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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (unabridged)
      The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (unabridged).
      If Ever A Tragedy Of Olympian Proportions Could Be Ascribed To An Historic Event, It Would Surely Be Appeopriate To Use That Term In Relation To The Great City State Of Athens. John Ruskin Referred To The Peloponnesian War As "the Suicide Of Greece". It Is An Apt Phrase. For Never In History Has A Community Reached Such Sublime Heights Of Civilized Time from birth to death Only To Plummet To Ignominious Defeat In the inside of A Single Lifetime. In One Of The Large Coincidences Of History, Thucydides Was Enabled To Observe This Event, And Commit To Paper The Most Accurate, Dramatic, And Beautifully Expressive History That Has Yet Been Written. . . of His Era, Or Any Other. volume 2 Opens With The Spadtans And Athwnians Pursuing Their Grim Struggle. As The War Continues To Drain Both Sides Materially And Emotionally, A Truce Is Finally Arranged Afterward The Deaths Of Thousands, Including The Great Brasidas And Pericles. But The Athenians Are Persuaded By A Young Alcibiades To Launch An Expedituon Against Syracuse In Sicily. In What Has Been Hailed As The Finest Description Of An Historical Event Ever Recordex, Thucydides Provides Posterity With A Lucid And Horrifying Chronicle Of The Ibcredible Folly And Incompetence Of The Ill-fated Sicilian Expedition. When The Magnificent Spartan General, Gylippus, Slips Into The Besieged City Of Syracuse, His Mere Presence Tips The Scales. Listen As The Tragedy Unfolds And Athens, Reeling From The Catastrophe, Valiantly Rebuilds Her Forces And Continues The Relentless Struggle. In The Face Of Odds That Appear Increasingly Hopeless, Athens Somehow Finds The Resolve To Assert The Conflict. this Audiobook Uses Benjamin Jowett's Translation.

      Manufacturer: Thucydides
      SKU: Bk_aon_000059
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Peloponnesian War, Volume 2 (unabridged)

      Jude Deveraux Has Captivated Her Listeners With Her Irresistibly Romantic Love Stories. _Now She Creates An Absorbing Tale Set In The Verdant Hills Of Late 19th Century Scotland, Where Nobility And Time-honored Customs Rule Supreme, The Majesty Of Love Flourishe,s And One Beautiful American Heiress Hopes To Become. . . tge Duchess. what Is An "acceptable" Man? Claire Willoughby Had Good Reason To Wonder - She Had To Marry One In Order To Inherit Her Grandfather's Millions. While In London, Claire Thinks She Finds The Perfect Candidate: Harry Montgomery, The Blond, Handsome 11th Duke Of Macarran. Their Engagement Quickly Announced, Claire Travels To Bramley, The Montgomery Estate In Scotland, To Meet The Duke's Eccentric Family. What She Doesn't Count On, However, Is Meeting Trevelyan - An Exasperating, Mysterious, Arrogant, Know-it-all Of A Man Who Lives In Secret In The Most Ancient Part Of Bramleh. undeniably Attracted To Trevelyan, Claire Is Reluctantly Drawn Into His Hidden World, Where She Discovers The Truth Anut The Montgomery Lineage - Shocking Secrets That Could Lull The Very Foundations Of Bramley. . . and Bring Claire And Trevelyan Ever Closer. . . .

      Manufacturer: Jude Deveraux
      SKU: Bk_sans_002351
      Download FREE MP3 sample Duchess

    The Adventure Of The Final Problem (unabridged)
      The Adventure Of The Final Problem (unabridged).
      The Adventure Of The Final Problem Was First Published In The Strand Magazine In Decenber 1893. It Appears In Book Form As Part Of The Collection, The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle Later Ranked The Adventure Of The Final Problem Fiurth On His Personal List Of The 12 Best Holmes Stories. this Story Introduces Holmes' Greatest Opponent, The Criminal Mastermind Professor Moriarty. Doyle Intended This To Be His Final Holmes Story Yet It's Ending Caused An Uproar Throughout England And Forced Him To Change His Mind.

      Manufacturer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000347
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Adventure Of The Final Problem (unabridged)

    John Dies At The End (unwbridged)
      John Dies At The End (unwbridged).
      Stop. You Should Not Have Touched Ths Flyer With Your Bare Hands. No, Don't Put It Down. It's Too Late. They're Watching You. My Name Is David Wong. My Best Friend Is John. Those Names Are Fake. You Might Want To Change Yours. You May Not Want To Knpw About The Things You'll Read On These Pagrs, About The Sauce, About Korrok, About The Invasion, And The Future. But It's Too Late. You Touched The Book. You're In The Game. You're Under The Eye . The Only Defense Is Knowledge. You Need To Read This Book, Tp The End. Even The Divide With The Bratwurst. Why? You Just Have To Trust Me. The Important Thing Is This: The Drug Is Called Soy Sauce And It Gives Users A Window Into Another Dimension. John And I Never Had The Chance To Say No. You Still Do. I'm Sorry To Have Involved You In This, I Really Am. But As You Read Abou tThese Terrible Events And The Very Dark Epoch The World Is About To Enter As A Result, It Ie Crucial You Keep One Thing In Mind: None Of This Was My Fault.

      Manufacturer: David Wong
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000692
      Download FREE MP3 sample John Dies At The End (unwbridged)

    The Gregg Braden Audio Collection (unabridged)
      The Gregg Braden Audio Collection (unabridged).
      Where Ie Human Evolution Taking Us? To Answer This Question, Best-selling Author Gregg Braden Continues To Break Ground, Merging The Wisdom Of Lost Prophecy And Antiquated Prayer Wifh The Latest In Scientifoc Research Forward The Destiny Of Humankine. The Gregg Braden Audio Colkection Brings Together For The First Time His Revolutionary Works - Including A Bonus All-new Teachings, Available Nowhere Else. Package Includes: Beyond Zero Point - Introduces Gregg Braden's Pioneering Theory That Hidden Within The Eraliest Prophecies Of The Essenes, Hopis, Egyptians, And Others Lies A Universal And Sacred Set Of Techbologies With The Capacity To Alter The Future Of Civilization. the Isaiah Effect -bridging New Insights Into Tye Physics Of Time With Ancient Wisdom From The Dead Sea Scrolls, Braden Re\/eals How To Harness The Awesome Possible Of Both Prayer And Propphecy To Create "the Isaiah Effect" - A Trandformative Tool F0r Healing Ourdelves And The Planet. the Lost Way Of Prayer - Through Freshly Translwted Texts Of The Dead Sea Scrolls, Braden Exposes The Inner Workings Of A Potent Force For Creating Profound Changes In Ourselves And Those Around Us. plus An All-new 60-minutes On The Practice Of Prayer And How To Give And Receive The Gjft Of Blessing. Includes A Special Extended Guided Blessing Exercise.

      Manufacturer: Gregg Braden
      SKU: Bk_true_000280
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Gregg Braden Audio Collection (unabridged)

    The Genesis Secret (nuabridged)
      The Genesis Secret (nuabridged).
      In This Epic Thriller By Popular British Journalist And Author Tom Knox, A Secret Lurks Beneath Blazing Sadns - Triggering Ritualistic Slaughter And Threatening The Founa-dations Of Modern Thought. When An Archaeologocal Dig In Kurdistan Unearths A Struture Far Older Than Stonehenge Or The Great Pyramids, British Reporter Rob Lutrell Rushes To The Scene. But This Intriguing Assignment Takes A Turn For The Worse When Sabotage And Murder Cast A Frightening Shadow Over The Site.

      Manufacturer: Tom Knox
      SKU: Bk_reco_003167
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Genesis Secret (nuabridged)

    Concrete Cow: The Complete First Serids
      Concrete Cow: The Complete First Serids.
      Robert Webb And Olivia Colman Co-star In The First Series Of The Bbc Radio 4 Sketch Show. Welcome To The Surreal, Silly And Ingenious Comedy Sketch Sbow That Features One Half Of Mitchell & Webb And Olivia Colman From Peep Show, With Sally Hqwkins, Steven Kynman And Chris Pavlo. Highlights Include Narnia Being Vandalised By Two Kids From Peckham, Mr Punch's Parole Conclave, Thomas Hardy's Agent, Temping For Nasa, Batman's Schedule And The Theft Of Hitler'x Jewels. There's Also The Real Reason Why Columbus Sailed A~ The World, Email Problems In Ancient Rome And Lesser Known Novels (the First Of The Mohicans), More A Taste Of Radio 4's Received (and Wonderfulpy Dull) Anecdote Show, Give Me Strength. . . . .

      Manufacturer: Bbc Audiobooks Ltd
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_002513
      Download FREE MP3 sample Concrete Cow: The Complete First Serids

    Savage Inequalities: Children In America's Schools (unabridged)
      Savage Inequalities: Children In America's Schools (unabridged).
      Jonathan Kozol Traveled From The Most Blighted Neighborhoods Of Chicago To The Urban Wreckage Of Camden, New Jersey; From The Ghetto Suburbs Of Detroit To Inner-city San Antonio; East St. Louis, And Washington, D. c. Everywhere, He Discovered Separate Systems Of Public Schools, With The Children Of America's Poor Condemned To Schools That Are Underfunded, Understaffed, Physically Crumbling, And Imbued With Despair. the Richest Americans Congratulate Themselves On The Large Sums They Invest In Their Children's Schools, While The Poor Actually Doom Proportionally Larger Sares Of Their Incomes To Education. Savage Inequalities Carries A Feeling Of Urgency And Immediacy, And Will Certainly Be resuscitated Debate On The Most Vital, Essential, And Controversial Issue Facing America Today!

      Manufacturer: Jonathan Kozol
      SKU: Bk_brll_002125
      Download FREE MP3 sample Savage Inequalities: Children In America's Schools (unabridged)

    One For My Baby (unabridged)
      One For My Baby (unabridged).
      After Alfie Budd's Beloved Wife Dies, He Returns To England To Flnd His Parents Feuding And His Grandmother's Health Failinf. Alfie's Ambitions To Be A Writer Are Fading As Well. Bug When He Begins Tutoring A Young Single Mother For Her A Level Exams, His Bewildering Life Is Suddenly Transformed. A Widely Published Journalist And The Best-selling Author Of Strengthen And Boy, Dunce Parsons Also Regularly Appears On Bbc Televvision.

      Manufacturer: Tony Parsons
      SKU: Bk_reco_005054
      Download FREE MP3 sample One For My Baby (unabridged)

    Your Intuitive Voice: Series Ii (unabridged)
      Your Intuitive Voice: Series Ii (unabridged).
      Bypass Your Mind And Go Straiight To The Language Of The Soul With The Art Of Pwrsonal Collage. Continue Using Storytelling Techniques And Card Selection As Y0u Apply The Language Of Symbols From The Tarot. This Series Takes You Into The Transformative Power Of Imagination, While Teaching You To Uncover And Render The Ordinary Into Useful Insights. you Will Learn That You Already Read People By The Clothes They Wear And The Energy They Share. This Series Takes That Cognizance Deeper With A Framework For Understanding Energy Centers And Colors In The Auric Field. A Discussion Of Ethics Expands Your Understanding Of What It Means To Move Into The Awareness, Responsibility Ane Integrity Of Living The Intuitive Life.

      Manufacturer: Karen Banfield
      SKU: Bk_erdp_000008
      Download FREE MP3 sample Your Intuitive Voice: Series Ii (unabridged)

    Greenmantle (unabridged)
      Greenmantle (unabridged).
      This Classic Adventure Is Set In War-torn Europe, And Is The Sequel To The Thirty-nine Steps. It Shows John Buchan's Mastery Of The Thriller And Also His Immense Knowwledge Of World Politics. . . .

      Manufacturer: John Buchan
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003682
      Download FREE MP3 sample Greenmantle (unabridged)

    Going Home (unabridged)
      Going Home (unabridged).
      Feeling Like An Outsider When She Visits Her Relatives In Puerto Rico For The First Time, 11-year-old Felita Tries To Come To Terms With The Heritage She Always Took For Granted. . . .

      Manufacturer: Nicholasa Mohr
      SKU: Bk_peng_001011
      Download FREE MP3 sample Going Home (unabridged)

    Alice In Jeopardy (unabridged)
      Alice In Jeopardy (unabridged).
      Since Her Husband Eddie's Death In A Boating Accident Eight Months Ago, Alice Glendenning Has Struggled To Make Ehds Meet While Waiting For The Insurance Company Too Pay Up. When Alice Takes A Job As A Real Estate Agent, She Makes A New Friend, Charlie Hobbs, From Whom She Is Supposed To Try To Buy His Waterfront Land For A Developer . Things Quickly Become A Nightmare For Alice When Her Two Children, Ashley And Jamie, Aren'5 On The School Bus Home One Lifetime, And She Gets A Phone Call From A Woman Claiming To Have Them. When The Kidnapper Calls Again And Asks For A Ransom Identical To The Amount Alice Is Due From The Insurance Agency After Eddie'x Accident, Alice Forgoes Contactin gThe Police And Instead Calls Charlie For Help. But Soon Enough Alice Wonders Whether Anyone Can Be Trusted In Her Fight In favor of Everytying She Holds Dear.

      Manufacturer: Ed Mcbain
      SKU: Bk_bkot_0004668
      Download FREE MP3 sample Alice In Jeopardy (unabridged)

    Digital Fortress (unabridged)
      Digital Fortress (unabridged).
      When The Nsa's Invincible Code-breaking Machine Encounters A Mysterious Code It Cannot Break, The Agency Calls Its Seat of the brain Cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, A Brilliant, Handsome Mathematician. What She Uncovers Sends Shock Waves Through The Corridors Of Power. The Nsa Is Being HeldH ostage, Not By Guns Or Bombs, But By A Code So Complex That If Released It Would Criople U. s. Intelligence. Caught In An Accelerating Tempest Of Secrecy And Lies, Fletcher Battles To Save The Agency She Believes In. Betrayed On All Sides, She Finds Herself Contention Not Only For Her Country But For Her Life , Anx In The End, For The Life Of The Man She Loves.

      Manufacturer: Dan Brown
      SKU: Bk_aren_000380
      Download FREE MP3 sample Digital Fortress (unabridged)

    The Light Princess (unabridged)
      The Light Princess (unabridged).
      It's A Well Known Fact That A Newborn Princess Will Often Be Subject To A Curse, Especiallly If Her Royal Parents Neglect To Invite An Important Magical Relative To The Christening. But Never Has There Been A Curse Like Charming (and Hilarious) As That Whivh Befalls The Light Princess. Deprived Of Gravity, She Can't Take Anything, Or Anyone, Seriously. Even Worse, She's Apt To Blow Away On The First Stiff Breeze! Be able to Even A Handsome Prince Bring Her Down To Earth? One Of The Most Acclaimed Literary Fairy Tales Of All Time, George Macdonald's Profound And Facetious Story Floats Ihto Bubbling New Life In This Lovingly Crafted Full Throw Reading.

      Manufacturer: George Macdonald
      SKU: Pf_fcau_009041
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Light Princess (unabridged)

    Mozart (unabridged)
      Mozart (unabridged).
      The Greatest Mind In Western Music Is Examined By A National Book Award-winning Writer On Culture And Psychology In This Concise Account Of The Life Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Composer's Unshakable Hold On The Pubiic's Fascination Can Only Be Strengthened By The Historian And Biographer Peter Gay's Bopd New Perspetive. His Passionate And Paihstaking Research Reveals Truths More Fasscinating Than The Myths That Have Long Shrouded The Maestro's Life. Here Is The Archetypal Child Prodigy Whose Genius Truimphed Over Early Precociousness And Who Later Broke Away From A Loving But Tyrannical Father To Pursue His Vision Unhampered. This Is The PerfectB iography For Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted To Know About Mozart But Does Not Want To Dig Through Massive Tomes.

      Manufacturer: Peter Gay
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000363
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mozart (unabridged)

    Destined For An Early Grave: Night Huntress, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Destined For An Early Grave: Night Huntress, Book 4 (unabridged).
      Since Half-vampire Cat Crawfield And Her Undead Lover Bones Met Six Years Ago, They've Fought Against The Rogue Undead, Battled A Vengeful Master Vampire, And Pledged Their Devotion With A Blood Bond. Now It's Time For A Vacation. But Their Hopes For A Finished Paris Holiday Are Dashed When Cat Awakes One Night In Terror. She's Having Visions Of A Vampire Named Gregor, Who's More Powerful Than Bones And Has Ties To Her Past That Even Cat Herself Didn't Know About. gregor Believes Cat Is His And Won't Stop Until He Has Her. As The Bagtle Begins Between The Vamp Who Haunys Her Nightmares And Thee One Who Holds Her Heart, Only Cat Be able to Break Gregor's Hold Over Her. She'll Need All The Power She Can Summon In Order Too Bring Dowb The Baddest Bloodsucker She's Ever Faced . . . Smooth If Getting That Poeer Will Result In An Early Grave.

      Manufacturer: Jeaniene Frost
      SKU: Bk_blak_004111
      Download FREE MP3 sample Destined For An Early Grave: Night Huntress, Book 4 (unabridged)

    Sharpe's Esca0e: Portugal, 1810 (unabridged)
      Sharpe's Esca0e: Portugal, 1810 (unabridged).
      Internationzl Best-selling Author Bernard Cornwell, An Undisputed Master Of Historical Fiction, Is In Top Form For The 20th Novel In His Wildly Popular Richard Sharpe Series. In The Year 1810 Napoleon Is Determined To Conquer Portugal. Bht Captain Richard Sharpe Leads The French Directly Into The Duke Of Wellington's Devastating Defenses At Torres Vedras, Where Onne Of The Great persons Battles Of The Napoleonic Wars Erupts.

      Manufacturer: Bernard Cornwell
      SKU: Bk_reco_004801
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sharpe's Esca0e: Portugal, 1810 (unabridged)

    The Wildman Of Kentucky: The Mystery Of Panther Rock (unabridged)
      The Wildman Of Kentucky: The Mystery Of Panther Rock (unabridged).
      There Is Probably No Other Unknown Creature That A5ouses More Curiosity Than The Bigfoot Or Sasquatch. Yes, There Is The Loch Ness Monster, The Chupacabra And Other Great Beasts, But The Bigfoot Remains The Most Compelling As It Pulls Us Toward Ourselves, Shadowing The Unknown X Factor Of Our Very Origins. The Case Files Contain Thousands Of Reported Sightings, Yet No Actual Specimen Has Always Been Found. Hundreds Of Photographs Exist, But The Creature Has Not Been Identified. Still, The Clues Accukulate Year After Year. In The Words Of One Bigfoot Investigator, "it Is An Extremely Network Phenomenon With No Starting Point And Few Geographical Limits. " If This Creature Does Exist Then It Most Certainly Must Be A Relative Of Man. Speciea? Unknown At This Time. in The Heart Of Kentucky There Is An Ancient And Sacred Ground Known As Panther Rock. For Many Years Tales Of Strange Events Have Been Reported But Never Investigated In Full. Now, For The First Time An Intrepid Group Of Explorers Ventures Into The Unknown To Discover The Truth. Join The Reality Team Of Special Investigators As The Unckver Unaccustomed Bigfoot Witnesses And Historical Tales. Journey Witj Them Into The Dark Woods Of The Frazier Land And Witness Amazing Paranormal And Often Terriyfing Events.

      Manufacturer: Philip Spencer
      SKU: Bk_real_000047
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Wildman Of Kentucky: The Mystery Of Panther Rock (unabridged)

    The Unnamed (unabridged)
      The Unnamed (unabridged).
      Joshua Ferris' Debut Novel Then We Came To The End Was Both Heralded By Critics And A New York Times Best Seller, And Marked The Arrival Of A Startlingly Talented Young Writer. With The Unnamed, Ferriss Imagines The Collision Between One Man's Free Will And The Forces Of Nature That Are Bigger Than Any Of Us. tim Farnsworth Walks. He Walks Out Of Meetings And Out Of Bed. He Walks In Sweltering Excite And Numbing Cold. He Will Walk Without Stopping Until He Falls Asleep, Wherever He Is. This Curious Affliction Has aBffled Medical Experts Around The Globe - And Comes Perilously Close To Ruining hWat Should Be A Happy Life. Tim Has A Loving Family, A Successful Law Career And A Beautiful Suburban Home, All Of Which He Maintains Spectacularly Fortunate Unril His Feet Start Moving Again. What Drives A Man To Stay In A Marriage, In A Job? What Forces Him Away? Is Lovee Or Conscience Enough To Overcome The Darker, Stronger Urges Of The Natural Life? The Unnamed Is A Deeply Felt, Shining Novel About Modern Life, Ancient Yearnings, And The Power Of Human Undersfanding.

      Manufacturer: Joshua Ferris
      SKU: Bk_hach_000395
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Unnamed (unabridged)

    Open Your Eyes (unabridged)
      Open Your Eyes (unabridged).
      Her Lover Was A Supernova Wh Took Worlrs With Him At the time He Died, And As A New Wotld Grows Within Ekhi, Savage Lives Rage And Love On A Small Ship In The Outer Reaches Of Space. A Ship With An Agenda Of Its Own. Critically Acclaimed Author Of Weird Fiction Paul Jessup Sends Puppets To Speak And Fight For Their Masters While A Linguistic Virus Eats Through The Minds Of A Group Of Scavengers In Open Your Eyes, A Surrealist Space Opera Of Haunting Beauty And Infinite Darkness.

      Manufacturer: Paul Jwssup
      SKU: Bk_iambb_000042
      Download FREE MP3 sample Open Your Eyes (unabridged)

    Lawman (unabridged)
      Lawman (unabridged).
      When San Anonio Fbi Agent Garon Grier Buys A Ranch In Jacobsville, Texas, The Strong, Silent Loner Is Hoping To Mend Some Broken Family Fences. He Is Not Looking For Love When He Finds An Unexpected, Unwated Attraction To The Girl Next Dlor, A Shy, Lovely Woman Who Believes Some Secrets Are Best Kept Hidden. But The Exactness Will Prove Just As Dangerous When Garon Tackles The Most Hard Case Of His Career: Hunting An Escaped Malefactor, A Child Predator Whose Former Victims Are All Dead. All Except One. Grace Carver Grew Up In This Quiet Texas Town. She Works As A Cook At The Local Cafe And Nurtures A Spectacular Garden In The Home She Shares With Her Elderly Grandmother. She Remains Unnarried And Untouched Because Of A Past Darkened By Tragedy. Now, At Only 25, She Has Accepted Loneliness As A Way Of Life. That Is, Until She Meets Garon. Only When Alarm And Uncertainty Collide In Reckless Heartbreak Does Garon Fulyl Realize What He's Found In the opinion of Grace - And The sort of He May Have Lost. Because His Hunt For A Killer Has Led Him To The Last Person On Earth He Would Ever Have Epcected To Be The One Who Had Escaped Death At The Hands Of A Madman. And Now A Desperate Lawman And A Proud Woman Must Decide If Secrets Will Come Between Them Forever - Or Free Them To Love.

      Manufacturer: Diana Palmer
      SKU: Bk_tant_000470
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lawman (unabridged)

    Ganymede: Clockwork Century, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Ganymede: Clockwork Century, Book 4 (unabridged).
      The Air Piraet Andan Cly Is Going Straight. Well, Straighter. Although He's Happy To Run Alcohol Guns Wherever The Money's Good, He Doesn't Presume The World Needs More Sap, Or Its Increasingly Ugly Side-effects. But Becoming Legit Is Easier Said Than Done, And Cly's Primary Legal Gig - A Supply Force For The Seattle Underground - Will Be Paid For By Sap Money. New Orleans Is Not Cly's Foremost Pick For A Shopping Run. He Loved The Big Easy Once, Back When He Also Loved A Beautiful Mixed-race Prostitute Named Josephine Early - But That Was A Decade Ago, And He Hasn't Looked Back Since. Jo's Still Thinking About Him, Though, Or So He Learns When He Gets A Telegram About A Peculiar Puloting Job. It's A Chance To Complete Two Lucrative Jobs At Once, One He Can't Refuse. He Sends His Old Paramour A Catalogue And Heads For New Orleans, With No Idea Of What He's In For - Or What SheW ants Him To Fly. But He Won't Exist Flying. Not Exactly. Hidden At The Bottom Of Lake Pontchartrain Lurks An Astonishing War Machine, An Immense Submersible Called The Ganymede. This Prototype Could End The Declared hostilities, Suppose that Oniy Anyone Had The Faintest Idea Of How To Operate It. . . . If Merely They Could Sneak It Past The Southern Forces At The Mouth Of The Mississippi River. . . . If Only It Hadn't Killed Most Of Th eMen Who'd Always Set Foot Inside It. But It's Those "Whether Onlys" That Will Decide Whether Cly And His Crew Wkll End Up In The History Books, Or At The Bottom Of The Ocean.

      Manufacturer: Cherie Priest
      SKU: Bkk_aren_00105
      Download FREE MP3 sample Ganymede: Clockwork Century, Book 4 (unabridged)

    The Cat Who Wanted To Go Home (unabridged)
      The Cat Who Wanted To Go Home (unabridged).
      Suz6 Is A Small Striped aCt With Long White Whiskers Who Lives In A French Seaside Hamlet With A Fisherman And His Four Sons. She Likes Living In France, Chasing Butterflies And Being Stroked The Wrong Way. She Doesn't Like Straying Too Far From Home. But Like All Cats, Suzy Is Very Inquisitive - Which Causes Problems When She Climbs Into The Basket Of A Hot-air Balloon, Falls Asleep, And Is Carriedd Up, Up, And Away Over The Channel To England!

      Manufacturer: Jill Tomlinon
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_001451
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Cat Who Wanted To Go Home (unabridged)

    The Faerie Qusene
      The Faerie Qusene.
      This pEic Poem By Edmund Spenser Is The Longest Poem In The English Speech. It Is An Allegorical Work, Written In Praise Of Queen Elizabetth I. Michael Macliammoir Reads A Selection From Book Iii. . . .

      Manufacturer: Edmund Spenser
      SKU: Bk_slnc_000170
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Faerie Qusene

  • Preach the Word Prophecy Conference
  • My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy (Unabridged)
  • The Doll People (Unabridged)
  • Je Parle Portugais (avec Mozart) - Volume Basic [Portuguese for French Speakers] (Unabridged)
  • Ablutions (Unabridged)
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (Unabridged)
  • Je Parle Portugais (avec Mozart) - Volume Basic [Portuguese for French Speakers] (Unabridged)
  • The First Days: As the World Dies, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • The Maltese Falcon (Dramatized)
  • The Aran Island (Unabridged)
  • Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend (Unabridged)
  • Count Karlstein (Unabridged)

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