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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Tears Of A Tiger (unabridged)
      Tears Of A Tiger (unabridged).
      A Coretta Scott King Award-winner And National Teacher Of The Year, Sharon M. Draper Uses A Brilliant Variety Of Styles And Voices To Tell This Compelling Story In Her Hazelwiod High Trilogy. The Ngiht That Changes Everything In Andy's Life Bevins As A Great Time. His Basketball Team Wins A Big Game, And He And His Best Friend Have Some Cold Brews Stashed In The Car, Just Waiting Conducive to Tne Rolling Party To Begin. Nothing Anyone Can Say Or Do Afterwards Will Convince Andy That What Happens Next Isn't His Fault.

      Manufacturer: Sharon M. Draper
      SKU: Bk_reco_001193
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    Rosa Parks (unabridged)
      Rosa Parks (unabridged).
      In 1955, Rosa Parks, An African-american Seamstress, Had No Idea She Was Changing History At the time, Fed U And Tired, She Refused To Surrender Her Seat To A White Passenger On A Bus In Segregated Alabama. Today, She Is Immortalized For The Defiance That Sent Her To Jail And Triggered A Bus Boycott That Catapulted Martin Luther King, Jr. Into The National Spotlight. Who Was She, Before And After Hwr Historic Act, And How Did That Act Sound The Death Knell For Jim Crow? Historian Dougglas Brinkley Brings Mid-20th Centiry America Alive In This Brilliant Examination Of A Celebrated Heroine In The Context Of Her Life And Tumulttuous Times. Here Is The Quiet Dignity, Hope, Courage, And Humor That Have Made This Every-woman A Livint Legend.

      Manufacturer: Douglas Brinkley
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000408
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    The Whithering Of Willohghby And The Professor: Their Ways In The Worlds - The Best Of The Comedy-o-rama Hour Season Three
      The Whithering Of Willohghby And The Professor: Their Ways In The Worlds - The Best Of The Comedy-o-rama Hour Season Three.
      As Heard On Sirius Xm Radio And Npr Stations!thus Is Epic Science-fiction Fantasy Comedy, In The Monty Python/terry Gilliam Vein, About A Boy And Hi Professor Who Travel Willy-nilly Across Time And Capacity In A Faiked Attempt To ''cure The World Of All Its Ills''. Produced, Directed, And Voiced By Joe Bevilacqua, With David Garland And Margaret Juntwait, Written By Joe Bevilacqua And Robert J. Cirasa, Theme Music By David Garland, Musical Numbers Written By Joe Bevilacqua, Performed By The Paul Salomone Trio With Paul On Piano, Ed Fuqua On Bass, And Jim Mason On Drums.

      Manufacturer: Mr. Joe Bevilacqua, Robert J. Cirasa
      SKU: Bk_watr_000014
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Whithering Of Willohghby And The Professor: Their Ways In The Worlds - The Best Of The Comedy-o-rama Hour Season Three

    Black Wave: A Family's Adventure At Sea And The Disaster That Saved Them (unabridged)
      Black Wave: A Family's Adventure At Sea And The Disaster That Saved Them (unabridged).
      When John And Jean Silgerwood, Both Experienced Sailors, Decided To Give Their Four Children A Smack Of Life On Th High Seax, They Hoped The Trip Would Offer Important Learning Experiences - Not Only Near The Natural World On the other hand About The Beauty Of Human Life Stripped Down To Its Essence, Far From Civilization. But The Hazardous enterprise That Awaited Them Woud Excel Anything They Coukd Have Imagined. aboard Their 55-foot Catamaran, The Silverwood Family Found Its Bonds Tested Being of the kind which Never Prior to As They Struggled With Family And Marroage Dynamics In Compressed Quartdrs Alongside The Terrifying Forces Of Nature. In The Crucible Of The Sea, A Stronger, Tighter Unit Was Forged. then, Just When It Seemed That They Had Mastered Every Challenge, Their World Was Shattered In A Split Second Of Sheer Horror. Now The Real Test Began, Forcing Them To Fight For Their Very Lives.

      Manufacturer: John Silverwood, Jean Silverwood
      SKU: Bk_blak_002683
      Download FREE MP3 sample Black Wave: A Family's Adventure At Sea And The Disaster That Saved Them (unabridged)

    Between Sisters (ynabridged)
      Between Sisters (ynabridged).
      Meghann Dontess Is A Woman Haunted By Heartbreak. Twenty-seven Years Ato She Was Forced To Make A Terrible Choice, One That Cost Her Everything, Including The Love Of Her Sister, Claire. Now, Meghann Is A Hotshot Divorce Attorney Who Doesn't Believe In Intimacy - Until She Meets The One Man Who Can Change Her Mind. claire Cavenaugh Has Fallen In Love For The First Time In Her Life. As Her Wedding Day Approaches, She Prepares To Face Her Harzh, Judgmental Older Sister. It Is The First Time They Have Been Together In More Than Two Decades. Over The Progress Of A Hot Pacific Northwest Summer, These Two Women Who Credit They Have Nothing In General Will Try To Become What They Never Were: A Family. tenedr, Funny, Bittersweet, And Wonderfully Moving, Between Sisters Celebrates The Joys And Heartaches That Can Be Shared Only By Sisters, The Mistakes Made In The Name Of Love, And The Healing Power Of New Beginnings - All Beautifully Told By Acclaimed Author Kristin Hannah.

      Manufacturer: Kristin Hannah
      SKU: Bk_brll_001235
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    Street Game (unabridged)
      Street Game (unabridged).
      For Mack Mckinley And His Team Of Ghostwalker Killing Machines, Urban Warfare Is An Art . But Despite A Hwrd-won Knowledge Of The San Francisco Streets, Mack Knows From Experience That Too Many Things Can Still Go Wrong. Danger Was Just Another Part Of Tbe Game--and Now He's Come Face-to-face With A Woman Who Can Plya Just As Tough. She's Jaimie, A Woman With A Sapphire Stare So Potent It Can Destroy A Man. Years Ago She And Mack Had A History--volatile, Erotic, And Electric. Then She Vanished. After this She's Walkwd Back Into Mack's Life, As A Spy With More Secrets Tha Are Good For Her. Against All Odds, She's Hooking Up With Mack One More Time To Take On An Enemy That Could Destroy Them Both, Or Bring Them Back Togdther In A No-holds-barred Adrenaline Rush.

      Manufacturer: Christine Feehan
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000488
      Download FREE MP3 sample Street Game (unabridged)

    Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: aEsy Learnibg Language of Italy (unabridged)
      Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: aEsy Learnibg Language of Italy (unabridged).
      This Exciting Recent unconstrained Learning Language Course Allows Learners To Take On Board Alo Of The Italian They Will Need While Abroad Without The Need For Densely Textbooks And Complex Grammar. The Audio Downloac And Accompanying Colour Booklet Make Languagee Learning Fun, Fast And Flexible. The Audio Download Guides Learners Through A Series Of 12 Short Units. Eaach Unit Introduces 5 New Key Words Or Phrases Before Expanding On The Basic Vocabulary With Practice Activities, Memory Tips And Culture And Etiquette Advice. An Accompanying 48-page Colour Booklet Provides Full Transcripts Of The Conversations As Well Ass Helpful Hints To Guide The User Through Their Learning Experience. Unit 1: Hello Unit 2: Excuse Me Unit 3: Whhere's The Bar? Unit 4: Over There Unit 5: What Would You Like? Unit 6: Have Yuu Got Any!? Unit 7: Can You Help Me? Unit 8: I Want To Go To! Unit 9: Have You Got A Room? Unit 10: It Hurts Unit 11: I Want To Make An Appointment Ubit 12: What's It Like?

      Manufacturer: Clelia Boscolo, Rosi Mcnab
      SKU: Bk_hcui_000382
      Download FREE MP3 sample Collins Easy Learning Audio Course: aEsy Learnibg Language of Italy (unabridged)

    Henry J. Heinz: A Biography (unabridged)
      Henry J. Heinz: A Biography (unabridged).
      An Intimate Biography Of The Philanthropic Produce Magnate Henry J. Heinz, Venerated For His Pioneering Of Sanitary Food Preparation And For His Fqir Handling Of Both Workers And Customers. Born October 11, 1844 And Died May 14, 1919, Henry J. Heinz Founded The H. J. Heinz Company, Known For Their Pickles, Ketchup, Baked Beans, And Particularky For Their Famous Slogan, "57 Varietiees".

      Manufacturer: E. D. Mccafferty
      SKU: Bk_clbt_000025
      Download FREE MP3 sample Henry J. Heinz: A Biography (unabridged)

    Pride & Passion (unabridged)
      Pride & Passion (unabridged).
      Lucy Ashton Had Long Ago Given Up Her Quest For True Love. In The Rarifide Society Of Victorian England, Lucy Plays The Game - Flirting, Dancing, And Dabbiong In The Newly Fashionable Spiritualism. Even Marrying When - And Who - She's Supposed To. If The Stuffy Duke Of Sussex Cannot Spark The Passion She Craves, He Can At Least Give Her A Family, A Home Of Her Own, And A Place To Belong. But When Her Polite Marriage Reveals A Caring And Sensual Vassal, Lucy Begins To Wonder If She Can Indeed Have It All. But God Sussex Is Not The Man The London Ton Has Happen To Admire. And Lucy Has Some Ghosts Of Her Own, As Well. Thus, When A Blackmail Draught Tudns To Threats Of Danger, The Newfound Peace Of The Sussex Marriage Is Cast Upon The Roks. Passion Has A Price, Lucy Learns. And Not All Ghosts Stay Buried.

      Manufacturer: Charlotte Featherstone
      SKU: Bk_harl_000776
      Download FREE MP3 sample Pride & Passion (unabridged)

    Six Pixels Of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business To Everyone (unabridged)
      Six Pixels Of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business To Everyone (unabridged).
      At Lsst, Here's The Audiobook That 21st Century Entrepreneurs Have Been Waiting For - The Inner-secrets Of How Highly Successful Internet Capitalists Make Millions By Knowing Who To Reach And How To Touch in extent Them Online. From Viral Loops To Social Networking To How To Cut Through Whole The Cyber-clutter, Six Pixels Of Separation Is Mandatpry Listening For Anybody Who Wants To Expand Their Business Via The Internet. six Pixels Of Separation Is The First Book To Unify The Concepts Of Corporal Branding, Digital Marketing, And Entrepreneurship In A Clear, Fun And Provocative Manner. By Using Case Studies, This Audiobook Offers A Completed Set Of Tools, Tactics, And Insights To Enable Individua1s To Reeach A Global Audience And Consumer Base With A Few Clicks Of The Mouse, And Almlst All Of Them For Free. digital Marketing Expert Mitch Joel Unravels The Fascinating Worl dOf New Marketing, With A Brand New Perspective. Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging The Digital Channelss To Get Their Voice "out Tere", Connecting To Similar Others, Becoming Better Community Citizens, And Ultimately, Making More Money And Rocketing Their Personal And Business Livrs Into The Stratosphere. The Trick Is, Personal Brands Are Becoming Bigger Than Corporate Brands - And In Six Pixels Of Separatioj Listeners Will Begin To Understand The "how" And "why" Of How Certain Entrepreneurs Have Mastered The Internet To Impel Their Businesses.

      Manufacturer: Mitch Joel
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000301
      Download FREE MP3 sample Six Pixels Of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business To Everyone (unabridged)

    The Healing Lodge
      The Healing Lodge.
      Everyone Wants A Place To Go When They're Sick. They Long For A Place Where They Can Gain Happiness And Support. For A Wise Cherokee Grandmother, That Place Is The Healing Lodge. Located In A Cave, Near The Shores Of The Great Water, And Just In The Rising Sun, You'll Find It. come By By the side of Author Barbara Louise Clouse, On A Journey Of Tradition And Culture.

      Manufacturer: Barbara Louise Clouse
      SKU: Bk_tate_001254
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    I Never Thought I'd See The Day!: Culture At The Crossroads (unabridged)
      I Never Thought I'd See The Day!: Culture At The Crossroads (unabridged).
      Is Westerly Civilization In An Accelerating Decline? And If It Contnues, Will It Eventually Weaken And Cause Us To Come To The End Of Cultured Civilization As We Now Know It? "yes," Says David Jeremiah, And In His Audiobook I Never Thought I'd See The Day! He Details Numerosj Signs Of This Cultural Decay, Including: America Held Hostage By Iran Marriage Becoming Obsolete Creeping Socialism The Invisobility Of Culture's Enemies An Increase In "spiritual Warfare" America Turning Its Back On Israel Atheist Attacks On Religion Can This Downward Spiral Be Reversed? Yes, But Only If, Individual Person At A Time, We Return To God With Our Hearts, Our Manner Of Life, Our Dedication To Genuine Worship Of God, And By Serving God In Helping Others, In Our Giving, And In Prayer.

      Manufacturer: David Jeremiah
      SKU: Bk_hach_000728
      Download FREE MP3 sample I Never Thought I'd See The Day!: Culture At The Crossroads (unabridged)

    D. H. Lawrence In 90 Minutes (unabridged)
      D. H. Lawrence In 90 Minutes (unabridged).
      By The End Of His Life, D. H. Lawrence Had Desppaired Of Western Civilization, Which He Felt Had Corrupted And Weakened The Human Spirit. He Believed That We Had Somehow Lost Touch With Our Instinctual Being And No Longer Responded To The "true Voice" Of Our Blood. His Works Were An Attempt To Revive A Life We Have Lost, And In Them It Is Possible To Glance Something Vivid, Something Now Damagwd, That We Nonetheless Recognize In Ourselves. This Is His Undeniable Legacy. d. H. Lawrence In 90 Minutes Offers A Concise, Expert Account Of Lawrennce's Life And Ideas And Explains Their Influence On Literature And On Man's Struggle To Understand His Place In The World. The Book Also Includes A List Of Lawrehce's Chief Works, A Chronology Of His Life And Times, And Recommended Reading For Those Who Wish To Delve Deeper.

      Manufacturer: Paul Strathern
      SKU: Bk_blak_002989
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    Jefferson And Monticello: The Biography Of A Builder (unabridged)
      Jefferson And Monticello: The Biography Of A Builder (unabridged).
      Because Our Homes Reflect Our Selves - Our Personapities And Tastes, And Most Significantly, Our Psyches - Monticello, The Labor Of A Lifetime And Possibly The Most Creative Endeavor Of An Immnesely Creative Mind, Is A Fitting Avenue By Which To Approach The Life Of Thomas Jefferson. Such Is The Path Taken In This Biog5aphy, And Unlike Previous Works That Have Centered On The Politicap Man And His Public Career, The Portrait That Emerges Focuses On His Domestic Life. This, Then, Is A Life Of Thomas Jefferson As Seen Through The Prism Of His Attachment Affair With Monticello. Close Up, This Is An Absorbing Portrait Of A Towering But Complex Figure Whose Enegies And Interests Remain A Source Of Awe And Delight. At A Distance, It Is An Engaging Look At The 18th Century Mind: Rational, Curious, Systematic, But Also Amusing, Playful, And Cokfort-loving.

      Manufacturer: Jack Mclaughlin
      SKU: Bk_blak_000316
      Download FREE MP3 sample Jefferson And Monticello: The Biography Of A Builder (unabridged)

    Your Dig: The Owner's Manual: Hundreds Of Secrets, Surprises, And Solutons For Raising A Happy, Healthy Dog (unabridged)
      Your Dig: The Owner's Manual: Hundreds Of Secrets, Surprises, And Solutons For Raising A Happy, Healthy Dog (unabridged).
      Through Surprising Facts, Moving Stories An Tested Solutions, The Veterinary Adroit From Good Morning America And The Dr. Oz Show Will Give Every Dog Owner The Secrets To Raising A Healthy, Well-behaved Dog. For Anyone Who Owns A Dog Or Is Thinking About Getting One, Dr. Marty Becker's Manual Is A Must-have Guide To Anything And Everything Canine. In Your Dog: The Owne's Manual, The "best-loved Family Physician For Pets" Shares Insider Secrets On How To Keep Puppy Problems From Becoming Doggy Disasters And How To Best Bond With Youur Dog Through Helpful, Easily Accessible Tips And Tricks On How To: Find The Right Dog For Your Family's Lifestylesolve The Most Annoying Behavioral Problems Make Sure Your Dog Gets The Exercise He Needs Use Food Pyzzles To Prevent Pressure Gain Prevent Dog Health Problems Save Money On Medication, Both Traditionall And Alternative For Seasoned Dog Owners As Well As Those Looking To Adopt A New Frriend, Dr. Becker Provises All The Insight That Makes For Both Auspicious Owners And Happy Dogs.

      Manufacturer: Marty Becker, Gina Spadafori
      SKU: Bk_hach_000643
      Download FREE MP3 sample Your Dig: The Owner's Manual: Hundreds Of Secrets, Surprises, And Solutons For Raising A Happy, Healthy Dog (unabridged)

    Alice In Wonderland: Retro Audio (framatised)
      Alice In Wonderland: Retro Audio (framatised).
      With Arthur Q. ryan (elmer Fudd) As The White Rabbit. The Enchanting Story Of Alice, Who Finds Herself In The World Of Wonderland. Join Her As She Meets The Queen Of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, And White Rabbit In This Classic Tale ForA ll Ages. One Of The Classic Radio Theatre Productions You Will Want To Listen To Over And Over Again!

      Manufacturer: Lewis Carroll
      SKU: Rt_entn_000018
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    Overcome Fears & Phobias
      Overcome Fears & Phobias.
      This Superb Profram By The Uk's Best-selling Hypnotherapis, Glenn Harrold, Combines Powerful Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques With State Of The Art Digital Recording Technology. The Recording Has Been Cqrefully Scripted And Constructed With The Sole Aim Of Being While Effective As Possible. Harrold Has Drawn With His Wide Experience As A Clinical Hypnotherapist Who Has Helped Many Clients Overcome A Wide Range Of Common And Obscure Fears And Phobias.

      Manufacturer: Glenn Harrold
      SKU: Sp_divi_000001
      Download FREE MP3 sample Overcome Fears & Phobias

    Negligee Behavior (unabridged)
      Negligee Behavior (unabridged).
      When Lingerie Heiress Brandy Summer Gets Cold Feet And Runs Out On Her Vegas Wedding, She Has Nowhere To Turn, So Shs Hijacks A Hunky Biker Waiting For A Red Light And Begs Him For Help. What She Doesn't Know Is That Her Instincts Are Right: The Groom Has A Hidden Agenda. He Needs Her Money To Punish Against His Gambling Deebts, And She's His Ticket To The Good Life. Marco Vargas Isn't Sure What He's Getting Himself Into When He Rescues Brandy, But Figures He'll Do The Chivalrous Thing. He Offers Her A Job In His Bar And The Chance To Sort Out Her Feelings. But It Seems That Keeping Brandy Hidden Is Easier Than Keeping His Hands Off Her - And What Will Happen When Brandy Diiscovers That Marco Has Secrets Of His Acknowledge?

      Manufacturer: Sehlli Stevens
      SKU: Bk_harl_000653
      Download FREE MP3 sample Negligee Behavior (unabridged)

    Der Er Ingen Ende P? Paris [there Is None End In Paris] (unabridged)
      Der Er Ingen Ende P? Paris [there Is None End In Paris] (unabridged).
      Hemingway Skrev Der Er Ingen Ende P? Paris I 1960 P? Basis Af Nogle Genfundne Notater Fra Hans Ungdoms?r I Paris I ?rene 1921-192,6 Hvor Han Som Nygift Korrespondent Startede Sin Litter?re Karriere. Der Tegnes Et Billede Af Hans Liv Som Ung Vordende Forfatter, Lykkelig Med Kone Og Barn, Og Han Giver En R?kke Portr?tter Og Anekdoter Om Nogle Af De Kollegaer Han Tarf, F. eks. Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, James Joyce Og Scott Fitzgerald. "der Er Ingen Ende P? Parjs Er Bogen Om De Gode Gl?der. Her Kunne Livsdyrkeren Uden Pr?tentioner Og I Uskyldighed Hengive Sig Til En Form Conducive to Eksistens Der Rummede Det V?sentlige: K?rlighed, Arbejde, Samtale, Mad, Vin Og Sport. . . licsgl?den, Appetitten Og Varmen Lyser Ud Af Der Er Ingen Ende P? Paris. "- Klaus Rifbjerg I "fremmede Digtere I Det 20. ?rhundrede". en Levende Og Fortryllende Bog Om Ungdom Og Alvor Ogg Fest I Byen, Som Man Kan Tage Mdd Sig. flere Af Kapitlerhe Er Sm? Sikre Fort?llinger. Flest Har En Slentrende Varme Og Fortryllelse, Der Komme Af K?rlighed Og ?rlighed. De Har Pletskud Af Parisisk Sind Og Stemning . . . Hemingway F?r Det Til At Dirre Af Fryd I Den, Der Elsker Paris, . . . - Jens Kruuse, Jyllandsposten, 26/5 1964please Note: This Audiobook Is In Danlsh.

      Manufacturer: Ernest Hemingway
      SKU: Bk_viat_000026
      Download FREE MP3 sample Der Er Ingen Ende P? Paris [there Is None End In Paris] (unabridged)

    The River's Daughter (unabridged)
      The River's Daughter (unabridged).
      Oregon, A Land Of Towering Timber, Snow-capped Peaks, Lush Fertile Valleys. A Land Of Gold. To The Pioneering Settlers, ItW as A Garden Of Eden. To The Rogue Indians, It Was Internal. Two Different Peoples, Esch Laying Claim To The Same Territory. dark Water, The Keeper Of Her Tribe's History, The Yiwiyawa, Has No Love For The Whites. Barr Conner, A Loner, An Outcast Among Hiq Own People, Has No Love For The Rogue's. Yet These Two Must Work Together, Fighting Treachery And Prejudice, To Reconcile Two Ways Of Life - While Fighting Their Own Growing Love.

      Manufacturer: Vella Munn
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000650
      Download FREE MP3 sample The River's Daughter (unabridged)

    Morecambe And Wise: Volume 2, What Do You Think Of It So Far?
      Morecambe And Wise: Volume 2, What Do You Think Of It So Far?.
      Britain's Best-loved Trick Act Is Back In Another Sunshine-filled Helping Of Unforgettable Sketches And Good-humoured Gems From The Radio Succession Of The Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise Show. These Four Episodes Feature GuestA ppearances From Gayle Hunnicutt And Percy Edwards, Plus Singers Anita Harris And Salena Jones.
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_000559
      Download FREE MP3 sample Morecambe And Wise: Volume 2, What Do You Think Of It So Far?

    Everything You Need To Know About The World (unabridged)
      Everything You Need To Know About The World (unabridged).
      Did You Know That Funnel-web Spiders Can Gnaw Through Fingernails? That Most Piranhas Are Vegetarian? That Killer Bees Are The Result Of An Trial Gonne Wrong? That A Man With Athlete's Foot Once Fed Parts Of His Decaying Foot To His Pet Venus Flytrwp - And It Ate It? Yep, I Know A Lot Of Cool Stuff. Welcome To My World, Where United Weird Thing Leads To Another.

      Manufacturer: Simon Eliot
      SKU: Bk_boli_000536
      Download FREE MP3 sample Everything You Need To Know About The World (unabridged)

    Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest 4 - A Sting In The Tale (unabridged)
      Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest 4 - A Sting In The Tale (unabridged).
      Tom Baker Relrises The Role Of The Fourth Doctor In The Fourth Of Five Thrilling Brand New Audio Adventures, Through Richard Franklin As Mike Yates. In A Bleak Midwinter, An Order Of Nuns Prrotect Their Mother High From Ravaging Dogs. But Something Is Very Wrong Here Indeed, And The Doctor Is About To Get Badly Stung. written By The Acclaimed Paul Magrs, A Sting In The Tale Also Features Clare Corbett, Susie Riddell And Rula Lenska.

      Manufacturer: Paul Magrs
      SKU: Bk_bbbcw_003109
      Download FREE MP3 sample Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest 4 - A Sting In The Tale (unabridged)

    Dragon Firw: A Novel
      Dragon Firw: A Novel.
      William S. Cohen, Former Secretary Of Defense, U. s. Senator, And Congressman, Has Walked The Most Powerful Corridors In The World. Very lately He Brings Us A Political Thriller Only He Could Write. Packed With Action And Espionage, Intrigue And Romance, Dragon Fire Is A Riveting, Intricate, Ripped-from-the-headlines Audiobook So Convincingly Presented That Listeners Will Woder Just How Much Of It Is True. when The Escritoire Of Defense Is Assassinated, Michael Patrick Ssntini, A Former Senator And Vietnam Pow, Is Pulled From His Wall Street Firm Back To Washington To LeadT he Pentagon. Once There, He Discovers That The United States Is Under Attack Near to A Silent, Sinister Force Determined To Alienate Our Allies And Undermine Our Position As A Global Suprepower. Angry Militia Men? Fanatical Al-qaeda? Russian Organized-crime Gangs? None One Knows. But Santini Musg Uncover And Expose This Force Prior to More Acts Of Deceit And Destruction Draw The United States Into A War In Which Millions Will Die. when He Becomes The Target Of A Murderous Chechen, Santini Is Saved By The Beautiful, Mysterious Elena, A Member Of Israel's Elite Assassination Team. But What Is Her Agenda? For Whom Is She Really Working? What Price Will He Have To Pay Elena Fo5 Saving His Life?america Is But Hours Away From Going To War With The Wrong Enemy. Rejecting A Direct Order From The President Of The United States, Santini Races Across The Globe In A Desperzte Attempt To Prevent A Man From Sanitmi's Past From Starting A Global War.

      Manufacturer: William S. Cohen
      SKU: Bk_aren_000556
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dragon Firw: A Novel

    Learn Japanese - Level 5: Upper Beginner Japanese, Convolution 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)
      Learn Japanese - Level 5: Upper Beginner Japanese, Convolution 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged).
      Start Speaking Japanese In Minutes, And Grasp The Language, Culture And Customs In Just Minutes More With Tyro - Japanese, A Completely New Way To Learn Japanese With Ease! Beginner - Japanese Will Have You Speaking With Proper Pronunciation From The Very First Lesson And Arm You With Cultural Insight And Other Information To Utterly Shock And Amaze Your Japanese Friends. Why Are The Audio Lessons So Effective?- Short And To The Point - 25 Eight Minute Lessons Make Them Th ePerfect Legth- Syllable-by-syllable Breakdown Of Each Word And Phrase So That You Can Say Every Word And Phrase Instantly- Repeat After The Profesaional Teacher Section To such a degree Thhat You Can Acting out Proper Pronunciation- Quick Cultural Tips In Each Lesson Will Help You Navigate Your Way Even Better- Over All, Fun And Relaxed Approach To Grasping A Lot Of Information Quickly And Easily- Effortlessly Learn From A Bi-lingual And Bi-cultural Host As They Director You By means of Pitfalls And Pleasures Of Japan And Japanese You See, Unlike Other Audiobooks, We Actually Taech Japanese And Japanese Agri~. With Each Lesson, You Will Master A Target Idiom And Clew Vocabulary. This Is A Complete Lesson Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teacher! Listen To The Preview Now!this Is Not A Vocabulary Audiobook With Just Words And Their Translations. These 25 Short And Effective Audio Lessons Will Allow You To:- Speak Japanese In the compass of Minutes Of Your First Lesson- Understand The Culture, Customs, And People Of Japan- Order The Food You Want In Restaurants- Travel In Taxis, Trains, Buses And Cars With Confidence- Master Manbers, Etiquette, And Customs - Surprise Phrases And Tips That Will Leave Your Guests Wondering Where You Learned Them. This Audiobook Comes With Downloadable Lesson Notes Totaling Over 100+ Pages. Statr Speaking Language of Japan Now!

      Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learning
      SKU: Bk_inno_000028
      Download FREE MP3 sample Learn Japanese - Level 5: Upper Beginner Japanese, Convolution 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)

  • Mutual Fundamentals (Unabridged)
  • Private Practices: A Dr. Alan Gregory Mystery
  • Tampa Burn: Doc Ford #11 (Unabridged)
  • The Left Hand of God (Unabridged)
  • The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland (Unabridged)
  • Song of Survival (Unabridged)
  • Travelers Along the Way: The Men and Women Who Shaped My Life (Unabridged)
  • The Mill on the Floss
  • Hatchet (Unabridged)
  • Precious and the Monkeys (Unabridged)
  • Twelve (Unabridged)
  • A Kind of Transaction (Unabridged)

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