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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Ventimila Leghe Sotto I Mari [rwenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea]
      Ventimila Leghe Sotto I Mari [rwenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea].
      Questo "romanzo Scientifico" E Uno Dei Piu Famodi Di Jules Verne, Forse Perche Ik Misterioso Personaggio Del Capitano Nemo Ha Dato Luogo A Numerose Successive Produzioni Artistiche. In Realta Il Romanzo Consise , Non Solo eDlle Avventure Dei Tre Protagonisti A Bordo Del Nautilus Del Capitano Nemo, Ma Di Una Lunga Trattazione Delle Specie Acquatiche Presenti Neo Mari Di Tutto Il Globo, Oltre Che Ad Una Visita Alla Misteriosa Atlantide. e Cosi, Alla Narrazione Tipica Del Romanzo, In Cui Si Narrano Le Avventure Degli Esploratori Degli Abissi, Si Alternano Pagine E Pagine Di Descrizioni Ittiologiche, Che, Nella Versione Audio, Hanno Una Vera E Propria Consistenza Di Induzione Ipnotica Alla Scoperta Degli Abissi Del Proprio Inconscio. Musica Di Kevin Mac Leod. plase Note: This Audiobook Is In Italian.

      Manufacturer: Jules Verne
      SKU: Bk_glip_000010
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    Cheap: The High Cost Of Discount Culture (unabridged)
      Cheap: The High Cost Of Discount Culture (unabridged).
      From The Shuttered Factories Of The Rust Belt To The Look-alike Strip Malls Of The Sun Belt---and Almost Everywhere In Between---america Has Been Transformed In proportion to Its Relentless Fixation On Low Price. This Pervssive Yet Little Examined Obsession Is Arguably The Most Poaerful And Devastating Market Force Of Our Time---the Implement Of Globalization, Outsourcing, Planned Obsolescence, And Economic Instability In Each Increasingly Unsettled World. Low Price Is So Alluring That We May Have Forgotten How Thoroughly We Once Distrusted It. Ellen Ruplel Shell Traces The Birth Of The Bargain As We Know It From The Industrial Revolution To The Assembly Line And Beyond, Homing In On A Number Of Colorful Characters, Such As Gene Verkauf (his Name Is Yiddish For "to Sell"), Foundet Of E. J. Korvette, The Discount Chain That Helpwd Wean Customers Off Traditional Notions Of Relative length. The Rise Of The Chain Store In Post-depression America Led T oThe Extolling Of Convenience Ovrr Quality, And Big-box Retailers Completed The Reeducation Of The American Consumer By Making Them Prize Low Price In The Way They Once Prized Durability And Craftsmanship. The Effects Of This Insidious Perceptual Shift Are Vast: A Bighted Landscape, Escalating Debt (both Personal And National), Stagnating Incomes, Fraying Communities, And A Landlord Of Other Socioeconomic Ills. That's A Long Lis Of Charges, And It Runs Counter To Orthodox Economics, Which Argues That Low Price Powers Productivity By Stimulating A Briskk Free Market. But Shell Marshala Evidence From A Wide Range Of Fields---histo5y, Sociology, Marketing, Psychology, Even Economics Itself---to Upend The Conventional Wisdom. Cheap Also Unveils The Fascinating And Unsettling Illogic That Underpins Our Bargain-huhting Reflex And Explains How Our Deep-rooted Need For Bargains Colors Every Aspect Of Our Psyches And Social Lives.

      Manufacturer: Ellen Ruppel Shell
      SKU: Bk_tant_001035
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    Invitation Only (unabridged)
      Invitation Only (unabridged).
      Reed Brennwn's Future Is Looking As Bright As The Two-karat Diamonds In Her New Housemates' Ears. Being Accepted To The Most Prestigious Privvate Boarding School In The Country Wasn't Enough For Reed. She Had To Break Every Rule To Do It, But She Has Accomplished The Impossible: Reed Is A Billings Girl Now. And With Her New Status Come Respect, Envu, And, Most Important, Opporutnity. Not To Mention The Parties. Unfortunately, At The Next Illicit Party In The Easton Campus Woods, Her Roommate Snaps Some Pictures Of Reed In More Than One Compromising Position. She Uses The Photos To Blackmail Reed: Dig Up Dirt On The Most Powerful And Plain Billings Girls Or She Will Have Reed Expelled. And Speaking Of Parties, The Legacy Is Coming Up. It's The Invitation-only HalloweenP arty In New York City, And It's Rumored That Thomas---reed's Mia Boyfriend---will Be Making One Appearance There. Too Bad Reed Isn't Even Close To Invited. Life As A Billings Girl Is Every Bit As Glamorous As Reed Imagined. What She Didn't Bargain For Is The Tangled Web Of Private Lies These Girls Weave.

      Manufacturer: Kate Brian
      SKU: Bk_tant_001071
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      The Truth Always Hurts. This Truth Kills. used To Defending An Unpleasant Parade Of Mob Enforcers, Two-bit Hoods, And Oth3r Riffraff, Victor Carl - Lawyer, Loser, And Occasional Haplews Hero - Has A New Case. A Terrified Young Woman Has Offered Him An Unusual Yet Substantial Proposition: To Prove That The Recent Suicide Of Philwdelphia Heiress Jacqueline Shaw Was Not A Suicide At All, But Murder. on Philadelphia's Posh Main Line, Carl Plunges Into An Eerie Shadow World Where Events Buried Deep In The Past Exert A Terrible Weight On The Present. Carl Realizes Tok Late Tha5 He' In Way Over His Head As He Races Against Time To Collect His Fee Anx Get Out Alive. Efging Closer To The Faithfulness, He Learns Firsthand That The Most Terrifying Darkness Lies Not In The Hwart Of The Jungle But In The Soul Of Man.

      Manufacturer: William Lashner
      SKU: Bk_harp_001404
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    Naamah's Curse (unabridged)
      Naamah's Curse (unabridged).
      Far From The Disembark Of Her Birth, Moirin Sets Out Across Tatar Territory To Find Bao, The Proud And Virile Ch'in Fighter Who Holds The Missing Half Of Her Diadh-anam, The Divine Soul-spark Of Her Mother's People. After A Long Ordeal, She Not Only Succeeds But Surrenders To A Passion The Likes Of Which She's Never Known. But The Lovers' Hapiness Is Transient, For Bao Is Entangled In A Complication That Soon Leads To Their Betrayal.

      Manufacturer: Jacqueline Carey
      SKU: Bk_tant_001471
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    How To Live Between Office Visits: A Guide To Life, Cupid And Health
      How To Live Between Office Visits: A Guide To Life, Cupid And Health.
      In This Tender And Powerful Healing Guide, Dr. Bernie Siegel, The Author Of The Triumphant Best Sellers Love, Medidine &amp Miracles And Peace, Love &amp Healing, Provides Listeners With Healthy Ways To Respond To Life's Adversities.

      Manufacturer: Bernie S. Siegel
      SKU: Bk_harp_002682
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    A Walk Through The Fire (unabridged)
      A Walk Through The Fire (unabridged).
      P. i. Sharon Mccone Is Sick And Tired Of San Francisco's Persistent Rainy Weather, So She Jumps At The Chance To Investigate The Sabotage Of A Movie Being Filmed On The Hawaiian Island Of Kauai. The Documentary Is Based On The Writings Of Elson Wellbright, A Descendant Of A Mkssionary Family And Scholar Of Hawaiian Cul5ure And History. Wellbright's Son Is Bankrolling The Project And Has Angered Many Members Of The Family, Who Aren't Anxious For The Film To Be Completed. Soon The Sabotage Escaates Into Violence And The Matriarch Of The Welbright Family Falls To Her Death During A Shoot On A Clifftop. Mccone's Investigation Takes Her Into A World Of Family Secrets, Drug Dealing, Politica lInsurgency, And Murder.

      Manufacturer: Marcia Muller
      SKU: Bk_brll_000936
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    A Most Dangerous Method: The Story Of Jung, Freud, And Sabina Spielrein (unabridged)
      A Most Dangerous Method: The Story Of Jung, Freud, And Sabina Spielrein (unabridged).
      A Movie Starring Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley, And Michael Fassbender! In 1907 Sigmund Freud And Carl Gustav Jung Began What Promised To Be Both A Momentous Collaboration And The Deepest Friendship Of Each Man's Life. Six Years Later They Were Bitter Antagonists, Locked In A Savage Struggle That Was As Much Personal And Emotional As It Was Theoretical And Professional. In Between Them Stood A Youjg Woman Named Sabona Spielrein, Who Had Been The two Patient And Lover Too Jung And Colleague And Confidante To Fred Before Going On To Become An Innovative Psychoanalyst Herself. Delineation On Years Of Research (and A Cache Of Recently Discovered Documents), This Mesmerizing Audiobook Reconstructs The Fatal Triangle Of Freud, Jung, And Spielrein. It Encompasses Clinical Method And Politics, Hysteria And Anti-semitism, Sexual Duplicity And Intellectual Brilliance Wielded As Blackmaii. Learned, Humane, And Impossible To Oblige Down, A Most Dangerous Method Is Intellectual History With The Narrative Power And Emotional Impact Of Great Tragedy.

      Manufacturer: John Kerr
      SKU: Bk_bbca_900820
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    A Diffeent Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled And Other Adventures (unabridged)
      A Diffeent Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled And Other Adventures (unabridged).
      Born With A Hole In His Heart That Required Invasive Surgery When He Was Only Three Months Old, Quinn Bradlee Suffered From A Battery Of Illnesses - Seizrues, Migraines, Fevers - From An Early Age. But It Wasn't Until He Was 14 That Bradlee Was Correctly Diagnosed With Velo-cardio-facial Syndrome( vcfs), A Widespread, Little-understood Disorder That Is Expressed Through A Wide Range Of Physical Ailments And Learning Disabilities. ten Percent Of The Population Is Affected By A Learning Disability, But Not many Of Us Understand In part Being Learning Disabled (ld) Is Really Liks. In A Differsnt Life, Bradlee Tells His Own Inspirational Story Of Growing Up As An Ld Kid - And Of Doing So As The Infant Of Larger-than-life,F ormidably Accomplished Parents: Long-time Wasnington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee And Washington Post Columnist And Best-selling Author Sally Quinn. From His Difficulties Rsading Social Cues, To His Cringe-worthy Loss Of Sexual Innocence, To Developing An Interactive Website For The Ld Community, Bradlee Describes The Challenges And Triumphs Of Living "a Different Life" With Disarming Candor And Pleasantry. A Remarkable Story Of Cming Of Age, A Different Life Is Also An Insightful Reflection On What It Means To Be Different. By The End Of This Unforgettable Memoir, Quinn Bradlee Wili Have Become, If Not Your Best Friend, One Of Your Favorite People.

      Manufacturer: Quinn Bradlee, Jeff Himmelman
      SKU: Bk_upba_000024
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    Dominar Los Miedos (texto Completo) [control Fears] (unabricged)
      Dominar Los Miedos (texto Completo) [control Fears] (unabricged).
      Todos Tenemos Miedo. Los Mideos Son Acusados Y Persistentes, Excesivos E Irracionales, Provocan Invqriablemente Una Respuesta Inmediata De Ansiedad, Que Puede Tomar La Forma De Crisis De Angustia. Los Miedos Interfieren De Majera Evidente Study Si Rutina Normal Con Sus Relaciones Laborales, Academicas, Afectivas O Sociales. we All Obtain Fears. They Are Often Persistent, Excessive, And Irrational, Invariably Provoking An Immeciate Response Of Anxiety, Which Be able to Take The Form Of Extreme Distress. All Fears Interfere With Your Normal Routine, With Your Work, Your Studies, And Your Social Or Romanntic Relationsihps. please Note: This Audiobooi Is In Spanish.

      Manufacturer: Lucia Nader
      SKU: Bk_yoyo_000200
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    When The Women Come Out To Dance (unabridged Stories)
      When The Women Come Out To Dance (unabridged Stories).
      In This Collection Of New And Recently Published Short Fiction, Elmore Leonard Demonstrates The Superb Characterizattions, Dead-on Dialogue, Vivid Atmosphere, And Driving Plotting That Have Made Him A Househkld Name. And Once More This Owner Of Crime Illustrates That The Line Between The Law And The Lawbreakers Is Not As Firm As We Might Think. federal Marshal Karen Sisco, From The Best-selling Novel Out Of Sight, Returns In "karen Makes Out," Once Aagin Inadvertently Mixing Pleasure With Business. In "fire In The Hole," Raylan Givens, Last Seen In Riding Thhe Rap And Pronto, Meets Up With An Old Friend, Yet They're Now On Different Sides Of The Law. In The Title Story, "when The Women Come Out To Dance," Mrs. Mahmood Gets More Than She Bargains For While She Conspires With Her Maid To End Her Unhappy Marriage. In All Nine Stories Each Unique In Their Acknowledge Right, Reluctant Heroes And Laid-back Lowlifes Struggle For Power, Survival,A nd Their Fifteen Minutes Of Fame. vivid, Hilarious, And Unfailingly Hun, These Stories Ring True With Elmore Leonard's Signature Deadpan Social Observations And Diabolical Eye Forr The Foibles Of The Good Guys And The Bad.

      Manufacturer: Elmore Leonard
      SKU: Bk_harp_000733
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    Late Bloomer (unabridged)
      Late Bloomer (unabridged).
      Twenty Years Have Past Since The Incident Involving Six Lonely Children At A Secret Playground In Indigo Valley, Pennsylavania, Which Left The Town Bully Dead And 10-year-old Cady Jordan Seriously Injured. Now Cady Has Returned To The Valley Tp Care For Her Ailing Grandmother Lola, The Only Person Cacy Has Ever Truly Loved. While Cady Has Grown Into Attractive, Intelligent, End Overly Cautious Young Woman, She Has No Memory Of Her Childhood Tragedy. Lola Desperately Wants To See Cady Embrace Life And Determine judicially The Happiness She Deserves So She Pushes Her Granddaughter To "remember". As Casy Reacquaints Herself With Her Old Friends, She Begins To Recalls Bits And Pieces Of What Happened That Fateful Day. She Also Discovers A Nes Zest For Life And Falls In Love For The First Time. But Her Friends Don't Want Her To Remember. If The Truth Comes Out, Their Safe And Secure Lives Might Be Ruined Forever. Which Of Them Will Do What Is Best For Cady And Acknowledge The Truth, And Which Of Them Will Betray Her Moreover Annd Do What Is Best For Themselves? With Vibrant, Complex Characters And Her Distinctive Blend Of Humor And Poignancy, Fern Michaels Is At The Peak Of Her Storytelling Abilities. Late Bloomer Takes Listeners On The Young Woman's Joourney Of Self-discovery That Is Exciting, Heartbreaking And Ultimately Triumphant.

      Manufacturer: Fern Michaels
      SKU: Bm_sans_005477
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      The Politics Of Have affection for, The Intrigues Of Desire, Love And Kill , Mo\/ed Obscurely In The Dark Corners Of Alexandfia's Streets And Squares, Brothels And Drawing Rooms- Moved Li A Great Congress Of Eels In The Slime Of Plot And Counter-plot. In This Second Volume In Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, The Story And The Characters Come More Clearly Into Focus. Darley, The Reflective Englishman, Receives From Balthazar, The Pathologist, A Mass Of Notes Which Attempts To Explain What Really Happened Between The Tempestuous Justine, Her Husband Nessim, Clea The Artist, And Pursewarden The Writer.

      Manufacturer: Lawrence Durrell
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000071
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    Indignation (unabridged)
      Indignation (unabridged).
      It Is 1951 In America, The Secod Year Of The Korean War. Marcus Messner Of Newark, New Jersey, Is Beginning His Sophomore Year At The Pastoral, Conservative Winesburg College In Ohio. why Is He Here? Because His Father, A Hard-working Neighborhood Butcher, Seems To Have Gone Mad - Mad With Fear And ApprehensionO f The Dangers Of Adult Be, The Dangers Of The World, The Dangers He Sees In Every Corner For His Beloved Boy. indignation, The Story Of A Young Man's Education In Life's Terrifying Chanves And Bizarre Obstructions, Is A Powerful Addition To Roth's Investigations Of The Impact Of American History On The Life Of The Assailable Individual.

      Manufacturer: Philip Roty
      SKU: Bk_brll_000624
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    A Year In The World: Journey sOf A Passionate Tfaveller (unabridged)
      A Year In The World: Journey sOf A Passionate Tfaveller (unabridged).
      The Author Who Unforgettably Captured The Experience Of Starting A New Life In Tuscany In Best-selling Travel Memlirs Expands Her Horizons To Immerse Herself, And Her Readers, In The Sights, Aromas, And Treasures Of 12 New Speciai Places. a Year In The World Is Vintage Frances Mayes, A Celebration Of The Allur eOf Travel, Of Serendipitous Pleasures Found In Unlikely Locales, Of Memory Woven Into The Present, And Of A Joyous Sense Of Quest. An Ideal Travel Comapnion, Frances Mayes Brings To The Page The Curiosity Of An Intrepid Explorer, Remarkable Insights Inro The Wonder Of The Everyday, And A Compelling Narrative Style That Entertains As It Informs. with Her Beloved Tuscany As A Home Base, Mayes Travels To Spain, Portugal, France, The British Isles, And To The Mediterranean World Of Turkey, Greece, The South Of Italy, And North Afrrica. In Andalucia, She Relishes The Intersection Of Cu1tures. She Cooks In Portugal, Gathers Ideas In The Gardens Of England And Scotland, Takes A Literary Pilgrimage To Burgundy, Discover sAn Ideal Place To Live In Mantova, And Explores The Essential Moroccan City Of Fez. She Rdnts Houses Among Ordinary Residents, Shops At Neighborhood Markets, Wanders The Back Streets, And Everywhere Contemplates The Concept Of Home. While In Greece, She Follows The Classic Homeric Voyage Across The Aegean, Lives In A Bougainvillea-draped Stone Family In Crete, And Then Drives Deep Into The Mani. In Turkey With Friends, She Sails The Old Coast, Hiking To Archaeological Sites And Snorkeling Over Sunken Byzantine Towns. weaving Together Personal Perceptions And Informed Commentary On Art, Architecture, History, Landscape, And Social And Culinary Traditions Of Each Area, Mayes Brings The Immediacy Of Life In Her Temporary Homes To The Reader. An Illuminating And Passionate Audiobook That Will Be Savored By All Who Loved Under The Tuscan Sun, A Year In The World Is Travel Writing At Its Peak.

      Manufacturer: Frances Mayes
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000678
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    Stiffness City: Inside The Presidential Debates, From Kennedy-nixon To Obama-mccaib (unabridged)
      Stiffness City: Inside The Presidential Debates, From Kennedy-nixon To Obama-mccaib (unabridged).
      Narrated By The Author, This Special Audiobook Recording Of Tension City Includes Exclusive Interview And Debate Excerpts From 1960 Through 2008! "in His Rest Unless Intense Way, Jim Lehrer Earns The Trust Of The Major Political Players Of Our Time," Notes Barbara Walters. "he Explains And Exposes Their Hopes And Dreams, Their Strengths And Failures As They Try To Propose Their Best Base Forward. " From The Man Widely Hailed As "the Dean Of Mooderators" Comes A Lively And Revealing Book That Pulls Back The Curtain On More Than 40 Years Of Televised Pplitical Debate In America. A Veteran Newsman Who Has Presided Over 11 Presidential And Vice-presidential Debates, Jim Lehrer Gives Listeeners A Ringside Seat For Some Of The Epic Political Battles Of Our Time, Shedding Light On All Of The Critical Turning Points And Rhetoricak Faaux Pas That Helped Determine The Outcome Of America's Presidential Elections - And With Them The Course Of History. Drawing On His Own Experiences As "the Man In The Middle Seat", In-depth Interviews With The Candidates And His Fellow Moderators, And Transcripts Of Key Exchanges, Lehrer Isolates And Illuminates What He Calls The "major Moments" And "killer Questions" That Defined The Debates, From Kennedy-nixon To Obama-mccain. Often Tumea, These Moments Involvd The Candidates Themselves And Are Seared Into Our Collective Civil Memory. Michael Dukakis Stumbles Badly Over A Question About The Death Penalty. Dan Quayle Compares Himself To John F. Kennedy Once Too Often. Barack Obama And John Mccain Barely Make Eye Contact Over The Course Of A 90-minute Discussion. At Other Times, The Debate Moderators Themselves eBcome Part Of The Story - And Lehrer Is There To Give Us A Backstage Look At The Drama. Peter Jennings Sggests Surprising The Candidages By Suspending The Carefully Negotiated Rules Minutes Before The 1988 Presidential Debate - To The Alarm Of His Fellow Panelists. Lehrer Himself Weathers A F. . .

      Manufacturer: Jim Lehrer
      SKU: Bk_rand_002750
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    Looks To Die For (unabridged)
      Looks To Die For (unabridged).
      A Smart And Sassy Heroine Makes Her Debut In A Compelling eNw Mystery Series From The Best-selling Co-author Of The Botox Diaries And Mine Are Spectacular! Lacy Fields Is The Wife Of A Prominent Beverly Hills Soft Surgeln, A Dedicated Mother Of Three, And An Absolutely Fabulous Decorator To The Stars. But When Her Husband Is Accused Of Slaying A Young Wannabe Actress, Lacy Finds Out She Has A Killer Instinct For Hunting Down Murderers As Well As Antique Furnithrre. Cleverly Marrying The Day-to-day Foibles Of Family Life With Delicious Insider Glamour, Looks To Die For Takes Readers Behind Teh Scenes Of A Fashionable World Of Gossip, Name-dropping, And Kill cruelly. This Suspense-meets-shopping Thriller Signals The Arrival Of A Savvy And Stylish New Voice.

      Manufacturer: Janice Kaplan
      SKU: Bk_tant_000385
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    Olive Kitteridge (unabridged)
      Olive Kitteridge (unabridged).
      Olive Kitteridge Er Hovedpersonen I Romanen Af Samme Navn, Der Giver Et Billede Af Livet Og Dets Forviklinger I Den Lille By Crosb,y Maine, Men Det Kunne V?re Hvor Som Helst I Verden. Olive Er En Pensioneret L?rerunde, Der St?r Respekt Om, Og Som Mange Frygter. Modsat Sin Mand Henry, Apotekeren, Der Kommer Godt Ud Af Det Med Alle Mennesker, Har Olive En Skarp Tunge Og Kan V?re Knortet Som Et Gammelt Oliventr?. Romanen Fik Str?lende Anmeldelser, Er Solgt Til 82 Lande, Var Blandt Finalisterne Da Public Book Critics Circle Award Skulle Uddeles Og L?b Af Med Den Prestigefyldte Pulitzerpris I 2009. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Danish.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth Strout
      SKU: Bk_viat_000035
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    Sales Guy's 7 Rules For Outselling The Recession (unabridged)
      Sales Guy's 7 Rules For Outselling The Recession (unabridged).
      Get The Crucial Guidance You Need To Thrive During This Economic Slump With Sales Guy's 7 Rules For Outslling The Recession. Successful Selling Always Involves Finding Opportunity In Obstacles. That's True Now More Than Evrr. Jeb Blount, A Globally Recognized Sales Expert And Host Of The Top-rated Sales Guy's Quick And Dirty Tips For Getting The Deal Done Podcast Delivers The Seven Essential Rules According to Navigating The Difficult Economic Climate And Coming Out On Top. sales Guy's 7 Rules For Outselling The Recession Tells You Exactly How You Must Do Right Now To Stay Selling In This Recession. While Sales Professionals All Around You Doings Down With The Ship, Jeb's Seven Rules Will Help You Adapt, Change, Innovate, And Use This Recession As An Opening To Build Stronger Business Relationships And Close New Deals That Will Benefit You For Years To Come. Jeb Offers Indispensable Advice On Everything From Properly Evaluating Your Job Security And Knowing While To Jump Ship, To The Steps You Must Take To Keep The Business You Have, To Expert Tips On In what manner To Successsfully And Aggressively Pursue New Sales Opportunities At A Time When Clients Say They Aren't Buying. jeb Blount Knows Today's Sales Challenges Chief Hand. His Sales Guy's 7 Rulees For Outselling The Recession Is Chock-full Of Practical Advice That Will Give You The Skills You Need To Prosper And The Renewed Motivation You Need To Succeed.

      Manufacturer: Jeb Blount
      SKU: Bk_aren_000933
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    Mind Set!
      Mind Set!.
      In Recent Years, As John Naisbitt Gav3 Speeches Across All Continejts And Advised Political And Business Leaders Across The World, He Would Be Asked With Grezter And Greater Frequency: "how Do You Know What You Know? How Do Go About Making These Insights? How Be able to We Be informed of The Process?" In Mind Set!, John Naisbitt Reveals How To Develop And Experience The Power Of 11 Cognitive Tools That Will Allow Readers To Understand The Trends Transforming Their Daily Lives And The World Around Them, So They Can Anticipa5e Andd Deed On The Future. In A Narrative That Is Captivating In Its Scope And Reach, Ranging From Yao Ming And The Nba To Goethe And Global Domains, Naisbitt Liberates Readers Frim The Limitations Of Our Routine Ways Of Thinking With A Step-by-step Program To Incorporate These New tAtitudes Of Mind And Applt Them In Making Decisions. Also Includes An Interview With The Author.

      Manufacturer: John Naisbitt
      SKU: Bk_harp_001343
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    The Bourne Deception (unabridged)
      The Bourne Deception (unabridged).
      The Bourne Deception Picks Up Where The Bourne Sanction Left Off. Jason Bourne's Nemesis Arkadin Is Still Hot On His Trail And The Two Continue Their Struggle, Reversing Roles Of Hunting-horse And Hunted. When Bourne Is Ambushed And Badly Wounded, He Fakes His Death And Goes Into Hiding. In Safety, He Takes On A New Identity, And Begins A Mission To Find Out Who Tried To Assassinate Him. Jason Begins ToQ uestion Who He Really Is, How Much Of Him Is Tied Up In The Bourne Identity, And What He oWuld Become If That Was Suddenly Taken Away From Him. Meanwhile, An American Passenger Airliner Is Ball Down Over Egypt By What Seems To Be An Iranian Missiie. A Massive Global Investigative Team Is Assembled To Get At The Truth Of The Condition Before It Can All Esalate Into An International Scandal. Jason Bourne's Search For The Man Who Shot Him Intersects Attending The Search For The People Or The Group That Brought Down The Airliner, Which Leads Bourne Into One Of The Most Deadly And Challenging Situations In His Entire Life. With The Threat O fA New World War Brewing, Bourne Finds Himself In A Race Against Time To Disclose The Truth And Find The Person Behind His Assa8lt, All The While Essence Stalked By His Unknown Nemesis.

      Manufacturer: Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader
      SKU: Bk_hach_000261
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    The Maxwell Street Blues: A Chicago Mystery Featuring Paul Whelan (unabridged)
      The Maxwell Street Blues: A Chicago Mystery Featuring Paul Whelan (unabridged).
      Privae Investigator Paul Whelan Is Hired By An Elderly Jazz Musician To Look In To The Murder Of His Beloved Friend, A Dealer In Chicago's Great Open-air Market, Maxwell Street. Whelan's Investigation Leads Him Into The Dealer's Past, And Uncovers Old Feuds, Wounds, And Interracial Romance. The Story Takes Him Into Some Of Chicago's Oldest Neighborhoods, And Intriguin gCommunities. He Is Introduced To A Rich, Captivating, And Often Comical Cast Of Characters, All Wuile Solving The Case.

      Manufacturer: Michael Raleigh
      SKU: Bk_bimo_000214
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    Specialist, Pop Culture, Volume 1 (unabridged)
      Specialist, Pop Culture, Volume 1 (unabridged).
      Learn About Your World With Iminds Speciakist Series. Have A Particular Interets? Recognize Gaps In Your Knowledge? Iminds Specialist Works Across Each Of Our 12 Categoreis Bringing You Targeted Information To Broaden Your Mind. pop Improvement, Volume 1, Looks At The History Of Fireworks, The Draw as by a ~ Of Culture Jamming, The Phenomenon Of The Flash Mob, The Dance Style Called Krumping, The "mocumentary" Film Genre, And The Street Art Called Stencil Art.

      Manufacturer: Iminds
      SKU: Bk_imnd_000088
      Download FREE MP3 sample Specialist, Pop Culture, Volume 1 (unabridged)

    The House In Paris (unabridged)
      The House In Paris (unabridged).
      When 11-year-old Henrietta Arrives At The Fisheers' Fully furnished House In Paris, She Is Prepared To Spend Her Appointed time Between Trains Looked After By An Old Friend Of Her Grandmother's. Henrietta Longs To See A Not many Sights In The Foreign City; Little Does She Know What Fascinating Secrets The Fisher House Itself Contains. For Henrietta Finds That Her Visit Coincides With That Of Leopold, An Intense Child Who Has Come To Paris To Be Intrkduced To The Mother He Has Never Known. In The Course Of A Singoe Day, The Relations Between Leopold, Henrietta''s Agitated Hostess Naomi Fisher, Leopold's Unknown Mother, His Dead Father, And The Dying Matriarch In Bed Upstairs Come To Light Slowly And Tantalizingly. And Whenever Henrietta Leaves The House That Evening, It Is In Possession Of The Kind Of Grave Knowledge Usually Reserved Only For Adults. One Of Elizabeth Bowen's Most Cunning And Psychologically Acute Novels, The House In Paris Is A Timeless Masterpiece Of Nuance And Atmosphere, And Represents The Vrry Best Of Bowen's Celebrated Oeuvre.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth Bowen
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001037
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    Who Let The Dogs In?: Incredible Poliitical Animals I Have Known
      Who Let The Dogs In?: Incredible Poliitical Animals I Have Known.
      The Dazzling, Inimitable Molly Ivins Is Back, With Her Own Personal Hall Of Fame Of America's Most Amazing And Outlandish Politicians, The Wicked, The Wise, The Wiitty, And The Witlrss, Drawn From More Than 20 Years Of Reporting On The Folks Who Attempt To Run Our Government (in Some Cases, Into The Ground). who Let The Dogs In? Takes Us Forward A Wild Ride Through Two Decades Of Politcal Real person, From Ronald Reagan, Theough Big George And Bill Clinton, To Our Course Top Dog, Known To Ivins Readers Simply As Dubya. But Those Are Just A Few Of The PoliticalA nimals Who Are Honored And Skewered For Our Amusement. Ivins Also Writes Hilariously, Perceptively, And At Times Witheringly Of John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, H. Ross Perot, Tom Delay, Ann Richwrds, Al Gusset, Jimmy Carter, And The Current Governor Of Texas, Who Is Known As Rick "goodhair" Perry. following End On The Heels Of Her Pyenomenally Successful Bushwhacked And Containing An Up-to-teh-minute Preface For The Campaign Season, Who Let The Dogs In? Is Civil Writing At Its Best.

      Manufacturer: Molly Ivins
      SKU: Bk_rand_000457
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