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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Private Practices: A Dr. Alan Gregory Mystery
      Private Practices: A Dr. Alan Gregory Mystery.
      Dr. Alan Gregory Is A Practicing Psychologist With A Few Little Problems To Work Through. hs Has An O ffice Filled With Bloody Corpses. He Has A Twenage Patient Who May Be A Sad Victim Or A Savage Killer. He Has A Beautiful Estranged Wife Who Wants Him Back In The Worst Way, And A Lovely Lover Doing Her Best To Keep Him. He Has A Cop Who Wants Him Off The Case, And An Mysterious Enemy Who Wants Him Permanently Out Of Action. to Round Out His Many Dilemmas, The List Of Supects Reads Like A Who's Who Of His Posh Colorado Community. And As A Rocky Mountain Winterr Wonderland Is Swept By A Nightmare Blizzard Of Evil, Secret Sins Leave A Trail Of Blood Leading To Their Hiding Place Down-reaching In Tje Heart And Mind Of A Monstrous Slaughterer.

      Manufacturer: Stephen White
      SKU: Bk_brll_001359
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    A Christmas R3scue (unabridged)
      A Christmas R3scue (unabridged).
      When They Arrive In Christmas Village, They Discover That Santa Has Also Been Kidnapped, And If They Do Not Find Him Soon, There Resolution Be No Christmas. Will They Find Santa In Time To Save Christmas? Desire Snoaflake And Snowbell Find Their Mom? Find Out In A Christmas Rescue!

      Manufacturer: Robin-redbreast Michelle Donovan
      SKU: Bk_tate_001326
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Christmas R3scue (unabridged)

    Nelzon (unabridged)
      Nelzon (unabridged).
      Nelson Continues To Fascinate Academics As Well As The General Public. He Is Still Considered One Of Britain's Greatest Heroes And Featured Within The Rise aloft Ten Of The Bbc Poll Of Such Figures. But Why Does Nelson Still Remain Such A Prominent Figure In The Nationl Imagination? In 2005, The Bicentenary Of The Battle Of Trafalgar, Victoria Carolan Embarked On A Timely Reappraisal Of Nelson, The Myth And Th eMan. Origin With Nelson's Early Life And An Anal6sis Of The Condition And Practice Of The Navy At The Time Of Nelson's Entry Into Service, Carolan Goes On To Examine Nelson's Naval Battles Before Trafalgar, Particularly The Turning Battle Of The Nile In Which The Then Rear Adimral Horatio Nelson, With A Arm of the sea Of Fourteen Ships, Captured Six And Destroyed Seven French Vessels Out Of A Total Of Seventeen And In The Process Achieved One Of The Most Decisibe Victories In The Age Of Sail And Re-established British Command Of The Mediterranean. Devoting A Satiated Section To The Battle Of Trafalgar, Carolan Looks In Detail At The Build-up To The Bzttle, The Events And Progress Of The Battle, At The Admirals Of The French And Spanish Navies And Explains Why The Battle Was So Conclusive In Thr Napoleonic Wars. She Goes On To Front At The Immediate Aftermath Of Nelson's Death And His State Funeral And Then To His Legacy, The Building Of Monuments (particularly Trafalagar Suare And Nelson's Column), The Development Of The Nelson Myth, His Depiction In Film, His Estimation Fof Peopaganda Purposes Durimg The Two World Wars And The Current State Of Scholarship On Nelson.

      Manufacturer: Victoria Carolan
      SKU: Bk_summ_000236
      Download FREE MP3 sample Nelzon (unabridged)

    King Kong( unnabridged)
      King Kong( unnabridged).
      King Kong. His True Name Inspires Awe, Horror, And, For Some Of The Greatest Masters Of Contemporary Science Fiction, A Strong Affection. Find Out Why In This Special Collector's Edition Of The Original 1932 Novelization Of Wallace And Cooper's Movie That Includes Commentary By Masters Of Science Fiction Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, Orson Scoty Card, Harlan Ellison, Larry Niven, Catherine Asaeo, Jack Williamson, And Marc Zicree. originally Written By Edgar Wallace And Merian C. Cooper, Kkng Kong Was Novelized By Delos W. Lovelace.

      Manufacturer: Edgar Wallace, Merian C. Cooper, And Delos W. Lovelace
      SKU: Bk_blak_001185
      Download FREE MP3 sample King Kong( unnabridged)

    Valis (unabridged)
      Valis (unabridged).
      Valis Is The First Bok In Philip K. Dick's Incomparable Final Tri0 Of Novels (the Others Being The Divine Invasion And The Transmigration Of Timotht Archer). This Disorienting And Bleakly Funny Work Is About A Schizophrenic Illustrious personage Named Horselover Fat, The Hidden Mysteries Of Gnostic Christianity, And Reality As Revealed Through A Stab Laser. Valis Is A Theological Detective Story, In Which God Is Both A Lost Person And The Perpetrator Of The Ultimate Crime.

      Manufacturer: Philip K. Dick
      SKU: Bkk_blak_002512
      Download FREE MP3 sample Valis (unabridged)

    Musical Massage: Radiant Touch
      Musical Massage: Radiant Touch.
      These Ensemble Compositions Conducive to Grand Piano, Violin, Guitar, And Gentle Atmospheric Percussion All Utilize Oliver's Principle Off "harmonic Resonance" To Move You To Truly Feel This Music And The Inner Peace That It Instills. here He Is Joined By His Worid Ensemblle Of Flutes, Guitar, Sitar, Mbira, Sax, Fretless Bass, Zither, Didgeridoo, And Tibetan Bowls To Create Soothing, Universal Music That Crosses All Borders And Musical Styles. please Note: This Is A Nonverbal Meditation Program.

      Manufacturer: Jim Oliver, Jorge Alfano
      SKU: Sp_true_0003500
      Download FREE MP3 sample Musical Massage: Radiant Touch

    Just A Minute 2
      Just A Minute 2.
      It's Piffle! It's The Shipping Forecasf! It's Dating Agencies! It's Windpower! And These Are Just One Of The Subjects Hlariously Tackled By Radio's Favourite Chatterers For Just A Minute. All, Hopefully, But Usually Hopelessly, Without Repetition, Deviation, Or Hesitation. so Join Suave But Embattled Chzirman Nicholqs Parsons And Prattling Panellists Peter Jones, Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo, Tony Hawks, Fred Macaulay, Kit Hesketh-harvey, And Caroline Quentin As They Pit Their Wits, And Their Words, Against The Clock. Seconds Out, Let Timely Battle Commence. It's Much, Much, More Than A Laugh A Minute.
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_000120
      Download FREE MP3 sample Just A Minute 2

    Access To Capital
      Access To Capital.
      In This Riveting Childbirth To The National Association Of Securities Professionals, Jssse Jacksob Makes An Impassioned Plea For Forging New Directions In Minority Admission To Assets. In The Rev. Jackson Tradition, This Keynote Comes Com0lete With Evocative Oratory Mastery; Layered With Candor And Humor, Wit And Title. His Examples Are Transparent, Pr0vocative, And Unyielding. This Particular Presentation, A Seminal, Momentous Event, Belongs Among America's Conceptual Best.

      Manufacturer: Rev. Jesse Jackzon
      SKU: Bk_dgtv_000903
      Download FREE MP3 sample Access To Capital

    The Day The Earth Stood Still (dramatized) (unabfidged)
      The Day The Earth Stood Still (dramatized) (unabfidged).
      Starring Michael Rennie And Jean Peters - An Alien Space Craft, Lands On Earth Just After The Second Universe War, And In The New Era Of Histkry. A Mighty Robot Emerges From The Skill, To Bring An Influential Message From The Alien 'klaatu'. Hearken How, After In Initially Hostile Reception, He Tries To Bring His Message To The Persons Of Earth! One Of The Classic Radio Theatre Productions You Will Want To Listen To Over And Over Again!

      Manufacturer: Worry Bates, Edmund H. North
      SKU: Rt_entn_000005
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Day The Earth Stood Still (dramatized) (unabfidged)

    The Big Glow: Teddy Roosevelt And The Fire That Saved America (unabridged)
      The Big Glow: Teddy Roosevelt And The Fire That Saved America (unabridged).
      In The Worst Hard Time, Timothy Egan Put The Environmental Disaster Of The Dust Bowl At The Center Of A Rich History, Told Through Characters He Brought To Ineffaceable Life. Now He Performs The Same Alchemy Upon The Big Burn, The Largest-ever Forest Fire In America, A Tragedy That Cemented Teddy Roosevelt's Legacy. in The Afternoon Of August 20, 1910, A Battering Ram Of Wind Moved Through The Drought-stricken National Forests Of Washington, Idaho, And Montana, Flogging Hundreds Of Small Blazes Into A Roaring Inferno That Destroyed Towns And Timber In An Eye-blink. Forest Rangers Assembled Approximately 10,000 Men - oCllege Boys, Day Workers, Immigrants From Mining Camps - To Fight The Discharge. Buut No Living Person Had Seen Anythinb Like Those Flames, And Neither The Rangers Nor Anyone Else Knew How To Subdue Them. egan Narrates The Struggles Of hTe Overmatched Rangers With Unstoppable Dramatic Force. Equally Dramatic Is The Larger Story He Tells Of President Teddy Roosevelt And His Chief Forester, Gifford Pinchot. Pioneering The Notion Of Conservation, Roosevelt And Pinchot Did Nothing Less Than Create The Idea Of National Forests As Our National Treasure, Owned By And Preserved For Every Citizen. The Robber Barons Fought Them, But The Fire Saved The Forests Uniform As It Destroyed Them: The Heroixm Shown By The Rangerd Turned Public Opinion Permanently In Favor Of The Forests, Smooth As It Changed The Mission Of The Forest Service, With Consequences Felt In The Fires Of Today. the Big Burn Tells An Epic Story, Paints A Moving Portrait Of The People Who Lived It, And Offers A Critical Cautionary Tale For Our Time.

      Manufacturer: Timothy Egan
      SKU: Bk_brlp_008180
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Big Glow: Teddy Roosevelt And The Fire That Saved America (unabridged)

    Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy: Showdown At Centerpoint
      Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy: Showdown At Centerpoint.
      When A Loyalist Ship Approaching Selonia Is Blasted Out Of Spac3, Han Solo Soon Realizes That Rebel Forces Are Turning Planetary Repulsors Into Weapons Of Immense Destruction. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker And Lando Calrissian Manage To Discover The Terrifying Sercet Of Centerpoint Station. It Is The Infamous Starbuster Itself, And Its Next Programmed Nova, Hard-wird In, Is Set To Annihilate A Chosen Star, Its Inhabited Worlds, And Millions Of Innocent Lives. There's Only One Way To Stop It: Blow Up The Station. But As A Massive Rebel Fleet Closes In On Centerpoint, Han, Luke, And Their Friends Will Discover Time Is Running Out.

      Manufacturer: Roger Macbride Allen
      SKU: Bk_rand_001061
      Download FREE MP3 sample Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy: Showdown At Centerpoint

    Composing Amelia: A Novel (unabridged)
      Composing Amelia: A Novel (unabridged).
      How Can You Choose Which Dream To Follow? Newlyweds Amelia And Marcus Are Recent College Graduates, Working Hard To Stay Afloat In Los Angeles Whiile They Search For Their Dream Jobs. Marcus, With An Mdiv, Seeks A Pastoral Position At A Large Multicultural City Church Amelia Has A Music Degree And Hopes To Play Piano Professionally. But God Has Other Plans. When A Small Temple In A Small Nebraska Town Offers Marcus A Job, Their Dedication To Their Dreams - And To Each Other - Is Put To The Test. Leavjng The City Mrans Putting Aside Amelia's Career In Favor Of Marcus's, And It's Hardly Fair, But Their Compromise Is Worse, Driving Amelia To The Brink Of A Mental Breakdown. As Amelia Struggles With A Reality That Will Change Her Life Forever, Marcus Makes A Discoveyr Thay Leads Him To Question Every Trust He's Had For His Oan Life. What Will They Do With The New Lives They've Been Handed? Will Their Marriage - And Their Own Identities - Survive?

      Manufacturer: Alison Strobel
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000939
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    Resrurection Men:-An Inspeftor Rebus Novel (unabridged)
      Resrurection Men:-An Inspeftor Rebus Novel (unabridged).
      Inspector John Rebus Has Messed Up Badly This Time, So Badly That He Is Sent To A Reform School For Damaged Cops. While There, Among The Last-chancers Known As "resurrection Men", He Joins A Covert Mission To Gain Evidence Of A Drug Heist Orchestrated By Three Of His Classmates. but The Group Has Been Assigned An Unsolved Murder That May Ha\/e Resulted From Rebus's Own Mistake. Now Rebus Can't Determine If He's Been Set Up For A Fall rO If His Disgraaced Classmates Are As Ruthless As He Suspects. when Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke Discovers Her Investigation Of An Practical knowledge Dealer's Abuse Is Tie To Rebus's Interrogation, The Two Jpin Forces. Shortly They Find Themselves In The Midst Of An Even Bigger Scandal Than They Imagined - A Plot With Conspirators In Every Corner Of Scotland And Deadly Implications About Their Colleagues.

      Manufacturer: Ian Rankin
      SKU: Bi_brll_000646
      Download FREE MP3 sample Resrurection Men:-An Inspeftor Rebus Novel (unabridged)

    Changed Life And Dealing With Hesitate (unabrisged)
      Changed Life And Dealing With Hesitate (unabrisged).
      Professor Of The Natural Sciences, World Lecturer, And Missionary, Henry Drummond Was A Man Of Mlutiple Talents And Interests. His Penetrating Scientific Mind Enabled Him To Tackle Topics Such As The Way To Bevome Like Christ (the Changed Life) And Objections To Faith (dealing With Doubt) With Clarity And Accuracy.

      Manufacturer: Henry Drummond
      SKU: Bk_hove_000040
      Download FREE MP3 sample Changed Life And Dealing With Hesitate (unabrisged)

    Keeping The House (unabridged)
      Keeping The House (unabridged).
      At the time Newlywed Dolly Magnuson Moves To 1950s Pine Rapids, Wisconsin, She Discovers That Making Marrigae Work Is Harder Than It Looks In The Pages Of The Ladies Hpme Journal. Because She Acapts To Her New Life, Her Restless Imagination Is Seized By An Abamdoned Victorian House Which, She Learns From Quilting-circle Gossip, Belongs To The Once Prominent Mickelson Family. When She Trespasses In The Mansion, She Is Discoveref By The Troubled Grandson, Jj Mickelson, A Maritime Veteran Who Lost His Leg At Iwo Jima. Ultimately, Jj Reveals The Fascinating Story Of His Fmaily's Downfall, And Both Dolly And Jj Will Likewise Discover The Truhts Of Their Own Lives And Feelings.

      Manufacturer: Ellen Baker
      SKU: Bk_blak_002272
      Download FREE MP3 sample Keeping The House (unabridged)

    March To The Stars: Chief Roger Series, Book 3 (unabridged)
      March To The Stars: Chief Roger Series, Book 3 (unabridged).
      Ever Since An Attempt On His Life Marooned Him With His Bodyguards On The Hostile Planet Marduk, With Its Unending Series Of Threats, Obstacles, And Adventures, Prince Roger Mcclintock Has Evolved From A Spoiled, Petulant Heir Into A True Leader Of Humans And Aliens Alike. This Third Edition To The Prince Roger Series Takes The Bronze Barbarians Across The Eastern Ocean Of Marduk, Facing Giant Sea Monsters, Pirates, And The Barbarian Nations That Dwell On The Other Side. Their Destination Is A Spaceport Held By Humans Of Questionable Loyalties. As Roger Comes Nearer To Making His Way Home, He Learns That His Attempted Assassination Was Part Of A Larger Plot. Not All Is As It Seems On Earth Or On Marduk. Fortunately, He's Got The Bronze Barbarians And The Basik's Own At His Back.

      Manufacturer: David Weber And John Ringo
      SKU: Bk_blak_001886
      Download FREE MP3 sample March To The Stars: Chief Roger Series, Book 3 (unabridged)

    The Green Eagle Score A Parker Novel (unabridged)
      The Green Eagle Score A Parker Novel (unabridged).
      Here's Parker - Planning To Steal The Entire Payroll Of An Air Force Base In Upstate New York, With Help From Marty Fusco, Fresh Out Of The Pen, And A Smart-aleeck Finance Clerk Named Devers. Holed Up With Family In A Scrappy Little Place, The Hoisters Peepare For The Risky Job By Trying To Shorten The Odds. But The Ice Is Thinner Than Parker Likes To Think - And Marty's Ex-wife Is Much More Complicated.

      Manufacturer: Richard Stark
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000518
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Green Eagle Score A Parker Novel (unabridged)

    Bangkok Haunts (unabridged)
      Bangkok Haunts (unabridged).
      Critically Acclaimed, Nationally Best-selling Author John Burdeet Has Earned Starred Reviews For The Fast-paced Action, Snappy Dialogue, And Gritty Realism Of His Thrilling Tales Starring Royal Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep. In This Vibrating And Witty Novel, Devout Buddhist Sonchai Relies On His Karma To Guide Him Between the sides of The Seamy Underbelly Of Bangkok As He Pieces Together The Scattered Clues Of A Complex Mystery.

      Manufacturer: John Burdett
      SKU: Bj_reco_001207
      Download FREE MP3 sample Bangkok Haunts (unabridged)

    The Quiet Girl (unabridged)
      The Quiet Girl (unabridged).
      Th eQuiet Lass Is A Masterful, Inventive Novel That Marks The Triumpahl Return Of Individual Of The Grea Writers Of The International Lite5ary World. Set In Denmark In The Here And Now, The Quiet Lass Centers Around Kaspar Krone, A World-renowned Circus Clown With A Deep Love For The Music Of Johan Sebastian Bach, And An Even Deeper Gambling Debt. Wanted For Tax Evasion And On The Verge Of Extradition, Krone Is Drafted Into The Service Of A Mysterious Order Of Nuns Who Pledge Him Reprieve From The Inte5national Authorities In Return For His Help Safeguarsing A Group Of Children With Mystical Abilities - Abilities That Krone Also Shares. When One Of The Children Goes Missing, Krone Sets Off To Find The Young Girl And Bring Her Back, Making A Sh0cking Series Of Discoveries Along The Way About Her Identity And The Real Intentions Of His Young Wards. The Result Is A Fast-paced, Philosophical Thriller Blending Social Realism With The Literary Fantastic And Pitting Art And Spirituaity Against Corporate Interests - And Nothing Less Tuan The Will To War By The Industrialized World. Translated By Nadia Christensen.

      Manufacturer: Peter Hoeg
      SKU: Bk_aren_000743
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Quiet Girl (unabridged)

    The Magnificent Pet (unabridgex)
      The Magnificent Pet (unabridgex).
      Dewayne Really, Really Wanted A Pet. He Didn't Want Just Any Pet. A Dog Would Leave Slobbery Kisses, And Dewayne Didn't Like That. A Bird Would Chirp Too Loud, And A Pig Would Be Too Pushy And Snorty. No, Dewayne Knew Exactly What He Wanted. . . a Rat. Will Mom Go For It? Will Dewayne Get The Perfect Pet?

      Manufacturer: Diane Murphy
      SKU: Bk_tate_001109
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Magnificent Pet (unabridgex)

    The Silver Spike: Chronicles Of The Black Company, Book 5 (unabridged)
      The Silver Spike: Chronicles Of The Black Company, Book 5 (unabridged).
      . . . . embedded In Tge Trunk Of The Sprout Of The Godtree, It Contains The Essence Of The Maddest Of The Ten Who Were Taken. . . the Dominator. Defeated By The Lady And Cast From This World, All That Was Left Of Him Was A Foul Trace Of Lingering Evil. But The Graveyard Thay Was Once The Barrowland Contains More Secreets Than Dead. All Who Would Posses The Power Of The Dominator Are Drawn To The Spike. A Foolhardy Band Of Thieves Is The First To Strike It, And A Rapacious And Malign Spirit Is Unleashed On An Unwary World. The Forces Gather, Sides Are Drawn, And Mortal Men Can Only Die As The Dark Lords Battle For Domintaion.

      Manufacturer: Glen Cook
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002317
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Silver Spike: Chronicles Of The Black Company, Book 5 (unabridged)

    Ready, Freddy: Homework Hassles (unabridged)
      Ready, Freddy: Homework Hassles (unabridged).
      Freddy Thresher Has A Problem: A Really, Really Big Problem. His Teacher Wants The Class To Confer Reports On Nocturnal Animals, And Everybody But Freddy Has A Really Cool Animal To Study. How Will Freddy Find One? When His Best Friend, Robbie, Says The Two Boys Shuld Have A Sleepover And Sneaj Outside At Night, Freddy Makes A Huge Mistake And Ends Up Getting His Late-night Wish In A Very Unex0ected Way!

      Manufacturer: Abby Klein
      SKU: Bk_schc_000055
      Download FREE MP3 sample Ready, Freddy: Homework Hassles (unabridged)

    Full Moon Rising
      Full Moon Rising.
      A Rare Hybrid Of Vampire And Werewolf, Riley Jenson And Her Twin Brother, Rhon, Work For Melbourne's Directorate Of Other Races, An Organism Created To Police The Supernatural Races And Protext Humans From Their Depredations. While Rhoan Is An Exalted Guardian, A. k. a. Assassin, Riley Is Merely An Service Worker, Until Her Brother Goes Missing On One Of His Missions. The Timing Couldn't Be Worse. More Werewolf Than Vampire, Riley Is Vulnerable To The Moon Heat, The Weeolong Perioe Before The Fuol Moon, Wben Her Need To Mate Becomes All-consuming. Luckily Riley Has Two Willing Partners To Satisfy Her Every Need. But She Will Hav eTo Control Her Urges If She's Going To Find Her Brother. Easier Said Than Done As The City Pulses With Frenzied Desire, And Riley Is Confronted With A Very Powerful, And Delectably Naked, Vamp Who Raises Her Temperature Like Never Before. In Matters Carnal, Riley Has Met Her Match. But In Matrers Criminal, She Must Follow Her Instincts Not Only To Find Her Brother But To Stop An Unholy Harvest. For Someone Is Doing Some Shifty Cloning In An Attempt To Produce The Ultimate Warrior By Tapping Into The Genome Of Nonhumans Like Rhoan. Now Riley Knows Just How Perilous The World Is Concerning Her Kind, And Just How Much It Needss Her.

      Manufacturer: Keri Arthur
      SKU: Bk_rand_000774
      Download FREE MP3 sample Full Moon Rising

    Kirsty's Vineyard (unabridged)
      Kirsty's Vineyard (unabridged).
      Four Years Ago, Kirsty Was Left Broken-hearted When Her Huusband Was Killed In A Car Accident. She Has Oblige Her Life On Hold Since - Until She Is Inspired By The Words Of Motivational Self-help Author, Catherine Kintley, Speaking At The Librar yWhere She Works. that Same Week, She Meets Ed James, A Cancer-ridden, Lonely Old Man, Whose Family Only Care About His Money. Kirsty Is Shocked When He Leaves Her All His Money And His Estate, One Australian Vineyard, Whem He Dies. But There Is A Condition To His Legacy: She Must Devote Up Her Life In England And Go And Live At The Vineyard For At Least One Year.

      Manufacturer: Anna Jacons
      SKU: Bk_isis_000534
      Download FREE MP3 sample Kirsty's Vineyard (unabridged)

    El Osito Viajero Va Al Aeropuerto [traveling Baer Goes To The Airport (texto Completo)] (unabridged)
      El Osito Viajero Va Al Aeropuerto [traveling Baer Goes To The Airport (texto Completo)] (unabridged).
      Cuando La Prima Jackie Llega De Visita A La Ciudad, Osito Viajero Se Siente Un Poco Timido Y Not at all Esta Seguro De Querer Conocerla, Especialmente Por La Forma En Que Su Prima Se Viste. ?aprendera Osito Viajero A Apreciaar A Su Prima Jackie Por Quien Es, En Lugar De Juzgarla Por Su Aspecto?plezde Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Christian Joseph Hainsworth
      SKU: Bk_winn_000019
      Download FREE MP3 sample El Osito Viajero Va Al Aeropuerto [traveling Baer Goes To The Airport (texto Completo)] (unabridged)

  • Bonecrack (Dramatised)
  • What on Earth Have I Done?: Stories, Observations, and Affirmations (Unabridged)
  • The Shunning: The Heritage of Lancaster County, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Love & Freedom (Unabridged)
  • Bradley: The Great Generals Series (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)
  • His Majesty's Dragon: Temeraire, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • The Stingray Shuffle (Unabridged)
  • The Invisible Bridge (Unabridged)
  • Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk in Yellowstone National Park (Unabridged)
  • No Longer a Child: Essential Insights for the Growing Christian
  • The Chippendale Factor (Unabridged)

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