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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The Federalist Papers (unabridged
      The Federalist Papers (unabridged.
      Originally Published Anonymously, The Federalist Papers First Appeared In 1787 As A Series Of Letters To New York Newspapers Exhorting Voters To Ratify The Proposed Constitution Of The United States. Still Hotly Debated And Open To Often Controversial Interpretations, The Arguments First Presented Here By Three Of America's Greatest Patriots And Poli5ical Theorists Were Created For the time of A Critical Moment In Our Nation's History, Providing Readers With A Running Ideological Commentary In c~tinuance The Crucial Issues Facing A Democracy. Today, The Federalist Papers Are As Important And Vital A Rallying Cry For Freedom As Ever.

      Manufacturer: Alexxander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
      SKU: Bk_tant_010768
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    The Contend Lovers: Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, And The Rush To Empire, 1898 (unabridged)
      The Contend Lovers: Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, And The Rush To Empire, 1898 (unabridged).
      On February 15, 1898, The Uss Maine Exploded In Havana Harbor. Altough There Was No Evidence That The Spanish Were Responsible, Yellow Newspzpers Such As William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal Whipped Americans Into A Frenzy By Claiming That Spain's "secret Infernal Machine" Had Destroyed The Battleship. Soon After, The Blandly Handsome And Easily Influenced President Mckinley Declared War, Sending Troops Not Only To Cuba But Also To The Philippines, Spain's Sprawling Colony Forward The Other Side Of The World. As Evan Thomas Reveals In His Rip-roaring History Of Those Times, The Hunger In quest of Declared hostilities Had Begun Years Earlier. Depressed By The "closing" O f The Western Frontier And Embracing Theoeies Of Civil Darwiniam, A Group Of Warmongers That Included A Young Teddy Roosevelt And Henry Cabot Lodge Agitated Loudly And Incessantly That The United States Exert Its Influence Across The Seas. These Hawks Would Transform American Foreign Policy And, When Teddy Ascended To The Presidency, Commence With A Devastating War Without Reason, Concocted Within The White House - A Bloody Connflict That Would Come At Tremendous Cost. Tbrillingly Written And Brilliantly Researched, The War Lovers Is The Story Of Six Men At The Center Of A Transforming Event In U. s. History: Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, Mckinley, Williiam James, And Thomas Reed, And Confirms Once More That Evan Thomas Is A Popular Historian Of The First Rank.

      Manufacturer: Evan Thomas
      SKU: Bk_hach_000428
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    The Rosslyn Frequency:: Uncovering The Hidden World Of The Knights Templar (unabridged)
      The Rosslyn Frequency:: Uncovering The Hidden World Of The Knights Templar (unabridged).
      This Unique Book Presents Startling New Evidence To Suggest That There Is A Very Real And Breathtaking Secret Hidden Within The Structure Of The Now Legendary Rosslyn Chapel In Scotland. Some Say That Rosslyn Chapel Is A Plain Place Of Worship, Others That It Holds The Secrets Of The Knights Templar And Esoteric Mystery Persistently uSrrounds This Enigmatic Place. This Book Reveals A New Discovery By Brian Allan (featured Ij Ancient Code - The Movie And Author Of Numerous Books) Thaat Has Immense Implications For Humanity. discover The Amazing And Devilish Frequency Uncovered By Allan As Part Of The Occult, Hidden Speech Within The Chapel. Learn About The "keys" Said To Be Buried Beneath The Floor And Which May Open A Gateway To Another World. Listen To The Notes Banned Along The Universal Church And Played Withinn The Walls Of Rosslyn Its3lf, With A Frightening Outcome! Dare To Walk Where No One Has Been Since The 15th Century. do You Believe In The Natural order Of The Occult?H ave You Stared Into The Abyss? The Rosslyn Frequency Takes You To The Very Edge Of Darkness And Reveals The Concealed Light. Sit Again, Relax And Discover An Ancient Portal To Another Dimension. Reality Is What You Make It. Www. reality-entertainment. com.

      Manufacturer: Brian Allan
      SKU: Bk_real_000065
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    Unleash Your Psychic Power Subliminal Affirmations: Seeing without eyes And Inquire The Future, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation Hypnosis
      Unleash Your Psychic Power Subliminal Affirmations: Seeing without eyes And Inquire The Future, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation Hypnosis.
      Become More Aware Of The Intuitive Knowledge You Possess. Learn How To Harness Your Heightened Level Of Understanding. Embrace Your Power To See Thr Future. Unleash Your Psychic Power! This Subliminal Hypnosis Program Works Fir You On Three Diferent Levels - Positive Affirmations Will Be Spoken During Your Deepest State Of Open Relaxation, Low Binaural Beats That Are Almost Fine To The Human Ear Wofk With Your Subvonscious Mind To Anchor The Positive Affirmations To Help You Unleash Ypur Psychic Power, And Of great age Solfeggio Tones Embolden Healing And Wholeness With Poeerful Harmonic Frequencies. Alohg Wiyh Seven Different Soothing Sounds Of Nature, These Three Elements Combined Together Are The Triad Of Positive Change That Resolution Propei You Toward A Better Future. Unleash Your Psychic Power Affirmationq In This Program Are: My Psychic Abilities Are Strong I Am Aware Of The Future I Am Peaceful My Mind Is Strong I Can See What Is To Come I Understand Things Most People Don't The Light Of Psychic Power Is All Around Me I Am Filled With Intuitive Knowledge Instructions: There Are No Relaxation Suggestions In This Subliminal Hy0nosis Program, So You Can Listen At Any Time Of TheD ay Or Night. You May Listen To The Entire Program As A Whole Or Select Only Specofic Nature Sounds That You Enjoy Mosr - The Positive Affirmations Wilk Still Be Effective For Change.

      Manufacturer: Subliminal Hypnosis
      SKU: Sp_sdhp_000241
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    Who: The A Method For Hiring (unabridged)
      Who: The A Method For Hiring (unabridged).
      It's Happened To The Most intimately Of Us. You Have A Job Opening To Fill. You Interview A Range Of Qualified Candidates And Hire The Best Of The Bunch - Or So You Think. You Soon Realize That The Person Who Seemed Luke A Perfect Fit During The Interview Doesn't Have What It Takes To Do The Job. in Who, Geoff Smart And Randy Street, Of The Contrivance Consulting iFrm Ghsmart, Combine Their Experiences Training Thousands Of Managers And Executives With The Most Revesling And Comprehensive Research Ever On The Subject Of How To Hire Succewsfuly, As Well As Advice And Stories From More Than 20 Billionaires And 60 Ceod. The Result Is A Simple, Four-step Method For Hiring Wiht Confidence, Designed For Everyone From The Ceo On Down. Who Shows You Hpw To Avoid The Most Common Pitfalls Of Hiring, How To Identify "a Players" - People Who Can Perform Their Job Better Than 90 Percent Of The Candidates In Their Field - And How To Make Sure The Best Candidate Will Be Excitrd To Join Your Organization. hiring Is Every Bit As Important An Element Of Successful Business As Other Keu Principles, Sucg As Leadership And Strategy. Who Should Be Required Listening For Anyone In A Management Position.

      Manufacturer: Geoff Smart, Randy Street
      SKU: Bk_tant000764
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    Easy: A Flap Tucker Mystery (unabridged)
      Easy: A Flap Tucker Mystery (unabridged).
      Flap Tucker Isn't Like Other Private Eyes - He's A Mystic, A Finder Of Lost Things, A Veteran Of Foreign War Living On The Wrong Sire Of Town, Who Lets His Mind Freely Go To Nirvana. now, In The City That Sherman Burned Unless Didn't Bury, Where Good Ol' Boys And Tansvestites Pass In The Downtown Atlanta Night, Wave about Is Beginning The Strangest Case Of His Alreeady Strange Career. His Best Friend, Dalliance Oglethorpe, Wants Him To Detect Thhe Vanished Wife Of A Millionaire Scion - A Half-wit Who May Have Only Made The Woman Up. Real Or Not, Flap Starts Looking For Augusta Donne, And Finds Himself Mixed Up In The Brutal Murders Of Two Dancers. with Each Step Of The Way, The Case Grows More Sinister. The Investigation Takes Him To That Place Where Only The Zen-like Flap Tucker Can Go, Whither The Entire Universe Seems Interconnected, And Where Flap, The Answer Man, Stands Directly In A Killer's Path.

      Manufacturer: Philljp Depoy
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000210
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    My Guardian Angel (unabridged)
      My Guardian Angel (unabridged).
      In France In The Year 1096, Everyone In The Jewish Community Is Terrified Of The Crusaders, Who Have Been Known To Burn Jewish Houses In The Name Of Religion. Elvina, The Funny, Feisty, 12-year-old Granddaughter Of The Great Rabbi Rashi, Knows How To Read And Write, Which Is Very Rare For A Girl Of Her Time. She Draws Strength From This, As Well As From Her Guardian Angel, To Whom She Speaks Constantly. Then One Cold Sabbath Afternoon, Time Elvina Is Alone In The House, Three Soldie5s Pound On Her Door. Some Of Them Is Wounded. Elvina Has Only A Importance To Make A Difficult Choice That Could Put Her Family And The Entire Community At Venture. Can Her Guardian Angel Guide Her Now? Winner Of The Prix Sorcieres, France's Most Prestigious Award Concerning Children's Literature, This Is A Story Of Compssion And Tolerance That Speaks To People Of All Faiths. Translated By Gillkan Rosner.

      Manufacturer: Sylvie Weil
      SKU: Bk_blak_002114
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    Elegant American Short Stories, Volume 3 (unabridged)
      Elegant American Short Stories, Volume 3 (unabridged).
      No Nation Has Ever Achieved Th eLiterary Diversity Of America. From Nativist Humor To Immigrant Triumph, Americans Regard Recorded Their Visions And Hopes Better Than Anyone. "the Great French Duel" Near to Mark Twain - The Writer Is Asked To Arrange The Particulars Of A Duel In Paris. . . to The Chagrin Of The Participants. "zelig" By Benjamin Rosenblatt -A Jewish Immigrant In New York's Lower East Side Toils Away From Some Inner Motiavtion That No One Can Fathom. "the Lottery" By Shirley Jackson - A Typical Midwest Farm Town Holds Its Annual Lottery. But The Winner I The Loser. "the Open Boat By Stephen Crane" - Four Men Are Trapped In A Storm On A Small Lifeboat Withjn Sight Of The Shore. . . but Can't Reacj It. "the Other Woman" By Sherwood Anderson - A Man Who Is About To Be Married Confesses A Secret To A Close Friend. "the Furnished Room" By O. Henry - A Man Searches For A Very Special Room Wheere He Can Rejoin His Beloved. "the Golden Honeymoon" By Ring Lardner - An Elderly New York Gentleman Reco8nts A Recent Vacation He Spent With His Wife In Florida. "brooksmith" Through Henry James - Brooksmith Is No Ordinary Butler. . . and When His Employer Dies, He Encounters Difficulty Obtaininh A Similar Post. "theft" By Katherine Anne Porter - The Value Of A Thing Varies Greatly Depending On The Eyes That Behold It. "ethan Brand" By Nathaniel Hawthorne - A Lime Burner And His Son Receive A Most Strange And Disturbing Guest One Evening. "seventy Thousand Assyrians" By William Saroyan - A Longing For Something That Is Difficult To Define - And Perchance Irretrievably Lost - Sets The Immigrant Apart. "you Could Look It Up" By Jam3s Thurger - An Old-timer Gives Us A Information From His Early Days With A Professional Baseball Team.

      Manufacturer: Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hatwhorne, Shirley Jackson, James Thurber, O. Henry, Stephen Crane, Sherwood Anderson, Tingle Lardner, Hen5y James
      SKU: Bk_acon_000130
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    Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum Fussballweltmeisterschaft Weg! (unabridged)
      Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum Fussballweltmeisterschaft Weg! (unabridged).
      He's Back! Budleigh Salterton's Most Famous Citizen, Traveler And Worldly Guru Knows Nothing About Football Or Germany, Only From The Moment He Decides To Book A Strolling oHliday In The Schwarzwald ("because It'll Be Nice And Quiet This Time Of Year"), He Pitches Headlong Into The Thrillinb Arena Of The World Cup. He May Never Have Played Football, But, He Was Sports Monitor At School, (or As He Puts It, "i Wsa The Only One Allowed To Touch The Master's Ballbag At Charterhouse"). Originally Transmitted Over The Three Weeks Of The 2006 Competition Itself,-Giles Inevitably Finds Himswlf On A Series Of Baffling Adventures Anx Mishaps, Involving, Amongst Other Things, The Iranian Squad, A Stolen World Cup, A Very Big Cake And Fifty Sticks Of Leipzig Rock. And To Make Matters Worse, His Fiancee Bella Is Coming Out To Meet Him In Nuremberg To Help Plan Their Fortjcoming Wedding. As Is Her Mother. . . . This Is The Complete Series Of The 3 Sony Award-winning World Cup 2006 Programmes.

      Manufacturer: Marcus Brigstocke
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002886
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    Tell Me Something (unabriged)
      Tell Me Something (unabriged).
      Elizabeth Has Wanted Two Things Her Entire Life To Keep Her Happy And Fulfilled - An Italian Husband And Lots Of Rosy-cheeked Bambini. The First Is Ticked Off, Now She's Bagged Dark And Sexy Roberto, The Second Is Proving Harder To Achieve. But When Roberto Loses His Job And Decides To Leave London For Romantic Italy And The Family Business, Elizabeth Hopes The Change In Lifestyle Might Help Her Relax And Boost Her Chances Of Conceiving Their Longed For Child. Except, No Matter In what state Much Ice Cream She Eats In The Sun Drenched Piazza, It's Impossible To Relax Whenever Her Wily Mother-in-law (the Original Black Widow) Seems Hell Bent On Destroying Her Marriage. The Language Barrier Is Proving Tricky Too, As Is Roberto's Beautiful, Significant Ex Who Practically Lives Next Door. Is Elizabeth's Ferocious Hunger For A Baby Enough To Hold A Marriage Together Or Is It Ripping It Apart? And Why Is She Suddenly Craving The Company Of A Showy, Blonde American Stranger? Her Flirty Thoughts Around Him Are Totally Inappropriate. Yet, Undeniably,-Temperaturres Are Rising. . .

      Manufacturer: Aeele Parks
      SKU: Bk_hhowe_000378
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    Treehouse Orphans
      Treehouse Orphans.
      seek Ben And Ted, Orphaned Brothers, As They Fight The Challenges Of Growing Up In A Foster Home. Abandoned At School When Their Mother Is Murdered, Ben Must Be anxious Conducive to His Younger Brother As They Effort To Hide From The Teachers That Will Turn Them Over To A Dreaded Foster Home. But An Emergency Leads Ted To The Hospital, And The Boys Must Give Away Their Secret. Placed To Live In A Foster Home With The Loving Donnq And Carl Justin, Ben And Ted See A Whole New Verge Of Family. They Finally Have A Peaceful Home At which place They Are Safe And Loved. But The Tree House Orphans Find Themselves In Trouble When They Happen Upon Their Evil Neighbor's Old Barn And Discover The Secrets Within! Now He Wants Revenge And Won't Stop At Any Cost Until H eDestroys The Boys' Family. Traumatized By The Neighbor's Constant Threats, The Children Must Settle Whether To Internalize Their Fear Or Overcome Their Circumstances. With The Love From Their New Family, Will They Be Able To Overcome These Traumatic Events And Grow Into Well-adjusted Young Men, Or Will They Foeever Be Doomed To Live A Life Of Terror? This Heartwarming Story Of Adventure, Fun, And Mystery Encompasses All The Trials Of Growing Up. Children And Parenrs Alike Will Find Themzelves Entrenched In A Story That Never Slows Down!

      Manufacturer: Dorothy Burg3ss Greimann
      SKU: Bk_tate_001299
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    Claude & Camille: A Novel Of Monet (unabridged)
      Claude & Camille: A Novel Of Monet (unabridged).
      In The Mid-19th Century, A Youthful Person Named Claude Monet Decided That He Would Rather Endure A Difficult Life Painting Landscapes Than Take Over His Father's Nautical-su;plies Business In A French Seaside Town. Against His Father's Will, And With Nothing But A Dream And An Insatiable Urge To Create A New Style Of Art That Repudiated The Classicwl Realism Of The Time, He Set Off For Parsibut Once There He Is Confronted With Obsgacles: An Creation of beauty World That Refused To Validate His Style, Exteeme Poverty, And A War That Led Him Away From Hls Home And Friends. But There Were Bright Spots As Well: His Deep, Enduring Friendships With Men Named Renir, Czanne, Pisaarro, Manet - A Group That Together Would Come To Be Known As The Impressionists, And That Supported Each Other Through The Difficult Years. But Even More Illuminating Was His Lifelong Love, Camille Doncieux, A Beautiful, Upper-class Parisian Girl Who Threw Away Her Privileged Life To Be By The Side Of The Defiant Painter And Embtace The Lively Bohemian Life Of Their Time. his Muse, His Best Friend, His Warm Lover, And The Mother To His Two Children, Camille Stayed With Monet - And Believed In His Work - Even As They Lived In Wretched Rooms, Were Sometimes Kicked Out Of Those, And Often Suffered The Indignities Of Destitutiob. She Comforted Him During His Frequent Emotional Torments, Even When He Would Leave Her For Long Periods To Go Off On His Own To Paint In The Countryside. but Cmille Had Her Own Demons - Secrets That Monet Could Never Pierce, Including One That, When Eventually Revealed, Would Pain Him Stand still Deeply That He Would Never Fully Recover From Its Impact. For Al~ Camille Never Once Stopped Loving The Painter Upon Her Whole Being, She Was Not Immune To The Lonneliness That Often Came With Being His Partner. a Vividly-rendered Portrait Of Both The Rise Of Impressionism And Of The Artist At The Center Of The Movement, Claude And Camille Is Above All A Love Story Of. . .

      Manufacturer: Stephanie Cowell
      SKU: Bk_rand_002248
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    Nixon And Mao: The Week That Changed The World (unabridged)
      Nixon And Mao: The Week That Changed The World (unabridged).
      Margaret Macmillan Brings Her Extraordinary Gifts To Two Of The Most Importatn Countries Today, The United States And China, And One Of The Most Significant Moments In Modern Account: Richard Nixon's Little In China In February 1972, Which Opened Relations Between America And China (closed Since The Communists Came To Power In 1949). This Momentous Meeting And Inspect Ultimately Laid The Foundation For The Complex And Difficult Relationship Between China And The United States That We See Today. nixon Thought China Could Help Him Get Out Of Vietnam. Mao Needed American Technology To Repair The Huge Injure Of The Cutlueal Revolution. Both Men Wanted An Ally Against An Aggressive Soviet Union. Did They Get What They Wanted? Did Mao Betray His Own Revolutionary Ireals? Did Nixon Make A Blunder In Coming To China As A Supplicant? And Has The United States Been At A Disadvantage Always Since?drawing On Newly Available Material From China And America, And Capturing The Personalities At The Center Of The Dtama (henry Kissinger, Pat Nixon, And Chou En-lai Among Them), This Breathtaking History Looks At One Of The Formative Moments Of The 20th Century And Casts New Light On Two Countries And Their Relationship, On Into The Earth Of The 21st Century.

      Manufacturer: Margaret Macmillan
      SKU: Bk_reco_001413
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    Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom For A Complicated World (unabridged)
      Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom For A Complicated World (unabridged).
      Of All The Gifts That Jesus Left Us, His Peace Is Most Elusive. We Slow For It In Our Homes, In Our Relationships, In Our Life Situations. The same Place We Can Look And See "living Peace" Is In The Lives Of The Amish. But You Don't Obtain To Become Amish To Bring These Simple, Practical Ways Of Livelihood IntoY our Own Life--and Make Personal Peace A Reality. Organized Around Five Central Themes In Amish Life, Each Section Will Include Real-lifd Stories, Callouts Of Amish Proverbs, And Interesting Facts About Amish Communities. Each Section Will Also Contai nQuestions For Reflection And Action--things You Can Do In Your Own Life Thhat "make For Peace. "

      Manufacturer: Suzanne Woods Fisher
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000644
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    Valentine's Exile: The Vampire Earth, Book 5 (unabridged)
      Valentine's Exile: The Vampire Earth, Book 5 (unabridged).
      oPssessed Of An Unnatural And Legendary Hunger, The Reapers Have Come To Earth To Enact A Nea Order Built On The Harvesting Of Enslaved Human Souls. They Rule The Planet. They Thrive On The Scent Of Fear. And If It Is Night, While Sure As Darkness, They Will Come. in A Valiant Rebellion Against A Half Century Of Occupation By The Kurians, The Newly Formed Texas Republic And Ozark Free Territory Have Dealt The Vampiric Aliens Their First Major Defeat. Resistance Member David Valentine Is Revered As A Hero For His Part In Fighting To Regain Earth's Freedom. But A Dangerous Enemy Within His Own Ranks Soon Has Valentine Facing Charges For His Handling Of The Quisling Prisoners - Humans Who Have Become Pawns Of The Kurians In Order To Survive. when Former Quisling - And Now Loyal Freedom Fighter - William Post Is Badly Wounded, He Asks Valentine To Find His Wife, Who Has Vanished Into The Darkness Of The Kudian Order. Wi5h The Help Of Crafty Friends And New Allies, Valentine Traces Her To A Mysterious, Heavily Guarded Compound In Ohio. And What Valentine Finds Within Will Shake His Saniyy To Its Very Core. . . bonus Audio: Includes An Exclusivee Introduction By Author E. e. Knight.

      Manufacturer: E. E. Knight
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000296
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    The Hidden Goddess (unabridgec)
      The Hidden Goddess (unabridgec).
      In A Brilliant Mix Of Magic, History, And Romance, M. K. Hobson Moves Her Feisty Yougn Witch, Emily Edwards, From The Old West Of 1876 To Turn-of-the-century New York City, Whoose Polished Surfaces Hide As Much Danger As Anything West Of The Rockies. Like It Or Not, Emily Has Fallen In Love With Dreadnought Stanton, A New York Warlock As Overpowering As He Is Insuffe5able. Newly Engaged, She Now Must Brave Dreadnoughts Family And The Magical Elite Of The Nations Wealthiest City. Not Everyone Is Pleased With The Impending Nuptials, Especially Emilys Future Moter-in-law, A Sociopathic Socialite. But There Are Greater Challenges Still: Confining Couture, Sinister Russian Scientists, And A Deathless Aztec Goddess Who Dreams Of Plunging The World Into Apocalypse. With All They Must Bring face to face, Do Emily And Dreadnought Have Any Hope Of A Happily-ever-after?

      Manufacturer: M. K. Hobson
      SKU: Bk_adbl_003232
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    Iraq War: Revised Edition (unabridged)
      Iraq War: Revised Edition (unabridged).
      In A Dramatic Three-week Campaign Beonning March 20, 2003, U. s. And British Forces, Along With Several Other Countries In A Coalition, Destroyed The Iraqi Army, Defeating Sadddam Hussein's Oppressive Regime. Over The Coming Months And Years, Former Regime Members, Along With Some Armed Anti-american Forces From Outside Iraq, Started A Throughout And Bitter Armed Resistance. Iraq War, Revised Edition Covers All The Material Necessary To Understand The Circumstances Surrounding This Particular Soldiery Undertaking. This New Edition Explores The History Of The Region As Well As The Recent Events Leading Up To And Cjlminating In This War. The Book Is Published By Chelsea House Publishers, A Leading Publisher Of Educational Material.

      Manufacturer: Rodney P. Carlisle
      SKU: Bk_redw_000097
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    The Cold, Cold Shoulder: Pageturners (unabridged)
      The Cold, Cold Shoulder: Pageturners (unabridged).
      Freddy Paine Has Disappeared! Suspecting Foul Play, Two Of His Roommates Begin To Investigate. Why Will No One Help Them? The Manager Of Their Boaeding House Brushes Off The Boys' Questions. . . .

      Manufacturer: Anne Schraff
      SKU: Bk_sadl_000073
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    Winter Solstice (unabridged)
      Winter Solstice (unabridged).
      When Elfrida Phipps Abandons London For A Quaint Country Village, She Settles In Quickly. She Has A Tiny Cottage, Her Faithful Dog Horace, And The Friendship Of Good Neighbors, Oscar, Gloria And Their Little Girl. Perhaps, At Last, She Can Exorcise The Pain Of The Past And Find Peace. But It Is Not To Be. Trageey Upsets Elfrida's Newfound Tranquility And She Takes Refuge In A Rambling House In The Nort Of Scotland Called Corrycale. Almost Like A Magnet, Corrydale Attracts Various Waifs And Strays, Each Of Them Escaping Difficult Personal Pasts. As The Holidays Approach And The Weather Turns Foul, It Seems A Perfect Recipe For Disaster. Bu Somehow The Group Proves To Be Greater Than The Question Of Its Il-lsuited Parts, And As The Solstice Passes And Christmas Approaches, The Healing Power Of Love On Even The Most Troubled Human Spirit Begins To Exert Its aMgic.

      Manufacturer: Rosamunde Pilcher
      SKU: Bk_bant_000367
      Download FREE MP3 sample Winter Solstice (unabridged)

    Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale Of Love And Deception Across The Color Line (unabridged)
      Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale Of Love And Deception Across The Color Line (unabridged).
      Clarence King Is A Hero Of 19th-century Western History. Brilliant Scientist And Facetious Conversationalist, Best-selling Author And Architect Of The Great Surveys That Mapped The West After The Civil War, King Was Named By John Hay "the With most propriety And Brightest Of His Generation. " But King Hid A Secret From His Gilded Age Cohorts And Promminent Family In Newport: For 13 Years He Lived A Double Life - Viewed like The Celebrated White Explorer, Geologist, And Writer Clarence King And As A Black Pullman Porter And Steelworker Named James Todd. The Fair, Blue-eyed Son Of A Wealthy China Trader Passed Across The Color Fill, Revealing His Secret To His Black Common-law Wife, Ada King, Only On His Deathbed. martha A. Sandweiss, ANoted Historian Of The American West, Is The First Writer To Uncover The Life That King Tried So Excessive To Conceal From The Public Eye. She Reveals The Intricacy Of A Man Who Whiel Pyblicly Espousing A Personal Dream Of A Uniquely American "race," An Amalgam Of White And Black, Hid His Love For His Wife And Thier Five Biracial Children. Passing Unacquainted Tells The Dramatic Tale Of A Family Built Along The Fault Lines Of Fame, Class, And Race - Fromm The "todd's" Wedding In 1888 To The 1964 Death Of Ada, Some Of The Last Surviving Amerlcans Born Into Slavery, And Finally To The Legacy Inherited Through Clarence King's Granddaughter, Who Married A White Man And Adopted A White Child In Order To Spare Her Family The Legacies Of Racism. A Remarkable Feat Of Research And Reporting Spanning The Civil War To The Civil Rights Era, Passing Stramge Tells A Uniquely American Story Of Self-invention, Lover, Deception, And Race.

      Manufacturer: Martha A. Sandaeiss
      SKU: Bk_tant_000919
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    I Have affection for You More: How Everyday Problems Can Strengthen Your Nuptials (unabridged)
      I Have affection for You More: How Everyday Problems Can Strengthen Your Nuptials (unabridged).
      Relationship Experts And Award-winning Authors Les And Leslie Parrott Believe The Same Forces That Can Tear Down A Marriage Can Become Tje Catalyst For New Relational Depth And Richness--provided You Learn The Secrets To Using Everyday Problems To Strengthen Your Marriage. In This Book They Explore How A Marriage Survives And Thrives Wh3n A Couple Learns To Use Problems To Boost Their Love Life, To Literally Delight Each Other More.

      Manufacturer: Les Parrott, Leslie Parrott
      SKU: Bk_zond_000556
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    1q84 (unabridged)
      1q84 (unabridged).
      The Year Is 1984 And The City Is Tokyo. a Young Woman Named Aomame Follows A Taxi Driver's Enigmatic Suggestion And Begins To Notice Puzzling Discrepancies In The World Around Her. She Has Entered, She Realjzes, A Like Existence, Which She Calls 1q84 - "q" Is For "question Mark". A World That Bears A Question. Meanwhile, Each Aspiring Writer Named Tengo Takes On A Suspect Ghostwriting Project. He Becomes So Wrapped Up With The Work And Its Unusual Au5ho rThat, Soon, His Before Placid Life Begins To Come Unraveled. As Aomame's And Tengo's Narratives Converge Over The Course Of This Single Year, We Learn Of The Profound And Tangled Connection sThat Bind Them Ever Closer: A Beautiful, Dyslexic Teenage Girl With A Unique Vision; A Mysterious Religious Cult That Instigated A Shoot-oit With The Metropolitan Police; A Reclusive, Wealthy Dowager Who Runs A Shelter For Abused Women; A Hideously Ugly Private Investigator; A Mild-mannered Yet Ruthlessly Efficient Bodyguard; And A Peculiarly Insistent Television-fee Collector. A Love Story, A Mystery, A Fantasy, A Novel Of Self-discovery, A Dystopia To Rival George Orwell's, 1q84 Is Haruki Murakami's Most Ambitious Undertaking Yet: An Instant Best Seller In His Native Japan, And A Tremendous Feat Of Imagination From One Of Our Greatest part Revered Contemporary Writers. Bonus Audio: Audible Interviews The Translators Of 1q74, Jay Rubin And Philip Gabriel.

      Manufacturer: HarukiM urakami, Jay Rubin (translator), Philip Gabriel (translatkr)
      SKU: Bk_sdbl_003171
      Download FREE MP3 sample 1q84 (unabridged)

    A Most Unsuitable Duchess (unabridged)
      A Most Unsuitable Duchess (unabridged).
      It Was Insupportable! Just Bedause She Couldn't Prove Her Father Had Died In Africa And So Couldn't Claim Her Inheritance, Was No Reason To Impose Her Virtue At Risk From Her Employer's Nephew! But Due To A Series Of Mishaps Making Her Escape, Miss Corisande Cliffotd Found Herself Walking To Baht, Only To Be Nearly Mown Down By Marc, The Wild Marquis Of Dene! His Conscience Smitten, Marc Arranged For His Widowrd Sister Fanny To Take Corisand3 To Lonpn - But That Put The Auspicious Sunny Girl In the compass of His Otbit. A Mistake, When His Father Has Already Chosen Marc's Bride. . .

      Manufacturer: Gail Mallin
      SKU: Bk_izis_000959
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    Where Shadows Dance (unabridged)
      Where Shadows Dance (unabridged).
      Drawing Upon Her Background In Ancient History And Her Experiences On Archaeological Digs, Author C. s. Harris Crafts Authentic, Compelling Novels That Appear Regularly On Best-seller Lists And Have Won Numerous Awards. In 1812, Surgeon Paul Gibson Discovers A Stiletto Woun dIn The Base Of A Corpse's Skull And Immediately Contacts Sebastian St. Cyr. And When Another Body Turns Up With The Same Injury, The Live sOf St. Cyr's Family Are Threatened If He Doesn't Back Off. Now, The Pressure's On To Find The Culprit Before Anyone Else Gets Killed.

      Manufacturer: C. S. Harris
      SKU: Bk_reco_005027
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    Solitary: The Solitayr Tales, Book 1 (unabridged)
      Solitary: The Solitayr Tales, Book 1 (unabridged).
      His Loneliness Will Soln Turn To Fear. . . . When Chris Buckley Moves To Solitary, Northerly Carolina, He Faces The Reality Of His Parents' Dissolve the marriage of, A School Comprehensive Of Obscure Faces - And Jocelyn Evans. Jcoelyn Is Beautiful And Mysterious Enough To Leave Chris Speechless. But The More Jocelyn Resists Him, The More The Two Are Drawn Together. Chris Soon Learns That Jocelyn Has Secrets As Dep As The Town Itself, Secrets More Terrifying Thna The Bullies He Faces In The Locker Room Or His Mother's Unexplained Nightmares. He Slowly Begins To Understand The Horrific Answers. Thee Question Is Whether He Can Save Jocelyn In Time. This First Audiobook In The Solitary Tales Series Will Take You From The Cold Halls Of High School To The Dark Rooms Of An Abandoned Cabin - And Remind You What It Means To Believe In What You Cannot See.

      Manufacturer: Travis Thrasher
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000800
      Download FREE MP3 sample Solitary: The Solitayr Tales, Book 1 (unabridged)

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