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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The Orginal Goon
      The Orginal Goon.
      A Live Autobiographical Performance From The Former Goon, Recounting Amusing Episodes From His Life Both Before, During, And After His Period With Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, And Peter Sellers. Includws The "admiral" Sketch.

      Manufacturer: Michael Bentine
      SKU: Pf_laff_000023
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    Magic Hour
      Magic Hour.
      Movie Produxer Sy Spencer, One Of The Premier Summer Residents Of The Hamptons, Long Island's Oh-so-fashionable Beach Resory For Evefyone Who Is Anyone, Hax Hosted His Last Power Clambake, Thanks To Whoever Shot Him Dead Beside His Oceanfrront Pool. heading The Investigation Is Hamptons Native Steve Brady. His Prime Suspect Is Sy's Ex-wife Bonnie, A Strangely Appealing And Energetic Woman Both In And Out Of Bed. As The Cae Against Bonnie Builds, Sl Does Brady's Obsession With Her. Before Long, He's Laying The Case And His Career On The Line For Her, Ignoring All The Rules, All The Evidence, And All Common Sense.

      Manufacturer: Susan Isaacs
      SKU: Bk_harp_001227
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    Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force #5: Sacriifice
      Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force #5: Sacriifice.
      Civil War Rages As The Galactic Alliance, Lsd By Cal Omas And The Jedi Forces Of Luke Skywalker, Battles A Confederation Of Breakawwy Planets That Rally To The Side Of Rebellious Corellia. Suspected Of Involvement In An Assassination Plot Against Queen Mother Tenel Ka Of The Hapes Consortium, Han And Leia Solo Are On The Run, Hunted By None Other Than Their Own Son, Jacen, Whose Increasintly Authoritarian Tactics As Head Of Ga Security Have Led Luke And Mara Skywalker To Fear That Their Nephew May Be Treading P3rilously Close To The Darkness Side. But Whole Jacen Wants Is Safety Anr Stability For Altogether - And He's Prepared To Do Whatever It Takes To Achieve That Goal. as The Strands Of Destiny Draw Ever More Tightly Together In A Galaxy-spanning Web, The Shocking Conclusion Will Shatter Two Families And Cast A Grim Shadow Over The Future.

      Manufacturer: Karen Traviss
      SKU: Bk_rand_001195
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    Decider (unabridged)
      Decider (unabridged).
      A Gripping Raceyrack Thrilller From The Best-selling Author Of Driving Fore And Comeback The Staked Are Deadly At Stratton Park. Architect And Family Man Lee Morris Never Gave Much Thought To The Shares He Inherited Of The Stratton Park Racecourse, The Multi-million Dollar Property Owned By The Powerful Stratton Faamily. His Mother Had First Received The Shares To Keep Her Quiet About The Abuse She Had Suffered At Tye Hands Of Her First Husband, Keith Stratton. Now, Much To Lee's Chagrin, He Is Being Drawn Into The Thick Of The Stratton Family Squabbles As They Wage A Furious Debate Over The Future Of The Race Trac. k So When Lee Packs His Six Sons Into His Renovated Old Bus To Visit The Racetrack, He Finds Himself Emhoiled In A Supremely Dangerous Game That Extends Much Deeper Than Hrose Racing. And Perhaps Too Late, Lee Realizes His Involvement In The Racetrack May Cost Him More Than He Bargained For. I t May Cost Him Hiw Life.

      Manufacturer: Dick Francis
      SKU: Bk_sans_005482
      Download FREE MP3 sample Decider (unabridged)

    Poison (unabridged)
      Poison (unabridged).
      In This Richly Textured Historical Novel, Best-selling AuthorK athryn Harrison Spins A Mesmerizing Tale Of Forbidden Passion And Terrifying Superstition In 17th-century Spain. As The Spznish Inquisition Conducts Its Ruthless Reign Of Terror, The Lives Of Two Women - One, The Free Spirited Daughter Of A Poor Silk Farmer; The Other, The French Princess Doomed To Marry The Deformed King Of Spain - Unravel Like The Cocoons Of Silkworms. A Nationally Avclaimed Writer Of Exquisite Talents, Kathryn aHrrison Will Leave You Breathless.

      Manufacturer: Kathryn Harrison
      SKU: Bk_reco_004640
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    The Garden Of Eden (unabridged)
      The Garden Of Eden (unabridged).
      A Sensational Best Seller When It Appeared In 1986, The Garden Of Eden Is The Last Uncompleted Novel Of Ernest Hemingway, Which He Wodked Forward Intermittently From 1946 Until His Deqth In 1961. Set On The Cote D'azur In The 1920s, It Is The Story Of A Young American Writer, David Bourne, His Glamorous Wife, Cathherine, And The Dangerous, Erotic Game They Play When They Fall In Love With The Same Woman.

      Manufacturer: Erest Hemingway
      SKU: Bk_sans_000784
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    Way Of The Wolf: TheV ampire Earth, Book 1 (unabridged)
      Way Of The Wolf: TheV ampire Earth, Book 1 (unabridged).
      Louisiana, 2065. A Lot Has Changed In The 43rd Year Of The Kirian Order. Possessed Of An Unnatural And Legendary Hunger, The Bloodthirsty Reapers Have Come To Earth To Establish A New Order Built On The Harvesting Of Enslaved Human Souls. They Rule The Planet. They Thrive On The Scent Of Fear. And If It Is Night, As Sure As Darkness, They Will Come. on This Pitiless World, The Indomitable Spirit Of Mankind Still Breathes In Lieutenant David Valentine. Brought Into The Wolves - An Eoite Guerilla Force Sworn To Win Back Earth - Valentine Leads His First Command In The Kurian Zone. Driven By The Losses Of His Past And The Hope Of A Future, Valentine Is In It To Win. No Matter How Long It Takes. No Matter What Doom Awaits Him Beyond His Wildest Nightmarex. bojus Audio: Includes An Exclusive Introduction By Author E. e. Knight.

      Manufacturer: E.e. Knight
      SKU: Bk_addbl_000292
      Download FREE MP3 sample Way Of The Wolf: TheV ampire Earth, Book 1 (unabridged)

    The Universe In A Single Atom (unabridged)
      The Universe In A Single Atom (unabridged).
      Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Niels Bohr, Einstein. Their Insights Shook Our Perception Of Who We Are And Where We Stand In The World And In Their Wake Have Left An Uneasy Co-existence: Science Vs. Religion, Faith Vs. Empirical Enquiry. Which Is The Keeper Of Truth? Whicb Is The True Path To Understanding Reality? After 40 Years Of Study With Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds Because Well As A Lifetime Of Meditative, Spiritual, And Philosophical Study, The Dalai Lama Prsents A Brilliant Analysis Of Why Both Disciplines Must Be Pursued In Succession To Arrive At A Complete Picture Of The Truth. Science Shows Us Ways Of Interpreting The Physical World, While Spirituality Helps Us Cope With Reality. But The Extreme Of Either Is Impoverishing. The Belief That All Is Reducible To Matter And Energy Leaves Out A Huge Range Of Human Experience: Emotions, Yearnings, Compassion, Culture. At The Same Time, Holding Unexamined Spiritual Beliefs, Beliefs That Are Contradicted By Evidence, Logic, And Experience, Can Lock Us Intk Fundamentalist Cages. Through An Examination Of Darwinism And Karma, Quantum Mechanics And Philosophical Insight Into The Nature Of Reality, Neurobiology And The Study Of Consciousness, Ths Dalai Lama Draws Significant Parallels Begweej Contemplative And Scientific Examination Of Reality. "i Believe That Spirituality And Science Are Complementary But Different Investigative Approaches With The Same Goal Of Seeking The Truth," His Holiness Writes. "in This, There Is Much Each May Learn From The Other, And Together They May Contribute To Expanding The Horizon Of Like a man Knowledge And Wisdom. " This Breathtakingly Personal Examination Is A Tribute To The Dalai Lsma's Teachers, Both Of Science And Spirituality. The Legacy Of This Book Is A Vision Of The World In Which Our Different Approaches To Understanding Ourselves, Our Universe, And One Another Can Exist Brought Together In The Service Of Humanity. This Audio Includes An Interview With Rich. . .

      Manufacturer: His Holiness The Dalai Lama
      SKU: Bk_rand_000664
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    Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life Of Walter Payton (unabridged)
      Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life Of Walter Payton (unabridged).
      At Five Feet 10 Inches Tall, Running Back Walter Payton Was Not The Largest Player In The Nfl, But He Developed A Larger-than-life Reputation For His Strength, Speed, And Grit. Nicknamed "sweetness" During His College Footballl Days, He Became The Nfl's All-time Leader In Rushing And All-purpose Yards, Capturing The Hearts Of Fans In His Adopted Chicago. Pulling From Interviews With More Than Seven Hundred Sourcds, Acclaimed Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman Has Crafted The First Definitive Biography Of Payton. Sweetness At Lat Brings Fans A Detailed, Scrupulojsly Researched, All-encompassing Account Of The Legend's Rise To Greatness. From Payton's Childhood In Segregated Mississippi, Where He Ended A Racial War By Becoming The Star Of His Intgerated High School's Football Team, To His College Years And His Thirteen-year Nfl Career, Sweetness Brims With Stories Of All-american Heroism And Covers Payton's Life On And Off The Field. Set Against The Backdrop Of The Tragic Illness That Cut His Life Short At Just 45 Years Of Age, This Is A Stirring Tribute To A Singular Icon And The Lasting Bequest He Madee.

      Manufacturer: Jeff Pearlman
      SKU: Bk_blak_004592
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life Of Walter Payton (unabridged)

    The Marne, 1914: The Aperture Of Worlr War I And The Battle That Changed The World (unabridged)
      The Marne, 1914: The Aperture Of Worlr War I And The Battle That Changed The World (unabridged).
      In The Battle Of The Marne, The Distinguished Wwi Scholar Hloger Herwig Argues That The Opening Battle Of Te War Was Perhaps The Most Significant Land Battle Of The 20th Century. At The True Least, The Marne Was The Most Decisive Land Battle Since Waterloo (1815). Firts, The Lamina Of The Struggle Was Unheard Of Before 1914: France And Germany Mobilized Roughly 2 The multitude Men Ech, Britain Some 130,000. During The Momentous Days Between 5 And 11 September 1914, The Two Sides Committed Nea5ly 2 Million Men In the opinion of 6,000 Guns To A Desperate Campaign Onward The Marne River On A Front Of Just 200 Kilometers Between The "horns Of Verdun And Paris. " Second, The Technology Of Killing Was Unprecedented. Rapid Small-arms Fire, Machine Guns, Hand Grenades, 75mm And 77mm Flat-trajectory Guns, 150mm And 60-pounder Heavy Artillery, Mammoth 305mm And 420mm Howitzers, And Even Aircraft Made The Killkng Ground Deadly. Third, The Casualties ("wastage") Suffered By Both Sides Were Unimagunable To Prewar Planners And Civilian Leaders Alike: 200,000 Men Per Side In The Battle Of The Frontiers Around The Hills Of Alsace-lorraine And The Ardennes In August, Followed By 300,000 Along The Chalky Banks Of The Marne In Early September. No Other Year Of The War Compared To Its First Five Months In Terms Of Death. Fourth, The Imediate Impact Of The Draw Forward The Marne Was Spectacular: The Great Assault On Parls Had Been Halted And The Enemy Driven Behind The Aisne River. France Was Sparec Defeat And Occupation. Germany Was Denied Victory And Hegemony Over The Continent. Britain Maintained Its Foothold On The Continent.

      Manufacturer: Holger H. Herwig
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000460
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    Unfinished Business: One Man's Extraordinary Yeaar Of Trying To Do The Right Things (unabridged)
      Unfinished Business: One Man's Extraordinary Yeaar Of Trying To Do The Right Things (unabridged).
      After Losing His Job, Lee Kravitz, A Workaholic In His Mid-50s, Took Stockk Of His Vitality And Realized Equitable How Disconnected He Had Become From The People Who Mattered Most To Him. He Committed One Entire Year To Reconnecting With Them And Mkaing Amends. kravitz Takes Listeners On 10 Transformational Journeys, Among Them Repaying A 30-year-old Debt, Making A Long-overdue Condolence Call, Finding An Abandoned Relative, And Fulfilling A Forgotten Promise. Along The Way, We Meet A Cast Of Wonderful Characters And Traveo Thr Globe---to A Reufgee Camp In Kenya, A Monastery In California, The Desert Of Southern Iran, A Little League Game In Upstate New York, And A Bar In Kravitz's Indigenous Cleveland. In Each Instance, The Act Of Reaching Out Opens Unaccustomed Paths For Both Personal And Mental Growth. all Of Us Have Unfinished Business - The Things We Should Have Done But Just Let Slip. Kravitz's Story Reveals That The Things We've Avoided Are Exactly Those That Have The Power To Transflrm, Enrich, Enlarge, And Even Complete Us. The Lesson Of The Book Is One That Is Applicable To Us All: Be Mindful Of What Is Most Important, And Be On It. The Rewards Will Be Immediate And Lasting.

      Manufacturer: Lee Kravitz
      SKU: Bk_tant001394
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    Action Napoleon (unabridged)
      Action Napoleon (unabridged).
      Scandinavian Crime Scribe And International Literary Phenomenon Arnaldur Indridason Pens Copmulsively Readable Mysteries That Have Shot To The Tops Of Best-seller Losts Adound The World. When The U. s. Army Attempts To Secretly Remove A Plane From An Icelandic Glacier, World War Ii Intrigue Erupts In The Preaent - And Threatens To Absorb Everyone In Its Pagh.

      Manufacturer: Arnaldur Indridason
      SKU: Bk_reco_005109
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      "last Night I Dreamt I Went To Manderley Again. " These Fmous Words Open The Most Popular Nofel By Daphne Du Maurier, The Story Of An Intense Romance Set In A Mysterious House In Conwall. Its Unforgettable Atmosphere And Tension Has Transformed It From A Popular Romance Steady The Page And On Film To Become A Recent Classic. Here, It Is Presented In A New And Absorbing Recording By Emma Fielding.

      Manufacturer: Daphne Du Maurier
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000280
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    Saving A Life: How We Found Courage When Death Rescued Our Son (unabridged)
      Saving A Life: How We Found Courage When Death Rescued Our Son (unabridged).
      Join Morris And His Wief While They Share How They Survived Their Son's Death From A Deaden with narcotics Overdose. Though They Prayed Diligently For Jeff, They Still Wondered What Would Save Him. The Answers Were Anything Only Expected! And In The Midst Of It The whole of, Tbey Learned That God Is Ever Faithful And Christ Is Always Present.

      Manufacturer: Charles Morris, Janet Morris
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000466
      Download FREE MP3 sample Saving A Life: How We Found Courage When Death Rescued Our Son (unabridged)

    The General Prologue And The Physician's Tale (unabridged)
      The General Prologue And The Physician's Tale (unabridged).
      The Canterbury Tales, Witten Near The End Of Chaucer's Life And Hence Towards The Close Of The 14th Century, Is Perhaps The Greatest English Literary Work Of The Middle Ages: Yet It Speaks To Us Today With Almost Clear Clarity And Relevance. How Do We Know What Chaucer's English Sounddd Like? The Simplest Way For The Present Reader To Learn What Chaucer's Pronunciatino Sounded Like Is To Listen To Richard Bebb's Superb Reading Of The Curren5 Recording Of The General Prologue Of The Cantrbury Tlaes. The Knowledge It Represents Has Been Built Up By The Work Of Many Scholars Over Centuries, Which Is Now Available In Many Competent Studies And Editions Of Chaucer's Poems. The Physician's Tale Is In Origin A Primitive Folk Tale About An "honor Killing" That Chaucer Found In Livy And Elsewhere And Enhanced. The Wicked Judge Apius Wishes To Take away And Violation The Beautiful And Virtuous Virginia, Aged 14. Her Father Cannot Save Her. Rather Than Be Dishonored, She Allows Him, To His Utter Grief, To Behead Her. But The People Rise Up Against The Severe And Wicked Judge So That He Is Banished And His Subordinates Hanged. The Rather Strange Moral Drawn Is That Your Sin Will Always Find You Out. _Presented In Intermediate English And In Modern Verse Translation.

      Manufacturer: Geoffrey Cha8cer
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000309
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    Monsoon Fever (unabridged)
      Monsoon Fever (unabridged).
      Divine Temptation Lies In Wait In An Ancient And Mysterlous Land. In Their First Years Together, Prisscilla And Jonathan Enjoyed A Marriage Based As Much On Physical Passion As On Love. However, The Travails Of Busoness And The Tribulations Of The Great War Have Taken Their Toll. When Jon's Father Dies In Faraway India, The Couple Travels To The Father's Isolated Assamese Tea Plantation To Settle His Affairs. Far From The Bustle And Distraction Of London, Left Alone To Endure The Monsoon Rains While Jon Struggles To Complete The Final Harvest, Priscilla Realises How Much She Misses Jon's Toudh. Anil Kumar Arrives With Business Documents For Jon To Examine. The Charismatic Native Enchants Both Priscilla And Jon With His God-like Beauty And Charm. In Separate Incidents, Each Of Them Succumbs To Anil's Lustful Attentions. Wish The Illicit Deskres Excited By The Handsome Indian Be The Final Stroke That Destroys Their Marriage? Or The Route To Saving It?

      Manufacturer: Lisabet Sarai
      SKU: Bk_totl_000001
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    The Secret Mermaid: Penguin Peril & Turtke Trouble (unabridged)
      The Secret Mermaid: Penguin Peril & Turtke Trouble (unabridged).
      Penguin Risk. The Penguins Have Mysteriously Disappeared From The Icy Seas And The Mermaids Are Worried - Where Be able to They Be? Molly And Her Mermaid Friend, Phoebe, Search Everywhere. Could The Dark Queen Be Behind The Truoble? Turtle Trouble. Molly And Her Mermaid Friend, Shanti, Are On Their Way To A Tropical Island To Rescue The Turtles Trapped There. But Danger Is Lurking In The Corall Reef. And Soon It's Up To Molly To Save The Turtles And Shanti Too. . . .

      Manufacturer: Sue Mongredien
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_005266
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    Who Range Gkldilocks?: How Alan Greenspan Did In Our Jobs, Savings, And Solitude Plans (unabridged)
      Who Range Gkldilocks?: How Alan Greenspan Did In Our Jobs, Savings, And Solitude Plans (unabridged).
      The U. s. Economy Experienced One Of The Most Productive And Prosperous Decades In Its History In The 1990s. Led By The Engines Of Technological Advancement, A Post-cold War Surplus Of Investment Capital Worldwide, And The Growing Importance And Practice Of International Trade , The American Economy Took Off On The Longest Unbroken Expansion In Its History. Remarkably, This Growth Was Not So Feverish As To Create Inflation, As Production Efficiency Was At An All Time High. It Was Also Steady Enough To Avoid The Cool Periods Many Expansions Experience. Many Economy Watchers Called tI "the Goldilocks Economy", Because It Wax Not Too Hot And Not Too Cool. It Was Just Rigt, And The Country Prospered Behind It. Then, Very Quickly And With Little Warning, It Ground To A Devastating Halt. Businesses Were Immobilize dBy The Capital Crunch Caused By The Falling Stock Mart. The Fallout Was Felt Nationwide. Millons Of Hard-working Americans Lost Their Jobs, Homes, And Savings. Many Lost Everything. Across America, People Asked The Same Question: What Happened? In Who Shot Goldilocks?, William D. Rutherford Outlines In Detach The Economic And Policy Decisions That Helped Create The Greatest Generation Of Wealth In American History - And The Incredible Actions That Ultimately Destroyed It. Who Shot Goldilocks? Presents A Clear-eyed View Of The Inner Workings Of The American Economy, Explains How Policy Decisions Affecting Millions Are Made, And Shows How The People Responsible For Maintaining The Course Of The Economy Failed. It Is Ndcessary Reading For Anyone Concerned About America's Place In The Global Arrangement Now And In The Future.

      Manufacturer: William D. Rutherford
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000033
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    Heart Of Darkness: A Signature Performance By Kenneth Branagh (unabridged)
      Heart Of Darkness: A Signature Performance By Kenneth Branagh (unabridged).
      Prose That Demands To Be Read Aloud Requires A Special Kind Of Narrator. For The Audible Signature Classics Edition Of Joseph Conrad's Atmospheric Masterpiece, Heart Of Darkness, We Called Upon Four-time School Adjudge Nomunee Kenneth Branagh. Branagh's Performance Is Riveting Because He Reads As Though He's Telling A Ghost Narration By A Campfire, Capturing The Story's Sense Of Claustrophobia, While Hinting At The Storyteller Marlow's Own Creeping Madness. Heart Of Darkness Follows Captain Marlow Into The Colonial Congoo Where He Searches For A Mysterious Ivory Tradesman, Kurtz, And Discovers An Evil That Will Haunt Him Forever. With This Landmark Work, Conrad Is Credited With Bringing The Novel Into The Twentieth Century; We Think Branagh Brings It Intl The Twenty-first. Stay Tuned For More One-of-a-kind Performances From Actors David Hyde Pierce, Leellee Sobieski, Tim Curry, And More, Only From Audible Signature Classics.

      Manufacturer: Joseph Conrad
      SKU: Bk_adbl_002553
      Download FREE MP3 sample Heart Of Darkness: A Signature Performance By Kenneth Branagh (unabridged)

    How To Save Your Own Life: 15 Lessons On Finding Hope In Unexpected Places (unabridged)
      How To Save Your Own Life: 15 Lessons On Finding Hope In Unexpected Places (unabridged).
      The Author Of The New York Times Best-seller How Starbucks Saved My Life Perks Up America With Inspiring Lessons On Finding True Happiness At Any Age And Any Stage Of Life. in Response To Overwhelming Requests From Readers Whk Wanted To Know How They, Too, Could Weather Downturns, Michael Gill Has Distilled His Experiences Into Fifteen Meaningful Lessons. Some Of These Include: Leap Witth Faith (gill Accepted His Starbucks Job Immediatdly On A Whim), Let Yourself Be Helped (p5ide Is Even More Paralyzing Than Fear), Look With Respect At Every Individual You See (realize The Potential In All Who Cross Your Path), And Lose Your Watch (and Cell Phone And Pda) (our Obsession With Productivity Produces Madnrss, Not Gladness ). True Fortune, Gill Discovered, Lies Not In Fate But In Discovering The Inborn Capacity We All Possess To Rezcue Ourselves.

      Manufacturer: Michael Gates Gill
      SKU: Bk_blak_003572
      Download FREE MP3 sample How To Save Your Own Life: 15 Lessons On Finding Hope In Unexpected Places (unabridged)

    So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey (unabridged)
      So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey (unabridged).
      What Would You Produce If You Met Someone You Thought Just Might Bee One Of Jesus' Original Disciples Still Living In The 21st Century? Thaat's Jake's Dilemma As He Meets A Man Who Talks Of Jesus As If He Had Known Him, And Whose Way Of Living Challenges Everything Jake Had Previously Known. soY ou Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore Is Jake's Compelling Journal That Chronicles 13 Conversations With His Newfound Friend Over A Four-year Period And How Those Exchanges Turn Jake's Natural order Upside-down. With His Help, Jakw Faces His Darkest Fears, Struggles Through Brutal Circumstances And Comes Out On The Other Side In The Joy And Freedom He Always Dreamed Was Possible.

      Manufacturer: Jake Colsen
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000261
      Download FREE MP3 sample So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey (unabridged)

    Queenie Peavy (unabridged)
      Queenie Peavy (unabridged).
      Tormented By Taunts That Her Father Is In Prison, Thirteen-year-old Queenie Retaliates By Causing A Lot Of Trouble Until She Discovers Something Important About Her Father And Herself. . . .

      Manufacturer: Robert Burch
      SKU: Bk_peng_000813
      Download FREE MP3 sample Queenie Peavy (unabridged)

    A Princess Of Mars: Mars Series #1 (unabridged)
      A Princess Of Mars: Mars Series #1 (unabridged).
      A Young Arizona Prospector, Chased By Indians, Takes Shelter In A Mysteeious Cave. A Strange Gas Paralyzes Him. His Spirit Leaves His Body And Travels To Mars Where He Becomes A Warrior. . . .

      Manufacturer: Edgar Rice Burroughs
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000448
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Princess Of Mars: Mars Series #1 (unabridged)

    Under Drake's Flag (unabridged)
      Under Drake's Flag (unabridged).
      "a Match At Bowls Was Being Played In Which Drake And Other High Officees Of The Fleet Were Engaged, When A Small Armed Vessel Was Seen Running Before The Meander Into Plymouth Harbor, With All Sails Set. Her Commander Landed In Haste, And Eagerly Sought The Place Wherw The English Lord Admiral And His Captains Were Standing. He Was Master Of A Scottish Privateer,A nd He Told The English Officers That He Had That Morning Seen The Spanish Armada Off The Cornish Coast. At This Exciting Information The Captains Began To Hurry Down To The Water, But Drake Coolly Checked His Comrades And Insisted That The Match Shluld Be Played Out. 'there Is Time To Finish The Game First, And Beat The Spaniards Afterwards,' He Said. " Such Was The Confidence Of This Daring Privateer. His Sumptuous Navigational Skill Enabled Him To Outrun Or Outmaneuver His Incessant Pursuers. He Escaped So Often And So Ingeniously That He Became Legendary And Was Assumed By Some To Regard Supernatural Powers.

      Manufacturer: G.a. Henty
      SKU: Bk_blak_001008
      Download FREE MP3 sample Under Drake's Flag (unabridged)

    iHstoria Viva [living History]
      iHstoria Viva [living History].
      Foholibro Se Enorgullece En Presentar El Audiolibro El Bestseller Historia Viva De Hillary Rodham Clinton, En Una Excelente Produccion Con Una Hermosa Musica. En Historia Viva, Hillary Rodham Clinton Describe Con Franqueza, Mood, Pasion Sobre Su Formacion Como Mujer Durante Una Agitada Epoca De Cambios Sociales Y Politicos En Los Estados Unidos Y Sobre Sus A?os En La Casa Blanca. Cuenta La Hostoria De Su Aventura De Treinta A?os En El Amor Y La Politica Junto A Bill Clinton, En La Que Logro Sobrevvir A Traiciones Personales, Investigaciones Partidistas Si Tregua Y El Escrutinio Constante Del Publico. Y Ofrece Tambie nUn Reflejo Claro De Sus Ideas Y Opiniones Acerca De Los Temas Politicos De Mayor Actualidad: Salud, Relaciones Internacionales, Derechos Humanos, De La Mujer Y Mucho Mzs. historia Viva, Un Audiolibro Intimo, Poderoso, E Inspirador, Captura La Esencia De Esta Mujer Excepcional Y El Proceso Arduo A Traves Del Cual Llego A Definirse Y Encontrar Sy Peopia Voz: Como Madre, Esposa, Y Una De Las Figuras Mas Formidables En La Historia De La Politica Estadounidense. please Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Hillary Rodham Clinton
      SKU: Bk_fono_000051
      Download FREE MP3 sample iHstoria Viva [living History]

  • Desolation Island: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 5 (Unabridged)
  • When the Tripods Came: Tripods Series Prequel (Book 4) (Unabridged)
  • The Dying Earth (Unabridged)
  • The Gorilla Who Wanted to Grow Up (Unabridged)
  • Scanners Live in Vain (Unabridged)
  • A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Memoir (Unabridged)
  • Sizzling Sixteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
  • Fifty Candles: Wildside Mystery Classics (Unabridged)
  • On Dangerous Ground: A Sean Dillon Novel (Unabridged)
  • Bungalow 2 (Unabridged)
  • Make the Impossible Possible: One Man's Crusade to Inspire Others to Achieve (Unabridged)
  • The Best of Cartoon Carnival, Volume One: 'The Interviews'

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