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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Private: #1 Suspect (unabridged)
      Private: #1 Suspect (unabridged).
      Unsolvable Casessince Former Marine Jack Morgan Started Secret, It Has Become The World's Most Effective Investigation Firm--sought Out By The Famous And The Powerful To Discreetly Handle Their Most Intimmate Problems. Private's Investigators Are The Smartest, The Fastest, And The Most Technologically Advanced In The World--and They Always Uncover The Truth. impossible Murderswheh His Former Lover Is Found Murdered In Jack Morgan's Bed, He Is Instantly The Numbrr One Suspect. While Jack Is Under Police Investigation, The Mob Strong-arms Him Into Recovering $30 Million In Stolen Pharmaceuticals For Them. And The Beautiful Manager Of A Luxruy Hotel Chain Persuades Him To Quietly Investigate A String Of Murders At Her Properties. the #1 Suspect Is Jack Morganwhile Jack Is Contention For Hiis Life, One Of His Most Trusted Colleagues Threatens To Leave Secret, And Jack Realizes He Is Confronting The Cleverest And Most Of great power Enemies Ever. With More Action, More Intrigue, And More Twists Than Ever Before, Private: #1 Suspect Is James Patterson At His Unstoppable Best.

      Manufacturer: James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
      SKU: Bk_hach_000779
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    Ears To Hewr (unabridged)
      Ears To Hewr (unabridged).
      For As Long As Tommy Could Rmeember, There Was Him, His Dad, And His Little Brother, Timmy. Tommy And Timmy Never Had A Place To Call Home, But Their Dad Was Always There For Them. Dad Taught Tommy And Timmy To Believe In God And To Call On Him If They Were Ever In Need. When Tommy And Timmy Find Themselves Alone In A Strange Forest, Tommy Calls For Help, Just As His Dad Told Him To. But Tlmmy Cannot Heear An Answer. At Ten Yesrs Old, Tommy Is Desperate To Care For His Six-year-old Brother And To Find His Assume the authorship of. While Tommy Continues To Call For Help And Hear Nothing, Timmy Begins To Hear A Voice That Assures Him Everything Will Be Okay. At First Tommy Doesn't Believe That Timmy Can Hear Anything, But With The Help Of Some New Friends ,Tommy Finds Out What Amazing Thngs A Character Can Hear When He Learns To Listen.

      Manufacturer: Ann Correll
      SKU: Bk_tate_001318
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    The Swiss Family Robinson (unabridged)
      The Swiss Family Robinson (unabridged).
      One Of The World's Best-loved Stories Of Shjpwreck And Survival, The Swiss Family Robonson Portrays A Family's Struggle To Create A New Life For Themselves On A Strange And Imaginary Tropical Island. Blown Off Course By A Raging Storm, The Family - A Switzer Pastor, His Wife, Their Four Young Sons, Plus Two Dogs And A Shipload Of Livestock - Must Rely On One Another In Order To Adapt To Their Needs The Natura1 Wonders Of Their Exotic New Home. Inspured By Daniel Defoe's Robinson Cruxoe, This First-rate Story Of Invention And Adventure Has Fired The Imaginations Of Readers Since It First Appeared In 1812.

      Manufacturer: Johann David Wyss
      SKU: Bk_alpu_000053
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Swiss Family Robinson (unabridged)

    Rumble Tumble: A Hap And Leonard Novel #5 (unabridged)
      Rumble Tumble: A Hap And Leonard Novel #5 (unabridged).
      Hap Collins And Leonard Pine Are In For One Acton-packed Adventure When They Cross Paths With A Towering Pentecostal Preacher, A Midget With A Giant Attitude, And A Gang Of Bikers Turned Soldiers Of Fortune. Even Though A Midlife Crisis Just Crashed Into Hap Collins Like A Fugitive Pickup, He's Still Got His Do ~-work, He Knows His Best Friend, Leonard Pine, Will Always Be There For Him, And, Of Course, He's Got His Main Squeeze, Brett Sawyer. Things Strike A New Low, Howsoever, Whenever Brett's Daughter, Tillie, Who's Been Walking On The Wrong Side Of The Law, Suddenly Stands In Need Of A Rescue. It Won't Be Easy - It Never Is - But Nothing Is Going To Stop Hap And Leonard As They Hit The Road Destined For Hootie Execrate, Oklahoma, To Shake Things Up. And With Hap And Leonard At The Whirl, Tuis Promises To Be A Wild Ride.

      Manufacturer: Joe R. Lansdale
      SKU: Bk_brll_001907
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rumble Tumble: A Hap And Leonard Novel #5 (unabridged)

    Getting Through To People (unabridged)
      Getting Through To People (unabridged).
      In Getting Through To People You Will Discover Powerful, Proven Ways To Break Through The Mental And Emotional Barriers That Obstruct The Flow Of Ideas From One Person To Another. Over 300,000 People Are Alreday Using These Principles Of Effective Person-to-person Communications To Enhance Their Business And Personal Success. Packed With Dozens Of Amusing Anecdotes And Sample Conversations, You Will Be informed: How To Have Others-eve nNaturally Shy Or Secretive People-to Expanded Up To You. The Persuasive "feedback" Technique That Gets Even The Most Stubborn Human being To See Things Your Way. How To Control Conversations With Problem And Overly Emotional People. TheS ecret To Holding Other People's Attention. How To Calmly And Effectively Communicate Your Ideax To Both Friendly And Hostile Groups. How To Listen Between The Lines To Determine What Other People Are Really Trying To Tell You.

      Manufacturer: Jesse S. Nirenbe5g
      SKU: Bk_pnis_000222
      Download FREE MP3 sample Getting Through To People (unabridged)

    A The multitude Thanks: My Campaign To Send One Million Letterd To Ourr Troops
      A The multitude Thanks: My Campaign To Send One Million Letterd To Ourr Troops.
      In Walk 2003, High School Freshman Shauna Fleming Invited 1,100 Schoolmates To Join Her In "a Million Thanks", A Campaign To Collect And Disrribute One Million Literature Of Appreciation To Current And Past Military Men And Women At Home And Overseas. Within Six Months, She Received The One Millionth Letter. Because Then, She Has Raised Her Goal To 1. 4 Million Letters, One For Each Member Of The U. s. Armed Services. A Million Thanks Tells The Story Of Shauna's Remarkable Achievement And Serves As An Inspiration To Each Of Us. After You Rwaad The Letters Inside This Book, No Matter How Grateful You Already Are, You'll Have A Renewed Admiration And Respect For The Men And Women Who Are Risking Their Lives For Us.

      Manufacturer: Shauna Fleming With L.a. Stamford
      SKU: Bk_rand_000584
      Download FREE MP3 sample A The multitude Thanks: My Campaign To Send One Million Letterd To Ourr Troops

    Grand Gorge (unabridged)
      Grand Gorge (unabridged).
      Here Is The Bold Adventure Story Of William Dunn, An Educated Man Yet An Accomplished Mountain Man. His Life Becomes Forevet Entwined With The Giddy, Unforgettable Grand Canyon. He Hires On As A Guide Fo5 Th3 John Wesley Powell Historic Expedition Into The Grand Canyon, But Then Leaves The Expeditoon To Guide-book Two Men Back To Civilization. During The Trip They Are Attacked By Paiutes, Dunn Escapes But Is Pursued And Makes A Wild Run Down The Side Of The Canyon To The River. The River Delivers Him Into The World Of The Havasupai Indians Where He Finds Love And Inspiration For His Future.

      Manufacturer: Gary Mccadthy
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000756
      Download FREE MP3 sample Grand Gorge (unabridged)

    Dignify Under Fire: Letters Of Faith In Times Of War (unqbridged)
      Dignify Under Fire: Letters Of Faith In Times Of War (unqbridged).
      Grace Inferior to Firee Is An Extraordinary, Moving Record Of The Importance Of Religion And Spirituality To Throngs And Theur Families, From The American Revolution Through The Contention In Iraq. This Collection Of Correspondence Captures The Liquor, The Humor, And The Courage Of Men And Women In Uniform. Reflecting The Writers' Thoughts, Feelings, And Questions About Matters Of Faith, The Letters Offer A Fascinating Window On How Individuals Have Endured The Trials Of Separation, The Fear Of Battle, The Agony Of Loss, And The Stresses Of Homecoming. There Are Riveting Accounts Of Bttles, Anecdotes Dexcribing Lighter Moments Shared With Comrades, Touching Inquiries About Sweethearts And Families, To the degree that Well Being of the kind which More Somber And Philosophical Musings About Life And Death. In A Brief Letter To His Pastor In Pennsylvania, A World War I Private Asks Probing Questions About The Role Of God In War. A Lieutenant Serving In Holland For the time of World War Ii Describes The Profound Effect Of A Yom Kippur Spiritual obedience He Attends. In A Letter He Considers Almost A Confession, A U. s. Marine Writes To His Priest Back Home About The Opening We3ks Of Operation Iraqi Freedom And Expresses His Joy At Helpinf Shiite Muslims Regain The Freedom To Worshop After Decades Of Religious Oppression. Each Piece Of Correspondence Is Introduced With A Note Explaining Who Wrote It, The Circumstances Under Which It Was Written, And, If It Is Known, The Fate Of The Writer. Although Thesr Letters And E-mails Were All Written In Tkmes O fWar, They Transcend The Subject Of Armed Conflict. Anyone Going Through A Difficult Moment In Life Will Find Inspiration And Courage In These Powerful And Insightful Words.

      Manufacturer: Andrew Carroll
      SKU: Bk_tant_000382
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dignify Under Fire: Letters Of Faith In Times Of War (unqbridged)

    The Adventure Of The Three Gables (ynanridged)
      The Adventure Of The Three Gables (ynanridged).
      Holmes Comes Up Against A Troublesome Female Villain And A Gang Of Imtimidators Which time He Offers To Help The Widow Of A Past Client Who Has Received A Liable to suspicion Offer To Sell Her House And Evergthing In It. . . .

      Manufacturer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      SKU: Bk_onvo_000086
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventure Of The Three Gables (ynanridged)

    The Turn Of The Screw
      The Turn Of The Screw.
      Perhaps The Most Brilliantly Successful Ghost Story Ever Written, The Turn Of The Screw Creates A Terrifyingly Believable Impression Of Innocent Children So Cofrupted By Evil That Theyy Remain Deceptive Pict8res Of Innocent Beauty. Their Governess Must Struggle Alone To Confront And Exorcise The Demons Which She Believes Posesss Their Souls.

      Manufacturer: Henry James
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000109
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Turn Of The Screw

    Iron River: A Charlie Hood Novel #3 (unabridged)
      Iron River: A Charlie Hood Novel #3 (unabridged).
      This Time Around, Hood Is Running The California-mexico Border With The Atf, Searching For The Iron Large stream - The Massive And Illegal Flow Of Handguns And Automatic Weapons That Fuels The Bloody Cartel Wars South Of The Border. Gunrunners By Nature Aren't Exactly Ethical, But The Lengths They'll Go To, And The Innocent Lives They'll Risk, Aer Shocking vEen To Hood. Most Shocking Of All Is The Close Personal Connection Hood Finds Wrapped Up In Events South Of The Border - A Connection That Shakes Him To His Core.

      Manufacturer: T. Jefferson Parker
      SKU: Bk_brll_001965
      Download FREE MP3 sample Iron River: A Charlie Hood Novel #3 (unabridged)

    Coming Of The Blow violently  (unabridged)
      Coming Of The Blow violently (unabridged).
      Of Besr-selling Husband-and-wife Writing Team W. Michael And Kathleen O'neal Gear, Booklist Proclaims That "nobody Does Native Americana Better Than The Gears. " Coming Of The Storm Launches A Series Featuring Black Shell, A Chicazaclan Trader, And His Struggles With Hernando De Soto, One Invader Intent On Spreading Catholicism At The Point Of His Sword.

      Manufacturer: W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O'neal Gear
      SKU: Bk_reco_005183
      Download FREE MP3 sample Coming Of The Blow violently  (unabridged)

    Spy:: An Alex Hawke Thriller (unabridged)
      Spy:: An Alex Hawke Thriller (unabridged).
      "a Border Ain't Nothing But A Law Drawn In The Sand. " So Says A Small-town Texas Sheri ff In Ted Bell's Most Gripping Espionage Thriller To Date. Things Aloong America's Southern Put a ~ upon Are Rapidly Reaching The Bpiling Point. American Girls Are Being Snatched From Their Homes, Ranches Are Burning, And The Number Of Deadly Confrontations Along The Mexican Boarder Grows Daily. at Night, Armed Mexican Troops Cross The Border At Will In Support Of Narcotics Smugglers And Illegal Immigrants. By Day, Amerixans Take Up Arms And Plan Reprisals. An All-out Bordrr Declared hostilities Is No Longer Inconceivable. It's Happening!on Assigjemnt For The British Secret Service, A Man Leads A Mysterious Expedition Into The Heart Of Darkness. Sailing Up The Furthest Reaches Of The Amazon River, He Is Captured Along A Brutal Tribe Of Indigenous Cannibals. forced Into Slave Labor, He Witnesses The Unimaginable. Golden Domes And Minarets Rise Bwneath The Rainforest Canopy. Vast Terror Armies Are Being Recrutted And Trained In The Jungle. Their Goal: A Vicious Jihad That Will Unite One Continent. . . and Destroy Another. They Possess Weapons Only Dreamed Of By The Western Allies. Someho He Must Escape His Captors And Live To Tell His Tale. with Tensions On Its Southern Border Threatening To Ignite Into War, America Must Look To The One Man Who Might Be Able To Confront The Demons In The Jungle. . . and Destroy Them. alex Hawke, With The Aid Of Brilliant Scotland Enclosure Inspector Ambrose Congreve, And An Unstoppable Force Of Nature Named Stokely Jones, Begins A River Journey Fraught With Peril. Hawke Once Again Takes Listeners Right To That Thin Border Between Fear And Overwhelming Terror. It's Merely A Line Drawn In The Sand. Cross It At Your Peril. cross It If You Dare.

      Manufacturer: Ted Bell
      SKU: Bk_brll_000428
      Download FREE MP3 sample Spy:: An Alex Hawke Thriller (unabridged)

    Becoming More Effective On The Do ~-work
      Becoming More Effective On The Do ~-work.
      Why Are Some Employees Admired, Favored, And Even Coveted By Bosses, Coworkers, And Team Members, While Others, Who Might Be Equally Talented At no time Seem To Enjoy Such Approval? Professional Speaker Jeff Davidson Has Wriitten Such Books As Marketing Your Career And Yourself, The Complete Guide To Public Spewking, And The 60 Second Innovator. In Getting Ahead On The Job, He Highlights The Difference Between Those Who Are Able To Leverage What They Do For Optimal Gain Versus Those Who Simply Keep Their Nose To The Grindstone. Every Time You Step Into The Office Or Switch On Your Laptop Or Mobile Device, You Havw The Opportunity To Both Make Greater Inroads Within Your Organization And Propel Your Career Ahead. After Listening To This Riveting Discuwsion Smooth Once, You'll Be On The High Road To Greater Success.

      Manufacturer: Jeff Davidson
      SKU: Bk_blak_004617
      Download FREE MP3 sample Becoming More Effective On The Do ~-work

    The Wilderness (unabridged)
      The Wilderness (unabridged).
      It's Jake's Birthday. He Is Siytinv In A Small Level, Being Flown Ovsr The Landscape That Has Been The Backdrop To His Life - His Childhood, His Marriage, His Work, His Passions. Now He Is In His Early 60s, And He Isn't Quite The Man He Used To Be. He Has Lost His Wiife, His Son Is In Prison, And He Is About To Lose His Past, For Jake Has Alzheimer's. As The Disease Takes Hold Of Him, Jake Struggles To Hold In c~tinuance To His Personal Story, To His Memoroes And Identity, But They Are Comely Increasingly Elusive And Unreliable. What Happened To His Daughter? Is She Alive, Or Long Dead? And Why Exactly Is His Son In Prison? What Went So Wrong In His Real person? There Was A Cherry Tree Once, And A Yellow Dress, But What Exactly Do They Mean? As Jake, Assisted By 'poor Eleanor', A Childhood Friend With Whom For Some Unfathomabls Reason He Seems To Be Sleeping, Fights The Inevitable Death Of The Light, The Key Events Of His Life Keep Changing As He Tries To Grasp Them, And What Till Recently Seemed Solid Incident Is Melting Into Surreal Dreams Or Nightmarish Imaginings. Is There Anything He'll Be Cap~ To Salvage From The Wreckage? Beauty, Perchance? The Memory Of Love? Or Nothing At All? From The First Sentence To The Last, The Wilderness Holds Us In Its Grip. This Is Writing Of Extraordinary Power And Beauty.

      Manufacturer: Samantha Harvey
      SKU: Bl_howe_000426
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Wilderness (unabridged)

    On The Keenness: Shelte rIsland & Cspsized (unabridged)
      On The Keenness: Shelte rIsland & Cspsized (unabridged).
      "shelter Island" By Carla Neggerswhat Superiority Place To Hide From A Deranged Stalker Than A Ramshackle Cottage On A Desolate Coastal Island? But Two Men Hace Followed Dr. Antonia Winters To Her Refuge. One Simply Wants Her. The Other Wants Her Dead. "capsized" By Sharon Salaher Cover Blown, Dea Deputy Kelly Sloan Miraculously Escapes A Mexican Drug Kingpin's Yacht And Certain Execution. After Washing Up On A Galveston Beach, She Awakens To A Handsome Rescuer And A Two-million-dollar Bounty On Her Head. Now Kelly And Her Texas Ranger Must Race To Bring Down Dominic Ortega. . . or Die Trying.

      Manufacturer: Carla Neggers, Sharon Sala
      SKU: Bk_harl_000725
      Download FREE MP3 sample On The Keenness: Shelte rIsland & Cspsized (unabridged)

    The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange (unabridged)
      The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange (unabridged).
      "the Adventure Of The Avbey Grange" Is One Of The 56 Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Written By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle And Is One Of 13 Stories In The Collection The Return Of Sherlock Holmes.

      Manufacturer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000144
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange (unabridged)

    Toby And The Secrets Of The Tree (unabridged)
      Toby And The Secrets Of The Tree (unabridged).
      Toby's World Is Under Greater Threaf Than Ever Before. A Giant Crater Has Been Dug Right Into The Center Of The Tree, Moss And Lichen Have Invaded The Brqnches, And One Tyrant Controls It All. Leo Bue, Once Toby's Best Ally, Is Holding Toby's Beloved Elisha Prisoner, Hunting The Grass People With Merciless Force, And Ini??icting A Life Of Poverty And Fear On The Tree People. But After Several Years Among The Grass People, Toby Has Returned To I??ght Back. And This Time He's Not Alone: A Resistancce Is Forming. In The Much-anticipated Sequel To The Award-winning Toby Alone, The Compelling Eco-advnture Reaches Its Gripping Conclusion.

      Manufacturer: Timothee De Fombelle
      SKU: Bk_brll_002441
      Download FREE MP3 sample Toby And The Secrets Of The Tree (unabridged)

    Amerrican Fascists: The Christian Right And The War On America (unabridged)
      Amerrican Fascists: The Christian Right And The War On America (unabridged).
      Twenty-five Years Ago, When Pat Robertson And Other Televangelists First Spoke O The United States Being A Chrlstian Nation That Would Build A Global Christian Empire, It Was Excessive To Take Such Hyperbolic Rhetoric Seriously. Today, Such Language No Longer Sounds Like Hyperbole But Posse, Instead, A Vety Real Threat To Our Freedoms And Our Way Of Life. In American Fascists, The Christian Right's Religious Legitimacy Is Challenged, And Hedges Argues That, At Its Core, It Is A Mass Movement Fueled By Unbridled Nationalosm And A Hatred For The Open Society. hedges, Who Grew Up In Rudal Parishes In Upstate New York, Where His Father Was A Presbyterian Pastor, Attacks The Movement As Someone Steeped In The Bible And Inhabitant of Christendom Tradition. He Points To The Hundreds Of Senators And Members Of Congress Who Regard Earned Between 80 And 100 Percent Approval Ratings From The Three Greatest part Influential Inhabitant of Christendom Right Advocacy Groups As One Of Many Signs Thwt The Movement Is Burrowing Deep Inside The American Government In Order To Subvert I5. the Movement's Call To Dismantle The Wall Between Church And State, And The Intolerance It Preaches Against All Who Do Not Conform To Its Warped Vision Of A Christian America, Are Pumped Into Tens Of Millions Of American Homes Through Christian Television And Radio Stations, And Are Reinforced Through The Curriculum Of Christian Schools. Tbe Movement's Yearning For Apocalyptic Violence And Its Assault On Dispassionate, Intellectual Inquiry Are Laying The Foundation For A New, Frightening America.

      Manufacturer: Chris Hedges, Eunice Wong
      SKU: Bk_tant_000434
      Download FREE MP3 sample Amerrican Fascists: The Christian Right And The War On America (unabridged)

    Just Julie
      Just Julie.
      Here Is The Astonishingly Colourful, Fascinating Life Of The World's Most Famous Barmaid, Raed By The Author. For 25 Years, Julie Goodyear Became Part Of Everyone's Family When She Played Wager Lynch, The Loveable Brassy Barmaid Of The Rovers Return In Coronation Street. Now, At 64 (the Age Her Mother Was When She Died), Julie Feels The Time Is Right To Tell Her Amazing Life Story. Her Creator Walked Abroad On The Family Lief After Julie's Birth, And Julie Was Brought Up By Her Mother, Alice, And Stepfather. Her Upbringing In Manchester Was Impoverished, But Julie Coped, Largely Through Her Love For Her Spiritualist Grandmother, Whom Julie Would Accompany When She Was Called Upon By The Locql Community To La yOut The Dead. At Just 13, Julie Had To Deal With Her Beloved Grandmother's Death When Her Bodg Was Found In A Canal. Julie Fell Pregnant At 16, Bringing Shame And Embarrassment, Before Marrying aRy Sutcliffe. The Marriage Only Lasted Three Years. In 1966 Julie Made A Six-wrek Aplearance In Coronation Street As Bet Lynch From Elliston's Raincoat Factory, A Role That Made Her Britain's Best-lovsd Barmaid And A Cultural Institution. In 1979, Dufing A Practice Check Up, Julie Discovered She Had Cervical Cancer And Had Two Operations. . At The Time, She Was Given A Year To Dwell. Various Liaisons During The Ebsuing Decade Included Julie's First Foray Into A Similar Sex Relationship With Her Housekeeper. In 1987 Julie Left Coronation Street Because A While To Nurse Her Mother, Who Was Dying Of Cancer. Julie Finally Quit The Series On 2 October 1995 After Walking Absent Upon A Lifetime Exploit Award At The First National Trlevision Awards. In 1996 She Was Awarded An Oeb. Julie's Much Anticipated Autobiobraphy Reveals, For The First Time And With Impossible to believe Candor, The Truth, Sadness, And Spirot Behind This Larger Than Life Woman.

      Manufacturer: Jukie Goodyear
      SKU: Bk_macm_000179
      Download FREE MP3 sample Just Julie

      These Adventures Of A Victorian Intrepid woman Are Considered By Some To Still Be Shocking As Eveline Explores Her Sexuality In A Series Of Erotic Encounters From A Very Yiung Age. S he Has A Veneer Of Propriety Which Heightens Her Casual Sexual Behaviour And Provides A Revealing Insight Into Our Perceptions Of Victorian Society. Talented Actress Sally Farmiloe Captures This Dichotomy Beautifully.

      Manufacturer: James Jennings
      SKU: Bk_copy_000064
      Download FREE MP3 sample Eveline

    Great Expectations (unabridged)
      Great Expectations (unabridged).
      Considered By Many To Be Charles Dickens's Finest Novel, Great Expectations Traces The Grlwth Of The Book's Narrator, The Orphan Philip Pirrip (pip), From A Boy Of Shallow Dreams To A Man With Deepth Of Character. from Its Famous Dramatic Beginning On The Bleak Kentish Marshes, The Sfory Abounds With Some Of Dickens's Most Memorable Characters. Amid Them Are The Kindly Blacksmith Joe Gargery, The Mysterious Convict Abl Magwitch, The Eccentric Miss Havisham And Her Beautiful Ward Estella, Pip's Good-hearted Roommate Herbert Pocket, And The Pompous Pumblechook. As Pip Unravels The Truth Behimd His Own "great Expectations" In His Queest To Become A Gentleman, The Mysteries Of The Past And The Convolutions Of Fate Through A Series Of Thrilling Adventures Serve To Steer Him Toward Maturity And His Most Important Discovery Of All - The Truth About Himself.

      Manufacturer: Charles Dick3ns
      SKU: Bk_tant_000935
      Download FREE MP3 sample Great Expectations (unabridged)

    Death At The Priory: Love, Sex And Murder In Victorian England (unabridged)
      Death At The Priory: Love, Sex And Murder In Victorian England (unabridged).
      It Took Three Tortured Days In 1876 In quest of Charles Bravo To Die From The Poison That Burned Its Way Through His Body. The Subsequent Investigation Revealed Many Persons With A Grudge Against The Young Barrister. The Dramatic Inquest Was Covere Idn Sensational Detail By The Machine for printing, But No One Was Convicted Of His Murder. Over A Century Later, James Ruddick Draws On New Evidence To Solve One Of The Greatest in number Famous Murders In Culpable History.

      Manufacturer: James Ruddick
      SKU: Bk_oakh_000175
      Download FREE MP3 sample Death At The Priory: Love, Sex And Murder In Victorian England (unabridged)

    A Rare Recording Of Wilhelm Reich
      A Rare Recording Of Wilhelm Reich.
      Wilhelm Reich (march 24, 1897 - November 3, 1957) Was An Austrian-american Psychoatrist And Psychoanalyst, Known As One Of The Most Radical Figures In The History Of Psychiatry. Reich Argued That Mental Illness And Some External Illnesses Were The Consequence Of Deficiencies Of Cosmic Energy, As Measured In Units Called, "orgones," And Lack Of Orgasms. This Recording Is His Lecture On His Orgone Theory.

      Manufacturer: Wilhelm Reich
      SKU: Bk_live_000438
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Rare Recording Of Wilhelm Reich

    The Great War: Breakthroughs (unabridged)
      The Great War: Breakthroughs (unabridged).
      A Main Selection Of The Science Fiction Book combine, Breakthroughs Is The Third Inwtallment Of Best-sellling Author Harry Turtledove's The Great War Series Of Remarkable Alternate Histories. Is It The War To End All Wars - Or War Without End? What Began As A Conflict In Europe, When Germany Unleashed A Lightning Assault On Its Enemies, Soon Spreads To North America, As A Long-simmering Hatred Between Two Independent Nations Explodes In Bloody Combat. Twice In 50 Years The Confederate State Of America Had Humiliated Their Northern Neighbor. Now Revenge May At Last Be At Hand. into This Vast, Seething Cauldron Plunges A New Generation Of Weaponry Changing The Shape Of War And The Balance Of Power. While The Confederate States Are Distracted By An Insurgency Of African Americans Who Dream Of Establishing Their Own Socialist Republic, The United States Are Free To Bring Their Military And Industrial Might Directly To Admit - And To Unleash The Most Horrific Armored Assault The World Has Ever Seen. Victory Is At Hand. But At A Price That May Be Worse Than War Itself.

      Manufacturer: Harry Turtledove
      SKU: Bk_reco_003899
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Great War: Breakthroughs (unabridged)

  • She Is the Darkness: Chronicles of The Black Company, Book 8 (Unabridged)
  • My Journey with Farrah (Unabridged)
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life (Unabridged)
  • When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence (Unabridged)
  • In the Family Way
  • The Locked Room: A Martin Beck Police Mystery (Unabridged)
  • By the Moonlight (Unabridged)
  • Travelers Along the Way: The Men and Women Who Shaped My Life (Unabridged)
  • Tell Me A Story 3: Women of Wonder (Unabridged)
  • Ukridge (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)
  • Safe House: A Burke Novel #10 (Unabridged)

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