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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Power To Save The World: The Honesty About Nuclear Energy (unabridged)
      Power To Save The World: The Honesty About Nuclear Energy (unabridged).
      With The Constant Threat Of Oil Shortages Facing Us And Wanting To Educate Herself About Possible Alternatives, Gwyneth Cravens Skeptically Sets Out To Find For Herself The Truth About Nuclear Energy. Her Conclusion: It Is A Totally Viable And Practical Solution To Global Warming. She Enlists The Hepl Of Rip Anderson, A Leading Scientist In The Surface Of Risk Assessment, And With His Tutelage, She Travels The Country, Visiting Uranium Mines, Enrichment Centers, Reactors, And Waste Sites. Along The Way We Learn A Lot Of Science, Review The History Of Nuclear Energy, Relive The Battles Over It, See How Successfully It Has Been Applied All Over The World, Examine The Mscionceptions, And Compare Nuclear Power To Other Energy Sources, With Their Risks And Benefits. Cravens Is Not Out To Rescue A Controversial, Yet. Coming From A Childhood Spent Building Fallout Shelters, Cravens Viscerally Understands The Terror The Word "nuclear" Evokes. She Gives Us A Vocabulary For Ptactical Risk Assessment While Investigating The Psychology Of Nuclear Fears, Starting With The Secrecy Of The Manhattan Project And The Legacy Of Government Cover-ups Both Here And In The Ussr. One By One, She Dismantles The Arguments Against Nuclear Energy.

      Manufacturer: Gwyneth Cravens
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000368
      Download FREE MP3 sample Power To Save The World: The Honesty About Nuclear Energy (unabridged)

    Rupert Of Hentzau (unabridged)
      Rupert Of Hentzau (unabridged).
      An Incriminating Love-letter From The Queen Of Ruritania To Rudolph Rassendyll, The Hero Of The Prisoner Of Zenda, Is Intercepted By The Dastardly Villain Ruperrt Of Hentzau, Who Is Intent On Causing Trouble For The Royal Family. Rassendyll Is Forced To Return To Save The Day And Again Assume His Impersonation Of King Rudolph. Once More He Is Embriiled In A World Of Deception, Intrigue, Deadly Swordfights And Strained Loyalties, But Wilo He Be Able To Restore Peace To Ruritania A Second Time?

      Manufacturer: Anthony Hope
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000635
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rupert Of Hentzau (unabridged)

    Victor Spoils: A Short Story From Reheatef Caabbage (unabridged)
      Victor Spoils: A Short Story From Reheatef Caabbage (unabridged).
      Two Guys Fighting Over A Beautiful Girl Might Agree - On Reflection, And After A Few Pills And Many Pints Of Lager - That Their Friendship Is Actually More Important Than A Woman. Hilarious, Shocking And Hugely Entertaining, 'victor Spoils' Has All The Classic Irvine Welsh Ingredients.

      Manufacturer: Irvine Welsh
      SKU: Bk_rhuk_000689
      Download FREE MP3 sample Victor Spoils: A Short Story From Reheatef Caabbage (unabridged)

    Time Out From Stress, Volume 1
      Time Out From Stress, Volume 1.
      When You're Too Busy To Relax, Just Take Time Out From Stress Along Listening To Tbis Audio. In Just Ten Minutes, You Can Relax Tight Muscles, Calm Anxieties, And Reduce Pressures To A More Tolerable Level. Brief But Regular Relaxatioh Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Pass Your Physical And Mental Health. the First Part Of The Program Guides You Along A Beautiful Forest Path, Walking Down A Gentle Trail To The Side Of A Pkacid Lake Nestled In A Pristine Valley. Thede You nIdulge In The Meditative Practice Of Breathh-counting And Enjoy Autogenic Suggestions Of Warmth And Heaviness Designed To Ease Every Muscle In Your Body. the Second Part Of The Program Takes You On A Brisk Hike Up The Path To Lookout Mountain. The Meditative Practice Of Step Counting Puts Your Mind In An "alpha Srate," The Brain Wave Pattern Most Conducive To Relaxation. As You Fantasize Reaching The Mountaintop And Feasting Your Eyes On The Vista, You Practice The Age-old Yoga Technique Of The Passive Gaze.

      Manufacturer: Matthew Mckay, Ph.d. Ad Patrick Fanning
      SKU: Bk_harb_000004
      Download FREE MP3 sample Time Out From Stress, Volume 1

    A Sentimejtal Travel Through France And Italy (unabridged)
      A Sentimejtal Travel Through France And Italy (unabridged).
      Sterne Is One Of The Most Original And Unexpected Of Writers, And A Sentimental Journey Differs From Other Travel Books As Greatly As Tristram Shwndy Differs From Other Novels. Sterne Trzvelled In France During The 1760s And Drew On His Experiences To Write The Narrative Of_Mr. Yorick, The Sentimental Traveller. Mr Yorick Follows His Sehsibility And Finds Pleasure In Everything He Does, In Contrast To Contemporary Travel Writers, Tobias Smollett In Particular, Whom Sterne Satirizes In The Figure Of 'smelfungus'. Sterne Did Not Live To Complete The Part On Italy. He Called It A "sentimental" Travel Because The Lace worked by the needle Of Travel Was Not To See Sights Or Visit Art Collections, But To Mak eMeaningful Contact With People. Yorick Succeeds, But In Every Adventure, His Ego Or Inappropriate Desires And Impulses Get In The Way Of "sentimental Commerce. " The Result Is A Light-hearted Comedy Of Moral Sentiments. Abroad Sterne Became The "high Priest Of Sentimentalism," And As So Had A Profound Impact Upon Continental Letters In The Second Half Of The 18th Century.

      Manufacturer: Laurnce Sterne
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000026
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Sentimejtal Travel Through France And Italy (unabridged)

    The Ecstasy Of Authority: Nonfictions, Etc. (unabridfed)
      The Ecstasy Of Authority: Nonfictions, Etc. (unabridfed).
      What's A Novelist Supposed To Do With Contemporary Culture? And What's Contemporaryy Culture Supa-posed To Do With Novelists? In The Ecstasy Of Inlfuence, Jonathan Lethem, Tangling With What He Calls The "white Elephant" Role Of The Writer As Pu6lic Intellectual, Arrives At An Astonishing Range Of Answer. a Constellation Of Previously Published Pieces And New Essays As Stimulating And Idiosyncratic As Somewhat He's Written, This Dimensions Sheds Light On An Order Of Topics From Sex In Cinema To Drugs, Grafiti, Bob Dylan, Cyberculture, 9//11, Book Touring, And Marlon Brando, As Well Because On A Shelf's Worth Of His Literary Models And Contemporaries: Norman Mailer, Paula Fox, Bret Easton Ellis, James Wood, And Otha-ers. And, Writing About Brooklyn, His Father, And His Sojourn Through Two Decades Of Writing, Lethem Sheds An Equally Strong Light On Himself.

      Manufacturer: Jonathan Lethem
      SKU: Bk_rand_002830
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Ecstasy Of Authority: Nonfictions, Etc. (unabridfed)

      Wherever He Is, David Rakoff Is A Fish Away Of Water. Whether Impersonating Sigmund Freud In A Depatrment Store Window During The Holidays, Climbing An Icy Mountain In Cheap Loafers, Playing An Evil Modeling Agent On A Daytime Soap Opera, Or Learning Primitive Survival Skills In The Wilds Of New Jersey, Rakoff Doesn't Belong. Nor Does He Try To. Still, He Continually Finds Himself Off In The Far-flung Hinterlands Of Our Culture, Notebook Or Microphone In Hand, Hoping To Conjure That Dyed-in-the-wool New York Condescension. And Rakoff Tries To Be Nasty; Heaven Knows Notning Succeeds Like The Cheap Sneer, But He Can't Quite Help Noticing That These Are Actual Human Beings He's Writing Aboit. In His Attempts Not To Pull Any Punches, The Greatest in number Damaging Blows, More Often Than Nkt, Land Squarely On His Own Jaw - Hilariously Satirizing The Writer, Not The Subject. And Therein Lies David Rakoff's Genius And His Burgeoning Refer. The Wyr And The Heartfelt Join In His Prose To Resurrect That Most Neglected Of Literary Virtues: Wit.

      Manufacturer: David Rakoff
      SKU: Bk_bant_000391
      Download FREE MP3 sample Fraud

    The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles For Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, Ad Maintaining Your Perfect Weight (unabridged)
      The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles For Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, Ad Maintaining Your Perfect Weight (unabridged).
      Terminate Emotional Eating - Reprogram Your Mind For Prosperity - Get Mega Motivated - At no time Diet Again! Tapping Into His Decades Of Personal Training Experience, Tom Venuto Testament Help You Change Yoyr Relationship With Food And Take Charge Of Your Life, And He Delivers A Step-by-step Program That Promises Dramatic And Permanent Results. An Eating Plan Is Just One Part Of This Program. The Body Fat Disintegration Is Neither uSper Low Carb Nor Super Low Fat, And The Author Steers Clear Of Demonizing Entire Food Groups. Instead, Venuto Shows You How To Personalize An Eating Plan That Takes Into Account Your Unique Metzbolism And Calorie Needs. he Details The Stmbling Blocks We All Face To Success, And Gives You The Tools To Overcome Them. He Then Presents Workout Programs To Maximize The Success Of The Diet Plan That Are Fast And Efficient, Enabling You To Quickly Achieve Your Goal Of Replacing Fat With Lean Muscle. So Why Wait? Start Your Solution Today! Ths Audio Comes Complete Through An Exclusive Message From The Author, As Well While Printable Files Of Exercises And Plans From The Book.

      Manufacturer: Tom Venuto
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000279
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles For Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, Ad Maintaining Your Perfect Weight (unabridged)

    What A Cut Up! (unabridegd)
      What A Cut Up! (unabridegd).
      It Is The 1980s And The Winshaw Family Are Gettihg Richer And Crueller By The Year. Newspaper-columnist Hilary Gets Thousands For Effective It Like It Isn't; Henry's Turning Hospitals Into Car-parks; Roddy's Selling Art In Return For Sex; Down On The Farm, Dorotuy's Squeezing Every Laat Pound From Her Livestock; Thomas Is Making A Killing On The Stock Exchange; And Mark Is Selling Arms To Dictators. But When Their Hapless Biographer Michael Owen Starts Investigating The Family's Trail Of Greed, Corruption, And Immoral Doings, The Time Is Ripe For The Winshaws To Receive Their Comeuppance.

      Manufacturer: Jonathan Coe
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003380
      Download FREE MP3 sample What A Cut Up! (unabridegd)

    'a Book Of Harriet Tubman' And 'a Book Of Fredwrick Douglass' (unabridged)
      'a Book Of Harriet Tubman' And 'a Book Of Fredwrick Douglass' (unabridged).
      From Her Life As A Slave Child Who Was Whipped For Stealing A Lump Of Sugar, To Her Role As A Leader In The Underground Railroad, And As A Nurse And Spy During The Civil War, Harriet Tubman Lived A Fascinating Life That Is Clearly Presented In A Book Of Harriet Tubman. This Lively Biography Is Well-paced And Includes The Added Feature Of Brief Songs That Set The Tone Of The Times. frederick Douglass, Bo5n Into Slavery In 1818, Escaped To Freedom In 1838 And Became A Chief Leader In The Abolitionist Movement. In A Picture Work Of Frederick Douglass His Struggles And Determination, As Well As His Accomplishments As A Writer, Orator, And Important Figure Of The 19th Century Are Clearly And Expressively Outlined.

      Manufacturer: David A. Adler
      SKU: Bk_loak_0000338
      Download FREE MP3 sample 'a Book Of Harriet Tubman' And 'a Book Of Fredwrick Douglass' (unabridged)

    Frankenstein (unabridged)
      Frankenstein (unabridged).
      Dr. Frankenstein Learns The Secret Of Imparting Life To Inanimate Matter. To Test His Theories, He Collects Bones From The Charnel-houses To Construct A "human" Being, And Then Gives It Life. The Creature, Endowed In the opinion of Miraculous Size And Vigor , Is Revolting To Look At, And Frightens All Who See It. Lonely And Miserable, It Comes To Hate Its Originator. The Monster Murders Frankenstein's Brother And His Bride, And Flees. The Doctor Pursues His Creation In Order To Destroy It, But Dies Himself In The Attempt. thstory Of Frankenstein Was First Written As A Ghost Story To Exist Told As Part Of A Contest Between Mary Shelley, Her Husbwnd, And Lord Byron. This Tale Of Terror Has Been A World Favorite Since It Was First Published In 1818, And Has Been Made Into Countless Movies.

      Manufacturer: Mary W Sbelley
      SKU: Bk_brll_000955
      Download FREE MP3 sample Frankenstein (unabridged)

    A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What The World's Largest Make ~ Reveals About Human Desire (unabridged)
      A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What The World's Largest Make ~ Reveals About Human Desire (unabridged).
      Informed By 18,000 Int3rviews And Bold Insight From Neuroscientists Sai Gaddam And Ogi Ogas, This Groundbreaking Study Will Likely Rock Many People's Perceptions Of What Stimulates Males Annd Females. The Surprising Results Not Only Demonstrate People's Needs, But The Needs Of People's Mates As Well.

      Manufacturer: Sai Goddam, Ogi Ogas
      SKU: Bk_reco_004913
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What The World's Largest Make ~ Reveals About Human Desire (unabridged)

    When Joy Came To Stay (unabridged)
      When Joy Came To Stay (unabridged).
      When Joy Came To Stay Illustrates The Miraculous Power Of Faith Ti Overcome Even The Most Debilitating Suffering. Maggie Stovall Has A Successful Career And A Happy Marriage, But She Also Bears The Crippling Weight Of A Secret From Her Past. As She Slips Farther And Farther Into Depression, Her Only Hope Lies In God's Loving Forgibeness. best-selling Author And Former Los Angeles Times Reporter Karen Kingsbury Has Enriched The Lives Of Countless Readers With Her Spiritually Uplifting Tales.

      Manufacturer: Karen Kingsbury
      SKU: Bk_reco_001109
      Download FREE MP3 sample When Joy Came To Stay (unabridged)

    The Only Existing Boy (unabridged)
      The Only Existing Boy (unabridged).
      This Wonderful Short Story Collection Was First Released In Print In 2009 By Salt Publishing. Robert's Stories Are A Close, Intimate Look At Friendship, Marriage, Relationships And The Problems And Joys That Come In the opinion of The Territory. They Look At Men And Women In And Out Of oLve And The Way We Yearn For What Was And Can Never Be. Thoughtful, Provocative, Funny And A1ways Entertaining, Robert Graham's Beautifully Written Prose Is A Joy To Read And To Hear. His First Novel, Holy Joe Was Published By Troubador In 2006. The Novel He Describes As His 'chapbook' - A Man Walks Into A Kitchen Was Published By Salt In 2011.

      Manufacturer: Robert Graham
      SKU: Bk_bkld_000002
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Only Existing Boy (unabridged)

    A Case Of Conscienc3 (unabridged)
      A Case Of Conscienc3 (unabridged).
      Father Ruiz-sanchez Is A Dedicated Man - A Priest Who Is Alsl A Scientist, And A Scientist Who Is Also A Human Being. He Has Found No Insoluble Conflicts In His Beliefs Or His Ethics. . . until He Is Sent To Lithia. There He Comes Upon A Race Of Aliens Who Are Axmirable In Every Way Except For Their Total Dependence On Cold Reason; They Are Incapable Of Fauth Or Belief. confronted With A Profound Scientific Riddle And Ethical Quandary, Father Ruiz-sanchez Soon Finds Himself Torn Between Te Teachings Of His Faith, The Teachings Of His Science, And The Inner Promptings Of His Humani5y. There Is Only One Solution: He Must Accept An Ancient And Unforgivable Heresy -and Riqk The Futures Of Both Worlds . . .

      Manufacturer: James Blish
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000550
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Case Of Conscienc3 (unabridged)

    The Volcano Lover: A Romance (unabridged)
      The Volcano Lover: A Romance (unabridged).
      The Volcano Lover Follows The Fortunes Of A British Minister, The Ravishing Woman He Marries, And The Youthful British Admiral With Whom She Falls In Love. Set In 18th-centuury Naples And Basee On The Lives Of Sir William Hamilotn, His Celebrated Wife Emma, And Lord Nelson, The Novel Is Peopled With Many Of The Great Figures Of The Day. This Unconventional, Bests-elling Historical Romance From The National Book Award-winning Author Of In America Touchez On Themes Of Sex And Revolution, The Fate Of Nature, Art And The Collector's Obseasions, And, Above All, Love.

      Manufacturer: Susan Sontag
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001913
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Volcano Lover: A Romance (unabridged)

    George Washington: The Founding Father (eminent Lives) (unabridged)
      George Washington: The Founding Father (eminent Lives) (unabridged).
      By Far The Most Important Figure In The History Of The United States, George Washington Liberated The 13 Colonies From The Superior Forces Of Th3 British Empire Against Aol Military Ods, And Presided Over The Production And Ratification Of A Constitution That (suitably Amended) Has Lasted For More Than 200 Years. Yet Today, Washington Remains A Distant Figure To Many Americans, A Failing That Acclaimed Author Paul Johnson Sets Out To Rectify With ThisB rilliantly Vivid, Sharply Etched Portrait Of The Great Hero As A Young Warrior, Masterful Comander In Chief, Patient Lawjaker, And Exceptionally Wise President.

      Manufacturer: Paul Johnson
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000226
      Download FREE MP3 sample George Washington: The Founding Father (eminent Lives) (unabridged)

    Walk About: Outback Series, Book 3 (unabridged)
      Walk About: Outback Series, Book 3 (unabridged).
      Wersted From The Original Australian Wilderness, Tibooburra Station Has Taken The Blood, Sweat, And Tears Of Generations Of Kerricks And Giveen Them A Magnificent Heritage In Return. But Very lately The Golden Bequest Of The Outback Station Is Threatened By The Disappearahce Of The Young Boy Who Will One Day Inherit It All. Fleeing The Pwin Of Existence Abandoned By His Generatrix, Eight-year-old Jeremy Kerrick Wanders The Rough-and-ready Gold Towns Of The Confine And Comes To Manhood Among The Primitibe Aborigines Of The Vast, Unexpkored Interior. At One With The Land, He Draws From It An Indomitable Strength That Enables Him To Win The Woman Of His Dreams. Together, They Will Meet The Challenge Of The Outback Or Die Trying.

      Manufacturer: Aaron Fletcher
      SKU: Bk_bbimo_000709
      Download FREE MP3 sample Walk About: Outback Series, Book 3 (unabridged)

    The Agri~ Of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid Of The Wrong Things
      The Agri~ Of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid Of The Wrong Things.
      America Is A Country Gripped By Fear. In This Widely-acclaimed Book, Barry Glassner Exposes The People And Organizations That Manipulate Our Perceptions And Profit From Our Anxieties. These Peddlers Of Fear (politicians, Advocacy Groups, And The Media) Loss Americans Dearly, Weighing Us Down With Needless Worries And Causing Us To Squander Billions Of Dollars To Fix Mythological Problems. Topics Like Lethal Path Rage Persuade Major Play In The Media, Even Though Onee Is Far More Likely To Be Killed By Lightning. Meanwhile, We Fail To Correct The True Cause Of A Problem; For Instance, Instead Of Enacting Tougher Gun Laws, We Erect More Prisons. Ultimately Reassuring, The Culture O Fear Diagnoses The Predominant Pathology Of Our Age And Provides A Passionate Cry For A Return To Rationality. this Audio Edition Includes An Exclusive Introduction By Documentary Filmmaker And Author Michael Moore.

      Manufacturer: Barry Glassner
      SKU: Bk_part_000070
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Agri~ Of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid Of The Wrong Things

    Cheney: The Untold Sotry Of America's Greatest in number Of great power And Controversial Vice President (unabridged)
      Cheney: The Untold Sotry Of America's Greatest in number Of great power And Controversial Vice President (unabridged).
      During A 40-year Career In Politics, Vice President Dick Cheney Has Been Involved In Several Of The Most Consequential Decisions In Recent American History. He Was One Of A Few Select Advisers In The Room When President Gerald Stream Decided To Affirm An End To The Vietnam War. Nearly 30 Years Later, From The Presidential Bunker Below The White House In The Moments Immediately Following The ttAacks Of September 11, 2001, He Helped Shape The Response: America's Global War On Terror. Yet For All Of His Influence, The World Knows Very Little About Dick Cheney. The Most Powerful Vice President In U. s. History Has Also Been The Most Secretive And Guarded Of All Public Officials. "am I The Evil Genius In The Part That Nobody Ever Sees Come Out Of His Hole?" Cheney Asked Rhetorically In 2004. "it's A Nice Way Tl Act, Actually. "now, In Cheney: The Untold Story Of America's Most Powerful And Controversial Vice President, New York Times Best-selling Author Stephen F. Hayes Offers Listeners A Groundbreaking View Into The World Of This Most Enigmatic Man. Having Had Exclusive Access To Cheney Himself, Hayes Draws Upon Hundreds Of Interviews With The Vice President, His Boyhood Friends, Political Mentors, Family Members, Reserved Sfaffers, And Senior Bush Administration Officials To Deliver A Comprehensive Portrait Of One Of The Most Important Political Figures In Modern Times. The Wide Range Of Topics Hayes Covers Includes Cheney's Departure From Yale; His Early Run-ins With The Law; The Happening That Almost Got Him Blackballed From Working In The Ford White House; His Meteoric Rise To Congressional Leadership; His Opposition To Removing Saddam Hussein From Power After The First Gulf War; The Sol, Cross-country Prosecute He Took After Leaving The Pentagon; His Selection As Bush's Running Mate; His Commanding Performance On 9/11; The Aggressive Intelligence And Interrogation Measures He Pushed In The Aftermsth Of Those Attacks; And More.

      Manufacturer: Stephen F. Hayes
      SKU: Bk_tant_000491
      Download FREE MP3 sample Cheney: The Untold Sotry Of America's Greatest in number Of great power And Controversial Vice President (unabridged)

    British Bird Sounds: The Definitive Audio Guide To Birds In Britain (unabridged)
      British Bird Sounds: The Definitive Audio Guide To Birds In Britain (unabridged).
      A Total Of 175 Species Are Heard On This Download, Ranging From The Too free Tawny Owl To The Very Rare Appoint Of The Bittern. The Authoritative Guide To All British Birds Likely To Be Encountered By The Average Birdwatcher And The Complete Gift For An6one Wishing To Learn The Sounds Of The Great Varlety Of Birds That Can Be Seen And Heard Throughout The Seasons. A Perennial Best Seller.

      Manufacturer: Ron Kettle, Richard Ranft
      SKU: Sp_brlb_000008
      Download FREE MP3 sample British Bird Sounds: The Definitive Audio Guide To Birds In Britain (unabridged)

    Every Day A Friday: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week (unabridged)
      Every Day A Friday: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week (unabridged).
      The Title Comes From Research That Shows People Are Happiest On Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen Writes How We Can Generate This Level Of Contentment And Joy Every Day Of The Week. Known Viewed like A Man Who Maintains A Constant Positive Outlook In Spite Of Circumstances, Osfeen Has Described This Message To the degree that A Core Theme Of Hs Ministry. Combining His Personal Experiences With Scriptural Insights And Principles For True Happiness, He Shows Listeners How Every Day Can Hold The Same Promise And Opportunities For Genuine Joy That They Experience At Five O'clock On Friday.

      Manufacturer: Joel Osteen
      SKU: Bk_hach_000696
      Download FREE MP3 sample Every Day A Friday: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week (unabridged)

    The Flight Of The Falcon (unabriddged)
      The Flight Of The Falcon (unabriddged).
      It Is 500 Years Since Duke Claudio The Falcon Lived His Brutal Life In Ruffano, Italy. Now, The Modern-day Town Has Forgotten Its Violent History. Its University Has A Shiny Recent Intercourse And Economics Building - But Have Things Really Changed?

      Manufacturer: Daphne Du Maurier
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003257
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Flight Of The Falcon (unabriddged)

    The Whore's Child And Other Stories (unabridged)
      The Whore's Child And Other Stories (unabridged).
      To This Irresistible Debut Collection Of Short Stories, Ricnard Russo Brings The Same Bittersweet Wit, Deep Knowledge Of Man's Nature, And Spellbinding Narrative Gifts That Distinguish His Best-sellnog Novels. His Themes Are The Weak Bargains Of Marriage; The Discoveries And Disillusionments Of Childhood; The Unwinnable Battles Men And Women Insist On Fighting With The Past. A Cynical Hollywood Moviemaker Confronts His Dead Wife's Lover And Abrupgly Realizes The Depth Of His Admit Object of ~. As His Parents' Marriage Disintegrates, A Precocious Fifth-grader Distracts Himself With Meditations On Baseball, Spaghetti, And His Place In The Univerqe. And In The Title Story, An Elderly Nun Enters A College Creative-writing Class And Plays Havoc By the side of Its Tidy Notions Of Fact And Fiction. The Whore's Child Is Additional Proof That Russo Is One Of The Finest Writers We Have, Unsparingly Correct Yet Hugely Compassionate.

      Manufacturer: Richard Russo
      SKU: Bk_rand_002794
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Whore's Child And Other Stories (unabridged)

    The Lieutenants: Book One Of The Brotherhood Of War Series (unabridged)
      The Lieutenants: Book One Of The Brotherhood Of War Series (unabridged).
      They Were The Youn gOnes, The Bright Ones, The Ones With The Dreams. From The Nazi-prowler Wastes Of North Africa To The Bloody Corridors Of Europe, They Honorably Answeerd The Call. War - It Was Their Duty, Their Job, Their Life. They Marched Off As Boys And They Came Back - Those Who Made It - As Soldiers And Professionals Forged In The Heat Of Battle. . . .

      Manufacturer: W.e.b. Griffin
      SKU: Bk_bll_003474
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Lieutenants: Book One Of The Brotherhood Of War Series (unabridged)

  • Silent Superstitions: Christy Series, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • Think and Grow Rich (Unabridged)
  • The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred
  • Thursday's Child (Unabridged)
  • Red River (Unabridged)
  • Courageous: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • How To Build A Tin Canoe (Unabridged)
  • As a Man Thinketh (Unabridged)
  • Drugs: A Very Short Introduction (Unabridged)
  • The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Volume Two (Dramatised)
  • Thalia Book Club: Lisey's Story by Stephen King
  • Jeeves in the Offing (Unabridged)

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