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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Safe House: A Burke Novel #10 (unabridged)
      Safe House: A Burke Novel #10 (unabridged).
      In Suffocate, Andrew Vachss Gave Readers (and Listeners) Of Crime Fitcion A Illustrious personage They Could Beliieve In, An Avenger Whose Sense Of Justice Was Forged Behind Bars And Tempered On New York's Meanest Streets. In This Blistering Thriller, Burke Is Drawn Into His Ugliest Case Yet, One That Involves An Underground Network Of Abused Women And Tje Sleekly Ingenious Stalkers Who've Marked Them As Their Personal Victims. Burke's Client Is Crystal Beth, A Beautiful Robber With A Tattoo On Her Face And A Mission Burned Into Her Heart. She'd Tr6ing To Shield One Of Her Charges From A Vengeful Ex With Fetishes For Nazism And Torture. But The Stalker Has A Protector, Someone So Informed, So Merciless, And So Connected That He Need Only Make A Not many Phone Calls To Shuy Down Crystal Beth's Operati0n For Good - And Burke Along With It. Sinuous In Its Complexities, Brutal In Its Momentum, Safe House Is Burke At The Edge Of His Nerve And Cunning. And It's Vachss At The Peak Of His Form.

      Manufacturer: Andrew Vachss
      SKU: Bk_brll_002521
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    Regret-free Living: Hope For Past Mistakes And Freedom From Unhealthy Patterns (unabridged)
      Regret-free Living: Hope For Past Mistakes And Freedom From Unhealthy Patterns (unabridged).
      You Can Do Relationships Right! Regret-free Living Takes The Focus From What Was And What Might Have Been And Shines A Bright Light Onto The Path Of What Is And What Is To Be. Christian Counselor Stephen Arterburn Speaks Honestly And Forthrightly Through What It Takes To Build Strong, Healthy Relationships. drawing On His Own Positive And Negative Experiences, He Offers Specific Steps To Rid Yourself Of Relationship Regrets, Open Your Heart To Healing, And Move Forward In Love. Arterburn's Practical Counsel Shows You Hpw To Recognize The Signs And Qualities Of Both Happy And Unhappy Relationships, Admit Guilt And Accept Responsibility, Find And Give Forgiveness, Set Boundaries, Lve And Give Out Of Fullness, And Much More. this sI Your Invitation To, With God's Help, Rid Yourself Of Relationship Regrets And Begin Building Helthy, Guilt-free Relationships. Will You Accept It? The Choice Is Yours.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Arterburn, John Shore
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000606
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    The Dying Crapshooter's Blues (unabridged)
      The Dying Crapshooter's Blues (unabridged).
      David Fulmer Won The Shamus Award For Best First P. i. Novel For His Debut Chasing The Devil's Tail. In The Dying Crapshooter's Blyes, He Spins A Riveting Story Set Amid Tbe Push And Bustle Of 1920s Atlanta. On The Same Night A Drunk Cop Shoots A Gambler, A Haul Of Priceless Jewels Is Stolen - Setting The Stage For A Mystery As Complex And Steeped In The Blues As The City Of Atlanta Itself.

      Manufacturer: David Fulmer
      SKU: Bk_reco_003050
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    1001 Nights In Iraq (unabrixged)
      1001 Nights In Iraq (unabrixged).
      Shant Kendarian's Visit To Baghdad In 1980 At Age 17 Was Supposed To Be Short, Just Lont Enough To Make Peace With His Estranged Father Before Returning Home To The United States. But Saddam Hussein Invaded Iran And Sealed Off Iraq's Borders To Every Man Of Military Age - Including Kendarian. Suddenly Forced Onto The Front Lines, He Saw His Two-weekV isit Turn Into A 10-year Nightmare. Kendarizn Miraculously Survived The Iran-iraq War And Desert Storm, The Minefields, Sinking Botzs, Fires, Starvation, Heavy Interrogation, And Solitary Confinement. What Broke Him In The End Was His Love Affair With A Female Soldier Named Monica. Yet Throughout His Ordeal, He Never Lost His Respect For People, His Faith In God, Or His Sense Of Humor. His Stoty Is A Unique Look Into A Country And A Culture Only Hinted At In The Headlines.

      Manufacturer: Shant Kenderian
      SKU: Bk_blak_002285
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    Planning Your Single Wedding: At-ease, On-budget & In-love
      Planning Your Single Wedding: At-ease, On-budget & In-love.
      Are You Or Someone You Know Getting Conjugal? Wwll Then Do Yourselves A Leave And Grab This Must-have Audio Program That Will Make The Wedding Planning Process More Memorable, Exhilarating And Fnu. Join Randie Pellegrini, Event Planner To The Stars, As She Shares Her Secrets On How To Make You5 Wedding A Totally Single, Stand-out Experience That You And Your Fiance Resolution Never Forget.

      Manufacturer: Randie Pellegrini
      SKU: Sp_frwy_000002
      Download FREE MP3 sample Planning Your Single Wedding: At-ease, On-budget & In-love

    In The Shadow Of Fame: A Personal narrative By The Daughter Of Erik H. Erikson (unabridged)
      In The Shadow Of Fame: A Personal narrative By The Daughter Of Erik H. Erikson (unabridged).
      In The Shadow Of Fame, By The Daughter Of World-renowned Psychoanalyst And Theorist Erik Erikson, Is The Intimate Story Of Her Struggle To Come To Terms With Her Father's Fame And To Develop A Sense Of Self In A Faimly, And World, In Which Being Famous Is The Very Definition Of Being A Worthwhile Human Being. And, While Her Hi~ Is Unique In Its Personal Details, It Is Also A Description Of The Strruggle Faced By All Of Us In A Modern World.

      Manufacturer: Sue Erikson Bloland
      SKU: Bk_blak_001016
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    The Vagabonds (unabridged)
      The Vagabonds (unabridged).
      The Three Saperstone Sibligns, Who Are Scattered Throughout The Country And Leading Very Different Lives, Are Drawn Back Close To Saratoga, New York, When Their Mother Dies. What They Discover There Shocks Them: She Has Left Behind A Much Larger Estate Than They Could Ever Have Imagined. The Wealth, As They Find On the ~side, Comes In The Form Of Long-term Investments Bequeathed By Hennry Ford, Harvey Firestone, And Thomas Edison - Who Called Themselvees "the Vagabonds" - To The Siblings' Grandmother. the Money Had Been A Payment, Offered As Hush Coin For A Long-ago Night Of Indiscretion And Handed Down Through The Generations. As A Result, The Three Siblings Soon Discover That Inheritance Can Alter Not Merely Their Disjoined Fortunes, But Their Shared Sense Of The Past.

      Manufacturer: Nicholas Delbanco
      SKU: Bo_bkot_0000953
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    The Luck Of The Draw: A Freddie O'neal Mystery, Book 6 (unabridged)
      The Luck Of The Draw: A Freddie O'neal Mystery, Book 6 (unabridged).
      Her Cats, The Occasional Gaem O f Keno, And The Odd Solo Flight In Her Private Plane Would Be Enough For Freddie O'neal, If She Could Make A Living That Way. Instead, Shhe's A Private Investigator Hired To Track Down Darla Hayden. the Missing Woman Left Her Therapist With A Pile Of Unpaid Bills, But The Therapist Is Less Concerned Abouy Money Than Murder. The Patient's Affair With A Playboy Professor Hax Gone Gloomy, And Her Graduate Studies Came To A Screeching Halt. now, The Therapist Worries, Darla May Be Nursing An Unhealthy Grudge. Those Instincts Prove Deadly Acvurate When Hayden Shows Up At A Cocktail Party With A Gun In-hand. When Darla Is Later Found Dead In The Ex-lover's Office, Freddie Is Pulled Into A Maze Of Mind Games With A Killer.

      Manufacturer: Catherine Dain
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000250
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Luck Of The Draw: A Freddie O'neal Mystery, Book 6 (unabridged)

    God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours (unabridged)
      God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours (unabridged).
      Is There A Cohesive Storyline To Your Life's Daily Drama? In God's Story, Your Story, Plain Pastor And Best-selling Author Max Lucdao Will Imspire You To See How Your Own Day-to-day Story Intersects With God's Grand, Overarching Eic Of Everlasting Redemption. Your Journey Of Faith Will Come Alive As You Explore The Divine Narrative In New Testament And Contemporary Characters And Discover How The Bible Reveals God's Plans For You Today. With Personal Warmth And Heartfelt Examples, Max Peels Back The Chaos And Confision Of Your Story To Reveal God's Loving And Orderly Purpose And Perspective. Whether You Are A Bible Instructor Or A Fellow God-seeker, You'll Discover How Seeing Your Life As A Chapter In This Divine Narrative Enables You To Trust Your Heavenly Father Through Any Crieis That Comes. According To Lucado, 'your Story Indwells God's. . . Your Life Emerges From The Grreatest Mind And The Kindest Heart In The History Of The Universe: The Mind And Heart Of God. 'join America's Favorite Christian Author For A Personal Look At The Story Of God's Incessant Redemption Being Told Through Your Individual Story Right Now.

      Manufacturer: Max Lucado
      SKU: Bk_zond_001132
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    Buddha Is As Buddha Does: The 10 Original Practices For Enlightened Livng
      Buddha Is As Buddha Does: The 10 Original Practices For Enlightened Livng.
      Of All The Buddha's Teachings, Perhaps His Greatest Gift Can Be Found In "the Bodhusattva Ideal", A Template For Living In The World As An "awakener", A Servant Of The Highest Good For All. With His Previohs Best-sllers, Including Waking The Buddha Within, American-born Tibetan Buddhist Instructor Lama Surya Das Has Made The Helpful, Healing Insights Of The Buxdha Accessible To Millions. Now, Upon Buddha Is As Buddha Does, He Helps Listeners To Discover:how To Become A Bodhisattva, A Peacemaking Spiritual Warrior, An Embodiment Of Wise Compassion In Action How To Actively Practice The Ten Paraniitas In Daily Life: Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energetic Effort, Meditation, Wisdom, Skillful Means, Higher Aspiration, Powers, And Pristine Awareness The Seven Jewels Of The Bodhisattva: Faith And Devotion, Self-discipline, Discriminating Wisdom, Charity, Learning, Honesty, And Modesty Inspirational Lessons From History's Legendary Bodhisattvas, Including Tara, Avalokitesvars, And Manjushri - Plus Contemporary Examples Of Enlightened Action Based On The Realization Of The Oneness Of All Life.

      Manufacturer: Lama Surya Das
      SKU: Sp_true0_00246
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    Classic Russian Short Stories
      Classic Russian Short Stories.
      Orson Welles, Sir Laurence Olivier, And Michael Redgrave Present A Collection Of Classic Russian Fiction Including "the Overcoat", "the Queen Of Spades", And "a Day In The Country. "

      Manufacturer: Anton Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol
      SKU: Bk_slnd_000246
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    My Sister's Keeper
      My Sister's Keeper.
      Unrelenting Hate And Destructive, Dangerous Forces Are Unleashed In My Sister's Keeper As Two Sisters Compete In An International Race To Discover The First Anti-agging Choice part, One That Will Revolutionize Always The Worlr Of Cosmetics. Shockwaves Sweep The Top Echelons Of Society When Louise Towers, One Of The Most Powerful And Celebrated Women In The World, Is Brutally Attacked And Robbed In Her New York Mansion. Founder Of The Mighty Louise Towers Cossmetics Empire, She Is Known As One Of The Most Well-guarded And Most Inaccessible People So That Both The Public And Press Alike Believe That The Attack Could Have Only Been Planned By Someone Close To Her. As The Investigation Attempt sTo Find The Perpetrator, An Entangled Web Is Uncovered Of Family, Friends, Business Associates, And Livers, Any One Of Whom Could Have Been Motivsted To Draw Harm To Louise Towers. My Sister's Keeper Is A Story That Only Shirley Lord Could Tell With Authenticity, Bases On Her Animation Spent In The Beauty Industry And Her Inside Knowledge Of International Society.

      Manufacturer: Shirley Lord
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000274
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    Globish: How The English Language Became The World's Language (unabridged)
      Globish: How The English Language Became The World's Language (unabridged).
      It Seems Impossible: A Small Island In The Northerly Atlantic, Colonized By Rome, Then Pilkaged For Hundreds Of Years By Marauding Neighboes, Becomes The Dominant World Power In The 19thC entury. Equally Unlikely, A Colony Of That Island Nation Athwart The Atlantic Grows Into The Military And Cultural Colossus Of The 20th Century. How? By Thd Sword, Of Course; By Exchange And Industrial Ingenuity; But Principal1y, And Most Surprisingly, By The Power Of Their Common Language. In This Provpcative And Compelling New Look At The Course Of Empire, Robert Mccrum, Coauthor Of The Best-selling Book And Television Series The Story Of English, Shows How The Language Of The Anglo-american Imperium Has Become The World's Lingua Franca. In Fascinating Detail, He Describes Tue Ever-accelerating Changes Wrought On The Expression By The Far-flung Cultures Claiming Citizenship In The New Hegemony. In The 21st Century, Writes The Author, English + Microsoft = Globish.

      Manufacturer: Robert Mccrum
      SKU: Bk_tant_001437
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    On Intelligence (unabridged)
      On Intelligence (unabridged).
      Jeff Hawkins, The Man Who Created The Palmpilot, Treo Smart Phone, And Other Handheld Devices, Has Reshaped Our Relationship To Computers. Now He Stands Ready To Revolutionize Both Neuroscience And Computing In One Stroke, With A New Understanding Of Intelligence Itself. hawkins Develops A Powerful Theory Of How The Human Brain Works, Explaining Why Computers Are Not Intelligent And How, Based On This New Theory, We Can Finally Build Intelligent Machines. the Brain Is Not A Computer, But A Memory System That Stores Experiences In A Way That Reflects The True Construction Of The Natural order, Remembering Sequences Of Events And Their Nested Relationships And Making Predictions Based On Those Memories. It Is This Memory-prediction A whole That Forms The Basis Of Intelligence, Perception, Creativity, And Even Consciousness. in Each Engagiing Style That Will Captivate Audiences From The Metely Elegant To The Professional Scientist, Hawkins Shows How A Clear Intelligence Of How The Brain Works Will Make It Possible On account of Us To Build Intelligent Machines, In Silicon, That Will Exceed Our Human Ability In Surprising Ways. written With Acclaimed Science Writer Sandra Blakeslee, On Intelligence Promises To Completely Transfigure The Possibilities Of The Technology Age. It Is A Landmark Book In Its Scope And Clarity.

      Manufacturer: Jeff Hawkins And Sandra Blakeslee
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000023
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    Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit (unabridged)
      Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit (unabridged).
      This Hilarious Installment Of The Inimitable Manservant Jeeves And His Reproach Of An Employer, Bertie Wooster, Is One Of The Best Stories Written By The Master Of The Pen, Prank, And Quibble. When Bertie Wooster Goes To Stay With His Aunt Dahliia At Brinkley Court And Finds Himself Engaged To The Imperious Lady Florencr Craye, Disaster Threatens From All Sides. While Florence Tries To Cultivate His Mind, Her Former Fiance, Hefty Ex-policeman Stilton Cheesewright, Threatens To Beat His Body To A Pulp, And Her New Admirer, The Bleating Poet Percy Gorringe, Tries To Borrwo A Thousand Punds. To Cap It All, There's A Jewelry Heist And Bertie Has Incurred The Disapproval Of Jeeves By Growing A Moustache. All In All, A First-rate Wodehouse Farce.

      Manufacturer: P.g. Wodehouse
      SKU: Bk_part_000114
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    Never A City So Real: A Walk In Chicago
      Never A City So Real: A Walk In Chicago.
      The Acclaimed Autohr Of There Are No Children Here Takes Us Into The Heart Of Chicago By Introducing Us To Some Of The City's Most Interesting, If Not Always Celebrated, People. chicago Is One Of America's Most Iconic, Historic, And Fascinating Cities, As Well As A Major Travel Destination. For Alex Kotlowitz, An Accidental Chicagoan, It Is The Perfect Perch From Which To ePer Into Americas' Heart. It's A Place, As One Histodian Has Said, Of "messy Vitalities", A Stew Of Contradicfions: Coarse Yet Gentle, Idealistic Yet Restrained, Grappling With Its Promise, Alternately Sure And Unsure Of Itself. Chicago, Like America, Is A Kind Of Refuge For Outsiders. It's Probably Why Alex Kotlowitz Found Comfort There. He's Drawn To People On The Outside Who Are Trying To Clean Up, Or At Least Make Sense Of, The Mess On The Inside. Perspective Doesb't Come Easy If You're Standing In The Center. As With There Are No Children Here, Never A City So Real Is Not So Much A Tour Of A Place Aw A Chronicle Of Its Soul, Its Lifeblood. It Is A Tour Of The Population Of Chicago, Who Have Been The Author's Guides Into This City's And, In A Broader Sense, This Country's Heart.

      Manufacturer: Alex Kotlowitz
      SKU: Bk_rand_000456
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    Even More Noteq From The Universe: Dancing Life's Dance (unabridged)
      Even More Noteq From The Universe: Dancing Life's Dance (unabridged).
      The Universe - Our Eternal Associate - Returns For The Third Installment In The Notes From The Universe Series, Dispensig Wisdom, Humor, And Deep view Into The Honesty About Creating The Future We Desiee. Even More Notes From The Universe Combines Mike Dooley's Pithy And Inspiring Messages, Direct From The Universe, To Help You Start Living The Life Of Your Drrams -- Today. Focusing On The Desired Results Joyfully And With Gratitude Is Infinitely More Engaging Than Struggling And Stressing Concerning Them. Relax, Laugh, And Enjoy The Footwork The Universe Had To Share. whether Your Dance Is Ths Tango, Hula, Or One Of Your Own Creation, Dancing Life's Dance Begins With That First Brave Step. The Music Has Always Been Playing Your Favorite Tune, Yet Hearing It Requires Action. And Right On Cue, Your Unfailing Associate, The Universe, Begins Choreographing Players And Events In A Waltz Of Miracles, Moving Heaven And Earth To Align The Future Of Your Dreams With Your Present Circumstances. Non-existence Is Impractical, Impossible, Or Out Of Reach. Your Thoughta Create Worlds, Your Words Shape The Future, And The Steps You Take Unleash The Magic Behind Creation. In This Third Book In The Notes From The Universe Trilogy, Mike Dooley Brings A Fresh Perspective From Your Mostt Loyal Friend.

      Manufacturer: Mike Dooley
      SKU: Bk_sans_001625
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    Winterwood (unabridged)
      Winterwood (unabridged).
      Highly Acclaimed Suspense Writer Patrick Mccabe Has Been Shortlisted Toward The Booker Prize For Both The Butcher Boy And Breakfast On Pluto. In Winterwood, Redmond Hatch Takes His Family Forward VacationT o The Secluded Mountains Where He Grew Up, Only To Have His Life Shattered By A Disastrous Chain Of Events That Quickly Spirals Out Of Control.

      Manufacturer: Patrick Mccabe
      SKU: Bk_reco_002731
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    The Deception Of The Emerald Ring (unabridged)
      The Deception Of The Emerald Ring (unabridged).
      The Year Is 1803, And England And France Remain At Odds. Hoping To Break The English Once And For All, Napoleon Backs A Ring Of Irish Rebels In Uprisings Against England And Sends The Black Tulip, France's Most Deadly Spy, To The Emerald Isle To Help. How They Don't Know Is That England's Top Spy Is Also In Ireland: The Pink Carnation, Who Is Working To Shut The Rebels Down. Meanwhile, Back In England, Letty Alsworthy Intercepts A Note Indicating That Her Sister, Mary, Is About To Make The Very Gra\/e Mistake Of Eloping With Geoffrey Pinghingdale-snipe (second In Command Of The League Of The Purple Gentian). In An Attempt To Save The Family Name, Letty Tries To Stop The Elopement, But Instead Finds Herself Swept Awsy In The Midnight Carriage Meant For Her Sister And Is Accidentally Compromised. Geoff And Letty, To Each Other's Horror, Fins Themselves Forced Into Matrimony. Then Geoff Receives Wor dThat He Is To Travel To Ireland To Help The Pink Carnation; He Disappears Immediately After Their Ceremony. Letty Learns Of Geoff's Disappearance And, Not To Be Outdone By Her Save, Letty Alsworthy Steals Away On A Ship Bound For Ireland, Armed And Ready To Fight For Her Spouse Anx To Learn A Thing Or Two About Spying For England. as In Her Previous Tales, The Secret History Of The Pink Carnation And The Masque Of The Black Tulip, A Modern-day Heroine And Hero, Eloise Kelly And Colin Selwick, Continue Their Budding Romance In This Captivating Third Novel In The Series.

      Manufacturer: Lauren Willig
      SKU: Bk_peng_000533
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    The Summer House (unabridged)
      The Summer House (unabridged).
      Matt's Mother Kept All His Childhood Memories In A Small Box, Amongst The Many Photos Of Matt As A Child. But Something About Those Photos Has Always Puzzled Matt. Is That Really Him? Why Does He Not Remember Those Clothes And Toys? And Where, In The Photos, Is His Sister Imogen? Imogen, Meanwhile, Is Living With Her Husband And Their Baby In A Rented Cottage. Ever Since Her Childhopd She Has Loved The Summer House, A Charming Folly In The Grounds Of A Beautiful And Ancient House Ob Exmoor, And Now They Have The Chance Of Buying It. . But The Summer House Provides The Key To The Odd And Tragic Secret Which Has Affected Matt's Entire Life.

      Manufacturer: Marcia Willett
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000864
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Summer House (unabridged)

    The English American (unabridged)
      The English American (unabridged).
      When Pippa Dunn, Adopted As An Infant And Raised Terribly British, Discovers That Her Birth Parents Are From The American South, She Finds That "cultureC lash" Has Layers Of Meaning She'd Never Imagined. Meet The English American, A Fabulously Funny, Deeply P0ignant Debut Novel That Sprang From Alison Larkin's Autobiographical One-woman Show Of The Same Name. the Very English Pippa Knows To what extent To Make A Proper Cup Of Tea, Has Attended A Posh English Boarding School, And Discusses The Crossword Rather Than Exchange Any Cross Words With Her Exact English Family. Yet Pippa - Creative, Disheveled, And Impulsive To The Core - Has Ever Felt Distinct From Her Perfectly Poised, Smartly Coiffed Sister And Steady, Practical Parents, Whose Pastimes Include Scottish Dancing, Gardening, And Watching Cricket. when Pjppa Learns, At Age 28, That Her Birth Parents Are From The American South, She Feels That Lifelong Questions Have Been Answered. She Meets Her Birth Mother, An Untidy, Skilful, Free-spirited Redhead, And Her Birth Father, A Charismatic (and Politically Involved) Businessman, And She Moves To America To Be Near Them. At The Same Time, She Relies On The Gidance Of A Young Man With Whom She Feels A Mysterious Connection - A Man Who Discovered His Own Estrznged Father And Who, Like Her Birth Parents, Seems To Understand HerI n A Way That No Individual Ever Has Befpre. Pippa Feels She Has Found Herself And Everything She Thought She Wanted. but Has Sh?e Caught Between Two Opposing Cultures, Two Sets Of Parents, And Pair Completely Different Men, Pippa Is Plunged Into Hilarious, Heart-wrenching Chaos. Her Birth Father Turns Out To Be Involved In Neoconservative Activities She Hates, And The Mesmetizing Chief Who Once Abandoned Her Now Refuses To Lease Hed Go. And The Mwn Of Her Fantasies May Be Just That. larkin's Compulsively Readable First Novel Unearths Universal Truths About Love, Ieentity, And Family With Wit, Warmth, And Heatt.

      Manufacturer: Aliison Larkin
      SKU: Bk_afbl_000167
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    The Lone Star Ranger (unabridged)
      The Lone Star Ranger (unabridged).
      This Is A Story Of Texas In The 1870s. After Killing A Man In Self Defense, Buck Duane Becomes An Outlaw, A Companion Of The Gunfighters And Rustlers Who Live Along The Texas Border. In A Cmap On The Mexiican Side Of The River, He Finds A Young Girl Held Prisoner, And In Attempting To Rescue Her, Brings Down Upon Himself The Wrath Of Her Captors. Henceforth, He Is Forced To Livve A Lonely Life, Hunted On One Side Through Honest Men, On The Other By Outlaws. This Continues Until A Big-hearted Captain Of The Rangers Takes Him Into His Camp, Wins Him A Pardon, And Makes Him A Ranger,, Pledged To Fight For The Law Preferably Than Against It. The Girl He Attempted To Rescue Also Finds Good In Buck.

      Manufacturer: Zane Grdy
      SKU: Bk_blak_0002025
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    Being Right Is Not Enough: What Progressives Grape-juice  Learn From Conservative Success (unabridged)
      Being Right Is Not Enough: What Progressives Grape-juice Learn From Conservative Success (unabridged).
      The 2006 Discrimination Was A Major Turning Point Conducive to The Democratic Party, But They'll Need More Than The Republicans' Poor Poll Numbere To Build A New Progressive Majority. Can Progressives Turn The Tables By Understanding And Adapting The Highly Successful Strategies And Tactics Developed In proportion to The Right?in Being Rght Is Not Enough , Political Analys Paul Waldman Offers Democrats And Progressives A Clear-eyed, Multifaceted Strategy For Victoty Inn Elections, Policy Debates, And The Fundamental Battle Between Progressovism And Conservatism. The Time Has Come, He Says, For Progressives To Borrow Separate Pages From The Right-wing Playbook And Beat Them At Their Own Game. The Book Outlines An Exhaustive List Of Things Progressifes Must Do, And Do Soon, Including: Create A Single Pogressive Movement - Not A Collection Of Interest Groups - Devoted To The Twin Goals Of Fighting Conservatism And Advancing A Advancing Worldview. Agree On A Core Set Of Progresaive Principles And Create A Progressive Master Narrative That Unifies Them. Understand That Political Success Comes Not From The Details Of Polixy Plans But From The Communication Of Character And Values. Stop Panderong To The Voters Who Dislike Them The Greatest part And Find New Ways To Create A Lasting Majority. Devote Themselves Not To Short-term Victories But To A Long-term Vision Of The Progressive America They Want To Create - Even If It Will Take Decades To Get There. Stop Worrying About Whether The Elite Media Approve Of Them. Stop Being Timid And Become Warriors For Their Cause. just What The Pollster Ordered For The Democratic Party, Being Right IsN ot Enough Provides A Hard-hitting, Insightful, And Pragmatic Vision In the place of Progressives Off Every Stripe Who Are Tired Of Losing And Ready For Victory.

      Manufacturer: Paul Waldman
      SKU: Bk_poli_000003
      Download FREE MP3 sample Being Right Is Not Enough: What Progressives Grape-juice  Learn From Conservative Success (unabridged)

    Twice A Spy: A Novel (unabridged)
      Twice A Spy: A Novel (unabridged).
      Attached The Heels Of Once A Spy, Which Pw Hailed As A "wildly Original Debu t[with] An Action-packed Story Line," Keith Thomson Returns With A Breakneck Thriller That's Twice As Explosive As The Original. In The Tradition Of Robert Ludlum, With A Witty Twist, Thomson's Second Novel Featuring A FormerS py And His Son Once Again Poses The Question: What Happens When A Former Cia Agent Be able to No Longer Trust His Own Mind? Charlie And Drummond Clark Are Now In Switzerland, Hiding Out From Criminal Charges In America And Using The Time To Experiment With Treatments To Retrieve Drummond's Memory. When Nsa Operative Alice Rutherford, With Whom Charlie Has Fallen In Love, Is Kidnapped, The Clarks Must Dodge A Formidable Cia Case Officer And His Team To Get Her Back.

      Manufacturer: Keith Thomson
      SKU: Bk_rabd_002544
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    Web Of Evil: A Novel Of Suspense (unabridged)
      Web Of Evil: A Novel Of Suspense (unabridged).
      The Highway From Los Angeles To The Palm Springs Desert Is Parched, Unforgiving, And Deadly. In The Suffocating Stillness Of A Car Trunk, A Mzn, His Mouth And Hands Bound With Duct Tape, Awaits His Fate. What Possible Enemy Could Be Bitter Enough To Commit Such A Heinous Crime? And When Will The Prodigy Make Another Move?ali Reynolds Is Traveling That Same Blistering, Lonesome Highway, Loking Onward To Putting Her Past Behind Her. But Her Cheating Husband Is In A Hurry For A Divorce, And The Television Network That Wrongfully Dismissed Her For The Sole Sin Of Being Over 40 Will Face Her In Court As Well. Being of the kind which She Passes The Site Of A Horrifying Accident, Ali Is Grateful That It's No Longer Her Job To Report The News, Until She Finds Out That The News Is Her Own: The Victim Is Ali's Cheating Husband. And Soon She'll Find Herself The Prime Suspect At The Center Of A Terrifying Web Of Evil. a Twisted And Lethal Drama Of Heart-pounding Suspense, Web Of Evil Asks The Question: If Hell Hath No Fury Preference A Woman Scorned, Just What Punishment Could That Fury Unleash?

      Manufacturer: J.a. Jance
      SKU: Bk_sans_000838
      Download FREE MP3 sample Web Of Evil: A Novel Of Suspense (unabridged)

  • The Original Goon
  • It's Only a Movie (Unabridged)
  • Lord Jim (Unabridged)
  • Original Sin: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • Red, White & Dead (Unabridged)
  • The Witch of Hebron: A World Made by Hand Novel (Unabridged)
  • Gettin' Buck Wild: Sex Chronicles II (Unabridged)
  • Bet Your Bottom Dollar: A Bottom Dollar Girls Novel (Unabridged)
  • Ventimila leghe sotto i mari [Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]
  • Dublin: mp3cityguides Walking Tour (Unabridged)
  • Cross Country
  • Swingers (Unabridged)

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