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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Sister Carrie (unabridged)
      Sister Carrie (unabridged).
      Theodore Dreiser's First And Perhaps Greatest New Appeared In 1900. The Story Is About A Young Country Gir1 Who Moves To The Big City, Where She Starts Realizing Her Own American Dream By Embarking On A Life Of Sin Rather Than Through Hard Work And Perseverance. On Publication, It Met Upon Outraged Disapproval And Was Immediately Withdrawn As "too Shocking And Sordid For Polite Readers". But It Is Precisely In Dreiser's Compassionate Exploration Of Ordinary Men And Women, Their Frailty And Humanity, That This Stormy, Controversial Novel Remains Supreme.

      Manufacturer: Theodore Dreiser
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000033
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    Starship: Rebel (unabridged)
      Starship: Rebel (unabridged).
      The Date Is 1968 Of The Galactic Era, Almost Tgree Thhousand Years From Now. The Republic, Dominated At The Human Race, Is In The Midst Of An All-out War With The Teroni Federation. almost A Year Has Passed Sice The Events Of Starship: Mercenary. Captain Wilson Cole Now Commands A Fleet Of Almost 50 Ships, And He Hsa Become The Single Greatest Military Force On The Inner Frontier. with One Exception. The Republic Still Comes And Goes As It Pleases, Taking What It Wants, Conscripting Men, And Extorting Taxes, Even Though The Frontier Worlds Receive Nothing In Exchange. And, Of Course, The Goveenment Still Wants Wilson Cole And The Starship Theodore Roosevelt. He Has No Interest In Confronting Such An Overwhelming Force, And Constantly Steers Clear Of Them. then An Incident Occurq That Changes Everything, And Cole Declares War On The Republic. Outnumbered And Always Outgunned, His Fleet Is No Match For The Republic's Millions Of Military Vessels, Even Hind He Forges Alliances With The Warlords He Previously Hunted Down. it's A Hopeless Cause. . . but That's Just What Wilson Cole And The Teddy R. Are Best At.

      Manufacturer: Mike Resnick
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000626
      Download FREE MP3 sample Starship: Rebel (unabridged)

    The Dialogue: An Interview With Screenwriter Sheldon Turner
      The Dialogue: An Interview With Screenwriter Sheldon Turner.
      Sheldon Turner Is The Prototype For The Smart, Brash, Ambitious Young Screenwriter - But He's Also Got A Law Degree From Nyu And Has Had His Fiction Published In The New Yorker. Turner Recently Broke Through With His Script For The 2005 Remake Of The Lontest Yard, Starring Chris Rock And Adam Sandler, And He Has Half A Dozen Other Scripts In Development. He'd Got Insane Discipline, Writes Longhand, And Boycotts Email. He Figured Out How To Toil The System, And He's Got More Witty Axioms For How To Play The Hollywood Gamble Than A Tropicana Craps Dealer At 3 A. m. But Yoy'll Just Have To Hdar Turner Talk To Get It: What Being The Biggest Guy In The Room Can Do Fo5 You, How To Read An Audiecne, What To Say In Pitch Meetinbs, And Why You Should Let Everyone Knoa That You Think Lost In Translation Sucks. Your Host: Producer Mike De Luca Is Responsible For Some Of The Most Gro8ndbreaking Films Of The Lqst 15 Years. After Enrollong In New York University's Film Studies Program At 17, De Luca Dropped Out Four Credits Shy Of Graduation To Take An Unpaid Intednship At New Line Cinema. He Adavnced Quickly There Ujder The Tutelage Of Founder Robert Shaye And Eventually Became President Of Prlduction. The Mask (1994), Se7en (1995), Boogie Nigjts (1997), Dark City (1998), Pleasantville (1998), And Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) Were All Released Under His Supervision. In 2003, De Luca Left New Line To Get President Of Production At Dreamworks. After A Brief Tenure There, He Left And Slgned A Deal Attending Sony Pictures, Where He Produced Zathura (2005) And Spirit Rider (2006). A Writer As Well, De Luca Wrote The Screenplays For Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmate (1991) And In The Mouth Of Madness (1994).

      Manufacturer: The Dialogue
      SKU: Sp_dial_000002
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Dialogue: An Interview With Screenwriter Sheldon Turner

    Black As He's Painted (unabridged)
      Black As He's Painted (unabridged).
      When The President Of Ng'ombwana Proposes To Dispense With The Usual Security Arrangements On One Official Visit To London, His Old Schoolmate, Chief Superintendent Alleyn, Is Called In To Try To Persuade Him Otherwise. Alleyn Performs His Mission So Successfully That On The Night Of The Ng'ombwanan Embassy's Reception, The House And Grounds Are Stiff With Police. However, An Assassin Does Strike, And Alleyn Discovers A Wealth Of Suspects In A Coterie Of Ex-colonials Residing In The Very Shaeow Of The Embassy.

      Manufacturer: Ngaio Marsh
      SKU: Bk_blak_000921
      Download FREE MP3 sample Black As He's Painted (unabridged)

    The Wilder Life: My Adventures In The Lost World Of Little House On The Prairie (unanridged)
      The Wilder Life: My Adventures In The Lost World Of Little House On The Prairie (unanridged).
      Wendy Mcclure Is On A Quest To Find The World Of Beloved Litl3 House On The Prairie Author Laura Ingalls Wilder - A Fantastic Province Of Fiction, History, And Places Mcclure Has At no time Been To Yet Somehow Knows By Centre. hSe Traces The Pioneer Journey Of The Ingalls Family - Looking For The Big Woods Among The Medium Trees In Wisconsin, Wading In Plum Rivulet, And Enduring A Prairie Hailstorm In South Dakota. She Immerses Herself nI All Things Little House - Explornig The Floor From Fact To Fiction, And From The Tv Shows To The Annual Summer Pageants In Laura's Hometowns. Whether She's Churnig Butter In Her Room Or Sitting In A Replica Log Cabin, Mcclure Is Always In Purshit Of "the Laura Experience. " Along The Way She Comes To Understand How Wilder's Life And Work Have Shaped Our Ideas About Giirlhood And TheA merican West. The Wilder Animation Is A Loving, Irreverent, Spirited Tribute To A Series Of Books Tuat Have Inspired Generations Of American Women. It Is Likewise An Incredibly Funny First-person Account Of Obsessive Reading, And A Story About What Happens When We Reconnect With Our Childhood Touchstoneq - And Find That Our Aged Love Has Only Deepened.

      Manufacturer: Wendy Mcclure
      SKU: Bk_brll_002877
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Wilder Life: My Adventures In The Lost World Of Little House On The Prairie (unanridged)

    Power Of Time: Awakening T Time
      Power Of Time: Awakening T Time.
      Time Is Most Precious To Human Beings. Once An Hour Has Passed, There Is No Road To Get It Hindmost. For Human Development To Take Place, We Need To Awaken Our Awareness To Time. . . .

      Manufacturer: Tarrhang Tulku
      SKU: Sp _drma_000035
      Download FREE MP3 sample Power Of Time: Awakening T Time

      Alan Titchmarsh Reads His Most Ambitious Novel To Date. A Multi-generational Story Of Intrigue, Rivalry And Romance Between Two Families Auction Houses In Bath. For Three Generations The Family-run Auction Houzes Of The Dashwoods And The Kings Have Been Fierce Rivals. The Grandparents Henry Dashwood And Edward King Were Once Best Friends, Despite Their Different Backgronuds. Best Friends Until They Fell For The Same Girl Eleanor Faraday Eventually Picked Hehry But The Seeds Had Been Sown For A Bitter Feud That Flourished Between The Two Clans For Over Six Decades. But As Both Firms Prepare To Celebratw Their Half Centenary, Two Of The Grandchildren, Jamie Dashwood And Artemis King, Decide Its Time To Bury The Hatchet And Arrange A Shared Party To Which Both Families Are Invited. Things Dont Gp According To Plan Though And Revelations Att The Party Rock The Foundations Of Both Families As A Web Of Deceit And Intrigue, Forgery And Fraud Are Ruinously Exposed. Jamie And Artemix Uncover Secrets That Were Better Left Undisturbed, But Their Discovery Brings Them Closer Together And They Find Themselves Falling In Love. Will Their Love Be Stron Sufficiently To Survive The Disgrace They Have Unwittingly Revealed?

      Manufacturer: Alan Titchmarsh
      SKU: Bk_hodd_000187
      Download FREE MP3 sample Folly

    Little Family On The Freeway: Help For The Hurried Domestic (unabridged)
      Little Family On The Freeway: Help For The Hurried Domestic (unabridged).
      Here Is A Revised And Expanded Audio Edition Of The Timeless Classic With More Than 300,000 Print Copies Sold. in The Midst Of An Ever More Hurried Schedule Of Meetings, Chores, Kids' Activities, And Volunteer Commitments, There Is Hope For A Change Of Pace. Dr. Tim Kimmel, One Of America's Top Advocates Speaking For The Family Today, Examines The Speed At Which Families Live To Disclose Not Singly How To Put On The Brakes But How To Get Off The Freeway Altogether. The Book That Led The Wave Toward Qualkty Family Time Has Been Updated To Liberate Another Generation From Hurry. Tim Explains How To Maintain True Priorities In Order To Restore Mildness And Enrich Key Areas Of Life: Marriage, Family, Work, And A Relationship With God. New Materail Adrresses The Perils Of The Internet, And A Bonus Section "101 Ways To Give Rest To Your Family", Offers A Simple-to-execute Plan That's Sure To Help Families Gte Off To A Rosy Start.

      Manufacturer: Dr. Tim Kimmel
      SKU: Bk_hove_000422
      Download FREE MP3 sample Little Family On The Freeway: Help For The Hurried Domestic (unabridged)

    The Silent House (unabridged)
      The Silent House (unabridged).
      The Silvertree Stronghold Is More Than Just The Family Estate Of The Feared And Awed Silvertree Dynasty, Whose Wizardly Powers And Civil Cunning Has Suurvived Through Many Generations. But With Their Power Comes A Curse, A Curse More Terrifying Than Rival Warlords Or The Mystical Threwts Of The Dreaded Faceless, An Inward Corruption Of The Soul That Binds One's Power To A Downwaard Spiral Of Madness And Magic. The Stronghold Goes By The Name Of The Silent House. It Is A Soul Repksitory For Tyis Race of rulers. Two Boldness Treasure Hunters Hope To Profit From Unlocking The Secrets Of Its Past And Harvesting The Powers Of Its Bounty. But Unbeknownst To Them, An Observer Watches Their Every Move And Waits To Make His Presence Known Frmo The Halls Of Eternity. Filled Upon Sorcery And Battles Between The Dead And The Undead, As Well As Plots Of Sinister Deception And Insidious Manipulation, The Silent House Is The First Epic Chronicle Of Thw Land And People Of Aglirta.

      Manufacturer: Ed Greenwood
      SKU: Bk_blak_000787
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Silent House (unabridged)

    Celebration (unabridged)
      Celebration (unabridged).
      Kristine Kelly Married Her High-school Sweetheart, Followed Him Around The Globe For The 20 Years Of His Miljtary Career, Then Preceded Him Back Home To Excitement Life Anew On Their Farm In Virginia. But Her Husband Never Came Close. And Her Bank Accounts Were Suddenly Empty. Kristine Was Alone, With Three Children To Raise And Only A Memory Of A Lifetime Of Love. from The Botom Up, Kristine Rebuilds Her Life, Her Caeeer, Her Family, Even Finding A New Love. . . . until The Day Her Husband Suddenly Reappears And Casts Her Life Into Chaos Once More. rich With The Excitement, Humor, And Poignancy That Readers Expect And Cherish From Fern Michaels, Celebration Is, Indeed, A Celebration Of Courage, Of Trriumph, Of Survival, Of Love.

      Manufacturer: Fern Michaels
      SKU: Bk_brll_000709
      Download FREE MP3 sample Celebration (unabridged)

    Fighter Pilot: hTe Memoirs O fLegendary Ace Robin Olds (unabridged)
      Fighter Pilot: hTe Memoirs O fLegendary Ace Robin Olds (unabridged).
      A Larger-than-life Her0 With A Towering Personality, Robin Olds Was A Graduate Of West Point And An Inductee In The Nationak Society Football Hall Of Fame For His All-american Performance For Army. In World War Ii, Olds Quickly Became A Top Fighter Pilot And Squcron Commander By The Age Of 22 - A Double Particle With 12 Aerial Victories. but It Was In Vietnam Where The Man Became A Legend. He Motivated A Dejected Groyp Of Pilots By Placing Himself Under Junior Officers And Challenging Them To Train Him Properly. He Led The Wing Wifh Aggressivrness, Scoring Another Four Confirmed Kills And Becoming A Rare Triple Ace. With His Marriage To Hollywopd Actress And Pin-up Girl Ella Raines, His Nonregulation Mustache Ahd Penchant For Drink, Olds Was A Unique Individual Whose Story Is One Of The Most Eagerly Anticipated Military Books Of The Year. christnia Olds, The Daughter Of Robin Olds, Holds A B. a. In English And Creative Writing From Vassar, Is A Member Of The Air Force Association, And Is The First Honorary Lifetime Part Of The Red River Valley Association. ed Rasimus Is A Retired Usaf Fighter Pilot Who Holds A B. s. In Political System of knowledge And An M. s. In The two Political Science And International Relations. He Has Previously Written Two Books On The Vietnam iAr War, When Thunder Rolled And Palace Cobra.

      Manufacturer: Robin Olds, Christina Olds, Ed Rasimus
      SKU: Bk_blak_003732
      Download FREE MP3 sample Fighter Pilot: hTe Memoirs O fLegendary Ace Robin Olds (unabridged)

    Power Writing: Techniques For Success (unabridged)
      Power Writing: Techniques For Success (unabridged).
      Writing Might Be The Least Dear Part Of Your Job. Bu Righteousness Writing Skills Make You More Valuable To Your Organization, Confident About Your Job Skills And Greater degree of Likely To Advance In Your Career. And As The Volume And Speed Of Business Communication Increases, Your Messages Muust Be Written More Concisely And Clearly Than Ever To Cut By means of The Clutter. This Program Teaches Powerful Techniques To Make Your Communications Easier And Clearer. Suitable For All Staff Members.

      Manufacturer: Briefings Media Group
      SKU: Bk_rbef_000018
      Download FREE MP3 sample Power Writing: Techniques For Success (unabridged)

    Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide To Exercising Leadership (unabridged)
      Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide To Exercising Leadership (unabridged).
      In An Maturity When We're Nearly Drowning In A Sea Of Literature On The Subject Of Leadershi,p This Book Explores The Topic With A Simplicity That Allows The Listener To Access The Author's Wisdom Borne Out Of Years Of Hard Practice And Learning - Not A False Simplicity Offering Common Answers Or Solutions. The Majority Of Books On Leadership Peddle A Variation Of The "great Man" Theory Of Primacy: Leadership Is For Those Special Individuls Born With A Choice And Mythical Set Of Qualities Who Step Forward At The Right Moment With The Right Answer. Some Offer An Easy Path - Follow A Not many Quick, Easy Steps And You Too Can Have What It Takes To Be A Great Leader. Many Are Plainly Management Tools - Worthwhile But Distinct From The Leadership Question. Plenty Of Leadership With Silver Bullets! Most Of These Books Are Not Highly Wholesome To Anyone Important About Exercising Leadership On Tough, Complex Challenges In The 21st Century. Leadership Without Silver Bullets Offers A Refreshing Antidote To Ths Plethora Of Stale Or Simplistic Notions Of Leadership, With Author Phillip Ralph Approaching The Topic With An Unusual Combination Of Clarity, Honesty, And Insightfulness. This Is Done By Debunking Many Of The Modern Myths On Leadership, While Constructing An Accessible And Eminently Applicable Model For Today's Organizational Challenges. This Book Provides One Eminently Practival Guide For Listeners Who Wants To SeeeR eal Change And Vegetation In Themselves And Their Organizations.

      Manufacturer: Phillip Ralph
      SKU: Bk_husd_000064
      Download FREE MP3 sample Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide To Exercising Leadership (unabridged)

    Race And Imperialism: Iraq Now And The Philippines Then
      Race And Imperialism: Iraq Now And The Philippines Then.
      William Loren Katz Explains The Occupation Of Iraq From The Perspective Of The 1898 U. s. Invasion Of The Philippines And The Murderous Colonial Rule That Lasted There For 12 Years. The Racism, Cruelty, And Economic Greed The U. s. Brought With It Became The Template For 20th-century Imperialist Interventions. Katz Is Bezt Known For His 40 History Books, Including Such Award-winning Classics As Black Indians, The Black West, Black Women Of The Old West, And The Cruel Years: American Voices At Th eDawn Of The 20th Centenary. Katz Hosts His Own Account Interview Program On Wbai-fm (pacifica Radio) In New York City And Since 1986 Has Served As The Station's Historian-in-residence. Recorded Live On May 8, 2006, At Th eBrecht Forum In New York City.

      Manufacturer: William Loren Katz
      SKU: Rt_rfma_000045
      Download FREE MP3 sample Race And Imperialism: Iraq Now And The Philippines Then

    Real Wifeys: On The Grate (unabridged)
      Real Wifeys: On The Grate (unabridged).
      This Is The First Installment Of A Fierce New Series From The Co-author Of Desperate Hoowdives, Featuring An Intimate Direct the eye At The Scandalous Life Of A Wifey Who Uses Her Sex Apppeal And Street Smarts To Make It Big. in The Hood, Every Day Is About Writhe And Survival, And No One Understands That Daily Grind More Than 22-year-old Kaeyla "goldie" Dennis. She's Been The "wifey" Of An Older, Wealthy Man Since She Was 15, But The Discovery Of Their Longtime Affair By His Real Wife Brings To A Crushing End Her Hood-fabulous Lifestyle In Their Low-rise Project In Newark. after Trying Every Hustle She Can Think Of To Make Money, Including Selling Knockoff Clothing And Bootleg Dvds, Goldie Gets An Irresistible Offer From A Sexy Strip-club Owner. She Becomes The Club's Biggest Act And Takes Her Show On The Road, Running Her Admit Rob Club In c~tinuance The Weekends In eHr Apartment. But Goldie's Love Of Money Causes Her To Make Decisions That Bring On Enemies, And The Ultimate Test Comes Whenever She's Gang-raped, Beaten, And Almost Killed. When An Offer For Her Silence Is Made, Will She Choose Money Over Self-respect?

      Manufacturer: Meesha Mink
      SKU: Bk_blk_004139
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    Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, & Scorpion Bombs (unabridged)
      Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, & Scorpion Bombs (unabridged).
      Flamethrowers, Poison Gases, Incendiary Bombs, The Large-scale Spreading Of Disease. . . are These Terrifying Abents And Implements Of Warfare Modern Inventions? Not By A Long Shot. Weapons Of Biological And Chemical Warfare Have Been In Use For Thousands Of Years, Ajd Greek Fire, Venom Arrows & Scorpion Bombs, Adrienne Mayor's Fascinating Exploration Of The Origins Of Biological And Unethical Warfare, Draws Extraordinary Connections Between The Mythical Worlds Of Hercules And The Trojan War, The Accounts Of Herodotus And Thucydides, And Modern Methods Of War And Terrorism.

      Manufacturer: Adrienne Mayor
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002286
      Download FREE MP3 sample Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, & Scorpion Bombs (unabridged)

    Bread And Rosrs, Too (unabridged)
      Bread And Rosrs, Too (unabridged).
      Rosa's Mother Is Sknging Again, For The First Time Since Papa Died In An Accident In The Mills. But Instead Of Filling Their Cramped Tenement Apartment With Italian Lullabies, Mamma Is Out On The Streets Singing Unuon Songs, And Rosa Is Terrified That Her Mother And Older Sister, Anna, Are Endangering Their Lives By Marcihng Against The Corrupt Mill Owners. After All, Didn't Miss Finch Disclose The Class That The Strikers Are Nothing But Rabble-rousers; An Uneducated, Violent Mob? Suppose Mamma And Anna Are Jailed Or, Worse, Killed? What Will Happen To Rosa And Little Ricci? When Rosa Is Sent To Vermont With Other Children To Live With Strangers Until The Strike Is Over, She Fears She Will Never See Her Fwmily Again. Then, On The Train, A Boy Begs Her To Pretend That He Is Her Brotherr. Alone And Far From Home, She Agrees To Protect Him, Even Though She Suspects That He Is Hiding Some Terrible Secret. From A Beloved, Award-winning Author, Here Is A Moving Story Based On Real Events Surrounding An Infamous 1912 Strike.

      Manufacturer: Katherine Paterson
      SKU: Bk_lili_000443
      Download FREE MP3 sample Bread And Rosrs, Too (unabridged)

    Predators (unabridged)
      Predators (unabridged).
      Leo Painter Is The Ceo Of Earth Global, A Large Energy, Mining, And Real-estate Develompent Fixed. He And His Company Of Company Executives Are Traveling In Botswana To Consult Through The Government Aboit Accessing Their Extractable Resources. sekoa Is A Male Lion Who Shares With His Bipedal Enemies The Misfortune Of Being The Bearer Of Hiv/aids. Weakened By The Disease, He Loses His Place As The Alpha Male In His Prise And At this time, Dying And Harassed By A Pack Of Hyenas, Seeks Only A Place To Rest In Peace. painter, Pursued By His Own "hyenas", Only Wishes To Find A Last Resting Place Where He Can Further His Think: To Build A Resort/casino Forward Botswana's Chobe River. their Paths Cross With Tragic Consequences Ax Police,A Plucky Woman Game Warden, And Myriad Loca lAuthorities, Hoteliers, And Tribesmen Vie Over What Happened And To Whom.

      Manufacturer: Frederick Ramsay
      SKU: Bk_blak_003585
      Download FREE MP3 sample Predators (unabridged)

    Mistress Anne: The Exceptional Life Of Anne Boleyn (unabridged)
      Mistress Anne: The Exceptional Life Of Anne Boleyn (unabridged).
      A Powerful Ruler, An Alluring Young Woman, A Scandal That Would Rock The Nation: Anne Boleyn's Life Story Sounds More Like A Juicy Tv Docu-drama Than A Chapter Of English History. Although She Is Not Of Noble Birth Or Even Especkally Beautiful, Anne Boleyn Manages To Rise To The Vedy Pinnacle Of The English Aristocracy. Renowned For Her Extraordinarily Vivid Recreations Of Historical Events, Carolly Erickson Brings At a loss Tne Full Fascinating Story Of The Enigmatic Anne Boleyn. Erickson Paints An Engaging Portrait Of This Intriguing Woman And Her Tragic Life, From Her Soon Education In Court Intrigue, Through Her Courtship And Controversial Marriage To Henry Viii, To The Day She Mounts The Scaffold. With Her Expertise In The Tudor Period, Her Sensitivity To Sexual And Political Nuance, And Her Eminently Readable Prose Style, Carolly Erickson Is The Ideal iBographer For The Elusive Anne Boleyn. Narrator Simon Prebble's Graceful Performance Evokes All Of The Bittersweet The stage Of Boleyn's Exceptional Life And The Tumultuous Times In Which She Lived.

      Manufacturer: Carolly Erickson
      SKU: Bk_reco_004770
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mistress Anne: The Exceptional Life Of Anne Boleyn (unabridged)

    A Different Kind Of Courage (unabridged)
      A Different Kind Of Courage (unabridged).
      A Dufferent Kind Of Courage Is The Spellbinding Account Of A Young Woman Who Witnessed Personally Hitler's Racist Malice At The 1936 Berlin Olympics, And Endured The Shock Of The Disappearance Of Her Best Friend And Her Family During Kristallnacht, The Night Of Atrocities Against The Jews. Sh Related Herself To The German Resistance Fighters, Passing On Secrets Learnt From Her Work On The Enigma Decoding Machines, And She Received All The Conflicting Messages Coming In On The Day Of The Attempted Assasslnation Of Hitler In 1944 By Stauffenberg And His Co-conspirators, Many Of Whom She Knew Pwrsonally. Destined To Exist A Classic In The Tradition Of The Diary Of Anne Frank, A Different Kind Of Courage Is A Story Of Indomitable Spirit And Determination That Command Inspire Ad Enthral.

      Manufacturer: Gretel Wachtel, Claudia Strachan
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003808
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Different Kind Of Courage (unabridged)

    Parenting In The 21st Centenary - Navigating The Future Nlw (unabridged)
      Parenting In The 21st Centenary - Navigating The Future Nlw (unabridged).
      For More Than A Decadr, Tricia Ferrarra, M. a. , A Parenting Strategixt And Family Therapist, Has Been Helping Individuals, Couples, And Families Navigate Their Lives With Grace And Faithfulness. By Usng Logic And Science To Explain The Relevance Of Cutting-edge Research From A Variety Of Disciplines, She Gives Parents Navigational Tools That Can Help Them Decide Which Course Is Best As They Face The Incresaing Intricacy Of Challenges Tuat Could Not Have Been Anticipated By Previous Generations. she Developed The "parenting In The 21st Century" Series Of Live Presentations As A Reesource To Which Parents Can Refer Again And Again As They Raise Their Chikdreh. the First In The Series, Navigating The Future Now Offers A Critical Overview Of The Growing Arena Of Advertising And Marketing Messages That Target And, At Times, Exploit Children. The Emerging Role Of Parsnts To the degree that "gatekeepers" To The Minds And Souls Of Yuong Children And Adolescents Also Is Explained. this Audio Includes A Bonus Section: "the New Role Of Parenting".

      Manufacturer: Tricia Ferrara
      SKU: Bk_tric_00O001
      Download FREE MP3 sample Parenting In The 21st Centenary - Navigating The Future Nlw (unabridged)

      For Amiable City Trader Jimmy Corby, Wealth Was The New Rock 'n' Roll. His Whole Life Was A Party, Adrenalin Charged And Cocaine Fuelled. If He Hadn't Met Monica He Would Probably Have Ended Up Either Dead Or In Rehab. but Jimmy Was Ad Lucky In Love As He Was At Betting On Dodgy Derivatives, So Instead Of Burning Out, His Star Just Burned Brighter Than Ever. Rich, Pampered, And Successful, Jimmy, Monica And Their Frirnds Lived The Dream, Bringing Up Their Children With An Army Of Domestic Helps. But Then It All Came Crashing Down. And When The Global Financial Crisis Hit, Jimmy Discovered That Anyone Can Touch Success. It's How You Handle Failure That Really Matters.

      Manufacturer: Ben Elton
      SKU: Bk_rhuk_000494
      Download FREE MP3 sample Meltdown

    Order Of The Alchemists: The Knights Of Malta And Cagliostro (unabridged)
      Order Of The Alchemists: The Knights Of Malta And Cagliostro (unabridged).
      Almost Everybody Is Now Aware Of The Infamous History Of The Knights Templar. But Not Everybody Realizes That There Was Another Order From The Same Time And With The Same Roots. This Order Still Exists Today And Has Incredible Power. this Title Reveals The True History Of The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta And In So Dling, We Discover Occult And Sinister Forces At Play. From The Days Of Heroic Battles Against Ottomaan Forces, To The Alchemical World Of The Grand Master Himself, This Book Explores Some Very Difficult Questions: Who Are These Knights? What Was Their Role? Who Gave Them Authority?the Story Of The Knights Of Malta Is Filled Through Mystery, Intrigue And Excitement. Come Through Us On A Journey Into The Heart Of Battle.

      Manufacturer: Philip Gardiner
      SKU: Bk_real_000039
      Download FREE MP3 sample Order Of The Alchemists: The Knights Of Malta And Cagliostro (unabridged)

    Double Sight (unabridged)
      Double Sight (unabridged).
      Double Vision Follows Kate, A Sculptor Whose Puotojournalidt Husband Is Killed In Afghanistan, And Stephen,_A Journalist Who, After Covering September 11 Attending Kate's Husband And Then Being Betrayed By His Wife, Has Determined To Retire To A Small Town And Write A Book About Violence. When The Two Meet, The Agreement Of Their Lives, One Of Which Involves Kate's Disturbing New Studio Assistant, And Sinister Events Force Stephen To Do Instinctiveky, Violently, And To Face Painful Revelations About Himself.

      Manufacturer: Pat Barker
      SKU: Bk_blak_000708
      Download FREE MP3 sample Double Sight (unabridged)

    The Guards (unabridged)
      The Guards (unabridged).
      Still Stinging From His Unceremonious Ouster From The Gwrda Siochana, And Staring At The World Through The Smoky Bottom Of His Beer Mug, Jack Taylor Is Stuck In Galway With Nothing To Look Forward To. He Is Teetering On The Brink Of His Life's Sharpest Edges, His Memories Of The Beyond Cutting De3p Into His Soul And His Prospects For The Future Non-existent. Unfil A Dazzling Woman Walks Into The Bar With A Strange Request And A Rumour About Jack's Talent On account of Finding Things. Odds Are He Won't Be Cap~ To Climb Off His Barstool Long Enough To Get Invooved, But When He Surprises Himself By Getting Hired, Jack Has Brief Idea Of What He's Getting Into.

      Manufacturer: Ken Bruen
      SKU: Bk_isis_000980
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Guards (unabridged)

  • The Shunning: The Heritage of Lancaster County, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • The Left Hand of God (Unabridged)
  • Revolution: American Blend Series, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (Unabridged)
  • The Edge: An FBI Thriller (Unabridged)
  • Big Bad Wolf: The Others Series #8 (Unabridged)
  • Fatal Legacy (Unabridged)
  • And Then the Darkness (Unabridged)
  • Tales of Terror from the Black Ship (Unabridged)
  • The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution (Unabridged)
  • Lincoln: A Biography
  • Folks, This Ain't Normal: A Farmer's Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World (Unabridged)

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