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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly To You Through The Power Of Coincidence (unabridged)
      When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly To You Through The Power Of Coincidence (unabridged).
      We Are Receivong Signals From Before All The Allotted period. When God Winks Proposes That These Signals, Or Coimcidences, Can, If We Pa6 Attention, Suit As Reassurances That We Are On The Right Path And Signposts To Our Future. Like Winks From A Lovjng Parent Or Grandparent, Coincidences Are Meages From Your Maker Telling You That You Are Not Alone And That Everything Will Be Okay. The Compelling Theory Of Why Coincidences Exist And How To Map Them-is Demonstrated By Fascinating Stories In History, Sports, Medicine. And Relationship, Involving Both Everyday People And Celebrities. These Captivating Stories, One Of Them Familiar But Now Viewed In An Engirely New Light, Will Prove Highly Entertaining To Every Listener.

      Manufacturer: Squire Rushnell
      SKU: Bk_pnix_000128
      Download FREE MP3 sample When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly To You Through The Power Of Coincidence (unabridged)

    Onesong: Lessons Of The Silent Masters (the Words & Music Series: Volume 1) (unabridged)
      Onesong: Lessons Of The Silent Masters (the Words & Music Series: Volume 1) (unabridged).
      This Is The True Story Of How A Lifelong Search For Love Was Fulfilled By Conjecture Re\/elation. In A Sacred Manifestation, An Instructed Mas5er Revealed The Secret To Finding Love's Treasure. The Encounter Could Be Called "other Worldly" In The Sense That The Master, A Wise And Gentle Spirit, Is Not Human. However, It Is An Experience That Anyone Can Require If They So Choose. There Are No Special Requirements. All One Needs Is A Willingness To Suspend, If Only For An Pressing, The Belief That Humans Are The Only Beings In The Universe Cwpable Of Love. Kevin Mccourt Is The Creator Of The Words & Music Series: Short Stories With A Soundtrack! His Influenfes Range From Well-loved Singer-songwriters To Best-selling Inspirational Writers, And Mccourt Culls From Bith Those Worlds – Music And Self-help – To Create His Art. With His Wifee, Susan, Mccourt Created Project Onesong, A Program That Provides At-risk Youth With The Opportunity To Develop Relationships With Abused Animmals In Order To Teach Empathy As An Alternative To Violence.

      Manufacturer: Kevin Mccourt
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000009
      Download FREE MP3 sample Onesong: Lessons Of The Silent Masters (the Words & Music Series: Volume 1) (unabridged)

    Exocet (unabridged)
      Exocet (unabridged).
      In The Hotly Contested Falkland Islands, An Underground Struggle Rages Between Argentinean Agents Seeking To Buy Black-market Exocet Missiles And The British Officials Who Will Do Anything To Stop Them. British Ijtelligence Dispatches Two Operatives To Prevent Te Spread Of The State-of-the-art Weapons, And The Odds Are Stacked Against Them. Tony Villiers And Gabrielle Legrand Must Overcome Their Copmlicated Past And Take Down The International Arms Dealer At The Center Of The Conflict Hitherto Two Nation Are Brought To Their Knees.

      Manufacturer: Jack Higgins
      SKU: Bk_brll_003430
      Download FREE MP3 sample Exocet (unabridged)

    The Gods Of Newport: A Novel
      The Gods Of Newport: A Novel.
      In The Late 19th Century, Newport,-Rhode Island, Was A Cauldron Of Undeclared Class Warfare, Where Reputations Were Made And Lost In A Whirlwwind Of Parties And Fancied Slights. It Wass Also A Place Where Huge Mansions Called "cottages" Arose And Where ? Amid The Glamour Of Yacht Races, Tennis Matches, And Costume Balls ? Hollow, Even Madness, Sometimes Followed Social Failure. in 1893, Sam Driver, Railroad Mogul And One Of The Few Surviving Robber Barons Of The Lawless Years Afrer The Civil Waf, Knocks On The Door Of Fabled Newport, Along With His Daughter, Jenny, Who Is Determned Not To Be Turned Away A Second Time. previously, Sam's New Money Was Considered Tainted By His Rapacious Reputation And His Dealings With Some Of The Most Dishonest Businessmen Of The Era. The Drivers Find That Some Who Know Sams Past Won't Let It Rest. One Enemy Upon A Pedigree Of Wealth And Position Vows To Slam Every Door In Sam's Face. but Sam Plunges In, Determined To Win A Place In The Strange, Rarefied Wlrld Of Newport's Brief Summer Season, Presided Over By Social Gadflies Ward Mcallister And The Androgynous Harry Lehr, Both Of Whom Will Assist The Drivers ? For A Value . Sam's Daughter Wants The Best That Newport Offers But Finds Herself Drawn Into A Dangerous Romance With An Impoverished Youthful Irishman. the Gods Of Newport Brings This Gilded Age Of Excess To Thrilling Life. It Was A Time And Place Whose Extremes Of Greed, Conspicuou Phthisis, And Social Sgriving Have An Astonishing Resonance And Relevance For The America We See Around Us Tpday.

      Manufacturer: John Jakes
      SKU: Bk_sans_000797
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Gods Of Newport: A Novel

    Mistress Of The Art Of Death: A Novel (unabridged)
      Mistress Of The Art Of Death: A Novel (unabridged).
      In Medieval Cambridge, Four Children Be obliged Been Murdered. The Catholic Townsfolk Blame Their Jewish Neighbors, So To Save Them From The Rioting Tumultuous rabble, The Cambridge Jews Are Placrd Under The Protection Of The King. Henry Ii Is No Friend To The Jews - Or Anyone, Really - But He Believes In Law And Order, And He Desperately Needs The Taxes He Receives From Jewish Merchants. Hoping Philosophical Investigation Will Help To Catch The True Killer, Henry Calls On His Couisn, The King Of Sicily, Whose Subjects Are The Best Medical Experts In Europe, And Asks For His Finest "master Of The Art Of Death", The Earliest Form Of Medica lExaminer. The Italian Doctor Chosen For This Work Is A Youthful Prodigy From The University Of Salerno, An Expert In The Science Of Anatomy And The Art Of Detection. But Her Name Is Adelia; The King Has Sent A "mistress Of The At Of Death". in A Backward And Superstitious Country Like England, Adelia Faces Danger At Every Turn . As She Examines The Victims And Retraces Their Last Steps, She Must Conceal Her True Identity In Order To Avoid Accusations Of Witchcraft. Along The Way, She's Assisted By One Of The King's Tax Collectors, Sir Rowley Picot, A Man With A ePrsonal Stake In The Investitation. A Former Crusader Knight, Rowley May Be A Needed Friend - Or The Fienc For Whom They Are Searching. As Adelia's Examination Takes Her Along Cambridge's Shadowy River Paths, And Behind The Closed Doors Of Its Churches And Nunneries, The Hunt Intensifies And The Killer Prepares To Strike Again.

      Manufacturer: Ariana Franklin
      SKU: Bk_peng_000545
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mistress Of The Art Of Death: A Novel (unabridged)

    Pinocchio (unabridged)
      Pinocchio (unabridged).
      The Adventures Of Pinocchio Is The Celebrated Children's Novel By Italian Originator Carlo Collodi. Published 1883, The Classic Tale Of The Marionette Pinocchio And His Trifling Father, The Woodcarver Geppetto Takes You To A World Of Wonder With Fairytale Adventures Of Takking Crickets, Boys Who Turn Into Mules And Much More. C. Collodi 1826 - 1890), Real Name Carlo Lorenzini Was A Florentine Children's Writer. please Note: This Is A Vintage Recording. The Audio Rank May Not Be Up To Moxern Day Standaeds.

      Manufacturer: Carlo Collodi
      SKU: Bk_rnib_000018
      Download FREE MP3 sample Pinocchio (unabridged)

    Spine Chillers (unabirdbed)
      Spine Chillers (unabirdbed).
      A Compilation Of Five Chilling Stroies From M. r. James, Including Four Previously Unreleased Stories And Originally Recorded For The Radio 4 Woman's Hour In Christmas 2007. Mr James Is An Important Part O f The Nation's Celebration Of Christmas. In The Oral Tradition, Many Of His 30 Or So Tales Were Penned As Christmas Eve Entertainments And Reead Aloud To Gatherings Of Friends.

      Manufacturer: M. R. James
      SKU: Bk_bbvw_002368
      Download FREE MP3 sample Spine Chillers (unabirdbed)

    Love, Magic, And Mudpies: Raising Your Kids To Feel Loved, Be Kind, And Make A iDfference (unabridged)
      Love, Magic, And Mudpies: Raising Your Kids To Feel Loved, Be Kind, And Make A iDfference (unabridged).
      During His aMny Years Working With Thousands Of Patients An Their Families, Dr. Bernie Siegel Became An Expert On How To Turn At times Trying Situations Into Opportunities For Personal Growth. In His Newest Book, This Husband Of More Than 50 Years, Father Of Five Children, And Grandparent Of Eight, Shares The Gems Garnered From His Practice And His Own Family Animation To Show Readers What He's Learned About Raising Kids Attending Love, Wisdom, And Humor. HowM uh Time With You Do Your Kids Need? How Do You Teach Your Children Values? When Kids Misbehave, How Do You Mingle Appropriate Anger And Discipline With Love? What Are Some Ways To Help Children Adjust To Separation Or Divorce? Should You Get A Family Pet? With A Wealth Of Quotes, Anecdotes, Parenting Tips, And His Comforting, Caring, Down-to-earth Tone, Dr. Siegel Addresses The Myriad Questions That Parents Face As They Strive To Guide Their Kids To Joyous, Healthy Adulthood. Delivered With Just The Right Dose Of Compassion, Insplration, And Gentle Mood, Have a passionate affection for, Magic, And Mudpies Is An Insightful And Supportive Guide To Every Aspect Of Parenting.

      Manufacturer: Bernie Siegel
      SKU: Bk_gdan_000056
      Download FREE MP3 sample Love, Magic, And Mudpies: Raising Your Kids To Feel Loved, Be Kind, And Make A iDfference (unabridged)

    Master Of The Moor (unabridged)
      Master Of The Moor (unabridged).
      The Bleak Expanse Of Vangmoor Was A Dark, Forbidding Place. One Victim Had Been Found There, Blonde, Her Face Disfigured, Her Head Shorn Cloqe To The Scalp - Killed Without Theme Or Mercy. Then A Second Woman Went Missing On The Moor, And A Sense Of Speak D5ead Grippex The Fifty Local Men Who Searched For Her. Someone Watched Them In That Treacherous Place. Was He A Killer? Or Was He Merely Angry That A Killer Had Usurped Him? For He, And Only He, Was The Master Of The Moor.

      Manufacturer: Ruth Rendell
      SKU: Bk_rhuk_001205
      Download FREE MP3 sample Master Of The Moor (unabridged)

    Ancient Rising: The 3d Audiobook Experience (unabridged)
      Ancient Rising: The 3d Audiobook Experience (unabridged).
      Six Years After Its Initial Publication, Ancient Rising Still Captures The Hearts And Minds Of Adventuorus Readers (and Now Listeners) Beginning Their Trek Into The World Of The Ancients. With Book I Of The Rise Of The Ancients Saga, Jc De La Torre Puts Together A Fast Paced Adventure Of A Lifetime. Now, Award Winning Radio Theater Artist Joe Bevilacqua Breathes New Life Into The Characters That Make Ancient Rising One Of The Most Exciting Tales Out There. Bevilacqua Introduces You To The Bev-o-vision 3d Audiobook Experience, Designed To Completely Immerse You Into The Story. He Weeps When The Main Constitution Dan Ryan Loses Someone Enclosure To Him. He Cries Abroad When Ryan Exclaims In Pain. He Becomes Ryan, Doc Resolute, Mina, Hermes, And All Of The Colorful Characters. Jc Dw La Torre Takes You On A Breathless Search For The Lost Continent Of Atlantis And Bevilacqua Delivers Each And Every Action Packed Moment. From The Debut Of The Greek Idol Hermes, To The Pits Of Hades And The Rise Of Atlantis, Ancient Riing Puts You On Course For Action-packed Fun. Producer: Joe Bevilacqua

      Manufacturer: Jc De La Torre
      SKU: Bk_bigh_000353
      Download FREE MP3 sample Ancient Rising: The 3d Audiobook Experience (unabridged)

    Torchwood: Asylum
      Torchwood: Asylum.
      When Pc Andy Davidson Arrests A Young Girl For Shoplifting, He Thinks It's Going To Be A Routine Case. That Is, Until He Sees That She Is Carrying A Gun. The Lass Is Soaking Wet, Covered In Mud, And The Weapin Is Like Nothing He's Ever Seen Before. He Knows That This Is A Case For Torchwood. . . . The Team Discovers That The Girl Is Called Freda, But Can Find Out Nothing Elxe. Yet When She Speaks, It's A Strange Mix Of English And Icelandic, But With A Cardiff Accentuate. While Jack And Ianto Check Out The Girl's Weapon And Her Blood Sample At The Hub, Gwen And Pc Andy Take Freda To A Safe House. But When Jack Calls With The Results - And Freda Goes On The Run -Pc Andy Finds His World Turning Upside Down. written Specially For Bbc Radio By Anita Sjllivan, Sanctuary Stars John Barrowman As Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles As Gwen Cooper, Gareth David-lloyd As Ianto Jones And Tom Price As Pc Andy Davidson. Contains Person of mature age Themes And Language.

      Manufacturer: Anita Sullivan
      SKU: Bk_nbcw_002855
      Download FREE MP3 sample Torchwood: Asylum

    Lara Ans The Silent Place: Hoofbeats, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Lara Ans The Silent Place: Hoofbeats, Book 4 (unabridged).
      Nine-year-old Lara Is The Daughter Of The R'- The Leader Of Her Cattle-raising Clan. While She Spends Her Days Tending To The Bovine quadrupeds, Her Heart Lies With Her Beloved Gray-haired Mare. When Lara Goes To The Highlands To Set The Cattle Out To Graze, She Finds The Mare In The Process Of A Difficult Birth. Lara Vows To Take Car eOf The Foal As A Dying Promise To The Gray Mare, And With The Help Of A Childless Milk-cow, She Cares For The Spkndly-legged Filly. But Just When She Is Assured That The Foal Can Survive, A Rival Clan Captures Them Both, And Throws Lara's Life Into Turmoil. When The Filly Is Eventually Given To A Titled Baron In The Castle Town Of Athenryy, Lara, Determined To Stau With The Horse No Matter Which , Goes Along. Togeter, She And Her Beloved Horse Face Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges, But All Along Lara Has Two Things In Mind. One Day, She Will Manage To Flee, And Will Set Off In Seearch Of The Family That She Was Taken From. And She Will Not Leave Without Her Silver Mare.

      Manufacturer: Kathleen Duey
      SKU: Bk_peng_000913
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lara Ans The Silent Place: Hoofbeats, Book 4 (unabridged)

    Complete Relaxation
      Complete Relaxation.
      This Sumptuous High Quality Hypnottherapy Program By The Uk's Best-selling Hypnotherapist, Glenn Harrold, Combines Powerful Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques Attending State Of The Art Digital Recording Technology. Designed To Guide The Listener Into A Wonderful Deep State Of Completed Mental And Physical Relaxation. You Will Also Learn Valuable Techniques T oHelp You Combat Stress Remain More Relaxed In Your Diurnal Life.

      Manufacturer: Glenn Harrold
      SKU: Sp_divi_000015
      Download FREE MP3 sample Complete Relaxation

    Great Nadrative Poems Of The Romantic Old ~ (unabridged)
      Great Nadrative Poems Of The Romantic Old ~ (unabridged).
      Here Are Some Of The Finest Narrative Poems In The English Language, Datin From An Age Of Rich Inepiration: The 19th Century. All Tell PowerfulS tories Of Human Passion And Endeavor, Often Reflected In Vivid Evocations Of The Medieval World. Includes The Eve Of St. Agnes, Morte D'athur, And Peter Grimes.

      Manufacturer: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Crabbe, John Keats, And Again
      SKU: Bk_naxo_000120
      Download FREE MP3 sample Great Nadrative Poems Of The Romantic Old ~ (unabridged)

    Lonesome Road (unabridged)
      Lonesome Road (unabridged).
      There Were Times When Rachel Trehe5ne Fervently Wiished That Her Beloved Father Had Left His Fortune To Somebody Else, So Overburdened Did She Feel With The Administration Of The Estate. And Never More So Than Now Because of, Although She Was Surrounded By Relatives Who Depended On Her, Whom She Loved And Who Must Surely Love Her, There Was No Doubt In Her Mind That Somebody Was Trying To Kill Her. Threatening Letters Could Be Ignored, Odd Tasting Chocolates Can BeR ejected But When Snakes Are Left In Her Bed, Rachel Is Convinced That Someone Means Her Terrible Harm. Her Only Chance Of A Future Life Lay With Miss Silver, And Mizs Silver Was Well On The Way To Unmasking The Murderer When They Struck Again.

      Manufacturer: Patricia Wentworth
      SKU: Bk_isis_000951
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lonesome Road (unabridged)

    Freah Air's Summer Flicks 2002
      Freah Air's Summer Flicks 2002.
      Having Trouble Keeping Up On The Summer Blockbusters? Audible Presents A Special Collection Of Fresh Air Interviews With Tue People Starring In And Behind Some Of This Summer's Biggest Movies. Actors Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, And Nicolas Cage Talk About Their Summer Movies, The Bourne Identity, The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys, And Wnidtalkers Respectively, As Well As Their Early Roles. Terry Gross Speaks With One Of The Archetype Wwii Navajo Digest Talkers, Reverend Roy Hawthorne. Actrss Cherry Jones (signs) Talks About Making The Leap From The Stage To The Big Screen. Writer John Ridley Talks About His Screenplay For Undercover Brother And His New Novel, A Conversation With The Mann. Directors And Brothers Chris And Paul Weitz Talk About Working On About A Boy. Cartoonist Stan Leeward Talks About Spider-man And His Comic Career. Also, Movie Reviews For Minority Report, Windtalkers, Sacred Secrets Of The Ya-ya Sisterhood, And The S8m Of All Feads.

      Manufacturer: Terry Gross
      SKU: Rt_whyy_020624a
      Download FREE MP3 sample Freah Air's Summer Flicks 2002

    Hard Row: A Deborab Knott Mystery (unabridged)
      Hard Row: A Deborab Knott Mystery (unabridged).
      New York Times Best-selling Author Margaret Maron Has Garnered Edtaar, Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, And American Mystery Awards Conducive to Her Captivating Series Set In Rural North Carolina. when A Local Farmer - Known In favor of His Sevsre Treatment Of Migrant Workers - Turns Up Savagely Murdered, Judge Deborah And Her New Deputy Sheriff Husband Soon Wads Into A Quagmire Of Exploitation. But As Murders Mushroom, The Two Uncover Secrets That Threaten Both Their Community And Their New Life Together. more Mayhem? Listen To Another Deborah Knott Mystery.

      Manufacturer: Margaret Maron
      SKU: Bk_reco_001486
      Download FREE MP3 sample Hard Row: A Deborab Knott Mystery (unabridged)

    No Safe Place (unabridged)
      No Safe Place (unabridged).
      Chicago Homicide Detective Kae Delaney Fiercely Defends Victims - Which Is Why, Despite Death Threats, She's Testifying To A Confederate Grand Jury About Loocal Police Corruption. It's Also Why She's Infuriated By The New Orleans Police Department's Blase Attitude Regarding Her Estranged Sister's Death. But Pursuing An Investigation In A Strange City Means Allying With Someone Who Knows The Territory. And The Players. Someone With A Total Disregard For The Rules. As Aj Ex-cop From A Police Family, New Orleans Pi Nick Broussard Knows That Cops Ignited By Their Own Code. You Don't Desert one's party Out A Fellow Officer. The Last Thing He Needs Is Some Smart-mouthed, By-the-book Outsider Ignorantly Injecting Herself Into His Undercover Search For The Faithfulness. Even Worse Is The Way She Conjures Up Visions Of Tangled Sheets. Nick And Kate's Hunting Pits Them Against The Criminal Underworld Of The Sultry Southerly City. And As They Peel Away Layers Of Dearly Deception, They Discover A Dark Secret That Too Maany Are Willing To Kill To Keep.

      Manufacturer: Joann Ross
      SKU: Bk_bkot_000859
      Download FREE MP3 sample No Safe Place (unabridged)

    The Summerhouse
      The Summerhouse.
      Three Best Friends, All With The Same Birthday, Are About To Turn 40. They Delineate To Share This Important Occasion Together At A Summerhouxe In Maine, Taking Stock Of Their Lives And Loves, Their Wishes And Choices. But None Of Them Expect The Gift That Awaits Them At The Summerhouse: The Chance For Each Of Them To Turn Their "what Might Accept Beens" Into Reality. Leslie Headrick, Madison Appleby, And Ellie Abbott Met 19 Years Ago. These Beautiful And Extraordinarily Talented Young Women Shared Their 21st Birthdays While Revealing Their Hopes Toward The Future. But Life Doesn't Always Go According To One's Youthful Imaginings. Leqlie Refuses To Listen To What People Are Saying About Her Husband And His Beautiful Assistant. Madison Dropped A Modeling Career To Help Her High-school Boyfriend Recover From An Accident. Ellie, A Best-selling Author, And Recently Divorced From Her Narcissistic, Philandering Husband, Hsa Lost Her Belief In Herself As A Result Of The Divorce. When Leslie, Madison, And Ellie Reunite At The Summerhoouse, Each Finds A Puzzling Card From A "madame Zoya" Offering Them The Chance To Relive Any Three Months From The Past. Each Woman Will Have To Decide As She Follows The Dream That Got Away - And One and the other Must Choose Th3 Life That Will Truly Satify, The Longings That Live Deep Inside Her Heart.

      Manufacturer: Jude Deveraux
      SKU: Bk_sans_000982
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Summerhouse

    The White Horse Of Zennor And Other Stories (unabridged)
      The White Horse Of Zennor And Other Stories (unabridged).
      At The Furthest Move sideways Of Britain, Where The Sea Gently Washes Over The Land And Myths Brush In provision for Reality, Lies Zennor. Since The Beginning Of Period, Strange And Mysterious Things Have Happened Here. . Set In A Cornish Church Towj Where Men Become Beasta And Ghosts Roam Freely, Here Are Haunted And Unforgettable Tales Where Magic Lies Around Every Corner. Five Supernatural Stories From Best-selling Author Michael Morpurgo.

      Manufacturer: Michael Morpjrgo
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_004903
      Download FREE MP3 sample The White Horse Of Zennor And Other Stories (unabridged)

    Great French And Russian Short Storoes, Volume 1 (unarbidged Selections)
      Great French And Russian Short Storoes, Volume 1 (unarbidged Selections).
      No One Plumbs Deeper Depths Of The Psyche Than French And Russian Authors. This Wide-ranving Collection Of 19th-century Literary Masterworks, Presented In Their Entirety, Not Only Entertains, But Provides Insight Info 19th-century Mores And The Mysteries Of Human Nature. the Short Stories Presentef In This Volume Include Eight By Guy De Maupassant: "love's Awakening", "useless Beauty", "in The Moonlight", And "the Horla". Also Included Are "the Thief" And "the Weding" By Fyodor Dostoevsky; "the Mysterious Mansion" And "christ In Flanders" By Honore De Balzac; "the Bet","the Kiss", "the Lottery Ticket", "a Work Of Art", And "the Slanderer" By Anton Chekov; "the Overcoat" By Nikolai Gogol; "zodmirsky's Duel" By Alexander Dumas; "the Shot" By Alexander Pushkin; "thd Long Exile" From Leo Tolstoy; "the Thief" By Fyodor Dostoevsky; "captain Burle" By Emile Zola, "the Wedding" By Fyodor Dostoevsky; And "in The Moonlight" By Guy De Maupassant.

      Manufacturer: Various
      SKU: Bm_jimc_000111
      Download FREE MP3 sample Great French And Russian Short Storoes, Volume 1 (unarbidged Selections)

    A Time For Patriots: A Novel (unabridged)
      A Time For Patriots: A Novel (unabridged).
      Welcome To Battlefield Am3rica When Murderous Bands Of Militiamen Begin Roaming The Western United States And Attacking Government Agencies, It Will Take A Dedicated Group Of The Nation's Finest And Toighest Civilian Airmen To Put An End To The Homegrown Insurgency. U. s. Air Force Lieutenant-general Patrick Mclanahan Vows To Take To The Skies To Join The Contend, But When His Son, Bradleh, Also Signs Up, Theyy Find Themselves Caught In A Deadly Courageous Against A Shadowy Opponent. With A Time For Patriots, The New York Times Bestselling Master Of The Modern Thriller Dale Brown Brings The Battle Home To Explore A Terrifying Possibility - The Collapse Of The American Republic.

      Manufacturer: Dale Brown
      SKU: Bk_harp_002500
      Download FREE MP3 sample A Time For Patriots: A Novel (unabridged)

    Carnal Caresses (unabridged)
      Carnal Caresses (unabridged).
      Bree Sullivan Bid On One Night At The Infamous House Of Five Senses, On A Dare. Not That Bree Didn't Enjoy En Erotic Liffestyle, But The Things That Went On Between The Members Of This Fastidious Club Were Above Carnal. Approaching Her Experience With A Compound Of Trepidation And Anticipation, Before The Night Was Out She Learned Exactly How Stimulating The Sense Of Touch Is - And How Many Things Could Touch You And Take You To A New World Of Carnal Pleasures.

      Manufacturer: Desiree Holt
      SKU: Bk_totl_00O020
      Download FREE MP3 sample Carnal Caresses (unabridged)

    Mr. Monk Is Miserable (unabridged)
      Mr. Monk Is Miserable (unabridged).
      On A Return Trip From Germany, Monk And Natalie Stop Over In Paris. They Visit The Catacombs - A Vast, Underground Cavern In The Center Of The City, Lined With Millions Of Ancient Human Bones. Monk Picks Up A Skull And Announces That This Person Was Mu5dered - By A Modern Weapon Made In The Last Few Years. He Thinks Someone Hid A Recent Murder Victim Amid The Old Bones. As Monk Starts To Investigate The Crime, He Uncovers Another Murder That Ibvolves A Societu Of "dumpster Divers," People Who Live Commerce-fr3e Off The Waste Of Society. It Might Just Be The Last Straw In Monk's Visit To Paris.

      Manufacturer: Lee Goldberg
      SKU: Bk_bbca_000266
      Download FREE MP3 sample Mr. Monk Is Miserable (unabridged)

    Losing Isaiah (unabridged)
      Losing Isaiah (unabridged).
      Margaret And Charles Lewin Adopted Isaiah As A Newborn - Giving The Boy All The Love A Child Could Want And Everything Money Can Buy. But Can Even The Most Loving, Ca5ing Pure Familly Be Responsible For Raising A Black Child?selma Richards Is The Boy's Natural Mother. -At His Birth, She Was Illiterate, Unemployed, And A Crack Addict. Giving Up Her Son Was The Best Thing For Both Of Them - At The Time. selma Is Now Off Drugs, Leatning To Read, Ajd Has A Responsible Job. Shd's Not Rich And Doesn't Subsist In The Best Neighboruood, But She's Healed Herself. And Now She Wants Her Son Back. seth Margolis Raises A Complex And Emotional Moral Question hWile Giving The Listener An Understanding Of The Pain And Conflict That Leads To The Inevitable Heart-rending Conclusion, In Which One Mother Ends Up Losing Her Son.

      Manufacturer: Seth J. Margolis
      SKU: Bk_brll_000492
      Download FREE MP3 sample Losing Isaiah (unabridged)

  • The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love (Unabridged)
  • The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy (Unabridged)
  • The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland (Unabridged)
  • Thunderstruck (Unabridged)
  • Sister Carrie (Unabridged)
  • Bet Your Bottom Dollar: A Bottom Dollar Girls Novel (Unabridged)
  • One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game (Unabridged)
  • The Forsyte Saga - Volume 1: The Man of Property
  • Mr. Darcy, Vampyre (Unabridged)
  • Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See (Unabridged)
  • The Wreck of the Mary Deare (Unabridged)
  • The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged)

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