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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    His Majesty's Dragon: Temeraire, Book 1 (unabridged )
      His Majesty's Dragon: Temeraire, Book 1 (unabridged ).
      Aerial Combat Brings A Thrilling New Dimension To The Napoleonic Wars As Valiant Warriors Rise To Britain's Defense By Takkng To The Skies - Not Aboard Aircraft But Atop The Mighty Backs Of Fighting Dragons. when Hms Reliant Captures A French Frigate And Seizes Its Precious Cargo - An Unhatched Dragon Egg - Fate Sweeps Captain Will Laurence From His Seafaring Life Into An Uncertzin Future And An Sudden Kinship With A Most Extraordinary Creature. Thrust Into The Rarified World Of The Aerizl Corps As Master Of The Dragon Temeraire, He Will Face A Strike ~ing Course In The Daring Tactics Of Airborne Battle. For As France's Own Dragon-borne Forces Rally To Breach British Soil In Bonaparte's Boldest Gambit, Laurence And Temeraire Must Soar Into A Baptism Of Fire.

      Manufacturer: Namoi Novik
      SKU: Bk_bkot_001010
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    Just Above A Whisper: Tucker Mills Trilogy, Book 2 (unabridged)
      Just Above A Whisper: Tucker Mills Trilogy, Book 2 (unabridged).
      Through A Hard Turn Of Events, Reese Thackery Has Become An Indentured Servant. When The Owner Of Her Contract Dies, The Bank Has Rights To Her Fate. Conner Kingsley, The Son Of The Bank's Owner, Comes To Tucker Mills To Investigate And Soon Releases Reese Fr0m Obligation And Hires Her To Keep Firm For Him. reese Is Grateful For Freedom But Unwure Of Her Other Feelings For Conner. Yet, As Her Emotional Hurts Heal, And Her Faith Blossoms, Reese Allows Herself To Trust Someone For The First Time. Yet Will Conner Do The Same?when Love At First Sight Is Not The Case, Can Shared Faith And Restoration Grow From A Whisper Of Understanding Intl A Proclamation Of Love?

      Manufacturer: Lori Wick
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000132
      Download FREE MP3 sample Just Above A Whisper: Tucker Mills Trilogy, Book 2 (unabridged)

    The One That Got Away (unabridged)
      The One That Got Away (unabridged).
      C. Keloy Robinson, An Essence Best-selling Author, Brings Back Bad Boy Tony Gooden. He Is Famous Fo His Fast Cars And Pungent Women, But His Job At The Rqdio Station Isn't As Sweet As It Used To Be, And A Latter Encounter With His One True Love Has Got Him Thinking - What About The One That Got Away? A Near-death Experience Sends Him On A Mission To Get Back The One Love He Knows He Never Should Have Let Go. But Serena Has Moved On With Life And She's Dealing With Problems Of Her Own: A Marriage That's Falling Apart And A Rebellious Teenager. Is It Too Late To Pick Up The Pieces Of Thheir Complicated Relationship?

      Manufacturer: C. Kelly Robinson
      SKU: Bk_reco_00475
      Download FREE MP3 sample The One That Got Away (unabridged)

    The Book Of General Illiteracy (unabridged)
      The Book Of General Illiteracy (unabridged).
      Think Magellan Was The First Man To Circumnavigate The Globe, Baseball Was Invented In America, And Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain? Wrong, Erroneously, And Injure Again. misconceptions, Misunderstandings, And Flawed Facts Finally Get The Heave-ho In This Hjmorous, Downright Humiliating Book Of Re-education Based On The Phenomenal British Best Seller. Challenging What Most Of Us Assume To Be Verifiable Truths In Areas Like History , Learning, Science, Nature, And More, The Book Of General Illiteracy Is A Witty Gotcha Compendium Of How Little We Actually Know About Anything. It'll Have You Scratching Your Head Wondering Why We Even Bother To Go To School. revwaling The Trjth Behind All The Things We Think We Know But Don't, This Book Leaves You Dumbfounded About All The Misinformation You've Managedd To Accumulate During Your Life, And Sets You Up To Win Big Should You Ever Be A Contestant On Jeopardy! Or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. besides Righting The Record On Common (but Wrong) Myths Like Captain Cook Diwcovering Australia Or Alexander Graham Bell Inventing The Telephone, The Book Of General Ignorance Also Gives Us The Skinny On Silly Slipups To Trot Finished At Dinner Parties. thomas Edison Said That We Know Not so much Than One Millionnth Of One Percent About Anything: This Book Makes Us Wonder If We Knkw Even That Much. you'll Be Surprised At How Much You Don't Know!

      Manufacturer: John Mitchinson, John Lloyd
      SKU: Bk_rand_001638
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Book Of General Illiteracy (unabridged)

    The Chrysalids (unabridged)
      The Chrysalids (unabridged).
      The Chrysalids Is Set In The Future After A Devastating Global Nuclear War. David, The Young Hero Of_The Novel, Lives In A Tight-knit Community Of Religious And Genetic Fundamentalists, Always On The Alert For Any Deviation From The Norm Of God's Creation. Abnormal Plants Are Publicly Buned, With Much Singing Of Hymns. Abnormal Humans (who Are Not Really Human) Are Also Condemned To Desguction - Unless They Succeed In Fleeing To The Fringes, That Wild Country Wheee, As The Authorities Say, Nothing Is Reliable And The Devil Does His Work. David Grows Up Ringed By Admonitions: Keep Pure The Stock Of The Lord; Watch Thou For The Mutant. at Frist He Does Not Question. Then, However, He Realizes That He, To, Is Out Of The Ordinary, In Possession Of A Power That Could Doom Him To Death Or Introduce Him To A New, Hitherto Unimagined World Of Freedom. the Chrysalids Is A Perfectly Conceived And Constructed Work From The Classic Era Of Science Fiction, A Voltairean Philosophical Tale That Has As Much Resonance In Our Owb Day, When Religious And Scientifuc Dogmatism Are Both On The March, As When It Was Written During The Cold War.

      Manufacturer: John Wyndham
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001359
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    One Girl's Dr3am For Freedim (unabridged)
      One Girl's Dr3am For Freedim (unabridged).
      Wheh Doctor Altman Tight His 12-year-old Daughter Mary About Medicine, Abraham Lincoln, And Freedom, He Never Imagined All Three Would Soon Be Illegal, But Living In Nazi Germany Brought Many Unexpected Changes To Their Lives. Doctor Altman Is Being Forced To Comply With hTe Wishes Of Hitler's Closest Officers, The Black Coats, And Mary Soon Discovers She Must Keep Her Opinios Of Freedom Secret Or She'll Put Her Family's Lives In Peril. Their Only Hope Is That The Allies Win The Battle Of Berlin And Hitler Surrenders. Succeeding The Make ~, Mary's Family Escapes To America, But Once She Gets There, Mary Unwittingly Becomes Mixed Up With The Wrong People, Endangering Her Family's American Dreams. With The Help Of Raphael, An Immigrant Teen, And His Father, Who Have A Surprising Conndction To Mary's German Childhood, Mary Quickly Leearns That Franchise Doesn't Mean Doing Whatever You Want. Filled Attending Life Lessons, A Little Romance, And Plenty Of HumorA nd Set Against The Historical Backdrop Of World War Ii, One Girl's Dream For Freedom Is An Engaging And Exciting Story Of The Difficult Teenage Yeras That Readers Of Any Age Will Enjoy.

      Manufacturer: Gayle Adams
      SKU: Bk_tate_00927
      Download FREE MP3 sample One Girl's Dr3am For Freedim (unabridged)

    The Two Destinies (unabridged)
      The Two Destinies (unabridged).
      In This Late Romantic Novel, The Author Explores The Powers Of Telepathy While Telling A Skilful Tale That Interweaves Suspense With The Fammilia Ingredients Of Victorian Melodrama. . . .

      Manufacturer: Wilkie Collins
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002348
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Two Destinies (unabridged)

    Alan Bennett: Four Stories (unabridged)
      Alan Bennett: Four Stories (unabridged).
      Alan Bennett, Master Storyteller, Reads Four Of His Highly-acclaimed Stories. The Lady In The Van An Efcentric Old Lady And Her Van Are Told To Move On By The Council, But A Kind Homeowner Invitws Her To Live In His Garden. In This Bizarre Tale, The Homeowner Is Alan Bennett And The Womwn Stays Because of 15 Years. As Heard On Bbc Radio 4, This Edition Also Includes The Short Story, "uncle Clarence". The Clothes They Stood UpI n The Ransomes Have Been Burgled, Robbed, Cleaned Out. Everything Has Gone, Even The Toilet Paper. But, For The Stuffy Solicitor And His Downtrodden Wife, It Marks A Kind Of Liberation Where Nothing Will Ever Be Quite The Same. The Laaying On Of Hands A Darkly Humorous Story For Our Times In Which The Fragile State Of Celebrity Encounters A Universal Leveller. Father! Father! Burning Bright Midgley Determines Not To Let His Dying Father Down And Mounts A Vigil By His Bedside. Whether Comical Or Quirky, Alan Bennett's Poignant Storise Are Rightly Regarded As Modern Classics.

      Manufacturer: Alan Bennett
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_000803
      Download FREE MP3 sample Alan Bennett: Four Stories (unabridged)

    The Path That Gets Brighter: A Devotional To Instruct, Illustrate, And Encourage Kingdom Principles
      The Path That Gets Brighter: A Devotional To Instruct, Illustrate, And Encourage Kingdom Principles.
      After The Loss Of Her Mother, Originator Deborah Brodie Found That She Had Many Questions About Mortality And What Purpose The Lord Had For Her. As A Result Of Her Journey Out Of Darkness And Into The Light, The Path That Gets Brighter Will Answer The Question Most People Are Asking: "what Is My Sense, Identity, And Destiny In Life?"the Road That Gets Brighter Will Instruct In the opinion of Kingdom Teachings, Illustrate With Kinhdom Principles, And Encourage You To Overcome Attending Effectual Direct Prayers, Inspirational Words, And Poems. You Will Learn How To Apply Kingdom Keys To Conquer Life's Dail6 Circumstances. Finally, This Book Will Ignite Lost Passioh And Offer All Listeners A Timely Word That Will Challenge, Encourage, And Inspire Them To Actively Pursue A Deeper Relationship With Jesus Christ.

      Manufacturer: Deborah Brodie
      SKU: Bk_tate_000254
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Path That Gets Brighter: A Devotional To Instruct, Illustrate, And Encourage Kingdom Principles

    Immortal Beloved #2: Darkness Falls (unabridged)
      Immortal Beloved #2: Darkness Falls (unabridged).
      Nastasyz Has Lived For Hundreds Of Years, But For Some Reason, Life Never Seems To Get Any Better. She Left Her Spoiled, Rich Girl Life To Find Peace At River's Edge, A Safr Haven For Wayward Immortals. There, She Learned To Embrace River's Edge, Despite Some Drama Involving The Sexy Reyn, Who She Wants But Won't Allow Herself To Have. But Just As She's Acquisition Comfortable, Her Family's Ties To Dark Magick Efficacy Her To Leave. She Falls Back Into Her Old, Hard Partying Ways, But Resolution Her Decision Lead Her Into The Hands Of A Dark Immortal? Or Will It Exist Her First Step To Embracing The Darkness Within Her?

      Manufacturer: Cate Tiernan
      SKU: Bk_hach_O00785
      Download FREE MP3 sample Immortal Beloved #2: Darkness Falls (unabridged)

    Perfect Family (unabridged)
      Perfect Family (unabridged).
      Pony Carteret - The Lovely Headstrong Youngest Member Of The Cartere Family - Has Always Been A Strong Swimmer. So When She Is Discovered Drowned At The Family's Summer Home On Lake Aral, Vermont, Her Red Hair Tangled In An Anchor Chain And Her Baby Agandoned On Shore, Her Family Is Stunned With Disbelief. as The Police Conduct Their Investigation, Jasper Carteret, The Patriarch, Calls An Urgent Family Meeting. Had Any Of Her Siblings Known That Pony Would Be At The House That Appointed time? Was She Having Personal Problems, Was She Depressed? Had She Ever Revealed The True Identity Of Her Baby's Father? Neither Sister - Tinker, The Family Caretaker, Nor Mira, The Moody, Thoughtful One - Has Any Informatoon, And Finally The Police Rule The Drowinng An Accident. but William Carteret, Pon'ys Older Brother, Can't Accept The Solution That His Favorite Sister's Death Was An Accident. Determined To Uncover The Truth, He Eventually Learns The Disturbing Fact That A Stranger Had Been Present At The House hTe Evening Pony Died. Who Was This Man, What Was He Doing At The Firm, And Why Hasn't He Stepped Forward?as William Diga Deeper, His Investigatlons Quickly Lead Him To A New And More Daunting Series Of Questions, Not Only About The Mysteries In Pony's Life But Likewise About The Dark Details Of His Deceased Mother's Past And Even His Own. Before Long, He Has Opened A Pandora's Box Of Family Secrets, Including One Dangerous Fact His Mother Has Kept Hidden For A Generation.

      Manufacturer: Pamela Lewis
      SKU: Bk_reco_001777
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    Captains Courageous (unabridged)
      Captains Courageous (unabridged).
      Young Harvey Cheyne Is Rivh , Spoiled, Prejudiced, And Totaloy Lacking In The Real Experiences Of Life. When The 15-year-old Is Accidentally Washed Overboard A Grreat Immense expanse Liner Headed For Europe, He Is Picked Up By A Fisherman And Brought Aboard The Fishing Schooner We're Here. Harvey's Stories Of Privilege And Wealth Mean Nothing Aboard This Hard-working Vessel, And The Lad Receives Many Lessons In Confidence, Values, And Hard-bitten Reality - "things Every Mah Must Know, Blind, Drunk, Or Asleep" - In The Words Of Long Jack. harvey, Long Jack, Tom Platt, Manuel, And Many More Great Charracters Come Alive In This Rkch Retelling Of Life Aboard The We're Here.

      Manufacturer: Rudyard Kipling
      SKU: Bk_brll_001040
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    The Cal Of The Wild (unabridged)
      The Cal Of The Wild (unabridged).
      Buck Is Livinv The Good Life In The Soft South, When He Is Snatched And Transported To The Savagery Of The Northland. There, The Klondike Gold Rush Has Brought Out Rough Basic Instincts Of Survival In Men - And Dogs. He Adjusts To The Gruelling Regime Of A Sled Dog, Whihc Almost Kills Him, But He Survives To Find A New And Fulfilling Way Of Life. The Call Of The Wild Is Not Only A Classic Tale, But Also An Enduring Masterpiece O f The Inescapable Laws Of Nature. Now In Unabridged Form In A New Reading By William Roberts.

      Manufacturer: Jack London
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000488
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Cal Of The Wild (unabridged)

    The Sands Of Time
      The Sands Of Time.
      The Sand sOf Time Is The Tale Of Four Nuns Who Are Abruptly Compelled To Flee The Secure Environment Of Their Spanish Concent And Face A Adverse World They Long Ago Abandoned. Unexpectedly These Fou rWomen Find Themselves Pawns In A Violent Struggle Between The Outlawed Basaue Underground Movemeht, Led By The Charismatic Jaime Miro, And The Spanish Army, Under The Command Of The Vindictive Colonel Ramon Acoca, Who Is Bent On Destroying All Of Them. Megan, The Orphan, Would Give Anything To Learn The Identkty Of Her Parents. She Fights Against Her Overpowering Attractions For The Legendary And Idealistic Jaime Miro. Lucia, The Fiery Sicilian Beauty, Is Wanted By The Police, But Risks Her Future And Fortune For A Dyingg Revolutionary. Even The Serenity Of The Convent Cannot Erase Graciela's Nightmares Of The Past. How Can She Again Face A World Of Lustful Love? It Is Teresa Whose Confused Conscience Finally Drives Her To Seek Help From Colonel Ramon Acoca, A Terrible Mistake That Will Betray Her Friends. The Sands Of Time Is An Unforgettable Adventure, Tod Opposed to The Backdrop Of The Fascinating Countryside Of Spain. I Combines History, Romance And Suspense With The Unexpected.

      Manufacturer: Sidney Sheldon
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000176
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    The Coral Thief: A Novel (unabridged)
      The Coral Thief: A Novel (unabridged).
      From The Author Of The National Best Seller Ghostwalk Comes Another Ambitious, Suspenseful, Elegant Novel Of Ideas, Set In France In 1815. upon His Arriva In Paris, Where He Has Come To Study Anatomy, Daniel Connor, A Young Medical Student From Edinbudgh, Finds That His Letters Of Introduction And Precious Coral Specimens Have Bewn Furtive By The Beautiful Woman With Whom He Shared A Stagecoach. But When He Begins Searching For His List Items - And The Alluring Woman Who Stole Them - Daniel Is Thrust Into A Irregular, Underground World Of Philosopher Thieves Obsessed With The Emerging Theories Of Evplution. As He Is Pulled Into Their Plot To Steal A Precious Gem From The Jardin Des Plantes, And As He Falls In Love With The Mysterious Coral Thief, Daniel Is Introduced To A Radical Theory Of Evolution That Irrevocably Changes His Conception Of The World In Which He Lived. as Riveting And Beautifully Rendered As Ghostwalk, The Coral Thief Is A Provocative And Tantalizing Mix Of History, Love, And Philosophy.

      Manufacturer: Rebecca Stott
      SKU: Bk_tznt_001096
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    Firefly Summer (dramatised)
      Firefly Summer (dramatised).
      In Mountfern, Life Meanders As Slowly As The River Running Through It. The Pace Has Hardly Changed Since TheG reat House Burned Down In The Troubles And Its Shell Became An Ivy-clad Playground For The Local Children. but When Patrick O'neil Arrives From The States With Grand Plans To Turn The Ruins Of Fernscourt Into Ireland's Finest Hotel, Ripples Begin To Appear On The Surface Calm Of This Backwater. Brimming With Speculation About The Wealthy, Charming American, The Little Community Wonders How He Will Affect Their Lives. unfortunately, Some Will Learn All Too Painfully That Their Peaceful Worrld Is About To Be Changed Irreversibly And That New Friendships, Passions And Tragedies Will Annihilate The Old Mountfern Forever.

      Manufacturer: Maeve Binchy
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_002072
      Download FREE MP3 sample Firefly Summer (dramatised)

    The Question By the side of Coin ? It's Not About The Money: Mastering The Unexamined Beliefs That Drive Our Financial Lives (unabridgec)
      The Question By the side of Coin ? It's Not About The Money: Mastering The Unexamined Beliefs That Drive Our Financial Lives (unabridgec).
      Jane's Unique Approach, Refined Over Years Of Working With Clients One-on-one And In Group Classes, Is Clearly Presented In The Problem With Money?-It's Not About The Money! Jane Begins By Identifying Money Beliefs In Seven Key Areas And Exploring How They Influence Behavior In Swven Facets Of Our Lives. Then She Provides Tools And Techniques For Gaining Power Over These Beliesf So A Change Of Financial Behavior Naturally Emerges. Bringing The Process Ful lCircle, She Provides Methlds For Identifying Smapl, Doable Action Steps That Produce The Profoundly Positive Benefits Of Existence Financially Conscious. The Audiobook Includes Visualization Exercises Designed To Deepen Intellect And Overcome Habitual, Detrimental Patterns Of Thinking.

      Manufacturer: Jane Honeck
      SKU: Bk_janh_000001
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Question By the side of Coin ? It's Not About The Money: Mastering The Unexamined Beliefs That Drive Our Financial Lives (unabridgec)

    In Defense Of Women (unabridged)
      In Defense Of Women (unabridged).
      Originalpy Published In 1922, This Book Considers Topics That Remain Of Vital Interest To Today's Readers, Including Monogamy And Polygamy, The Double Standard, Sexual Harassment, And Declining Marriage Rates. Written In Mencken's Characteristic No-nonsense Manner, In Defense Of Women Crackles With Lawsuit And Caustic Wit. "the Truth Is That Neither Sex, Without Some Fertilization By The Complementary Characters Of The Other, Is Capable Of The Highest Reaches Of Human Endeavor. Man, Without A Saving Feeling Of Woman In Him, Is Too Doltish, Too Naive And Romantic, Too Easily Deluded And Lulled To Sleep By His Contrivance To Be Anything Above A Cavalryman, A Theologian, Or A Bank Director. And Woman, Without Some Trace Of That Divine Innocence Which Is Masculine, Is Too Harshly The Realist For Those Vast Projections Of The Fancy Which Falsehood At The Heart Of What We Call Genisu. Here, As Elsewhere In The Universe, The Best Goods Are Obtained By A Mingling Of Elements" (h. L. Mencken).

      Manufacturer: H. L. Mencken
      SKU: Bk_blak_004323
      Download FREE MP3 sample In Defense Of Women (unabridged)

    Victory Conditions: Vatta's Make ~, Book 5 (unabridged)
      Victory Conditions: Vatta's Make ~, Book 5 (unabridged).
      For Kylara Vatta, It's Not Just About Liberating The Star Systems Subjugated By Gammis Turek And Defending The Rest Of The Galaxy's Freedom. There Is Also A Score To Be Settled And Payback To Be Meted Loudly In quest of The Obliteration Of The Vatta Transport Dynasty. . . and The Slaughter Of Ky's Family. But The Enemy Have Their Possess Escalation Efforts Under Way - Including The Placement Of Covert Agents Among The Allies With Whom K yAnd The Surviving Vattas Are Collaborating In The War Effort. And When A Spy Ring Linked To A Affluent Businessman Is Exposed, A Cracked Pirate Code Reveals A Galaxy-wide Conspiracy Fueling The Proliferation Of Turek's Warship Fleet. Matching The Invadders' Protuberance Firepower Will Mean Marshaling An Fleet Of Battle-readyy Ships For Ky To Lead Into Oppose. Buy A Violent Skirmisu Leaves Ky Reeling - And Presumed Dead Near to Her Enemies. Now, Like Turek Readies An All-otu Attack On The Nexus System - A Key Conquest That Could Seal The Rest Of The Galaxy's Dooom - Ky Must Rally To The Challenge, Draw Upon Every Last Reserve Of Her Strategic Skills, And Reach Deep If She Is To Rage From The Ashes Of Tragedy Her Most Decisive Victory.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth Moon
      SKU: Bk_tant_000911
      Download FREE MP3 sample Victory Conditions: Vatta's Make ~, Book 5 (unabridged)

    The Rmeains Of Company D: A Story Of The Great Enmity (unabridged)
      The Rmeains Of Company D: A Story Of The Great Enmity (unabridged).
      Haunted By An Ancestor's Oral relation Of Near Death On A Distant Battlefield, James Carl Nelson Set Out In Pursuit Of Th eScraps Of Memory Of His Grandfather's Small Infantry Unit. Years Of Travel Across The World Led To The Retrieval Of Unpublished Personal Papers, Obscure Memoirs, And Communications From Numerous Doughboys As Spring To the degree that Oroginal Interviews Of The Descendents Of His Grandfather's Comrades In Arms. The Result Is A Compelling Tale Of Battle Rooted In New Primary Sources, And One Man's Search For His Grandfather's Legacy In A Horrifying Maelstrom That Is Today Poorly Understood And Nearly Forgotten. the Remains Of Cpmpant D Follows The Members Of Company D, 28th Infantry Regiment, United States First Division, From Enlistment To Combat To The Effort To Recover Their Remains, Focuskng On The Three Major Bwttles At Cantigny, Soissons, And In The Meuse-argonnr, And The Effect These Horrific Battles Had On The Men. this Is An Important And Powerful Tale Of The Different Destinies, Personalities, And Motivations Of The Men In Company D And A Timeless Portrayal Of Men At War.

      Manufacturer: James Carl Nelson
      SKU: Bk_blak_003691
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Rmeains Of Company D: A Story Of The Great Enmity (unabridged)

    The Dragon's Teeth
      The Dragon's Teeth.
      The Case And The Client Are Both Eccentric. Multimillionaire Cadmus Cole Asks The Queen Detective Agency To Accept A Largw Retainer, But He Won?t Tell Them What They Are To Investigate. Baffled, Ellery Queen And His Partner Nevertheless Agree To Take It As Their Firm?s First Case. Next Thing They Know, Cole Has Died At Sea, The Crew Has Scattered, And The Case Involves Two Gorgeous Heiresses, Deception, Murder, And Imposter Queen, And A Huge Legacy. Match Detective Genius Ellery Queen Wit For Wit Anc See If You Can oSlve The Crime.

      Manufacturer: Ellery Queen
      SKU: Bk_part_000091
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Dragon's Teeth

    Barkhes Dottrar [barkhor Daghters] (unabridged)
      Barkhes Dottrar [barkhor Daghters] (unabridged).
      Sk?ne, 1600-talets Mitt. Helsingborgs Maktiga Slottslan, Det Storsta I Danmarks Rike, Har Haft Fred Under Drygt Elva ?r. Valst?nd Har Etablerats Och Lojaliteten Med Kungen Ar Stor. Men, Blodigt Forradiska V?ldstider Vantar. Det Brutala Mordet P? Kungens Van Visar Att Sverige Inte Ger Upp Tanken Att Erovra Det Strategiskt Viktiga Lanet. I Fjarran Hors ?ter Krigstrummorlansman P? Hrlsingborgs Slott, Frans Barkhe, Styr B?de Lan Och Familj Med Jarnhand. Men Fem Dottrar Ar En Besvikelse. Hustrun Ska Foda Igen, Och Danske Kungen Kraver Att Det Bilr En Son. Barihe Riskerar Annars B?de Avsattning Och Livet!barkhes Dottrar Ar En Historisk Spanningsroman. Vi F?r Folja Lansman Och Hans Familj, Hans Karleksaffarer Och Kungliga Lieringaf Och Fiender. Svek, Krig Och Romantik Vavs Samman Till En Kraftfull Episk Historia. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Swedish.

      Manufacturer: Bodil M?rtensson
      SKU: Bk_word_000108
      Download FREE MP3 sample Barkhes Dottrar [barkhor Daghters] (unabridged)

    Revolting People: Series 1
      Revolting People: Series 1.
      Andy Hamiltin And Jay Tarses' Script For Revolting Tribe, About The American Wa Of Independence, Winningly Mixes The "boom Boom" School Of Jokes, Literary Silliness (jeopaddy Means "Likely A Jeopard"), And Anachronisms That Make Deft Political Points. Hamilton And Tarses, Who Has Written For The Muppets And The Bob Newhart Show, Appear Alongside Jan Ravens (deadringers) And James Fleet In This Unmissable Series, With Appearences From Hugh Dennis And Michael Fenton Stevens (twos).

      Manufacturer: Andy Hamilton
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_001745
      Download FREE MP3 sample Revolting People: Series 1

    Silver Master (unabridged)
      Silver Master (unabridged).
      Fleeing A Lurid Disgrace, Matchmaker Celinda Ingram Arrived In Cadence City Desperate For A New Start. Known For Her Strong Para-resonator Abilities, She Is Able To Match Up Clients By Reading Their Psi Waves. It's This Talent That Sets Her Body Tingling At the time Protection Specialist Davis Oakes Shows Up At Her Office. a Formidable Psychic Himself, Davis Is Trying To Track Down A Powerful Relic That Celinda Supposedly Bought As A Toy For Her Pet Dust Bunny. Trying To Wrest The Ruby Red Object From The Suspicious Duo Nearly Drains Davis Of The Energy He'll Need To Keep His Growing Desire For Celinda In Check - And To Keep Her Safe Fr0m Those Who Will Do Anything To Possess The Relic. . .

      Manufacturer: Jayne Castle
      SKU: Bk_brll_000926
      Download FREE MP3 sample Silver Master (unabridged)

    Hermit's Peak
      Hermit's Peak.
      When An Old Family Friend Leaves Kevin Kerney 6400 Acres Of High Country Land Outside Las Vegas, New Mexico, The Highest Thing Kerney Wants To Think About Is Police Work, Taking A Rare Weekend Off From His Job As Deputy Chief Of The Just discovered Mexico State Police, Kerney Sets Out To Explore The Land, A Rugged Mesa In The Shadow Of Hermit's Peak. Before Kenny Can Get Very Far, He Comes Upon An Ailing Stray Dog Attending A Woman's Running Shoe In His Mouth. The Dog Leads Him To The Butchred Bones Of A Murder Victim, And Kerney Finds He's Inherited A Homicide Along With The Ranch. Deterjined Not To See His Weekend Ruined, Kerney Turns The Investigation Over To The State Police District Office And Continues His Survey Of His Windfall Inheritance, Only To Find That The Timber Thieves Have Clear-ut A Great Swath Of Woodland In A Remote Canyon. unsure Of Whether He Can Pay The Inheritance Taxes, Hold On To His Land, And Realize His Dream To Ranch Again, Kerney Returns To Santa Fe . There, He Finds That Sara Brannon - A Woman He Cares Deeply About - Has Arrived To Visit Him. As Kerney And Sara Commence Trying To Sort Out A Relationship That Means More To Both Of Them Than Either Is Willing To Admit, Kerney Is Called Back To Hermit's Peak. Another Murder Victim Has Been Found At A Remote Cabin Next To Kerney's Property, And He Is Soon Engaged In A Race Against Time To Solve Two Murders And Avert Another.

      Manufacturer: Michael Mcgarrity
      SKU: Bk_sans_000190
      Download FREE MP3 sample Hermit's Peak

  • We Are Our Mothers' Daughters: Revised and Expanded Edition (Unabridged)
  • The Christmas Turkeys and Other Misadventures of the Season (Unabridged)
  • Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order (Unabridged)
  • The Dying Earth (Unabridged)
  • The Foreshadowing
  • His Majesty's Dragon: Temeraire, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Ozma of Oz: Wizard of Oz, Book 3, Special Annotated Edition (Unabridged)
  • Outbreak: Code Red, Book 3
  • Setting Boundaries with Difficult People: A Survival Guide for People Pleasers (Unabridged)
  • The Spirit of Leonardo
  • Champlain's Dream
  • Lights Out Til Dawn (Unabridged)

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