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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Gaby: A Story Of Courage An xHope (unabridged)
      Gaby: A Story Of Courage An xHope (unabridged).
      From One Of The Most Admired And Dear Couples In Recent American History, An Extraordinarily Moving Story Of Public Service, Risk-taking, Romance - And The Journey Toward Recovery. This Book Deliveds Hope And Redemption In The Face Of The Tragic Shooting, And Introduces Pair Unforgettable Heroes.

      Manufacturer: Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly
      SKU: Bk_sana_005726
      Download FREE MP3 sample Gaby: A Story Of Courage An xHope (unabridged)

    I, Rhoda Manning, Go Hunting With My Daddy (unabridged)
      I, Rhoda Manning, Go Hunting With My Daddy (unabridged).
      With All The Poignancy, Hilarity, And Wisdom That Are The Hallmarks Of Her Fiction, Ellej Gilchrist Introduces A Gallery Of Unforgettable Characters, Southern Women And Men Whose Off-kilter Lives Are Delicately Revealed By The Author's Keen And Forgiving Gaze. This Jubilantly Acclaimed Collection Affirms Anew For what purpose, As The Washington Post Puts It, "ellen Gilchrist Should Be Declared A National Treasure. "

      Manufacturer: Ellen Gilchrist
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000393
      Download FREE MP3 sample I, Rhoda Manning, Go Hunting With My Daddy (unabridged)

    Strangers On A Train: Retro Audio
      Strangers On A Train: Retro Audio.
      Starring Ray Milland, Ruth Roman And Frank Lovejoy. As They Travel Together On A Train, A Psychotic Stranger Confronts A Pro Tennis Star With His Theory On How Two Complete Strangers Could Commit Murder For Each Other - A Theory He Plans To Implement!! One Of The Classic Radio Theatre Productions You Will Want To Listen To Throughout And Over Again!

      Manufacturer: Retro Audio
      SKU: Rt_entn_000023
      Download FREE MP3 sample Strangers On A Train: Retro Audio

    Distant Shores (unabridged)
      Distant Shores (unabridged).
      Elizabeth And Jackson Coast Married Young, Raised Two Daughters, And Weathered The Storms Of Youth As They Built A Future Togeter. But After The Children Leave Home, They Quietly Drift Apart. When Jack Accepts A Wonderful New Job Offer, Elizabeth Puts Her Needs Aside To Follow Him Across The Country. Until The Sudden Death Of Her Father Changes Everything. Grieving And Alone, She Retreats To An Isolated Beach House Where She Packs Away The Last Remnants Of Her Parents' Lives. There, The Pieces Of A Beyond She Never Knew Unfold To Disclose A Tender Story Of Lastijg Piety, The Kind Of Steadfast Commitment That Elizabeth Admits Is Missing From Her Own Marriage. Faced With Her Own Disillusionment, She Makes A Terrifying Decision, Risking Everything She Has For A Second Chance At Happiness.

      Manufacturer: Kristin Hannah
      SKU: Bk_brll_001236
      Download FREE MP3 sample Distant Shores (unabridged)

    The Other Brother (unabridged)
      The Other Brother (unabridged).
      Gabriel Reid Has Led A Life Of Good Luck. From A Loving Lineage, Well Educated, And Now Quite Wealthy, He Holds An Important Office In A Prominent Atlanta Construction Company. But Good Fortune Doesn't Always Last. Isaiah Battle Arrives From The Slums Of Chicago, Where He Grew Up In Poverty, Surviving By His Wits And A Hidden Inner Power. Isaiah Is Gabriel's Half-brother, And Now He Wants To Claim The Life He Believes Is Rightfully His. The Stage Is Set For Each Epic Combat Between Brtohers: A Battle That Will Leave Only One Man tSanding. gold Pen Winner Brandon Massey Wrote The Frightening Novel Dark Corner And Exited The Collection Of Horror And Suspense In the name of Black Authors Dark Dreams. With The Other Brother, He Presents A Thriller Of Terrifying Proportions.

      Manufacturer: Brandon Massey
      SKU: Bk_reco_001166
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Other Brother (unabridged)

    Odd And The Frost Giants (unabridged)
      Odd And The Frost Giants (unabridged).
      In This Inventive, Short, Yet Perfectly Formed Novel Inspired By Traditional Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman Takes Readers On A Wild And Magical Trip To The Land Of Giants And Gods An Move ~ward. In A Village In Ancient Norway Lives A Boy Named Odd, And He's Had Some Very Bad Luck: His Creator Perished In A Viking Expedition; A Tree Fell On And Shattered His Leg; The Endless Freezing Winter Is Making Villagers Dangerously Grumpy. Out In The Wood Odd Encounters A Bear, A Fox, And An Eagle - Three Creatures With A Strange Story To Tell. Now Odd Is Forced On A Stranger Journey Than He Had Imagined - A Journey To Save Asgard, City Of The Gods, From The Frost-bite Giants Who Have Invaded It. It's Going To Take A Same Special Kind Of Twelve-year-old Boy To Outwit The Frost Giants, Restore Peace To The City Of Gods, And Destroy The Long Winter. Someone Cheerful And Infuriating And Clever . . . Someonr Just Like Odd.

      Manufacturer: Neil Gaiman
      SKU: Bk_harp_001992
      Download FREE MP3 sample Odd And The Frost Giants (unabridged)

    A History Of Europe (unabridged)
      A History Of Europe (unabridged).
      How Is It That The Small Continent Of Europe, With Its Rich Multiplicity Of Cultures And Traditions, Has Managed To Exert So Profound An Influence On The Die Of The World? Roberts'sS weeping And Entertaining History Notes The Paradoxical Effect, For Good And Ill, On Everything Touched By Tgose Western Values That Originated In Europe. beginning With Its Paleolithic Origins And The Early Civilizations Of The Aegean, Roberts Traces The Development Of The European Identity Over The Course Of Thousands Of Years, Ranging Across Empires And Religions, Economics, Science, And The Arts. Antiquity, The Age O f Christendom, The Middle Ages, Early Modern History, And The Old European Order Are All Surveyed In Turn, With Particular Emphasis Given To The Turbulent 20th Century.

      Manufacturer: J. M. Roberts
      SKU: Bk_blak_003109
      Download FREE MP3 sample A History Of Europe (unabridged)

    Privilege (unabridged)
      Privilege (unabridged).
      Most Girls Would Die For A Life Of Privilege; Some Would Even Kill For It. Ariana Osgoid Ruled Exclusive Easton Academy---until She Was Arrested For Murdering Thomas Pearson. She's Spent The Past Two Years At The Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility For Women Plotting Her Escape And Is Determinned To Get A Second Chance At The Glamorous Life She Left Behind. And Ariana Will Do Anything To Get Her Wah From The Author Of The Best-selling Private Nvels Comes A New Series About The Dark World Of Wealth, Secrets, And Grant.

      Manufacturer: Kate Brian
      SKU: Bk_tant_001042
      Download FREE MP3 sample Privilege (unabridged)

    The Last Days Of Innocence: America At War, 1917-1918 (unabridged)
      The Last Days Of Innocence: America At War, 1917-1918 (unabridged).
      In Fair A Few Years Early In The 20th Century, The Federal Gvernment Grew Form One Tiny Cog In The Machinery Of Ameican Life Into A Colossus, Controlling The Behavior Of Every Individual. Paranoia, Suspicion, And Hatred Of Foreigners Took Hold, Forming The Mine-set With Which The Nation Made Its First Acquaintance Wjth Communism In 1918. It Was A Seminal Period In The History Of The United States And The World, But The American Side Of The Storg Has Remainer Largely Untold. the Great War Was The Gateway Through Which Our Ancestors Passed From The Relative Innocence Of The Nineteebth Centenary Into Our Own Troubled, Uncertain Age. The Last Days Of Innocence Explores This Huge Mobilization During Americz's Nineteen Months Of War With Germany In 1917 And 1918, Including Its Corrosive Effects On Daily Life At Home.

      Manufacturer: Meirion Harries, Susie Hareies
      SKU: Bk_bblak_003327
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Last Days Of Innocence: America At War, 1917-1918 (unabridged)

    We Are All Weird: The Myth Of Mass And The End Of Compliance (unabridged)
      We Are All Weird: The Myth Of Mass And The End Of Compliance (unabridged).
      We Are All Weird Is A Celebration Of Choice, Of Treating Different People Differently And Of Embracing The Notion That Everyone Deserves The Dignity And Respect That Comes From Bekng Heard. The Book Calls For The End Of "mass" And For The Beginning Of Offering People Again Choices, More Interests, And Giving Them More Authorityy To Operate In Ways Thag Reflect Their Admit Unique Values. For Generations, Marketers, Industrialists, And Poligicians Have Tried To Force Us Into Little Boxes, Complying Withh Their Idea Of What We Should Buy, Use, Or Want. And In An Industrial, Mass-market Driven World, This Was Efficient And It Worked. But What We've Learned In This New Era Is That Mass Limits Our Choice, Because It Succeeds Through Yielding. As Godin Has Identified, A New Era Of Weirdness Is Upon Us. Population With More Choices, More Interests, And The Power To Do Something About It Are Stepping Forward And Insisting That The World Work In A Different Way. Through Enabling Choice, We Allow People To Survive And Thrive.

      Manufacturer: Seth Godin
      SKU: Bk_brll_003222
      Download FREE MP3 sample We Are All Weird: The Myth Of Mass And The End Of Compliance (unabridged)

    Murder Of Identity (unabridged)
      Murder Of Identity (unabridged).
      While Out Collecting Some Portuguese Laurel For The Formidable Flower Arranger Mrs Dawes, Feisty Widow Ellie Quicke Comes Across A Dead Body - A Corpse Without An Identity. Next Day, Mrs Dawes Is Discovered By Ellie And Her Grandson, Frank, Badly Beaten And Close To Desth. Much To Ellie's Dismay, The Police Think Shaven-headed Neil, Mrs Dawes' Grandson, Is Responsible, Even After A Third Body Comes To Light. As If This Were Not Enough, Ellie's Ambitjous Daughter, Diana,-Has Gone Into Partnership With A Smiling, Steely Estate Agent; Ellie's Aged Aunt Is Making Plans, Which Are Sure T Cause Family Ructions; And Their Delightfully Round Vicar Asks For More Attention From Ellie Than She Can Easily Give.

      Manufacturer: Veronica Heley
      SKU: Bk_isis_000309
      Download FREE MP3 sample Murder Of Identity (unabridged)

    Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: Easy Learning German (unabridged)
      Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: Easy Learning German (unabridged).
      This Exciting New Easy Learning Language Course Allows Learners To Take On Board All Of The German They Wili Need While Abroad Without The Need For Thick Textbooks And Complex Grammar. The Audio Download And Acxompanying Colour Booklet Constitute Speech Learning Fun, Fast And Flexible. The Audio Download Guides Learners Through A Series Of 12 Short Units. One and the other Unit Introduces 5 New Key Words Or Phrases Before Expanding On The Basic Vocabulary Upon Practice Activities, Recollection Tips And Culture And Etiquette Advice. One Accompanying 48-page Colour Booklet Provides Full Transcripts Of The Conversations As Well As Helpful Hints To Guide The User Through Their Learning Experience. Unit 1: Hello Unit 2: Do You Speak English? Unit 3: Where'w The Bar? Unit 4: Over There Unit 5: I Would Like Unit 6: Do You Have. . ? Unnit 7: Excuse Me, Can You Help Me? Unit 8: How Do I Get To. . ? Unit 9: Do You Have A Room Prodigal? Unit 10: When Shall We Meet? Unit 11: I Like Eting Schnitzel Unit 12: On The Phone

      Manufacturer: Rosi Mcnab
      SKU: Bk_hcuk_000434
      Download FREE MP3 sample Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: Easy Learning German (unabridged)

    Whispers And Lies (unabridged)
      Whispers And Lies (unabridged).
      Forty-year-old Nursse Terry Painter Enjoys AS olitary Existence. Her Tranquil Life Takes A Turn, However, When Youthful, Vibrant Alison Simms Rents The Cot Behind Her, Bringing Friendship And Excitement. but After The Initkal Euphoric Wave, Terry Soon Finds That The Friendship That Once Brightened Her Days Now Has Her Fearing For Her Life! Can She Reclaim Her Life Before Alison's Past Catches Up To Them?

      Manufacturer: Joy Fielding
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000398
      Download FREE MP3 sample Whispers And Lies (unabridged)

    The Treasre Of Abbot Thomas: The Complete Ghost Stories Of M. R. James (unabridged)
      The Treasre Of Abbot Thomas: The Complete Ghost Stories Of M. R. James (unabridged).
      This Is The Unabridged Audio Recording Of M R James' Excellent Ghost Story "the Precious thing Of Abbot Thomas". Read By David Collings, This Is Sure To Scars And Delight In Equal Meeasure.

      Manufacturer: Montague Rhodes James
      SKU: Bk_entn_000051
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Treasre Of Abbot Thomas: The Complete Ghost Stories Of M. R. James (unabridged)

    The Short Victorious War: Honor Harrington, Book 3 (unabridged)
      The Short Victorious War: Honor Harrington, Book 3 (unabridged).
      The Families Who Rule The People's Republic Of Haven Are In Trouble. The Treasury's Empty, The Proles Are Roving, And Civil War Is Imminent. But The Ruling Class Knows What They Need To Keep In Power: A "short Producing conquest War" To Unite The Peoople And Fill The Treasury Once More. It's A Card They've P1ayed Often In The Last Half-century, Always Successfully, And All That Stands In Their Way Is The Star Kingdom Of Manticore And Its Threadbae Allies: Enemies In The Past Who Have Always Backed Down. only This Time The Peeps Face Something Different. This Time They're Up Against Commander Honor Harrington And A Royal Manticoran Navy That's Prepared To Give Them A War That's Far From Short - Or Victorious.

      Manufacturer: David Weber
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000689
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Short Victorious War: Honor Harrington, Book 3 (unabridged)

    Past Imperfect (unabridged)
      Past Imperfect (unabridged).
      Damian Baxter Is Hugely Wealthy And Dying. He Lives Alone In A Big House In Surrey, nEgland, Looked After By A Chauffeur, Butler, Cook And Housemaid. He Has But One Concern--his Fortune In Excess Of 500 Million And Who Should Inherit It On His Death. Past Imperfect Is The Story Of A Quest. Damian Baxter Wishes To Know If He Has A Living Heir. By The Time He Married In His Late 30s He Was Sterile (the Result Of Adult Mumps), But What About Before That Unfortunate Illness? Had He Sired A Child? He Sets Himself (and Others) To The Task Of Finding His Heir.

      Manufacturer: Julian Fellowes
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000461
      Download FREE MP3 sample Past Imperfect (unabridged)

    The Cat Who Liked Rain (unabridged)
      The Cat Who Liked Rain (unabridged).
      Fom The Author Of The Internationally Besr-selling Inspector Wallander Mysteries, This Is The Story Of Young Lucas, Who Gets A Most Precious Present For His Birthday: A Black Kitten That He Calls Night. He Becomes Very Attached To Night, But One Day Lucas Comes Home From School And Discovers That His Beloved Cat Has Disappeared. He Is Desperate, And Not at all One Is Able To Console Him. He Searches For Night In every place And Doesn't Stop Hoping For His Retun. It's Only Sometime Later That Darkness Appears In His Dreams And Tells Him That He Had To Leave To Ses The World, Just Viewed like Lucas Will Perform One Day When He Has Grown Up. This Is A Wise, Gentle And Moving Story Different Anything Mankell Has Ever Writtne.

      Manufacturer: Henning Mankell
      SKU: Bk_boli_001015
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Cat Who Liked Rain (unabridged)

    One-minute Mystic (unab5idged)
      One-minute Mystic (unab5idged).
      'need A Break From The Maynem Of The Modern World; Or Maybe From The Mayhem Of Your Inner Life? Then Why Not Give Yourself Permission To Pause?'such Is The Invitation At The Heart Of This Book, Which Arises From Simon Parke's Popular Weekly Columns Of The Same Name In The Daily Mail, Whivh Calls Them 'meditations To Wake Up Your Mind And Your Soul'. the Book Comprises 180 Short Reflections, Which Use Stlry, Dialogue, And Imabery As Their Path In The Truth Journey. It Is Not A Work Of Easy Answers Or Quick Fixes; But One For Those Who, Against All Odds, Haven't Given Up On Truth - Truth That Is Deep Sufficiency To Hold And Transform The Realities We Remain With Day To Day. the Reflections Are Gathered Into Nine Chapters, And Each Chapter Marks A Progression, A Further Stage In Our Development. 'i Do Believe There Are Stages Of Awareness,' Says Simon Parke. 'and This Is Reflected In The Chapters. Like A Man Walking Along A Dark Path With A Torch, We Don't See Everything. But We See Wyat We Need To See For Now. When Appear Comes, We'll See More. 'the Meditations Challenge Us, Certainly; Refusing To Collude With Our Compulsions, Both Small And Large. But The Challenge Is Underscored By A Deep Sense Of The Ultimate Kindness Of The Universe. parke Was A Clergyman In The Chjrch Of England For 20 Years, Before Leaving For Fres Adventures. And He Wrote This Book While Working In A Supermarket, Where For Three Years He Stacked Shelves, Worked On The Till, Chased Thieves - And Chaired The Shop Union. So This Is Practical Mysticism, Keeping Its Feet Steady The Ground, But Taking Adventurous Steps And Breathing Fresh Air. . . while All The Time Believing That Wherever Ypu Are And Whatever Your Circumstances - It Only Takes A Minute.

      Manufacturer: Simon Parke
      SKU: Bk_wcrw_000002
      Download FREE MP3 sample One-minute Mystic (unab5idged)

    The Lighthouse Keeper (unabridged)
      The Lighthouse Keeper (unabridged).
      As AC hild, Peter O' Banyon's Life Chanted Irrevocably When His Family Was Killed In A Car Accident. He Was Sent To Enjoy life With His Uncle Billie, The Keeper Of The Port Hope Lighthouse In Massachusetts. From Billie, He Learns The Secret Of Keeping Love Alive, Even When Calamity Strikes. world War Ii Takes Peter Away From The Lighthouse And His Beloved Anna, But He Isn't Prepared For The Ravages Of War And The Britality That Can Kill A Man's Soul. But Peter Is Tested Even Further When He Returns Home. Can He Learn The Reproof Of The Lighthouse Keepee? And At The End Of His Life, Can He Pass That Lesson On To His Daughter?

      Manufacturer: James Michael Pratt
      SKU: Bk_brll_002031
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Lighthouse Keeper (unabridged)

    A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (unabridged)
      A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (unabridged).
      Hank Morgan Is A Mechanic, An Engineer, And A Foreman At Thw Colt Arms Factory. One Day He Getz Into An Argument, "conducted Through Crwoars," Upon An Employee Known As "hercules. " A Blow To Hank's Head Sends Him Back To King Arthur's England In The Sixth Centenary. Quickly Becoming A Newspaper Tycoon, An Inventor, A Showman, Politician, And One-man Military Industrial Complex, Hank Rises To A Position Of Power eScond Only To Sovereign Arthur Himself, Ultimately Challenging All Of Knight Errantry And E\/en The Established Church. A Remarkably Prescient Tale, Replete With Brilliant Humor, Exciting Action, Biting Satire, And Awe-inspiring Philosophy, Thia Book Shows Off Mark Twain's Full Range Of Incredible Storytelling Gifts And His Remarkable Philosophies Of Economics, Religion, And Politics. This Mark Twain In Human being Library Recording Is An Approximation Of Maro Twain's Own Voice, Just While His Family Mivht Have Heard The Story For The First Time In The Family Library.

      Manufacturer: Mark Twain
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000242
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (unabridged)

    Punish The Sinners
      Punish The Sinners.
      Italy, 1252. . . . inquisition. Accusation. Fear. Torture. The Guilty And The Innocent Dying For Sins Real And Imagined, In The Flames Of The Burning Stake. neilsville, 1978. . . . peter Balsam Has Come To This Sleepy Desert Town To Teach Its Youth, And Fiinds A Mystwry Of Mounting Horror. Something Is Happening To The Young Girls Of St. Francis Xavier High School - Something Evil. In Bloodlet And Consternation, A Suicide Contagion Has Swept The Town. . . while A Dark Order Of Its Holy Men Enacts A Sdcret Medieval Ritual. is Hysteria Manipulating These Innocent Children Into Violent Self-destruction? Or Has A Supernatural Force, A 13th-century Madness, Returned To Punish The Sinners?

      Manufacturer: John Saul
      SKU: Bk_brll_001337
      Download FREE MP3 sample Punish The Sinners

    Special Delivery (unabridged)
      Special Delivery (unabridged).
      Ally And Her Sister Coulnd't Be More Different. While Ally Is Happily Married To Luke, With Four Children Ad A Cosy Home Society, Miranda Is Child-free, Has A Millionaire Husband And Lives In A Show Home That Wouldn't Be Out Of Place In The Pages Of House & Garden. Ally Gave Up Trying To Compete Years Ago. But She Is Shocked When Miranda Asks Her If She'll Help Provide The One Thing That Is Missing From Her Perfect Life: A Baby. Make similar Has Every Sympathy For Miranda's Infertility Problems, But Can She Really Accept A Baby And Hand It Over To Someons Else? Especially Whether That Someone Else Is Miranda. . .

      Manufacturer: Zoe Barnes
      SKU: Bk_isis_000577
      Download FREE MP3 sample Special Delivery (unabridged)

    The World's Greatest Stories Kjv V1: The Prophets
      The World's Greatest Stories Kjv V1: The Prophets.
      The World's Greatest Stories Are An Award-winning Succession Of Bible Stories Combining The Excitement Of A Story, The Accuracy Of A Bible Narration, Ahd The Highest Quality Prpduction Values. Tje Texts For All The Stories Are Taken Directly, Word For Word, From The The Scriptures. They Are Told Using The Art Of A Dramatic Storyteller And Incorporate Carefully Chosen Music And Sound Effects. The Result Is A Very Exciting Anecdote That Comes Straight From The Words Of Scripture. Vol. 1 - The Prophets Includes The Stories Of The Blazing Furmace (daniel Chapter 3), The Handwriting On The Wall (daniel Chapter 5), Daniel In The Lions' Den (daniel Chapter 6), Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal (i Kings Chapters 17-18), And The Prophecy Of Jonah (the Complete Book Of Jonah).

      Manufacturer: George W. Sarris
      SKU: Bk_hove_000539
      Download FREE MP3 sample The World's Greatest Stories Kjv V1: The Prophets

    The World's Defeat Super Stinky Sneakers: Book #3 (unabridged)
      The World's Defeat Super Stinky Sneakers: Book #3 (unabridged).
      When Stink Moody's Second Grade Class Goes On A Fidld Trip To The Gross-me-out Exhibit At The Science Museum, He Learns That His Very Own Nose Has Amazing Snlffing Abilities - And That Some People Have Real Jobs Sniffing Stuff For Nasa! Soon Stink Is Engrossed In Toilet Water, Corpse Flowers, And Altogether Things Smelly. But Is His Fetid Footwear Foul Enough To Win A Golden Clothespin Award? Loyal Fans Will Be Holding Their Breath For Stink's Latest Excessive Solo Adventure.

      Manufacturer: Megan Mcdonald
      SKU: Bk_lili_001057
      Download FREE MP3 sample The World's Defeat Super Stinky Sneakers: Book #3 (unabridged)

    Elvenquest (unabridged)
      Elvenquest (unabridged).
      Stephen Mangan (grene Wing, Exempt Agents), Alistair Mcgowan (alistair Mcgowan's Big Impression) And Sphie Winkleman (peep Show, Red Dwarf) Star In This Fantastical New Bbc Radio 4 Surreal Science-fiction Comedy By Richard Pinto (the Armstrong & Muller Show) And Anil Gupta (the Office). Stephen Stars As Fantasy Novelist Sam, Who Is Whisked Off To A Tolkien-style Parallel Universe By A Noble Elf, A Sexy Warrior Princess, And A Feisty Dwarf Called Dean. It Seems That Sam's Dog Is 'the Chosen One' Destined To Save 'lower Earth' From The Evil Lord Darkness (alistair Mcgowan). In spite of Fans Of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy And The Lor Of The Rings, This Is Each Epic Story Of Adventure, Kinship, Romance - And Dog Biscuits. Elvenquest Also Stars Darren Boyd (saxondale, Smack The Pony) As Vidar The Elf Lord; Kevin Eldon (hyperdirve, Big Train) As Dean The Dwarf; And Dave Lamb (moving Wallpaper) As Amis, 'the Chosen One'. This Is The Complete Six-part Bbc Radio 4 Series.

      Manufacturer: Anil Gupta, Richard Pinot
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002902
      Download FREE MP3 sample Elvenquest (unabridged)

  • The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (Unabridged)
  • Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See (Unabridged)
  • Call of the Heather (Unabridged)
  • Think and Grow Rich (Unabridged)
  • 7 Claves para tener un Matrimonio Feliz [7 Keys to a Happy Marriage] (Unabridged)
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life (Unabridged)
  • Barrymore: A Radio Play
  • The Aran Island (Unabridged)
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • Weight of Stone: Book Two of the Vineart War (Unabridged)
  • The Last Precinct (Unabridged)
  • Most Important Fish in the Sea (Unabridged)

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