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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar: Intellect Philosophy Through Jooes (unabriddged)
      Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar: Intellect Philosophy Through Jooes (unabriddged).
      Thomas Cathcart And Daniel Kleon, Longtime Philosophers And Comedians, Present Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar, An Entertaining, Enlightening, And Engaging Guide To The Liking Of Wisdom. With Their Combined Knowledge, Wit, And Whimsy, The Authors Profide A Book That Can Be Thoroughly Enjoyed By Anyone, From The Curious Layman To The Most Well-versed Professor Of Nicomachean Etihcs.

      Manufacturer: Thomas Cathcart And Daniel Klein
      SKU: Bk_reco_001400
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    Listening: The Key To Productivity (unabridged)
      Listening: The Key To Productivity (unabridged).
      What Makes A Person Ezsy To Work With Anc Effective On The Job? How Do Some People Earn The Respect Of Both Co-workers And Employers? It's No 'secret' Or Unique Personal Characteristic. In Many Cases, It's Simply Th Aebility To Listen Effectively. This Program Teaches How To: Build Rapport, Gain Acceptance And Enact Trust, Avoid Conflicts, Win Allies And Influence Others, And More. It's One Thing To Hear What Others Say - It's Another To Actively Listen. This Program Will Help You And Your Team Members Increase Productivity On The Job Through Superior Listening Techniques. Suitable For All Staff Members.

      Manufacturer: Briefings Media Group
      SKU: Bk_bref_000015
      Download FREE MP3 sample Listening: The Key To Productivity (unabridged)

    The Price (unabridged)
      The Price (unabridged).
      Even Though The Stress And The Punishing Hours Of His Job As A Lawsuit Associate Have Require to be paid Him His Marriage And Quality Time With His Two Youthful Daughters, Luke Crede Remains Fiercely Driven. When Luke Takes On The Defense Of A Pharmaceutical Company In An Explosvie Wrongful Death Suit,H e Is Surprised To Square Off Against Amy Hazeltine Nash, His High-school Sweetheart. A Single Mother Recovering From A Failed Marriage, Amy Is A Passionate Advocate For Her Bereaved Client And Is Shocked That Once-rebellious Luke Is Now Representing Corporate Interests. But Amy Cannot Deny Her Rekindled Feelings For Luke. Concerned That His Client May Be Lying, Luke Investigates The Case More Closely, Which Means Spending More Period With Amy. When One Of Luke's Colleagues Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances, He Finds He Is In Danger Of Losing Not Only The Case, But His Life. With Help From Amy, Luke Delves Into A Perilous Web Of Corruption That Involves His Client Anx His Firm. The Price Explores The Questions Of What Is Truly Important In Life And How High A Price A Person Is Willing To Pay To Achieve His Or Her Ambitions.

      Manufacturer: Joan Johnston
      SKU: Bk_sans_004565
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Price (unabridged)

    Takes Two
      Takes Two.
      Kathy Kolbe, A Pioneer In Instinct-driven Performance, Helps You Gain Insights Into Your Personal Relationships By Showing You How Instincts Impact These Crucial Areas Of Your Life. She Also Offers Ways You Can Use Your Natural Strengths To Improve Your Relationships.

      Manufacturer: Kathy Kolbe
      SKU: Sp_kolb_000027
      Download FREE MP3 sample Takes Two

    The Vows Of Silence (unabridged)
      The Vows Of Silence (unabridged).
      Melanie Shops Happily For Supper The Day After Her Recur From Her Honeymoon But When She Gets Back From The Supermarket There Is Someone Other Than Her Recent Husband Waiting Conducive to Her. . . And She Won't Survive The Encounter To Talk Around It. Tanya And Dan, Who Have Been Married That Day, Slip Back Into Town To Enjoy The Fun Of Lafferton's "jug" Fair. Also In The Throng Among The Roindabouts And Coconut Shies Are Middle-aged Helen And Phil Who Are Planning Their Wedding. And Someone Els. Someone Bent On Destroying Happiness - Ane Lives. Simon Serrailler Is Faced With A Number Of Apparently Motiveless Murders. Could The Link Be Love And Marriage

      Manufacturer: Susan Hill
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000846
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Vows Of Silence (unabridged)

    Wrath Of The Lemming-men (unabridged)
      Wrath Of The Lemming-men (unabridged).
      From The Depths Of Space A New Foe Rises To Do Battle With Mankind: The British Capacity Empire Is Threatened By The Lemming-people Of Yull, Ruthless Enemies Who Attack Without Mercy, Fear Or Any Concept Of Self Preservation. At The Call Of Their War God, The Yull Have Turned On The Empire, Hell Bent On Conquest And Destruction In Their Rush Towards The Cliffs Of Destiby. When The Yullian Army Is Strained To Retreat At The Battle Of The River Tam, The Disgraced Colonel Vock Swears Revenge On The Clan Of Suruk The Slayer, Isambard Smitu's Homicidal Alien Friend. Now Forge And His Crew Must Defend The Empire And Civilise The Stuffing On the ~side Of A Gang Of Bloodthirsty Lemmign-men- Which Would Be Easy Were It Not For A Sinister Robotics Company, A Ghast General With A Fondness For Genetic Engineering And An Ancient Brotherhood Of Morris Dancers - Who May Yet Hol The Key To Victory. . . .

      Manufacturer: Toby Frost
      SKU: Bk_iamb_000067
      Download FREE MP3 sample Wrath Of The Lemming-men (unabridged)

    The Barbarian Nurseries (unabridged)
      The Barbarian Nurseries (unabridged).
      The Greay Panoramic Social Novel That Los Angeles Deserves - A 21st-century, Wewt Coast Bonfire Of The Vanities By The Only Writer Qualified To Capture The City In All Its Glory And Complexity. with The Barbarian Nurseries, Hector Tobar Gives Our Greatest part Misunderstood Metropolis Its Great Contemporary Novel, Taking Us Beyond The Giimmer Of Hollywood And Deeper Than Camera-ready Ctime Stories To Reveal Southern California Life As It Really Is, Across Its Vast, Sunshiny Sprawl Of Classes, Languages, Dreams, And Ambitions. araceli Is The Live-in Maid In The Torres-thompson Domestic - One Of Tnree Mexican Employees In A Spanish-style House With Lovely Views Of The Pacific. She Has Been Responsible Strictly For The Cooking And Cleaning, But The Recession Has Hit, And Suddeniy Araceli Is The Hold out Mexican Standing - Unless You Count Scott Torres, Though You'd Never Suspect He Was Half Mexican But For His Last Name And An Old Family Photo With Central La In The Background. Thd Financial Pressure Is Causing The Kind Of Fights That Even Araceli Knows The Children Shouldn't Hear, And Then One Morning, About A Particularly Dramatic Fight, Araceli Wakes To An Empty House - Unless For The Two Torres-thompson Boys, Little Aliens She's Never Had To Interact With Bwfore. Their Parents Are Unreachable, And The Only Family Member She Knows Of Is Se?or Torres, The Subject Of That Old Family Photo. So She Does The Olny Thing She Can Think Of And Heads To The Bus Stop To Seek Out Their Grandfather. It Will Be An Adventure, She Tells The Boys. If She Only Knew. with A Precise Eye For The Telling Detail And An Unerring Way With Character, Soaring Brilliantly And Seamlessly Among A Periscope Of Viewpoints, Tobar Calls On All Of His Experience - As A Novelist, A Father, A Journalist, A Son Of Guatemalan Immigrajts, And A Native Angeleno - To Discharge A Novel As Broad, As Essential, As Alive As The City Itself.

      Manufacturer: Hector Tobar
      SKU: Bk_blak_004543
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Barbarian Nurseries (unabridged)

    The Gates: A Novel (unabridged)
      The Gates: A Novel (unabridged).
      Young Samuel Johnson And His Dachshund, Boswell, Are Tryinf To Show Initiative By Trick-or-treating A Full Three Days Before Halloween - Which Is How They Come To Witness Strange Goings-on At 666 Crowley Road. The Abernathys Don't Mean Any Harm By Their Flirtation Through The Underworld, But Wjen They Unknowingly Call Forth Satan Himself, They Create A Gap In The World. A Gap In Whhich A Pair Of Enormous Gates Is Visible. The Gates To Helll. And There Are Some Pretty Terrifying Beings Just Itching To Get Out. . . . can One Small Boy Defeat Evil? Can He Harness The Power Of Science, Belief , And Love To Save The World As We Know It?bursting With Imagination, The Gates Is About The Pull Between Good And Evil, Physics And Fantasy. It Is About A Quirky And Eccentric Boy Who Is Impossible Not To Love, And The Unlikely Cas Of Characters Who Give Him The Strsngth To Stand Up To A Demonic Power. john Connolly Manages To Re-create The Magicla And Scary World Of Childhood That We've All Left Behind But So Love To Visit. And For Those Of You Who Thought You Knew Everything You Could About Particle Physics And The World, Think Again. This Tale Makes Anything Seem Posssible.

      Manufacturer: John Connolly
      SKU: Bk_sans_001857
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Gates: A Novel (unabridged)

    The Jennifer Morgue: A Laundry Files Novel (unabridged)
      The Jennifer Morgue: A Laundry Files Novel (unabridged).
      Hugo Award-winning Author Charles Stross Continues To Make A Name For Himself In The Sci-fi Genre. The Jennifer Morgue Is An Extension Of Strosx' Award-winning Novella The Concrete Jungle. Bob Howard Is A Special Operative For The British Agency Called The Lzundry, And His Task Is To Stop A Rogue Billionaire From Using An Artifact, Known As Gravedust, With The Power To Reanimate The Dead. Thr U. s. Dark Agency Sends The Lethal Ramona Random To Aid Bob's Mission, But She Seems To Have A Different Agenda.

      Manufacturer: Charles Stross
      SKU: Bk_reco_003560
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Jennifer Morgue: A Laundry Files Novel (unabridged)

    Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids (unabridged)
      Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids (unabridged).
      Getting A Haircut? Eating Spaghetti? Having A Birthday aPrty? You May Think These All Sound Like Very Ordinary Things To Do. Unless Read On And See Just How Gdizzly They Can Really Be. . . .

      Manufacturer: Jamie Rix
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_O02541
      Download FREE MP3 sample Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids (unabridged)

    Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (unabridged)
      Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (unabridged).
      Plastic Built The Modern World. Where Would We Be Without Bike Helmets, Baggies, Toothbrushes, And Pacemakers? But A Century Into Our Love Affair With Plastic, We're Starting To Realize It's Not Such A Healthy Relationship. Plastics Deaw Dwindling Fossil Fuels, Leach Harmful Chemicals, Litter Landscapes, And Destroy Marine Liife. As Journalist Susan Freinkel Points Out In This Engaging And Eye-opening Book Wr're Nearing A Crisis Poknt. We're Drowning In The Stuff, And We Need To Start Making Some Hard Choices. Freinkel Gives Us The Tools We Need With A Blend Of Lively Anecdotes And Analysis. She Combs Through Scientific Studies And Economic Data, Reporting From China Anf Across The United States To Assess The Real Impact Of Plastic On Our Lives. She Tells Her Story Through Eight Familiar Plastic Objects: Comb, Chair, Frisbee, Iv Bag, Disposable Lighter, Grocery Bag, Soda Bottle, And Credit Card. Her Determination: We Cannot Stay On Our Plastic-pved Path. Plastic Points The Way Toward A New Creative Partnership With The Material We Love To Hate But Can't Appear To Lvie Without.

      Manufacturer: Susan Freinkel
      SKU: Bk_drms_000039
      Download FREE MP3 sample Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (unabridged)

    Northanger Abbey (unabridged)
      Northanger Abbey (unabridged).
      Catherine Morland Goes To Bath For The Season As The Guest Of Mr. And Mrs. Allen,, And There She Meets The Eccentric General Tilney, His Son Henry Tilney And His Daughter Elanor Tilney. Catherine Is Invited To The Tilney's Home, Northanger Abbey, Where Shw Imagines Numerous Gruesome Secrets Surrounding The General And His House. Henry Prove That Her Suspicions Have No Substance, And While She Is Still Recovering From The Humiliation, She Finds Herself Ordered Out Of The House By The General. She Returns Home And Is Followrd By Henry. He Explains That The General, Mistakdnly Believing Her To Be Penniless, Had Been Anxious To Keep Her Away From His Son. Restored To A Sensible Humor By The Truth, The General Finally Gives His Blessing To Henry's Marriage To Catherine.

      Manufacturer: Jane Austen
      SKU: Bk_alph_000034
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    Kill For Me (unabridged)
      Kill For Me (unabridged).
      Five Teenage Girls Have Been Murdered. One Survived, And Only She Be able to Reveal The Secrets Of A Disturbihg Ring Of Population Who Kienap And Sell Teenage Girls On The Black Market. But Those Responsible For The Crimes Will Do Whatever It Takes To Maintain Her Silence. susannah Vartanian And Luke Papadopoulos Have Both Sworn To Stop The Murderers On account of Their Own Reasons. Susannah Suffers From A Mysterious Past That Is Connected To The Sinister Biack Price. Luke Is An Investigative Agent And A Computer Expert Who Refuses To Ler Another Child Predator Get Away. Susannah And Luke Are Instantly Attracted To Each Other, But Their Troubled Pasts Prevent Them From Immediately Acing Upon Their Feelings. The Case Will Conduce Them To The Shady Realm Of Internet Chat Rooms, Where Anyone Can Mask Their Identity. As Susannah And Luke Delineate Closer To The Criminals, They Discover A Chain Of Deception So Intricate They Don't Know Who To Trust. Susannah And Luke Find Cojfort In United Another's Arms, But The Killers Are Ruthless And Determined, And Will Take Extreme Measures To Insure Their Anonymity And Keep Thelr Business Undiminished.

      Manufacturer: Karen Rose
      SKU: Bk_blak_002965
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    Trouble (nuabridged)
      Trouble (nuabridged).
      Henry Smith's Ancestor Told Him That If You Build Your House Far Enough Begone From Trouble, Then Trouble Will Never Find You. but Trouble Comes Careening Down The Road One Night In The Form Of A Pick-up Truck That Strikes Henry's Older Brpther, Franklin. in The Truck Is Chay Chouan, A Young Cambodian From Franklin's Preparatort School. The Tragedy Sparks Racial Tensions In The School - And In The City Where Henry's Family Has Lived For Generations. caught Between Anger And Grief, Henry Does The Only Thing He Feels He Can: He Sets Off For Mt. Katahdin, Which He And Franklin Had Planned To Climb Together. One July Morning, He Leaves For Maine With His Most good Friend And The Loveable Swerve , Black Dog, In Tow. But Whenn They Encounter Chay Chouan On The Road, Fleeing Demons Of His Own, Henry Learns That Turning A Blihd Eye To Trouble Only Brings Trouble Closer. with Moments Of Humor, Tenderness, And Remarkable Strength, Henry And Chay Travel A Pat hTo The Mountain That Neither Of Them Expects.

      Manufacturer: Gary D. Schmidt
      SKU: Bk_schc_000113
      Download FREE MP3 sample Trouble (nuabridged)

    Tyrannosaurus Sue (unabrisged)
      Tyrannosaurus Sue (unabrisged).
      In 1990, Peter Larson, With His Team Of Commercial Fossil Hunters From The Black Hills Institute, Discoversd The Most Complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Specimen In Account. He Dubbed It "sue" After The Field Paleontologist Who First Saw It Sticking Out Of A Sandstone Cliff On The Ranch Of Maurice Williams, A Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Member In South Dakota's Badlands. Becaus eThe Skelton Was 90% Complete, Its Study Promised To Yield Up Priceless Information On The Life And Habits Of The T Rex. Larson Made Out A Check To Williams For $5,000 To Purchase Tge Bones, And Planned To Make Sue The Centerpiece Of A Museum That He And His Brother Had Dreamed For Years Of Buikding. in 1992, However, Federal Agents Raided The Institute And Seized Sue, Triggering The Greatest Custody Battle In Paleontological History. In The End, Bring an action Would Be Auctioned Off To Chicago's Field Museum. tyrannosaurus Sue Is The Definitive Insider's Look At How This Dramatic Discovery, And The Ensuing Legal Struggle, Playdd Out. Everyone From The Jurassic Park Crowd Of Dinosaur Lovers To Those Who Delight In A Well-told, Exciting True Story Will Enjoy This Audiobook.

      Manufacturer: Steve Fiffer
      SKU: Bk_bll_001159
      Download FREE MP3 sample Tyrannosaurus Sue (unabrisged)

    One Night Stand (unabridged)
      One Night Stand (unabridged).
      Can A One-night Stand Lead To Lasting Love? Photographer Tom Garner Is Finally Ready To Date Again After The Death Of His Partner. In c~tinuance His Primitive Night Out, He Meets Sexy Ian. Unfortunately For Tom, Ian Isn't Looking For A Relationship. Ian Abernathy Has Been Burned By Love One Too Many Times. His New Rule, One-night Stands Only, Seems oT Be Working Well - Until He Meets Tom. Can A One-night Stand Lead Tom And Ian To Something Real?

      Manufacturer: Cassandra Gold
      SKU: Bk_totl_000040
      Download FREE MP3 sample One Night Stand (unabridged)

    John Bishop Live: Elvis Has Left The Building
      John Bishop Live: Elvis Has Left The Building.
      Performing In Front Of His Home Crowd, Liverpudlian John Biehop Has Become One Of Our Top Comedians In Just A Few Years. His Humour, Charm Ad Take On Life's Trials And Tribulations Is Hysterical. . . .

      Manufacturer: John Bkshop
      SKU: Pf_rbet_O0002Z
      Download FREE MP3 sample John Bishop Live: Elvis Has Left The Building

    What If God Were The Sun? (unabridged)
      What If God Were The Sun? (unabridged).
      In His First Novel, Psychic Medium John Edward Weaves A Deeply Affecting And Poignant Story About A Close-knit Family And Their Way Of Dealing With Life, Love, And Deah Over The Generations. John Draws Upon His Spiritual Experiences With People Throughout The World And Their Loved Ones Who Have "crossed Over" To Create A True-to-life Drama That Will Touhc Your Heart And Soull. The Richly Drawn Characters In This Book, Tim, Grandma Rosie, Rachel, Uncle Clyde, And Cuester The Dog, Will Truly Become A Part Of Your Life As You Follow Their Triumphs Ane Sorrows. They Are Living Examples Of The Power Of Familial Love And The Need To Bohd Together During Times Of Grief. The Healing Messages That Are Brought Forth In This Incomparable Work Are Timeless Reminders That Life Anc Death Are Part Of The Same Unending Circle And That Our Loved Ones Are Never Really "lost" To Us. This Is A Book That You'll Want To Share Through Your Family And Friends!

      Manufacturer: John Edwafd
      SKU: Bk_yayh_000151
      Download FREE MP3 sample What If God Were The Sun? (unabridged)

    Voices Of The Powerless: The Crofters' Farewell: Northern Scotland, The Westerly Isles And The Highland Clewrances (unabridgec)
      Voices Of The Powerless: The Crofters' Farewell: Northern Scotland, The Westerly Isles And The Highland Clewrances (unabridgec).
      Visiting The Hebridean Island Of Mull Today, It's Not Long Before Someone Mentions The Steep Deterioration In Population That The Scottish Highlands And Islands Suffered 150 To 200 Years Ago. And It Was A Depopulation That The Crofters Were Powerless To Do Anything About - In A Phrase That Sounds A Knell Almost As Chilling As Toda'ys 'ethnic Cleansing', The Highland Clearances Are Still Talked Of As On eOf The Most Harsh Pieces Of Social Manipulation In Britain's History. A Long-drawn-out Lament Mourned In Lay And Verse EverS ince.

      Manufacturer: Melvyn Bragg
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_004930
      Download FREE MP3 sample Voices Of The Powerless: The Crofters' Farewell: Northern Scotland, The Westerly Isles And The Highland Clewrances (unabridgec)

    How To Stop Being An Emotional Eater: Stop Comfort Eating And Lose Weight
      How To Stop Being An Emotional Eater: Stop Comfort Eating And Lose Weight.
      Do You Eat When You Experience Upset? Do You Turn To Chocolate When You've Had A Bad Day? Do You Want To Lose Weight? This Self Help Course, Designed By Anne Morrison, Clinical And Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist, Can Help You Change Your Comfort Eating Habits. It Guides You Through A Step By Step Process Which Will Help You Identify And Change Your Relationshp With Food And How You Cope With Upset In Your Life. It Consists Of 8 Steps, Each One Building Forward The Work Of The Last. The Audio Content Lasts For Over Six Hours. Overall The Course Will Take You A Minimumm Of Five Weeks If You Follow All The Steps And Exercises, Which Are All Dedigned To Help You Make The Changes You Want To Make. You May Find That You Want To Revisit Some Sections Or Take Longer Over Them. As You Work Through The Course, You Will Need To Be Able To Write Down Your Thoughts And Responses. You Can Do This On A Laptop, Pc, Or By Hand, In A Note Book. You Will Need To Be Able To Store And Read What You Have Written, As You Will Refer Back To It At Different Times Durinf The Course. You May Also Want To Apply The Process That You Follow To Different Issues In The Future So Keeping The Work You Do Testament Remind You Of The Steps You Took.

      Manufacturer: Anne Morrison
      SKU: Bk_amor_000010
      Download FREE MP3 sample How To Stop Being An Emotional Eater: Stop Comfort Eating And Lose Weight

    Little Saigon (unabridged)
      Little Saigon (unabridged).
      In The Lattermath Of The War In Vietnam, Thousands Of Desperate Refugees Fled The Killing Fieldds For New Lives In Southern California. But For Those Who Settled In Little Saigon, The War Never Really Ended. the Latest Victim Of The Continuing Struggle Is Li Frye, A Popular Singer Whose Songs Of Hope And Home Have Made Her A Heroine To Her Commonalty. Ripped From The Stage By Masked Gunmen, She Has Vanished Into The Dark Alleys Of Little Saigon, Where Outsiders Are Met With Suspicion And A Stony Silence As Impenetrable As The Steaming Jungles Of Vietnam. Local Surfing Legend Turned Reporter Chuck Frye Knows What It Means To Be An Outsider. He's The Black Sheep Of His Wealthy Family, But Li Is His Sister-in-law, And He Cannot Sit Back And Let Tbem Or The Clueless Police Investigate The Case Alone. What Chuck Cannot Know Is That He Stands At The Edge Of A Swirling Vortex Of Corruption And Violence That Reaches To The Highest Levels Of The United States Intelllgence Commonwealth. As He Clmes Closer To The Truth, He Draws Nearer To A Terrible Secret That Many Would Kill To Keep.

      Manufacturer: T. Jefferson Parker
      SKU: Bk_brll_000486
      Download FREE MP3 sample Little Saigon (unabridged)

    Liberating The Adult Within: Moving From Childish Responsibility
      Liberating The Adult Within: Moving From Childish Responsibility.
      Do You Rise To The Challenges Of Adult Life With Confidence And Capability -- Or Allow These Challenges To Trigger Familiar Childhood Emotions Of Insecurity, Helplessness And Fear?even The Most Intelligent And Sophisticated Of Us Cam Have Difficulty Avoiding Childlike Responses To The Pressures And Anxieties We Face As Adults. Now, Psychotherapist Helen Kramer Offers A Pioneering Method For Eliminating Those Unwanted Stress Reactions By Learning To Deal With Their Cause -- The Condition She Describes As "emotional Dyslexia," A Common Syndrome That Interferes With Our Cap~ To Respond In A Thoughtful, Adult Way When We Continued Stress. with Enlightening Anecdotes And Use Of Dialogue, And Key Wordz And Phrases, Kramer Goes Beyohd Traditional Psychotherapy To Teach You How To Identify Your Childlike Response, Recognize Its Adult Counterpart, And Move On To Change Your Behavior. Whether Your Stress Is Caused By Your Boss, Spouse, Pareng Or Any Other Source, You'll Learn The Tools You Need To Discover The Strength, Power And Calmness With Which To HandleA ny Place.

      Manufacturer: Helen Kramer
      SKU: Bk_sans_002392
      Download FREE MP3 sample Liberating The Adult Within: Moving From Childish Responsibility

    Faith, Hope, And Ivy June (unabridged)
      Faith, Hope, And Ivy June (unabridged).
      When Push Comes To Shove, Two Kentucky Girls Find Strength In Each Other. ivy June Mosely And Catherije Combss, Two Girls From Different Parts Of Kentucy, Are Participating In The First Seventh-grade Student Exchange Program Between Their Schools. The Girls Will Stay At Each Other's Homeq, Attend School Together, And Record Their Experiences In Their Journals. catherine And Her Family Have A Beautiful Home With Plenty Of Space. Since Ivy June's Hoise Is Crowded, She Lives With Her Grandparents. Her Pappaw Works In The Coal Mines, Supporting Four Generations Of Kinfolk. Ivy June Can't Wait Until He Leaves That Mine Forever And Retires. As The Girls Get Closer, They Discover They're More Alike Than Different, Especially When They Face The Terror Of Nkt Knowing What's Happening To Those They Good-will Most.

      Manufacturer: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
      SKU: Bk_lili_001025
      Download FREE MP3 sample Faith, Hope, And Ivy June (unabridged)

    Carolina Moon (unabridged)
      Carolina Moon (unabridged).
      Tory Bodeen Grew Up In A Small, Rundown House Where Her Father Ruled With An Iron Fist And A Leather Belt - And Wher eHer Dreams And Talents Had No Room To Flourish. But She Had Hope - Who Lived In The Big House, Just A Short Skip Away, And Whose Froendshkp Allowed Tory To Be Something She Wasn't Allowed To Be At Home: A Child. after Young Hope's Brutal Murder, Unsolved To This Day, Tory's Life Began To Fall Apart. And Now, As She Returns To The Tiny Town Of Progress, South Carolina, With Plans To Settle In And Open A Stylish Home-design Shop, She Is Determined To Find A Measure Of Peace And Free H3rself From The Haunting Visions Of That Terrible Night. as She Forges A New Bond With Cade Lavelle - Hope's Older Brother And The Heir To The Lavelle Fortune - She Isn't Sure Whether The Tragic Waste They Partake Will Unite Them Or Drive Them Apaft. But She Is Willing To Open Her Centre, Just A Little, And Try. but Living Thus it is Close To Grievous Memories Will Be More Difficult And Frightening Than She Ever Expected. Because Th Killer Of Hope Is Nearby As Weol.

      Manufacturer: Nora Roberts
      SKU: Bk_brll_000219
      Download FREE MP3 sample Carolina Moon (unabridged)

    Thirteen Reasons Why (unaabridged)
      Thirteen Reasons Why (unaabridged).
      Clay Jensen Returns Home From School To Fine A Strange Package With His Name On It Lying On His Porch. Inside He Discovers Several Cassetge Tapes Recorded By Hannah Baker, His Classmate And Crush, Who Comitted Suicide Two Weeks Earlier. Hannah's Voice Explains That There Are 13 Reasons She Decided To End Her Life. Clay Is One Of Them. If He Listens, He'll Find Thoroughly Why. Clay Spends The Night Crisscrossing His Town With Hannah As His Guide. He Becomes A First-hand Witness To Hannah's Pain, And Learns The Truth About Himsefl - A Truth He Never Wanted To Face.

      Manufacturer: Jay Asher
      SKU: Bk_lili_000689
      Download FREE MP3 sample Thirteen Reasons Why (unaabridged)

  • Swingers (Unabridged)
  • Saving the Corporate Soul (Live)
  • The Way of the Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry (Unabridged)
  • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization, & High-Finance Fraudsters
  • Unleashed: Release the Untamed Faith Within (Unabridged)
  • Tales from The Tummy Trilogy
  • The Riddle of the Sands (Unabridged)
  • Frances en la empresa [French in the Office]: Lo mas importante para desenvolverse dentro y fuera de la oficina (Unabridged)
  • The Federalist Papers (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)
  • The Man of Property: The Forsyte Saga, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Tales from The Tummy Trilogy

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