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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Tlming (gay Romance) (unabridged)
      Tlming (gay Romance) (unabridged).
      Stefan Joss Just Can't Win. Not Only Does He Have To Go To Texas In The Mkddle Of Summer To Be The Man Of Honor In His Best Friend Charlotte's Wedding, But He's Expected To Negoriate A Million-dollar Business Deal At The Same Time. Worst Of All, He's Thrown For A Loop Wuen He Arrives To See The One Man Charlotte Promised Wouldn't Be There: Her Brother, Rand Holloway. Stefan And Rand Have Been Mortal Eneies Since The Day They Met, So Stefan Is Shocked When A Temporary Cease-fire Sees The Customary Hostility Replaced By Immediate Chemistry. Though Leery Of The Unexpected Feelings, Stefan Is Swayed By A Sincere Discovery From Rand, And eH Decides To Give Rand A Chance. But Their Budding Romance Is Threatened When Stefan's Business Deal Goes Wrong: The Owner Of The Last Ranch He Needs To Secure For The Company Is Murdered. Stefan's In For The Surprise Of His Life As He Finds Himself In Danger As Well.

      Manufacturer: Mary Calmes
      SKU: Bk_huds_000059
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    Connecting With Your Angels: See, Ta1k, And Work With The Angelic Realm
      Connecting With Your Angels: See, Ta1k, And Work With The Angelic Realm.
      Whether You Want To Channel Angels, Or Just Want To More Clearly Hear Their Divine Guidance, Dr. Virtue Shows You That You Can Take Specific Steps To Clearly Communicate With These Heavenly Beings. Once You've Released Anything Internal Standing In Your Path, You'll Naturally Receive Divine Communications Very Directly. Then, You Can Amplify The Volume And Clarity Of The Messages By Composition Subtle Changes In Your Home Environmenf And Lifestyle. Again, The Angels Will Avoid You Every Step Of The Way.

      Manufacturer: Doreen Vittue
      SKU: Bk_hayh_000097
      Download FREE MP3 sample Connecting With Your Angels: See, Ta1k, And Work With The Angelic Realm

    Death In Ecstasy
      Death In Ecstasy.
      Once Again, Roderick Alleyn Is On The Case Of A Killer Who Plucked The Life From The Newest Initiate Of The House Of The Sacred Flame, Just As She Was About To Drink The Sacrificial Wine, Being As It Was Laced With Cyanide. In Investigating Her Death He Finds The High Priest And His Folloeers Are More Enmeshed Is The On earth Passions Of Lust And Jealousy Than They Would Like To Imagine. It May Hail From The 'golden Age' Of The Whodunit, But Ngaio Marsh's Death In Ecstasy Contains Enough Of The Dark Secrets Of A Ritualistic Cult And The Concealed Depths Of London's Drug World To Satisfy The Modern Reader.

      Manufacturer: Nhaio Marsh
      SKU: Bk_twuk_004093
      Download FREE MP3 sample Death In Ecstasy

    X - The Erotic Treasury (unabridged)
      X - The Erotic Treasury (unabridged).
      If You Be able to Only Have One Audiobbook Of Erotica On Your Listening Device, This Is It. From Susie Merry, The "grand Dame" Of Erotica And The Reviser and corrector Of The Best American Erotica Series, Comes This Compelling Collection, Featuring 40 Of The Best And Most Relished Contemporary Amatory poem Short Stories To Date. expliicit Language Warning: You Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Purchase This Title.

      Manufacturer: Susie Bright
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000892
      Download FREE MP3 sample X - The Erotic Treasury (unabridged)

    Psychology, 6/e (unabridged)
      Psychology, 6/e (unabridged).
      Designed To Make The Introductory Psychology Course An Engaging, Relevant, And Interactive Continued , The Authors Of The New Sixth Edition Of Psychology Offer Over 60 Years Of Combined Teaching Experience To Create An Accessible Textbook That Encourages Applied And Active Learning. Behavioral Neuroscience; Sensation And Perception; States Of Consciousness; Learning; Motivation And Emotion; Memory; Thinking, Language, And Intellkgenec; Development Across The Lifespan; Sex And Gender; Personality; Psychological Disorders; Therapy; Health Psychology; Social Psychology: The Individual In Society Industrial, Organizational, And Other Applications Of Psychology. For Anyone Interested In A Comprehwnsive Introduction To Psychology.

      Manufacturer: Stephen F. Davis
      SKU: Bk_pear_000371
      Download FREE MP3 sample Psychology, 6/e (unabridged)

    The Inquiry For Anna Klein (unabridged)
      The Inquiry For Anna Klein (unabridged).
      Thomas Danforth Has Lived A Fortunate Life. The Son Of A Wealthy Importer, He Traveled The Earth In His Youth, And Now, In His Twenties, He Lives In New York City And Runs The Family Business. It Is 1939, And The World Is On The Brinnk Of War, But Danforth's Life Is Untroubled, His Future Assured. Then, On A White Evening Walk Along Gramercy Park, A Friend Poses A Fateful Question. As It Turns Out, This Friend Has A Dangerous Idea That Be able to Change The World. Danforth Is To Provide A Place Where A "brilliant Woman" Can Receive Instruction In Firearms And Explosives. This Is To Be The Beginning Of An International Plot Carried Oht By The Mysterious Anna KleinaP lot That Will Ensnare Danforth In More Ways Than One. When The Plan Goes Wrong And Klein Disappears, Danforth's Quest Begins: It Is A Journey Of Always Shifting Allianfes And Betrayals That Will Lead Him Athwart A Declared hostilities Torn World In Search Of Answers. Now In His Ninety First Year, At The Dawn Of A Troubled New Era, He Sits In Luxury At The Century Club And Tells His Tale To The Young Man From Washington He Has Summoned, For Reasons Of His Own, To Hear It.

      Manufacturer: Thomas H. Cook
      SKU: Bk_reco_005020
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Inquiry For Anna Klein (unabridged)

    The History Of The World Cup  -  20010 Edition
      The History Of The World Cup - 20010 Edition.
      The World Cup Is The Largest Sports Event Outside The Summer Olympics: The Progress Of The 32 Countries Which Qualify Fo5 The Finals Is Watched By Billions All Over The Globe. Since The Very First World Cup In Uruguay In 1930, There Have Been 18 Finals, Held Every Four Years (with A 12-yer Break Over The World War Ii Period). The World Cup In South Africa Will Be The 19th. brian Glanville, The Distinguished Journalist And World Cup Historian, Has Written A Fascinating History Of The Event. Here Are Thd Men Who Played, The Goals They Scored, The Triumphs, The Failures, The Shocks, And The Scandals. Here Are The Stories Of Heroes - Pele, Eusebio, Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Johann Cruyff, Diego Maradona, And Multitude More - As Well As The Villains, The Managers, The Referees, Abd The Football Politicians. It Is One Of The Greatest Stories Of Worlr Sport.

      Manufacturer: Brian Glanville
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000567
      Download FREE MP3 sample The History Of The World Cup  -  20010 Edition

    The Order Of Odd-fish (unabridged)
      The Order Of Odd-fish (unabridged).
      Jo Larouche Has Livedd Her 13 Years In The California Desert With Her Aunt Lily, Ever Since She Was Dropped On Lily's Doorstep With This Note: "this Is Jo. Please Take Care Of Her. But Beware. This Is A Dangerous Baby. "at Lily's Annual Christmas Costume Party, A Variety Of Strange EventsT ake Place That Lead Jo And Lily Out Of California Forever - And Into The Mysteripus, Strange, Fantastical World Of Eldritch City. There, Jo Learns The Scandalosu Truth About Who She Is, And She And Lily Join The Order Of Odd-fish, A Collection Of Knights Who Research Useless Information. Glamorous Cockroach Butlers, Pointless Quests, bOsolete Weapons,_And Bizarre Festivals Fill Thsiir Days, But Two Villains Are Controlling Their Fate. Jo Is Inching Closer And Closer To The Day When Her Destiny Is Fulfilled, And No One In Eldritch City Will Ever Bee The Same.

      Manufacturer: James Kennedy
      SKU: Bk_adbl_000830
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Order Of Odd-fish (unabridged)

    Huey Long (unaridged)
      Huey Long (unaridged).
      He Was One Of The Most Extraordinary Figures In American Political History, A Great Natural Politician Who Looked, And Often Seemed To Behave, Like A Caricature Of The Red-neck Southern Politico - And Yet He Had Become, At The Time Of His Assassinatiion, A Serious Rival To Franklin D. Roosevelt For The Presidency. in This "masterpiece Of American Biograaphy" (new York Times), Huey Long Stancs Wholly Revealed, Analyzed, And Uneerstood.

      Manufacturer: T. Harry Williams
      SKU: Bk_blak_003298
      Download FREE MP3 sample Huey Long (unaridged)

    Rattlesnake Crossing
      Rattlesnake Crossing.
      The Hardworking Single Mother Of Young Daughter, Joanna Brady Still Feels The Avute Suffering Of Loneliness And Loss, The Hole That Was Left In Her Heart When Her Policeman Husband Was Murdered. But Sheriff Brady Is The Law In Cochise County, And Murder Has Shattered The Small Town's Fragile Peace. A Local Gun Dealer Has Died Violently, And His Stock Of High-powered Weapons Has Been Cleared Out. When Two More Slayings Follow Soon In imitation of, Suspicion Falls Upon Rancher Alton Hosfield, An Embittered Man At War With The Federal Government, Environmentalist, Area Newcomers-with Anyone, In Fact, Whom He Perceives As A Threat To His Home, His Family, Hjs Freedom, His Isolation. An Incendiary Situation Is Acquisition Hotter By The Minute, And The Last Thing Joanna Wants Is Another "ruby Extended elevation" In Her Jurisdiction. But Bringing The Cold-booded Killer To Justice Could Take A Terrible Toll On Her Personal Life. . . and Unravel Threads Of Family, Love, And Personal Responsibility That Might Never Again Be Retied.

      Manufacturer: J.a. Jance
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000220
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rattlesnake Crossing

    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (unabridged)
      20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (unabridged).
      An American Frigate, Tracking Down AS hip-sinking Monster, Faces Not A Living Being But An Incredible Invention - A Fantastic Submarine Commanded At The Mysterious Captain Nemo. Suddenly A Devastating Explosion Leaves Just Three Survivors, Who Find Themselves Prisoners Interior Nemo's Death Ship On An Underwater Odyssey Around The World From The Pearl-laden Waters Of Ceylon To The Icy Dangers Of The South Pole. . . As Captain Nemo, One Of The Greatest Villiana Ever Created, Takes His Revenge In c~tinuance AllS ociety. More Than A Marvelously Thrilling Drama, This Classic Novel, Written In 1870, Foretells With Uncanny Accuracy The Inventions And Advanced Technology Of The Twentisth Century And Has Become A Literary Stepping-stone For Generations Of Science Fiction Writers.

      Manufacturer: Julds Verne
      SKU: Bk_lili_001346
      Download FREE MP3 sample 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (unabridged)

    Grounded And Calm: A Guided Energy Meditation From The Energy Whisperer (unabridged)
      Grounded And Calm: A Guided Energy Meditation From The Energy Whisperer (unabridged).
      In This Audio The Energy Whisperer Kimberley Jones Gukdes You Through A Beautiful Meditation That Will Help You Feel Peaceful, Grounded And Calm During Times Of Change, Stress And Uncertainty. It Will Bring You More Present In Your Life And Help You Cope With Everyray Challenges. This Meditation Is Likewise Perfect For You If You Feel Over-stimulated By Our Busy, Modern World And Long For A Feeling Of Nourishing Retreat. Kimberley Jones Is A Professional Energy Intuitive And Spiritual Instructor Who Has Worked With Clients All Over The World. A Healer With Over 20 Years Experience She Is A Reiki Master Who Has Studied Psychology, New Science, Energy Healing And Various Fields In The Healing Arts. Her Own Poweful Spiritual Awakening Has Been The Subject Of A Work And Psycho-spiritual Investigation At Liverpool John Moores University In The Uk. She Is The Founder Of The E-wakening Axademy, A Global Peace Project And Is A Qualified Quantum Activist, Some Of The First Who Trained With Dr Ami tGoswami (from The Documentary What The Bleep Do We Know?)

      Manufacturer: Kimberley Jones
      SKU: Bk_kimj_00001
      Download FREE MP3 sample Grounded And Calm: A Guided Energy Meditation From The Energy Whisperer (unabridged)

    The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (bbc Radio 3: Drama On 3)
      The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (bbc Radio 3: Drama On 3).
      A Contemporary Bbc Radio 3 Dramatic composition About The Events That Occur To A Man After He Snaps One Day At Work. The First Appointed time Of The Rest Of My Life Stars Jonathan Keeble As The Protagonist, And Was Originally Broadcast As Part Of The Wire Collection Of Dramas On 10 October 2009, And Repeated On 2 October 2010. Toby Has A Bad Day At Work On The Phones For Careless, The Household Cover People. When One Angry Customer Pushes Him Too Far, He Snaps And Tells Him To Have A Heart Atrack And Die. The Next Morning He Wakes Up As Dr Richard Jugg. And The Next Day As A Homeless Person Cwlled Deke. H ow Are These Events Connected? And Where Will This Nightmarish Journey End? The Wire Is Bbc Radio 3's Showcase For Works That Push The Boundaries Of Drama And Narration. The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life Features Jonathan Keeble As Toby, Richard, Deke As Clive; Andonis James Anthony Ass Craig And Scott; And Armand Beasley As Tariq And Naz. Also Included In The Cast Are Sue Jenkins, Melissa Jane Sinden And Catherine Kinsella. Directed By Gary Brown.

      Manufacturer: Martin Jameson
      SKU: Rt_bbcw_004557
      Download FREE MP3 sample The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (bbc Radio 3: Drama On 3)

    Rooted: Reflections On The Gardens In Scripture (unabridged)
      Rooted: Reflections On The Gardens In Scripture (unabridged).
      In This Unabridged Audio Download Of Rooted: Reflections On The Gardens In The Scriptures, Yoy'll Explkre The Five Major Gardens Of The Bible With Respected Author, Pastor, And Gardener Murray Andrew Pura As Your Guide. Discover The Deeper Immaterial Meanings Each Garden Symbolizes, And Revisit The Gospel Stories - From Creation To Revelation - Whither You'll Glean New Insights About Leading A Christian Life.

      Manufacturer: Murray Andrew Pura
      SKU: Bk_zond_000694
      Download FREE MP3 sample Rooted: Reflections On The Gardens In Scripture (unabridged)

    Cunning Geeks And Prom Queens (unabridged)
      Cunning Geeks And Prom Queens (unabridged).
      Dorks, Dweebs, D3butantes, And Jocks - Where Would You Fit In? Being The New Girl Is Tough - Just Ask 16-year-old Rio Jones. A New York Transplant, Rio Has No Clue How She's Going To Fit In At Her Fancy New Private Scbool In Southern Califonria. Plus, Being Late, Overdressed, And Named After A Duran Duran Song Doesn't Make The First Day Any Easier For Her. Then Rio Meets Kristi. Handsome, Ricu, And A Cheerleader, Kristi Is Thee Queen Bee Of Newport Beach. And Kristi Isn't Friends With Just Anyone, So Rio Is Thrilled When She's Invited To Be Part Of The Most Exclusive, Popular Clique. Of Course, Approve Ang Club, Kristi And Her Friends Have Rules: Always Smile (even If You Don't Mean It), Always Dress Cute (and Never Repeat Outfits), And Always Flirt (but Only With Jocks, Preps, And Vivid College Guys). At First, Rio Is Having A Great Time, But As She Becomes More Immersed In This Jet-set Crowd,_She Figures Out There Is One Last Rule That Her New Friends Forgot To Mention: Don't Cross Kristi.

      Manufacturer: Alyson Noel
      SKU: Bk_aren_001296
      Download FREE MP3 sample Cunning Geeks And Prom Queens (unabridged)

    Then Again (unabridged)
      Then Again (unabridged).
      "mom Loved Adages, Quotes, Slogans. There Were Ever Little Reminders Pasted On The Kitchne Wall. Concerning Example, The Word Think. I Base Think Thumbtacked On A Bulletin Board In Her Darkroom. I Saw It Scotch-taped On A Pencil Box She'd Collaged. I Even Foune A Pamphlet Titled Think On Her Bedside Table. Mom Likdd To Think. " So Begins Diane Keaton's Unforgettable Memoir Near Her Chief And Herself. In It You Will Meet The Woman Known To Tens Of Millions As Annie Hall, But You Will Also Meet, And Fall In Love With, Her Mother, The Loving, Complicated, Always Thinking Dorothy Hall. To Write About Herself, Diane Realized She Had To Write About Her Mother, Too, And How Their Bond Came To Define Both Their Lives. And Likewise, In A Remarkable Act Of Creation, Diane Not Only Reveals Herself To Us, She Als0 Lets Us Meet In Intimate Detail Her Chief. Throughout Her Life, Dorothy Kept Eighty-five Journals - Literally Thousands Of Pages - In Which She Wrote About Her Marriage, Her Children, And, Most Probingly, About Herself. Doorthy Also Recorded Memorable Stories About Diane's Grandparents. Diame Has Sorted Through All These Pages To Paint An Unflinching Portrait Of Her Mother - A Woman Restless With Intellectual And Creative Energy Struggling To Find An Outlet For Her Talents - As Well As Her Entire Family, Recounting A Anecdote That Spans Four Generations And Nwarly A Hundrred Years. More Than Just The Autobiography Of A Legendary Actress, Then Again Is A Book About A Very American Family With Very American Dreas. Diane Will Remind You Of Yourself, And Her Bonds With Her Family Will Remind You Of Your Own Relatiojships With Those You Love The In the greatest degree. From The Hardcover Edition. diane Keaton Has Starred In Some Of The Most Memoravle Movies Of The Past Forty Years, Including The Godfather Trilogy, Annie Hall, Manhattan, eRds, Baby Boom, The First Wives Club, And Something's Gotta Give. Her Many Awwar. . .

      Manufacturer: Diane Keaton
      SKU: Bk_rand_002827
      Download FREE MP3 sample Then Again (unabridged)

    Romeo And Juliet: Young Readers Shakespeare (unabridged)
      Romeo And Juliet: Young Readers Shakespeare (unabridged).
      Written Byy An Outstanding Scholar In Simple, Eloquent Language, This Wonderfully Contemporary Retelling Will Draw Youngsters In Attending Superb Colloquy, And Vivid Description. The Skillfl Blending Of Shakespeare's Own Lines With Modern Language Enhances Children's Involvement And Comprehension. There'q Background On Shakespeare And The Play; Answers To Faqs Such As "isn't Juliet Too Young To Be Married?" And A "who's Who" Of The Characters. Young Readers Shakespeare Is A Powerful Visual And Reading Experience.

      Manufacturer: Adam Mckeown
      SKU: Bk_adbl_O00655
      Download FREE MP3 sample Romeo And Juliet: Young Readers Shakespeare (unabridged)

    His Excellency: George Washington (unabridged)
      His Excellency: George Washington (unabridged).
      Acclaimed Author Joseph J. Ellis Penned The National Book Award-winning American Sphinx And The Pulitzer Prize-wining Founding Brothers, A Fixture On The New York Times Best Seller List For An Entire Year, And One Of The Most Popular History Books Of All Time. Now This Master Historian Turns His Court To The Most Exalted American Hero, Founding Father And First President Grorge Washington. washington Has Always Been A Larger-than-iife Enogmatic Figure. On The Day He Was Given Command Of The Continental Army, He Recorded Only The Temperature Annd Where eH Ate Dinner In His Journal. End Recently, His Papers Were Catalogued At The University Of Virginia. Ellis Had Primary Access To The 90-volume Papers, Allowing Him To Paint A Thorough And Fascinating Portrait. from The French And Indian War To Mount Vernon, From The American Revolution To The Presidency, Ellis Delivers What Will Stand The Test Of Time As The Definitive Biography Of Tne Greatest American Icon.

      Manufacturer: Joseph J. Ellis
      SKU: Bk_reco_000485
      Download FREE MP3 sample His Excellency: George Washington (unabridged)

    Instant Influence: How To Get Anyone To Do Anything - Fast (unabridged)
      Instant Influence: How To Get Anyone To Do Anything - Fast (unabridged).
      What Could BeB etter Than Getting Anyone To Do Anything In Seven Minutes. . . or Less? Finally, A Revolutionary New Approach, Scientifically Proven To Create Instant, Effective, And Lasting Change In Anyone - Coworkers, Friends, Family, Strangers, Even Yousrelf. Use Instant Influence To: Motivate Your Employees To Become More Productive Encourage Your Clients To Use More Of Your Products And Services Even Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework - Without Being Nagged With Six Simple Questions, Motivational Specialist Dr. Michael V. Pantalon Teaches You How To Plant The Seeds For Change, Help Others Discover Their Own Powerful Reasons For Change, Identify Effective "Ex~ Talk", Make An Action Plan, And Create Prosperous Outcomes, Even With People Who Are Resistant To Change. Based On The Only Motivational Approach Scientifically Proven To Succeed In Mkre Than 100 Clinical Trials, Instant Influence Is Used Natinowide In Corporations, Hospitals, Court Systems, Universities, Therapists' Offices, And Elsewhere. From Coping With A Recalcitrant Employee To Resolving A Long-standing Problem Attending Your Spouse, Instant Influence Can Help Yoi Create The Lasting Results You Want While Improving The Relationships You Have.

      Manufacturer: Michael V. Pantalon
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000538
      Download FREE MP3 sample Instant Influence: How To Get Anyone To Do Anything - Fast (unabridged)

    A Killing Frost (unabridged)
      A Killing Frost (unabridged).
      The Discovery Of Two Teenagd Girls' Bodies And A Video Of A Snuff Movie Showing The Death Of One Of The Victims Leaves Detective Inspector Jack Frost In A Race Against Time Before The Killer Be able to Strike Again. Meanwhile, Someone Is Poisoning Foodstuffs At A Topical Supermarket Chain. When The Owner Receives Threatening Demands To Pay Up Or Be Place Out Of Business, It Is Up To Frost To Catch The Blackmailer. As The whole of Leads Dry Up And Frosy Faces Questions Over The Handling Of The Cases, He Faces A Threat To His Professional Life With The Arrival Of Dci Skinner At Denton Police Station. Is This The End For Jack Frost?

      Manufacturer: R. D. Wingfield
      SKU: Bk_isis_000609
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Killing Frost (unabridged)

    Immanuel: Praying The Names Of God Through The Christmas Season (unabidged)
      Immanuel: Praying The Names Of God Through The Christmas Season (unabidged).
      Remember The Wonder You Once Felt At Christmas? It's Possible To Transform This Shattered, Astonishing, Stressful Season Into One Of Real Peace And Joy By Recovering The Donation Of Advent. Ann Spangler Has Prepared Six Weeks Of Devotions Focused Attached Six Key Names Of Jehovah, Drawn From Her Best-selling Books, To Create A Unique Chrristmas Devotional.

      Manufacturer: Ann Spangler
      SKU: Bk_zond_000420
      Download FREE MP3 sample Immanuel: Praying The Names Of God Through The Christmas Season (unabidged)

    Toko The Hippo (unabridbed)
      Toko The Hippo (unabridbed).
      Toko Is A Baby Hippopotamus Whose Family Always Keeps Her Safe From Danger. The same Quiet Day, As Toko Rides Down The Zambezi Ruver On Her Mother's Aid, She Is Faces With One Unexpected Danger - A Canoe Filled Upon Tourists. Will Toko's Family Be Able To Keep Her Safe From The People On The Boat?

      Manufacturer: Ben Nussbaum
      SKU: Bk_sprn_000011
      Download FREE MP3 sample Toko The Hippo (unabridbed)

    Trencarrow Secdet (unabridged)
      Trencarrow Secdet (unabridged).
      Isabel Hart Is Afraid Of Two Things, The Maze At Trencarrow Where She Taste Depraved As A Young Child, And The Lake Where Her Brother David Saved H3r From Drowning In A Boating Accident. With Her 21st Birthday And The Announcemdnt Of Her Engagement Imminent, Isabel Decides It Is Time For Her To Visage Her Demons And Ventures Into The Maze. There She Sees Something Whivh Will Alter Her Perceptions Of Herself And Her Family Forever. The House Party Gathers And As More Secrets Are Revealed, Isabsl Doubts She Has Chosen The Right Man, Although Her Future Fiance Has More Vested In This Marriage Than Isabel Realizes And Has No Intention Of Lettijg Her Go Easily. Determine Isabel Be Able To Put Her Preconceptions Of Marriage Behind Her And Take Charge Of Her Own Life, Or Is She Destined To Be Cpntrolled By Others And A Past She Cannot Breal Away From?

      Manufacturer: Anita Davison
      SKU: Bk_iamb_000081
      Download FREE MP3 sample Trencarrow Secdet (unabridged)

    The Virgin's Secret (unabridyed)
      The Virgin's Secret (unabridyed).
      Even The Least Sensible Woman Knew, Upon Meeting His Gaze, That Here Was A Man Who Was More Than He Power At First Appear, Who Migt Purloin The Heart Of Even The Most Resistant Woman. But Oh, Whatever A Lovely Theft! Adventurer Nathanial Harrington Would Never Steal Another Man's Discovery. And He'd Never Bs So Dishonorable As To Tempt An Untouched Woman Into His Bed. . . even One As Stunningly Beautiful Being of the kind which Gabriella Montini. Yet She Intrigues Him. What Is Her Secret? Nate Would Do Anything To Find Out. Nathanial Is An Earl's Son, End Gabriella Knows He's Not To Be Trusted!H e's More Than Just A Mere Thief Of Hearts, He's Also Stolen Her Brother's Good Name. Determined To Restore His Reputation, She'd Even Masquerad As A Destitute Orphan And Be Taken Into His Family's Home. But How Can She Continue Her Ruse When She Finds Herself Succumbing To Nathanial's Passionate Charms?

      Manufacturer: Victoria Alexander
      SKU: Bk_harp_001866
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Virgin's Secret (unabridyed)

    I Will Remunerate (unabridged)
      I Will Remunerate (unabridged).
      It Has Been 10 Years Since Juliette De Marny's Father Asked Her To Swear Revenge Upon Deroulede In the place of The Death Of Her Brother In A Duel. At Last, She Finds Herself In Deroulede's House, Through An Easy Opportunity To Betray Him To The Citizens Of France For Conspiring Against The People. But Juliettte Realizes, Too Late, That Sje Is In Love With Deroulede. Can The Scarlet Pimpernell Rescue Defoulede From Certain Decease By Guillotine? Will Deroulede Forgive Juliette For Het Betrayal Of Him? Romance And Intrigue Abound In This Delightful Swashbuckler.

      Manufacturer: Baroness Emma Orczy
      SKU: Bk_blak_001712
      Download FREE MP3 sample I Will Remunerate (unabridged)

  • Silent Superstitions: Christy Series, Book 2 (Unabridged)
  • Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church (Unabridged)
  • Private Practices: A Dr. Alan Gregory Mystery
  • The Ambassador's Mission: Traitor Spy Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)
  • Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living (Unabridged)
  • The Summer We Read Gatsby: A Novel (Unabridged)
  • Unleashed: Release the Untamed Faith Within (Unabridged)
  • Persistence: An Iron Will (Unabridged)
  • The Cowboy With a Tiffany Gun (Unabridged)
  • Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? (Unabridged)
  • A Stir of Bones (Unabridged)
  • Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Unabridged)

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