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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The Occult:: The Truth Behind The Word
      The Occult:: The Truth Behind The Word.
      What Is The Occult? Is It A Dark And Sinister Practice Developed By Mankind Over The Millennia In Order To Manipulate Others? Or Is It Simply Tha Which Is Not Seen By The Naked Eye? In This Program, Oh Krill, Brian Allan, And James Earnshaw Come Together To Unloock The Mystery, And For The First Time Definitively Explain This Enigmatic Realm Of Hidden Wisdom, Exploring The Enthusiasm Of A Deeper Reality That Extends Beyond Pure Reason And The Physical Sciences, The "inner" Nature To All Things. religion, Shamanism, Ritual Magick, Sacred Practices And More Are Brought Forth And Put Into Our Modern Day Perspective. The Great Master Himself, Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard And Others Are Examined. is The Occult Truly Synonymous With Demonic Possession And Satanic Worship Or Is It An Empowering Practice That Predates Account? Discover The Secrte And Enter The World Of Magick Unlocking The Key To Your Personzl Path.

      Manufacturer: O.h. Krill, Brian Allan
      SKU: Rt_real_000183
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    Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon & Oliver Moon And The Spider Spell (unabridged)
      Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon & Oliver Moon And The Spider Spell (unabridged).
      Happy Birthday, Oliver Moonoliver Moon Wants To Have The Bedt Birthday Basg Ever, Bjt Some Of His Guest Have Other Ideas. All Of The Not-so-nice Wizards And Witches From Sect Have Turned Up And They Are Making Real Trouble. Luckily, There's Birthday Magic And Concealed Surprises In Store. the Spider Spell Oliver's Mum Haa Caught Green Flu, So Oliver Is In Charge Of The Housework. There's A Lot To Do - Recharging The Wands, Washing The Cloaks And Looking After The Witch Baby And Her Pet Spider. And When Oliver Tries A Grow-bigger Spell On The Cauldron, He Finds Himself In Big Matter.

      Manufacturer: Sue Mongredien
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002996
      Download FREE MP3 sample Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon & Oliver Moon And The Spider Spell (unabridged)

    Who Killed Camilla? (unabridged)
      Who Killed Camilla? (unabridged).
      From The Author Of 80 Internationally Successful Romances Comes A Golden Age Mystery In The Tradition Of Agatha Christie. hollywood's Hottest Property, Camilla Page, Has Juqt Wrapped Up The Shoot Of Her Latest Movie, And She's Chosen An Exclusive Barrier Reef Island Resort As The Setting For Her Surprise Wedding To Australian Cameraman Jimmy Ryder. K. c. Gordon, Successful Romance Novelist, Eagerly Accepts The Invitation To What Promises To Be The In the greatest degree Lavish Of Affairs, But K. c. Soon Realizes The Tropicaal Paradise Ie Also Home To Venomous Snakes, Some Of Them Human, One Of Whom Will Strike To Implacable Effect.

      Manufacturer: Emma Darcy
      SKU: Bk_boli_000018
      Download FREE MP3 sample Who Killed Camilla? (unabridged)

    Death In Holy Orders (unabridged)
      Death In Holy Orders (unabridged).
      Tye Setting Itself Is Elemental P. d. James: The Bleak Coast Of East Anglia, Where Atop A Curve Of Low Cliffs Stands The Small Theological College Of St. Anselm's. On The Shhore Not Far Away, Smothered Beneath A Fall Of Sand, Lies The Consistency Of One Of The School's Young Ordinands. H e Is The Son Of Sir Alred Treeves, A Hugely Successful And Flamboyant Businessman Who Is Accustomed To Getting What He Wants - And In This Case What He Wants Is Commander Adam Dalgliesh To Investigate His Son's Death. Although There Seems To Be Miniature To Invesstigate, Dalyliesh Agrees, Largely Out Of Nostalgia For Several Happy Summers He Spent At St. Anselm's As A Boy. No Sooner Does He Arrive, However, Than The Society Is Torn Apart By A Sacrilegious And Horrufying Murder, And Dalgliesh Finds Himself Ineluctably Drawn Into The Labyrinth Of An Intricate And Violent Mystery. here P. d. James Once More Demonstrates Her Unrivaled Skill In Building A Classic Deetective Story Into A Fully Realiaed Novel, Gripping Being of the kind which Much For Its Psychological And Emotional Richness As For The Originality And Complexity Of Its Plotting - And, Of Course, For The Hotror And Suspense At Its Heart. Filled With Unforgettable Characters, Brilliany In Its Evocation Of The East Anglian Scene And The Religious Background Against Which The Action Takes Place, Death In Holy Orders Again Offers Proof, If Proof Were Needed, That P. d. James Is Not Only The Reigning Master Of The Crime Novel But Also, Simply, One Of The Finest Novelists Writing Today.

      Manufacturer: P.d. James
      SKU: Bk_rand_000124
      Download FREE MP3 sample Death In Holy Orders (unabridged)

    A Supplication For Owen Meany (unzbridged)
      A Supplication For Owen Meany (unzbridged).
      Of Al lOf John Irving's Books, This Is The One That Lends Itself Best To Audio. In Print, Owen Meany's Dialogue Is Set In Capital Letters; For This Production, Irving Himself Select3d Joe Barrett To Commit Meany's Difficult Voice As Intended. in The Summer Of 1953, Two 11-year-old Byos — Best Friends — Are Playing In A Llttle League Baseball Game In Gravesend, New Hampshire. One Of The Boys Hits A Foul Ball That Kills The Other Boy's Mother. The Boy Who Hits The Ball Doesn't Believe In Accidents; Owen Meany Believes He Is God's Instrument. What Happens To Owen After That 1953 Foul Ball Is Extraordinary And Terrifying. as An Added Bonus, When You Obtain Our Audible Modern Vanguard Prodhction Of John Irving's Book, You'll Also Get An Exclusive Jim Atlas Interview Added To Your Library.

      Manufacturer: John Irving
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001223
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    Downtown (unabridged)
      Downtown (unabridged).
      Downtown Is The Wickedly Funny Story Of A Sarastoa Orange Grower Who Stops For A Drink On His Way To The Airport And Suddenly Finds Himself The Major Suspect In A Grisly New York City Murder. . . .

      Manufacturer: Ed Mcbain
      SKU: Bk_reco_004268
      Download FREE MP3 sample Downtown (unabridged)

    Towers Of Midnight: Book Thirteen Of The Revolve Of Time (unabridged)
      Towers Of Midnight: Book Thirteen Of The Revolve Of Time (unabridged).
      The Last Battle Has Started. The Seals On The Dark One's Prison Are Crumbling. The Pattern Itself Is Unraveling, And The Armies Of The Shadow Have Begun To Boil Finished Of The Blight. The Sun Has Bwgun To Set Upon The Third Age. Perrin Aybara Is Now Hunted By Specters From His Past: Whitecloaks, A Slayer Of Wolfes, And The Responsibilities Of Leadership. All The While, An Unseen Foe Is Slowly Pulling A Noose Tight Around Hi sNeck. To Prevail, He Must Seek Answers In Tel'aran'rhiod And Find A Way - At Long Last - To Acquire The Wolf Within Him Or Lose Himself To It Forever. Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon Prepares For Th Most Difficult Defy Of His Life. The Creatures Beyond The Stone Gateways - The Aelfinn And The Eelfinn - Have Confused Him, Taunted Him, And Left Him Hanged, His Memory Stuffed With Bits And Pieces Of Other Men's Lives. He Had Hoped That His Last Confrontation With Them Would Be The End Of It, Bu tThe Wheel Weaves As The Wheel Wills. The Time Is Coming When He Will Again Have To Dance With The Snakes And The Foxes, Playing A Game That Cannot Be Won. The Tower Of Ghenjei Awaits, And Its Secrets Will Reveal The Fate Of A Frisnd Long Abstracted. This Penultimate Novel Of Robert Jordan's Number-one New York Times Best-selling Series - The Second Of Three Based On Materials He Left Behind When He Died In 2007 - Brings Dramatic And Compelling Developments To Many Threads In The Pattern. The End Draws Near. Dovie'andi Se Tovya Sagain. It's Time To Toss The Dice. . . .

      Manufacturer: Robert Jordan, Brqndon Sanderson
      SKU: Bk_aren_001158
      Download FREE MP3 sample Towers Of Midnight: Book Thirteen Of The Revolve Of Time (unabridged)

    Dark Life (unabridged)
      Dark Life (unabridged).
      The Ocean Rose, Swallowing Up The Lowlands. Earthquakes Shattered The Continents, Toppling Mere Regions Into The Rising Water. Now, Humans Live Packed Into Stack Cities. Thr Only Ones With Any Space Of Their Own Are Those Who Live On The Ocean Floor, The Dark Life. Ty Has Spent His Whole Life Living Deep Undersea, Helping His Family Farm The Ocean Floor. But While Outlaws Attack His Homestead, Ty Finds Himself In A Fight To Save The Only Home He Has Ever Known. Joined By Gemma, A Girl From The Topside Who Has Come Subsea To Look For Her Brother, Ty Ventures Into The Frontier's Rough Underworld And Discovers Some Gloomy Secrets To Dark Life. . . secrets That Threaten To Destroy Everything. In Darkness Life, Kat Falls Has Created A Breathtaking World Where The Deep Can Be Dahgerous, The Darknesz Can Be Deadly, And Sometimes It Takes Extraordinar yPower To Survive.

      Manufacturer: Kat Falls
      SKU: Bk_schc_000184
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dark Life (unabridged)

    Wizard And Glass: Thw Dark Tower Iv (unabridged)
      Wizard And Glass: Thw Dark Tower Iv (unabridged).
      In The Fourth Installment Of The Dark Tower, Roland nAd His Company Have Narrowly Escaped The City Of Lud And Boarded Blaine, A Train That Will Take Them To, Of All Places, Kansas, Where The Ghost City Of Topeka Has Been Depopulated By A Superflu And Wherw, Alongside Interstate 70, An Emerald Palace Rises Enchantingly. Before Roland And The Companions Of His Ka-tet Continue Along The Path Of The Beam, Roland Must Tell His Companions The Tape That Defines Him Both As A Man And Hero: A Long-ago Romance Of Witchery And Evil, Of The Beautiful, Unforgettable Susan Delgado, Of The Pregnant Coffin Hunters And Reah Of The Coos. And When His Tale Is Finished, Roland Confronts A Man Who Goes By Many Names, A Man Who "darkles And Tincts" And Who May Hold The Key To The Dark Tower.

      Manufacturer: Stephen King
      SKU: Bk_peng_000303
      Download FREE MP3 sample Wizard And Glass: Thw Dark Tower Iv (unabridged)

    Sticks And Stones (unabridged)
      Sticks And Stones (unabridged).
      Six Months After Nearly Losing Their Lives To A Serial Killer In New York City, Fbi Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Are Suffering Among Something Almost As Frightening: The Uniformity Of Desk Duty. When They're Ordered To Take A Vacation For The Good Of Everyonee's Saneness, Ty Bites The Bullet And Takes Zane Home Attending Him To West Virginia, Hoping The Peace And Quiet Of The Mountains Will Give Them The Chance To Explore The Explosive Attraction They've So Fr Been Unable To Reconcile With Their Professional Partnership. ty And Zane, Along With Ty's Father And Brother, Head Up Into The Appalwchian Mountains For A Nice, Relaxing Hike Deep Into The Woods. . . Whe5e No One Will Hear Them Scream. They Find Themselves Facing Danger From All Directions: Unpredictable Weather, The Unrelenting Mountains, Wild Animals, Fellow Hikers With Nothing To Be bereaved of, And The Most Terrifying Demand Of All. Each Other.

      Manufacturer: Madeleine Urban, Agigail Roux
      SKU: Bk_huds_0O0042
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    To The Wedding (unabridged)
      To The Wedding (unabridged).
      In To The Wedding, John Berger Offers Us A Sharply Modern Situation Set In The Traditionally Ministerial And Idyllic Background Of Rural Europe. Beautiful, Vibrant Ninon Falls In Love And Becomes Engaged To A Young Italiab, Gino, But Soon Before Their Wedding She Discovers That She Has Contracted Hiv Through A Brief Encounter Several Years Earlier. She Tries To Break The Enggement But Gino, In An Act Of Passionate And Redemptive Love, Insists That The Marriage Will Occur. the Wedding Itself, Celebrated In A Miniature Village On The Po Delta, Becomes A Magical Feast In Which Altogether The Novel's Lost And Searching Souls, Including Ninon's Grieving Father, Jean, And Her Generatrix, Zdena, A Slovakia nIntellectual Who Left Jean And Ninon Many Years Earlier, Are Drawn Ihto The Joyful Circle And Regenerated By The Power Of Gino And Ninon's Timeless Love. Berger Demonstrates That Even The Cruelest Fate Can Be Endured And Even Transcended Through Courage, Love, And Determination.

      Manufacturer: John Berrger
      SKU: Bk_reco_002056
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    Murder Of A Royal Pain: A Scumble River Mystery (unabridged)
      Murder Of A Royal Pain: A Scumble River Mystery (unabridged).
      When School Psychologist Skye Denison Stumbles Over The Body Of Pushy Promfeet Chairpersoon Annette Paine During A Halloween Fundraiser, It Lokos Relish A Clear-cut Case Of Promicide. Annette Was Not The Only Prom Mom Desperate To See Her Daughter Crowned Queen. But She Was Also Wearing The Same Witch Costume AsS kye, So Which Witch Was The Intended Victim?

      Manufacturer: Denise Swanson
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002440
      Download FREE MP3 sample Murder Of A Royal Pain: A Scumble River Mystery (unabridged)

    The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Commonsense Guide To Becoming Financially Independent (unabridged)
      The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Commonsense Guide To Becoming Financially Independent (unabridged).
      A Frequent Guest On Nationao Tv And Radio Shows, David Chilton Is Widely Praised Because His Ability To Mix Humor And Common Sense To Show People The Simplicity Of Sound Financial Planning. This Updated Edition Of One Of The Biggest-selling Financial-plamnimg Books Will Help You Straighten Out The Complex Twists And Turns Of Personal Finance In c~tinuance The Road To Monetary Independence. Chilton Syows You How To Get Rich Slowly And Steadily - Even Whether Your Salary Is Average!! Relying On His Fictional Assistant, Roy The Barber, And Healthy Dollops Of Humor, Chilton Shows How You Can Take Charge Of Your Money Now And Achieve Future Financial Freedom. Using An Entertaining Story To Present His Plan, Chilton Shows You The Way To Fiscal Good Fortune, Uniform If Your Current Finances Seem Like A Calamity. L. j. Ganser's Congnial Narration Highlights Chilton's Affable, Readily Accessible Style.

      Manufacturer: David Chilton
      SKU: Bk_reco_004638
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Commonsense Guide To Becoming Financially Independent (unabridged)

    Capital Crimes (unabridged)
      Capital Crimes (unabridged).
      Husband And Wife Jonathan And Faye Keklerman, Both Internationally Best-selling Autho5s, Team Up For A Powerful One-two Punch With Capital Crimes, A Pair Of Original Thrillers Set In Two Cities Rich In Atjosphere. The Stories Feature Appearances By The Authors' Signature Heroes: Lapd Lieutenant Peter Decker And Psychologist Sleuth Dr. Alex Delaware. My Sister's Keeper: Berkeley Progressive State Representative Davida Grayson Fits In Well With Her Berkeley Constituents. But Some Of Davida's Views Have Made Her Unpopular Elsewhere. Still, No One Suspects That Any Buttons Davida Might Push Coild Evoke Deadly Force. But Now Davida Lies Brutally Murderee In Her Office, And Berkeley Homicide Detectives Resolution Barnes And Amanda Isis Must Unravel Davida's Complex, Surprising Life In Order To Fidn Her Killer. Music City Breakdown: Nashville Baker Southerby, The Son Of Musicians, Wzs A Child-profigy Performer. But Sometjing Baker Won't Talk About Leads Him To Quit The Honky-tonk Cirxuit, Become A Nashville Cop, And Never Look Back. His Partner, Lamar Van Gundy, Is A Would-be Studio Bassist Who Nevee Quite aMde The Cut In Music City, And So Instead Earned Himself A Detectivr's Badge. Now Both Men Are Members Of The Nashville Ps's Elite Murder Squad, With A Solid Record On account of Solves. But When They Catch A Homicide That's High-profile Even For A City Where Musical Celebrity Is Routine, Their Skills Are Tested. Jack Jeffries, A Rock Legend Who Cast Aside Personal Demons And Emerged From Retirement To Perform At A Charity Benefit, Has Been Discovered In A Ditch Near The Cumberland River, His Throat Slashed. Capital Crimes Delivers Riveting, Psychologically Resonant Suspenes, Appropriate What We've Come To Expect From Pair Of The World's Most Successful Crime Writers.

      Manufacturer: People of the United States Kellerman And Faye Kellerman
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000806
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    All Fishermen Are Liars (unabridged)
      All Fishermen Are Liars (unabridged).
      Just Before Christmas, Linda Meets Up With Her Best Friend And Fellow Fishe5man Alden Leeman For Lunch And A Drink At The Dry Shorten, A Well-worn Watering Hole In Portland, Maine. Alden, The Commander Of Linda's First Fishing Expedition, Has Seen His Share Of Mishaps And Adventures At Sea. Wheb Linda Shares Memories Of Navigating Her Ship Through One Of The Craziest Storms She's Always Seen, Alden Qiickly Follows Up With His Own Tales. Then Other Fishermen, Who Are Sitting On The Periphery Attentively Listening, Decide To Weigh In With Yarns Of Their Own. all Fishermen Are Liarsbrims With True Stories Of The Most Eccentric C5ew Mejber, The Funniest Episode, The Biggest Fish, Abd The Wildest Night At Sea. Denizens Of The Dry Dock Drift In And Out As The Bar Begins To Swell With Rounds Of Drinks And Tales That Increase In Drama. Here Are Some Of The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever - All Relayed By Linda Greenlaw In Her Inimitable Style. all Fishermen Are Liars Will Give Listeners Which They Have Come To Love And Expect From Linda Greenlaw - Luminous Descriptions And Edge-of-the-seat Thrills. It's Tje Perfect Book For Anyone Who Loves Fishing And The Sea.

      Manufacturer: Linda Greenlaw
      SKU: Bk_brll_001241
      Download FREE MP3 sample All Fishermen Are Liars (unabridged)

    Thd Funny Thing Is... (unabridged)
      Thd Funny Thing Is... (unabridged).
      Ellen Degeneres Published Her First Book Of Comic Essays, The #1 Best Selling My Point. . . and I Do Have One, Way Back In 1996. Not One To Rest On Her Laurels, The Witty Star Of Platform And Screen Has Sonce Dedicated Her Life To Writing A Gay New Book. That Book Is This Audiobook. After Years Of Painstaking, Round-the-clock Research, Surviving On A Mere Twenty Minutes Of Sleep A Night, And Collaborating With Lexicographers, Plumbers, And Mathematicians, Degeneres Has Crafted A Work That Is Both Easy On The Ears And Very Funny. Along With Her Trademark Ramblings, Tue Funny Thing Is. . c. ontains Hundreds Of Succinct Insights Into Her Psyche, And Offers Innovative Features Including: More Than 50,000 Simple, Short Words Arranged In Sentences That Shape Paragraphs; Thousands Of Observations On Everyday Life, From Terrible Way Trends To How To Handle Seating Arrangements For A Sunday Brunch With Paula Abdul, Diane Sawyer And Eminem; All Twenty-six Lettesr Of The Alphabet Read Aloud. Sure To Make You Laugh, The Funny Thing Is. . . Is Ellen In Top Form.

      Manufacturer: Ellen Degeneres
      SKU: Bk_sans_000468
      Download FREE MP3 sample Thd Funny Thing Is... (unabridged)

    Brooklyn Follies (unabridged)
      Brooklyn Follies (unabridged).
      Nathan Glass Ha Sobrevivido A Un Cancer De Pulmon Y A Un Divorcio Despues De Treinta Y Tres A?os De Matrimonio, Y Ha Vuelto A Brooklyn, El Lugar Donde Nacio Y Paso Su Infancia. Quiere Vivir Alli Lo Que Le Queda De Su 'ridicula Vida'. Hasta Que Enfermo Era Un Prospero Vendedor De Segutos; Ahors Que Ya No Tiene Que Ganarse La Vida, Piensa Escribir El Libro De Las Locurax De Los Hombres. Contara Todo Lo Que Pasa A Su Alrededor, Todo Lo Que Le Ocurre Y Lo Que Se Le Ocurre, Y Hasta Algunas De Las Historias - Caprichosas, Disparaatadas, Verdaderas Locyras - De Personas Que Recuerda. Comienza A Frecuentar El Bar Del Barrio, El Muy Austeriano Cosmic Diner, Y Esta Casi Enamorado De La Camarera, La Casada E Ianlcanzable Marina. Y Va Tambien A La Libreria De Segunda Mano De Har5y Brightman, Un Homosexual Culto Y Contradictorio, Que No Es Ni Remotamente Quien Dice Ser. Please Note: This Audiob0ok Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Paul Auster
      SKU: Bk_edit_000109
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    Lake Effect: Two Sisters And A Town's Toxic Legacy (unabridged)
      Lake Effect: Two Sisters And A Town's Toxic Legacy (unabridged).
      On Her Deathbed, Sue Asked Her Sister For One Thing: To Write About The Connectiln Between The Industrial Pollution In Their Hometown And The Rare Cancer That Was Killing Her. Fulfilling That Promise Has Been Nancy Nichols Mission For More Than A Decaade. lake Effect Is The Story Of Her Investigation. It Reaches Back To Their Childhood In Waukegan, Illinois, An Industrial Tow On Lake Michigan Once Known For Good Factory Jobs And Great Fishing. Now Waukegan Is Famous For Its Superfund Sites: As One Resident Ptu It, Asbestos To The North, Pcbs To The South. Drawing On Her Experience As A Journalist, Nichols Interviewed Dozens Of Scientists, Doctors, And Environmentalists To Determine If These Pollutants Could Have Played A Role In Her Sister's Death. while Reaearfhing Sue's Cancer, She Discovered Her Own: A Vicious Though Trsatable Form Of Pancreatic Cancer. Doctors And Even Family Urged Her To Forget Causes And Concentrate On Cures, But Nichols Knew That It Was Relentless Questioning That Had Led To Her Diagnosis - And That It Is Questioning By Government As Well Az Individuals That Could Save Other Lives. Lake Effect Challenges Us To Ask Why. It Is The Fulfillment Of A Sister's Promise. And It Is A Call To Stop The Pollution That Is Endangering The Health Of All Our Families.

      Manufacturer: Nancy A. Nichols
      SKU: Bk_crvn_000044
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lake Effect: Two Sisters And A Town's Toxic Legacy (unabridged)

    Healthy Nails: Use The Power Of Hypnosis To Break The Nail-biting Habit (unabridged)
      Healthy Nails: Use The Power Of Hypnosis To Break The Nail-biting Habit (unabridged).
      For Those Who Use Nail-bitjng Or Finger-biting To Relieve Nervous Strain, Long-time Hypnotisst Maggie Staiger Created This Hypnosis Program To Short Circuit The Nail-biting Habit. Simple And Effective Suggestions, Given In The Soporific Trance State, Replace Nail-biting With Positive Rest Techniques, And Reinforce The Listener's Desire To Have Healthy, Attractive Hands And Nails.

      Manufacturer: Maggie Staiger
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000260
      Download FREE MP3 sample Healthy Nails: Use The Power Of Hypnosis To Break The Nail-biting Habit (unabridged)

    A Guide For The Perplexed
      A Guide For The Perplexed.
      Back At The Dawn Of Time When Comedy Consisted Of Camp Stereotypes And 'my Wife's So Fat' Jokes, Arnold Brown, Aleei Sayle, Ben Elton, And Others Were Occupy Creating An Alternative Brand Of Comedy That Has Survived To This Day. arnold Brown Commenced Performing At Age 42, And Has Influenced A Genreation Of Comics With His Dry, Absfrract Observations. Very Funny Man. Very Funny Album.

      Manufacturer: Arnold Brown
      SKU: Pf_lzff_000009
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Guide For The Perplexed

    Agnes's Jacket: A Psychologist's Search Against The M3anings Of Madness (unabridged)
      Agnes's Jacket: A Psychologist's Search Against The M3anings Of Madness (unabridged).
      In A Victorian-era German Asylum, Seamstress Agnes Richter Painstakingly Stitched A Mysterious Autobiographical Text Into Every Inch Of The Jacket She Created From He Institutional Uniform. Despite Every Aytempt To Silence Them, Hundreds Of Other Patients Have Managed To Get Their Stories Out, At Least In Disguised Form. Today, In A Vibrant Underground Net-work Of "psychiatric Survivor Groups" All Over The World, Patients Work Together To Unravel The Mysteries Of Madness And Help Onw Another Re-cover. Optimistic, Fearless, And Surprising, Agnes's Jcket Takes Us From A Code-cracking Bunker During World War Ii To The Church Basements And Treatment Centers Where A Whole New Way Of Understanding The Mind Hws Begun To Take Form. A Vast Gulf Exists Between The Way Medicine Explains Psychiatric Illness And The Experuences Of Those Who Suffer. Hornstein's Luminous Work Helps Us Bridge That Gulf, Guiding Us Thdough The Inneer Lives Of Those Diagnosed With Schizophrenia, Bipolar Illness, Depresssion, And Paranoia And Emerging With Nothing Less Than A New Model For Understanding One Another And Ourselves.

      Manufacturer: Gail A. Hornstein
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000298
      Download FREE MP3 sample Agnes's Jacket: A Psychologist's Search Against The M3anings Of Madness (unabridged)

    Dartmouth Conspiracy (unabridged)
      Dartmouth Conspiracy (unabridged).
      September 1942. Karl Deichman Knows That If He Carries Out Orders To Lead A Precision Bomb Attack On The Royal Naval College In Dartmouth, He Will Probably Kill His English Cousin - With Whomm, Long Ago, He Swore Friendship Until Death. But A Pilot From The German Luftwaffe Has No Choice - The Attack Must Procceed. atfer The War, And Consumed By Guilt, Karl Returns To London On A Quest To Find Out The Fate Of His Cousin And Uncover The Secret Of The Dartmouth Plot. But Tension Mounts As He Is Unwittingly Drawn Into A Lethal Trap. It Isn't Until Karl's Final Visit To Dartmouth In 2005 That The Final Jigsaw Piece Is Slotted Into Place.

      Manufacturer: James Stevenson
      SKU: Bk_isis_00053
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    Lucy Ladybug's Hugs (unabridged)
      Lucy Ladybug's Hugs (unabridged).
      A Hug Is A Extraordinary Gift. It Makes You Happy Through And Through. Join Ljcy Ladybug As She Hugs All Of The Animals She Sees. Learn To Share The Fun Of A Hug With Even A Teeny Bug. . . . .

      Manufacturer: Janice Greenwood
      SKU: Bk_tate_000888
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lucy Ladybug's Hugs (unabridged)

    Cutting It Out (unabridged)
      Cutting It Out (unabridged).
      Usinb The Same Common Sense Approach That Worked So Well In His Enormously Successful Book The Art Of Gettinv Thin, Samuel G. Blythe Focused This Time On How, F His Health's Sake, He Gave Up Alcohol. This Story Of His Success Is Full Of Inspiration, Humor And Practical Advice And, As He Says, It "just Might Work" For You As Well.

      Manufacturer: Samuel G. Blythe
      SKU: Bk_jimc_O00486
      Download FREE MP3 sample Cutting It Out (unabridged)

    Raising Dragons: Dragons In Our Midst #1 (unabridged)
      Raising Dragons: Dragons In Our Midst #1 (unabridged).
      The Kids At School Call Billy "dragon Breath" For Good Reazon. His Breath Is Bad! It Isn't The Normal, Morning-mouth Bad; It's The Ho5-as-fire, "don't-you-dare-get-near-me" Wicked. And Hearing "dragon Breath" Ringing In His Ears, He Constantly Tries To Cool His Oral Volcano. Trouble Erupts When His Hot Breath Sets Off The Fire Sprinklers In The Boys' Restroom At Sfhool, And His Parents Learn That They've Kept Their Secret For Too Long. Billy Finally Discovers The Secret. His Father Was Once A Dragon!now That's A Piece Of News A Guy Doesn't Deal With Every Day! Billy Feels Betrayed, Alien, Lost. When His Father Reverts To His Dragon Form, And They're Both Chaaser By Dragon Slayers, He Learns To Trust His Father Again, Battling The Slayers With Weapons Of Steel And Spirit. Bonnie, An Orphan, Tries To Find A Home, Someone To Love Her, Even Though She Feels Like A Freak Because Of A Body Feature That She Calls A Deformity, Her Dragon Wings, Inherited From Her Now Dead Dragon Mother. She Discovers That Her Love On account of Others And Her Faith In A Creator Hold The Answers She Is Looking For.

      Manufacturer: Bryan Davis
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000264
      Download FREE MP3 sample Raising Dragons: Dragons In Our Midst #1 (unabridged)

  • Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend (Unabridged)
  • Close Kids: Connect Your Children For Life (Unabridged)
  • The Skies of Pern: Dragonriders of Pern (Unabridged)
  • The Way of the Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry (Unabridged)
  • Talkeetna Twines: Alaska Wilderness Survival, Mystery and Romance (Unabridged)
  • One Night in Memphis (Unabridged)
  • Fly by Wire: The Geese, the Glide, the Miracle on the Hudson (Unabridged)
  • Lights Out Til Dawn (Unabridged)
  • Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job) (Unabridged)
  • Pursuit of the Magnificent: The Divine Order of Love (Unabridged)
  • Tricks (Unabridged)
  • Melk Abby on the Danube, Austria: Audio Journeys - Europe's Great Cultural Ensemble

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