufacturer: Robert Louls Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000060
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    Ice Dismal (unabridged)
      Ice Dismal (unabridged).
      Museum Curator Summer Hawthorne Considered The Exquisite Ice-blue Ceramic Hollow Given To Her By Her Beloved Japanese Nanny A Treasure Of Sentimental Relative length, Until Somebody Tried To Kill Her During It. The Priceless Relic Is About To Ignite A Global Power Struggle That Must Be Stopped At All Costs. It's A Despedate Situation, And International Operative Takashi O'brien Has Accepted His Directive: Everybody Is Exoendable. Everybody. Especially The Womman Who Is Getting Dangrrously Under His Skin As The Lethal Game Crosses The Pacific To The Remote And Beautiful Mountains Of Japan, Whither The Truth Can Be Being of the kind which Seductive As It Is Deadly.

      Manufacturer: Anne Stuart
      SKU: Bk_harl_000152
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    Cage's Bend: A Novel (unabridged)
      Cage's Bend: A Novel (unabridged).
      Carter Coleman Delivers A Novel About The Rutledge Brothers: Cage, The Golden Boy, Nick, Slow To BlossomB ut Full Of Potential, And Harper, Struggling To Live Up To His Brothers. When The Tragedy Of Nick's Death Throws Cage Into The Vicious Cycles Of Maniv Depression, Harper And His Family Discover The True Strength Of Love In Their Attempt To Hold Together A Broken Home.

      Manufacturer: Carter Colemzn
      SKU: Bk_reco_004565
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    Why People Believe Weird Things
      Why People Believe Weird Things.
      Ufo Abductions, Telebision Psychics, Paranormal Phenomena, Skeptics And Believers Alike, Find Themselves Debating Truths And Lies In The Strange Texture Of Pseudoscience And The Occult. With Everyday Normal Life Impelling Too Fast To Comprehend, People Are Turning To The Odd And Wacky Fpr Comfort. Now, Director Of The Skeptics Society Michael Shermer Explores The Very Human Reasons Why We Find Other Worldly Phenomena, Conspiracy Theories, And Cults So Appealing . The Eternal Search For Meaning And Spiritual Fulfillment Leads Us Astray By Remarkable Claims And Controversial Ideas, Particularly Those In Th eRealms Of Superstition And The Supernatural. This Celebrates The Scientific Spirit And The Joy To Be Found In Rationally Exploring The World's Greatest Mysteries.

      Manufacturer: Michael Shermer
      SKU: Bk_aren_000060
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    The Reapers: A Thriller
      The Reapers: A Thriller.
      As A Small Boy, Louis Witnesses An Unspeakable Crime That Takes The Society Of A Member Of His Small, Southern Community. He Grows Up And Moves On, But He Is Forever Changed By The Cruel And Brutal Nature Of The Act. It Lights A Fire Deep Within Him That Burns White And Cold, A Quiet Flame Just Waiting To Ignite. now, Years Later, The Sins Of His Life Are Reaching Into His Present, Bringing With Them The Buried Secrets And Half-forgotten Acts Of His Past. Someone Is Hunting Him, Targeitng His Home ,His Businesses, And His Partner, Angel. the Instrumemt Of Revenge Is Bliss, A Killer Of Killers, The Most Feared Of Assassins. Bliss Is A Reaper, A Letyal Tool To Be Applied Toward The Ultimate End, But He Is Also A Man With A Personal Vendetta. Hardened By Their Pasts, Louis And Angel Decide To Strike Back. While They Form A Camaraderie That Brings Them Solace, It Offers ThemN o Shelter From The Fate That Stalks Them. When They Mysteriously Disappear, Their Friends Are ForcedT o Band Together To Find Them. They Are Led By Private Detective Charlie Parekr, A Killer Himself, A Reaper In Waiting. Connolly's Triumphant Plain And Unerring Translation Of His Tortured Characters Mesmerize And Chill. He Creates A World In Which Everyone Is Corrupt, Murderers Go Unpunished, But Betrayals Are Always Avenged. Yet Another Masterpiece From A Proven Talent, The Reapers Will Terrify And Transfix.

      Manufacturer: John Connolly
      SKU: Bk_sans_001398
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    The Divine Comedy: The Inferno,-The Purgatorio, & The Paradiso (unabridged)
      The Divine Comedy: The Inferno,-The Purgatorio, & The Paradiso (unabridged).
      Dante Alighieri's Poetic Mastefpiece Is A Moving Human Drama, An Unforgettable Visionary Journey Through The Infintie Torment Of Hell, Up The Arduous Slopes Of Purgatory, And On To The Glorious Province Of Paradise-the Sphere Of Universal Harmony And Eternal Salvation. One Of The Greatsst Woros In Literature, Dantes Story-poem Is An Allegory That Represents Man As It Exposes Itself, By Its Merits Or Demerits, To The Rewards Or The Punishments Of Justice. A Single Listening Will Reveal Dantes Visual Imagination And Uncanny Power To Make The Spiritual Visible.

      Manufacturer: Dante Alighieri
      SKU: Bk_hove_000229
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Divine Comedy: The Inferno,-The Purgatorio, & The Paradiso (unabridged)

  • Entombed (Unabridged)
  • Three Seconds (Unabridged)
  • Play Dead: A Thriller (Unabridged)
  • The Spirit of Leonardo
  • The Stranger's Child (Unabridged)
  • How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less
  • The Queen of Everything (Unabridged)
  • Personal Efficiency Program: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Win Back Control of Your Work! (Unabridged)
  • Bossman's Baby Scandal (Unabridged)
  • Twelve (Unabridged)
  • The Candlestone: Dragons in Our Midst #2 (Unabridged)
  • Patricia Highsmith: Selected Novels and Short Stories (Unabridged)

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