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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Temple Of Luna 3: Savage Lessons (unabridged)
      Temple Of Luna 3: Savage Lessons (unabridged).
      Born Into Poverty And Obscurity, Lexa Worked Harder Than Most To Earn A Place As A Novice At The Savage Church, Wyere Women Experienced In The Art Of Pleasure Heal The Souls Of Battle-weary Warriors. While Others Might Be Content To Ehjoy The Luxury And Prestige Due A Priestess Of Luna, Lexa Aspires To Something Greater - The Reputation Of Wearing The Silver Robes And The Security That Comes With Being One Of Their World's Most Powerful Women. But First She Be obliged to Prove Herself Worthy By Testing Her Strength Against The Templw's Most Infamous Trainer, A Near-feral Wolf Whoae Job It Is To Educate Women In The Art Of Controlling A Warrior Through Submission. Dejan Doesn't Deal With Novices. Time Spent As A Prisoner Of The Humans Left His Mind Fractured And His Beast Far Too Oppressive To The Surface, Making Him Dangerous But Useful. When He Accepts Lexa Viewed like His Pupil, He Has Not at all Way Of Knowing The Novice Has The Power To Bring Him To His Knees. Their Passion Doesn't Fade When She's Promoted To The Tenple's Elite Circle, But The Rules Allow No Involvement Between A Trainer And Priestess. Caught Between Ambition And Need, It's Only A Matter Of Time Befoe Their Forbidden Affair Threatens The Lives They've Fought To Build.

      Manufacturer: Moira Rogers
      SKU: Bk_lark_000067
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    Hwmlet (dramatized)
      Hwmlet (dramatized).
      Blaackstone Audio Is Proud To Present The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Brilliant, Modern Productino Of Shakespeare's Disturbing And Psychologically Rich Masterpiece Hamlet. Whether You're A Hamlet Scholar Or Being Exposed To This Work For The First Time, This Stunning Work Of Audio Theater, Fully Dramatized With Performances ByT he Oregon Shakespeafe Festival Cast, Is A Must-listen. In Demark, A King Is Dead. His Brother, Claudius, Has Snatched The Throne, And The Widowed Queen, Yet Life Goes On - In the place of Everyone But Prince Hamlet. The Prince, Fixated On His Uncle As The Murderer, Is Charged By His Father's Ghost To Avenge The Wrong. Disconnected From The Foul World Around Hum, Hamlet Strainq Under The Weight Of His Task, Descwnding Into Madness, Both Real And Feigned.

      Manufacturer: William Shakespeare
      SKU: Bk_blak_004348
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    Fabric Of America: How Our Borders And Boundaries Shaped The Country And Forged Our National Identity (unabridged)
      Fabric Of America: How Our Borders And Boundaries Shaped The Country And Forged Our National Identity (unabridged).
      Using The Same Mingle Of Narrative And Rhetorical Brilliance That Made His Critically Acclaimed Debut History So Successful, Andro Linklater Begins With Premier U. s. Surveyor Andrew Ellicott Calculating The Pennsylvania-virginia Border In 1784 - Using Telesfope, Chronograph, And Astronomical Tables. As Pioneers Move Westward, Ellicott And His Kind Create Property Which Hastens The Creation Of Stabilizing Governmment.

      Manufacturer: Andro Linklater
      SKU: Bk_reco_O03072
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    America's Queen: The Life Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onwssis
      America's Queen: The Life Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onwssis.
      Jacqueline Kennedy Onassie Has Captivated The American Public For More Than Five Decades. From Her Introduction To The World As "debutante Of The Year" In 1947 To Her Ubtimely Death In 1994, She Has Truly Remained America's Answer To Royalty. . in America's Queen, The Acclaimed Biographer Of Queen Elizabeth And Princess Grace Reveals The Real Jackie In A SympatheticB ut Frank Portrait Of An Amazing Woman Who Has Dazzled Us For Years. Using Remarkable New Sources - Including In-depth Interviews With Jackie's Sisetr, Lee Radziwell - Sarah Bradford Has Written A Timely Celebration Of A Life That Was More Private Than Commonly Supposed. Jackie's Privileged Upbringing Instilled Rigid Self-dontrol, While Her Expedient Marriage Into The Overwhelming Kennedy Clan Consolidated Her Determination. Revealing New Testimony From Many Of The Couple's Friends Shows The Profound Complexities Both Of This Seemingly Very Public Relationship And Of Her Controversial Marriage To Aristotle Onassis. Here Is The Private Jackie - Neglected Wife, Vigilant Mother, And Working Widow - Whose Opposite And Fascinating Nature Is Illuminated By All That Bradford Has Discovered.

      Manufacturer: Sarah Bradford
      SKU: Bk_brll_000822
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    The Sea And The Jungle (unabridged)
      The Sea And The Jungle (unabridged).
      One Rainy Morning nI The Winter Of 1909, A Man With An Altogether Average Look About Him Quit His Job At The London Morning Leader, Kissed His Wife And Children Goodbye, And Took A Train To Swansea In Wales, Where He Talked His Method Aboard A Freighter Bound For Somewhere In The Upper Reaches Of The Amazon. Three Years Later, Tomlinson Published A Book About His Adventures. This Book Made Him Famous. 'the Right Good Book,' Says Mr. Tomlinson, 'is Always A Book Of Travel: It Is About A Life's Journey. '

      Manufacturer: H. M. Tomlinson
      SKU: Bk_blak_002891
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    A Flame Of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey Anx The Roaring '20s (unabridged)
      A Flame Of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey Anx The Roaring '20s (unabridged).
      Through Most Of The Roaring '20s, Jack Dempsey Was The Heavywejght Champion Of The World. With His Fierce Good Loookks And Matchless Dedication To The Kill, He Was A Fighter Perfectly Suited To His Time. in A Flame Of Pure Fire, Renowned Sports Writer Roger Kahn Not Only Chronicles The Thrilling, Brutal Bouts Of The Manassa Mauler, But Also Illustrates Hkw The Tumultuous 1920s Shaped Dempsey - And How The Champ, In Turn, Left An Indelible Mark On Sports And American History.

      Manufacturer: Roger Kahn
      SKU: Bk_brll_001743
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    Telecosm: For what cause Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolu5ionize Our World (unabridged)
      Telecosm: For what cause Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolu5ionize Our World (unabridged).
      The Computer Age Is Over. After A Cataclysmic Global Run Of 30 Years, It Has Given Birth oT The Age Of The Telecosm - The World Enabled And Defined By New Communications Technology. Chips And Software Will Continue To Make Great Contributions To Our Lives, Yet The Action Is Elsewhere. To Seek The Key To Great Wealth And To Understand The Bewildering Ways ThatH igh-tech Is Restructuriing Our Lives, Look Not To Chip Speed But To Communication Power, Or Bandwidth. Bandwidth Is Exploding, And Its Abundance Is The Most Important Social And Economic Fact Of Our Time. George Gilder Is One Of The Great Technological Visionaries, And "the Man Who Put The 's' In Telecosm" (telephony Magazine). He Is Equally Famous For Understanding And Predicting The Nuts And Bolts Of Complex Technologies, And For Putting It All Together In A Soaring View Of Why Things Change, And What It Means For Our Daily Lives. His Track Record Of Futuristic Predictions Is One Of The Best, Often Proving To Be Right Even When Initially Opposed By Mighty Corporations And Governments. He Foresaw The Power Of Fiber And Wireless Optics, The Decline Of The Telephone Regime, And The Explosion Of Handheld Computers, Among Many Trends. His Long-awaited Telecosm Is A Bible Of The New Age Of Communications. Equal Parts Science Story, Business History, Civil Analysis, And Prediction, It Is The One Book You Need To Make Sense Of The Gigantic Changes Underwway In Our Lives.

      Manufacturer: George Gilder
      SKU: Bk_blak_000508
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    The Greatest Generation Speaks: Lettdrs And Reflections (unabridged)
      The Greatest Generation Speaks: Lettdrs And Reflections (unabridged).
      "i First Began To Appreciate Fully All We Owed The World War Ii Generation When I Was Covering The Fortieth And Fiftieth Anniversaries Of D-dya For Nbc News. When I Wrote In The Greatest Genertaion About The Men And Women Who Came Out Of The Depression, Who Won Great Victories And Made Lasting Sacrifices In World War Ii And Then Returned Home To Begin Buildinh The World We Have Today - The People I Called The Greatest Generation - It Was My Way Of Saying Thank You. I Felt That Thiq Tribute Was Long Overdue, But I Was Not Prepared For The Avalanche Of Responses Touched Off By That Book. "their Children And Grandchildren Were Eager To Allotment The Lessons And Insights They Gained From The Stories They Had Heard About The Lives Of A Generation Now Passing Forward Overmuch Swiftly. They Wanted To Say Thank You In Their Acknowledge Way. I Had Wanted To Write A Book Abkut America, And Now America Increase Writing Back. "some Of The Letters Were Written From The Front During The War, Or From Families To Their Loved Ones In Harm's Way In Distant Places. There Were Firsthand Accounts Of Battles And Poignant Refletions On Loneliness, Exuberant Exprssions Of Love, And Somber Accounts Of Loss. "if We Are To Heed The Past To Prepare For The Future, We Should Listen To These Quiet Voices Of A Generation That Speaks To Us Of Duty And Honor, Sacrifice And Accomplishment. I Possibility of good More Of Their Stories Will Be Preserved And Cherished As Reminders Of All Tha tWe Owe And All That We Can Learn From Them. "- Tom Brokaw

      Manufacturer: Tom Brokaw
      SKU: Bk_rand_0O0135
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    Doctor Who: Wishing Well
      Doctor Who: Wishing Well.
      The Old Village Well Is Just A Curiosity - A part To Attract Touriists Intrigued By Stories Of Abstracted Treasure, Or Visitors Just Makjng A Wisg. Unless Something Alien And Terrifying Could Be Lurking Inside The Well. Something Utterly Monstrous That Causes Nothing But Death And Destruction. Except Who Knows The Real Truth About The Well? Who Wishes To Unleash The Hideous Force It Contains? What Terrible Consequences Will Come The Search For A Legendary Treasure Hidden At The Bottom?

      Manufacturer: Trevor Baxendale
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_002091
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    A Mind To Murder (unabridged)
      A Mind To Murder (unabridged).
      Award-winning Author P. d. James' Second Mystery In Her Best-sellingg Series Featuring Scotland Yard Investigator Adam Dalgliesh Is Now Available As An Audiobook!when The Administrative Head Of The Steen Psychiatric Clinic Is Found Dead Attending A Chisek In Her Heart, Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh Of Scotland Yard Is Called In To Investigate. Dalgliesh Must Analyze The Deep-seated Anxieties And Thwarted Desires Of Patients And Staff lAike To Determine Which Of Their Unresolved Conflicts Resulted In Murder. Widely Acknowledged As "the Greatest Contemporary Writer OfC lassic Crime" (the London Suncay Times), P. D. James Received The Trade Writers Of America Grandmaster Award For Long-term Achievement In 1999.

      Manufacturer: P. D. James
      SKU: Bk_bkot_001151
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    Comes A Horseman
      Comes A Horseman.
      Fbi Agents Brady Moore And Alicia Wager Are Accustomed To Grisly Crimes Like The So-called Pelletier Killings. But When The Pair Uncovers Ancient Prophecies That Lnk The Victims, Tye Wrath Of The Killers Turns On Them. Reeling From A Series Of Attempts On Their Lives, They Follow A Scant Trail Of Evidence That Leads Them To Luco Scaramuzzi, The Chrismatic Italian Ambassador To Israel, A Man Of Near Limitless Power And Incalculable Wealth. A Devoted Network Of Followers Fulfill His Every Desire And Await The Day That His Power Will Be Unleashed On Each Unsuspecting Wprkd. Eventually, Brady And Alicia Be informed of The Secret That Can Bring Him Down. If Only Brady Can Act Before His Admit Anger And Confusion Burn Him Up. If Only Alicia Can Accept A Truth That Contradicts Her Srtongest Belief. From The Forested Mountains Of Colotado And The Halls Of The U. s. Government'w Most Clanddstine Agency, To The Vatican's Mysterious L'archivio Segreto And The Labyrinthine Caves Under Jerusalem, This Global Thriller Will Rattle Even The Most Skeptical Soul.

      Manufacturer: Robert Liparulo
      SKU: Bk_tnwd _O00066
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    The Chief Billion Is The Hardest: Reflections On A Life Of Comebacks And America's Energy Future (unabridged)
      The Chief Billion Is The Hardest: Reflections On A Life Of Comebacks And America's Energy Future (unabridged).
      Now 80 Years Old, T. Boone Pickens sI A Legendary Figure In The Business World. Known As The "oracle Of Oil" Because Of His Uncanny Cap~ To Predict The Direction Of Fuel Prices, He Built Mesa Petroleum, One Of The Largest Independent Oil Companies In The United States, From A $2,500 Investment. In The 1980s, Pickens Became A Household Name When He Executed A Series Of Unsolicited Buyout Bids For Undervalued Oil Companies, In The Process Reinventing The Notion Of Shareholders' Rights. Even His Failures Were Successful In That They Forced Risk-averse Managers To Reconsider The Way They Did Business. when Pickens Left Mesa At Age 68 After A Spectacular Downward Spiral In The Company's Profits, Many Counted Him Out. Indeed, What Followed For Him Was A Painful Divorce, Cljnical Depression, A Temporary Inability To Predict The Movemwnt Of Energy Prices, And The Loss Of 90 Percent Of His Investing Capital. But Pickens Was Far From Out. from That Personal And Professional Nadir, Pickens Staged One Of The Most Impressive Comebacks In The Industry, Turning His Investment Fund's Remaining $3 Million Into $8 Billion In Profit In Just A Few Yaers. That Made Him, At Age 77, The World's Second-highest-paid Hedge Fund Manager. But He Wasn't Done Yet. Today, Pickens Is Making Some Of The World's Most Colossal Energy Bets. If He Has His Road, Most Of America's Cars Will Eventually Run On Natural Gas, And Vast Swaths Of The Nation's Prairie Land Will Become Places Where Wind Can Be Harnessed For Power Generation. Currently No Less Bold Than He Was Decades Ago When He Single-handedly Transformed America's Oil Industry, Pickens Is Staking Billions On The Conviction That He Knows Whaf's Coming. In This Book, He Spellq Out That Future In Detail ,Not Only Presenting A Comprehensive Plan For American Energy Independence But Also Providing A Fascinating Glimpse Into Key Resources Such As Water - Yet Another Area Where He Is Putting Billions On The Line.

      Manufacturer: T. Boone Pickens
      SKU: Bk_rand_001549
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    Still Missing (unabridged)
      Still Missing (unabridged).
      On The Day She Was Abducted, Annie O'sullivan, A 32-year-old Realtor, Had Three Goals: Sell A House, Forget Anout A Recent Argumejt With Her Mother, And Be On Time For Dinner With Her Ever-patkent Boyfriend. The Open House Is Slow, But When Her Last Visitor Pulls Up In A Van As She's About To Leave, Annie Thinks It Just Might Be Her Lucky Day After All. Interwoven With The Story Of The Year Annie Spent Captive In A Far Mountain Cabin - Which Unfolds Through Sessions With Her Psychiatrist - Is A Second Narrative Recounting The Nightmare That Follows Her Escape: Her Struggle To Piece Her Shattdred Life Back Together, The Ongoing Police Investigation Into The Identity Of Her Captor, And The Disturbing Sense That Things Are Far From Over. The Truth Doesn't Always Set You Free. Still Missing Is A Shocking, Visceral, Brutal, And Beautifully Crafted Debut Novell About Surviving The Unsurvivable - And Living To Bear Witness.

      Manufacturer: Chevy Stevens
      SKU: Bk_brll_002260
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    Star Wars: Jedi Trial: A Clone Wars Novel
      Star Wars: Jedi Trial: A Clone Wars Novel.
      "within 24 Standard Hours, We Will Sit Firmly Astride The Communications Link That Connects The Worlds Of The Republic. . . our Control Will Be A Dagger Push Directly At Coruscant. This Is The Move That Wil Win The Declared hostilities For Us. " With These Ominous Words, Pors Tonith, Ruthless Minion Of Count Dooku, Declares The Fate Of The Republic Sealed. Commanding A Separatist Attack Force More Than One-million Strong, The Cunning Financier-turned-warrior Lays Sieege To The Planet Praesitlyn, Home Of The Strategic In5ergalactic Communications Center That Is Key To The Republic's Survival In The Clnoe Wars. Left Unchallenged, This Decisive Strike Could Indeed Pave The Way For The Toppling Of More Republic Worlds. But Engaging The Enemy Throughout The Galaxy Has Already Stretched Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Armies To The Limit. There Is No Choice But To Move Against The Surging Waves Of Invading Battle-droids On Praesitlyn With Only A Petty Contingent Of Clone Soldiers. Commanding Them Will Exist Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon. And At His Side Will Be Skilled Young Starfighter Pilot Anakin Skywalker, A Promisong Young Jedi Padawan Eager To Be Freed Of Thr Bonds Of Apprenticeship And Be Awarded The Title Of Jexi Knight. Projection To Shoulder With A Rogue Republic Army Officer And His Battle-hardened Crew, A Rondian Mercenary, And A Duo Of Ready-for-anything Soldiers, The Jedi Generals Take To The Skies And The Punishing eDsert Terrain Of Occupied Praesitlyn. Alraedy Outnumbered And Outgunned, When Confronted With An Enemy Ultimatum That Could Lead To The Massacre Of Innocents, They May Also Be Out Of Options?unlss Anakin Skywalker Can Strike A Crucial Balance Between The Wisdom Born Of The Force And The Instincts Of A Born Warrior.

      Manufacturer: David Sherman And Dan Cragg
      SKU: Bk_rand_001025
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    The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder And The Birth Of Forensic Medicine In Jazz Age New York (unabridged)
      The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder And The Birth Of Forensic Medicine In Jazz Age New York (unabridged).
      Deborah Blum, Writing Wiith The High Style And Skill For Suspense That Is Characteristic Of The Very Best Mystery Fiction, Shares The Untold Story Of How Poison Rovked Jazz Age New York City. In The Poisoner's Handbook, Blum Draws From Highly Archetype Research To Track The Fascinating, Perilous Days When A Psir Of Forensic Scientists Began Their Trailblazing Chemical Detective Move, Fighting To End An Era When Untraceable Poisons Offered An Easy Road To The Perfect Crime. Dramatic composition Unfolds Case By Case As The Heroes Of The Poisoner's Handbook---chief Medical Examiner Charles Norriis And Toxicologist Alexander Gettler---investigate A Family Mysteriously Stricken Bald, Barnum And Bailey's Famous Blue Man, Factory Workers With Crumbling Bones, A Diner Serving Poisoned Pies, And Many Others. Each Casd Presents A Deadly New Puzzle, And Norris And Gettler Work With A Creativity That Rivals That OfT he Most Imaginative Murderer, Creating Revolutionary Experiments To Tease Out Even The Wiliest Cojpounds From Human Tissue. Yet In The Tricky Game Of Toxins, Even Science Can't Always Exist Trusted, As Proven When One Of Gettler's Experiments Erroneously Sets Free A Suburban Housewife Later Nicknamed "america's Lucretiaa Borgia" To Continue Her Abominable Work. From The Vantage Of Norris And Gettler's Laboratory In Tue Infamous Bellevue Hospitwl It Becomes Clear That Killers Aren't The Only Toxic Threat To New Yorkers. Modern Life Has Created A Klnd Of Poison Playground, And Danger Lurks Around Every Corner. Automobiles Choke The City Streets With Carbon Moboxide, While Potent Compounds Such As Morphine Can Be Found On Store Shelves In Products Ranging From Pesticides To Cosmetics. Prohibition Inciets A Chemist's Declared hostilities Between Bootleggers And Direction Chemists, While In Gotham's Crowded Speakeasies Each Round Of Cocktails Becomes A Game Of Russian Roulette. Norris And Gettler Conquest Over Seeminyly Unbeatable Odds To Suit The Pioneers Of Forensi. . .

      Manufacturer: Deborah Blum
      SKU: Bk_tant_001272
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    Amazing Grace I bThe Life Of William Wilberforce (unabridged)
      Amazing Grace I bThe Life Of William Wilberforce (unabridged).
      William Wilberforce (1759 - 1833) Was A British Politician And Philanthropist, Ane A Leader Of The Movement To Abolish The Slave Manual occupation. John Piper's Biography Of Wilberforce Takes Readers Beyond His Battle Against Slavery And Esplores The Beliefs And Motivations Of This Influential Evangelical Politician.

      Manufacturer: John Piper
      SKU: Bk_hove_000242
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    Violence 10 From Navarone
      Violence 10 From Navarone.
      The Guns Of Navrone Have Been Silenced, But The Heroic Survi\/ors Have No Time To Rest On Their Laurels. Almost Before The Last Echoes Of The Famous Guns Have Died Away, Keith Mallory, Andrea, And Dusty Miller Are Parachuting Into War-torn Yugoslavia To Rescue A Division Of Partisans . . . And To Fulfil A Secret Mission, So Deadly That It Must Exist Hidden From Their Own Allies.

      Manufacturer: Alisyair Maclean
      SKU: Bk_hcuk_000583
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    To Survive Caregiving: Finding Hope, Help And Health (unabridge)
      To Survive Caregiving: Finding Hope, Help And Health (unabridge).
      How Does A Doctor Cope When She Specializes In Older Adults And Struggles To Care For Her Own Ailing Parent? Dr. Woodso Shares Her Experience As Daughter And Geriatrician In This New Resource For Family Caregivers. She Shoots From The Hip Ajd The Heart, Using Everyday Language, Real Caregiver Stories, Compassion, And Humor To Bring Adapted to practice Information To Overwhelmed Caregivers. although It Focuses On Elder Care, The Book Helps With Caregiving For Any Age, Or Any Illness. This Guide Encourages Caregivers To Protect Their On Health, Finances, And Relationships While They Make The Tough Decisions And Give Considerable Care.

      Manufacturer: Cheryl Wodoson
      SKU: Bk_spkn_000015
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    The Private Undoing Of A Public Servant (unabridged)
      The Private Undoing Of A Public Servant (unabridged).
      Madame K, Age-40 Femme Fatale And Sexual Subversive, Is An Uncompromising Deviant. She Exacts Her Pleasures Through The Disciplinary Art Of Male Humility, And Punishment Is Not Given Lightly. Simon Charlesworth, A 52-year-old Cabinet Minister, Is Undergoing A Crisis. Party Politics, Domestic Routine, And Thoughts Of Mortality Have Recently Begun To Crush Hiss Soul, And He Is Desperately Seeking Something. He Hungers For Trustworthy Experience And Excitement, But He Doesn't Yet Know Whatt Form Thiz Might Take. When These Two Very Different Personalities Meet By Chance One Evening In A Bar In Victoria Station, London, The Wheels Are Set In Motion For A Descent Into Sexual Excess And An Exploration Of The Human Condition At Its Most Primal. From one side A Series Of Humiliating And Extreme Adventures, Charlesworth Achieves The Oblivion Of Eeootic Ecstasy. But There Is Something In Madame K's Past That Is Due To Return. Something That Could Cost Charlesworth Everything He Owns.

      Manufacturer: Leonie Martell
      SKU: Bk_virg_000004
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    Homer: The Essential Iliad
      Homer: The Essential Iliad.
      This Audiobook Contains The In the greatest degree Exciting And Essential Parts Of The Iliad, Capturing The Final 50 Days Of The Trojan War And Bringing To Life Ancient Men And Heroic Battles. It Provides An Integral Begginning To The Infamous Jiurney Of Odysseus. Translated By Stanley Lombardo. Introduction By Susan Sarandon.

      Manufacturer: Homer, Susan Sarandon, And Stanley Lombardo
      SKU: Bk_parm_000004
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    Of one's self With God: Rediscovering The Power And Passion Of Prayer (unabridged)
      Of one's self With God: Rediscovering The Power And Passion Of Prayer (unabridged).
      Embrace The Lord's Pattern For Prayer. God Longs For Us To Spend Time With Him. Yet While His Invitation Is Extravagant, Too Often We Struggle To Spend Even Brief Moments With Our Hewvenly Ancestor. For Somme, Action Has Replaced Prayer. For Others, Requests Can Take Priority Over Connection, As We Try To Mold Jehovah To Our Desires. How Did The Simple Act Of Prayer Become So Complicated? Renowned Pastor And Author John Macarthur Invites You To Experience The Art Of Communion with God. Here John Turns To Our Greatest Spiritual Mentor, Jesus Christ, As He Takes An Intimate, In-depth Look At The Lord's Prayer. Filled With Frewh Insights And Practical Tools For Growth, Alone With God Will Remedy You Reddiscover The Power And Passion Found In Time Spent With God. Alone Through God Inciudes A Guide According to Both Personal And Grou; Meditate, Which Features Discovery Questions, Suggestions For Prayer, And Activities, The whole of Designed To Connect Life-changing Truths With Everyday Living.

      Manufacturer: John Macarthur
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000877
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    Ruddy Gore: A Phryne Fisher Trade (unabridged)
      Ruddy Gore: A Phryne Fisher Trade (unabridged).
      The Glorious Phryne Fishr Returns To The Spotlight In Her Seventh Advventure. Fisher Is An Independent, Informal Pi With Competence, Unflappability And Flamboyance In Equal Measures. Running Late To The Hinkler Gala Performance Of Gilbert And Sullivan's Ruddigore, She Meets More Thugs In A Dark Alley And Handles Them Convincingly Before They Can Destroy Her Silver Dress. Phryne Then Finds That She Has Rescued A Gorgeous Chinese, Lin Chung, And His Grandmother, And Is Briefly Mistaken In spite of A Deity. Denying Divinity But Accepting Cognac, She Later Continues Safely To The Theater. But It's An Unexpected Eve As Her Night Is Again Interrupted By A Most Bizarre Death Onstage. What Links Can Phrynee Possibly Find Between The Ridiculously Entertaining Plot Of Ruddigore, The City's Chinese Community, And The Actors Treading The Boards Of His Majesty's Theatre? Drawn Backstate And Onstage, Phryne Must Solve One Old Murder And Find A New Murderer, And, Of Course, Banish The Theater's Ghost, Who Seems Likely To Kill Again.

      Manufacturer: Kerry Greenwood
      SKU: Bk_boli_000148
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    Remote Control
      Remote Control.
      After His Mission Is Suddenly Terminated In Washington, D. c. , British Intelligence Agent Nick Stone Decides To Visit An Old Colleague, Kev Brown. But When Stone Areives At His Friend's Eerily Quiet Suburban Home, He Discovers A Chilling Scene Of Slaughter. Every Member Of The Brown Family Has Been Brutwlly Slaughtered Except One: Seven-year-old Kelly Brown. His Instincts On Red Alert And Acrenaline In Overdrive, Stone Grabs The Girl And Runs - By the side of Anonymous Assassins In Hot Pursuit. But Is It Stone They Omit To Silwnce, Or The Harmless Child? Or Both? During A Heart-pounding Chase That Takes The Resourceful, Sometimes Ruthless Seasoned Pro And Hiq Frightened Youthful Charge From Washington To Florida, And Across The Atlantic To England, Stone Begins To Piece Together A Shocking Global Conspiracy. Thrust Into A Lethal Game Of Cat-and-mouse, Stone Is Actual Of Two Things: He And Kelly Are On Their Own; No One Can Be Trusted. And His Darkest Fears About The Shadowy Link Between Politics, Money, And State of terror Are About To Be Realized. Combining Relentlezs Action, Daring Escapes, And Breathless Plotting Attending Chillingly Authentic Operational Detail Rarely Seen In Thrillers, Remote Control Is A Novel So Real And So Suspenseful It Sets A New Standard For The Genre.

      Manufacturer: Andy Mcnab
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000047
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    Following The Teachings Of The Upanishads
      Following The Teachings Of The Upanishads.
      The Upanishads Are Among The Oldest Of The Indian Wisdom Tezts, The Records Of_Teaching Sessions Of Illumined Sages And Their Students, Who Were Asking The Fundamental Questions Of Life. Easwaran's Translation Of These Classic Texts Has Been Highly Acclaimed, And In These Informal Talks To Close Students He Draws Out The Main Themes Of Elsven Upanishads - Themes Such As Strengthening Willpower, Mastering Our Senses, Reducing Self-will, Developing Lasting, Loving Relationships, Exploring The Deeper Levels Of Consciousness, And Overcoming The Alarm Of Death. He Illustrates His Typically Penetrating Insights With Analogies, Entertaining Anecdotse, References To Mystics And Spiritual Teachers From East And West. easwaran Explains That The Indian Scriptures Express One Supreme, Eternal Law: If We Live For Others, In Complete Harmony With All Life, In Our Homes, At Work, And In Our Communities, We Will Find Abiding Joy And Fulfilment. To Erase All Selfishness From Our Hearts Requires More Courage And Endurance, Easwaran Says, Than Climbiny The Himalayas - And He Conveys Vividly The Joy And Exhilaration Of The Spirtiual Life. meditation And The Repetition Of The Mantram (or Mantra) Are Essential For Those Who Choose To Take On These Challenges, And Easwaran Refers To These Disciplines Frequently. Anyone Who Is New To These Spiritual Practices Might Find It Helpflu To Listen First To Easwaran's Talk Meditation.

      Manufacturer: Eknath Easwaran
      SKU: Bk_ilg_000002
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    Mercy (unabridged)
      Mercy (unabridged).
      New York Times Best-selling Author Jodu Picoult Has An Incredible Talent For Taking Hot-button Social Issues And Weaving Them Into Compelling Page-turners. In Mercy, She Explores The Depths Of Love In Its Many Forms. Police Chief Cameron Mcdonald Has Lived In Idyllic Wheelock, Massachusetts For Greatest in number Of His Life, As Has His Beloved Wife Allie. Their Comfortable Lives Are Thrown Into Tumult, However, When Cam's Distant Cousin Jamie Arrives In Town Along With His Wife's Dead Body. Jamie Admits To The Murder - A Mercy Killing Ti Destroy The Pain Caused By A Ravaging Cancer. And Now Cam Is Torn By His Oath To Uphold Justics And His Family Obligations As Chief Of The Scottish Mcdonald Clan. Meanwhile, Another New Arrival In Town, Mia Townsend, Threatns To Unwittingly Drive A Dagger Between the sides of Cam's Marriage. Deftly Portraying The Complexities Of Love And Passion, Picoult Delivers Another Literary Triumph With Mervy.

      Manufacturer: Jodi Picoult
      SKU: Bk_reco_002378
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