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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Rip Van Winkle
      Rip Van Winkle.
      This Washington Irving Classic Tells The Story Of Likeable But Lazy Rip Van Winkle, Who Shared A Strange Brew With Some Mysterious Strangers And Fell Into A Deep Sleep For 20 Years. He Discovers When He Finally Wakes That Things Are Considerably Different Than He Remembers, Providing A Cautionary Tale About Making The Most Of Life. Original Music By Jay Ungar And Molly Mason.

      Manufacturer: Rabbit Ears Entertainment
      SKU: Bk_lili_000416
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    Thief Of Time: Discw0rld, Book 26 (unabridged)
      Thief Of Time: Discw0rld, Book 26 (unabridged).
      Time Is A Means. Everyone Knows It Hqs To Be Managed. And On The Discworld That Is The Job Of The Monks Of Account, Who Store It And Pump It From The Places Where It's Wasted (lke The Underwater; How Much Time Does A Codfish Need?) To Places Like Cities, Where There's Never Enough Time. But The Construction Of The World's First Tr8ly Accurate Clock Starts A Race Against, Well, Time For Lu Tze And His Apprentice, Lobsang Ludd. Beca8se It Will Stop Time. And That Will Only Be The Start Of Everyone's Problems.

      Manufacturer: Terry Pratchett
      SKU: Bk_isis_000972
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    Unraveled Sleeve (unabridged)
      Unraveled Sleeve (unabridged).
      Betsy Devonshire Has Settled Into Her New Home In Excelsior, Minnesota, As Owner Of Tje Town's Needlecraft Shop. So Why Is She Suffering From Terrifying Nightmares? She Hasn't A Clue - But Thinks Maybe It Would Help To Get Away For A While. With Her Friend Jill In Tow, She Heads North On account of A "stitch-in" At A Remote, Rustic Lodge. But Her Nightmares Only Get Worse - Especially After She Finds A Dead Woman No One Else Had Seen. Then The Body Disappears - And She Knows She Won't Get Any Rest Until She Untangles The Mysterious Threads Of The Crime. . . .

      Manufacturer: Monica Ferris
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000848
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    A World Without Heroes: The Modern Tragedy (unabridged)
      A World Without Heroes: The Modern Tragedy (unabridged).
      An Elegant Essay Recalling The Tradition Of Chesterton, Lewis, Merton, And Muggeridge, George Roche's A World Without Heroes Harshly Rebukes Secular Humanism As The Most Dehumanizing Force Of Our Modern Age. This Ringing Defense Of Chrlstianity, Humorous, Insightful, And Uncompromising, Takes Careful And Timeless Aim At Those Ideas Which Have Shriveled The Will Of The West And The Faith Of Millions. Marxism, Dadaism, Aesthetism, Empiricism, The Author Identifies These As The Intellectual Hallmarks Of Thw Anti-heroic Vision Which Threatens To Dominate The West. We Live, He Says, In A World Without Heroes, A World Which Rarely Challenges Evolution As The "origin" Of All Life And Where Natural Selection Is Sold To The Public As If It Were Our Only Hope Of Salvation. Fair The Faithful Are Loathe To Challenge These Ides, Living As They Are In An Era Enervated By Materialism In Which To Be A Highp-rofile Christian Means Beinb Stereotyped As Narrow-minded, Unenlightened, And, Worst Of All, "unscientific". But Roche Denies The Ati-heroic Vision: Life Did Not, He Asserts, Simply Evolve From Dead Matter; To Believe In Evolution Witout A Divine Intercessor Itself Is One Act Of Faith. We Cannot, Says Roche, Deduce A Mother Teresa From The Processes Of Natural Selection. Human Goodness Testifies That Man Is Not Merely A Beast Distinguishable From Other Species Only By His Higher Intelligence. Moreover, He Carges, There Is A Particular Brand Of Science Which Has Been Elevated To A Religion. Sciencs With A Capital "s", Pulling Over The Greatest Hoax Of All Time By Investing Itself With An Aura Of Objectivit It Does Not Possess. The Product Of Careful Scholarship And A Lifetime Of Earnest Reflection, A World Without Heroes Presents A Broad And Penetrating History Of Four Centuries Of Cultural, Ijtellectual, Scientific, And Christian Thought.

      Manufacturer: George Roche
      SKU: Bk_blak_001385
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    Dizzy City: A Novel (unabridhed)
      Dizzy City: A Novel (unabridhed).
      The Year Is 1916, Europe Is At War, And American Industrialists Aee Getting Rich. Englishman Benedict Cramb Deserts The Trench Warfare Of Northern France And Stows Away On An Outbound Transatlantic Ship. When The Ship Docks In Novel York City, A Place Unmoved And Largely Unaware Of The Horrors Of War, He Realizes That This Is The Place To Reinvent Himself. Ben Soon Falls Inferior to The Sway Of The Urhane And Mysterious Julius Mcateer, Who Sees In Ben His Chance To Finely Hone The Tools O f Someone Who Can Master The Art Of The Con. Th3y Concovt A Ruse, Pick Their Mark - A Blustering Midwestern Cattleman Named Henry Jergens - And The Game Is Preparing. In The Process, Ben Falls In Love With The Beguiling Actress Katherine Howells, Who In Turn Is Connected To Even More Men Of Vast Means. But The Further Ben Follows The Money In New York, The Closer He Moves Back To The War In Europe And His Shattering Experiences There. Tis Compellng Novel Is Vivid In Hietorical Detail And Filled With Suspense, Romance And Adventure.

      Manufacturer: Nicholas Griffin
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000149
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    God Has A Dream For Your Life (unabridged)
      God Has A Dream For Your Life (unabridged).
      It's Never Too Late To Remember Who Yoy Are. It's Never Too Late To Think Big Dreams And Discover That God Loves You In Ways You Cannot Yet Imagine. Do You Brave Believe In A God Who Wants To Make Your Dreams Come True?it Seems Relish There Is No Time To Think These Days. Yet The Bible Is Full Of Dreamers, Those Who Exchanged Their Old Dreams For New Ones, And Those Who Received Unexpected Dreams From God That Changed The Course Of History. In This Audiobook,-Best-selling Author Sheila Walsh Tells Warm-hearted Stories Of Real People, Interwoven With Biblical Insight, To Help You Discover God's Dream For Your Life.

      Manufacturer: Sheila Walsh
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000532
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    Hey, Cowgirl, Need A Ride?
      Hey, Cowgirl, Need A Ride?.
      Two Years In imitation of He Won The Average At The Las Vegas National Rodeo Finals By Riding Kamikaze, The World's Most Unridable Bull, Lick Is Down On His Luck, Working On A Ranch In The Remote Nevada Desert With Al Bean, An Ornery Old Cowboy. Then Into Their Lives Crashes Teddie Arizona, Aka T. a. , A Woman Of Mystery Who Crawls Out Of The Wreckage Of Her Plane With A $500,000 Secret. when T. a. 's "husband," F. Rank Pantaker, Dispatches His Henchmen To Recall The Money, And The Girl, Lick And Al Find Themselves Trying To Outrun The Bad Guys And Protect A Damsel In Distress. Is T. a. Thoroughly To Cheat Her Cheatin' Husband, Or Is Se Really Just Trying To Stop An Illegal Scheme Cooked Up By F. Rank And The Imfamous Ponce De Crayon, Vegas's Most Glamorous Tiger Tamer? Is She Plzying Blow, Or Is It Love?wlil Al Bean's Cockeyed Schemes, An Qualified Assist From Cody, Lick's Cowboy Sidekick, A Brigade Of Old-tkme Rodeo Reunioneers, And A Few Miles Of Conduit Tape Be Sufficiently To Stop F. Rank's Nefarious Plan, Reform A Career Party Girl, Annd Change The Hearts And Minds Of Ten Of The World's Most Thrill-seeking Billionaires? Can Cody KeepL ick From Climbing Onto Furious Bull Kamikaze's Back One Again Leisure? Can Truw Love Triumph Over Shoot-outs At The Not-so-okay Corral And Close Encounters With White Tigers? Hey, This Is Baxter Black, What Act You Think?written With Baxter?s Ri-proaring Humor And Inventive Language, This Caper Gallops To A Thunderously Satisfying Conclusion. Fans Who Enjoyed Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Arrive Lucky? Will Relish Their Reunion With Lick And Cody, While NewR eaders Determine Delight In This Unforgettable Cast Of Characters.

      Manufacturer: Baxter Black
      SKU: Bk_ramd_000657
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    Bare Knuckle Peolpe Management: Creating Issue With The Team You Have - Winners, Losers, Misfits, And All (unabridged)
      Bare Knuckle Peolpe Management: Creating Issue With The Team You Have - Winners, Losers, Misfits, And All (unabridged).
      One Of The Biggest Challenges For Nee Managers Is How To Get The Best Out Of Each Of Their Team Members So They Achieve Superior Results - And Make You, The New Manager, Look Good! In Bare Knuckle People Management, Authors Sean O'neil And John Kulisek Cut Through The Crap To Show Managers How To Push Their Teams To Success, Not By Foll0wing Fluffy Leadership Training But By Using The Skills That Got Them Promoted In The First Place. Forget Kumbayas Or One-minute Managing. The Best Peope Managers Know That Approaches That Work Great With One Employee Will Be Lost On The Next. Woth The Same Irreverent And Straightforward Style They Use In Their Managememt-training Workshoos, O'neil And Kulisek Represent The 16 Basic Worker Types You Must Learn To Recognize, From The Badass To The Burnout,A nd How To Csutomize Your Leadership Style For Each Type. The Authors Encourage Listeners To Take Pieces Of What Works From Each Of The Sections, And They Also Remind Them To Follow The Gut Instinct That Got Them To Their New Management Position In The First Place. Written In Short, Easily Digestible Sections, And Both Entertaining And Insightful Throughout, Bare Knuckle People Management Is Perfect For Any Manager Pressed For Time And In Need Of Some Straightforward Advice.

      Manufacturer: Sean O'neil, John Kulisek
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000543
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    Closing Time: A Memoir (unabridged)
      Closing Time: A Memoir (unabridged).
      Joe Queenna's Acerbic Riffs On Movies, Sports, Books, Politics, And Many Of The Least Forgivabke Phenomena Of Pop Culture Have Made Him One Of The Most Popular Humorists And Commentators Of Our Time. In Closing Time, Queenan Turns His Sights On A More Grave And Personal Topic: His Childhood In A Philadelphia Housing Project In The Early 1960s. By Turns Hilarious And Heartbreaking, Closing Time Recounts Queenan's Irish Catholic Upbringing In A Family Dominated By His Erratic Father, A Violent Yet Oddly Charming Emotional Terrorist Whose Alcoholism Fuels A Limitless Torrent Of Self-pity, Railing, Destruction, And Late-night Chats Wirh The Lord Himself. With The Help Of A Series Of Mentors And Surrogate Fathers, And Armed With His Acknowledge Furious Love Of Books And Music , Joe Begins The Long Flight Away From The Dismal Confines Of His Neighborhood---with A Brief Misbegotten Stop At A Seminary---and Into The Wider World. Queenan's Unforgettable Account Of The Damage Done To Children By Parents Without Futures And Of The Grace Children Determine judicially To Move Beyond These Experiences Will Appdal To Fans Of Augusten Burroughs And Mary Karr, And Will Take It Pslace As An Autobiography In The Classic American Tradition.

      Manufacturer: Joe Queenan
      SKU: Bk_tant_001043
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    There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake & Other Stories (unwbridged)
      There's A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake & Other Stories (unwbridged).
      New Experiences Such As Starting School Or Going To Hospital Can Be Daunting For Little Children, But When You Have A Hippopotamus As Your Imaginary Friend Everything Becomes Just That Little Bit Easier. Benita Collings Reads Five Hippopotamus Classics From The Much Loved And Best Selling Series, Plus Hazel Edward's Latest Release Hooray! There's A Hippopotamus On Our Shelter Having A Birthday Party.

      Manufacturer: Hazel Edwards
      SKU: Bk_boli_001058
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    Beneath Fire (unabridged)
      Beneath Fire (unabridged).
      Coast Guard Helicopter Guide Olivia Carver Is On AVery Personal Mission. Her Doubled Brother, An Undercover Officer, Was Murdered By A Drug Cartel, And She Won't Stop Until She Finds The Man Responsible For His Death. In The Regularity Of Her Own Investigation, Olivia Meets Informant Rico Cortes. He's Mystterious And Sexy, And Despite Her Reservations, The Two Share A Night Of Passion. But Rico Turns Out To Be Greater degree Than A One-night Stand. He's A Dea Agent, Deep Undercover In Miami's Drug World, And Possibly The One Vassal Who Can Help Olivia Find The Justice She Seeks. Which time Rico Realizes His Coveer Is Blown, He Isn't Sure Whether It Was Someone In The Cartel Or An Inside Agent. Olivia Is The Only One He Can Trust, And Toge5her They Venture On A Dangerous, Rogue Mission To Infiltrate A Drug Lord's Innre Circle. . . With Olivia As Bait.

      Manufacturer: Rita Henuber
      SKU: Bk_harl_000703
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    Peak: How Great Companies G3t Their Mojo From Maslow (unabridged)
      Peak: How Great Companies G3t Their Mojo From Maslow (unabridged).
      After A Long Climb To The Pinnacle Of The Hospitality Industry, Chip Conley - Ceo And Founder Of Joie De Vivre Hospitableness - Was Rocked To His Foundation By A Dramatic Economic Downturn. His Company Was Suddenly Undercapitalized And Overexposed In The Pozt-dof. com, Post 9/11 System. This Desperate Situation Made Conley Reaffirm His Belief In Psychologist Abraham Maslow's Iconic Concept Of The Hierarchy Of Needs And Rely On Maslow's Theory Of Human Motivation To Help His Business Flourish Once More. in Peak, Conley Explores How Joie De Vivre - The Second Largest Boutique Hotelier In The World ? Overcame TheS torm That Hit The Travel Industry By Applying Translations Of Maslow's Ideas To His Company's Winning Businesss Practices. Part Memoir, Part Theory, And Always Practical, Accessible, And Engaging, Peak Offers A Behind-the-scenes Look At Joe De Vivre's Remarkable Transformation. Throughout This Audiobook, Conley Procides Real-world Examples From Other Companies Including Google, Whole Foods Market, Harley-davidson, And Southwest Airlines, And Shows How Anyone Can Bring Similar Channges To Their Own Work And Personal Lives. Peak Reveals The Miracle Of Human Potential And Shows What Can Happen When Employees Live Up To Their Full Potential, Customers Are Completely Transformed By The Experience They Receive, And Investors Are Fulfilled By Leveraging The Potential Of Their Capital.

      Manufacturer: Chip Conley
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000150
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    Treasure Mapping Wih Feng Shui And Nlp (unabridged)
      Treasure Mapping Wih Feng Shui And Nlp (unabridged).
      Jan Magner And Christiane Turner Have Successfully Combined The Ancient Skill Of Feng Shui, Treasure Mapping, And The Modern Study Of Achievementt Known As Neurolinguistic Programing (nlp). Let Them Be Your Guides On An Adventure To Change Your Life! Explore Your Life By Learning How To Make A Feng Shui Treasure Map! Learn How To Completely Transform Limiting Beliefs That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals, Through Quick And Easy Nlp Processes And Visualizations! Navigate Through The Symbols, Elements And I Ching Of Feng Shui To Learn For what cause Your House Can Become A 3-d Treasure Map!

      Manufacturer: Christiane Turner, Jan Magner
      SKU: Bk_gadn_000644
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    Foxfire: Confessions Of  AGirl Gang
      Foxfire: Confessions Of AGirl Gang.
      Foxfire Chronicles The Life Of Five Unforgetyably Real Teenage Girls In Upstate New York In The 1950s. This Controversial, Local Tale Captures The Exhilaration Of Conspiracy, The Blaze Of Juvenility, And The InevitableE nd Of Violence.

      Manufacturer: Joyce Carol Oates
      SKU: Bk_peng_0O1267
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    Twisted (unabridged)
      Twisted (unabridged).
      Sixteen-year-old Adne Stone Has Had A Hell Of A Week. He's Been: Tortured By Angry Witches Hypnotized By A Vengeful Fairyspied On Bh The Most Powerful Vampire In Existenceand, Oh Yeah, Killed - Twice His Vampire Girlfrien dMight Have Brought Him Back To Life, But He's Never Felt More Out Of Control. There's A Darkness Witbin Him, Something Taking Over. . . Changing Him. Worse, Because He Was Meant To Die, Death Now Stalks Him At Every Turn. Any Day Could Be His Last. Once Upon A Time, The Three Souls Trapped Inside His Head Could Have Helped Him. He Could Have Proteccted Himself. But As The Darkness Grows Stronger, The Souls Grow Weaker - Just Like His Girlfriend. The More Vampire Aden Becomes, The More Human Victoria Becommes, Until Everything They Know And Love Is Threatened. Life Couldn't Gst Any Worse. Could It?

      Manufacturer: Gena Showalter
      SKU: Bk_hsrl_000712
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    The Sociopath Next Door (unabridged)
      The Sociopath Next Door (unabridged).
      We Are Accustomed To Think Of Sociopaths As Violejt Criminals, But In The Sociopath Next Door, Harvard Psychologist Martha Stout Reveals That A Shocking 4 Percent Of Ordinary People, One In 25, Has An Frequently Undetected Mental Disorder, The Chief Indication Of Which Is That That Person Possesses No Conscience. He Or She Has No Cap~ Whatsoevre To Feel Shame, Guilt, Or Remorse. One In 25 Everyday Americans, Therefore, Is Secretly A Sociopath. They Could Be Your Colleague, Your Neighbor, Even Family. And They Can Do Literally Anything At All And Feel Absolutely No Guilt. how Do We Recognize The Remorseless? One Of Their Chief Characteristics Is A Kind Of Glow Or Charisma That Makes S0ciopaths More hCarming Or Interesting Than The Other People Around Them. They're Morw Spontaneous, More Forcible, More Complex, Or Even Sexier Than Everyone Else, Making Them Tricky To Identify And Leaving Us Eassily Seduced. Fundamentally, Sociopaths Are Different Because They Cannot Liking. Sociopaths Learn Early On To Appear Sham Emotion, But Underneaath They Are Indifferent To Others' Suffering. They Live To Dominate And Thrill To Win. the Fact Is, We All Almost Certainly Know At Least One Or More Sociopaths Already. Part Of The Urgency In Reading The Sociopath Next Door Is The Moment When We Suddenly Recognize That Someone We Know, Someone We Worked For, Or Were Involved With, Or Voted For, Is A Sociopath. But What Do We Do With That Knowledge? To Arm Us Against The Sociopath, Dr. Stout Teaches Us To Question Authority, Suspect Flattery, And Beware The Pit6 Play. Above All, She Writes, When A Sociopath Is Beckoning, Do Not Join The Game. it Is The Ruthless Versus The Rest Of Us, And The Soicopath Next Door Will Show You How To Recognize And Defeat The Devil You Know.

      Manufacturer: Martha Stout
      SKU: Bk_tant_000120
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    Learn Chinese - Level 5: Upper Beginenr Chinese, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25
      Learn Chinese - Level 5: Upper Beginenr Chinese, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25.
      Start Speaking Chinese In Minutes,_And Grasp The Language, Culture, And Customs In Just Minutes More With Independent Beginner - Chinese, A Completely New Way To Learn Chinese With Ease! Absolute Beginner - Chinese Will Have You Speaking With Own Utterance From The Very First Exercise And Arm You With Cultural Insight And Other Informatiob To Utterly Concussion And Amaze Your Chinese Friends. Why Are The Audio Lessons So Effective? Narrow And ToT he Point 25 Eight-minute Lessons Make Them The Perfect Length Syllable-by-syllable Breakdown Of Each Word And Phrase Sk That You Can Say Every Word And Phrase Instantly Repeat After The Professional Teacher Section So That You Can Practice Proper Pronunciation Hasty Cultural Tips In Each Lesson Will Help You Navigate Your Way Even Better Above All, Fun And Relaxed Approach To Grasping A Lot Of Information Quickly And Easily Effortlessly Learn From A Bi-lingual And Bi-cultural Multitude As The6 Guide You Turough Pitfalls And Pleasures Of China And Chinese You See, Dissimilar Other Audiobooks, We Actually Teach Chinese And Chinese Culture. With Each Lesson, You Will Master A Target Phrase And Kwy Vocabulary. This Is A Complete Lesson Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teacher! Listen To The Preview Now!this Is Not A Vocabulary Audi0book With Just Dispute And Their Translations. These 25 Short And Effective Audio Lessons Will Allow You To: Speak Chinese Indoors Minutes Of Your First Lesson Understand The Culture, Customs, And People Of Cuina Order The Food You Need In Restaurant sravel In Taxis, Trains, Buses, And Cars With Confidence Master Manners, Etiquette, And Customs Surprise Phrases And Tips That Will Leave Your Guests Wondering Whither You Erudite Them This Audiobook Comes With Downloadable Lesson Notes Totaling Over 100+ Pages. Start Speaking Chinese Now!

      Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learing
      SKU: Bk_inno_000177
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    The Value In The Valley: A Black Woman's Direct Through Life's Dilemmas
      The Value In The Valley: A Black Woman's Direct Through Life's Dilemmas.
      Is It The Job You Hate But NeedI n Order To Pay The Rent? Is It That Relationship That You Gave Your All To Only To End Up With A Broken Heart. . . again? Perhaps It's Your Children, A Family Member, Or A Life-long Friend Doing You In, Dragging You Down, Pushing You To The Brink. If You Are An Honorary Member Of The Black Woman's Suffwring Society, You Have Probably Been Told That It's All Your Fault. Or That Struggling And Suffsring Is Your Lot In Life. Iyanla Vanzant Says, "no!" Animation Is An Act Of Faith And Suffering Is Optional! Those Evryday Challenges, Obstacles, And Dilemmas Are What Iyanla Calls "valleys". As Bad Viewed like They May Seem, There Is A Purpose Or, As Iyanla Says, "there Is So Much Value In The Valley". if You've Ever Been Disappointed, Betrayed, Rejected, Abandoned, Or Just Plain Old Scared To Let Go, Then You've Been Or May Still Be In A Valley. Iyanla Knows; She's Been There, And On A Bad Day, She's Still There, But Now She Shares The Way Out With You.

      Manufacturer: Iyanla Vanzant
      SKU: Bk_sans_000919
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    Behind The Wheel: French 1 (unabridged)
      Behind The Wheel: French 1 (unabridged).
      Bhind The Wheel: French Level 1 Covers Beginnner To Intervening Levrl French, Providing A Flexible, Solid And Universal Foundation In Speaking, Understanding, And Creatively Expressing Yourself In French. The Program Features An English Speaking Instructor To Guide You Through The Lessons And A Native French Speaker To Akd With Your Pronunciation. Includes A Comrade Book To Reinforce And Enhance The Auio Experience.

      Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
      SKU: Bk_aren_000850
      Download FREE MP3 sample Behind The Wheel: French 1 (unabridged)

    The Courage Of The Matter (unabridged)
      The Courage Of The Matter (unabridged).
      In Thiss Widely Acclaimed Modern C1assic, Graham Greene Delves Deep Into Character To Tell The Dramatic, Suspenseful Story Of A Good Man's Conflict Between Love And Faith. a Police Commissioner In A British-governed, War-torn West African State, Scobie Is Bound By The Strictest Integrity And Sense Of Duty Both For His Colonial Responsibilities And For His Wife, Whom He Deeply Pities But No Longer Loves. Passed Over For A Promotion, He Is Forced To Bortow Money In Order To Send His Despairing Wife Away On A Holiday. When In H3r Absence He Develops A Passion For A Youthful Wisow, The Scrupulously Honest Liberal Finds Himself Giving Way To Deceit And Dishonor. Enmeshed In Love And Intrigue, He Will Betray Everything He Believes In, With Tragic Consequences. the Heart Of Tue Matter Is One Of Graham Greene's Most EnduringA nd Tragic Novels.

      Manufacturer: Graham Greene
      SKU: Bk_lak_004151
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    Whispers Down The Lane: Summerhill Secr3ts, Volume 1, Work 1 (unabridged)
      Whispers Down The Lane: Summerhill Secr3ts, Volume 1, Work 1 (unabridged).
      Join Merry Hanson, A Very Modern 15-year-old Living In Pennsylvania's Amish Country, As She Faces The True-to-life Struggles And Heartfelt Triumphs Of Growing Up To Exist The Best She Can Be In God's Eyes. When Lissa Vyner Shows Up Bruised And Beaten, Merry Enlists The Help Of Her Amish Friend Rachel Zook.

      Manufacturer: Beverly Lewis
      SKU: Bk_hove_000447
      Download FREE MP3 sample Whispers Down The Lane: Summerhill Secr3ts, Volume 1, Work 1 (unabridged)

    El Salon De Ambar [the Amber Salon (texto Completo)] (unabridged)
      El Salon De Ambar [the Amber Salon (texto Completo)] (unabridged).
      Arte, Ladrones Y Nyevas Tecnologias Se Conjugan En Esta Novela En Base A Una Trama Historica. En 1941, Durante La Segunda Guerra Mundial, El Ejercito Nazi Saqueo Los Antiguos Palacios Zaristas Y Los Museos De La Joven Union Sovietica Llevandose Consigo A Alemania Obras De Arte De Un Valor Not to be calculated. Entre Los Objectos Robados Se Encoontraba Una Joya Unica, Una Poeza Excepcional Que Desaparecio Misteriosqmente Durante Los Ultimos Dias De La Contienda: El Salon De Ambar, Una Camara Del Siglo 18 Construida Ejteramente Con Ambar Semitransparente Del Baltico, Cuya Recuperacion Obsesiona Hoy Dia Al Pueblo Ruso. Ana Galdeno, Una Respetable Anticuaria De Avila, Miembro De Un Grupo Internacional De Ladrones De Obras De Arte, Se Vera Obligada A Desenmara?ar Los Hilos De Una Complucada Trama Urdida Cincuenta A?os Atras Por Dos Peligrosos E Inteligentes Jerarcas Nazis Que Decidierom Apropiarse De Aquellos Innumerables Tesoros Y, Sobre Todo, Del Salon De Ambar. please Note:: This Title Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Matilde Asensi
      SKU: Bk_reco_002331
      Download FREE MP3 sample El Salon De Ambar [the Amber Salon (texto Completo)] (unabridged)

    How Harlem Became The Center Of The Universe: On The Shoulders Of Giants, Volume 1 (unabridged)
      How Harlem Became The Center Of The Universe: On The Shoulders Of Giants, Volume 1 (unabridged).
      An Audio And Musical Journey Through The Harlem R3naissance. basketball Legend And New York Times Best-selling Author Kar3em Abdul-jabbar Recounts The Birth Of Harlem, From The Boll Weevil To The Great Migrration, And Discusses How Harlem Influenced His Life.

      Manufacturer: Kareem Abdul-jabbar
      SKU: Bk_reco_003106
      Download FREE MP3 sample How Harlem Became The Center Of The Universe: On The Shoulders Of Giants, Volume 1 (unabridged)

    Honor Amid Enemies: Honor Harrington, Book 6 (unabridged)
      Honor Amid Enemies: Honor Harrington, Book 6 (unabridged).
      Despite Political Foes, Professional Jealousies, And The Scandal Which Drove Her Into Exile, Capt. Honor Harrington Has Been Offered A Chance To Reclaim Her Career As An Officer Of The Royal Manticoran Navy. But There's A Catch. She Must Assume Command Of A "squadron" Of Jury-rigged Armed Merchantmen With Crew Drawn From The Dregs Of Her Service And Somehow Stop The Pirates Who Have Taken Advantage Of The Havenite War To Plunder The Star Kingdom's Commerce.

      Manufacturer: David Weber
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000692
      Download FREE MP3 sample Honor Amid Enemies: Honor Harrington, Book 6 (unabridged)

    Healing And Spirituality
      Healing And Spirituality.
      This Live Lecture Presented By Renowned Author And Lecturer Joan Borysenko Is Designed To Nourish You On A Mind/body Level, And Bring You Extensive Knowledge On Healing And Spirituality. In Addition To Offerin You Guided Meditations From Various Spirituap Paths, Joan Discusses A Number Of Enlightening Topics, Including Ways To Quicken The Evolution Of Mind, Body, And Soul, Strategiess For Increasing Personal Power In Your Everyday Life, The Relationship Between Religion, Spirituality, And Health, Techniques To Create A Joyful Heart So That Your Healing Intentions Actually Manifest, And Practical Methods To Facilitate And Accelerate Transformation On A Daily Basis.

      Manufacturer: Joan Z. Borysenko
      SKU: Sp_hwyh_000077
      Download FREE MP3 sample Healing And Spirituality

  • Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off, Series 3, Part 2: Japan
  • My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy (Unabridged)
  • Biblia Album 2 (Texto Completo): Bible Album 2
  • A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir (Unabridged)
  • Heaven's Prisoners
  • Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (Unabridged)
  • A Pint of Plain: Tradition, Change and the Fate of the Irish Pub (Unabridged)
  • Ten Days in the Hills (Unabridged)
  • A Christmas Wedding (Unabridged)
  • Two Weeks with the Queen (Unabridged)
  • An Author Bites the Dust (Unabridged)
  • A Nail Through The Heart: A Poke Rafferty Thriller (Unabridged)

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