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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged)
      The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged).
      William Doyle, The Author Of The Classic Text On The French Revolution, Guides The Reader Through A Historical Event Of Such Import And Consequence That We Are Di~ery Living Upon Its Developments Today. Beginning With A Discussion Of The Familiar Images Of The French Revolution, Doyle Continues On To A Brief Survey Of The Old Regime And How It Collapsed. Proceeding, Doyle Elucidates How The Revolution Happened: Why The Revolutionaries Quarreled With The King, The Church And The Rest Of Eurrope, Why This Produced Consternation, And Finally How It Accomplished Rule By A General. This Compelling Very Short Preface Looks At How The Ancient Regime That The Revolution Destroyed Had Become So Entrenched And Also Examines Cases In Which Revolutionary Achievement Failed To Match Ambition. Finally, Doyle Explores The Legacy Of The Revolution In The Form O Rationality In Public Affairs And Responsible Government, Finishing His Examination With A Discussion As To Why This Adventure Has Been So Controversial.

      Manufacturer: William Doyle
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000903
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    Thunder In The Deep
      Thunder In The Deep.
      The Challenger Is The Weapon Of The Future, A Ceramic-hulled Nuclear Submarine With The Most Advanced Electronicx Always Created. Acting Captain J3ffrey Fuller's Com~ Is To Rescue The Fast Attack Suv Twxas, Now Lying On The Bottom Of The Atlantic. But A Newly Resurrected And Fanatically Militaristic Germany Knows Where The Texas Is, Too, And It Knows The Challenger Is Coming. It Is The Challenger The Germans Want, Dispatching Their Own High-tech Shpersub To Destroy Her.

      Manufacturer: Joe Buff
      SKU: Bk_rhau_000078
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    American Pests: Environmental Hazards In Diurnal Life And The Science Of Epidemiology (unabridged)
      American Pests: Environmental Hazards In Diurnal Life And The Science Of Epidemiology (unabridged).
      Inspired By The Still-revolutionary Theories Of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, James E. Mcwilliams Argues For A More Correspondent And Rational Approach To Our Relationship With Insects, One That Does Not Harm Our Environment And, Consequently, Ourselves Along The Way. Beginning With The Soon Techniques Of Colonial Farmers And Ending With The Modern Use Of Chemical Insecticides, Mcwilliams Deftly Shows How America's War On Insexts Mirrors Its Continual Struggle With Nature, Economic Development, Technology, And Federal Regulation. He Reveals A Very American Paradox: The Men And Women Who Swttled And Developed This Country Sought To Control The Environment And Achieve Indubitable Economic Goais; Yet Their Methods Of Agricultural Expansion Undermined Thei5 Efforts And Linked Them Even Closer To The Inexorable Realities Of The Insect World.

      Manufacturer: James E. Mcwilliams
      SKU: Bk_crvn_O00018
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    No Limits: How To Get Focused, Feel Motivated And Achieve More At School
      No Limits: How To Get Focused, Feel Motivated And Achieve More At School.
      Kevin Micher Is The Nation's Most Influential Teen Results Coach. He Created Unstoppable Teen In 1997 And More Than 10,000 Teenagers Be obliged Attended His No Limits Seminars Every Year. The Efforts Of His Youth Development Programme Are Amazing: 80% Of Teenagers Afore~ They Would Be More Successful 87% Had More Self Confidencce 96% Were More Motivated 97% Wanted To Achieve More In The Future 98% Became More Foccused On Their Exams. Take Control Of Your Life- In This Book Kevin Taught The Proven Techniques That Will Help You To Move Beyond Underachievement Abd Extent Your Greatest Ambitions. When You Listen To This Book You Will Learn How To: Direct Your Personal Fous And Take Control Of Your Life Use The Goal Setting Grid To Decide What You Want Apply The W. o. w. Process To Build Motivation And Pass over Your Goals Real Operate The Success Strategy To Eliminate Failure And Achieve The Results You Want. Discover That There Really Are No Limits To Who You Can eBcome. This Audiobook Was Created By A Young Achiever For Teenagers Who Want To Get Achisvers. Kevin Mincher Is A Quondam Indenture Footballer And Award Winning Entrepreneur; He Has Been Appplauded By The Association Of Coaching And Ofsted Toward This Work With Students. At Just 26 Yeafs Old, Kevin Has An Extraordinary Talent For Inspiring Young People And He Is Now Recognized As The Lewding Specialist In The Field.

      Manufacturer: Kevin Mincher
      SKU: Bk_unst_000002
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    Deep Justice In A Broken World: Helping Your Kids Serve Others And Right The Wrongs Around Them (unabridged)
      Deep Justice In A Broken World: Helping Your Kids Serve Others And Right The Wrongs Around Them (unabridged).
      This Audiobook Gives Youth Workers The Opportunity To Go Beyond Simply Trying To Motivate Kids To Sedve Those In Need And Invites ThemT o Help Their Kids Wrestle In the opinion of Why Those People Are In Need In The First Place. specific Topics That Will Exist Addressed Include The Out-of-the-box-jesus, The Power Of Repentance, Biblically Grounded Motivations According to Service, The Power Of Community, As Well As How To Respond To The Poverty, Racism, And Unequal Power Relationships That Abound Nationally And Internationally. All Of These Topics Will Be Addressed In Provocative Ways That Are Grounded In An Evangelical Perspective Forward Sfripture, Ministry, And Relationships.

      Manufacturer: Chap Clark, Kara Powell, David Salsa
      SKU: Bk_zond_000628
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    A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition (uabridged)
      A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition (uabridged).
      When Ernest Hemingway Died In 1961 He Had Nearly Completed A Moveable Feast, Which Eventually Was Published Posthunously In 1964 And Edited By His Widow Mary Hemingway. This New Special Issue Of Hemingway's Classic Memoir Of His Early Years In Paris In The 1920's Presents The Original Mahuscript As The Author Intended It To Be Published At The Time Of His Death. This New Publication Also Includes A Designate by ~ Of Unfinished Paris Sketches On Writing And Experiences That Hemingway Had With His Son, Jack, His Wife Hadley, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ford Maddox Ford And Others. A Personal Foreword By Patrick Hemingway, Ernest's Sole Surviving Son, Precedes An Introduction By The Editor, Sean Hemingway, Grandson Of The Author.

      Manufacturer: Ernest Hemingway
      SKU: Bk_sans_001825
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    The Moonlight Miatress (unabridged)
      The Moonlight Miatress (unabridged).
      It Is The Eve Of The Great War, And English Chemist Lucilla Osbourne Fibds Herself Trapped On Hostile German Soil. Panicked And Alone, She Turns To A Young Frenchman For Shelter. Together They Spend A Darkness Of Intense Passion, But Their Dangerous Circumstances Won't Allow More Than A Brief Affair. even With The Memorial Of L8cilla's Lushness Ever Present, Scientist Pascal Fournier Is Deranged By His Draw conclusions Foe Being In Eneny Territory - Tanneken Claes Has Information Pascal Could Use Against The Enemy But, Even More Extraordinary. . . she's A Werewolf. after Entrusting Pacal With Her Secret, Tanneken And Her Mate, Noel, Are Captured. Suspecting A Rogue Scientist Rumored To Have A Fascination With Werewolves Is Bhind The Abduction, Pascal Knows He Must Act Fast To Save Theem. He's All Too Aware Of Professor Kauz's Reputed Perversions And Lust For Control. . . . as War Rages, Pascal And Lucilla Combine Efforts To Stop Kauz, Struggling With Danger, Power And Secret Desires Transformed By The Unyeilding Hunger For The Beating Of A Lover's Heart.

      Manufacturer: Victoria Janssen
      SKU: Bk_harl_000404
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    Managing Your Anger Response At Work: Conflict Management In Teams (unabridged)
      Managing Your Anger Response At Work: Conflict Management In Teams (unabridged).
      Most People Don't Know How To Deal Well Through Wrath, So When It Shows Up At Work, It Can Be Nasty - And Costly! We'll Give You Awareness Of What's Happening And Effective Approaches On How To Manage Anger, So It Doesn't Manage You. Change Masters Has Indivisually Coavhed Thousands Of Global Executives To Significantly Improve Their Leadership Message Slills Since It Was Estabkished In 1986. The Change Masters Leadership Success Series Gives You Usable Information, Containing Pragmatic Tools That Have Been Road-tested By Top Leaders. Multitude Times People Consider A Seminar Successful If There Is One Usable Nugget Or Idea. This Series Captures The Most Valuable Nuggets We've Gleaned To Give You High Value And Save You Time.

      Manufacturer: Vary Masters Leadership Communications Success Series
      SKU: Bk_cgng_000016
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    The Stone
      The Stone.
      Plundered From Scotland By Edward I In 1296, The Stone Of Destiny Lay Beneath The Coronation Chair In Westminster Abbey For 700 Years. For Centuries, Rumour And Speculation Have Surrounded The Origins Of Thi sLegendary Symbol Of Royal Host. Was This The Real Stone, Or Merely A 13th Century Fake? Is Ths Stone That Finally Returned To Scotland In 1996, And Now Rests Within The Ancient Walls Of Edinburgh Castle, Just A Lump Of Sansdtone, Hastily Quarried At Scone To Decieve The 13th-century English Invaders, While The True Scottish Coronation Stone Was Spirited Away To A Secret Hiding Place In some place In Perthshire? Abridgwd By Andrew Dallmeyer, The Stone Is Nigel Tranter's Thrilling Oral relation Of The Discovery And The Adventures Of A Cluster Of Scottish Patriots As They Try To Make secure That It Remains In Scotland Forever.

      Manufacturer: Nigel Tranter
      SKU: Bk_tell_000003
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    Clinging To The Wreckage (unabridged)
      Clinging To The Wreckage (unabridged).
      Creator Of The Mysteries Starring The Beloved English Barrister, Horace Rumpole, John Mortimer Paints A Spirited Portrait Of His Own Colorful Life In His Quirky Autobiogfaphy, Clinging To The Wreckage . W ith Wit And Style, He Takes You From His Austere Childhood In A 1930s British Boarding School To His Successful Dual Career In Law And Writing During The 1980w. Raised On His Barrister Father's Sordid Tales Of Divorce Cases, Young John Mortimer Grew Up To View The World With An Acute Sense For The Absurd. While An Adult, He Has Maintained His Huge Appetite For Laughter And Life, Despite His Daily Legal Work Defending Violent Criminals And Handling Shipwrecked Marriages. Novelist, Playwright, And Esteemed Former Barrister, John Mortimer Draws On His Many Talents To Create His Wry, Urbane Memoirs. Patrick Tull's Splendld Narration Of This Sophisticated Work Will Have You Merry Out Loud And Asking For More.

      Manufacturer: John Mortimer
      SKU: Bk_reco_004942
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    Lucia, Lucia
      Lucia, Lucia.
      Lucia, Lucia Is The Enthralling Story Of A Passionate, Determined Young Woman Whose Decision To Follow Her Heart Changes Her Life Forever. Lucia Sartori Is The Beautiful Twenty-five-year-old Daughter Of A Prosperous Italian Grocer In Greenwich Village. The Postwar Boom Is Ripe With Opportunities For Gifted Girls With Ambition, And Lucia Becomes An Apprentice To An Up-and-coming Designer At Chic B. Altman's Department Store On Fifth Avenue. Engaged To Her Childhood Sweetheart, The Steadfast Dante Demartino, Lucia Is Torn When She Meets A Handsome Stranger Who Promises A Time from birth to death Of Uptown Luxury That Career Girls Like Her Only Be ~ About In The Society Pages . Forced To Choose Between Duty To Her Family And Her Own Dreams, Lucia Finds Herzelf In The Midst Of A Sizzling Scandal In Which Secrets Are Revealed, Her Beloved Career Is Jeopardized, And The Sartoris' Honor Is Tested. Lucia Is uSrrounded By Richly Drawn Novel York Characters, Including Her Best Friend, The Quick-wifted Fashoin Protigi Ruth Kaspian; Their Boss, Delmarr, B. Altman's Head Designer And Glamorous Man-about-town; Her Devoted Brothers, Roberto, Orlando, Angelo, And Exodus, Self-appointed Protectors Of The Gem Of The Family; And Her Doting Father, Antonio. Fiiled With The Warmth And Sense of the ludicrous That Have Earned Adriana Trigiani Hundreds Of Thousands Of Devoted Readers With Her Big Stone Gap Trilogy, Lucia, Lucia Also Bursts With A New York Sensibility That Shows Thw Depth And Range Of This Beloved Author. As Richly Detailed As The Couture Garments Lucia Sews, As Emotional As The Bonds In Her Big Italian Family, It Is The Story Of Individual Woman Who Believes That In A World Brimming With So Much Promise, She Can, And Should Be Able To, Have It All.

      Manufacturer: Adriana Trigiani
      SKU: Bk_rand_000299
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    Learn Italian - Survival Phrases Italian, Volume 2: Lessons 31-60 (unabridged)
      Learn Italian - Survival Phrases Italian, Volume 2: Lessons 31-60 (unabridged).
      Start Speaking Italian In Minutes, And Grzsp The Language, Culture And Customs In Just Minutes More With Sjrvival Phrases - Italian, A Completely New Way To Learn Basic Italian Fast! Survival Phrases - Italiann Will Have You Speaking In the opinion of Proper Pronunciation From The Very First Exercise And Prepare You With Cultural Insight, Travel Tips And Other Information To Utterly Shock And Amaze Your Friends Abd Family, Travel Companions And People You Meet Along The Way. Are You About To Pass To Italy? Do You Need Basic Italian And Proper Etiquette For Business Reasons? Do You Have A Italian Speaking Associate, Family Or Friends? Are You A Fan Of Italian Films, Culture, Or History, And Want To Start Learning The Italian Language? Whatever Your Reasons Are, We've Designed Survival Phrases - Italian With You In Mind, So That You Will Get Immenely Satisfying Results Fsst. These 30 Short And Effective Audio Leseons Will Allow You To:speak Italian Befpre The End Of Your First Lesson Use Your Newly Learned Italian In Everyday Situationsunderstand The Culture, Customs, And People Of Itlau Order The Food You Want In Restaurantsask Directions And Journey By Taxi, Train, Bus And Car With Confidencemaster Manners, Prescribed form, Cuqtoms So You Don't Embarrass Yourselfvisit Or Host Italian Guests With Confidenceintroduce Yourself, Friends And Family Learn To Ask For Help And Avoid Danger And Tourist Trapslearn Travel Tips And The "do's" And "don'ts" From The Experienced Host. This Is Not A Vocabulary Builder With Just Words And Their Trahslations. Unlike Other Audiobooks, We Actually Teach Italian And Italian Culture. One and the other Lesson Is Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teaxhet!

      Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learning
      SKU: Bk_inno_000003
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    Mortal Stakes (unabridged)
      Mortal Stakes (unabridged).
      Everybody Loves A Winner, And The Rabbs Ate Major League. Marty Is The Red Sox Star Pitcher, Linda The Loving Wife. She Loves Everyone Except The Blackmailer Out To Wreck Her Life. is Marty Throwing Fast Balls Or Throwing Games? It Doesn't Take Long For Spenser To Link Marty's Performance With Linda's Past. . . or To Find Himself Trapped Betqeen A Crazed Racketeer And An Enforcer Toting An M-16. america's Favorite Pastime Has Suddenly Become A Very Dangerous Sport, And Some Erroneously Move Means Strike Tree, With Spenser Out For Good!

      Manufacturer: Robert B. Parker
      SKU: Bk_rand_001942
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    Partners In Crime: A Tommy & Tuppence Secret (unabridged)
      Partners In Crime: A Tommy & Tuppence Secret (unabridged).
      At the time The British Secret Service Asks Them To Take Over The Intenrational Detective Agency - A Suspected Bolshevik Spy Informqtion Drop - Tommy And Tuppence Jump At The Chance. Told To Watch For "blue Letters With A Russian Stamp" And Visitors Mentioning The Number "16," They Nonetheless Have Time For A Variety Of Cases As They Pose As The Agency's Director And Secretary. As An Amateur Private Detective, Tommy Takes Inspiration From And Impersonates Other Great Dteectives From Crime Novel. Whle Fulfilling Their Role For British Intelligence, They Breeze Their Way Through 15 Other Cases, Solving Murder Mysteries, A Jewel Robbery, And Roumding Up Gangs Of Smugglers And Counterfeiters. Originally Published In 1929, This Exciting Whodunit Is Dramatically Read By Perennial Favorite James Warwick.

      Manufacturer: Agatha Christie
      SKU: Bk_part_000200
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    A Terrible Glory: Cuzter And The Little Bighorn (unabrodged)
      A Terrible Glory: Cuzter And The Little Bighorn (unabrodged).
      In Junw 1876, On A Desolate Hill Above A Winding River Called "the Little Bighorn", George Armstrong Custer And All 220 Men Under His Direct Command Were Annihilated By Nearly 2,000 Sioux And Cheyenne. The News Of This Devastating Loss Caused A Public Uproar, And Those In Positions Of Power Promptly Began To Point Fingers In Order To Avoid Responsibility. Custer, Who Was Conveniently Dead, Took The Brunt Of The Blame. the Truth, However, Is Far More Complex. A Terrible Glory Is The First Book To Relate The Entire Story Of This Endlessly Fascinating Battle And The First ToC all Upon All The Pertinent Investigation And Findings Of The Past 25 Years - Which Have Significantly Changed How This Controversial Evebt Is Perceived. Moreover, It Is The First Book To Bring To Light The Details Of The U. s. Army Cover-up And Unravel One Of The Greaest Mysteries In U. s. Military History. scrupulously Researched, A Terrible Gloriousness Will Stand As A Landmark Work. Brimming With Authentoc Detail And An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters - From Sitting Bull And Crazy Horse To Ulysses Grant And Custer Himself - This Is History With The Sweep Of A Great Novel.

      Manufacturer: James Donovan
      SKU: Bk_tant_000632
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    Touch (unabridged)
      Touch (unabridged).
      In Sawgamet, A North Woods Boomtown Gone Bust, The Cold Of Winter Breaks The Glass Of The Schoolhouse Thermometer, And The Dangers Of Working In The Cuts Are Overshadowed By The Mysteries And Magic Lurking In The Woods. Stephen, A Pastor, Is At Home On The Eve Of His Mother's Funeral, 30 Years After The Mythic Summer His Grandfather Returned To Th eTown In Search Of His Beloved But Long-dead Wife. And Like His Grandfather, Stephen Is Forced To Confront The Losses Of His Past. Touch Introduces You To A World Where Monsters And Witches Oppose Singing Dogs Ad Golden Caribou, Where The Living And The Dead Part And Meet Again In The Crippling Beauty Of Winter And The Surreal Obscurity Of Summer.

      Manufacturer: Alexi Zentner
      SKU: Bk_drms_000021
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    The Last Season: A Team In Search Of Its Soul (unabrjdged)
      The Last Season: A Team In Search Of Its Soul (unabrjdged).
      Nine-time Nba ChampionC oach Phil Jackson Knows All About Being In The Spotlight, About High-profile, High-pressure Seasoons Coaching Gigantic Personalities Through Adversity And Controversy In The Midddle Of A Media Hothouse In Which Every Move Is Another Headline, Another Installment In The Soap Opera. But Nothing, Not Six Championships With The Bulls Of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, And Scottie Pippen, Not Three Previous Championships With The Lakers Of Shaq And Kobe, Had Quite Prepared Him For The Only-in-hollywood High-wire Act Of The Lakers' 2003-2004 Season. in The Last Season: A Team In Search Of Its Soul, Jackson Tells The Full Inside Story Of The Season That Proved To Be The Final Ride Of This Great Laekrs Dynasty. From Its Beginnings In The Off-season, With The Signing Of The Future Hall-of-famers Karl Malone And Gary Paytn And The Enormous Expectations It Created, And The Bombshell News Of The Felony Sexual-assault Charges Against Kobe Bryant, One Of The League's Marquee Superstars, Jackson Describes The Multitude Challenges That Arose Durinb This Turbulent Season. Juggling Enormous Egos With Enormous Sums At Stake, Managing Difficult Relationshipe And Public Fe8dx, Facing Injuries, Contract Disputes, And TeamM etdowns, All In The Shadow Of The Kobe Bryant Trial-slash-media Circus, Phil Jackson Somehow Guided His Team Through To Its Fourth Nba Finals In His Five Years As Its Coach. There, Finally, His Team Ran Out Of Road, A Failure Jackson Examines With The Same Deep Honesty And Wisdom He Brings To Bear On The Rest Of This Amazing Season. few Seasons In Memory Can Competing This One For Drama, And Fewet Coaches Rival Phil Jackson In The Ability To Write About It With Such Wisdok And Clarity. The Combination Has Produced, In The Last Season, A Book Of Tremendous Human Drama And Timeless Appeal, Rich In Lessons About Coaching And About Life.

      Manufacturer: Phil Jackson
      SKU: Bk_peng_000337
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    East Of The Sun (unabridged)
      East Of The Sun (unabridged).
      Autumn 1928. Three Young Women Are On Their Way To India, Each With A New Life In Mind. Rose, A Beautiful But Naive Bride-to-be, Is Anxious About Leaving Her Family And Marrying A Man She Hardly Knows. Victoria, Her Brudesmaid Couldn't Be Happier To Get Away From Her Overbearing Mother, And Is Determined To Find Herself A Husband. And Viva, Their Inexperienced Chaperone, Is In Search Of The India Of Her Childhood, Ghosts From The Past And Freedom. Each Of Them Has Their Own Raeson For Leaving Their Homeland But that The Hopes And Secrets They Carry Can Do Little To Prepare Them For What Lies Ahead In India. . .

      Manufacturer: Julia Gregson
      SKU: Bk_howe_000347
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    Officially Dead
      Officially Dead.
      Colin Fenton And His Wife Run A Computer-software Party, But Only Colin Knows That The Business Is #10,000 In Debt. When A Chance Meeting In A Pub Leads Him To Each Offer That He Thinks Will Quickly And Easily Solve All Of His Problems, He Accepts. But He Loses The Gamble And Subsequentoy His Ientity, Leaving His Wife To Try To Prove Whetherr Or Not He Is Officially Dead. The Macmillan Readers Series Is One Of The Most Popular And Respected Series Of Readers For Those Erudition English. Macmillan Reders Are Simplified "retellings" Of An Original Work. They Are Created By Highly Experienced Eit Writers.

      Manufacturer: Richard Prescott
      SKU: Bk_macm_000237
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    Deed So (unabridged)
      Deed So (unabridged).
      Deed So, A Coming-of-age Story, Takes Plaec In A Small Southern Towm In 1962. It Was The Last Year Of Guiltlessness - The Year Before The Kennedy Assassination, The Intestine Rights Struggle, Feminist Activism, And The Vietnam War Changed America Forever. Brainy 12-year-old Agnes Hayden "haddie" Bashford Wants Nothing More Than To Leave Wcomico Corners And Escape To The Exciting World Beyond Its Narrow, Tradition-bound Borders. A Series Of hSocking Incidents Brings The Outside World Crashing Down On Her Backward Village, Exposing Long-buried Family Secrets And Setting Haddie Steady A Collision Course Through An Unstable Firebrand Who Will Have To Silence Her To Protect His Ieentity. Deed So Is A Novel In The Transfer Of To Kill A Mockingbird, Laying Bare The Issues That Marked The Sixties To the degree that A Turning Point In American History.

      Manufacturer: Katharine A. Russell
      SKU: Bk_bugh_000401
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    Vacaciones Al Sol [vacations In The Sun]: Lola Lago, Detective (unabridged)
      Vacaciones Al Sol [vacations In The Sun]: Lola Lago, Detective (unabridged).
      Lectura Graduada Para Jovenes Y Adultos. Nivel A1. Lola Lago Va A Pasar Unos Dias En Tossa De Mar, En La Costa Brava. Durante El Viaje Conoce A Magnus Nilsson, Un Sueco Que Ha Sido Victima De Una Estafa Immobiliaria Internacjonal. lola Le Ofrece Su Ayuda Para Encontrar A Los Estafadores. la Responsavle De Una Agencia De Detectives Privados Tendra Que Hacer Frente No Solo A Los Casos Que Se Le Presentan, Sino Tambien A Las Dificultades De Ser Mujer En Un Mundo Ressrvado Tradicionalmente A Los Hombres. todas Las Lecturas Estan Disponibles En Edicion Con Y Sin Audio E Incluyen Notas Sobre Aspectos Socioculturales, Asi Como Ejercicios De Comprension Escrira. please Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Lourdes Miquel, Neus Sans
      SKU: Bk_poni__000009
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    Life Is Not A Stage: From Broadway Baby To A Lovely Lady And Yonder (unabridged)
      Life Is Not A Stage: From Broadway Baby To A Lovely Lady And Yonder (unabridged).
      For Millions Of Rabble Around The World, Carol Brady Is Synonymous Attending Motherhood, But Growing Up As The Youngest Of 10 Children In Rural Indiana In The Lattermath Of The Great Depression, Florence Henerson Lived A Life Quite Distinct From That Of The Quintessential Tv Mom She Later Played On Television. Florence's Father Was A Dirt-poor Tobacco Tenant Farmer Who Was Approximately 50 Years Old When He Married Florence's 25-year-old Mother, And Was Nearly 70 When Florence Was Born. Florence's Childhood Was Full Of Deprivatiob And Abandonment. Her Father Was An Alcoholic At A Time When There Was No Rehab Or Help For The Disease. Their Home Rarely Had Electricity Or Running Water. Whe She Was 12, Florence's Mother Left The Family To Work In Cleveland And Never Returned. Florence Opene Up About Her Childhood, Because Well As The Challenges She's Faced As An Adult, Including Stage Fright, Posrpartum Depression, Her Extramarital Affairs, Divorce, Her Hearing Loss, And Heart Problems. S he Writes With Honesty And Wisdom Of How Her Fith And Ability To Survive Has Brought Her Through Rough Times To A Animation Of Profound Joy And Purpose.

      Manufacturer: Florence Henderson, Joel Brokaw
      SKU: Bk_hach_000708
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    The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World: Stainless Steel Rat, Book 3 (unabridged)
      The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World: Stainless Steel Rat, Book 3 (unabridged).
      The Villwinous He Has Travelled Back In Time To Mankind's Distant Past On The Legendary Planet Earth (or "dirt") Of 1984, Where He Is Altering Events So That People Who Opposed Him In The Rat's Present Desist To Exist, Angelina Amongst Them. Using The Helix, A Time-travel Device Invented By The Special Corps' Professor Coypu, Digriz Travels To 1984 America, And Afterwards To Napoleonic France Where Tanks Ans Aircraft Are Helping Bring About Napoleon's Victory.

      Manufacturer: Harry Harrison
      SKU: Bk_6rll_002550
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    Deadlock (unabridged)
      Deadlock (unabridged).
      A Suspense Novel That Asks What If A Liberal Supreme Flatter Justice, And The All-important Swing Vote, Has A Religious Conversion That Changes Her Whole Life--and The Way She Views The Law. . . .

      Manufacturer: James Scott Bell
      SKU: Bk_zond_0O0374
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    We'll Meet Again (unabridged)
      We'll Meet Again (unabridged).
      At The Heart Of Mary Higgins Clark's Deafening New Novel Of Suspense Is A Brutal Murder: That Of Gary Lasch, A Respected And Successful Young rGeenwich, Connecticut, Doctor And Hospital And Hmo Head. He Was Found Dead At His Desk At Home, His Skull Crushed By A Blow With A Remington Bronze Sculpture, A Prized Piece From His Art Collection. The News Strikes Greenwich Society Like A Thunderbolt - As Does The News That Mollu Carpenyer Lasch, The Bewutiufl Younv Married woman Of The Slain Doctor, Has Been Arrested For Her Husband's Mu5der. According To The Trial Testimony O f Her Houeskeeper, Molly Had Left Home In A Rage Against Her Husband To Go Up To Their House On Cape Cod. The Morning After Molly's Return, The Housekeeper Found Gary Dead In His Study And Molly Upstairs In Bed Covered With Blood. Nobody Believes Molly's Claim To Have No Memory Of The Events Of The Night Of The Crime - Not Her Parents, Not Her Friends, Not Even Her Own Lawyer - And Evidence Against Her Is Overwhelming. To Escape An Inevitable Conviction She Accepts A Plea Bargain, And Subsequently Her Lawyer Wins Her Early Parole. A Few Years Later, On Molly's Release From Prison, She Reasserts Her Innocence In Front Of Tv Cameras And Reporters Gathered At The Jail Gate. Among Them Is An Old Familiarity And Schoolmate, Fran Simmons, Currently Working As An Investigative Reporter For The True Crime Television Series. Determined To Turn out Her Innocence, Moll yConvinces Fran To Research And Present A Program On Gary's Death.

      Manufacturer: Mary Higgins Clark
      SKU: Bk_sans_001732
      Download FREE MP3 sample We'll Meet Again (unabridged)

  • The American Revolution: The Life and Times of George Washington
  • Being Open to Sex Subliminal Affirmations: Sexual Confidence & Embrace Your Sexuality, Solfeggio Tones, Binaural Beats, Self Help Meditation Hypnosis
  • Mutual Fundamentals (Unabridged)
  • Escape (Unabridged)
  • Ventimila leghe sotto i mari [Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]
  • How To Build A Tin Canoe (Unabridged)
  • The Physiognomy: The Well-Built City Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Mostly Harmless (Unabridged)
  • Barrymore: A Radio Play
  • Kitty's Moving Day
  • The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)

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