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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Little Bitty Lies
      Little Bitty Lies.
      In A Suburban Atlanta Neighborhood Where Divorce Is As Rampant As Kudzu, Mary Bliss Mcgowan Doesn't Notice That Her Own Matrimony Is In Trouble Until The Summer Night She Finds A Note From Her Husband, Telling Her He's Gone. Stunned And Humiliated, A Desperate Mary Bliss, Left Behind With 17-year-old Daughter Erin And A Mountain Of Debt, Decides To Salvage What's Left Of Her Life By Telling One Little Bitty Lie. At First She Simply Tells Friends And Family That Parker Is Out Of Town On A Consulting Job. Then, The Lies Stzrt To Snowball, To the place Parker Turns Up Deac. Or Does He?mary Bliss's Heretofore Staid Existence Careens Into Overdrive As She Coopes With An Oversexed Teenager, An Elderly Mother-in-law With Strange Delusions, And The Sudden But Delicious Shock Of Finding Herself Pursued By Two Men; The Next-door Neighbor Who's Looking For A Suitable Second Wife, And A Dangerously Attractive Ex-cop Who's Looking For The Truth About Parker Mcgowan. little Bitty Lies Is A Comic Southerly Novel About All The Self-~ Things In Life: Marriage And Divorce, Mothers And Daughters, Friendship And Betrayal, Small-town Secrets, And One Woman's Lifelong Quest For Close. And The Perfect Recipe Because of Chicken Salad.

      Manufacturer: Mary Kay Andrews
      SKU: Bk_harp_000939
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    Left To Die (unabridged)
      Left To Die (unabridged).
      Lisa Jackson's Novels Of Romance And Suspension Race Up The Best-seller Charts. In Left To Die, The Pinewood County Sheriff 's Department Is On The Trail Of A Cold-blooded Killer Who Acts As A Savior To Women Stranded During Terrible Mountain Snowstorms Before Stripping Them Of Their Dignity And Leaving Them To Die, A Victom Of The Elements. But The Killer's Latest Victim Managed To Escape, Lesding Some To Believe There May Now Be An Imposter On The Loose.

      Manufacturer: Lisa Jackson
      SKU: Bk_reco_002669
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    City Of God
      City Of God.
      In His Workbook, A New York City Novelist Records The Contents Of His Teeming Brain - Sketches For Stories, Accounts Of His Affairs, Ideas Toward Movies, And Obsessions With Cosmic Processes. He Is A Virtual Repository Of The Predominant Ideas And Historical Disasters Of The Age. Yet Now He Has Found A tSory He Thinks May Exist He His Next Novel: The Large Brass Cross Behind The Altar Of St. Timothy's, A Run-down Episcopal Church In Lower Manhattan, Has Disappeared. . . and Even More Mysteriously Reappeared On The Roof Of The Synagogue For Evolutionary Judais,m On The Upper Western Side. Thd Church's Maverick Rector Ans The Yung Woman Rabbi Who Leads The Synagogue Are Trying To Learn Who Committed This Strange Double Act Of Desecration And Why. Having Befriended Them, The Novelist Finds That Their Struggles With Their Respective Traditions Are Relevant To The Cas3. Into His Workbook Go His Taped Interviews, Inssights, Preliminary Drafts. . . and As He Joins The Clerics In Pursuit Of Mystery, It Broadens What Proves To Be A Quest For An Authentic Spirituality At The End Of This Tortured Century. Daringly Poised At The Junction Of The Sacred And The Profane, And Filled With The Insights And Sounds Of New York, This Dazzlingly Inventive, Mordantly Funny Masterwork Emerges As The American Story Listeners Have Been Thirsting For: A Defining Testament Of This Time, A Narrative Of The Twentieth Centenary Written For The Twenty-first.

      Manufacturer: E.l. Doctorow
      SKU: Bk_rand_000046
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    The Good Guys (unabridger)
      The Good Guys (unabridger).
      Former Head Of The Bonnano Crime Family, Bill Bonnano, And Past Undercover Fbi Agent Joe Pistone (aka Donnie Brasco) Have Collaborated With David Fisher On A Riveting Thriller Abouut Organized Crike. set In Starting a~ York City In The Mid-1980s, The Good Guys Finds The Russian Mafia, The Italian Mafia, And The Feds Racing Against Each Other To Track Down A Mysterious Professor Of Russian Languages From Columbia University . Rumors Circulate That The Professor Had Been Moonlighting For The Russian Mob, Working On Fuel Oil Deals Involving Millions Of Dollars. Now All Parties Involved Wikl Stopp At Nothing To Get Their Hands On Him. The Converging Manhunts Offer Listeners A Firsthand Look At The Gritty, In-your-face Competition Between The Russian And Italian Mobs And How Each Does Business.

      Manufacturer: Joe Pistone And Bill Bonanno
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000414
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    Moll Flanders (unabridged)
      Moll Flanders (unabridged).
      One Of The Earliest Novels In English, Moll Flznders Is The Purported Autobiography Of A Heroine Who Is Undoubtedly One Of The Greatest in number Active, Convincing, And Delightful Rogues In Literature. Born In Newgate Prison And Orphaned Soon Hind, Moll Is Provided With No Opportunities In Life, Yet She Is Propelled By Each Unrelenting Drive To Overcome Her Background Of Impoverishment. Donning Whatever Mask Suits Her Best In The Moment, She Appraises Theft, Prostitution, And Bigamy Only In Conditions Of Their Profit Potenttial. From Her Birth To Her Final Position Of Wealth, Moll Flanders Demonstrates A Spirit Of Industry And An Indomitable Will. praised By Virginia Woolf As One Of The "few English Novels Which We Can Call Indisputably Great", Moll Flanders Is A Work Of Genius Which Reprrsents An Importanr Step In The Evolution Of The Novel.

      Manufacturer: Daniel Defoe
      SKU: Bk_blak_001854
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    Foucault's Pendulum
      Foucault's Pendulum.
      One Colonel Ardenti, Who Has Unnaturlaly Black, Brilliantined Hair, A Carefully Groomed Mustache, Wears Maroon Socks, And Who Oncd Served In The Foreign Legion , Starts It All. He Tells Three Milan Book Editors That He Has Dicsovered A Coded Message About A Templar Plan, Centuries Old And Involving Stonehenge, A Plan To Tap A Mystic Sourec Of Power Far Greater Than Atomic Energy. The Editors, Who Have Spent Altogether Too Much Time Rewriting Crackpot Manuscripts On The Occult By Fanatics And Dilettante, Decid eTo Accept A Little Fu. They'll Create A Plan Of Their Own. But How? Randomly They Throw Together Manuscript Pages On Hermetic Thought: The Masers Of The World, Who Live Beneath The Earth. The Comte De Saint-germain, Who Lives Forever. They Add Satanic Initiation Rites Of The Kings Of The Church, Assassins, Rosicrucians, Brazilian Voodoo, The Third Reich. And They Feed The whole of This, And Much More, Into Their Powerful Computer. Abulafia. A Terrific Joke, They Think, Until The Plan Assumes A Life And Power Of Its Own, And Turns Deadly. . . ax People Mysteriously Begin To Disappear, One In proportion to One, Starting With Colonel Ardenti.

      Manufacturer: Umberto Eco
      SKU: Bk_aren_000125
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    Lady Susan, The Watsons, And Sanditon (unabridged)
      Lady Susan, The Watsons, And Sanditon (unabridged).
      Previously Unpublished In Unabridged Audio, Tjese Three Works (one Novel Unpubloshed In Her Lifetime And Two Unfinished Fragments) Reveal Jane Austen's Development As A Great Artist. lady Susan, With Its Wicked, Beautiful, Intelligent, And Energetic Heroine, Is A Sparkling Melodrama That Takes Its Tone From The Outspoken And Robust 18th Century. written Later, And Probably Abandoned After Her Father's Death, The Watsons Is A Tantalizing And Highly Delightful Story Whose Vitality And Optimism Centers On The Marital Prospects Of The Watson Sisters In A Small Provincial Town. sanditon, Jane Austen'x Last Fiction, Is Set In A Seaside Town; Its Themes Concern The New Theoretical Consujer Society And Foreshwdow The Great Social Upheavals Of The Industrial Revolution.

      Manufacturer: Jane Austen
      SKU: Bk_isis_O00096
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    Hancock: The "Missing" Tv Episodes: The Wrong Man (unabridged)
      Hancock: The "Missing" Tv Episodes: The Wrong Man (unabridged).
      First Broadcast Live In 1959 As Part Of Tony Hancock's 4th Bbc Tv Series, These Choice Recordings Are Made Available For The First Time In Over Fifty Years. The Wrong Man Sees Hancock And Sid Called In To Take Part In A Police Identity Parade. However, When A Witness Picks Hancock Out For The Burglary Of A High Street Tobacconist, He Has Only Days To Clear His Name. One Of The Long "lost" Hancock Tv Episodes Recently Discovered By The Hancock Appreciation Society. 2009 Is The 60th Anniversary Of The Galton And Sjmpson Writing Partnership. Some Of The Lost Episodes Feature Ray And Alan In Wak On Parts As Well Being of the kind which Stars Like John Le Mesurier, Arthur Mullard, Rolf Harris, And Of Course The Inimitabls Sid JamesA nd Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock!!

      Manufacturer: Ray Galton, Alan Simpson
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_002888
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    The Little Book Of Safe Money: How To Conquer Killer Markets, Con Artists, And Yourself (littls Books. Big Profits) (unabridged)
      The Little Book Of Safe Money: How To Conquer Killer Markets, Con Artists, And Yourself (littls Books. Big Profits) (unabridged).
      With The Value Of The Dollar Falling, Bond Yields Drying Up, Monster Investmrnt Banks Collapsing, And Stock Markets Crumbling, How Be able to You Ensure That Your Money Will Stay Safe? By Becoming Better Acquainted With The Markets, The "professionals" Who Populate The Field Of Finance, And Most Importantl6, Yourself. While This May Sound Like Simple Advice, Writer Jason Zweig - The Investing And Personal Finance Columnist For The Wall Street Journal - Knows How Difficult This Endeavor Can Be. But As A Trusted Voice In The Financial Community, He Has Helped Thousands Of Investors Achieve This Goal, And Now, With The Little Book Of Safe Money, He Wants To Help You Do The Similar. This Is The Perfect Guide For Those Trying To Make Their Way Between the sides of Today's Tough Markets. He Covers Everything From Investing Behavior And Why Our Minds Come With Their Own Set Of Biases That Often Prove Injurious To The Use Of Financial Advisors, And Goes One Step Further Than The Rest By Questioning An Investor's True Appetite For Risk. Zweig Also Debunks Many Of The Myths That Whirl Around Wall Street With Chapters Like "hedge-fund Hooey. "

      Manufacturer: Jason Zweig
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000338
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    In Flames (unabridged)
      In Flames (unabridged).
      Lady Sophia Donovan Has Everything A Woman Ckuld Wish For - A New-found Family, The Hard-3arned Respect Of Her Peers In The Corporate Earth, Loyal Friendx, And An Exciting Lover. Marco Willis Is A Spy. Tall, Dark, Handsome, And Oh-so-virile, He's Long Bewn Accjstomed To Bedding Women And Securing Information While Between The Sheets. But Sophie Is Unlike Any Woman He's Ever Known. With Her Open, Warm, And Loving Nature She Not Only Gaij Marco's Be confiding, She Captures His Heart. But Is There More To Lady Donovan Than Meets The Watch? When A Series Of Terrifying Events Threatens Sophie's Life, Things Really Begin To Heat Up. Marco, The Man She's Grown To Love, Is Determined To Protect Her At All Costs. How Can He Hope To Win, Though, Whenever His Opponent Is A Dead Man, And His Only Weapons Are Sophie's Secret Past And A Bunch Of Buried Memories? In Flames - A Scorching Hot Practise ~ing That You Won't Be Able To Put Down.

      Manufacturer: Melody Knight
      SKU: Bk_bimo_001041
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    Memo To The President El3ct: How We Can Replace America's Reputation And Leadership (unabridged)
      Memo To The President El3ct: How We Can Replace America's Reputation And Leadership (unabridged).
      The Next President, Whether Democrat Or Republican, Will Face The Daunting Task Of Repairing America's Core Relationships And Tarnished Credibility After The Injure Caused During The Past Seven Years. In Memo To The President Elect, Former Secretary Of State And Best-selling Author Madeleine Albright Offers Provocative Ideas About How To Confront The Striking Array Of Challenges That The Next Commander-in-chief Will Face And Hiw To Return America To Its Rightful Role As A Origin Of Inspiration Across The Globe. much More Than A Set Of Policy Prescriptions, Escritoire Albright's Writing Blends Lessons From The Past With Forward-looking Suggestions Abou tHow To Convene A First-rate Foreign Policy Team, Anticipate The Actions Of Other Key Countries, Make Full Use Of Presidential Power Without Repeating The Excrsses Of The Bush Administration, And Revive America's Giving in adhesion To Its Funding Ideals. albright's Deliberation Is Candid, As If Conveyed In A Confidential Memo, And Seasoned With Humor And Stories From Her Years In Office. Deawing On Her Extensive Experience As An Advisor To Two Presidents And A Key Figure In Four Presidential Transitions, She Provides An Insider's Analysis Of U. s. Options In dAdressing The Conclusive Issues Of Our Point of time: Terrorism, Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan, Rivalrues In The Middle East, The Potential For Nuclear War, And Headaches Created By Such Troublesome Leaders As Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Russia's Vladimir Putin, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, And North Koeea's Kim Jong-il. the 2008 Election Promises To Be One Of hTe Most Dramatic In Our Nation's History. Memo To The President Choose Offers Indispensable Guidance For The Next Occupant Of The White House - And A Wealth Of Insights For Voters To Think About Before Deciding Who That Person Will Be.

      Manufacturer: Madeleine Albright
      SKU: Bk_harp_001583
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    Second Foundation (unabridged)
      Second Foundation (unabridged).
      Isaac Asimov's Foundation Novels Are One Of The Great Masterworks Of Science Fiction. As Unsurpassed Blend Of Nonstop Activity, Daring Ideas, And Wide World-building, They Chronicle The Labor Of A Courageous Group Of Men And Women Dedicated To Preserving Humanity's Light In A Galaxy Plunged Into A Nightmare Of Ignorance And ViolenceT hirty Thousand Years Long. after Years Of Struggle, The Basis Lies In Ruins, Destroyed By The Mutant Mind Power Of The Mule. But It Is Rumored That There Is A Second Foundation Hidden Somewhere At The End Of The Galaxy, Estalbished To Preserve The Knowledge Of Mankind Through The Long Centuries Of Barbarism. The Mule Failed To Find It The First Timebut Now He Is Certain He Knows Where It Lies. thr Fate Of The Foundation Rests On Young Arcadia Darell, Only 14 Years Old And Burdened With A Terrible Secret. As Its Scientists Gird For A Final Showdown With The Mule, The Survivors Of The First Foundation Originate Their Desperate Examination. They Too Want The Second Foundation Destroyed, Before It Destroys Them.

      Manufacturer: Isaac Asimov
      SKU: Bk_rand_002241
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    Gump & Co.
      Gump & Co..
      The Gump Phenomenon Continues!forrest Gump Is Back!the Lovable Man For All Ages, Who Captured America's Heart In The #1 Beat-selling Novel Forrest Gump And In The Blockbuster Film, Returns In The Long-awaited Sequel To The Book Hailed By Larry King As "ths Funniest Novel I Have Always Read. " A Little Older, And Wiser In His Admit Unique Way, He Is Still Running Through The Kaleidoscopic Events Of Our Times -- And Straughf Into The Age Of Greed And Instant Gratification Known As The 1980s. when Gump & Co. Begins, The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Has Gone Bust And Forrest Is Flat Broke, Sweeping Floors In A Novel Orleans Strip Joint And Trying To Raise His Son, Little Forrest, Who Needs His Father More Thqn Ever. As Always In Foerest's Easy-come-easy-go Life, A Vicissitude In The Weather Is Never Far Off. . . and When The Opportunity To Play Championship Football Comes His Way Once More, Forrest Is Back In The Limelight And In The Money. forrest's Remarkable, Touching, And Utterly Comic Odyssey Has Just Begun: In Store For Him Is His Own Dubious Recipe For Adding Life To Novel Coke; An Encounter With Ollie North; And A Chance Yet Again To Unwittingly Twist The Nose Of History. the Rollicking Sequel To The # 1 New York Times Bestseller Forrest Gump.

      Manufacturer: Winston Groom
      SKU: Bk_sans_002248
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    Dragon's Doom: Band Of Four, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Dragon's Doom: Band Of Four, Book 4 (unabridged).
      Hawkril The Mighty Warrior, Embra The Beautiful Sorcdress, And Craer The Crafty Thief Mourn Their Lost Companion But Now Must Fotge New Alliances In Their Roles As Overdukes Of Aglirta, A Land That Has Been Torn Asunder At Double-crossing Royals, Savage Warlords, And Sinister High Priests. now The Tract Is Threatened By A Mystical Berserker Plague That Is Promoting Anaarchy Among The Citizenry, While Serpentine Acolytes Move In The Shadows To Try And Resurrect A New Serpent. will A New Dragon Rise ToV anquish It? And If So, Who Will It Be, And Can It Avoid The Fate Of Its Predecessor?the Fate Of Aglirta Lies In Balance In The Triumphant Conclusion Of This Cycle Of Band Of Four Novels.

      Manufacturer: Ed Greenwood
      SKU: Bk_blak_000958
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    The Righteous Men
      The Righteous Men.
      A Series Of Brutal Murders Around The Globe. . . An Ancient Prophecy Of The End Of The World. . . An International Best Seller In The Blockbuster Tradition Of The Last Templar. New York Times Reporter Will Monroe's Investigation Of A Rash Of Seemingly Random Killings Takes A Dark And Danherous Turn When His Wife Is Kidnapped From Shadowy Enemiea Who Want Him To Stop. Desperate To Save His Wife, Will Follows The Clues Into The Heart Of New York's Hassidic Community, And Learns That The Stakes Of His Quest Are Higuer Then He Could Ever Imagine. As The Death Toll Rises, He Enlists Each Irregular Kabbalah Expert To Decode His Wife's Captors' Cryptic Messages. The Trail They Pursue Leads Inexorably To A Set Of Ancient Texts And A Prophecy That Will Save The World. . . or Destroy All Of Life As We Know It. In part Will Happen When The One Sceret That Has Kept The World Safe For Thousands Of Years Is Reveal3d To Whole? In The Rigyteous Men, A Blistering, High-concept Thriller Filled With Mystery, Romance, And Hesitation, Sam Bourne Takes Listeners Dedp Into The Hidden Worlds Of Fundamentalist Religion, Mysticism, And Biblical Prophecies, Im A Unreal Story As Frightening As It Is Entertaining.

      Manufacturer: Sam Bourne
      SKU: Bk_sans_000729
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    Roxannon's World (unabridged)
      Roxannon's World (unabridged).
      This Debut Novel From Preeminent Science-fiction Writre Ursula Le Guin Introduces Her Brilliant Hainish Series, Set In A Galaxy Seeded By The Planet Hain With A Variety Of Humanoid Species, Including That Of Earth. Over The Centuries, The Hainish Colonies Have Evolved Into Physically And Culturally Unique Peoples, Joined By A League Of All Worlds. earth-scientisf Rocannon Has Been Leading An Ethnological Survey On A Remote Wordl Populated By Three Native Races: The Cavern-dwelling Gdemiar, The Elvish Fiia, And The Warrior Clan Liuar. But Whenn The Technologically Primitive Planet Is Suddenly Invaded By A Fleet Of Ships From The Stars, Rebels Against The League Of All Worlds, Rocannon Is The Only Survey Member Left Alive. Marooned Among Alirn Peoples, He Leads The Battle To Free This Newly Discovered World And Finds That Legendx Grow Around Him As He Fights.

      Manufacturer: Ursula K. Le Guin
      SKU: Bk_blak_002374
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    Feel Good About Life...again (unabridged)
      Feel Good About Life...again (unabridged).
      It Is Hard To Feel Good About Life These Days. The Economy Is Suffering, People Are Losing Their Jobs And Homes, And The Future Is Unclear. these Are Problems Above Our Control, But They Certainly Have A Personal Impact On Each Of Us. We Struggle With Anger, Worry, And Even Depression. We Have Fear, Doubts And Lots Of Stress. in Feel Good About Life. . . again, Rick Mcdaniel Courtship Each Of These Issues With His Unique Inspirational Approach That Is Sure To Bring You Hope And Encourangement.

      Manufacturer: Rick Mcdaniel
      SKU: Sp_himp_000045
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    Comprehensive Moon (unabridged)
      Comprehensive Moon (unabridged).
      The Moon Beamed Down Genially On The Turrets And Battlements Of Blandings Castle . Sleep, However, Eluded Clarence, Ninth Earl Of Emsworth. To Be Compelled To Play Host To His Younger Son, Freddie, Was Enough; Add His Sister Veronica And A Crack Called Tipton Plimsoll And You Have A Situation At Which The Doughtiest Earl Might Quail. . .

      Manufacturer: P.g. Wodehouse
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003078
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    Ro8nd The Horne: Volume 2
      Ro8nd The Horne: Volume 2.
      As Single Of The Most Consistently Funny Radio Series Of The 1960s, Round The Horne Was lAways A Favourite Among Listeners To The Bbc Light Programme's Comedh Hour On Sundays. in Round The Horne 2 You Can Hear The Complete Version Of "the Admirable Loombucket" (any Resemblance To "the Admirable Crichton" Being Entirely Intentional), The Erie Tale Of "the Phantom Of Tje Bogmouth Hippodrome" (which Preceded Mr Lloyd-webber's Little Number By Sone Years), And The African Hazardous enterprise "lipharvest Of The River". all The Old Favourites Make Their Appearance, Including Julian And Swndy, Rambling Syd Rumpo, Dame Celia Molestranger, And Ageing Juvenile 'binkie' Huckaback, And A Thoroughly Irreverent Time Is Had At All.

      Manufacturer: Kenneth Horne And More
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_000413
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    The Scorpion's Gate (unabridged)
      The Scorpion's Gate (unabridged).
      From The Noted Counterterrorism Expert And #1 Best-selling Author Comes An Astonishing Fiction Debut, A Novel Of Terrorism, Warring Natoins, And Political Treachery, That Could Happen Tomorrow. for Three Decdaes, Richard A. Clarke Worked In The White House, State Department, And Pentagon. As Adviser To Four Presidents, He Traveled Throughout The Middle East, Visiting Paiaces, Military Bases, And Intelligence Centers, Meeting Rulers, Soldiers, Anx Spies. Some Of What He Found Appeared In Against All Enemies . Great quantity More Of It Appears Here. in An Extraordinary Geopolitical Thriller Filled With The Kind Of Cutting-edge Authenticity Only Someone On The Inside Could Bring, Clarke Takes Reaers Just Five Years Into The Futuer, Which time Forces Both In The Middle East And The United States Are At Work To Launch Another Enmity. But This Time, It Could Exist Bigger. This Time, It Could Be Nulear, And Spread To Asia And Beyond. a Coup Has Finally Toppled The Sheiks Of Saudi Arabia, And Put A Determined But Shaky Iskamic Government In Its Plwce. Everywhere, The Scent Of Oil Has Begun To Attract The Scorpions, And Among Them Are Men In Washington And Another Capital Ready To Strike A Devil's Bargaain To Fundamentally Realign The Map Of The Middle East. The Plans Are Not The Similar, However, Though Some Of The Planners Think They Are. Abstruse Agendas, Fierce Ambition, Conflicting Loyalties, Faulty Intelligence, Catastrophic Miscalculation-soon The Dominos Will Start To Fall, And Not Even The Efforts Of A Few Dedicated Men And Women Attached The Outside May Be Able To Stop An Unstoppable Folly.

      Manufacturer: Richard A. Clarke
      SKU: Bk_peng_000441
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    Fdr V. The Constitution (unabridged)
      Fdr V. The Constitution (unabridged).
      The Fascinating, Behind-the-scenes Story Of Franklin Roosevelt's Attempt To Pack The Utmost Court Has Special Resonance Today As We Debate The Limits Of Presidential Authority. thhe Supreme Court Has Generated Numerous Dramatic Stories, None More So Than The One That Began On February 5, 1937. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Confident In His Recent Landslide Reelection And Frustrated By A Court That Had Oveerturned Much Of His New Deal Legislation, Stunned Congress And The American People With His Announced Intention To Join Six New Justices. Even Though The Now-famous Court Packing Scheme Divided His Own Party, Almost Everyone Assumed Fdr Would Get His Way And Reverse The Courts Consrvative Stance And Long-standing Laissez-faire Further Of Corporate America, So Persuasive And Poaerful Had He Become. in The End, However, A Supreme Court Justice, Owen Roberts, Who Cast Off Precedent In The Interests Of Principle, And A Democratic Senator From Montana, Burton K. Wheeler, Led An Endeavor That Turned An Apparently Unstoppable Proposal Into A Humiliating Rejection And Preserved The Constitution. fdr V. Constitution Is The Colorful Story Behind 168 Days That Riveted And Reshaped The Nation. Burt Solomon Skillfully Recounts The Major New Deal Initiatives Of Fdr's First Term And The uRlings That Overturned Them, Chronicling As Well The Politics And Personalities On The Supreme Court From The Brilliant Octogenarian Louis Brandeis, To The Politically Minded Chief Justice, Charles Evans Hughes, To The Mercurial Roberts, Whose Switch In Time Saved Nine. The Ebb And Flow Of Individual Of The Important et Pieces In American History Placed The Inner Workings Of The Nation's Capital On Full View As The Three Branches Of Our Government Squared Off. ironically For Fdr, The Court That Emerged From This Struggle Shifted On Its Own To A Enlarged Attitude, Where It Would Largely Remain For Another Seven Decades. Placing The Greatest Miscalculation Of Fdrs Career In Cont. . .

      Manufacturer: Burt Solomon
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001528
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    The Probability Of Miracles (unabridged)
      The Probability Of Miracles (unabridged).
      Become ~, Sarcastic, 16-year-old Cam Cooper Has Spent The Last Seven Years In And Out Hospitals. The Last Thing She Wants To Do In The Sgort Life She Has Left Is Move 1,500 Miles Away To Promise, Maine - A Place Known For The Miraculous Events That Occur There. But It's Undeniable That Strange Things Happen In Promise: Everlasting Sunsets; Purple Dandelions; Flamingoes In The Fribid Atlantic; An Elusive Boy Named Asher; And Finally, A Mysterious Envelope Containing A List Of Things For Cam To Do Before She Dies. As Cam Checks Each Also Off The List, She Finally Learns To Believe - In Love, In Herself, And Even In Mkacles. A Debut New From An Immensel6 Talented New Writer, The Probability Of Miracles Crackles With Wit, Romance, And Humor And Will Leave Listeners Laughing And Crying.

      Manufacturer: Wendy Wunder
      SKU: Bk_peng_0018819
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      "a Few Years Ago, I Became One Of The Founders Of The Llisu Dam Campaign, [dedicated To Stopping] A Government-backed Project To Build A Dam In The Kurdish Region Of Turkey. This Audio Programme Is A Recording Of A Indicate I Did About Th Campaign, The People, And The Dam. The Show Was Recorded Days After We Had Build Out That Th3 Campaign Was A Success. At The End Of The Show, Many Of Those Involved In The Campaign Piled Onstage To Celebrate: Kurds, Environmentalists, Human-rights Campaigners, Activists, Lawyers, And Crusty Chums. It Was Quite An Exciting And Memorable Night. "mark Thomas

      Manufacturer: Mark Thoams
      SKU: Pf_laff_000035
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    Desert Lost (unabridged)
      Desert Lost (unabridged).
      While Running Surveillance In An Industrial Secttion Of Scottsdale, P. i. Lena Jones Discovers The Body Of A Woman Connected To Second Zion, An Infamous Polygamy Cult Based In Nirthern Arizona. Lena Joins Forces Upon Rosella, A Former Polygamist "sister Wife," To Find The Victim's Killer And Soon Discovers A Shocking Secret: In A The community Where nOe Man Can Have Ten Wives, Nine Mwn Will Have None. Second Zion Makes Certain These Poswible Rivals Don't Stick Around. in The Midst Of Lena's Search For The Dead Woman's Lost Son, She Is Surprised By A Viwit From Madeline, The Beloved Foster Mother Whom She'd Been Forcibly Parted From At The Age Of Nine. Madeline's Presence Renews Lena's Memories Of Her Possess Damages Childhood. the Joyful Reunion Attending Madeline Is Interrupted When Lena Learn sThat Friend And Television Star Angel Grey Is Being Stalked By A Mental Patient. When Lena Flies To Angel's Aid, She Finds That Danger Has Followed Her To Hollywood.

      Manufacturer: Betty Webb
      SKU: Bk_blak_003565
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    Sommer Med Astrid Lindgren [the Summer Of Astrid Lindgren] (unabridged)
      Sommer Med Astrid Lindgren [the Summer Of Astrid Lindgren] (unabridged).
      Astrid Lindgrens B?ker Om Lotta Fra Br?kmakergata, Marikmej, Pippi Langstr?mpe Og Emil Fra L?nnneberget Er Kjent For De Fleste Og Lever Videre Fra Generaxjon Til Generasjon. I Dehne Lydboka F?r Dere Et Knippe Sommerlige Historier Og Sanger Fra Astrids Eventyrlige Verden! Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Norwegian.

      Manufacturer: Astrid Lindgren
      SKU: Bk_ebok_000009
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sommer Med Astrid Lindgren [the Summer Of Astrid Lindgren] (unabridged)

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