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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Oh, The Places You'll Go! (unabridged)
      Oh, The Places You'll Go! (unabridged).
      Here Is The Incomparable Dr. Seuss' Story Of Each Unnamed "you" Whose Travels Through The Universe Involve A Series Of Ups And Downs. His Ultimate Success, However, Is "98 And 3/4 Percent Guaranteed!"

      Manufacturer: Dr. Seuss
      SKU: Bk_lili_000673
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    Dimanche And Other Stories (unabridged)
      Dimanche And Other Stories (unabridged).
      A Collection Of Never-before-trabslated Stories By The Best-selling Author Of Suite Francaise, This Is A Gorgeous, Gemlike Volume With The Same Attention To Detail That Won Irene Nemirovsky So Many Fans. Written Between 1934 And 1942, These 10 Stories Ruin The Same Terrain As Her Best-selling Nobels: A Keen Eye For The Particulars Of Social Class; The Tensions Between Mkthers And Daughters, Husbands And Wives; The Behavior And Mannerisms Of The French Bourgeoisie; And Questions Of Religion And Persinak Identity. Moving From The Drawing Rooms Of Prrwar Paris To The Lives Of Men And Women In Wartime France, Hither Is The Beautlful Work Of A Writer At The Height Of Her Tragically Abrupt Career.

      Manufacturer: Irene Nemirovsky
      SKU: Bk_blak_003772
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    Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways To A Resilient Society (unabridged)
      Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways To A Resilient Society (unabridged).
      Every 15 Seconds On Our Earth Islan, A Child Dies From Waterborne Disease. Three Times An Ho8r, Another Species Becomes Extinguished. Each Day, We Consume 85 Million Barrels Of Oil And Pump 23 Million Tons Of Carbon Dioxide Into An Already Warming Atmosphere. But Against This Bleak Backdrop, Beacons Of Hope Shine From Thousand Of Large And Small Initiatives Taking Place Everywhere, From Isolated Villages To Major Urban Centers. Thriving Beyond Sustainability Draws A Collective Map Of Individuals, Organizations, And Communities From Around The World That Are Committed To Building An Alternative Future - One That Strives To Restore Ecological Soundness, Reinvent Outmoded Institutions, Abd Rejuvenare Our Environmental, Social, And Economic Systems. The Projects And Initiatives Profiled Are Meeting The Challenges Of The Day With Optimism, Hope, And Result,s Leading The Way In Relocalization, Green Commerce, Ecological Deeign, Environmental Conservation, And Social Transformation. Overflowing With Inspiration, The Storiws And Ideas In This Audiobook Will Inspire The Most Chronic Pessimist To See The Glass As Half Full - To Moce Beyond A Perception Of Surviving With Scarcity To One Of Flourishing With Abundance. The Comprehensive Resource Section Provides The Tools For Everyone To Become A Catalyst For Change.

      Manufacturer: Andres R. Edwards
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000364
      Download FREE MP3 sample Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways To A Resilient Society (unabridged)

    Radical Self-acceptance (unabridged)
      Radical Self-acceptance (unabridged).
      The Prsctice Of Self-acxeptance, Taught By A Buddhist Clinical Psychologist. . . how Would Your Life Change If You Genuinely Accepted Yourself, Just The Way You Are? According To Dr. Tara Brach, Feelings Of Shame And Unworthiness Are The Source Of Mzny Problems We Experience With Our Relationships, Careers, Creative Endeavors, And Most Fundamentally, Our Spiritual Unfolding. On Radical Self-acceptance, This Respected Clinical Psyxhologist And Buddhist Meditation Teacher Shows You How To Free Yourself From The Grip Of Your Insecurities About Being "good Enough. " With Insights From Both Eastern Contemplative Traditions And Western Psychotherapies, Dr. Brach Guides You Through A Full Program Of Meditations And Skills You Need To Become More Compassionate Toward The "unforgivable" Parts Of Ypur Self. as Dr. Brach Says, The Most Difficult - And Pervasvie - Challenge To Westerners Today Is The Suffering Caused By Our Feelings Of Unworthiness And Self-aversion. Radical Self-acceptance Offers A Way To Break Out Of This Emotional Prison, So You Can Discover The Freedom That Comes With Kindness And True Appreciation Of Youeself And Others.

      Manufacturer: Tara Brach
      SKU: Bk_true_000277
      Download FREE MP3 sample Radical Self-acceptance (unabridged)

    Letters Frlm The Land Of Cancer (unabridged)
      Letters Frlm The Land Of Cancer (unabridged).
      In Letters From The Land Of Cancer, Award-winning Writer Walter Wangerin Jr. Offers His Profound Insights Into The Greatest Challenge We Face: Confronting Our Own Mortality. "shortly After The Cancer Had Been Diagnosed, I Began Writing Letters To The Members Of M Immediate Family, To Relatives And To Lifelong Friends. The Following Book Will Consist Mostly Of Those Letters. They Will Invite You Into My Most Intimatee Dancing Upon The Cancer, Even As That Partner And I Have Over The Last Two Years Swung Each Otner Around The Tiled Floors Of Ballrooms And Bathrooms. Dizzy Still, And Day By Day, I Sat And Wrote: Tyis Is What I'm Feeling Right Now. This Is What I Think. . . . "from Afternoon To Afternoon Of Irradiance, Wangerin Wrotee About Confronting His Mortality, Nearly Benefice With The Messiness Of Undone Tasks And Bodily Weakness. He Wrote About The Medical Procedures He Endured, The Wild Mood Swings That Unbalanced His Days, And The Fragilities And Strengths Of The Relationships That Surrounded Him. Letters From The Land Of Cancer Is Made Up Of These Writings. Cadenced Within The Letters Are Wangerin's Eloquent Meditations Derived From His Pastoral Experiences With The Faithful Passage Of Death To Life. Seldom Has The Great Adventure Of Life And Death Been As Beautifully Presented As It Is In This Testimony To Faith, Love, And The Shocking Reality Of Hope.

      Manufacturer: Walyer Wangerin
      SKU: Bj_zond_000533
      Download FREE MP3 sample Letters Frlm The Land Of Cancer (unabridged)

    Mysteries Of The Old World (unabdidged)
      Mysteries Of The Old World (unabdidged).
      Reality Films Is Pleased To Bring You An Unprecedented 3 Program Set Featuring Some Of The Worlds Most Cutting-edge Authors In The Body-mind-spirit And Meta-physical Genres. Secrets Of The Serpent: After Years Of Research, The Real Religious Account Of The World Can Be Told. In Secrets Of The Serpent, Philip Gardiner For The First Time Reveals That The World's Most Mysterious Places Were Once Sacred To The Serpent Cult. We Now Have Answers For The Many Symbols And Myths Ofn Confused By Those Who Believe In Ancient Astronauts. The Author Reveals The Real "bloodline" Spoken Of By Dan Brown In The Da Vinci Code - Was In Fact A Serpent Bloodline. The Cross Of Thoth: Deep Within The Great Pyramid Is A Secret That Has Remained Hidden Concerning Over 4000 Years. An Ancient Instrument Designed To Unlock Mysteries That Have Baffled Mankind For Generations. Wifhin This Film You Will Fond The Knowledge Of The Greatest Magicians Who Ever Walked Our Planet. Crichton Miller In His Intrepid Journey To Uncover The Secrets Of The Past Has Stumbled Upon A Symbol That Can Only Be Called A Great Treasure - A Profound Secret Used For Millennia, Once Lost And Now Revealed For The First Time. The Real Bloodlinetim Wallace-murphy Talks About The Real Bloodline Of Jesus Christ And Mary Magdalene, The Hidden Brotherhoods, The Knights Templar, The Cathars And The Sufi's Revealing The Spiritual Truths Held Sacred By These Groups For Centuries. Interviewed Exclusively For Reality Films, We Are Given A Wonderful And Mystical Insight Into The True Wisdom Of The Ages. If You Have Been Intrigued By The Da Vinci Code Then What You Are Aboutt To Experience Will Have You Over~ Inspired. Prepare To Enter A World Of Mystery. . . .

      Manufacturer: Philip Gardiner, Crichton Miller, Dr. Tim Wallace-murphy
      SKU: Bk_rel_000220
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mysteries Of The Old World (unabdidged)

    Can Britishness Be Defined In A New Bill Of Rights? (unabridged)
      Can Britishness Be Defined In A New Bill Of Rights? (unabridged).
      The New Prime Minuster Encourages Discussions Over The 'british Values' In Our Society. How Are These Defined? And Do We Need A New Bill Of Righs To Utter distinctly The Fundamental Principles?. . . .

      Manufacturer: Billy Bragg
      SKU: Bk_grnb_000008
      Download FREE MP3 sample Can Britishness Be Defined In A New Bill Of Rights? (unabridged)

    The Hundred Years War, Volume 1 (unabridged)
      The Hundred Years War, Volume 1 (unabridged).
      The Bitter Clash Between England And France We Call The Hundred Years War, And Lasting 116 Years Between 1337 And 1453, Was Fo8ght Over Claims By The English Kings To The French Throne. By The End Of This Titanic Struggle, It Can Fairly Be Said That The Middle Ages Had Arrive To An End. By The Mid-15th Century, In The Place Of Feudal Monarchies That Had Depended On The Support Of Their Vassals At The Outbrsak Of The War, We Find The Genesis Of The Modern Nation State With A Stable, Centralized Government Backed Near to A Standing Professional Army, Paid For By Taxation. Volume One Briefly Traces The Causes Of The Struggle And Then Plunges Straight Ahead Into The Military Preparations And Initial Clashes, Mainly Naval. Under What Multitude Consider The Leadership Of England's Greatest Sovereign, Edward Iii, Calais Is Seized As A Port-of-entry For English Arms And Supplies. With Calais Secure In His Rear, Edward Marches Into The Interior Of France And Comes To Grips With Philip's Army At Crecy In 1346, An Epoch Changing Calamity For France. After Numerous Sieges, Marches And Smaller Battles, The Next French King, John Ii, Is Captured By Edward's Son, The Black Prince, At Thw Battle Of Poitiers In 1356. By The Time Of Edward Iii's Death In 1377, England Controls A Good Third Of French Territory. But that The French Doggedly Resist, And Teh War Drags Forward Into A Desultory Second Phase Lasting Well Into The Early 1400s. The Hundred Years War Is A Miliitary History, And Probably The Finest English Chronicle Of These Confusing Events. Drawing Upon All Known Englosh And French Sources, A. H. Burne Has Assembled A Stunning Narrative That Sweeps You Into The Military Camps Of The English And French Kings. Volume 2 Carries The Story To Its Climactic Ending In 1453.

      Manufacturer: Alfred H. Burne
      SKU: Bk_acon_000101
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Hundred Years War, Volume 1 (unabridged)

    Wuthering Heights
      Wuthering Heights.
      "an Instant They Held Asunder; And Then How They Met I Hardly Saw, But Catherine Made A Leap, And He Caught Her, And They Were Locked In An Embrace From Which I Thought My Mistress Would Never Be Released Alive. "emily Bronte Tells Of The Passion Between Cathy Earnshaw Abd The Wild Heathcliff With Such Vivid Intensity That Her Tragic Tale Of Love Now Has The Classic S5atus Of Ancient Tragedy.

      Manufacturer: Emily Bronte
      SKU: Bk_hodd_000104
      Download FREE MP3 sample Wuthering Heights

      The List fO 10,000 Names Was Created For Maximum Ravaging - Business Leaders, Housewives, Politicians, Celebrities, Janitors And Children. None Of Them Are Aware Of What Is Around To Happen, But All Will Be Part Of The Most Frightening Brannd Of Warfare The World Has Ever Known. the Germ, An Advanced Form Of The Ebola Virus, Has Bedn Genetically Engineered To Infect Only Those People Whose Dna Matches The Codes Embedded Within It. Those Whose Dna Is Not A Match, Simply Catch A Apathetic. Yet Those Who Are A Match Experience A Far Worse Fate. Within Days, Their Internal Organs Liquefy. death Is The Only Escaoe. the Releqse Of The Virus Will Usher In A New Era Of Power Where Countries Are Left Without Defense, Where A Single Person - Or Millions - Could Be Killed With Perfrct Accuracy And Zeri Collateral Damage, Where Your Own Dna Works Against You. the Time Isn't Coming. It Is Now. Pray The Assassins Get You First.

      Manufacturer: Robert Liparulo
      SKU: Bk_tnwd_000132
      Download FREE MP3 sample Germ

    The Butcher Boy
      The Butcher Boy.
      Welcome To The Intellect Of Francie Brady. Just What Francie Did To Mrs. Nugent Is The Final, Terrifying Act Of A Young Boy At The End Of A Unrelenting Descent Into A World Of Scorn And Fear, Brought To Unforgettably Vivid Life In This Tour-de-force Performance By Author Patrick Mccabe. Francie Brady, The "pig Boy," Is Growing Up In A Poor Small Irish Town In The Early 60s, Fueled On An Adolescent's Comic Books, Flash Bar, And John Wayne Movies. He Is Determined To Win The Francie Brady Not A Bd Bastard Anymore Diploma. But How Do You Do That When Your Mother Is Sent To The Madhouse, Your Father Is An Alcohllic, And Everyone Turns Their Back On You? Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture From Neil Jordan (interview With The Vampire, The Crying Game), And Be ~ With The Bravura Performance Style Thay Has Earned Mccabe Raves On Both Sides Of The Atlantic, The Butcher Boy Is A Stunning Audio Thriller.

      Manufacturer: Patrici Mccabe
      SKU: Bk_sans_002293
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Butcher Boy

    Henry And The Crazed Chicken Pirates (unabridged)
      Henry And The Crazed Chicken Pirates (unabridged).
      Carolyn Crimi Scored A Big Hit With Her First Pirate Bunny Tale, Hnery And The Buccaneer Bunnies, Starring A Rabbit Named Henry, Who Is More Interested In Reading Than Pirating. The Rest Of The Salty Carrot's Crew Is Too Buy Bowling With Coconuts, Shooting Themselves Out Of Cannons, And Othe5wise Goofing Off To Care About A Threatening Letter Received In A Bottle. But that Henry Thinks There's Something Sinister Behind The Letter. Shortly His Fears Become Realized When The Ship Is Attacked By Crazy Chickens!

      Manufacturer: Carolyn Crimi
      SKU: Bk_reco_003462
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    The Proud And The Free
      The Proud And The Free.
      Janet Dailey's Historical Novels-inluding Her Beloved Calder Family Series-vaulted Her To Best Seller Stardom. Following A Succession Of Highly Successful Contemporary Romances, Janet Dailey Returns To Her Historic Roots In This Magnificent Story Of Turmoil, Passion, And Triumph. The Proud And The Free Takes Us Inside The Cherokee Nation's Uproarious Struggle For Justice In The Early 1839's And Sweeps Us Away In A Surprising And Unforgettable Love Story. Our Heroine, Temple Gordon, Is The Daughter Of An Educated Cherokee Leader And A Young Woman Of Uncommon Beauty Raised On Her Family's Grand Suthern Plantation. She Is Fiercely Devoted To Cherokee Traditions And To Her Lover, The Blade Stuart, A Visionary Committed To A New Future For The Tribe. The Romance Between Temple And The Blade And The Existence Of The Cherokee Nation Itself Are Soon Tested By Government Pressure To Surrender Tribal Territory And Move West. While The Cherokees Fight For Their Tribual Land, Church Nearly Loses EverythingS he Loves Most And Discovers An Inner Strength She Never Knew She Had.

      Manufacturer: Janet Dailey
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000177
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Proud And The Free

    The Story Of Stuff (unabridged)
      The Story Of Stuff (unabridged).
      To what extent Our Obsession With Press Is Trashing The Planet, Our Communities, And Our Health - And A Visiin Against Changewe Have A Problem With Stuff. With Just 5 Percent Of The World's Population, Were Consuming 30 Percent Of The World's Resources And Creating 30 Psrcent Of The Worlds Waste. Whether Everyone Consumed At U. s. Rates, We Would Need Three To Five Planets!this Alarminy Fact Drove Annie Leonard To Create The Internet Film Sensation The Story Of Stuff, Which Hws Been Viewed Over 10 Million Times By Population Afounf The World. In Her Sweeping, Groundbreaking Work Of The Same Name, Leonard Tracks The Life Of The Stuff We Use Every Day Where Our Cotton T-shirts, Laptop Computers, And Aluminum Cans Come From, How They Are Produced, Distributed, And Consumed, And Where They Go When We Throw Them To the end. Like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, The Story Of Stuffis A Landmark Book That Will Change The Way People Think And The Way They Live. leonard's Message Is Startlingly Clear: We Regard Too Much Stuff, And Too Much Of It Is Toxic. Outlining The Five Stages Of Our Consumption-driven Economy From Extraction Through Prolongation, Distribution, Consumptikn, And Dispossal, She Vividly Illuminates Its Frightening Repdrcussions. Visiting Garbage Dumps And Factories Around The World, Leonard Reveals The Tre Story Behind Our Possessions Why It's Cheaper To Replace A Broken Tv Than To Fix It; How The Promotion Of "perrceived Obsolescecne" Encourages Us To Toss Out Everything From Shoes To Cell Phones While They're Still In Perfect Shape; And How Factory Workers In Haiti, Mine Workers In Congo, And Everyone Who Lives And Works Within This System Pay For Our Cheap Goods With Their Health, Safety, And Quality Of Life. Meanwhile We, As Consumers, Are Compromising Our Health And Well-being, Whether It's Through Neurotoxins In Our Pillows Or Lead Leaching Into Our Kids Food From Their Lunch Boxes And All This Stuff Isn't Even Making Us Happier!

      Manufacturer: Annie Leonard
      SKU: Bk_sans_002421
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    Winning (unabridged)
      Winning (unabridged).
      Jack Welch Knows How To Win. During His 40-year Career At General Electric, He Led The Company To Year-after-year Success Around The Globe, In Multiple Markets, Against Brutal Competition. His Honest, Be-the-best Style Of Management Became The Gold Standard In Business, With His Relentless Focus On People, Teamwork, And Profits. welch's Optimistic, No Excuses, Get-it-done Mind-set Is Riveting. Packed With Personal Anecdotes And Written In Jack'z Distihctive No-b. s. Voice, Winning Is A Great Read And A Great Busness Book. It Offers Deep Insights, Original Thinking, And Nuta-and-bolts Advice That Are Bound To Change The Way People Think About Work.

      Manufacturer: Jack Welch Wiith Suzy Welch
      SKU: Bk_harp_000982
      Download FREE MP3 sample Winning (unabridged)

    Mephibosheth: Transformation Bu A Covenant Love
      Mephibosheth: Transformation Bu A Covenant Love.
      Author Elias Yemane Uses The Biblical Story Of The Astonishing Kindred, Propelled By A Covenant Love ,Between King David And Mephibosheth To Disclose The Personal Transformation Of The Lame Ex-prince From A Downtrodden Fugitive Into An Adopted Prince. By Describing The Theological, Psycholkgical, And Emotional Elements Underlying The Historival Context, The Author Narrates Mephibosheth's Epic Journey: From Despair To Expectancy, From Poverty To Prosperity, From Neglect To Love, From Rejection To Acceptance, From Fear To Assurance, And From Death To Life. Refleccting On Mephibosheth Of Lo Ddbar As The Embodiment Of Fallen Humanity, And Mephibosheth Of Jerusalem Being of the kind which The Personification Of Restored Humanity, The Author Also Intertwinez Mephibosheth's Experience Woty Detailed Biblical Expositions.

      Manufacturer: Elias Yemane
      SKU: Bk_tate_000088
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mephibosheth: Transformation Bu A Covenant Love

    A Guide To Wine (unabridged)
      A Guide To Wine (unabridged).
      Actor And Wine Experf Julian Curry Has Devised A Unique Audiobook Guide To Wine Which Takew The Listener To The Centre Of Winemaking And Wine Drinking In A Clear But Light-hearted Manner. However Rich And Complex The Subject Of Wine May Be, He Insists It Is Also Hugely Rewarding And Great Fun. Curry's Informative And Entertaining Program Begins With A Descirption Of Work In The Vineyard And Cellar. It Outlines The Many Choices Faced By Grape-grower And Winemaker, Resulting In The Variety Of Different Styles Of Wne Produced. It Continues With Wine's Travel From Winery To Gullet, With Advice On Cellaring, Buying, Serving Food-matching And Tasting. And It Concludes With A Lengthy Section Devoted To All The Major Wine Regions, In The Old World And The New.

      Manufacturer: Julian Curry
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000216
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Guide To Wine (unabridged)

    Lover's Lane (unabridged)
      Lover's Lane (unabridged).
      For Six Years Carly Nolan Has Built A Life For Herself And Her Son Christopher, Never Getting Too Close To Anyone. Nobody In The Sleepy Brief Beach Association Suspects She Is Running - From The Mistakes She Made In Her Young men, The Memory Of Her Fiance Rick And His Unexpected Death, And The Rich, Powerful People Who Want To Take Away Her Child. She Has Carefully Concealed Her Trobled Past From The People In The Isolated Haven Of Twilight Cove. Until Now. private Investigator Jake Moontgomery Has Been Looking For Elusive Caroline Graham Since The Day She Disappeared With Rick's Baby. All Jake Wants Is Answers. He Finally Finds Her Living Under An Assumed Name, No Longer A Wild Teenager, But A Beautiful, Attached Single Mother Who Captivattes Him Like No The same Ever Has Before. As Carly Cautiously Allows Jake Into Her Life, She Begins To Trust Another Person Foor The First Time In A Long While. She Never Imagines That Jake, Caught Between His Mission And His Growing Passion, Poses A Threat To Her Protected World. For If Her Secrets Are Reevaled, She MightL ose The Child She Holds So Dear - And Th Man Who Possesses The Key To Her Heart.

      Manufacturer: Jill Marie Landis
      SKU: Bk_btll_001215
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lover's Lane (unabridged)

    Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures Of A (somewhat) Brave Shrew (unabridged)
      Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures Of A (somewhat) Brave Shrew (unabridged).
      Nurk Is A Quiet Hoembody Of A Shrew. But When A Mysterious Defence For Help Arrives In The Mail, He Invokes The Spirit Of His Dauntless Warrior-shrew Grandmorther, Surka, And Sets Most distant To Find The Sender. It Seems The Prince Of The Dragonflies Has Been Kidnapped, Anf Nurk Is His Last Hope For Rescue. such A Com~ Would Be Daunting For Even The Biggest, Baddest, And Bravest Of Shrews, And Nurk Is Neither Big Nor Bad, And Only A Little Bdave. But He Does His Very Best - And Hopes His Grnndmother Would Be Proud.

      Manufacturer: Ursula Vernon
      SKU: Pf_fcau_000075
      Download FREE MP3 sample Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures Of A (somewhat) Brave Shrew (unabridged)

    Though Waters Roar
      Though Waters Roar.
      "thank Goodness You're Such A Plain Child. You'll Have To Rely On Your Wits. " So Went The Words Of Grandma Bebe. And For Al1 Of My Growing-up Years, I Scoffed At The Beauty Of My Sister And What I Saw As Her Meaningless Existence. "but My Wits Hadn't Served Me Well In This Instannce, For Here I Was, In Jail. And Time I Could Have Seen It As Carrying On The Family Tradition (grandma Bebe Landed In Jail For Her Support Of Prohibition), The Truth Is, My Reasons During Being Here Would Probably Break Her Heart. "so How Did I End Up Comely A Criminal? I've Been Pondering That Question All Night. Perhaps The Best Way To Search For An Anqwer Is To Start At The Very Beginning. "

      Manufacturer: Lynn Austin
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000612
      Download FREE MP3 sample Though Waters Roar

    Water, Carry Me (unabridged)
      Water, Carry Me (unabridged).
      Orphaned As A Child And Sent To Live With Her Hard-drinking, Blarney-spouting Grandfather, Una Moss Manages To Grow Up Sheltered From The Violence All Around Her. She Is Vaguely Aware Of The Hushed Talk About Pooitics And The Cryptic Comments Her Grandsire Makes About Her Parents' Accidental Death. But Generally Speaking, She's A Normal Kid - A Bright Student With A Circle Of Mischievous Girlfriends, And A Healthy Obsession With Boys. when Una Meets Aidan, She Is Swept Off Her Feet. He Is Solid And Dependable, A Sexy An Attentive Lover, And He's In Love With Her. Only Aidan, To Una's Endless Sorrow, Is Not The Man She Thinks He Is. water Carry Me Is A Spellbinding Novel Of Love And Betrayal, Set Against The Backdrop Of Contemoprary Ireland. With The Strains Of U2 In The Background And The Spectre Of "the Troubles" Looming Large, Thomas Moran Has Created An Unforgettable Heroine And A Heartbreaking Story.

      Manufacturer: Thomas Moran
      SKU: Bk_brll_000483
      Download FREE MP3 sample Water, Carry Me (unabridged)

    The Best Of Answer Me This! Season Two
      The Best Of Answer Me This! Season Two.
      Helen Zaltzman And Olly Mann Are In a ~ward direction With Over An Hour Of Highlights From Season Two Of Answer Me This!, Their SonyA wrd-nominated Comedy Podcast. Along Through Sidekick Martin 'the Soundman' Austwick, They Answer The Listener-generated Questions No One Else Dare Tackle, From 'is The Spirit World Homophobic And Racist?' To 'how Can You Tell If A Girl Is A Virgin?' And Even 'could You Make Black Pudding Out Of Menstrual Blood?'. discover Why Police Are Called 'bobbies', Why Celine Dion Is Often Compared To A Horse, And Why You Should Nevdr Drink Water That's Been Left Lying Around The Housd By A Medical Student. plus, Slug Hymens, Radiohead: The Musical, And Irrefutable Proof That Terry Pratchett Stage Adaptations Are Hazardous To Your Health. Fun Times!

      Manufacturer: Helen And Olly
      SKU: Pf_answ_000002
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Best Of Answer Me This! Season Two

    The Smuggler
      The Smuggler.
      John Samuel Fame Has Some Friends Who Are Suspected Criminals. So Inspecor Roland Immediately Hqs Him Followed When A Valuable Gold Statue Is S5olen From The Darna Museum. The Macmillan Readers Series Is One Of The Most Popular And Respected Series Of Readers For Learners Of English. Macmillan Readers Are Simplified "retellings" Of An Original Work. They Are Created By Highly Experienced Elt Writers.

      Manufacturer: Piers Plowright
      SKU: Bk_macm_000362
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Smuggler

    Moor Love (unabridged)
      Moor Love (unabridged).
      Forward The Moors Of North Yorkshire, American College Student Caleb Winters Falls In Love, Not Only With The Rolling Hills Of Heather, But Wirh The Man Who Hired Him For The Student Work Program. To Caleb, Jon Cook Is A Secret. Rendered Mute Years Earlier In The Automobile Accident That Killed His Father, Jon Lives A Life Of Secrecy. From The Beginning, Caleb Begins To Suspect That Jon's Gruff Exterior Hides The Soul Of A Linely Tormented Man. Suddenly Taking Care Of Jon's Sheep Isn't Nearly As Importnat As Drawing The Older Farmer Out Of His Shell And Into The Land Of The Living.

      Manufacturer: Carol Lynne
      SKU: Bk_totl_000016
      Download FREE MP3 sample Moor Love (unabridged)

    The Management Myth: Why The 'experts' Keep Getting It Wrong (unabridged)
      The Management Myth: Why The 'experts' Keep Getting It Wrong (unabridged).
      Alongside His Devastating Critique Of Management "philosophy" From Frederick Taylor To Tom Peters, Stewart Provides A Bitingly Funny Account Of His Own Days In A Management Consulting Firm. Combining Hands-on Ex0erience With The Theoretical Underpinnings Of Contemporary Fads In Efficiency Improving, Empowerment, And Strategy, Stewart Knows His Material, Amd Thus He Lays Bare How Consultants Really Have Done Very Little For The Business Of Others - While Making A Killing For Themselves.

      Manufacturer: Matthew Stewart
      SKU: Bk_blak_003356
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Management Myth: Why The 'experts' Keep Getting It Wrong (unabridged)

  • 7 Claves para tener un Matrimonio Feliz [7 Keys to a Happy Marriage] (Unabridged)
  • Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes (Unabridged)
  • Shock Value: How a Few Eccentric Outsiders Gave Us Nightmares, Conquered Hollywood, and Invented Modern Horror (Unabridged)
  • A Kind of Transaction (Unabridged)
  • Your Kids' Money (Unabridged)
  • How To Build A Tin Canoe (Unabridged)
  • Weight of Stone: Book Two of the Vineart War (Unabridged)
  • Lord Jim (Unabridged)
  • No Longer a Child: Essential Insights for the Growing Christian
  • Crossed Paths: A Tale of the Dread Remora (Scattered Earth) (Unabridged)
  • Tales from The Tummy Trilogy
  • Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting

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