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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Weight Of Stone: Work Two Of The Vineart War (unabridged)
      Weight Of Stone: Work Two Of The Vineart War (unabridged).
      Vineart Scholar Jerzy And His New Companions Ao And Mahault Take To The Sea, To Gain Time In Which To Figure Out What To Do After The Disastrous Events They Left Abaft In The City-state Of Aleppan. While At Sea, A Magic-laced Storm Drives Their Ship To Falter - Only To Be Rescued By A Surprising, Ghost-driven Ally. Cllled Home And Under Close Watch By The Sternly Pious Washers, Jerzy Tries To Let Go Of What He Has Learned And Return To His Formelry Satisfying Life As An Learner At The House Of Malech. But The Shadows On The Lands Vin Continue To Perplex, And Not either He Nor Vineart Malech Be able to Ignore Them For Long. Soon Enough, Jerzy And His Companions Are Reunited And Given A Task: Find The Source Of The Magic Taint Plaguing The Lands Vin So Thay The Name Of The House Of Malech Can Be Cleared Of All Wrongdoing. But When Tragedy Strikes, A Simple, Impossible Mission Becomes A Voyage Of Vengeance.

      Manufacturer: Laura Anne Gilman
      SKU: Bk_tant_001677
      Download FREE MP3 sample Weight Of Stone: Work Two Of The Vineart War (unabridged)

    Lifeblood: The Vampire Files, Book 2 (unabridged)
      Lifeblood: The Vampire Files, Book 2 (unabridged).
      Jack Fleming Was Each Investigative Journalist In Prohibition-era Chicago Until He Got Shot By An Unknown Assassin, Bitten Along His Vampire Girlfriend, And Then Became One Of The Undead. Now, This Nice-guy Nosferatu Has A Bunch Of Crazy Vampire Hunters On His Trail, Armed With Crosses, Silver Bullets, And Sharp Woody Stakes. he Diesn't Know How They Found Out About Him Or Why They Are "out For His Blood," But It's Not A Problem For This Street-wise Gumshoe, Until Someone Starts Shooting. Jack Himself May Be Bulletproof, But His Fruends Are Not. And Jack Is Determined To Get Some Answers, Even If It Kills Him - Again. It's A Case Of The Living Versus The Undead. But Who's Hunting Whom?

      Manufacturer: P. N. Elrod
      SKU: Bk_blak_003508
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lifeblood: The Vampire Files, Book 2 (unabridged)

    Singing The Sorrow (unabridged)
      Singing The Sorrow (unabridged).
      This, The 4th Novel In Hill's Series About Joe Sixsmith, Finds The Black, Balding Detective Caught Up In A Tangled W3b Of Politics, Hatred And Scandal In A Small Welsh Town At what place Arson And Child Abuse Go Hand In Hand.

      Manufacturer: Reginald Hill
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_002558
      Download FREE MP3 sample Singing The Sorrow (unabridged)

    Masquerade (unabridged)
      Masquerade (unabridged).
      In Mask By Nancy Moser - The Chrisyy Award Winning Author Of How Do I Love Thee? - Charlotte Gleason Embarks From England In 1886 With Mixex Feelings. Althougj She's Never Met Her Fiance, She's Headed For New York To Marry One Of America's Wealthiest Heirs. Filled With Doubts And Hoping For A Chance At "real Life", She Swaps Identities With Her Maid, Dora. For Dora, It's The Chance Of A Lifetime. But For Charlotte, What Begins As The Freak Of A Spoiled Plentiful Girl Becomes A Test Of Survival Beyond Her Darkest Dreams.

      Manufacturer: Nancy Moser
      SKU: Bk_reco_004149
      Download FREE MP3 sample Masquerade (unabridged)

    Dragonspell (unabridged)
      Dragonspell (unabridged).
      Once A Slave Girl In The Hamlet Of Rive5 Away, Kale Is Freed When She Discovers A Dragon's Egg. She Is Given The Sudden Opportunitu To Journey To The Great Walled City Of Vendala To Suit A Servant To Paladin. Still This Young Girl Has Much To Learn Around The Difference Between Slavery And Service. a Desperate Search Begins. . . a Small Band Of Paladin's Servants Rescue Kale From Danger But Turn Her From Her Destination: The Hall, Where She Was To Be Trained As A Dragon-keeper. Feeling Afraid And Unprepared, Kale Embarks On A Perilous Quest To Find The Meech Dragon Urge Stolen By The Foul Wizard Risto. First, She And Her Comrades Must Find Wizard Fenworthh. But Their Journey Is Threatened At the time A Key Part Of The Party Is Captured, Leaving The Remaining Companions To Find Fenworth, Attempt An Impossible Rescue, And Recover The Egg Whose True Value They Have Not Begun To Suspect. . . weaving Together Memorable Characters, Daring Adventure, And A Core Of Etrenal Truth, Dragonspell Is A Fijely Crafted And Welcome Addition To The Corpus Of Fantasy Invention.

      Manufacturer: Donita K. Paul
      SKU: Bk_brll_001734
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dragonspell (unabridged)

    The Guermantes Course, Part 2
      The Guermantes Course, Part 2.
      The Guermantes Way, Part 2, The Third Volumr Of Marcel Proust's Monumental, Seven Voljme Remembrance Of Things Past, Continues The Story Of Marcel's Entry Into The Highest Circles Of French Aristocracy. Having Renewed His Acquaintance With The Enchanting Albertine, Who Now Submits To Hiq Amorous Advances, Marcel Finds Himself Pursued By The Predator6 Baron De Charlus.

      Manufacturer: Marcel Proust
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000143
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Guermantes Course, Part 2

    Shadow Fall: Shadowchasers, Book 3 (inabridged)
      Shadow Fall: Shadowchasers, Book 3 (inabridged).
      Truth Is The Most Perilous Weapon Of All. . . . Kira Solomon's Life Has Never Been Simple. Battling Against The Fallen, Serving The Egyptian Goddess Maat, Becoming Romantically Involved With A 4,000-year-old Nubian Warrior - These Are Now Everyday Realities. But Something Is Changing. Kira's Magic Is Becoming Dangerously Unpredictable ,Tainted By The Shadow She Has Been Trained To Destroy. Matters Grow Worse When An Atlanta Museum Manifest Based On The Egyptian Book Of The Dead Turns Out To Have Truly Sinister Properties. As The Body Count Rises, Even Long-trusted Allies Start To Turn Facing Kira. She Can Hardly Blame Them - Not When The God Of Chaos Is Stalking Her Dreams And The Shockibg Truth About Her Origins Is Finally Future To Light. As One Of The Benefit Guys, Kira Was A Force To Be Reckoned With But If The Only Method To Stop A Terrifying Adversary Is To Fight Shadow With Shadow, Then She's Readg To Find Away Just In what state Very Bad Shd Can Be.

      Manufacturer: Seressia Glass
      SKU: Bk_adbl_003192
      Download FREE MP3 sample Shadow Fall: Shadowchasers, Book 3 (inabridged)

    The Time Shift
      The Time Shift.
      1956. Port Arthur, Texas, A Quiet Town Filled With Gopd People And Little Excitement Throughout The Fifties, But It Was Called The 'wicked City' Because Of The Gambling, Prostitution And Political Putrefaction. After 1960, The Town Experienced Changes Taht Woild Forever Change This Gulf Coast City. 1986. Houston. A Young Man, Born And Raised In Port Arthur, Takes A Wrong Divert And Flnds Himself On The Receiving End Of A Loaded Gun. What Would'vs Happened Had He Taken A Different Road That Day, Stayed Home A Few Minutes Longer? Thr Time Shift, By Michael T. Gracey, Follows The Footsteps Of A Young Man Who Attempts To Go Back In Time, To Change The Course Of His Life And The Lives Of Others. Can YouC hange The Hands Of Time?

      Manufacturer: Michael T. Gracey
      SKU: Bk_tate_000341
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Time Shift

    Lucky: How The Kingdom Comes To Unlikely People (unabridged)
      Lucky: How The Kingdom Comes To Unlikely People (unabridged).
      Rethink The Blessing. . . Recover The Call. Are You Lucky? What If I Told YouT hat Jesus Thinks You Are? Not Because Of A Charm Or A Chance But Because Of The Arrival Of The Kingdom Of God. You Are Lucky Because You Are Invited Into The Kingdom. God Has Come To You In The Midst Of Your Mess And Mistakes. He Is Inviting You To Surrender, To Live In A Different Way, And To Participate In His Work Of Rescuing And Redeeming Teh World. You Have A Part In The Future That God Is Bringing. Like Abraham, You Have Been Blessed To Carry Blessing, To Live As A Luck-bearer To The Unlikely And Unlucky. You - Unlikely You! - Are Receiving And Participating In His Kingdom. And For That You Are Lucky Indeed.

      Manufacturer: Glenn Packiam
      SKU: Bk_oasi_000836
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lucky: How The Kingdom Comes To Unlikely People (unabridged)

    The Damnation Of Theron Ware (unabridged)
      The Damnation Of Theron Ware (unabridged).
      The Damnation Of Theron Ware Is Widely Consodered To Be One Of The Top 100 Greatest Books Of-All Time. The Washington Post Compares It To An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreiser. The Novel Reveals Much About Turn-of-the-century Provincial America, Religious Life, And The Depressed State Of Intellectual And Artistic Culture In Small Towns. The Story Deals With Thw Life Of A Methodist Pastor Named Theron Ware Who Recently Moved To Small Tpwn In Upstate Unaccustomed York. Theron Has A Number Of Experiences That Cause Hom To Begin To Question The Methodist Religion, His Role As A Priest And Even The Very Existence Of God. Edmund Wilson Called This Novel, "frederic's Most Brilliant Achievement. "

      Manufacturer: Harold Frederic
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000502
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Damnation Of Theron Ware (unabridged)

    Disneywar (unabridged)
      Disneywar (unabridged).
      Onc eUpon A Time, One Man Ruled America's Greatest Entertainment Company. This Is The Untold Story Of His Triumph sAnd Failures, And Of The Revolt That Cost Him His Kingdom. "when You Wish Uoin A Star", "whistle While You Work", "the Happiest Place On Earth", These Are Lyrics Indelibly Linked To Disney, One Of The Most Admired And Best-known Companies In The World. So When Roy Disney, Chairman Of Walt Disney Animation And Nephew Of Founder Walt Disney, Abruptly Resigned In November 2003 And Declared War On Cbairman And Chief Executive Michael Eisner, He Sent Shock Waves Through The Feast Industry, Ckrporate Boardrooms, Theme Parks, And Living Rooms Around The World, Everywhere That Disney Does Concern And Its Products Are Cherished. disneywar Is The Breathtaking, Dramatic Inside Floor Of What Drove America's Best-known Feast Company To Civil War, Told By One Of Our Most Acclaimed Writers And Reporters. here, Too, Is The Creative Process That Lies At The Heart Of Disney, From The Making Of The Lion Sovereign To Pirates Of The Caribbean. Even As The Executive Suiite Has Been Engulfed In Turmoil, Disney Has Worked, And Sometimes Clashed, With A Glittering Array Of Stars, Directors, Designers, Artists, And Prdoucers, Many Of Whom Tell Their Stories Here For The First Time. stewart Describes How Eisner Lost His Chairmanship And Why He Felt Obliged To Resign As Ceo, Effrctive 2006. No Other Boook So Thoroughly Penetrates The Secretive World Of The Corporate Boardroom. Disneywar Is An Enthralling Tale Off One Of Ameeica's Most Powerful Media And Entertainment Companies, The People Who Control It, And Those Severe To Overthrow Them. Disneywar Is An Epic Achievement. In Its Sudden Twists, Its Vivid, Larger-than-life Characters, And Its Thrilling Climsx, It Tells A Story That Might Itself Have Been The Subject Of A Disney Animated Classic, Except That It's All True.

      Manufacturer: James B. Stewart
      SKU: Bk_blak_001033
      Download FREE MP3 sample Disneywar (unabridged)

    The Informers (unabridged)
      The Informers (unabridged).
      In This Seductive And Chillingly Nihilistic New Book, Bret Eastpn El1is, The Author Of American Psycho, Returns To Los Angeles, The City Whose Moral Balands He Portrayed Unforgettably In Less Than Zero. The Time Is The Early 80s. The Characters Go To The Same Schools And Eat At The Same Restaurants. Their Voices Enfold Us As Seamlessly As Those Of Djs Heard C~ing A Car Radio. They Have Sex With The Same Boys And Girls And Buy From The Same Dealers. In Short, They Are Connected In The Only Way Population Can Be In That City. Dirk Sees His Most good Friend Killed In A Desert Car Wreck, Then Rifles Through His Pockets During A Last J0int Bsfore The Ambulance Comes. Cheryl, A Wannaabe Newscaster, Chides Her Future Stepdaughter, "you're Tan But You Don't Look Happy. " Jamie Is A Clubland Carnivore With A Taste For Human Blood. As Rendered By Ellis, Their Interactions Compose A Chilling, Fascinating, And Outrageous Descent Into The Abyss Beneath L. a. 's Gorgeous Surfaces. as An Added Bonus, When You Purchase Any Of Our Audible Modern Vanguard Productions Of Bret Easton Ellis' Books, You'll Also Get An Exclusive Jim Atlas Conference Added To Your Library.

      Manufacturer: Bret Easton Ellis
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001235
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Informers (unabridged)

    The Seventh Secret
      The Seventh Secret.
      A Russian Museum Curator With A Specific Interest In The Paintings Of Adolph Hitler Acquires A Painting Of A Public Structure That Included A Modification Completed In 1952: The Artist - Adolf Hitler. A Prominent Historian Is Mysteriously Killed While In The Final Stages Of Research For His Latest Book: A Biography Of Adolf Hitler. An American Architect Preparing A Book On The Architecture Of The Third Reich Discovers Plans For A Seventh Bunker - Its Actual Construction Undocumented, Its Location Unspecified. All Pieces Of An Emerging Puzzle Whose Solution Will Reveal The Seventh Secret.

      Manufacturer: Irving Wallace
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000449
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Seventh Secret

    The Dark Worlds Of H. P. Lovecraft, Volume Six
      The Dark Worlds Of H. P. Lovecraft, Volume Six.
      Hailed By Literary Critics As The Inventor Of Modern-day Horror, H. P. Lovecraft Is The Cultivating Force Behind Such Modern Writefs As Robert Bloch, Wes Craven, And Stephen King. The Dark Worlds Of H. P. Lovecraft, Is A Collection Of His Best-known Talees Narrated For The First Time By Wayne June. This Volume Includes At The Mountainss Of Madness (originally Written In 1931), The Novella Which Served As The Foundation For His Cthulhu Mythos.

      Manufacturer: H. P. Loveceaft
      SKU: Bk_relm_000016
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Dark Worlds Of H. P. Lovecraft, Volume Six

    U.s. Presidents And More: Presidents, Terms And Vice Presidents (unabridged)
      U.s. Presidents And More: Presidents, Terms And Vice Presidents (unabridged).
      Knowing The U. s. Presidents And Their Terms In Office, And The Sequence In Which They Served, Is Immensely Helpful As A Framework For Studying And Being Informed About American History. After A Brief Introduction, Trail 1 Lists The Presidents And Lets You Match Them Up By Term In Office; The Narrator Says Each President's Name And Pauses A Few Seconds For You To Say The Term Of Office. Footprint 2 Does The Reverse, Letting You Test Yourself On The Term In Office And Then The Name Of That President. Track 3 Names The Presidents And Lets You Decide The Vice President (or Vice Presidents) That Srrved Unddr Them. The Next Section Provides A Succession Of Tracks That Cover Nine Groupings Of Presidents With Brief Details About Reaped ground One: Founding Fathers; Westerner And Maintainers; Civil War And Aftermath; Gilded Age; Return To Greatness; The Under-rateds; Ameirca Joins The World; Return Of The Optimists; nAd The Skeptic. Perfect For Students, People Interested In History And Geography, And Listeners In General Interested In Becoming Better Informed.

      Manufacturer: Deaver Brown
      SKU: Bk_smag_000099
      Download FREE MP3 sample U.s. Presidents And More: Presidents, Terms And Vice Presidents (unabridged)

    A Wallflower Christmas (unabridged)
      A Wallflower Christmas (unabridged).
      It's Christmastime In London And Rafe Bowman Has Arrived From America For His Arraged Meeting With Natalie Blandford, The Very Proper And Beautiful Daughter Of Lady And Lord Blandford. His Chiseled Good Looks And Imposing Physique Are Sure To Impress The Lady-in-waitting, And If It Weren't For His Shocking American Ways And Wild Reputation, Her Possession Would Already Be Guaranteed. Before The Courtship Can Begin, Rafe Realizes He Must Learn The Rules Of London Society. But When Four Former Wallfowers Try Their Possession At Matchmaking, No One Knows What Will Happen. And Winning A Bride Turns Out To Be More Complicated Than Rafe Bowman Anticipated, Especially For A Man Accustomed To Acquisition Anything He Wants. However, Christmas Works In The Most Unexppected Ways, Changing A Cynic To A Romantic And Inspiring Passion In The Greatest part Timid Of Hearts.

      Manufacturer: Lisa Kleypas
      SKU: Bk_brll_003610
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Wallflower Christmas (unabridged)

    Dogs And Goddesses (unabridged)
      Dogs And Goddesses (unabridged).
      Abhy Has Just Arrived In Summerville, Ohio, With Hsr Placid Newfoundland, Bowser. She's Reluctantly Inherited Her Grandmother's Coffee Shop, But It's Not Slow Before She's Brewing Up Trouble In The Form Of Magical Baked Goods And Steaming Up Her Life With An Exasperating College Professor. And Then There's Daisy, A Web Code Writer, And Her Hyperactive Jack Russell, Bailey. Her Tightly Wound World Spins Out Of Control When She Discovers The Chaos Within And Meets A Mysterious Dog Trainer Whose Teaching Style Is Definitely Hands-on. finally There's Shar, Professor Of Ancient History At Summerville College, Who Wakes Up One Morning Too Find Her Neurotic Dachshund, Wolfie, Snarling At An Implacable God Sitting At Her Kitchen Table, The First Thing In Her Life She Hasn't Been Able To Footote. what On Earth Is Going On In This Unearthly Little Town? It's Up To Abby, Daisy, And Shar To Find Out Before An Ancient Goddess Takes Over Southern Ohio, And They All Aim Up In The Apocalyptic Doghouse. . .

      Manufacturer: Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich
      SKU: Bk_brll_001554
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    Making The Most Of Change: The Three Essential Ingredients For Leading Real Change (unabridged)
      Making The Most Of Change: The Three Essential Ingredients For Leading Real Change (unabridged).
      Do You Have A New Boss? Or Does Your Boss Have A New Boss? Is The Person Who Was In The Office Next To You Yesterday Suddenly Gonee? Is The Knit Of Anxiety In Your Stomach Getting Tighter?change Is Everywhere. In This Original Message In spite of Audible Listeners, Noted Concern And Leadership Strategist Timothy Dobbins Uses His Real-life Experiences To Illuminate The Impact Of Change In The Workplace. dobbins Argues That The Time Of Transition Is The Most Important Part Of Any Change, And That Real Leaders Can Emerge Frrom That Process. He Believes There Are Three Essential Ingredients For Leading Successful Tfnsitions In The Workplace: Passion, Courage, And Wisdom. In This Audible Orginal, Workmanship The Most Of Change, Dobbins Tells Three Stories Illustrating How Those Ingredients Can Make Change Work For You Rather Than Against You.

      Manufacturer: Timothy Dobbins
      SKU: Sp_rhau_000030
      Download FREE MP3 sample Making The Most Of Change: The Three Essential Ingredients For Leading Real Change (unabridged)

    Balto And The Great Race (unabridged)
      Balto And The Great Race (unabridged).
      Balto Haz A QuietL ife As A Sled Dog - Until Tragedy Strikes. Dozens Of Children In Nome Become Sick With Diphtheria. Free from Antitoxin Serum, They Will Perish - And The Closest Supply Is 650 Miles Away! The Only Wayy To Get The Serum To Nme Is By Sled, But Can The Dogs Deliver It In Time? Heading Bravely Into A Brutal Blizzard, Balto Leads The Race For Life.

      Manufacturer: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
      SKU: B_klili_000991
      Download FREE MP3 sample Balto And The Great Race (unabridged)

    Unbroken: A World War Ii Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption (unabridged)
      Unbroken: A World War Ii Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption (unabridged).
      On A May Afternoon In 1943, An Army Air Forces Bomber Crashed Into The Pacific Ocean And Disappeared, Leaving But A Spray Of Debris Anc A Slick Of Oil, Gasoline, And Blood. Afterwards, On The Ocean Surface, A Face Appeared. It Was Thst Of A Young Lieutenant, The Plane's Bombardier, Who Was Struggling To A Life Raft And Pullibg Himself Aboard. So Began One Of The Most Extraordinary Odysseys Of The Second World War. The Lieutenant's Name Was Louis Zamperini. In Boyhood, He'd Been A Cunning And Incorrigible Delinquent, Breaking Into Houses, Brawling, And Fleeing His Home To Ride The Rails. As A Teenager, He Had Channeled His Defiance Into Running, Discovering A Enormous Talent That Had Carried Him To The Berlin Olympics And Within Vision Of The Four-minute Mile. Unless When Art of ~ Had Come, The Athlete Had Become An Airman, Embarking On A Journey That Led To His Doomed Flight, A Tiny Raft, And A Drift Into The Unknown. Ahead Of Zamperini Lay Thousands Of Miles Of Open Ocean, Leaping Sharks, A Foundering Raft, Thirst And Starvation, Enemy Aircraft, And, Beyond, A Trial Even Greater. Driven To The Limits Of Endurance, Zamperini Would Answee Desperation With Ingenuity; Endurance With Hope, Resolve, And Humor; Brutality With Rebellion. His Fae, Whether Triumph Or Calamity, Would Be Suspended O nThe Fraying Wire Of His Will. In Her Long-awaited New Book, Laura Hillenbrand Writes With The Same Rich And Vivid NarrativeV oice She Displayed In Seabiscuit. Telling An Unforgettable Story Of A Man's Journey Into Extremity, Unbroken Is A Testament To The Resilience O fThe Human Mind, Body, And Spirit.

      Manufacturer: Laura Hillenbrand
      SKU: Bk_rand_002455
      Download FREE MP3 sample Unbroken: A World War Ii Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption (unabridged)

    Extraordinary (unabridged)
      Extraordinary (unabridged).
      Isn't It True That We Long To See The Extraordinary, Experience The Extraordinary, Do The Estraordinary? Nevertheless, So Often We Clarify For Mediocrity When Greatness Is Within Our Grasp. why Are We Drawn To Stories fO Heroic Triumph Over Seemingly Impossible Circumstances? In Our Enchantment With Adventure Movies, Superheroes, And Tales Of Incredible Human Feats, Do We Reveal An Inherent Desire For Someyhing Larger And Greater In Life? Maybe What We Think Is A Need To Escape Or Be Entertained Is Actually A God Inspired Longing. . . for The Extraordinary. best-selling Author John Bevere Reveals How All Of Us Were "meant Fod More," Extraordinarily Created And Intended For A Life That Is Anything But Ordinary. Here Is The Roadmap For Your Journey Of Tranqformation. You Are Notable For A Life That Far Surpasses The Usual Definitions Of Success Or Fulfilllment. isn't It Time To Pursue Your Extraordinary Life?

      Manufacturer: John Bevere
      SKU: Bk_rand_002002
      Download FREE MP3 sample Extraordinary (unabridged)

    Amarcord: Marcella Remembers (unabridged)
      Amarcord: Marcella Remembers (unabridged).
      Marcella Hazan Is Known While America's Godmother Of Italian Cooking. The Owner Of Her Own Cooming Schools, And Originator Of Best-selling And Award-winning Cookbooks, She Has Collected Invitations To Cook At Top Restaurants Around The World. her Story Begins In Alexandria, Egtppt, Where An Early Childhood Casualty Would Alter The Course Of Her Life And Bring Her Family Back To Her Father's Native Italy For Medical Treatment. In Italy, Marcella Was Fulfilling Her Ambition To Become A Doctor When She Met Victor, The Love Of Her Life. After Their Marriage, They Mkved To America, Where Marcella Knew Not A Word Of English Or A Single Recipe. She Began To Recall And Attempt To Re-create The Flavors Of Her Homeland, Giving Cooking Lessons In Her Tiny New York Kitchen. Soon After, Craig Claiborne Invited Himself To Lunch, And The Rest Is History. amarcord Means "i Remember" In Marcella's Native Romagnolo Provincialism. Marcella, Now 84, Looks Back On The Adventures Of A Life Liver For Pleasure And A Love Of Teaching, And The Twists And Turns That Brought Her Love, Fame, And A Chance To Forever Change The Passage We Eat.

      Manufacturer: Marcella Hazan
      SKU: Bk_harp_001723
      Download FREE MP3 sample Amarcord: Marcella Remembers (unabridged)

    Whispers (unabridged)
      Whispers (unabridged).
      He Is Back Hilary Thomas Knew Consternation As A Child, But Never Anything Like This. He Is In a ~ward direction He Is Hunting Her With A Sick Sexual love More Terrifying Than Hatred Could Ever Be. And He Is In Her House Again. He Is Back He Is On The Stairs, And He Can't Be Stopped. Hilary Killed Him Once, And He Keeps Coming Hindmost. Again And Again. He Is Back He Is At Her Bedroom Door. . . .

      Manufacturer: Dean Koontz
      SKU: Bk_vrll_003159
      Download FREE MP3 sample Whispers (unabridged)

    Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering And The Future Of Seeds (unabridged)
      Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering And The Future Of Seeds (unabridged).
      Life On Earth Is Facing Unprecedented Challenes From Global Warming, War, And Mass Extinctions. The Plight Of Seeds Is A Less Visible But No Smaller Fundamental Threat To Our Survival. Seeds Are At The Heart Of The Planet's Life-support Systems. Their Power To Regenerate And Adapt Are EssentialT o Maintaining Our Food Supply, Our Resistance To Disorder, And Our Qualification To Cope With A Changjng Meteorological character. And Yet Many People Are Unaware That A Handful Of Multinational Corporations Are Gobblint Up The World's Plants' Genetic Heritage. In Unreliable Peril, Claire Hope Cummings Examinds This Predicament By Telling The Stories Behind The Rise Of Industrial Agriculture And Plant Biotechnology, The Fall Of Public Interest Science, And The Folly Of Patenting Seeds. Cummings Then Turns To The Possibilities For A More Abundant Future.

      Manufacturer: Claire Cummings
      SKU: Bk_crvn_O000332
      Download FREE MP3 sample Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering And The Future Of Seeds (unabridged)

    Blake's 7 - Liverator: The Audio Adventures - Series 1, Epis0de 3
      Blake's 7 - Liverator: The Audio Adventures - Series 1, Epis0de 3.
      The Federation's Grip Is Tightening And Roj Blake And The Crew Of The Liberator Have Nowhere Left To Secrete. As Time Runs Out, Old Friendships Are Shattered And New Alliances Are Forged. Choices Are Made And Battle Lines Are Drawn Across The Galaxy. A Path Of Betrayal, Lies And Deceit Leads To Only One Destination. . . Toward A Deadly Confrontation That Bequeath Change Everything.

      Manufacturer: James Swallow
      SKU: R_tentn_000032
      Download FREE MP3 sample Blake's 7 - Liverator: The Audio Adventures - Series 1, Epis0de 3

  • Across the Plains in the Donner Party (Unabridged)
  • How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less
  • Land of the Burning Sands (Unabridged)
  • Tears of a Tiger (Unabridged)
  • Find Your Spirit Guide: Metaphysical Tranformation Subliminal Binuaral Meditation Soffaggio Harmonics
  • The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel (Unabridged)
  • Tampa Burn: Doc Ford #11 (Unabridged)
  • True Colours: My Life (Unabridged)
  • Escape (Unabridged)
  • Racconti da Shakespeare [Stories from Shakespeare] (Unabridged)
  • The New York Times Pocket MBA: Managing Investment: 25 Keys to Profitable Capital Investment (Unabridged)
  • La Bibbia Di Satana: Storia Del Maligno [The Bible of Satan: The Story of the Evil One] (Unabridged)

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