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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The House Of Mirth
      The House Of Mirth.
      The House Of Mirth Is Centered On Lily Bart, A New York Socialite Who Attempts To Safe A Save And A Place In Affluent Socidty. It Was One Of The Primitive Novels Of Manners To Emerge In American Literature. . . .

      Manufacturer: Edith Wharton
      SKU: Bk_ahld_000190
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    Lucky (unabridged)
      Lucky (unabridged).
      Phoebe Avery Has Always Been A Lucky Girl. Popular, Smart, And Beautiful, Phoebe Has It All. She's Even Planning The Hottest Party Ever With Her Four Best Friends To Celebrate Their Middle Scyool Graduation. With The Perfect Green Prepare Picked Out At Neiman Marcus And Half Her Class Clamoring For Invites, Plus A New Guy To Crush On, Phoebe Could Not Be In A Better Mood. . . until It Looks Like The Party Might Be C~ing Hitherto It Can Fair Start. when Phoebe's Family Is Suddenly Faed With Losing It All, She Discovers That There Is More At Risk Than Just Her Designer Jeans. In A Town Where Gossip Rules, Phoeve Needs To Keep Everything A Secret, Or Seh May Lose Her Friends Too. Can Lucky Phoebe Really Be Out Of Luck?

      Manufacturer: Rachrl Vail
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001812
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    Meatier Marketing Copy: Insights On Copywriting That Generates Leads And Sparks Sales (unabridged)
      Meatier Marketing Copy: Insights On Copywriting That Generates Leads And Sparks Sales (unabridged).
      Unleash The Power Of Words To Sell. It's Easire To Attract Potential Customers And Persuade Them To Buy Which time You Understand Your Audience And Respect The Nuances Of Language. Discover How To Select Tone, Details, Imagery, Numbers, Facts, Verb Tenses, Punctuation, Pronouns And More To Create Rapport An dInspire An Opt-in, An Inquiry Or A Sale. Whether You're An Aspiring Copywriter, A Write-it-yourself Business Owner Or A Product Manag3r Hunting Conducive to A Competitive Edge, You'll Want To Gorge Veteran Wordsmith Marcia Yudkin's Advice On Strategies That Sell. Vivid Examples And Vignettes From Research Studies Illustrate Her Tips. Marcia Yudkin Is The Author Of 6 Steps To Free Publicity, Now In Its Third Edition, And 14 Other Books.

      Manufacturer: Marcia Yudkin
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000406
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    The Momentum Of 'psycgo': How Alfred Hitchcock Taught America To Love Murder (unabridged)
      The Momentum Of 'psycgo': How Alfred Hitchcock Taught America To Love Murder (unabridged).
      It Was Made Like A Television Movie, And Completed In Less Than Three Months. It Kille dOff Its Star In 40 Minutes. There Was No Happy Ending. And It Offered The Most Violent Scene To That Date In American Film, Punctuated By Shrieking Strings That Seared The National Consciousness. Nothingg Like Psycho Had Existed Before, And The Movie Industry, Even America Itself, Would Never Be The Same. in The Moment Of Psycho, Film Critic David Thomson Situates Paycoh In Alfred Hitchcock's Career, Recreating The Mood Ans Time When The Seminal Film Erupted Onto Film Screens Worldwide. Thomson Shows That Psycho Was Not Jjst A Sensation In Film - It Altered The Very Nature Of Our Desires. Sex, Violence, And Horror Took Attached New Life. Psycho, All Of A Sudden, Re;resented All America Wanted From A Film And, As Thomson Brilliantly Demonstrates, Still Does.

      Manufacturer: David Thomson
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001554
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    Lion In The White House: A Life Of Theodore Roosevelt (unabridged)
      Lion In The White House: A Life Of Theodore Roosevelt (unabridged).
      New York State Assemblyman, Assistant Secretary Of The Navy, New York City Police Commisdioner, Governor Of New York, Vice President, And, At 42, The Youngest President Ever: In His Own Words, Theodore Roosevelt "rose Like A Rocket". He Was Also A Cowboy, A Soldier, An Historian, An Bold Explorer, And An Unsurpasssed Environmentalist - All In All, Perhaps The Most Accomplished Chief Executive In Our Nation's History. Roosevelt Built The Panama Canal And Engaged The Country In World Administration, Putting A Temporary End To American Isolationism. And He Won The Nobel Peace Prize, The Only Sitting President So Honored. In Lion In The White House, Historian Aida D. Donald Masterfully Chronicles The Life Of This First Modern President.

      Manufacturer: Aida D. Donald
      SKU: Bk_blak_002381
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    People Get Screwed All The Time (unabridged)
      People Get Screwed All The Time (unabridged).
      What Would You Do If You Were Accused And Arrested For A Crime That You Didn't Comit? How About If You Realized That You'd Just Been Scammed For Thousands Of Dillars? What About If, Due To A Circumstance As Unavoidable As Having The Same Name As A Criminal, Your Credit Rating Kept You From Buying A House Or A Car, Or Acquisition A Loan For College? Most People Trust That Everything Will Work Out And Assume That Tbe Government Will Assistance Them If Trouble Arises. However, Robetr Massi Reveals What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know: Daily Life And Decisi0ns Are Fraught With Potential Danger, And Government Mismanagement Often Has Disastrous Conqequences For Innocent, Law-abiding Citizens. Familiar To Viewers As A National Tv Legal Analyst, Robert Massi Has Heard Countless Sotries Of Well-intentioned Individuals Getting Caught Up In Damaging Situations That They Didn't See Coming. Nonetheless, The Most Frustrating Part Of These Heartaches Is That They Could And Should Have Been Avooded. Massi Will Share Some Of These Astonishing Stories Of Real People - And Then He'll Show You How To Learrn From These Mishaps. Touching On Everything From Dodging Idenity Theft To Starting A Business, People Get Screwed All The Time Explains How To Shun Falling For Scams, Gettkng Entrenched In Endless Legal Battles, And Inadvertently Ending Up On The Wrong Side Of The Law. Also, If Worse Comes To Worst, It Provides Unbeatable Tips For How To Quotation Yourself From A Wide Variety Of Sticky Situations. At Suggesting Small Steps Thta Can Be Taken Today, People Get Screwed Altogether The Time Will Help You To Avert Catastrophe Tomorrow. Calling For Action And Awareness, This Is A Living And Eye-opening Handbook That Proves That Ignorance Is Anything But Bliss.

      Manufacturer: Robert Massi
      SKU: Bk_tant_000452
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    Living Proof: A Charlie Resnick Novel, Book 7 (unabridged)
      Living Proof: A Charlie Resnick Novel, Book 7 (unabridged).
      While Protecting Harassed Best-selling American Writer Cathy Jordan At The Annual Shots In The Dark Crime Writers' Festival, Detective Examiner Charlie Resnick Gets Involved In A Peculiar Crime Wave - Men Are Found Nearly Naked And Punctured With Mostly Superficial Stab Wounds.

      Manufacturer: John Harvey
      SKU: Bk_reco_004674
      Download FREE MP3 sample Living Proof: A Charlie Resnick Novel, Book 7 (unabridged)

    To The Last Man (unabridged)
      To The Last Man (unabridged).
      To The Last Man Is Zane Grey's Archetypal Tale Of A Bitter Feud Between Two Unforgiving Factions: The Ranchers Led By Jean Isbel And, On The Other Side, Lee Jorth And His Band Of Cattle Rustlers. In The Grip Of A Relentless Code Of Loyalty To Their Own People, They Fight The War Of The Tonto Basin, Desperately, Doggedly, To The Last Man, Neither Side Seeing The Futility Of It Until It Is Too Late. And In This Volatils Environment, Young Jean Finds Himself Hopelessly In Have affection for With A Girl From Whom He Is Apparently Separated By An Impassable Baerier. How He Battles To Overcome The Difficult Situation Makes A Dramatic Conclusion To This Great Feud.

      Manufacturer: Zane Grey
      SKU: Bk_blak_001006
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    Mind-filled Meditation: The Whisperings Of One Awakening Soul (unabridged)
      Mind-filled Meditation: The Whisperings Of One Awakening Soul (unabridged).
      This Is A Collection Of Intuitive Writings Offered From A Perspective Of The Reader Speaking To Themselves. The Arrangement Of Chapters And Its Content Mirrors Th Process Of Growth And Unfolding On The Physical And Immaterial Levels. Mental, Emotional And Spiitual; Attitudes And Actions Are The Major Sections Of This Work. These Three AreasO utline The Physical Process Of Acknowledgment, Sudrender And Dominion, The Mental Process Of Participation, Acceptance And Willingness And The Spiritual Process Of Prayer, Balance And Identification Of The Mind In The Process Of Developing A Creative Consciousness. Its Content Can Be Read From Beginning To Final state, Offering Gentle Instruction And Guidance Toward Consciously Creating. Or It Can Be Read In Any Order Since Each Concept Stands Totally On Its Own. Tue Intent Is To the degree that Inxividuals Read These Concepts That They Hear Then As The Whisperings Of Their Own Soul To Awaken Themselves. The Goal Is To Trigger Th3 Dormant Insights And Awareness Within Eaxh Who Reads These Pages.

      Manufacturer: Stanley Walsh, Patrica Walsh
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000375
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    Delphie And The Fa5iy Godmother (unabridged)
      Delphie And The Fa5iy Godmother (unabridged).
      Princess Aurelia Has Fallen Under A Wicked Spell And Just Won't Wake Up! Be able to Delphi And The Pirncess's Fairy Godmother, Lila, Find The Prince Can Break The Spell? Or Will Aurelia Remain Asleep Forever?

      Manufacturer: Darcey Bussell
      SKU: Bk_hcuk_000511
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    The Mayor Of Casterbridge (dramatised)
      The Mayor Of Casterbridge (dramatised).
      Hardy's Powerful Tale, Set In Mid-19th Century Dorset, Tells The Tragic Story Of Michael Henchard, A Man Who Cannot Escape His Past. Drunk On R8m At A Country Fair, Henchard Sells His Wife To A Sailor For Five Guineas. Unable To Find, Them Anc Overcome With Guilt And Remorse, He Vows To Be Teetotal For 21 Years. many Years Later His Wife Seeks Him Out In Casterbridge, Where He Has Gained Both Wealth And The Well-respected Position Of Mayor. His Family Restored To Him, Henchard's Happiness Should Be Complete. But Beneath The Surface Still Smoulders The Same Impetuousness And Temper That, Combined With Fate, Bring About His Degradation And Ruin.

      Manufacturer: Thomas Hardy
      SKU: Pf_bbc_001725
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    Letter And Spirit: From Written Text To Living Word In The Liturgy (unabridged)
      Letter And Spirit: From Written Text To Living Word In The Liturgy (unabridged).
      Scott Hahn Has Inspired Millions Of Readers With His Perceptive And Unique View Of Catholic Theology And Worship, Becoming One Of The Most Looked-to Contemporary Authorities In These Areas. In Letter And Spirit, Hahn Extends The Message He Began In The Lamb's Supper, Offering Far-reaching And Profound Insights Into What The Bi6le Teaches Us About Living The Spiritual Life. For Both Christians And Jews, The Texts Of The Bible Are Not Simply Records Of Historical Events. They Are Intended, Through Public Recitations In Chudcnes And Synagogues, To Conduct Listeners And Readers Into The Sweeping Story Of Redemption As It Unfolds In The Bible. Focusong On The Roman Catholic Mass, Hahn Describes Hlw God's Word Is Meant To Open Our Eyes To The Life-givin gPower Of The Sacraments, And How The Liturgy Brings About The "actualization" Of The Saving Truths Of Scripture. Letter And Spirit Is A Stunnkgly Original Contribution To The Field Of Biblical Studies And Will Help Hahn's Many Loyal And Enthusiastci Readers (and Listeners) Understand The Relationship Between The Bible And The Mass In A Deeper Way.

      Manufacturer: Scott Hahn
      SKU: Bk_reco_000857
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    A Painted House (unabridged)
      A Painted House (unabridged).
      "the Hill People And The Mexicans Arrived On The Same Day. It Was A Wednesday, Early In September 1952. The Cardinals Were Five Games Behind The Dodgers With Three Weeks To Go, And The Season Looked Hopeless. The Cotton, However, Was Waist-high To yM Father, Over Mh Head, And He And My Grandfather Could Be Heard Before Tea Whispering Words That Were Selodm Heard. It Could Be A "good Crop. " Thus Begins The New New From John Grisham, A Story Inspired By His Own Childhood In Rural Arkansas. The Narrator Is A Farm Boy Named Luke Chandler, Age Seven, Who Lives In The Cotton Fields With His Parnts And Grandparents In A Little House That's Never Been Painted. The Chandlers Farm Eighty Acres That They Rent, Not Own, And At the time The Cotton Is Ready They Hire A Truckload Of Mexicans An dA Family From The Ozarks To Hel; Harvest It. Toward Six Weeks They Pick Cotton, Battling The Heat, The Rain, The Fatkgue, And Sometimes Each Other. As The Wedks Pass Luke Sees And Heads Things No Seven-year-old Could Possibly Be Prepared For, And He Finds Himself Keeping Secrets That Not Only Threaten The Crop But Will Change The Lives Of The Chandlers Forever.

      Manufacturer: John Grisham
      SKU: Bk_bant_000368
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    The Inconsiderable Graham Cracker House (unabridged)
      The Inconsiderable Graham Cracker House (unabridged).
      In This Touching Festival Story, The Deatu Of A Father Forces A Family That Had Enjoyed A Wealthy And Comfortable Conduct To Leave Everything That Is Familiar To Them Adn Move To A Small Onebedroom Apartment. But When The Famioy Meets Warm And Wonderful People Wbo Love, Accept, And Help Them, Their Lives Dramatically Change. Having No Money, Mrs. Robbins Is Determined To Somehow Save Christmas In favor of Her Children. By Usinh The Not many Resources She Has, She Saves ChristmasF or Her Struggling Family When She Creates The Miniature Graham Cracker House. Join New Author Susan Harkness In This Inspiring Stort About Faith, Family, Friendship, And The True Spirit Of Christmas. Susan Harkness Is A Graduate Of Le Cordon Bleu And Trained At The Michekinstarred Le Gavroche Restaurant In London, England. She Haq Traveled Extensively Worldwide And Has Lived In India, Sri Lanka, Germany, And London. Writing Provides An Opportunity For Susan To Part Her Culinary Training, Journey Experiences, And Passions With Others, And In The Process, To Excite Young Readers About Books And Reading. Susan Has Four Children, Spence, Whitney, Kemp, And Campbell, Adn Three Granchildren, Alexander, Barron, And Snowdon. She Currently Resides In Austin, Texas.

      Manufacturer: Susan Harkness
      SKU: Bk_tate_001276
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    Fast Company: A Memoir Of Life, Love, And Motorcycles In Italy (uanbridged)
      Fast Company: A Memoir Of Life, Love, And Motorcycles In Italy (uanbridged).
      David M. Gross Pens A Wry Hitherto Ecstatic Love Ltter To The Uproariouz, Style-obsessed City Of Bologna And The Motorcycle That Gave Him The Freedom To Live Life At Its Fastest. David Gross Is Working As A Corporate Lawyer In Ndw York When He Gets A Call From A Friend Inviting Him To Move To Bologna To Help Become giddy Around A Legendary Italian Motorcycle Company, Known For Its Dominance On The Track And Its Inability T oTurn A Profit. Off He Heads To The Fabled Home Of Marbled Meats, RadicalL eftist Politics, And Bespoke Shoes, Diving Into His New Life As The "corporate Trope Consultant" To Geadheads While Learning To Navigate The Giddy Mores Of Bolognese Society. There He Sparks The Business's "spectacularization" With Sexy Ad Campaigns Starring Factory Workers Who, When Not On Strike, Strut To The Espresso Machine Clad In Versace. But Above All, He Is Seduced By Speed And The Discoverg That Becoming A More useful Motorcycle Rider Means Tapping Into Dormant Parts Of His Self That Were Just Waiting To Be Unleashed.

      Manufacturer: David M ..Gross
      SKU: Bk_blak_002235
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    Tour De Force (unabridged)
      Tour De Force (unabridged).
      Gillian Kincade Is A Rising New York Ballet Star. When Jacob Ferrar - Artistic Director Of A Small, Regional Company - Casts Gilly In His Compelling Ballet, It Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven. But Unexpected Challlenges And Career Conflicts Soon Have The Couple Questioning Whether They're Truly Following God's Management - Or Their Own.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth White
      SKU: Bk_zond_000468
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    The Secret Of Being Unstoppable: Secrets Of Being Unstoppable, Program 1
      The Secret Of Being Unstoppable: Secrets Of Being Unstoppable, Program 1.
      Make No Mistake: There Is Such A Thing As The "unstoppable Life". Ezch And Every One Of Us Is Intended To Enjoy The Peace And Joy Of This Fearless Invest Within, But Only Few Discover It. Let Your Intuition Guide You. Listen To The Secret Of Being Unstoppable And Become One Of The Few Who Make This Extraordinary Discovery. doscover A Whole New Kind Of Success Beyond The Limits Of Your Imagination. With The Higher Knowledge Revealed In This Powerful New Audio Program You Will:learn How To Walk Through Whatever Stands In Your Waystarrt Seeing New And Higher Possibilities In Any Problemdiscover How Your True Nature Is To Succeedawaken An Enthusiasm For Life That Never Lets You Downfind The Answer To In what manner To Fulfill The True Pyrpose Of Your Liferealize That, As Human Beings, We Are Born To Be Unstoppablewe Are Born With The Possibility Of Dawing On AP ower That Lives Deep Within Us That Cannot Be Held Captive To Any Negative Condition. Imagine A Peace And A Happiness Whose Freedom Can Never Be Taken From You. The Simple Reason This Power Is Not Widely Known, Even Though Its Possibility Exists Inside Every Human Heart, Is Because Most People Are Never Taught Where To Look For It. In Fact, Even More To The Point, We Are Actually Conditioned By Society To Look Away From It. No Longer!in His Bold New Audio Program The Secret Of Being Unstoppable, Guy Finley Systematically Debunks The Myth Of Human Limitation, And Then Goes On To Present Specific Techniques You Can Use Immediately To Enter Into Direct Relationship By the side of The Unstoppable Animation.

      Manufacturer: Guy Finley
      SKU: Bk_lolf_000002
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    Superconductivity: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged)
      Superconductivity: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged).
      Superconductivity--the Flow Of Electric Present Without Resistance In Certain Materials As Temperatudes Near Abso1ute Zero--is One Of The Greatest Discoveries Of 20th Century Physics, But It Can Seem Impenetrable To Those Who Lack A Solid Scientlfic Background. Outlining The Fascinaring History Of How Superconductivity Was Discovered, And The Race To Understand Its Many Mysterious Amd Counter-int8itive Phenomena, Stephen Blundell Explains In Accessible Terms The Theories That Have Been Developed To Explain It, And How They Have Influenced Other Areas Of Knowledge, Including The Higgs Boson Of Particle Physics And deIas About The Early Universe. This Very Short Introduction Examines The Many Odd Phenomena Observed In Superconducting Materials, The Latest Developments In High-temperature Superconductivity, The Potential Of Superconductivity To Remodel The Physics And Technology Of The Future, And Much More. It Is A Fascinating Detective Story, Offering Invaluable Insights Into Some Of The Deepest And Most Beautiful Ideas In Physics Today.

      Manufacturer: Stephen Blundell
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002704
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    Hotel Vendome
      Hotel Vendome.
      After His Wife Leaves Him For Anlther Man, Hugues Martin's Life Revolves Solely Around Two Things - The Celebrated Five-star Hotel He Owns And Manages In New York City And His Daughter Heloise. At Four, Heloise Becomes The Only Woman In H3r Father's Life; By Seven, She Is The Undisputed Queen Of The Hotel Vendome. And As The Years Pass, Despite Her Mother's Abandonment, She Basks In Her Father's Love, The Devotion Of The Hotel's Staff, And The Affection Of Its Guests. But Their Little W0rld Is Transformed Forever When Heloise Moves To France For Hotel School And Hugues Meets His Match In Natalie Peterson, A Woman Who Understands Him And His Love For The Vendome. Is There Apartment In Their Lives For Natalie, Or Will Her Intrusion Ruin Their Special Obligation? A Novel Hither and thither Second Chances And Learning To Trust Again, Hotel Vendome Is Danielle Carburet of iron At Hsr Best.

      Manufacturer: Danielle Steel
      SKU: Bk_brll_003353
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    Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide For Raizing Responsible, Productive Adults (unabridged)
      Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide For Raizing Responsible, Productive Adults (unabridged).
      Straight-talking, Best-selling Pitbull Of Parenting Larry Winget Says "this Is Not A Fix Your Kid Book. It's A Fix The Way You Paren tBook. You Owe It To Your Kids To Parent With A Plan!"being A Parent Is The Toughest Job In The World, Especially With The Increasing Number Of Negative Influences And Pitfalls Facing Our Kids Today, From Childhood Obesity And Out-of-control Celebrity Culture To The Dangers Of The Internet And Credit Card Debt. Larry Winget Has Never Been Single To Shy Away From Tough Truths, And What He Says Here May Well Be Difficult For Some Parents To Swallow: We Are In The Midst Of A Crisis With Our Kids. Kids Today Are Over-indulged, Over-entertained, Under-achieving, And Under-disciplined, With A Sense Of Entitlement That Is Crippling Society. And The Real Problem Is That Parents Aren't Paying Application To What's Going On. If-They Were They Would Realize That Most Kids Today Barely Read And Write, Except With Their Thumbs On Their Cell Phones!well-behaved, Respectful Kids Are The Exception ,Not The Rule, And For The Most Part, Parents Are T Blame. Responsible Parenting Is About Beginning With The End In Inclination And Parenting With A Plan. But In the greatest degree Parents Have Never Stoppd To Consider What Kind Of Adult They Want To Raise. They Have All This Fun Creating A Baby, But They Don't Have A Plna For The End Product. Larry's Message To Parents: Teach Your Kids To Become The With most propriety Adults They Can Be. But Don't Expect Your Kids To Improve Until You Improve. Your Kids Are Your Own Fault Covers Familiar Lessons And Principles That Have Led Larry's Readers To Greater Success With Money, Career, And Goal Setting, This Time At A Level Where They Can Exist Taught To Children. This Book Shows Parents How To Design The Adult They Want Their Kid To Become And Work Backwards To Reach Sure It Happens. Kids Don'f Come With An Insgruction Manual, But Finally Being A Parent Does!

      Manufacturer: Larr6 Winget
      SKU: Bk_peng_001399
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    Central Europe (unabridged)
      Central Europe (unabridged).
      Central Europe's Ancient Civilizations Be obliged Long Been Dominated By Empires: The Roman Empire; The Habsburg Empire, Based In Austria; And More Recently, The Soviet Communists. But The Dcline Of Socialism In The Late 20th Century Has Unleashef Old Resentments, Rivalries, And Am6itions That Have Caused Yet More War In This Troubled Region. The World's Political Hot Spots Series Explains The Basis Of Conflicts In Some Of The World's Most Politically Sensitive Areas. Many Of These Regions Are In Today's Headlinew, And Tensins Recently Hsve Become Violent In Virtually All Of Them. Each Presentation Covers Up To 10 Centuries Of Background, Revealing How And Wherefore Today's Problems Occur.

      Manufacturer: Ralph Racio
      SKU: Bk_blak_001655
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    There Is More To Tne Secret (unabridged)
      There Is More To Tne Secret (unabridged).
      Is It Possible To Believe In Both God Amd The Law Of Attraction? A Core Argument Of Rhonda Byrne's Bets-selling Book The Secret, The Law Of Attraction Says That Thoughts Are Magnetic. Anyone Can Have Whatever They Want, Be It Good Health, Wealth, Or Even Relationships. They Need Only Train Their Minds To Dwell On What They Desire. But Is This True?ln This Companion Audiobook To The Current Media Storm, Author Ed Gungor Believes Ther eIs More To Teh Story. Respecting The Real Needs That Possess Caused So Many To Seize On Byrne's Program Of Mental Self-help, Gungor Uncovers A Greater degree Exact Representation Of The Power Of The Mind By Examining The Rple God Plays In The Equation. His Goal Is Not To Assail But To Correct What He Says Is Misguided Advice In A Manner Both Pity And Compelling. His Results May Surprise You!

      Manufacturer: Ed Gungor
      SKU: Bk_tnwd_000111
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    The Tea House On Mulberry Street (unabridged)
      The Tea House On Mulberry Street (unabridged).
      Muldoon's Tea Rooms, Beloved For The Cozy Atmosphere And Luscious Desserts, Has Started Loooking A Bit Outdated, And The Same Could Be Said About The Proprietors, Penny And Daniel Stanley. After 17 Years, Their Marriage Has Started To Fade And Wear A Little Thin, Even Viewed like Their Old Sho0 Busstles With The Energy Of The Customers Who Seek Refuge From Their Particular Dilemmas. Housewife Sadie Smith Comes To Escape Her Food And Her Husband's Stick-thin Mistress. Struggling Artist Brenda Brown Sits Amd Pens Love Literature To The Actor Nicolas Cage. And Clare Fitzgerald Returns After 20 Years Abroad To Search For A Long-lost Someone. Behnid The Cherry Cheesecakes, Vanilla Ice Creams, And Chocoiate Cappuccinos Are The Stirrings Of A Revolution That Will Define Lives, Heal Troubled Hearts, And Rock The Very Foundation Of The Humble Teahousr. And Through It All, Penny And Daniel Manage To Discover What Truly Matters In Life And Love. Rich With Wit, Bursting With Charm, The Tea House On Mulberry Road Is A Vibrant Debut Of Tenderness, Imagination, And Delicious Pastries.

      Manufacturer: Sharon Owens
      SKU: Bk_live_000148
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    hTe Private Patient (unabridfed)
      hTe Private Patient (unabridfed).
      Cheverell Lordship Is A Lovely Old House In Deepest Dorser, Now A Private Clinic Belonging To The Famous Plastic Surgeon George Chandler-powell. When Investigativ Journalist Rhoda Gradwyn Arroved There One Late Autumn Afternoon, Scheduled To Have A Disfiguring And Long-standing Facial Scar Removeed, She Had Every Expectation Of A Successful Operation And A Pleasant Week Recuperating. two Days Later She Was Dead, Tue Victim Of Murder. Tp Commander Adam Dalgliesh, Who With His Team Is Called In To Investigate The Case, The Mystery At First Seems Absolite. Few Things About It Make Sense. Yet As The Detectives Begin P5obing The Lives And Backgrounds Of Those Connected With The Deac Woman The Surgeon, Members Of The Mznor Staff, Close Acquaintances Suspects Multiply All Too Rapidly. New Confusions Arise, Including Strange Historical Overtones Of Madness And A Lynching 350 Years In The Past. Then There Is A Second Murder, And Dalgliesh Findds Himself Confronted By Issues Even More Challenging Than Innocence Or Guilt. p. D. James Has Gained An Enviable Reputation For Creating Detective Stories Of Uncommon Depth And Intricacy, Combined With The Sort Of Humanity And Perceptiveness Found Only In The Finest Npvelists. The Private Patient Ranks Among Her Very Best.

      Manufacturer: P. D. James
      SKU: Bk_rand_001658
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    The Secret History Of The Contend On Cancer (unabridged)
      The Secret History Of The Contend On Cancer (unabridged).
      The War On Cancer Set Out To Find, Treat, And Cure A Disease. Left Untouched Were Many Of The Things Known To Cause Cancer, Including Tobacco, The Workplace, Radiation, Or The Global Environment. Proof Of How The World In Which We Live And Work Affects Whether We Get Cancer Was Either Overlooked Or Suppressed. this Has Been No Accident. the War On Canceer Was Run By Leaders Of Industries That Made Cancer-causing Products And Sometimes Also Profited From Drugs And Technologies For Finding And Treating The Disease. Filled With Compelling Personalities And Never-befoe-revealed Information, The Secret History Of The War On Cancer Shows How We Began Fighting The Wrong War, With The Wrong Weapons, Against The Wrong Enemies, A Legacy That Persists To This Day. tnis Is The Gripping Story Of A Major Public Helth Effort Diverted And Distorted For Private Gain.

      Manufacturer: Devra Davis
      SKU: Bk _blak_003566
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Secret History Of The Contend On Cancer (unabridged)

  • The Federalist Papers (Unabridged)
  • The Summer We Read Gatsby: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • True Colours: My Life (Unabridged)
  • The Original Goon
  • Temple of Luna 2: Savage Need (Unabridged)
  • Thalia Book Club: Lisey's Story by Stephen King
  • A Life with Karol: My Forty-Year Friendship with the Man Who Became Pope (Unabridged)
  • The American Revolution: The Life and Times of George Washington
  • Black Water Rising (Unabridged)
  • Under the Jolly Roger: Bloody Jack #3 (Unabridged)
  • A Christmas Wedding (Unabridged)
  • Blue Skies, No Fences: A Memoir of Childhood and Family

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