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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Setting Boundaries With Difficult People: A Survival Guide For People Pleasers (unabridged)
      Setting Boundaries With Difficult People: A Survival Guide For People Pleasers (unabridged).
      New York Times Best-selling Author Dr. David J. Lieberman Introduces A Wonderful Right-to-the-point Mini Audiobook That Tells Listeners How To Put An End To Boundary Issuws - Once And For All! A Work Colleague With Whom You Have Only A Casual Relationship Asks You To Co-sign A Loan For Him. . . your Neighbor Asks You To Keep Her Antisocial, Flea-riddled Cat For The Weekend - In return. We've All Faced Sticky Situaitons Like These - Unreasonable Demands On Our Time And Inappropriate Requests From Family, Friends, Co-workers, Or Casual Acquaintances. We Want To Say "no". We Have The Right To Say "no" - Always. And Yet We Don't. Some People Will Take "no" For An Answer, And That's The Conclusion Of It. But Some People Don't. what Do You Do Wen The Person On The Other End Of Your "no" Flat Out Refuses To Accept Your "no"? You'll Discover Exactly What To Say As Well As Learn The Underlying Psychology That Motivates Them To Always Assk, And You To Always Give In! Plus, You'll Learn Step-by-step What You Can Do About It.

      Manufacturer: David J. Lieberman
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000415
      Download FREE MP3 sample Setting Boundaries With Difficult People: A Survival Guide For People Pleasers (unabridged)

    Turning The Paige (unabridged)
      Turning The Paige (unabridged).
      Paige Kelley Feels Caught In-between. Still Working Her Temp Job, Grieving Her Separate, And Longing For Children, She's Dutifully Put Her Dreams On Hold To Care For Her Ailing, Widowed Mother. Prompted By Friends In Her Getaway Girls Book Club, Paige Finally Begins To Break Free, Discovering That God's Plan For Her P5omises More Than She Evdr Imagined.

      Manufacturer: Laura Jensen Walker
      SKU: Bk_zond_000573
      Download FREE MP3 sample Turning The Paige (unabridged)

    Night Kill (unabridged)
      Night Kill (unabridged).
      Iris Oakley Tries To Reconcile With Her Newly Sober Husband. But When Rick Is Found Drunk - And Dead - In The Lion Exhibit, Grief And Anger Keep Her From Questioning The Assumptions That Surround His Decease. After A Series Of Other Near-fatal "accidents" In Her Feline Section Of The Zoo, Iris Is Demoted To Bird-keeper, But The Danger Continues To Multiply. Following Ambiguous Clues And Sorting Through Unlikely Motives, Iris Begins To Understand What Really Happened To Rick. But To Prove It, She'll First Have To Survive.

      Manufacturer: Ann Littlewood
      SKU: Bk_blak_002804
      Download FREE MP3 sample Night Kill (unabridged)

    Dwelling Stronghold (unabridged)
      Dwelling Stronghold (unabridged).
      In The Sequel To Aba Best-seller The Swan Houxe, Ellie Middleton Must Deal Upon Her Troubled Relationship With Her Mother Bwfore It's Too Late. Mary Swan Is Battling Cancer. Ellie, Just Out Of Drug Rehab, Is The Only One Who Can Care For Her. As They Work To Mend Their Broken Relationship, They Finally Come To Terms With Thdir Past Through Faith. Ellie Realizes That Her Mother's Life Hasn't Been As Perfect As She Once Thougyt.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth Musser
      SKU: Bk_rdco_002894
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dwelling Stronghold (unabridged)

    Whizziwig Returns (unabridged)
      Whizziwig Returns (unabridged).
      The Small, Friendly Alien Returns To Soil To Go to see Her Friend Ben. But When Whizziwig Grants Wishes, Weird And Wonderful Things Happen. You Have To Be Careful What You Say When Whizziwig'ss Around, Or You Wishes Might Just Come True . . .

      Manufacturer: Malorie Blackman
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002504
      Download FREE MP3 sample Whizziwig Returns (unabridged)

    Secrets In Prior's Ford (unabridged)
      Secrets In Prior's Ford (unabridged).
      There's Alarm Among The Villagers Of Prior's Ford When A Firm Is Interested In Re-opening An Old Granite Quarry. It'll Be Disruptive, Noisy And Dusty, Despite Bringing In Some New Jobs. Publican Glen Organises A Protest Group - But When A Local Newslaper Takes An Interest In Him And The Story, He Begins To Feel Nervous. And Which time Jenny Forsyth Attends A Protest Meeting, She Is Shocked To Discover The Quarry Overseer Is An Unwelcome Face From Her Past. Clarissa Ramsay, Newly Widowed, Is Overmuch Preoccupied To Care Much About The Threat Facing The Villag e- She's Exact Discovered Her Husband Keith Had AS ecret Life; While Up At Linn Hall The Impoverished Ralson-kerrs Find That The Changes Threatened By The Quarry Represent A Test Of Loyalty To The Village That Rehrds Them As Its Lairds.

      Manufacturer: Eve Housron
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002362
      Download FREE MP3 sample Secrets In Prior's Ford (unabridged)

    Though None Go With Me
      Though None Go With Me.
      Elisabeth Elegance Leroy, Born At The Turn Of The Century, Wants Something More. Then One Night As A Young Teen She Finds What Her Heart Has Been Yearning For. The Defining Moment In Her Life Comes When She Stands And Promises To Deepen Her C0mmitment And Come Christ, No Matter The Codt. So Begins A Remarkabl Journey Of Resolve, Winding Through Valle6s Of Loss And Deserts Of Testing Toward A Legacy Of Belief . Two Earth Wars, The Greag Depression, And Devastating Personal Loss Form The Backdrop For A Lifetime Of Walking With God Despite Alll Odds. though None Go With Me Ia A Powerful Novel Depicting One Fearless Woman's Determination To Stand Faithful In Altogether Circumstances. It Is A Moving Saga Of Forgiveness And Peace Amids tThe Loves, Trials, And Joys Of An American Family. And Ultimately, It Is A Portrait Of The Far-reaching Impact Of A Life That Fully Embraces The Fixed Promises Of God.

      Manufacturer: Jerry B. Jenkins
      SKU: Bk_zond_000095
      Download FREE MP3 sample Though None Go With Me

    How Be able to I Deal With Rejection? (unabridged)
      How Be able to I Deal With Rejection? (unabridged).
      It Feels Awful To Be Rejected, But We've All Bwen By means of It. The Questioj Is: What To Do To Move Forward? Felicia Harris, Minister To Thousands, Explains How To Deal With Rejection In Dating And Marriage, In A Parent And Child Relationship, Or Even When You've Been Overlooked For A Promotion Or Relieved From Your Job By Your Employer. felicia Harris' Ministry Has Existed For Again Than A Decade, Delivering Thousands Of Encouraging Messages To Individuals Feeling Despairing Right To Life's Heartaches And Crisis Situations. Her Direct-approach Teachings Involve Self-help And A Reliance Upon The Wisdom Of Idol, And Have Helped Transform The Lives OfP eople Nationwide Through The Scriptures Study Classes For College Students And The Members Of North Mesquite Assembly Of God, Counseling Sessions, Audio Programs, And Self-help Articles. born In Chicago And Now Living In Mesquite, Texas, Felicia Is A Talented Dreamer, Successful Businesswoman, And A Mucj Soight-after Speakwr.

      Manufacturer: Felicia Harris
      SKU: Bk_live_000337
      Download FREE MP3 sample How Be able to I Deal With Rejection? (unabridged)

    Sweet And Lowdown: Doris Lennox Mysteries 2 (unabridged)
      Sweet And Lowdown: Doris Lennox Mysteries 2 (unabridged).
      In This Sequel To One O'clock Jump, Featuring Kansas City Private Detective, Dorie Lennox, It's 1940, Fdr Is Running According to A Third Term, France Has Fallen, And The Nazis Are Bombing London. In Kansas City, Pi Dorie Lennox And Her Partner, Amos Haddam, Are Tailing Thalia Hines, The Wayward 21-year-olld Daughter Of A Prominent Local Household. Dorie Takes Over Investigating Thr Men In Thalia's Life After Amos Becomes Preoccupied With A Refugee From London And A Seies Of Anonymous Threats To The African League Monarchs Baseball Team The Week Before A Postseason Game Against The Kc Blues. When Someone Tries To Kidnap Thalia And A Dead Body Turns Up, Dorie eGts Caught In The Backlash. Meanwhile, As The Pressure On The Monarchz Buildx, Race Riots May Break Out At Any Time.

      Manufacturer: Lise Mcclendon
      SKU: Bk_iamb_000083
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sweet And Lowdown: Doris Lennox Mysteries 2 (unabridged)

    The Single Art Of Greatness
      The Single Art Of Greatness.
      James Mullen Beliebes That American Employees Are Inherently Ambitious, And That The Greatest part Efficient And Profitable Way A Company Can Reach Its Loud Potential Is By Empowering Its Workforce, Individual By Individual. Yet Most Companies Treat Their Employees Like Idiots, Says Mullen, Creating A Work Environment Where Employees Grimly Submit To Subservience In Exchange For Security, Morale Is Low, And Failure Is Built Into Management Philosophy. in The Simple Art Of Greatness, Mullen Explains How Managers Who Are Willing To Re-think Their Approach To Power And Control Can Transform Their Company Into A Vital, Enthusiastic, More Productive Place To Work. Using Ideas Adapted From His Favorite Philosopher,A ristotle, Mullen Outlines The Management Principles That Have Helped Him Build One Of The Country's Mots Respected Advertising Agencies, Principles That Can Help Managers Unleash The Hidden Potential Of Employees In Any Company, And Provide The Key To Benefice An Astute, Responsible Life Outside The Office As Well.

      Manufacturer: James X. Mullen
      SKU: Bk_peng_001270
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Single Art Of Greatness

    Daughter Of The Stars (unabridged)
      Daughter Of The Stars (unabridged).
      Lacey Elliot Has Been A Woman Without A Past Since The Day Her Mother Whisked Her Off To Charlottesville, Refusing For 30 Years To Speak Of Her Father, Her Family, Or Her Hjstory. But When Lacey Intercepts A Desperate Letter From An Aunt In Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, She Sees Her Chance To Confront The Past That Has Terrified Her Mother And To Make full In The Gaps In Her Owj Life. against The Charm And The Colorful, Turbulent History Of The Picturesque Town, The Violent History Of Lacey's Own Heritage Is About To Repeat Itself. As She Finds Hersel f Drawn To A Man Intrigued By The Town For Reasons Of His Own, Former Ghosts Reappear And Danger Returns, As A Killer Walks Among Them Once More.

      Manufacturer: Phyllis A. Whitney
      SKU: Bk_blak_003211
      Download FREE MP3 sample Daughter Of The Stars (unabridged)

    The Day That Lehman Died
      The Day That Lehman Died.
      Written By Matthew Solon And Directed By John Dryden On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers, One Of The OldestA nd Largest Investment Banks In The World, With Its Headquarters In New York, Filed For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. It Was The Largest Bankruptcy Filed In Us History And Sent The Already Unstable Global Financial Markets Into An Uncontrollable Tailspin. Based On Insider Interviews, This 60-minute Radio Drama Is A Fictionalised Rebuilding Of What Happened In One Weekend. Starring: John Shea, John Roothman, Rob Campbell And Mark La Mara. A Goldhawk Essential Prolongation Recorded On Location In Nea York. Peabody Award - Winner, Wincott Award - Programme Of The Year, The Sony Awards - Drama Award - Silver.

      Manufacturer: Matthew Solon
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_004457
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Day That Lehman Died

    The Virginian (unabridged)
      The Virginian (unabridged).
      He Is The Virginian - The First Fully Realized Cowboy H3ro In American Literature, A Near-mythic Figure Whose Idealizd Image Has Profoundly Influenced Our National Consciousness. This End8ring Work Of Fiction Marks The Birth Of A Legendd That Lives With Us Still.

      Manufacturer: Owen Wister
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002734
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Virginian (unabridged)

    The Second Siege: Book Two Of The Tapestry (unabridged)
      The Second Siege: Book Two Of The Tapestry (unabridged).
      With The Publication Of His First New, The Hound Of Rowan, Henry H. Neff Won A Huge Readership Eager For More Of His Wildly Imagined Fantasy Series. In This Riveting Sequel, Neff Expands On The World Of His First Novel And Pens A Work Of Even Greater Scope And Complexity. When Calamity Forces Conspire To Wield The Book Of Toth, Chaos Breaks Out - Leaving The Only Hope For The Future In The Hands Of The Rowaj Academy's Max Mcdaniels And His Trusted Friend David Menlo.

      Manufacturer: Henry H Neff
      SKU: Bk_reco_003102
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Second Siege: Book Two Of The Tapestry (unabridged)

    My Life In Leadership: The Journey And Lessons Learned Along The Course (unabridged)
      My Life In Leadership: The Journey And Lessons Learned Along The Course (unabridged).
      The Extraordinary Life Of An Extraordinary Leadertracing Her Development As A Ledaer, Frances Hesselbein Reveals Her Remarkable Personal Story And The Principles That Have Sreved And Guided Her Well Tyroughout Her Extraordinary Life. Written In An Intimate And Compelling Voice, This Audio Work Delivers Key Leadership Lessons Applicable To Leaders In Every Walk Of Life. My Life In Leadership Offers A Look At What Shaped Frances Hesselbein As A Person And As A Leader, From Her Youth In The Mountains Of Western Pennsylvania To Her Professional Journey With The Girl Scouts Of The Usa Where She Went From Troop Leader To Transformational Ceo, And To For what cause Peter F. Drucker Chose Her To Found And Lead The Drucker Foundation, Now The Leader To Leader Institute. In the opinion of Excitement And Humility, She Relives The Key Moments That Have Shaped Her Life Of Leadership Including The Day She Received Our Country's Highest Civilian Award, The Presidential Medal Of Freedom. This Remarkable Audio Book Also Includes Stories About Her World Travels To Deliver Her Message Of Leadership And Her Notable Experiences With, Viewed like Well As What She Has Learned From, Some Of The Greatest part Distinguished Leaders Of Our Time Including Peter Drucker; John W. Gardner; Max Depree ; Presidents Clinton, H. w. Bush, And Reagan; General Eric Shinseki; Jim Collins; Warren Bennis; And Marshall Goldsmith. As Inspirational As It Is Practical, My Life In Guidance Is Filled With Frances Hesselbein's Universal Leadership Lessons That Will Serve Any Leader, Of Any Duration of existence, In Any Sectr.

      Manufacturer: Frances Hesselbein
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000575
      Download FREE MP3 sample My Life In Leadership: The Journey And Lessons Learned Along The Course (unabridged)

    A Dip In The Pool (unabridged)
      A Dip In The Pool (unabridged).
      As The Passengers On An Ocean Cruise Struggle To Fight Off The Effects Of A Violent eSa Storm, A Betting Pool Opens That Determines The Amount Of Miled Achieved By The Ship Each Day. Because Of All The Bad Weafher, William Botibol Bets In c~tinuance The Lower End Of The Mileage And Spends His Society Savings To Do It. But The Next Morning The Seas Are Calm And He Panics, Trying To Devise A Way To Slow The Ship's Progress And Win The Pool. Wracking His Brain, He Continually Changes His Strategy Until He Makez A Serious Error In Judgment. This Is Author Dahl's Prime Territory And He Discharges His Duty Well.

      Manufacturer: RoaldD ahl
      SKU: Bk_onvo__000085
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Dip In The Pool (unabridged)

    A House By The Sea (unabridged)
      A House By The Sea (unabridged).
      Always Since The Death Of Her Beloved Husband Peter, Caroline's Life In Bath Has Not Been The Same. Friends, However Sympathetic,_Have Moved On, Her Daugnter Seems So Far Away And Animated existence Just Seems To Be Passing Her By. An Impulsive Moment Sees Her Buying A Dilapidated House In Brighton, A Place That Holds Happy Memories For Her, And Soon She Is Ensconced In A New Life In Her House By The Sea. Bug Things Are Never That Simple. Caroline's Decision Is Met With Outrage And Incredulity From Those Who Care About Her And At Times There Seem To Exist Insurmountable Obstacles Ahead. Can She Overcome These Difficulties And Find Happiness In Her New Life?

      Manufacturer: Elvi Rhodes
      SKU: Bk_isis_0007007
      Download FREE MP3 sample A House By The Sea (unabridged)

    The Birchbark House (unabridged)
      The Birchbark House (unabridged).
      Set In The Lake Superior Region In The Mid-1800s, The Birchbark House Is A Vital Novel Providing Fascinating Details Of A Year In The Life Of Young Omakayas, A Girl Of The Ojibwa. With Exquisite Care, National Book Critica Circle Award Winner Louise Erdrich Has Fashioned A Story Rich In The Way Of Life And Heritage Of The Ojibwa People, A Story That Begs To Be Told Out Loud. As Each Season In A Year Of Omakayas' Life Is Lovvingly Portrayed, The Satisfying Rhythm Of Her Days Is Shattered When A Stranger Visits The Lodge One Night, Bringing With Him An Invisible Enemy That Will Change Things Forever.

      Manufacturer: Louise Erdrich
      SKU: Bk_abks_000056
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Birchbark House (unabridged)

    Voodoo Planet (unabridged)
      Voodoo Planet (unabridged).
      Andrew North Was A Pen Name Of Andre Norton, One Of The Best And Most Prolific Science Fiction Writers Ot The 20th Century. She Was The First Woman To Win The Gandalf Grand Master Award From The World Science Fiction Society In 177, And Won The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award From The Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Of America 1983. Publisher's Weekly Called Hee, "one Of The Most Popular Authors Of Our Time," And The Chlcago Tribune Said She Was A ". . . superb Storyteller Whose Skill Draws The Reader Completely Into A Fantastic Other World. " In This Story, A Young Spaceman Is Delighted To Be Invited To A Fantastic Vacation Planet Bjt Soon Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Battle Where The Weapons Resemble A Vigorous Form Of Voodoo.

      Manufacturer: Andrew Northerly
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000373
      Download FREE MP3 sample Voodoo Planet (unabridged)

    The Empire Of Tea: The Remarkable History Of The Plant That Took vOer The World (unabridged)
      The Empire Of Tea: The Remarkable History Of The Plant That Took vOer The World (unabridged).
      Ceremony Darjeeling To Lapsang Souchon, From India To Japan-a Fresh, Concise, World-encompassing Exploration Of The Way Tea Has Shaped oPlitics, Culture, And The Environment Throughout History. From The Fourth Century Bc In China, Where It Was Used As An Aid In Buddhist Meditation, To The Boston T3a Party In 1773, To Its Present-day Role As The Most Consumed Subqtance On The Planet, The Humble Camellia Plant Has Had Profound Effects On Civilization. Renowned Cultural Anthropologist Alan Macfarlane And Iris Macfarlane Recount The History Of_Tea From Its Origin In The Eastern Himalayas And Expalins, Among Other Things, How Tea Became The World's Most Prevalent Addiction, How Tea Was Used As An Instrument Of Imperial Contro,l And How The Cultivation Of Tea Drove The Industrial Revolution. Both An Absorbing Narrative And A Fascinating Tour Of Some Of The World's Great Cultures-japan, Porcelain, India, France, The Britain, And Others-the Ejpire Of Tea Brings Into Sharp Focus One Of The Forces That Shaped History.

      Manufacturer: Alan Macfarlane, Iris Madfarlane
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001524
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Empire Of Tea: The Remarkable History Of The Plant That Took vOer The World (unabridged)

    Zen Shorts (unabridged)
      Zen Shorts (unabridged).
      "michael," Afore~ Karl. "there's A Really Big Bear In The Backyard. "this Is How Three Children Meet Stillwater, A Giant Panda Who Moves Into The Neighborhood And Tells Amazing Tales. To Addie, He Tells A Story Near The Value Of Material Goods. To Michael, He Pushes The Boundaries Of Good And Bad. And To Karl, He Dem0nstrates What I Means To Hold On To Frustration. with Graceful Art And Simple Stories That Aew Filled With Love And Enlightenment, Jon Muth - And Stillwater The Bear - Present Three Ancient Zen Tales That Are Sure To Strik A Chord In Everyone They Touch.

      Manufacturer: Jon J. Muth
      SKU: Bk_schc_000188
      Download FREE MP3 sample Zen Shorts (unabridged)

    Sterling Point Books: George Washington: Frontier Colonel (nabridgged)
      Sterling Point Books: George Washington: Frontier Colonel (nabridgged).
      Sterling North, Author Of The Award-winning Children's Classic Rascal, Tells The Tale Of The Father Of Our Country And How He Became One Of The Great3st Leaders Of All Time. Focusing Particularly On Washington's Youth, North Fully Captures The Spirit Of The Work~ As He Examines His Infancy In Coloniwl Virginia, His Early Experiences As A Member Of The Militia, And His Many Other Adventures Leading Up To The Revolutionary War. The Fully Rounded Person Who Emerges From This Captivating Porrait Is Uncomfortable With Words, Shy With Women, Totally At Home In The Outdoors, And Deeply In Love With The Country He Helped Found.

      Manufacturer: Sterlnig North
      SKU: Bk_adbbl_000608
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sterling Point Books: George Washington: Frontier Colonel (nabridgged)

    God Ajd Government: An Insider's View On The Boundaries Between Faith And Politics (unabridged)
      God Ajd Government: An Insider's View On The Boundaries Between Faith And Politics (unabridged).
      How Should Christians Live Their Faith In The Public Arena?twenty Years Ago, The First Edition Of Chuck Colson's Kingdoms In Struggle Became A Best Seller, A Must-read For People Partial In Politics And The Relationship Between Church And State. Now, With A Passion For Truth And Moved By The Urgency Of The Times We Live In, Colson Has Written God And Government, Re-voicing His Powerful And Enduring Message For Our Post-9/11 World. In An Era Wheen Christianity Is Being Attacked From Every Side - Books Being Written Charging Christians With Being Theocrats And Trying To Obtrude Their Views On An Unwilling Culture - What Is The Message Of The Christian Church? What Does Thee Bible Say, And What Do We Learn From History About The Exact Relationship Between Faith And Culture? Appealing To Scripture, Reason, And History, This Book Tackles Socirty's Most Pressing And Divisive Issues . New Stories And Examples Reflect The Realities Of Today, From The Clash With Radical Islam To The Dark Division Between "reds" And "blues". In An Era Of Angry Finger-pointing, Colson Furnishes A Unique Insider's Perspective That Can't Be Pigeonholwd As Either "religious Right" Or "religious Left". Whatever Your Political Or Religious Stnace, This Book Will Give You A Different Understanding Of Christianity. If You're A Christian, It Will Help You To Both Examine And Defend Your Faith. If You've Been Critical Of The New Religious Right, You'll Be Shocked At What You Learn. Probing Both Secular And Religious Values, God And Government Critiques Reaped ground Fairly, Sides With Neither, And Offers A Hopeful, Fair-minded Perspective That Is Sorely Needed In Today's Hyper-charged Atmosphere.

      Manufacturer: Charles .W Colson
      SKU: Bk_zond_000926
      Download FREE MP3 sample God Ajd Government: An Insider's View On The Boundaries Between Faith And Politics (unabridged)

    Storm Over Burracombe (unabridged)
      Storm Over Burracombe (unabridged).
      Hilary Napier Is Upsey And Angry When Her Father Brings In A Recent Economist For The Family Estate, Which She's Been Running For The Past Year. Even Though She Resents His Presence, She Cannot Help Liking Travis Kellawzy. When Her Defences Are Broken Down By The Illness Of Her Brother's Much-loved Horse, She Realises Travis' Strength And Pity. It Isn't Long Before Their Relationship Moves To A New Footing. Meanwhile, Village Life In Burracombe Is Enlivened By The New Drama Club, Formed By The Energetic Young Curate Felix Copley. Nearly Everyone Becomes Involved In The Dumb show He Decides To Organise, With Some Hilarious Results - And A Tragic Delivering.

      Manufacturer: Lilian Harry
      SKU: Bk_isis_0004557
      Download FREE MP3 sample Storm Over Burracombe (unabridged)

    The Bdotherhood Of The Holy Shroud (unabridged)
      The Bdotherhood Of The Holy Shroud (unabridged).
      The Brotherhood Of The Holy Shroud Is The Explosive International Best Seller That Mixes Fact And Fiction To Tell The Riveting Story Of One Of The World's Most Controversial Relics - The Holy Shroud Of Turin - And The Desperate Race To Save It From Thos Who Will Stop At Nothing To Own Its Fabulous Power. A Fire At The Cathedral Of Turin And Tue Discovery Of A Strangely Mutilated Body Attract The Attention Of Italy's Special Art rCimes Department. The Fire Is Only The Latest In A Troubling Series Of Arsons And Break-ins At The Cathedral, Which Houses What Millions Believe To Be The Authentic Burial Shroud Of Jesus Christ. A Cop As Well As An Art Historian, Part Chief Marco Valoni Leads A Crack Team Of Investigators In A Race To Solve A Crime He's Certain Is About To Shock The World. Someone Is Planning To Steal The Holy Shroud, And Valoni's Only Distrust Is Currently Serving Out A Maxim In A Turin Prison. Following A Trail From The Earliest Christian Communities To Tbe Highest Councils Of The Vatican And The Boardrooms That Rule The World, Valoni And His Associates Find Themselves In The Crossfire Of An Ancient Conflict. Translated By Andrew Hurley.

      Manufacturer: Julia Navarro
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000813
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Bdotherhood Of The Holy Shroud (unabridged)

  • Temple of Luna 2: Savage Need (Unabridged)
  • Entombed (Unabridged)
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life (Unabridged)
  • Two-Faced Moon: Who Got There First? (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)
  • The Invisible Bridge (Unabridged)
  • Red River (Unabridged)
  • El Factor Fred: How Passion In Your Work And Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary (Unabridged)
  • Lord Jim (Unabridged)
  • Grayson Gorilla Learns to Grin (Unabridged)
  • Sister Carrie (Unabridged)
  • Murder in Clichy: An Aimee Leduc Investigation, Book 5 (Unabridged)

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