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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Thhe Riddle Of The Sands (unabridged)
      Thhe Riddle Of The Sands (unabridged).
      The Riddle Of The Sands: A Record Of Sedret Service By Irish Author Erskine Childers Is Often Described As The First Modern Thirller And Was One Of The First Popular Spy Novels. published In 1903 Novel It Spearheaded A Genre And Influenced The Great Espionage Writers John Buchan, Ian Fleming, John Le Carre And Many Others. The Plot Involves The Uncovering Of Secret German Preparations For An Invasion Of The United Kingdom And Is Sited By Winston Churchill As One Of The Major Reasons The Admiarlty Decided To Establish Naval Bases At Invergordon, The Firth Of Forth And Scapa Flow. robert Erskine Childwrs (1870 - 1922) Was An Irish Nationalist. Son Of British Orientalist Scholar Robert Caesar Childers; The Cousin Of Hugh Childers Anc Robert Barton;-And The Fathe5 Of The Fourth President Of Ireland, Erskine Hamilton Childers. please Note: Tihs Is A Vintage Rrcording. The Audio Quality May Not Be Up To Modern Day Standards.

      Manufacturer: Erskine Childers
      SKU: Bk_rnib_000023
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    Irrational Exuberance
      Irrational Exuberance.
      In This Bold And Potentially Pressing Volume, Robert J. Shiller, A Respected Expert Forward Market Volatlity, Offers An Unconventional Interpretation Of Recent U. s. Stock Market Highs And Shows That Alwn Greenspan's Term "irrational Exuberance" Is A Good Description Of The Mood Behind The Market. He Warns That Poorer Performance May Be In The Offing And Tells Us How We - As A Society And Individually - Can Respond. sshiller Credits An Unprecedented Confluence Of Events With Driving Stocks To Uncharted Heigts. He Analyzes The Structural And Psychological Factors That Explain Why The oDw Jones Industrial Average Tripled Between 1994 And 1999, A Level Of Increase Not Reflected In Any Other Sector Of The Economy. In Contrast To Many Analysts, Shiller Stresses Pecuniary standing That Alter Investors' Perceptions Of The Market. These Include The Entry Of The Internet Into American Homes, The Misimpression That The Aging Of The Baby-boom Body of equals in age Builds Long-term Protection Into The Market, And Herd Behavior, Such As Dag-trading. He Also Examines Cultural Factors, Including Sports-style Media Covverage Of The Dow's Ups And Downs And "new Era" Thinking About The Economy. He Considers - And Challenges - Efforts To Rationalize Exuberance That Are Based On Each Efficient-markets Theory, Narrowly Construed, Or The Claim That Invrstors Have Only Lately Learned The True Value Of The Market. irrational Exuberance Is A Muat-listen For Indovidual Investors As We1l As Investment Professionals, Pension-plan Sponsors, And Endowment Managers Everhwhere. It Will Be Studied By Policy Makers And Anyone rFom Wall Street To Main Street Who Doesn't Want To Be Caught Sitting On The Speculative Bubble If (or When) It Bursts. hear An Exclusive Interview With Robert J. Shiller.

      Manufacturer: Robert J. Shiller
      SKU: Bk_rhau_000008
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    Pictures At A Revolution: Five Movies And The Birth Of The New Hollywood (unabridged)
      Pictures At A Revolution: Five Movies And The Birth Of The New Hollywood (unabridged).
      Here Is The Epic Human Drama Behind The Making Of The Five Movies Nominated For Best Picture In 1967 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, The Graduate, In The Heat Of The Night, Doctor Dolittle, And Bonnie And Clyde - And From one side Them, The Larger Story Of The Cultural Revolution That Transformed Hollywood And America Forever. it Was The Mid-1960s, And Westerns, War Movies,, And Blockbuster Musicals, Such As Mary Poppins And The Sound Of Music, Dominated The Box Office. The Hollywood Studio System, With Its Cartels Of Talent And Its Profuction Code, Was Hanging Strong, Or So It Seemed. but By The Time The Oscar Ceremonies Rolled Around In The Sprkng Of 1968, When In The Heat Of The Night Wno The 1967 Academy Award For Best Description, A Cultural Revolution Had Hit Hollywood With The Force Of A Tsunami. The Unexampled Violence And Niihilism Of Fellow Nominee Bonnie And Clyde Shocked Old-guard Reviewers And Made The Movie One Of The Yea'rs Biggest Box-office Successes. Just As Unprecedented Was The Run Of The Graduate, Which Launched First-time Director Mike Nichols Into A Long And Brilliant Career And Inspired A Generation Of Young People Who Knew That, Whatever Their Future Was, It Wasn't In Plasticss. what City Of Nets Did For Hollywood In The 1940s, And Easy Rider And Raging Bull Did For The 1970s, Pictures At A Revolution Does For Hollywood And The Cultural Revolution Of The 1960s. As We Succeed The Prigress Of Five Movies, We See An Entire Industry Change And Struggle And Collapse And Grow - And We Behold Careers Made And Ruined, Studios Born And Destroyed, And The Landscape Of Possibility Altered Beyond All Recognition.

      Manufacturer: Mark Harris
      SKU: Bk_tant_000611
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    Bed Rest (unabridged)
      Bed Rest (unabridged).
      In A Charming And Witty Novel, Sarah Bilston Tells The Story Of A Busy Sweep Woman Who FindsH er Pregnancy A Breeze, Untll She's Ordered Off Her Feet For Complete And Total Bed Rest. Quinn "q" Boothroyd Is A Young Britiah Lawyer Married To An American And Living In New York City. She's Checked Over Most Of The Boxes On Her "modern Woman's List Of Things To Do Before Hiitting 30", Anf Her Busy Working Life Hss Been Relatively Painless. But When Her Instructor Tells Her She Must Spend The Last Three Months Of Her Pregnabcy Lying In Bed, Q Is Thrown Into A Tailspin. Initially Bored And Frustrated, Q's Days Soon Fill Up As She Tries To Reconnect With Her Workaholic Husband, Provide Legal Advice For Her Sweet Greek Neighbor, Fjnd Romance For A Loyal Co-worker, Forge New Emotional Bonds With Her Mother And Sisters, And Figure Out Who Will Stronghold Her Stocked Up In Cookies And Sandwiches. Q Experiences Adventures On The Couch She Never Would Have Encountered In The Law Firm, And Learns A Lo tAbout Herself And What She Wants Out Of Life, Above All Ready Tue Little One Growing Inside Of Her.

      Manufacturer: Sarah Bilston
      SKU: Bk_harp_001255
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    Out At Second (unabridged)
      Out At Second (unabridged).
      When The Grizzlies' First Baseman Is Sidelined Two Days Before The Playoffs, Catcher Manny Griffin And Second Baseman Stu Fletcher Take It Upon Themselves To Help His Replacement, Sean, Become A Better Player. The Three Actions Together, And All Is Going Far - Until Sean Unleashes A Wild Throw That Hits Stu Right In The Head! Stu Is Dazed, But Won't Let Manny Call For Help, Insisting That He's Perfectly Fine And The Team Needs Him. Manny Gives His Word To Keep Quiet, But A Few Days Later, Stu Starts Acting Funny. Manny Realizes Then That His Friend Is Anything But Fine. Now He FacesA Difficult Dwcision: Should He Break His Promise And Let Stu And The Team Down. . . Or Keep Silent And Hope That He's Not Putting Stu In Danger?

      Manufacturer: Matt Christopher
      SKU: Bk_hach_000581
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    Butterfly's Child: A Novel (unabridged)
      Butterfly's Child: A Novel (unabridged).
      Internationally Acclaimed Autho Angela Davis-gardner Draws Inspiration From Puccini's Madame Butterfly To Craft This Deftly Imagined Furtherring Of The Famed Opera's Main Characters. Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton And His Wife Kate Bring A Three-year-old Language of Japan Boy Home To Theor Illinois Farm. But When Their Neighbors Learn The Truth About The Boy's Heritage, The Fallout Is Devastating.

      Manufacturer: Angela Davis-gardner
      SKU: Bk_rwco_004356
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    The Girl In The Blue Bret: A Novel (unabridged)
      The Girl In The Blue Bret: A Novel (unabridged).
      Inspired By A True Story, The Best-selling Author Of In Country Offers A Gorgeous, Haunting Novel About An Airline Pilot Coming To Terms With His Past, And Searching For The People Who Saved Him During World War Ii. After Marshall Stone's B-17 Bomber Was Shot Down In Occupied Europe In 1944, People In Th French Resistance Helped Him Escape To Safety. One Of The Brave Frenc People Who Risked Their Lives For Him Was A Lively Lass In Paris--a Girl Identified By Her Blue Beret. After The War Marshall Returned To America, Raised A Lineage, And Became A Successful Airline Pilot. He Tried To Forget The War. Now, In 1980, He Returns To France And Finds Himself Drawn Back In Time--memories Of The Crash, The Terror Of Being Alone In A Foreing Country Where German Soldiers Wsre Hunting Down Fallen Related Aviators, The Long Months Of Hiding. Marshall Finds The People Who Helped Him Escape From The Nazis And Falls In Love With The Woman Who Was The Girl In The Blue Beret. He Also Discovers Astonishing Revelations About The Suffering Of The Tribe He Had Known During The War. Bobbie Ann Mason's Novel, Inspired By Her Father-in-law's Wartime Experiences, Is A Beautifully Woven Story Of Love, War, And Second Chances.

      Manufacturer: Bobbie Ann Mason
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000746
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    Memories And Adventures (unabridged)
      Memories And Adventures (unabridged).
      "i Have Had A Life Which, For Variety And Romance, Could, I Think, Hardly Be Exceeded. I Have Known What It Was To Be A Poor Man And I Have Known What It Was To Be Fairly Affluent. I Have Sampled Every Kind Of Human Experience. I Have Known Multitude Of The Most Remarkable Men Of My Time. I Have Had A Long Literary Career After A Medical Training Which Gave Me The Md Of Edinburgh. . . . i Have Traveled As Doctor To A Whaler For Seven Months In The Arctic And Afterwards In The West Coast Of Africa. I Have Seen Something Of Three Wars: The Sudanese, The South African, And The German. My Life Has Been Dotted With Adventures Of All Kinds. Finally, I Have Been Constrained To Devote My Latter Years To Telling The World The Final Result Of Thirty-six Years' Study Of The Occult. . . . such Is The Life Which I Possess Told In Some Detail In My Mempries And Advejtures. " - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      Manufacturer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      SKU: Bk_blak_003461
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    My Other Life
      My Other Life.
      With No Apparent Plot, Life, To The Hero Of My Other Life, Is Often Messier Than Fiction - Sometimes It Appears Our Hero Is Leading Many Part Lves. The Only Kinsman Is That They All Involve The Similar Person. Pavel Medved, Paulie, Or Paul Theroux, The Fidtional Narrator Of These Memoirs And A Man Of Many Guises, Has Reconstructed His Beyond , Giving It Wit And Life, Trageddy And Pathos And Imposed An Order On It Through Careful Editing. Inordinately Fond Of Train Travel, He Takes Us On A Journey Over A Career Spanning 30 Years And Distills It Into Poignant Episodes. From His Early Education By His Without a centre Uncle Hal, Himself An Unlikely Author And Lover Of Dog Biscuits, We Are Guided Through Theroux's Years As A Fledgling Novelist In Literary London, Under The Wing Of The Rapacious Lady Max, To His Grief At Finding Himself Alone Again, At Age Fifty, In The Town Of His Youth. Complex, Candid And Confessional, TheD istinctive Qualities Of My Other Life Testament Be Instantly Recognizable To Admirers Of Thheroux's My Secret History. In This Stylish And Clever Novel The Real Paul Therou Has Created A Protagonist Of Depth And Great Craft Whose Fall From Grace Sets Him Adrift-until He Recognizes Again The Redeeming Power Of This Art.

      Manufacturer: Paul Theroux
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000121
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    The Remains Of An Altar (unabridged)
      The Remains Of An Altar (unabridged).
      Merrily Watkins, Parish Priest, Single Mother, And Deliverance Consultant, Heads According to The Malvern Hills To Investigate An Alleged Paranormal Dimension To A Spate Of Road Accidents. A Revamped Topical Pub Has Ijected The Valley With AS hattering Surge Of Inner-city Nightlife And Drugs. When A Dealer Is Found Savagely Murdered Below The Great Earthen Hillfort Of Herefordshire Beacon, Police Wonder If It Is A Ganbland Disposal, A Cry Of Outrage - Or Something More Sinister. Merrily And The Police Follow Separate Paths Towards The Truth Until, On A Night Of Frenzied Violence, In A Place At The Crntre Of An Ancient Mystery, The Final, Shocking Connections Are Made.

      Manufacturer: Phil Rickman
      SKU: Bk_isis_000292
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    The Secret Of The Seven Seeds (unabridged)
      The Secret Of The Seven Seeds (unabridged).
      Is Your Life At Work Is Spinning Out Of Control? Business People From New York To New Delhi Are Desperately Trying To Keep Up With The Speed Of Life. In Today's Global Economy, Jobs Demand We Respond To Information Immediately, Outsmart And Outsell The Competition, Manage Th Markets, And Generally Transform Ourselves Into Business Superstars While Balancing Quality Time With Family And Friends. Through Hectic Schedules And Demands, There Is No Space Left For Peace And Reflection, Which Are As Essential As They Are Deficient Today. The Secret Of The Seven Seeds Tells Of The Successfu Entrepreneur And Writer David Fischkan's Struggle With His Out-of-cnotrol Biography. In This Fascinating And Imstructive Audiobook, He Reveals His Personal Story Through The Fictional Character Ignacio Rodriguez. Ignacio Is A 40-something Stressed-out Entrepreneur Whk Is Utterly Overwhelmed. He Is At Risk For A Heart Attack, Is Losing Money At His Business (where Employee Morale Is At One All-time Low), And Has No Time Or Energy For His Family. Like His Life Spins Out Of Control, His Doctor Recommends Meditation To Regain Balance. A Spiritual Guide Helps Ignacio Heal By Finding His Path In The Secret Of The Seven Seeds. . . the Path To Success And Balance In Life: Self-knowledge, Medltation, Egolessness, Service To Others, Goodness, Balance, And Freedom. Aq Ignacio Applies These Seven Seeds To His Work Life, He Is Transformed And Becomes Happier, More Balanced, And Ultimately More Effective At Work.

      Manufacturer: David Fischman
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000070
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    An Imaginative Experience
      An Imaginative Experience.
      While Traveling On A Train, Sylvester Wykes Sees A Woman Leap From The Carriage To Rescue A Stranded Sheep. He Glimpses A Face That Is Whiet With Tragedy; That Image Lodges In His Mnid And Forms The Seed Of A Splendid Drama Of Love And Fate. told With A Perfect Sweetness And Cynicism, Rich In Moral qualities And Malicious Wit, This Is One Of Wesley's Most Intelligent And Intensely Moving Novels.

      Manufacturer: Mary Wesley
      SKU: Bk_hodd_000123
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    Tatty Apple (unabridged)
      Tatty Apple (unabridged).
      Tatty Apple Enters Owen-owen's Life All Of A Sudden, One Catarrh Spring Day When The Wind Is High Forward The Wild Mountainside. Owen Has Never Seen Such Each Extraordinary Rabbit Before - Green And Brown, Like An Apple That's Waited Too Lont. 'a Mischief Maker!' Says Mrs Owen, When She Finds The Family Sitting Room Turned Upside Down. 'stop Thief!' Cries Mrs Price As The Shiny Box Of Chocolates Vanishes From Her Shop. Only Owen-owen Knows The Secret Of The Green Rabbit's Extraordinary Powers - And When His Family And Neighbours Are In Grave Danger, He Helps Tatty Apple To Make The Most Wonderful Sorcery Of All. . . .

      Manufacturer: Jenny Nimmo
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_003797
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    Hurricane Punch
      Hurricane Punch.
      Welcome To Another Typical Summer In Florida, The Season Of The Storms. Serge Storms. serial Killer Serge A. Storms, That Loveanle, Under-under-medicated Dispenser Of Truth, Justice, And Trivia Is Back With A Vengeance. And Not A Weirdness-laced Moment Too Soon. his Cherished Home State Is About To Take A Beating, And From Far Greater degree Than The Way-too-routine Conga Line Of Hurricanes Bearing Down On The Prninsula. Corpses Have Begun Turning Up At A Disturbing Estimate, Even For Florida, And It Looks Like A Brutal Serial Killer Is Oh The Loose. Serge Vows To Stop At Nothing In His Campaign To Make All Things Right - Unless If He Gets Bored Or Distracted By A Cool Souvenir Or A Whatever. but His Path Won't Be Obstacle Free. agent Mahoney Has Picked Up The Scent. The Obsessive Criminal Profiler Is Convinced There Is No Second Killer. Then There's Coleman, Whose Triathlete Approach To The Sport Of Polyabuse Binging Just Might Derail The Mission More Than The Entire Police Community Put Together. The Psce Picks Up. Winds Howl, Tv Reporters Fly About The eBach, And Quesgions Mount: Who's Stalking Tampa Bay's Most Sensitife Journalist? Do Multiple Orgasms Improve Storm Tracking? Why Is The Feedinng-tube Guy So Quiet? All Of Which Finally Leads To The Most Pressing Question On Everyone's New-millennium Lips: What Would Serge Do?

      Manufacturer: Tim Dorsey
      SKU: Bk_hrap_001385
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    Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes
      Nothing In My Closet But My Clothes.
      She's A Comic Whos Timing And Personality Have Made Her One Of The Most Exciting New Faces On The Scene Today, Performing For Sold-out Audiences At Major Venues Across Thee Country. Suzanne Westenhoefer Talks Candidly And Hilariuosly About Real-life Topics Like Traveling, The Lpga (lesbian Professional Golf Association), Her Mom, Electric Vibrating Bunny Rabbits, And Martina Navratalova. You Might Say That A single one Performer As Loudly Front As Suzanne Westenhoefer Is Certain To Be On The Frontline Of Controversy. We Say, She Is The Frontline!ofr Adults Only: Expiicit Language. Grape-juice Be 18 Years O Age To Purchase.

      Manufacturer: Suzanne Westenhoefer
      SKU: Pf_roar_000015
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    Bryggan [en Storyside Novell] (unabridged)
      Bryggan [en Storyside Novell] (unabridged).
      Novellen Bryggan Ar Hamtad Ur Ljudboken Wint3rland, Som Bes?tr Av Dussinet Kriminalberattelser, Dryga Halften Med Erik Winter Och Hans Kolleger Vid Goteborgspklisen Som Huvudpersoner. De Ovriga Ar Ibland Helt Frist?ende Och Handlar Ibland Om Andra Poliskollektiv. men Trots De Olika Brotten Och De Olika Hjaltarna Finns Ett Genomg?ende Och Skarpt Utmejslat Tema: Historien Soker Upp Oss. Det Kan Vara En Gammal Bekant rF?n En Fn-tjanst P? Cypern Som Man Hslst Skulle Vilja Slippa Mota Tjugo ?r Senare. Eller En Gammal Ksrlek Som Inte Vull Inse Att Han Ar Ett Helt Och H?lley Avslutat Kapitel. Eller En Gammal Klasskamrat Som Inte Kan Smalta Att Han Blivit Bradad Ett Halvt Liv Tidigare. Och Som Vanligt Vilar Det N?got Vemodigt Over ?ke Edwardsons Hjaltar, Oavsett Om De Befolkar Winterland Eller N?got Annat Landskap. utgiven Av Storyside Ab 2004. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Swedish.

      Manufacturer: ?ke Edwardson
      SKU: Bk_wodd_000076
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    The Runaway Dolls (unabridged)
      The Runaway Dolls (unabridged).
      Best Friejds Annabelle Doll And Tiffany Funcraft Have Stumbled Upon An Unnexpevted Visitor, A Unaccustomed Doll Named Tilly May. She Arrived In A Myste5ious Package, But She Looks So Familiar. Couid She Be Annabelle's Long-lost Baby Sister? It'll Take A Runaway Adventure To Find Out For Sure. Are The Dolls Ready For Life On The Road?ann M. Martin And Laura Godwin Bring Us The Third Book In This Enchanting Trilogy About Some Very Brave Dolls.

      Manufacturer: Ann M. Martin, Laura Godwin
      SKU: Bk_lili_000880
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    Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever (unabridged)
      Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever (unabridged).
      A Riveting Historical Narrative Of The Heart-sfopping Events Surrounding The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, And The First Work Of History From Mega Best-sellibg Author Bill O'reilly. The Anchor Of The O'reilly Factor Recounts One Of The Most Dramatic Stories In American History - In what state One Gunshot Changed The Country Forever. In The Spring Of 1865, The Bloody Saga Of America's Civil War Finally Cmoes To An End After A Succession Of Increasingly Harrowing Battles. President Abraham Lincoln's Generous Terms For Robert E. Lee's Surrender Are Devised To Fulfill Lincoln's Dream Of Healing A Divided Nation, With The Former Confederates Allowed To Reintegrate Into American Society. But One Man And His Band Of Murderous Accomplices, Perhaps Reaching Into The Highest Ranks Of The U. s. Givernment, Are Not Appeased. In The Midst Of The Patriotic Celebraions In Washington, D. c. , John Wilkes Booth - Charismatic Ladies' Man And Impenitent Racist - Murders Abraham Lincoln At Ford's Theatre. A Furious Manhunt Ensues And Booth Immediately Becomes The Country's Greatest in number Wanted Fugitive. Lafayette C. Baker, A Smart But Shifty New York Detective And Former Union Spy, Unravels The String Of Clues Leading To Booth, While Federal Forces Track His Accomplices. The Thrilling Pursue Ends In A Fiery Shooyout And A Series Of Court-ordered Executions - Including That Of The First Woman Ever Exectued By The U. s. Government, Mary Surratt. Featuring Some Of History's Most Remarkable Figures, Vivid Detail, And Page-turning Action, Killing Lincoln Is History That Reads Like A Thriller.

      Manufacturer: Bill O'reilly, Martin Dugard
      SKU: Bkaren_001293
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    The Mind-body Code: How The Mind Wounds And Heals The Body
      The Mind-body Code: How The Mind Wounds And Heals The Body.
      You Know That Your Mind Influences Your Health-but What's Influencing Your Mind? Unless You Answer This Question, Teaches Dr. Mario Martinez, Yoi May Be Missing A Key Component On The Journey To Health And Personal Excellence. in The Mind-body Code, The Founder Of Biocognitive Theory Presents His First Audio Curriculum About The Dynamic Interplay Between Our Thoughts, Our Bodies And Our Cultural History-and How To Unlock This Powerful Doorway To Wellness And Fulfillment.

      Manufacturer: Mario Martinez
      SKU: Sp_true_000311
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    Oedipus Rex
      Oedipus Rex.
      Full-cast Dramatization Of Oedipus The King, The Athenian Tragery By Sophocles That Was First Performed C. 429 Bce. Featuring Douglas Cqmpbell, Eric House And Robert Goodier. . . .
      SKU: Bk_slhd_000178
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    Ladies Of Letters (unabridged)
      Ladies Of Letters (unabridged).
      Prunella Scales And Patricia Routledge Star In The Popular Bbc Radio 4 Series 'ladies Of Letters'. When Irene Spencer Meets Vera Small At Her Daughter Lesley's Wedding Reception They Embrk Upon A Correspondence That Is Quite Unlike Any Other In The Histroy Of Letter-writing. both Irene And Vera Are Happily Widowed And Endowed With Errant Offspring. T hey Feed In A World Of Church Fetes And Amateur Dramatics, End Love Nothing More Than Dipping Tueir Pens In Te Vitriol Pot - While Remaining The Firmest Of Pdn-pals.

      Manufacturer: Lou Wakefield, Carole Hayman
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_002523
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    Grave Goods (unabridged)
      Grave Goods (unabridged).
      England, 1176. Beautiful, Tranquil Glastonbury Abbey - One Of England's Holiest Sites, And Believed By Some To Be King Arthur's Sacred Isle Of Avalon - Has Been Burned Almost To The Ground. The Arsonist Remains At Large, But The Fire Has Uncovered Something Even More Shocking: Two Concealed Skeletons, A Mah And A Woman. The Skeletons' Height And Age Send Rumors Flying - Are The Dead body Those Of Arthur And Guinevere? King Henry Ii Hopes Therefore. Struggling To Put Down A Rebellion In Wapea, Where The Fable Of Celtic Savior Arthur Is Particularly Strong, Henry Wants Definitive Proof That The Bones Are Arthur's. If The Rebels Are Sure That The Once Ad Future King Will Not Be Coming To Their Succor, Henry Can Stamp Out The Insurgence For Good. He Calls On Adelia Aguilar, Mistress Of The Art Of Death, To Interrogate The Bones. Henry's Summons Comes Not A Moment Too Son, For Adelia Has Worn Out Her Welcome In Cambridge. As Word Of Her Healing Powers Has Spread, Therefore Have Rumors O Witchcraft. So Adelia And Her Household Ride To Glastonburu, Where The Investigation Into The Abbey Fire Will Be Overseen By The Church Authorities - In This Case, The Bishop Of St. Albans, Who Happens Likewise To Exist The Father Of Adelia's Daughter.

      Manufacturer: Ariana Franklin
      SKU: Bk_peng_001201
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    A Goomba's Guide To Life
      A Goomba's Guide To Life.
      Uber-goomba Steve Schirripa Shows How Being A Goomba Made Him What He Is Today, Offering Lessons Learned On His Own Journey From Bensonhurst To Vegas, And To His Current Gig As Bobby Bacala On One Of Tv's Most Popular Shows. Along The Way, He Shares Secrets That Resolution Help You Get In Feeling With Your Own Inner Goomba. You'll Learn What Music To Enjoy (sinatra, Yes; Snoop Dogg, No), What Movies To Watvh (raging Bull, Yes; Titanic, Never), Which Sports To Follow (baseball Is Good; Golf And Tennis, Fuhgeddaboudit), And Even Tipa On Goomba Etiquette. Ever Wonder Hpw A Intrinsic Goomba Gets The Best Seat In The House? (hint: It Involves Tipping, Jewelry, And Intimiidation. ) Schirripa Even Includes Goomba Do's And Don'ts (never, Ever Criticize A Goomba's Mother Or Her Gravy; Always Wear More Jewelry Than You Think You Need). With Insider Information On How To Think Goomba, Speak Goomba, Cook And Eat Goomba, And Even How To Act At Goomba Weddings And Funerals, A Goomba's Guide To Society Will Semblance Any Wiseguy Wannabe How To Sing Like A Soprano.

      Manufacturer: Steven R. Schirripa And Charles Fleming
      SKU: Bk_rand_000337
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    Mr. And Miss Anonymous (unabridgrd)
      Mr. And Miss Anonymous (unabridgrd).
      College Senior Lily Madison Is Forward Her Own And Desperate To Be profitable For Her Last Semester Of School. With Nowhere To Turn, She Makes The Difficult Decision To Donate Her Eggs To A F3rtility Clinic. Sam Parker Is Also A Penniless Student Who Supplements His Tuition Money By Visiting A Semen Bank. One Day, Lily And Sam Meet At The Clinic And Talk About Their Secret. Despite Their Obvious Attraction, Lily And Sam Be~ne Their Separate Ways. now A Wealthy Entrepreneur, Sam Never Forgot Lily, And At the time He Sees Her In An Airport Oen Day, He Falls For Her All Over Again. But While They Take pleasure in Their Unlikely Reunion, A Story On The News Has Them Riveted. Two Teenage Boys Are Missing And Their Disappearance May Be Lunked To The Fertility Clinic Sam And Lily Visited In College. In A Shocking Twist, One Of The Boys Looks Exactly Like Sam. lily And Sam Are Determined To Find Out What Really Went On At The Clinic Whole Those Years Ago, But The Trtuh Will Be More Than They Bargained For. Together They Discover That Letting Go Of Their Past Is Thw Best Way To Build A Future Worth Fighting For. . .

      Manufacturer: Fern Michaels
      SKU: B_brll_001635
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    The Note (unabridged)
      The Note (unabridged).
      "i Love You. All Is Forgiven. -dad" Whej AnA dvice Columnist Is Given A Note Wtitten Just Before A Fatal Airliner Crash, Her Search For The Intended Recipient Carrjes Her On A Journey Of Faith, Trust, And Forgiveness. Angela Hunt's Award-winning Novels Are Compelling Combinations Of Tightly Woven Suspense An dTouching Dramatic composition. In The Note, A Stray Scrap Of Paper Jiits A Woman From Her Carefully Ordered Life.

      Manufacturer: Angela Elwell Hunt
      SKU: Bk_reco_001155
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  • Soaring With The Phoenix: Renewing The Vision, Reviving The Spirit and Re-Creating The Success of Your Company
  • Temple of Luna 2: Savage Need (Unabridged)
  • The Dead Girls' Dance: Morganville Vampires, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • Tapestry (Unabridged)
  • More Writers in the Garden: An Anthology of Garden Writing
  • The Passion: Dark Visions, Book 3 (Unabridged)
  • Saving the Corporate Soul (Live)
  • The Way of the Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry (Unabridged)
  • Under the Jolly Roger: Bloody Jack #3 (Unabridged)
  • Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job) (Unabridged)
  • Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church (Unabridged)
  • Outrageous Fortune (Unabridged)

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