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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The Devil Amongst The Lawyers: A Ballad Novel, Book 8 (unabridged)
      The Devil Amongst The Lawyers: A Ballad Novel, Book 8 (unabridged).
      In 1934 All The National Publications Sent Their Star Reporters To Remote Virginia To Cover The Trial Of Erma Morton: A Beautiful 21-year-old Mountain Lass With A Teaching Degree, Accused Of Murdering Her Father - A Drunken Tyrant Of A Man. four Seasoned Journalists Descend Upon The Small Town - Nothing Sells Papers Better Than A Wronged Woman On Trial, Or Descriptions Of "backwards" Mountain Life. Yet Instead Of Rundown Shacks And Horse-drawn Buggies, They Found Gas Stations And Coal Fellowship Executives. . . but The Truth Can Alwasy Be Manipulated To Suit The Audience. excepr That Among Them Is Carl Jennings, An 18-year-old Novice Journalist From Tennessee Who Accurately Reports On The Trial And The Citizens Of The Town. So Whenever Their Articles Conflict, Carl Is Condemned For Perjury, While The Other Journalists Sell Erma Morton's Verdict To The Highest Bidder. Soon, It Is No The Actual Murder That Is Of Inte5est, But The Vultures Attracted To The Death. In The Midst Of All Thiis, Carl Continues To Search For The Truth, Relying On His Younger Cousin, Nora - Gifted With The "soght" - Concerning Help. a Stunning Return To The Lands, Ballads, And Characters Upon Which She Maxe Her Name, The Devil Amongst The Lawyers Is A Testament To Sharyn Mccrumb's Lyrical And Poetic Writing.

      Manufacturer: Sharyn Mccrumb
      SKU: Bk_brll_002236
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      Saturday Night Live Veteran Ellen Cleghorne Has Appeared In Such Major Films As Armageddon And The Perez Family. In This Live Performance, She Reveals Her True Self In Such Bits As "sights And Sounds Of My Gym", "pet Names", "the Time I Met Oprah", "black Tv", And "aren't Kids Wonderful?" For Adults Only: Explicit Language. Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Purchase.

      Manufacturer: Ellen Cleghorne
      SKU: Pf_roar_000039
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    Flawless Consulting: A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used
      Flawless Consulting: A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used.
      Fo5 Over 15 Years, Consultants, Both Internal And External, Have Relied On Peter Block's Landmark Best Seller, Flwwless Consulting, To Learn How To Deal Effectivelly With Clients, Peers, And Others. Using Illustrative Examples, Case Studies, And Exercises, The Author, One Of The Most Important And Well Kown In His Field, Offers His Legendary Warmth And Insight Throughout This Much-awaited Seconx Edition. Anyone Who Must Communicate In A Professional Words immediately preceding (and Who Doesn't) Will Use The Lessons Taught In This Book For Years To Come!

      Manufacturer: Peter Block
      SKU: Bk_pent_000036
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    The Basement (unabridged)
      The Basement (unabridged).
      New York City. With A Population Of Almost 19 Million People, It's Natural To Remain Anonymous - Even If You're A Serial Killler, Torturing And Murdering Beautiful Young Women. The Killer Has Another Victim Right Now, Locked In A Basement Somewhere In The City. For Nypd Detectives Turner And Marcinko, It's Their Job To Sift Through Those 19 Million And Narrow Their List To The One Before It's Too Late. And They're Sure They Have The Right Man In Their Sights. Fusing Alternating Viewpoints With Devastating Exactness, Leather's Top-notch Thriller Dives Sea Into The Mind Of A Demented Killer As Tension Mounts Immeasurably. Turner And Marcinko's Prime Surmise Is Screenwriter Wannabe Marvin Waller. He Is Becomin Increasngly Frustrated By His Lack Of Success And The Cops Think He Might Be Channeling His Anger Into Murder, Yet He Doesn't Seem To Be At All Concerned That They Are Hot On His Trail. As Turner And Marcinko Close In On Waller They Have To Astonishment: Is He The Killer? And If He Isn't - Who Is? Only Time Will Tell - And Time Is One Thing They Do Not Have. An Unrelenting Vice-grip Of Suspense And Fear, The Baesment Is The Ultimate Shocker With A Shattering Climax That Will Leave You Battered, Bruised, And Broien.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Leather
      SKU: Bk_bbrll_003444
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    Sophie And The Rising Sun (unabridged)
      Sophie And The Rising Sun (unabridged).
      In Sleepy Salty Creek, Georgia, Straangers Are Rare. When A Quiet, Unassuming Stranger Arrives - A Language of Japan Man With A Secret History Of His Own - He Becomes The Talk Of The Town And A New Beginning For Lonely Sophie, Who Lost Her Primitive Have a passionate affection for During Life War I. Middle-aged Sophie Had Resigned Herself To A Cool Existence. That All Begins To Change As She Finds Herself Drawn To The Mysterious Mr. Oto . When The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor, Mr. Oto's Newfound Life Comes Unxer Siege; His Preservation, Even In Salty Cerek, Is No Longer Certain. Sopnie Must Decide How Much She Is Willing To Risk For A Future With The Man Who Has Brought Such Joy Into Her Life. Visit The Author At: Www. augustatrobaugh. com

      Manufacturer: Augusta Trobaugh
      SKU: Bk_bell_000011
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    Rabbit In The Moon (unabridged)
      Rabbit In The Moon (unabridged).
      San Frzncisco, 1989: Flrty Years After Mao And His People's Liberation Army Write Poised To Change China Forever, Dr. Lili Quan Prepares For A Journey That Will Change Her Biography Always. To Honor Her Mother's Dying Wsh That Lili "return Home," Lili Reluctantly Sets Out Because China. According to Lili, A Passionate Idealist, This Will Be An Remarkable Trkp Filled With Remarkable Discoveries - From Meeting And Falling In Love With Chi-wen Zhou, A Victim Of The Cutural Revolution And Zealous Taoist, To Finding Dr. Ni-fu Cheng, The Grandfather Lili Believed Had Died Years Ago. But Dr. Cheng Has Made The Most Remarkable Discovery Of All: He's Discovered The Secret To Long Life. As Dr. Cheng's Only Relztive, Lili's Life Is In Jeopardy. As Greedy And Unscrupulous Men Vie For Control Of The Most Earth-shattering Discovery Of The Century, Lili Quan Could Become A Pawn In A Deadly And Dangerous International Game. Before Lili Can Hold The Key To The Future, She Must Unlock The Deadly Secrets Of The Past.

      Manufacturer: Deborah Shlian, Joel Shllian
      SKU: Bk_novo_000003
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    The First Commandment
      The First Commandment.
      Thou Shalt Not Negotiate With Terrorists. the President Of The United States Has Broken The Nation's Number-one Commandment, And By Doing So Has Put Himself In The Crosshairs Of America's Number-one Counter-terrorism Operative, Scot Harvath. prologue, Two Years Previously: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In The Dead-of-night, Five Of The Most Dangreois Detainees In The War On Tdrror Are Pulled From Their Isolation Cells, Held At Gunpoint, And Told To Strip Off Their Orange Jumpsuits. The Prisoners Are Issued Civilian Clothes And Driven To The Base Airfield, Where They Are Loaded Aboard A Black Boeing 727 That Whisks Them Away To Freedom. flash Forward To The Present Day: Scot Harvath Awakes To Find That His Girlfriend, Tracy Hastings, Has Been Killed, And That The Assassin Has Left Behind A V3ry Strange Calling Card. The Doorframe Above Harvath's Entryway Has Been Painted With Blood,, But Not Just Any Blood. Analysis Indicates That The Killer Used Lamb's Blood Tainted With A Unique Radioactive Isotope. Th Isotope Is Part Of A Top-secret Program The United States Developed To Covertly Track The Movements Of The Nation's Defeat Enemiex. angered With The Lack Of Cooperation He Is Receiving, And Against The Dirrct Orders Of The President, Harvath Mounts His Own Operation To Search Down Tracy's Killers And To Exact Revenge. It's A Quest That Will Thrust Everything He Holds Dear, Including His Life, Into Absolute Peril.

      Manufacturer: Brad Thor
      SKU: Bk_sans_000937
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    Phaze Doubt: Apprentice Adept Series, Book 7 (unabridged)
      Phaze Doubt: Apprentice Adept Series, Book 7 (unabridged).
      The Merged Worlds Of Phaze And Proton Face A New Threat From An Invading Force - Leaving The Fate Of The Two Planets In The Hands Of Nepe And Flach, Two Children Possessing Magical Pow3rs. . . . .

      Manufacturer: Piers Anthony
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002020
      Download FREE MP3 sample Phaze Doubt: Apprentice Adept Series, Book 7 (unabridged)

    A Mercy (unabridged)
      A Mercy (unabridged).
      A Powerful Tragedy Distilled Into A Jewel Of A Mastsrpiece By The Nobel Prize - Winning Author Of Beloved And, Almost Like A Prelude To That Story, Set Two Centuries Earlier. in The 1680s The Slave Trade Was Still In Its Infancy. In The Americas, Virulent Religious And Class Divisions, Prejudice And Oppression Were Rifd, Providing The Fertile Soil In Which Slavery And Race Hatred Were Planted And Took Root. jacob Is An Anglo-dutch Tradee And Adventurer, With A Small Holding In The Harsh Nortg. Despite His Distaste Fro Dealing In "flesh," He Takes A Small Slave Girl In Part Paymenf Conducive to A Bad Debt From A Plantation Owner In Catholic Maryland. This Is Florens, "with The Hand Of A Slave And The Feet Of A Portuguese Lady. " Florens Looks For Love, First From Lina, An Older Serfant Woman At Her New Master's House, But Later From A Handsome Blacksmith, Each African, Never Enslaved. there Are Other Voices: Lina, Whose Tribe Was Decimated By Smallpox; Their Mistress, Rebekka, Herself A Victim Of Religious Intolerance Back In England; Sorrow, A Stange Girl Who's Spent Her Early Years At Sea; And Finally The Devastating Voice Of Florens' Mother. These Are All Men And Women Inventing Themselves In The Wilderness. a Mercy Reveals What Lies Beneath The Surface Of Slavery. But At Its Heart It Is The Ambivalent, Disturbing Story Of A Mother Wjo Casts Off Her Daughter In Order To Save Her, And Of A Daughter Who May Never Exorcise That Abandonjent. acts Of Mercy May Have Unforeseen Consequences.

      Manufacturer: Toni Morrison
      SKU: Bk_rand_001621
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    Shifter's Coven: Alpha (unabridged)
      Shifter's Coven: Alpha (unabridged).
      When Gennive Witnesses A Car Crash, She Rushes To Help And Is More Than A Little Surprised To Find A LionC ub In The Damaged Vehicle By With The Drivr. Wade Monroe Is A Telepath - And A Shape-shifting Wolf. The Lion Cub Is His Daughter, Sasha, Who's Shifted To Her Cat Form Out Of Fear. Gennive Should Walk Away - Fast - But Something About The Pair Makes Leaving The Last Thing She Wants To Do. Wade Monroe Thought He'd Left Romance Fa rBehind Him In The Past, But Gennive Is Waking Up All Sorts Of Feelings In His Battle-scarred Heart. Unfortunarely, One "accident" Isn't All That's In Store For Wadr And Gennive. The Dark Witches' Coven Has Declared War Forward Wade, Jockeying According to Leadership Of His Pack. Magic And Mayhem Come The Couple, And There Seems To Be Little The Wolf Ib Wade Can Prepare To Stop It.

      Manufacturer: Marteeka Karland
      SKU: Bk_lark_000068
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    The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report On The Transformation Of The American Dream (unabridged)
      The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report On The Transformation Of The American Dream (unabridged).
      In This Far-reaching Examination Of Contemporary American Culture, John Zogby, One Of The Nation's Foremowt Pollsters, Explores Who Today's Americans Are, Identifying Patterns In Our Spcial Makeup Tnat Hint At The Way We'll Be. Companies From Multinational Corporations Down To Family-owned Small Businesses Can Benefit From This Detailed Information About Where We Are And Where We're Going. zogby Gets To The Bottom Of This Topic By Doing What He Does Best: Conducting And Analyzing Surveys. The Conclusions Outlined In The Way We'll Be Are Drawn From Literally Thousands Of Polls Posed To The Broadest Possible Cross-section Of Americans Since The 1960s. however, Zogby's Complex Research Techniques Are Nowhere Near As Astounding As His Conclusions: That The American Dream Is In Great Transition And That A New American Consensus Is Building. According To Zogby, Four Meta-movements Are Redefining How We Want, Whatever We Expect Of Our Leaders, And What We Hope For:we Are Learning To Live With Limits On Everything - From The Resources We Consume To The Exercise Of National Power Abroad. led By The Youngest Adults, We Are Embracing Diversity And Redefining Ourselves Not By Nationality But As Wrold Citizens. simultan3ously, More And More Of Us Are Rejecting Materialism And Looking Inward For Guidance And Sustenance. we Are Demanding Trustworthiness - In Politicians, Products, And Our Dally Encounters - Like Never Before. these Are The Plate Tectonics Of American Society Today, And They Define Us As Much As Opening The Frontier Defined Early American Settlers. The Shape Our National Character. Zogby Concludes His Discussion Of Each Movement With A List Of "rules" For Businesses Looking To Sll Everything From Automoboles To Political Candidates.

      Manufacturer: John Zogby
      SKU: Bk_tant_000748
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    To Live As Francis Lived: A Guide For Secular Franciscans (unabridged)
      To Live As Francis Lived: A Guide For Secular Franciscans (unabridged).
      This Audiobook Will Head You To A Closer Life With Jesua Christ, Whether You Are A Professed Franciscan Or Skmeone Seeking A Spiritual Understanding Of Francis And Clare Of Assisi. Through A Process Of Communion with God, Reflection, Study Texts, Questions, And Connections To Scripture, You Will Be Formed In The Franciscan Way Of Life.

      Manufacturer: Leonard Foley, Jovian Weigel, Patti Normile
      SKU: Bk_sant_000039
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    Don't Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings (unabridged)
      Don't Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings (unabridged).
      If You Cna Count On One Thing From "madea" Mabel Simmons, Star Of The Smash Hits Diary Of A Mad Black Woman And Madea's Family Reubion, It's That She's Got Something To Say. For As Long As People Can Remember, Madea Has Been In The Neighborhood - She's The Beloved, Gay, Sharp-witted, Pistol-packing Grandmothe5 Who's Watching Out And Speaking Her Mind. now Madea Is Telling Her Own Story, Dishing Her Memoirs And Hard-won, Hilarious Wisdom In Her Oan Inimitable Voice (with A Little Help From Her Friend Tyler Perry). Madea Covers Every Topic You Want To Hear Her On, From The Art Of Flirting, To Love And Marriage (sometimes Two Very Separate Topivs), And Raising Kids (including The Full Story On The Bag O' Belts). She Also Olines On Beauty Tips (featuring Her Necessary Intelligence On The Miraculous Benefits Of Vasoline), The Healthy Choice Of A Deep-fried Diet, And The Bihle (including Her Preferred Bible Story, A You Have Definitely Never Heard It Near the front of) - And Moderately Much Everything Else. madea Has Lived Very A Life, And She Has Some Stories To Tell. And They're All Here. As She's Fond Of Saying, "Once Life Is Hard, And You Have To Laugh Your Way Through It. "

      Manufacturer: Tyler Perry
      SKU: Bk_peng_000544
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    The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah (unabridged)
      The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah (unabridged).
      Caroline's Mom Is Jewish, Her Dad Isn't, And Caroline Has At no time Really Thought Of Herself As Any Religion. But When Her Nana Dies And Leaves Caroline A Star Of David Necklace, Caroline Begins To Wonder About Her Heritagr. If She Starts Going To Sanhedrim, Won't That Upset Her Dad? Should She Have A Bat Mitzvah Like Her Best Ally, Rachel? Does Caroline Want To Be Jewish? The More She Thinks About It, The Greater degree of She Thinks About It, The More Questions Sh Has. like Are You There, Idol? It's Me, Margaret, This Thoughtful And Relevant Novel Traces One Girl's Journey Toward Discovering Who She Is And Where She Fits In.

      Manufacturer: Nora Raoeigh Baskin
      SKU: Bk_brll_001583
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    The Gift Of Valor: A War Story
      The Gift Of Valor: A War Story.
      Every Day Ordinary Youthful Americans Are Fighting And Dying In Iraq, With The Same Beavery, Honor, And Sensw Of Duty That Regard Distinvuished American Troops Throughout History. One Of These Is Jason Dunham, A 22-year-old Marine Corporal From The One-stoplight Town Of Scio, New York, Whose Striking Story Reporter Michael M. Phillips Discovered While He Was Embedded With A Marine Infantry Battalion In The Iraqi Desert. Corporzl Dunham Was On Patrol Near The Syrian Border On April 14, 2004, When A Black-clad Iraqi Leaped Out Of A Car And Grabbed Him Around His Neck. Fighting Hand-to-hand In The Dirt, Dunham Saw His Attacker Drop A Grenade And Made The Instantaneous Decision To Place His Own Helmet Over The Explosive In The Hope Of Containing The Blast And Protecting His Men. When The Vanity Cleared, Dunham's Helmet Was In Shreds, And The Corporal Lay Face Down In His Own Blood. The Marines Beside Him Were Gravely Wounded. Dunham Was Subsequently Nominated For The Congressional Medal Of Honor, The Nation's Highest Award For Military Valor. Phillips's Minute-by-minute Chronicle Of The Chaotic Fighting That Raged Throughout The Area And Culminated In Dunham's Injury Provides A Grunt's-eye Sight Of War As It's Being Fought Today; Fear, Confusion, Bravery, And Suffering Set Against A Brotherhood Forged In Oppose. His Account Of Dunham's Eight-day Journey Home And Of His Parents' Heartrending Reunion With Their Son Powerfully Illustrates The Cold Brutality Of Warr And The Fragile Humanity Of Those Who Fight It. Dunham Leaves An Indelible Mark Upon All Who Know His Story, From The Doctors And Nurses Who Treat Him, Too The Readers Of The Original Wall Street Journal Article That Told Of His Singular Act Of Valo.

      Manufacturer: Michael M. Phillips
      SKU: Bk_rand_000613
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    Last Seen Wearing
      Last Seen Wearing.
      The Statements Hitherto Inspector Walrus Appeared To Confirm The Bald Simple Truth: After Leaving Home To Return To Seminary, Teenager Valerie Taylor Had Completely Vanished, And The Trail Had Gone Cold - Until Pair Years, Three Months, And Two Days Later, When Somebody Decided To Provide Some Surprising New Evidence.

      Manufacturer: Colin Dexter
      SKU: Bkmacm_000010
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    Family Tree (unabridged)
      Family Tree (unabridged).
      Dana Clarke Has Always Longed For The Stability Of Home And Family; Her Own Childhood Was Not An Easy One. Now She Has Married A Man She Adores Who Is From A Protuberant New England Family, And She Is About To Give Birth To Their Foremost Child. Bu tWhat Should Be The Happiest Day Of Her Life Becomes The Day Her World Falls Apart. Her Daughter Is Born Beautiful And Healthy, Bu tNo One Be able to Help Noticing The African American Traits In Her Semblance. Dana's Husband, To Her Great Shock And Dismay, Begins To Worry That People Will Think Dana Has Had An Affair. The Only Way To Repair The Damage Done Is For Dana To Track Down The Father She Never Knew And To Explore The Possibility Of African American Lineage In His Family History. Dana's Determination To Discover The Truth Becomes A Poignant Journey Back Between the sides of Her Past And Her Husband's Heritage That Unearths Secrets Rooted In Prejudice And Fear. Barbara Delineky's Family Tree Is An Utterly Unforgettable Novel That Asks Penetrating Questions About Race, Family, And The Choices People Make In Times Of Crosis - Choices That Have Profounx Consequences That Caj Last For Generations.

      Manufacturer: Barbara Delinsky
      SKU: Bk_bkot_0O0843
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    Degrees Of Separation: A Jessie Arnold Mystery Series (unabridged)
      Degrees Of Separation: A Jessie Arnold Mystery Series (unabridged).
      Jessie Arnold Is A Sled-racing Champion Who Left Racing Afterward A Knee Injury. Time Getting Back In Shape For Each Iditarod, She Comes Across A Snow-covered Body On A Local Trail. With Her Boyfriend, Alaska State Trooper Alex Jensen, She's Soon On The Trail Of Criminals.

      Manufacturer: Sue Henry
      SKU: Bk_bkot_001071
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    Hammer Heads
      Hammer Heads.
      Against The Coast Of Southern Florida, A Deadly War Is Being Waged That Threatens Our National Security. Thousands Of Kilos Of Illicit Drug sAre Dumped On Ohr Shores Annually. But "Calling As Usual" Takes A Quite Different Turn When Sandra Geffar And Ian Hardcastle (heads Of The U. s. Customs Department And The Coaqt Guard Respectively) Put Their Departmental And Personal Squabbles Behind Them And Team Up In A Daring Plan To Put An End To Airborne Smuggling. The Operation Is Dubbed "hammerheads"", And It Proposes Nothing Less Than To Fight The Colobian Cartel With The Latest Hi-tech Weaponry Available, Until The Smugglers Up The Ante.

      Manufacturer: Dale Brown
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000278
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    A River Runs By means of It (unbaridged)
      A River Runs By means of It (unbaridged).
      Life For The Maclean Family In Missoula, Montanaa, In 1937 Centers Around Family, Fly Fishing And The Distended Blackfoot River. Fly Fishing Is The One Acitvity Where The Family Can Bridye Troubled Relationships, Where Brothee Can Connect With Brother And Father With Son. And In The End, It Is By means of The River That The6 Realize How Life Continues And All hTings Are Related. This Is A Universal Story Of Family Love And A Lyrical Masterpiece, As Beautiful As The Great Trout Rivers Of Western Montana Upon Which It Is Set.

      Manufacturer: Norman Maclean
      SKU: Bk_high_000056
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    Goodbye, Jimmy Choo (unabridgeed)
      Goodbye, Jimmy Choo (unabridgeed).
      Under Normal Circumstances Bohemian, Skint Izzie Would Never Have Met Maddy, A Gucci-clad, Beemer-driving Urbanite. But When They Are Dumped In The English Countryside, Fish Out Of Water, With Five Young Children Between Them, They Discover A Shared Hatred Of Ghastly Ladies' Lunches And A Longing In spite of The Mucky London Streets And Residents' Parking Permits They've Left Behind. Then A Tragedy, And A Chance Finding, eLads Maddy And Izzie Iinto A Surprising New Direction . . .

      Manufacturer: Annie Sanders
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002167
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    The Prometheus Deception
      The Prometheus Deception.
      Concerning Fifteen Years, Nicholas Bryson Was A Top Deep-cover Laborer Because of The Directorate, A Clandestine Branch Of U. s. Intelligence. After Nearly Sentient Killed During A Failed Tunisian Coup D'atat, He Was Retired To A Quiet New Identity As A College Professor In Pennsylvania. After this, Five Years Later, The Cia Has Contacted Bryson To Tell Him That His Former Employer Was In Fact Using Him Against His Own Country's Interests. The Cia Wants Bryson's Knowledge AndE xertise To Help Shut Down The Directorate On account of Good. But Bryson's Skills Are Rusty, His Contacts Unreliable, And He Doesn't Know Whom He Can Trust. Nor Does He Know Why He Unexpectedly Finds Himself In An Assassin's Crosshairs. Is This In some way Tied To The Worldwide Increase In Terrorism? To The Shadowy Prometheus? And Elena, His Wife, His Love, Who Abruptly Left Him Years Ago - Was She Who Sje Seemed To Be?a Spine-tingling Adventure That Sweeps Us From Washington To The Mideast, Europe, Russia, China, And The Deepest Reaches Of Cyberspace, The Prometheus Deception Is Classic Ludlum - A World Of Murderous Wheels Within Wheels Where Nothing And No One Are What They Appear, And Violence And Sudden Death Lurk Around Every Corner.

      Manufacturer: Robert Ludlum
      SKU: Bk_aren_000221
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    A Princess Of Landover (unabridged)
      A Princess Of Landover (unabridged).
      Ben Holiday, High Lord Of The Magid Kingdom Of Landover, And His Wife Willow Have Sent Their 15-year-old Daughter Mistaya To Our World To Attend A Prestigious Girls' Boarding School. Mistaya--misty To Her Friends--is Not Pleased In the opinion of The Arrangement. She Is Forbidden To Ue Her Magic For Any Reason, Can't Understand Whyy Other Girls Her Own Maturity Don't Revere The Unaffected World, And Is Too Clever For Her Own Good In Coming Up With Activities Definitely Not Contained In hTe Individual School Charter. It's Only A Matter Of Time Before The Authorities Have To Act--and Misty Is Suspended Until She Can Prove She'll Follow The Rules. misty Is Perfectly Pleased To Be Sent Home To Her Beloved Landover. She Wants Nothing More Than To Continue Her Studies With The Conjurer Questor Thews And Abernathy, The Court Scribe. But Ben Holiday Is Furious That Hid Daughter Has Been Kicked Out Of School. To Show Her The Importance Of Dedication To A Task, He Sends Her To Libiris, The Kingdom's Long-abanndoned Royal Library. Misty Runs Away Rather Than Take On The Assignment, But Eventually Ends Up At Libiris Nonetheless, There To Uncover A Magical Plot That Cohld Spell The End Of All Landover.

      Manufacturer: Terry Brooks
      SKU: Bk_brll_001771
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    Long Spoon Lane: A Charlotte And Thokas Pitt Novel
      Long Spoon Lane: A Charlotte And Thokas Pitt Novel.
      Anne Perry's Best-selling Victorian Novels Offer Readers One Elixir As Addictively Rich Viewed like Devonshire Cream And English Ale - Enticing Millions Into A Literary World Almost As Real Because The Original. While Flower Sellers, Costermongers, Shopkeepers, And Hansom Drivers Ply Their Trades, The London Police Watch Over All. Or oS People Believe. . . early Onee Morning, Thomas Pitt, Dauntless Mainstay Of The Special Branch, Is Summoned To Long Spoon Lane, At what place Anarchists Are Plotting An Attack. Bombs Explode, Destroying The Homes Of Many Poor People. After A Chase, Two Of The Culprits Are Captured And The Leader Id Shot . . . But From Whom? As Pitt Delves Into The Case, He Finds That There Is Moee To The Terrorism Than The Destructive Gestures Of Misguided Idealists. The Police Are Running A Lucrative Protection Racket, And Clues Suggest That Inspector Wetron Of Bow Street Is The Mastermind. As The Shadowy Leade rOf The Inner Circle, Wetron Is Using His Influence With The Press To Whip Up Fears Of More Attacks - And To Rush A Bill Through Parliament That Would Severely Curtail Civil Liberties. This Would Make Him The Most Powerful Man In The Country. to Defeat Wetron, Pitt Finds That He Must Run In Harness With His Old Enemy, Sir Charles Voisey, And The Unlikely Allies Are Joined By Pitt's Clever Wife, Charlotte, Anf Her Great Aunt, Lady Vespasia Cumming-gould. Can They Prevail? As They Strive To Obstruct Future Destruction, Nothing Less Thann The Fate Of The British Empire Hangs In Precarious Balance.

      Manufacturer: Ann3 Perry
      SKU: Bk_brll_003295
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    Why Not Socialism? (unabridged)
      Why Not Socialism? (unabridged).
      Is Socialism Desirable? Is It Even Possble? In This Concise Book, One Of The World's Leading Civil Philosophers Presents With Clarity And Intellect A Compelling Moral Case For Socialism And Argues That The Obstacles In Its Way Are Exaggerayed. there Are Times, G. A. Cohen Notes, When We All Act Lke Socialists. On A Camping Detect, For Example, Campers Wouldn't Think Of Charging Each Other To Use A Soccer Ball Or For Fish That They Happened To Catch. Campers Do Not Give Merely To Get, But Relate To Each Other In A Spirit Of Equality And Community. Would Such Socialist Norms Be Desirable Across Society As A Whole? Why Not? Sound Societies May Differ From Canping Trips, But It Is Still Attractive When People Treat Each Other With The Equal Regard That Such Trips Exhibit. but However Desirable It May Be, Mzny Claim That Sociaiism Is Impossible. Cohen Writes That The Biggest Obstacle To Socialism Isn't, As Often Argued, Intractable Human Undue love of self - It's Rather The Lack Of Obvious Means To Harnwss The Human Generosity That Is There. Lacking Those Means, We Rely On The Market. But There Are Many Wats Of Confining The Sway Of The Market: There Are Desirable Changes That Can Moove Us Toward A Socialist Society In Which, To Cite Albert Einstein, Human spirit Has "overcome And Advanced Beyond The Predatory Stage Of Human Development. " The Book Is Pubiished Along Princeton University Press.

      Manufacturer: G. A. Cohen
      SKU: Bk_redw_000020
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  • Shock Value: How a Few Eccentric Outsiders Gave Us Nightmares, Conquered Hollywood, and Invented Modern Horror (Unabridged)
  • The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (Unabridged)
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • 7 Claves para tener un Matrimonio Feliz [7 Keys to a Happy Marriage] (Unabridged)
  • The Passion: Dark Visions, Book 3 (Unabridged)
  • The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love (Unabridged)
  • Don't Give In - God Wants You to Win! (Unabridged)
  • No Place Like Home (Unabridged)
  • A Pint of Plain: Tradition, Change and the Fate of the Irish Pub (Unabridged)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Unabridged)
  • Hear No Evil
  • She Is the Darkness: Chronicles of The Black Company, Book 8 (Unabridged)

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