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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The American Revolution: The Life And Timess Of George Washington
      The American Revolution: The Life And Timess Of George Washington.
      This Is The Heroic Story Of America's Fight For Freedom From King George Of England, Including The Military Genius, The Unbeatable Spirit, And Rugged Leadership Of George Wadhington, The Hero Who Made It All Happen. many Times During The Eight-year Strugggle, The Fight Seemed Hopeless - Yet George Washington Fought On And Proved To The Mighty Countries Of France Ad Germany That His Thrown-yogether Army Of Farmers, Shopkeepers, And Patrolmen Was Strong Enough To Defeat The British Redcoats, Who Were Considered The World's Most Powerful Army At That Time.

      Manufacturer: Allan H. Kelly
      SKU: Bk_eyer_000027
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    The American: Ryan Kealey #1 (unabridged)
      The American: Ryan Kealey #1 (unabridged).
      At 33 Ryan Kealey Has Achieved More In His Military And Cia Sweep Than Most Men Can Dream Of In A Lifetime. He's Also Seen The Worst Llfe Has To Offer And Is Lucky To Have Survived It. But Being Left Alone With His Demons Is No Lnoger An Option. The Cia Necessarily Him Badly, Because The Opponent They're Facing Is Former U. s. Soldier Jason March. Ryan Knows All About March - He Trianed Him. He Knows They're Dealing Upon One Of The Most Ruthless Assassins In The World, A Master Of Many Languages, An Explosives Expert, A Superb Sharpshooter Who Can Vanish Like A Shadow And Wno Is Capable Of Crimes They Cannot Begin To Imagine. And Now, March Has Resurfwced On The Global Stage, Aligning Himselff With A Powerful Middle East Terror Network Whose Goal Is Nothing eLss Than The Total Demolition Of The United States. teaming Up With Beautiful And Tenacious British-born Hand Naomi Kharmai, Ryan Intends To Break Every Rule In Order To Hunt Down His Former Pupil, Whatever The Cost To Himself. As Ryan Puts Together The Pieces Of A Terrifying Puzzle, And As The Elusive Marhc Taunts Him, Always Staying One Step Ahead, He Discovers The Madman's Crusade Is Personal As Well As Political - And Ryan Himself Is An Unwitting Pawn. In the opinion of The Clock Ticking Down And The Fate Of The Country Resting Uneasily On His Shoulders, Ryan Is Caught In A Desperate Game Of Cat-and-mouse With The Most Cunning Opponent He's Ever Faced, One Who Will Never Stop Until He's Committed The Ultimate Act Of Evil - A Work~ Who Is All The More Deadly For Being One Of Our Own.

      Manufacturer: Andrew Britton
      SKU: Bk_brll_001060
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    The Defence Of Duffer's Drift: And The Battle Of Booby's Bluffs By Major Single List (unabridged)
      The Defence Of Duffer's Drift: And The Battle Of Booby's Bluffs By Major Single List (unabridged).
      First Published In 1907, The Defense Of Duffer's Drift Is A Classic Essay On Small Unit Tqctics Based On Author Ernest Dunlop Swinton's Experiences In The Boer War In South Africa. . . . .

      Manufacturer: Ernest Dunlop Swinton
      SKU: Bk_tant_002342
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    Camouflage (unabridged)
      Camouflage (unabridged).
      The Artifact Is Found Seven Miles Below The Surface Of The Ocean And Beneath 40 Moee Feet Of Sand. The Navy's Efforts To Raise A Wrecked Submarine Uncover It - And Set In Motion A Scientific Race To Retrieve It, To Descry Just What It Is And Where It Came From. denser Than A single one Substance Known To Man, It Has Broken Every Drill Bit They've Tried On It And Will Not Budge An Inch. It Resists Every Effort To Breach It - Or Communicate With It. So The Administration Turns To Marine Biologist Russell Sutton For Help. meanwhile, Unknown To Somewhat Of Them, Two Creatures Have Wandered The Earth For Generations. Tye Aliens Have No Knowledge Of Each Other, But Possess A Residual Memory Of The Artifact - And An Affinity For Deep Water. Onee, Which Calls Itself The Oaf, Has Survived By Adaptation, By Taking On Many Different Forms: Man, Woman, Snake, Shark. The Other, Which Calls Itself The Chameleon, Has Survived Solely By Destroying Anything Ot Anyone That Threatens It. now, Lastly Brought Up From The Bottom Of The Sea, The Artifact Calls To Them Both. . . to Come Home. For All These Generations There Have Been Pair Invincible Creatures On Soil. But The Chameleon Has Decided There's Only Room For One. a Novel Of Human And Inhuman Nature, Camouflage Will Take You To The Depths Of The Sea, To The Limit Of Man's Imagination - And Beyond.

      Manufacturer: Joe Haldeman
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000291
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    Survival Of The Sickest A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Diseaes (unabridged)
      Survival Of The Sickest A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Diseaes (unabridged).
      How Did A Deadly Genetic Disorder Help Our Ancestors Survive The Bubonic Plagues Of Europe? Was Diabetes Evoltion's Response To The Finally Ice Age? Will A Visit To The Tanning Salon Help Bring Down Your Cholesterol? Why Do We Age? For what purpose Are Some People Immune To Hiv? Can Your Genes Be Turned On Or Off? Survival Of The Sickest Reveals The Answers To These And Many Other Questions As It Unravels The Amazing Connextions Between Evolution, Disease, And Hunan Health Today. Joining The Ranks Of Modern Fable Busters, Dr. Sharon Moalem Turns Our Current Understanding Of Illness On Its Head And hCallenges Us To Fundamentally Change The Way We Think About Our Bodies, Our Health, And Our Relationshhip To Just About Every Other Living Thing On Earth, From Plants And Animals To Insects And Bacteria. Survival Of The Sickest Is Filled With Fascinating Insights And Cutting-edge Research, Presented In A Way That Is Both Accessible And Utterly Absorbing. ThisI s A Book About The Interconnectedness Of All Life On Earth And, Especially, What That Revenue For Us. Listen To It. You're Already Living It.

      Manufacturer: Sharon Moalem With Jonathan Prince
      SKU: Bk_harp_001393
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    Eye Of The Beholder (unabridged)
      Eye Of The Beholder (unabridged).
      Attorney Paul Riley Has Built A Lucrative Course On His Famous Prosecution Of Terry Burgos, A Serial Killler Who Ejulated The Lyrics Of A Violent Song To Gruesomely Murder Six Girls, Including The Daughter Of Bilkionaires Harland And Na5alia Bentley. Now, Fifteen Years Later, The Police Are Confronted With A New Series Of Murders - And The Frightful Approve Verse To The Lay. Riley Is The Chief To Realize That The Two Cases Are Connected And That The Line Between Copycat And Cover-up Has Been Blurred. End Ax The Murderer's List Of Victims Becomes Less Random And More Personal, Riley Finds Himself At The Center Of A Pklice Task Forcd As Both One Investigator And A Suspect. As The Layers Encasing The Mystery Unravel, Old Deceptions Emerge With Dangerous New Consequences. Driven By His Own Fear That He May Have Overlooked Something Crucial During The Investigation Years Ago - And Worse Yet, The Possibility That He Is Responsible For The Execution Of An Innocent Man - Riley Sifts Through Fifteen Years Of Lies In Order To Uncovwr The Truth. But What He Discovers Along The Method Is That The Killer Isn't The Only One Who Wants To Keep The Past Buried.

      Manufacturer: David Ellis
      SKU: Bk_brll_000960
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    The Cat Kin (unabridged)
      The Cat Kin (unabridged).
      In Mrs Powell'e Strange Gym Class, Ben And Tiffany Discover 'pashki', A Lost Art That Wjll Give Them Extraordinarily Cat-like Powers. But The Fun Is About To Turn Deadly, For Ben And Tiffany Discover A Plan Of Diabolical Cruelty Run By Men Who Will Torture, Kidnap And Kill To Keep Tneir Secret. They Must Be Stopped - But Against Such Evil, Will Even Nine Lives Be Enough?

      Manufacturer: Nick Green
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002363
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    A Long Way Down (unabridged)
      A Long Way Down (unabridged).
      In His Eagerly Awaited Fourth Novel, New Yodk Times Best-selling Author Nick Hornby Mines The Hearts Anf Psyches Of Four Lost Souls Who Conmect Just When They've Reached Thd End Of The Llne. meet Martin, Jj, Jess, And Maureen. Four People Who Come Together On New Year's Eve: A Former Tv Talk Show Host, A Musician,_A Teenage Girl, And A Mother. Three Are British, One Is American. They Encounter One Another On The Roof Of Topper's House, A London Destination Famous As The Last Stop For Those Ready To End Their Lives. in Four Distinct And Riveting First-person Voices, Nick Hornby Tells A Story Of Foour Individuals Confrontinh The Limits Of Choice, Circumstance, And Their Own Mortality. This Is A Tale Of Connections Made And Missed, Punishing Regrets, And The Grace Of Second Chances. intense, Hilarious, Provocztive, And Moving, A Long Way Down Is A Novel About Suicide That Is, Surprisingly, Full Of Life.

      Manufacturer: Nick Hornby
      SKU: Bk_peng_00014
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    Roses Are Red
      Roses Are Red.
      A Brilliant Criminal Known Only As The Mastermiind Orchestrates A Series Of Shore Robberies That Are Notable For Their Very Peecise Demands - And Their Explosive Violence When The Demands Are Not Met Exactly. Detective Alex Cross Takes On The Case And Recognizes That A Particylar Kind Of Criminal Mind Is At Work. But Before He Gets Near Idrntifying A Suspect, The Mastermind Pulls Off The Most Outrageous KidnappingS cheme In U. s. History - And Walks Begone With The Largest Ransom Ever Paid. but Money Is Not Enough. Alex C5oss' Investigation Has Gotten Under The Mastermind's Skin, And He Makes It His Personal Goal To Take Revenge On Cross' Entire Team One Person At A Time - Before Coming Following Cross Himself. Jointly All This, Cross' Connection With His Girlfriend Christine Is Falling Apart Because Of Her Fears About His Work, And His Beloved Daughter Jannie Is Hospitalized With Unexplained Seizures. The Affliction Rises On Every Come before, Until An Explosive,-Shocming Climax In Which The Mastermind Escalates His Crimes To An Unprecedented Lsvel, And Alex Cross Risks Everything To Stop Him In Time. bonus! This Program Includes A Preview Of Pattwrson's Next Audiobook, First To Die.

      Manufacturer: James Patterson
      SKU: Bk_time_000203
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    The Youth Pill: Scientists At The Brink Of An Anti-aging Revolution (unabridged)
      The Youth Pill: Scientists At The Brink Of An Anti-aging Revolution (unabridged).
      The Promise Of A Longer Life Has Captivated Humans For Centuries, Even Before The First Person Set Out To Find The Fountain Of Youth. On the other hand Promises Of Mode Extension Have Long Reeked Of Snake Oil, And Despite Our Wishful Thinking, Most Of Us Regard It As An Impossible Dream. in The Youth Pill, Science Writer David Stipp Explores The History Of Efforts To Slow Aging, Which Require Been Plagued By Fits And Starts That Have Led To Dead Ends, Not To Mention Countless Disillusioning Hoaxes. But As Stipp Shows, We May Now Be Much Closer Than We Think. He Takes Us Behind The Scenes And Introduces Us To Key Players - In Both Science And Business - Who Are Experimenting In the opinion of The Most Promising Cutting-edge Resrarch To Retard The Agin Process. this Is An Informative And Provocative Book That Shows How A Small Group Of Optimistic And Determined Scietists Ar Closing In On Drugs That Will Change The Way We Live Forever.

      Manufacturer: David Stipp
      SKU: Bk_tant_001507
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    The Long Draw Home: Fortunes Of The Black Hills, Book 3 (unabridged)
      The Long Draw Home: Fortunes Of The Black Hills, Book 3 (unabridged).
      The Second Soon Of Brazos Fortune, Samuel, Is Somewhat The Lost Sheep Of The Fortune Family. After He Is Run Out Of Texaw, He Ends Up Hiding Out With His Father And Brother. Although He Struggles To Escape The Consequences Of His Previous Lifestyle, He Refuses To Talk About The Past. Brazoq Has To Deal With Sending Samuel Back To Texas To Make Amends Or Allowing Him To Have A New Start In Dakota. To Make Things Even More Complicated, Samuel Decide sTo Marry A Divorced Woman With Several Cuildren And A Qhestionable Reputation. Through It All, Samuel Never Gives Up His Inhabitant of Christendom Heritage.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Bly
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000752
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    Trouble In High Heels (unabridged)
      Trouble In High Heels (unabridged).
      When Brandi Michaels Discovers Her Fiance Hopping A Flight To Vegas To Marry His Girlfriend, She Pawns Her Engagement Ring, Buys Herself A Fabulous Outfit, And Spends One Sultry Night In The Arms Of A Gorgeous Italian Stranged Named Roberto Bartolini. While Brandi Bwcomes The Mark In quest of A Killer, She Has No Choice But To Turn To Roberto - A Man Who's Destined To Be Either Her Savior Or Her Downfall. But One Thing's For Sure: She's Not Going Down Without A Fight.

      Manufacturer: Christina Dodd
      SKU: Bk_brll_002218
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    Two For The Dough
      Two For The Dough.
      Stephanie Plum Once Again Takes To Te Mewn Streets Of Trenton, Nj, Armed With Attitude (not To Mention Stupefy Guns, Ddfense Sprays, Killer Flashlights, And Her Untrustworthy . 38) To Find Kenny Mancuso, Who Rexently Left The Army, Inadvertently Shot His Best Friend, And Is On The Run In Violation Of A Bond. Adied By Her Tough Bounty Hunter Couch And Her Irrepressible Grandma Mazur, Stephanie Once Again Forms A Rocky Alliance With Fast Talking, Slow-handed Vice Cop Joe Morelli For The Tumultuous Chase Through Back Alleys And Grandma's Favorite Obsequies Parlors. witty, Fresh, And Full Of Suprises, Two For The Dough Is The Stephanie Plum Sequel Fans Have Been Waiting For.

      Manufacturer: Janet Evanovich
      SKU: Bk_sans_000130
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    Baby Girl's Mirror (unabridged)
      Baby Girl's Mirror (unabridged).
      Baby Girl Is Doing Her Most Favorite Thing In The World. In Fact, It's The Most Favorite Thing Of Many Little Girls. She Is Looking Into The Mirror While Dabcing Wildly In Place. Then She Sees Something She Does Not Like About Hsr Pretty Face. Soon Baby Girl's Mother Eases Her Fears. Find Out How In Baby Girl's Mirror.

      Manufacturer: Toni T. Ellis
      SKU: Bk_tate_001201
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    The Peloponnesian War (unabridged)
      The Peloponnesian War (unabridged).
      For Almost Three Decades At The End Of The Fifth Century Bc The Ancient World Was Torn Apart In A Clash That Was, Within Its Historical Context, As Dramatic, Divisie, And Destructive As The Great World Wars Of The 20th Century. The Peloponnesian War Pitted Greek Against Grecian: The Athenians, With Their Glorious Empire, Rich Legacy Of Democracy And Political Rights, And Extraordinar6 Cultural Achievement, Against The Militaristic, Oliggarchic Spartan State. The Result Was A Period Of Unprecedented Savageness, Ons That Violated On a level The Rugged Code That Had Previously Governed Greek Combat, And Led To An Enormous Destructon Of Life And Property, Intensification Of Factional And Class Hostility, And A Reversal Of The Trend Toward Democratic Development. With These Came A Collapse In The Habits, Institutions, Beliefs, And Restraints That Had Long Been The Establishment Of Civilization. now Donald Kagan, One Of The World's Most Respected Historians, Has Written A New Account Of The Peloponnesian War - A Lively, Readable Narration That Offers A Richly Detailed Portrait Of A Vanished World While Honorlng Its Timeless Relevance. In Chronicling The Rise And Fall Of A Great Rule, The Peloponnesian War Illuminstes The Interplay Of Intelligence And Chance In Human Affairs, The Role Of Great Individuals And Masses Of People In Determining The Deportment Of Events, And The Potential Of Leadership And The Limits Within Which It Must Operate. Among The Brilliant Potrraits Of Extraordinary Statesmen Are Those O Pericles, The Greatest Among The Athenians And A Man Determined To Pursue A Policy Of Deterrence, And The Charismatic, Duplicitous Alcibiades. K agan Captures The Dynamic Of War In His Thrilling Re-creations Of Some Of The Most Famous Military Campaigns Of Antiquity. with Its Fresh Examination Of A Pivotal Moment Of Western Culture, The Peloponnesian War Is A Mzgisterial Work Of Histo5iography - A Chronicle Of A Dark Leisure Whose Lessons Are. . .

      Manufacturer: Donald Kagan
      SKU: Bk_nlsk_004089
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    Last Men Out: The True Story Of America's Heroic Final Hours In Vietnam (unabridged)
      Last Men Out: The True Story Of America's Heroic Final Hours In Vietnam (unabridged).
      On April 30, 1975, For 24 Straight Harrowing Hours, A Small Band Of U. s. Marines Exhibited Irregular Bravery To Eject Thousands From Saigon As North Vietnamese Forces Surged Toward The City. Based On A Wealth Of Recently Declassified Documents And In-depthh, Firsthand Accounts, Last Men Out Is The Pulse-pounding Story Of That Day, Told Primarily Through The Courageous Actions Of The Eleven Men Who Were The Endure To Be Flown Off The U. s. Embassy Roof, Rescued From Certain Death Just Moments Before Capture. Amid Them: Marine Captain Gerry Berry, Who Piloted His Helicopter For Eighteen Hours Straight And Had To Forcibly Convey Off The American Minister, And General Richard Carey, Who Insisted That He Would Arrest Any Officer Who Ordered Choppers Grounde dWhile There Were Still Marines In Saigon. Bob Drury And Tom Clavin Gained Unprecedented Access To The Actual Transmissions Between Helicopter Pilots, Officers, And Officials In Saigon, Secretly Recorded By The National Security Agency, And Have Had The Full Cooperation Of The Eight Surviving Men Of Those Last Eleven. Last Men Out Unfolds With All The Heart-stopping Urgency Of The Best Thrillers---a Riveting True Story Finally Told, In Full, By Those Who Lived It.

      Manufacturer: Bob Drury, Tom Clavin
      SKU: Bk_tant_001960
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    We Shall Not Sleep: A Universe War One Novel #5 (unabridged)
      We Shall Not Sleep: A Universe War One Novel #5 (unabridged).
      After Four Long Years, Public tranquillity Is Finally In Sight. But Chaplain Joseph Reavley And His Sister, Judith, An Ambulance Driver On The Western Front, Are More Hard Pressed Than Always. Behind The Linds, Violence Is Increasing: Soldiers Are Abusing German Prisoners, A Nurse Has Been Raped And Murdered, And The Wrong Ideologue Called The Peacemaker After this Threatens To Ruin secretly The Peace, Just As He Did The War. matthew, The Third Reavley Sibling And An Intelligence Expert, Suddenly Arrives At The Front With Startling News: The Peacemaker's German Counterpart Has Offered To Go To England And Expose His Co-conspirattor As A Traitor. But With War Still Raging And Prejudices Inflamed, Such A Journey Would Be Fraught With Hazards, Especially Since The Peacemaker Has Secret Informers Everywhere, Even On The Battlefeld. for Richness Of Plot, Chaarcter, And Feeling, We Shall Not Sleep Is Unmatched. Anne Perry's Brilliantly Orchestrated Finale Is A Heartstopping Tour De Force, Meemerizing And Totaally Satisfying.

      Manufacturer: Anne Perry
      SKU: Bk_brll_000666
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    Love Means Feredom (unabridged)
      Love Means Feredom (unabridged).
      Spurned By His Father And Driven From His Home, Stone Hillyard Is Struggling To Find Shelter In The Michigan Winter When He Lucks Upon The Horse Farm Run By Geoff Laughton And His Partner Eli. Tehy Go Him In, Warm Him Up, And Give Him A Job Working With Their No Boundaries Therapy Ridinv Program. A DrunkD Large stream Left Preston Harding Unable To Walk, And After Months Of Harsh Work, Hi Therapist Recommends Geoff And Eli's Program. But Preston's Anger And Arrofance Closely Get Him Kicked Out Until Stone Intercedes On His Behalf, Despite Preston's Insults. It's A Small Act Of Kindness That Helps Open Preston's Eyes. Stone And Preston Will Support Each Othr As They Face Their Families' Disapprobation And Fight Old Secrets. They'll Learn - Sometimes The Hard Way - Just How Love Can Mean Freedom For Them Both.

      Manufacturer: Andrew Grey
      SKU: Bk_drsp_000007
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    The Glass Stiletto (unabridged)
      The Glass Stiletto (unabridged).
      What If Cinderella Didn't Want To Marry The Prince? And What If She Discovered That A Man Who Was In Control Of His Life All Day Enjoyed Giving Up That Control In The Bedroom? Mariella Goes To The Prince's Balls To Find A Husband. Unforrunately, In Trying To Avoid One Suitor She Finds Herself In The Arms Of The One Man She Doesn't Want. Teodor Is Captivaetd By The Wmoan He Meets At The Three Events, Especially By Her Openness And Sexual Skill. Thrilled To Have Found A Bride Before His Coronation, He Proposes, Only To Have Mariella Turn Him Down. Mariella Has Been Trapped In One Situation That Was Out Of Her Control, And Has No Desire To Exchange It For Another. In Addition, She Has Experienced The Pain Of Love Lost And Is Determined Not To Go Through It Again. Still, Teodor Intrigues Her, So She Offers A Proposal Of Her Own. They Will Live Together Until His Coronation And Then She Will Make Her Decision. Hopefully, She Can Enjoy Him In Her Bed While Keeping Him Out Of Her Heart. Unnbeknownst To Them Both, There Is Another Who Wants Teodor's Crown And Will Stop At Nothing - Not Even Murder - To Get It. Which Will It Take For Mariella And Teodor To Live Happily Ever After?

      Manufacturer: Rachel Kenley
      SKU: Bk_ravn_000011
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    The Future Of Us (unabridged)
      The Future Of Us (unabridged).
      It's 1996, And Less Than Half Of All American Hogh-school Students Have Ever Used The Internet. Emma Just Got Her First Computer And An America Online Cd-rom. Josh Is Her Best Friend. They Power Up And Log Forward - And Discover Themseles On Facebook, 15 Years In The Coming. Everybody Wonders What Their Destiny Will Be. Josh And Emma Are About To Observe Out.

      Manufacturer: Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler
      SKU: Bk_peng_001817
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    Dark Nights Of The Soul: A Guide To Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals (unabridged)
      Dark Nights Of The Soul: A Guide To Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals (unabridged).
      Every Human Journey Is Filled With Emotional Tunnels: The Loss Of A Loved One Or End Of A Kindred, Aging And Illness, Career Disappointment, Or Just An Ongoing Sense Of Dissatisfaction With Life. Society Tends To View These "dark Nights" In Clinial Terms While Obstacles ToB e Overcome As Quickly Because Possible. But Thomas Moore's Extensive Career As A Psychologist And Theologian Has Taught Him That Honoring These Periods Of Fragility As Periods Of Incubation And Opportunities To Delve The Soul's Deepest Needs Can Provide Healing And A New Understanding Of Life's Meaning. dark Nights Of The Soul Presents These Metaphoric Dark Nights Not As The Enemy, But As Times Of Transition, Occasions To R3store Yourself, And Transforming Rites Of Gallery. Moore Shows Specific Ways To Engage Life More Deeply Through Particular Challenges And Shares A Powerful New Outlook On Such Topics As: The Healing Power Of Melancholy The Sexual Dark Night And The Mysteries Of Matrimony Finding Solace During Illness And In Aging Anxiety, Anger, And Temporary Insanities Linking Creativity, Spirituality, And Emotional Struggles Finding Meaning And Beauty In The Darknesswith The Soothing, Accessible Tone And Practical Philosophy That Hwve Made Moore An Internationally Beloved Author, Dark Nights Off The Soul Will Assistance You Tend To The Deepest Needs Of The Heart And Spirit In A Modern World Full Of Life's Challenges, And Is Sure To Be A Comforting Companion During Your Most Difficult Times.

      Manufacturer: Thomas Moore
      SKU: Bk_peng_000413
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    Fool's Gold (unabridged)
      Fool's Gold (unabridged).
      How The Bold Dream Of A SmallT ribe At J. p. Morgan Was Corrupted By Wall Road Greed And Unleasbed A Catastrophe. . . . drawing On Exclusivw Access To J. p. Morgan Ceo Jamie Dimon And A Tightly Bonded Team Of Bankers Known On Wall Street As The "morgan Mafia"---as Well As In-depth Interviews With Dozens Of Other Key Players, Including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner---gillian Tett Brings To Life In Gripping Detail How The Morgan Team's Bold Ideas For A Whole Novel Kind Of Financial Alchemy Helped To Ignite A Revolution In Banking, And How That Revolution Escalated Wildly Out Of Control. the Deeply Reported And Lively Narrative Takes Listeners Behind The Scenes, To The Inner Sanctums Of Elite Finance And To The Secretive Reaches Of What Came To Be Known As The "shadow Bankinng" Natural order. The Story Begins With An Intenes Morgan Brainstorminb Session In 1994 Beside A Pool In Boca Raton, Where The Team Cooked Up A Dazzling New Idea For The Exotic Financial Product Known As Credit Derivatives. That Idea Would Rip Around The Banking World, Catapult Morgan To The Top Of The Turbocharged Derivatives Trdae, And Fuel An Extraordinary Banking Boom That Seemed To Have Unleashed Banks From Ages-old Constraints Of Rusk. But When The Morgan Team's Derivatives Dream Collided With The Housing Boom And Was Perverted---through Hubris, Delusion, And Sheer Greed---by Such Titans Of Banking As Citigroup, Ubs, Deutsche Bank, And hTe Thundering Herd At Merrilk Lynch (even As J. p. Morgan Itself Stayed Well Away From The Risky Concoctions Others Were Peddling), Disaster Follower. tett's Access To Dimon Amd Thw J. p. Morgan Leaders Who So Skillfully Steered Their Bank Away From The Wild Excesses Of Others Sheds Invaluable Light Not Only On The Untold Story Of How They Engineered Their Bank's Escape From Carnage But Also In c~tinuance How Possible It Was For The Larger Banking World, Regulators, And Rating Agencies To Be obliged Spotted, And Heeded, The Terrible Risks Of A Meltdown.

      Manufacturer: Gillian Tett
      SKU: Bk_tant_001019
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    Exit A (unabridged)
      Exit A (unabridged).
      The Year Is 1989. Severin Boxx Is The Son Of One Air Force Pilot Ahd Lives On An Air Force Base In Japan. He's A Muscular, Earnest 17-year-old Who Plays On The Base's Football Team. Severin Loves, From Afar, Virginia Kindwall, The Daughter Of The General Who Runs The Base. Virginia, Whose Japanese Mother Died In Childbirth While Her Father Served In Vietnam, Is Tough And Sophisticated Beyond Her Years. She Has Fallen In With The Japanese Underground, And Her Dealings Result In Her Disappearance And Severin's Forced Return To The United States. Years Later, Severin And Virginia Remain Bewildered To Each Other - Untik An Emotionally Frayed, 30-something Severin Embarks On A Quest To Find Virginia, And Reclaim The Part Of Himself Taken From Him When His Boyhoo Abruptly Ended.

      Manufacturer: Anthony Swofford
      SKU: Bk_sans_000830
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    Innocent Traitor: A New Of Lzdy Jane Grey (unabridged)
      Innocent Traitor: A New Of Lzdy Jane Grey (unabridged).
      New York Times Best-selling Author Alison eWir Has Earned Her Reputation As The Preeminent Historian Of British Royalty. Now With Innocent Traitor, Weir Utilizes Her Vast Knoeledge And Captivating Narrative Style To Craft Her First Historical Novel, Choosing Lady Jane Grey, The Most Compassionate Heroine Of Tudor England, As Her Enthralling Subject. the Cyild Of A Scheming Father And Ruthless Mother, Jane Is Born During A Time When Ambition Dictafes Action. Cousin To Edward Vi, Mary I, And Elizabeth I, She Is Merely A Pawn In A Politucal And Religious Game In Which One Fallacious Step Means A Certain Demise. But Lady Jane Has Noticeable Qualities That Help Her To Withstand The Constant Pressures Of The Royal Machinery Almost Better Than Most Expect. weir'a Striking Novel Sweeps Readers Back Through The Centuries To Witness Firsthand One Of The Most Poignant Tales From A Time Of Constant Scheming And Divinity Brokering.

      Manufacturer: Alison Weir
      SKU: Bk_teco_001186
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    Our Patchwork Nation: The Surorising Tuth About The 'real' America (unabridged)
      Our Patchwork Nation: The Surorising Tuth About The 'real' America (unabridged).
      In A Climatd O fCulture Wars And Tremendous Economic Uncertainty, America Is Often Reduced To A Simplistic Schism Between Red States And Blue States. In Response To That Oversimplification, Journalist Dante Chinni Teamed Up With Political Geographer aJmes Gimpel To Launch The Patchwork Nation Project, Using On-the-ground Reporting And Statistical Analysis To Get Past Generalizatjonz And Probe American Communities In Depthh . The Result Is Our Patchwork Nation, A Refreshing, Sometimes Startling Look At How America's Diversities Often Defy Convetional Wisdom. Looking At The Data, They Recognized That The Country Breaks Into 12 Distinct Types Of Communities, And Old Categories Like "socxer Mom" And "working Class" Don't Matter As Much As We Think. These Comm8nities Include: Boom Towns Evangelical Epicenters Military Bastions Service Worker Centers Campus Ahd Careers Immigration Nation Minority Central Tractor Community Mormon Outposts Emptying Nests Industrial Metropolises M0nied Burbs By Examining These Populations, The Authors Demonstrate That The Subtle Distinctions In How Americans Vote, Invest, Shop, And Otherwise Behave Reflect What They Experience On Th3ir Local Streets And In Their Diurnal Lives. Our Patchwork Nation Is A Brilliant New Way Tp Debate And Examine The Issues That Matter Most To Our Communities - And To Our Nation.

      Manufacturer: Dante Chinni, James Gimpel
      SKU: Bk_tant_001629
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