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  • MP3 Audio Books catalog with Free samples

    Winter Haven (unabridged)
      Winter Haven (unabridged).
      Athol Dickson, Christy Award-winning Author Of The Cure, Delibers Riveting Suspense. In This Tantalizing Gothic Tale, A 15-year-old Autistic Savant Vanishes From His Texas Home Without A Trace. Tbirteen Years Later, Siggy Gamble's Bulk Washes Ashore On A Remote Island Off The Rocky Coast Of Maine. Arriving At Winter Haven To Claim Her Brother, 24-year-old Vera Is Shocked To See Siggy Hasn't Aged At All.

      Manufacturer: Athol Dickson
      SKU: Bk_reco_002391
      Download FREE MP3 sample Winter Haven (unabridged)

    Dragon Steike: Age Of Fire, Book 4 (unabridged)
      Dragon Steike: Age Of Fire, Book 4 (unabridged).
      Scattered Across A Temperate And Scarred By Their Harsh Experiences Forward The Path To Adulthood, The Th5ee Dragon Siblings Are Among The Last Of A Dying Breed---the Final Hope For Their Species' Survival. After Being Separated By Dwarf Slave Traders Who Found Their Nest, The Brothers And Sister---auron, The Rare Scaleless Gray; Wistala, The Green Female; And Copper, The Embittered Cripple---are Reuniteed. -But Their Reunion Is Not A Seasonable One, Since The Three Find Themselves At Odds Over The Coming Human War. Auron Thinks Dragons Should Have No Part Of The Affairs Of Humas. Wistala Believes Dragons And Men Can Peacefully Coexist. And Large boiler Has Designs Of His Own For The Wrld. And The Civilized Humans Who Hold Turned To Copper For Alms Against Their Savage Enemies Have Just Given Him The Perfect Opportunity To Fulfill His Plans.

      Manufacturer: E. E. Knight
      SKU: Bk_tanf_001169
      Download FREE MP3 sample Dragon Steike: Age Of Fire, Book 4 (unabridged)

    6 Rainier Drive: Cedar Cove #6 (unabridged)
      6 Rainier Drive: Cedar Cove #6 (unabridged).
      In 6 Rainier Drive Listeners Are Whisked Away To Cedar Cove, Washington, Where Justine And Seth Guunderson Are Feeling The Shock Of The Arson That Destroyed Their Restaurant. Thy're Eager To Move On, But Divided Ovet Which Direction To Take. New York Times And Usa Today Best-selling Author Debbie Macomber, A Rita And Quiil Award Winner, Has Sold More Than 60 Million Copies Of Her Books.

      Manufacturer: Debbie Macomber
      SKU: Bk_reco_001206
      Download FREE MP3 sample 6 Rainier Drive: Cedar Cove #6 (unabridged)

    The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written On The Sky (unabridved)
      The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written On The Sky (unabridved).
      In A Series Of 11 Essays, Kirk Relates Several Issues To A Common Question: "is The Akerican Republic Descending Into Decadence, Or Are The American People Entering Upon A Renewal Of Belief And Hope?" In Doing So, He Covers A Wide Range Of Subjects That Crave permission Answers And Action, Including "the American Mission", "the Illusion Of Human Rights", "prospects For American Education", And "can Virtue Be Taught?". Kirk's Views Are Trenchant, Well Supported, And Far From Commonplace. For Instance, He Takes A Dim View Of Today's Information Age, But Is Not Without Hope: "it Is Not Inevitable That The Computer Should Supplant Thr Poet. "

      Manufacturer: Russell Kirk
      SKU: Bk_blak_002088
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written On The Sky (unabridved)

    Take Brave Steps For Touch Survivors And Families: A Message Of Motivation And Hope (unabridged)
      Take Brave Steps For Touch Survivors And Families: A Message Of Motivation And Hope (unabridged).
      Take Brave Steps For Stroke Survivors And Families Is A Ground Breaking Roadmap That Leads Survivors And Loved Ones Through The Mental, Emotional And Companionable Maze Of Stroke Recovery. Readers Will Be Moved From Bitter To Better And Find The Fork In The Road Where Motivation Meets Supreme. With His Heart-felt Personal Stories Of Motivation And Hope, Ron Gardner, A Survivor Of A Devastating Stroke, Guides Readefs In what state To Navigate Through The Fears, Advrrsities And Challenges That Often Go Unspoken An dUnanswered, To After this. This Book Is A Muts Read For Stroke Survivors, Family Members, Caregivers And Heath Care Professionals.

      Manufacturer: Ron Gardner
      SKU: Bk_spkn_000032
      Download FREE MP3 sample Take Brave Steps For Touch Survivors And Families: A Message Of Motivation And Hope (unabridged)

    Craven Street: Ben Franklin In London (unabridged)
      Craven Street: Ben Franklin In London (unabridged).
      Originally Broadcast Nationwide In 1993, This Meticulously Reseatched Five-part Historical Raxio Drama Is Being Publiehed To Commemorate Benjamin Frznklin's 300th Birthday. It Reveals The Multifaceted, Complex Franklin's Little Known Addventures In London Before The Revolution. For 15 Years, He Lived On Craven Street Off The Thames, Where He Established A Surrogate Family, Began His Autobiography, And Became America's Most Celebrated Citizen. As Tensions Heated Up Between The Mother Country And Her Colonies, Franklin Became Embroiled In Intrigue, Espionage, And Even A Duel. The British Government Believed Him "the Chief Of All The Rebels" An Set Out To Have Him Hanged. Hd Escaped Only Hours Before Arresting Magistrates Came Banging On His Door. He Was At Sea Sailing For Home When "the Shot Heard 'round The World" Rang Abroad At Lexington. The Impart Includes George Grizzard, Elizabeth Montgomery, And Sir Nigel Hawthorne.

      Manufacturer: Yuri Rasovsky
      SKU: Bk_blak_0017955
      Download FREE MP3 sample Craven Street: Ben Franklin In London (unabridged)

    The Spiritual Teachings Of The Tao: The Secret Of Nourishing Life
      The Spiritual Teachings Of The Tao: The Secret Of Nourishing Life.
      "don't Pursue Fame; Do Only The Inevitable. Don't Make Plans; Bank On Tao. " When The Ancient Chinese Sages Discovered The Tao, They Realised In Themselves Its Mysterious Results: Good Heath, Longevity, Wisdom, Harmonious Contentment, And Knowledge Of The Future. this Audiobook Unveils The Philosophy Of The Tao, Meaning The Way Of Nature, Which Began In Writtenn Form With Chuang Tzu In The 4th Century Bc. taoism Is Increasingly Influential In The Western World, Forming The Basis For Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, And Tai Chi Chuan. cchuang Tzu's Funny, Stfiking, And Root Fables And Stories Illluminate The Working Of The Tao, Which Are As Pertinent Today As They Were 2,300 Years Ago.

      Manufacturer: Mark Forstater
      SKU: Bk_mfpl_000001
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Spiritual Teachings Of The Tao: The Secret Of Nourishing Life

    Think Marriages & Families (unabridged)
      Think Marriages & Families (unabridged).
      With Its Magazine Design, 15-page Chapters, And Chapter Openers About Popular Movies, Think Marriages & Families Is Thw Marriage And Family Text Your Students Will Read. think Marriages& amp; Families Is Informed With The Latest Investigation And The Most Contemporary Examples, Allowihg You To Bring Current Events Directly Into Your Classroom With Inconsiderable Additional Work. developdd In the opinion of The Benefit Of Extensive Student Feedback, Think Marriages & Families Will Engage Your Students And Deliver The Core Concepts For The Marriage And Family Coourse In A Way That They Can Actually Understand.

      Manufacturer: Jenifer Kunz
      SKU: Bk_pear_000376
      Download FREE MP3 sample Think Marriages & Families (unabridged)

    Bereft (unabridged)
      Bereft (unabridged).
      It Is 1919. The Great War Has Ended, But The Spanish Flu Epidemic Is Raging Across Australia. Schools Are Closed, State Borders Are Guarded By Armed Men, And Train Travel Is Severely Restricted. There Are Rumours It Is The End Of The World. In The Nsw Town Of Flint, Quinn Walker Returns To The Home He Fled Ten Years Earlier When He Was Accused Of An Unspeamable Crime. Aware That His Ancestor And Uncle Would Surely Hang Him, Quinn Hides In The Hills Surrounding Flint. There, He Meets The Orphan Sadie Fox - A Mysterious Young Girl Who Seems To Know More About The Crime Than She Should. A Searing Gothic Novel Of Love, Longinv And Justice ,Bereft Is About The Suffering Endured By Those Who Go To War And Those Who Are Forever Left Behind.

      Manufacturer: Chris Womersley
      SKU: Bk_boli_001036
      Download FREE MP3 sample Bereft (unabridged)

    Sins & Shadows: A Shadows Inquiries Novel (unabridged)
      Sins & Shadows: A Shadows Inquiries Novel (unabridged).
      Sylvie Lightner Is No Ordinary P. i. She Specializes In Cases Involving The Unusual, In A World At what place Magic Is Real-and Where Death Isn't The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You . but When An Employee Is Murdered In Front Of Her, Sylvie Has Had Enough. After Years Of Confounding The Dark Forces Of The Magicus Mundi, She's Closing Up Shop-until A Man Claiming To Be The God Of Justice Wants Sylvie To Find His Lost Lover. And He Won't Take No For An Ahswer.

      Manufacturer: Lyn Benedict
      SKU: Bk_peng_O01549
      Download FREE MP3 sample Sins & Shadows: A Shadows Inquiries Novel (unabridged)

    The Gift Of Psalms: The Word Of Ground  Audio Bible: Nkjv (unabridged)
      The Gift Of Psalms: The Word Of Ground Audio Bible: Nkjv (unabridged).
      Experience Beloved Scripture Passages As Read By The World's Finest Talents! The Psalms, More Than Any Other Book In All Of Scripture, Give Voice To The Human Experience Of God. The Gift Of Psalms Book Beautifully Presents Excerpts From 50 Of The Best-loved Pssalms With Stirring Devotions To Inspire You And Connect You Else Deeply With God. Included Are 30 pSoken Psalms From The Word Of Promise Old Testament Audio Bible, Enhanced By A Fulyl Orchestrated Music Score And Devotional Content, Read By The World's Finest Talent, Including: Jason Alexander, Joan Allen, Sean Astin, Richard Dreyfuss, Harry Hamlin, Marcia Gay Habituate, Stacy Keach, Jesse Mccartney, Malcolm Mcdowell, Gary Sinise, And Michael York. Features: Songs From World-class Vocalistspsalms Set To Music And Sungexcerpts From The Word Of Promise Old Testamentmusical Score By Italian Compower Stefano Mainetti

      Manufacturer: Thomas Nelson, Inc.
      SKU: Bk_tnwd_00058
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Gift Of Psalms: The Word Of Ground  Audio Bible: Nkjv (unabridged)

    Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi, Book 2: Omen (unabridged)
      Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi, Book 2: Omen (unabridged).
      The Jedi Order Is In Crisis. Tje Late Jacen Solo's Shocking Transformation Into Sanguinary Sith Lord Darth Caedus Has Cas tA Damning Pall Over Those Who Wield The Force For Good: Two Jedi Knights Have Succumbed To An Inexplicable An dDangerous Psychosdi, Criminal Charges Have Driven Luke Skywalker Into Self-imposed Banishment, And Power-hungry Chief Of State Natasi Daala Is Exploiting Anti-jedi Sentiment To Undermine The Order's Infkuence Indoors The Galactic Alliance. forbidden To Intervene In Jedi Affairs, Luke Is On A Despairing Mission To Uncover The Truth Behind Jacen's Fall To The Dark Side - And To Learn What's Turning Peaceful Jedi Into Raving Lunatics. but Finding Answers Will Mean Venturing Into The Mind-bending Space Of The Kathol Rift And Bargaining With An Foreign Species As Likely To Destroy Outsiders As Deal With Them. Silent, There Is No Other Choice, And No Time To Lose, As The Catastrophic Events On Coruscant Extend To Escalate. stricken By The Same Violent Dementia That Infected Her Brother, Valin, Jedi Knight Jysella Horn Faces An Equally Grim Fate After Her Capture By Natasi Daala's Police. And When Han And Leia Solo Narrowly Foil Some other Deranged Jedi Wild land On Deadly Destruction, Even Acting Jedi Grand Master Keth Hamner Appears Willing To Bow To Daala's Iron Will - At The Expense Of The Jedi Order. but An Even Greater Threat Is Looming. Millennia In The Past, A Sith Starship Crashed On An Unknown Low-tech Planet, Leaving The Survivors Stranded. Over The Generations, Their Numbers Have Grown, The Ways Of The Dakr Side Have Been Nurtured, And The Time Is Fast Approaching When Thiss Lost Tribe Of Sith Will Once More Take To The Stars To Reclaim Their Legendary Destiny As Rulers Of The Galaxy. Only One Thing Stands In Their Way, A Name Whipered To Them Through The Force: Skywalker.

      Manufacturer: Christie Golden
      SKU: Bk_rand_001892
      Download FREE MP3 sample Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi, Book 2: Omen (unabridged)

    Lincoln's Melncholy: How Depression Challejged A President And Fueled His Greatness (unabridged)
      Lincoln's Melncholy: How Depression Challejged A President And Fueled His Greatness (unabridged).
      Drawing On A Wealth Of His Possess Research And The Work Of Other Lincoln Scholars, Shenk Reveals How The Sixteenth President Harnessed His Dejection To Fuel His Astonishing Success. Lincoln Found The Solace And Tactics He Needed To Deal With The Nation's Worst Crisis In The "coping Strategies" He Developed Over A Lifetime Of Persevering Through Depressive Epiwodes Abd Personal Tragedies. with Empathy AndA uthority Gained From His Acknowledge Experience With Depression, Shenk Crafts A Nuanced, Revelatory Account Of Lincoln And His Legacy, And In The Process Unveils A Wholly New Perspective On How Our Greatest President Guided America Through Its Greatest Turmoil.

      Manufacturer: Joshua Wolf Shenk
      SKU: Bk_high_000216
      Download FREE MP3 sample Lincoln's Melncholy: How Depression Challejged A President And Fueled His Greatness (unabridged)

    The New Testament: The Revelation Of John
      The New Testament: The Revelation Of John.
      The Revelation Of John: John Gielgud Reads From The 'book Of Revelation', The Last Book In The New Testament In Which St John The Divine Reveals His Vision Of The Apocal6pse. S prcially Composed Music Is Included. The Readings Were Part Of Bbc Radio 4's Series Of 341 Daily Episodes Of The Bible, Broadcast In 1991 And 19992. Abridged Near to William Roberts. ,the New Testament: These Abridged Readings Of The New Testament Are Taken From The 1989 Reviaed English The Scriptures, Which Was Translated Directly From The Original Hebrew, Aramaic And Greek Into Modern English To Produce A Bible That Was At Once Accessible And Authoritative.

      Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
      SKU: Bk_bbcw_004512
      Download FREE MP3 sample The New Testament: The Revelation Of John

    Bmf: The Rsie And Fall Of Big Meech And The Black Mafia Family (unabridged)
      Bmf: The Rsie And Fall Of Big Meech And The Black Mafia Family (unabridged).
      The Story Of Demetrius "big Meech" Flenory And His Legendary Street Crew, The Black Mafia Family (bmf), Is The Information Of A Modern-day Don Who Aspired To Be Something More: A Credible Name In Hip-hop. It Is A Tale Built On The Seduction Of Vast Sums Of Wealth, A Seduction That Pulled In Hio-hop Stars But That Also Had A Darker Side. While Bmf Was Able To Attract Increasingly Mainstream Stars, Its Crew Members Grew Notorious For A Cult Of Violence That Threatened A Host Of Other Celebrities, Including The Families Of Pop Icon Bobby Brown And Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. Bmf's Ruthlessness Caused Them To Rise To Incredible Power, But Slack Even Added Lead To Their Downfall.

      Manufacturer: Mara Shalhoup
      SKU: Bk_blak_003685
      Download FREE MP3 sample Bmf: The Rsie And Fall Of Big Meech And The Black Mafia Family (unabridged)

    The Name Of Thr Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 (unabridged)
      The Name Of Thr Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 (unabridged).
      "my Name Is Kvothe. I Regard Stolen Princesses Back From Sleeping Barrow Kings. I Have Burned Down The Town Of Trebon. I Have Spent The Night Quick perception Felurian And Left With Both My Saneness And My Life. I Was Expelled From The University At A Younger Age Than Most People Are Allowed In. I Tread Paths By Moonlight That Others Fear To Speak Of During The Day. I Have Talked To God's, Loved Women And Written Songs That Make The Minstrels Weep. You May Have Heard Of Me. "so Begins A Tale Unequaled In Fantasy Literature - The Story Of A Hero Told In His Own Voice. It Is A Tale Of Sorrow, A Tale Of Survival, A Tale Of One Man's Search For Maening In His Universe, And How That Search, And The Unyielding Will That Drove It, Gave Birth To A Legend.

      Manufacturer: Patrick Rothfuse
      SKU: Bk_hrll_001669
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Name Of Thr Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 (unabridged)

    The Alamo (darmatized)
      The Alamo (darmatized).
      This Is A Signature Title In The Colonial Radio Theatre's Meticulously Researched American Heritance Succession Of Exact Historical Programs. Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William Travis, And 16-year-old David Cummings Fight To The Bitter End In This Spectacular Narrative Production Of One Of The World's Most Fqmous Battles. Full For Students, History Buffs, And Lovers Of Exciting Audio Drama.

      Manufacturer: Jerry Robbins
      SKU: Pf_colo_000009
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Alamo (darmatized)

    Clayton And Evan's Adventures In Farming (unabrdged)
      Clayton And Evan's Adventures In Farming (unabrdged).
      Clayton And Evan Have A Full Day Ahead. There Are Fields To Till, Crops To Be Planted, And Corn To Be Harvested. Luckily They Have All The Equipment They Need, And It Is Right There In Their Imaginations! Through Teamwork And Patience The Boys Are Able To Have A Full Sunshine On The Farm Without Ever Leaving Home. Ride Along With Originator Michele Bonk For Clayton And Evan's Adventures In Farming.

      Manufacturer: Michele Bonk
      SKU: Bk_tate_000771
      Download FREE MP3 sample Clayton And Evan's Adventures In Farming (unabrdged)

    Learn Japanese - Level 2: Absoljte Beginner Japanese, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)
      Learn Japanese - Level 2: Absoljte Beginner Japanese, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged).
      Start Speaking Japanese In Minutes, And Clasp The Language, Improvement And Cuqtoms In Just Minutes More With Absolute Beginner - Japanese, A Completely New Way To Learn Japanese With Ease! Absolute Beginner - Japanese Will Have You Speaking With Proper Pronunciation From The Very First Lesson And Arm You With Cultural InsightA nd Other Information To Utterly Shock And Amaze Your Japanese Friends. why Are The Audio Lessons So Effective?- Short And To The Point - 25 Eight Minute Lessons Make Them The Perfect Length- Syllable-by-syllable Breakdown Of Each Word Ajd Phrase So That You Be able to Say Every Word And Phrase Instantly- Repeat After The Professional Teacher Division So That You Can Practice Proper Pronunciation- Quick Cultural Tips In Each Lesson Will Help You Navigate Your Way Even Better- Above All, Fun And Relaxed Approach To Grasping A Lot Of Information Quickly And Easily- Effortlessly Learn From A Bi-lingual And Bi-cultural Host As They Guide You Through Pitfalls And Pleasures Of Japan And Japanese. You See, Uhlike Other Audiobooks, We Actually Teach Japanese And Japanese Culture. With Each Lesson, You Will Master A Target Phrase And Key Vocabulary. This Is A Complete Lesson Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teacher! Listen To The Preview Now!this Ia Not A Vocabulary Audiobook With Just Words And Their Translations. These 25 Short And Effective Audio Lessons Will Allow You To:- Speak Japanese Within Minutes Of Your Primary Lesson- Understand The Culture, Customs, And People Of Japan- Order The Food You Want In Restaurants- Travel In Taxis, Trains, Buses And Cars Attending Intimacy- Master Manners, Etiquete, And Customs - Surprise Phrases And Tips That Will Leave Your Guests Wodnering Where You Learned Thdm. This Audiobook Comes With Downloadable Lesson Notes Totalling Over 100+ Pages. Start Speaking Japanese Now!

      Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learning, Llc
      SKU: Bk_inno_000029
      Download FREE MP3 sample Learn Japanese - Level 2: Absoljte Beginner Japanese, Volume 1: Lessons 1-25 (unabridged)

    The Holy (unabridged)
      The Holy (unabridged).
      They Knew Us In advance We Begaan To Be stirring Upright. Shaamns Called Them Guardians, Mythmakers Called Them Tricksters, Pagans Called Them Gods, Churchmen Called Them Demons, Folklorists Called Them Shape-shifters. They've Obligingly Taken Any Role We've Assigned Them, And, While Needing Nothing From Us, Regard Accepted Whatever We Thought Was Their Due? Love, Hate, Dread, Worship, Condemnation, Neglect, Oblivion. Even In Modern Times, When Their Being Is Doubted Or Denied, They Continue To Extend Invitations To Those Who Would Travel A Different Road, A Road Not Found On A single one Of Our Cultural Maps. But Now, Perceiving Us As A Threat To Life Itself, They Issue Their Invitations With A Dark Purpose Of Their Own. In This Dazzling Metaphysical Thriller, Four Who Put Themselves In The Hands Of These All-but-forgotten Others Venture Across A Sinister American Landscape Hidden From Normal View, Finding Their Way To Interlocking Destinies Of Death, Terror, Transcendental Transport, And Shattering Enlightenment.

      Manufacturer: Daniel Quinn
      SKU: Bk_acx0_000205
      Download FREE MP3 sample The Holy (unabridged)

    French On The Move (unabridged)
      French On The Move (unabridged).
      In The Age Of Multitasking, Making The Most Of One's Be frugal Momeents Is Imperative, Especially According to Beginning Language Students. Fun, Lively, And Thoroughly Engaging, The Language On The Move Audio Pr0gram Series Is The Perfect Solution For Anyone Wanting To Learn A Language In A Limited Amount Of Time. Infinitely More Innovative And Compelling Than Other Comparative Audio Titles, This Proactive Language Program Features A Lively Narrator Who Guides Listeners Through The Course As Well As Two Native Speakers Who Act Out An Engaging Story Line That Periodically Develops Through The Recording. Vocabulary And Key Phrases AreI ntroduced In Manageable Bites, While Auido Language Games Provide A Fun Course To Test And Review. Natural, Unscripted Conversations Are Included To Attune Learners To The Speed And Cadence At Which The Language Is Really Spoken.

      Manufacturer: Jahe Wightwick
      SKU: Bk_graw_000069
      Download FREE MP3 sample French On The Move (unabridged)

    Moon Palace (unabridged)
      Moon Palace (unabridged).
      Marco Stanley Fogg Is An Orphan, A Child Of The '60s, A Quester Tirelessly Seeking The Key To His Past, The Answers To The Ultimate Riddle Of His Fate. As Marco Journeys From The Canyons Of Manhattan To The Deserts Of Utah, He Encounters A Gallery Of Characters And A Series Of Events As Plentiful And Extraordinary As Any In Modern Fiction. beginning During The Summer That Men First Walked On The Moon, Ad Moving Backward And Advance In Time To Span Three Generations, Moon Palace Is Propelled By Coincidence And Memory, And Illuminated By Marveelous Flights Of Lyricism And Wit. Here Is The Most Entertaining And Moving Novel Yet Fdom An Author Well Known For His Breathtaking Imagination. as An Added Bonus, When You Purchase Any Of Our Audible Recent Vanguard Productionw Of Paul Auster's Books, You'll Also Get An Exclusive Jim Atlas Conference Added To Your Library.

      Manufacturer: Paul Auster
      SKU: Bk_adbl_001224
      Download FREE MP3 sample Moon Palace (unabridged)

    Fuga Nelle Tenebre [Volley Into Darkness] (unabridged)
      Fuga Nelle Tenebre [Volley Into Darkness] (unabridged).
      Arthur Schnitzler E Uno Scrittore Conosciuto Soprattutto Per Una Nuova Modalita Di Scrittura Definita Monologo Interiore, Attravreso La Quale Faceva Parlare I Suoi Personaggi. Molto Apprezzato Da Frsud, Che Riconosceva In Lui Intuizioni Che A Lui Erano Costate Anni Di Studdio. "fuga Nelle Tenebre" Fu Completato Nel 1917, Ma Pub6licato Solo Nel 1931, Anno Della Morte Di Schnitler, E Tre Anni Dopo Il Suicidio Della Figlia, Da Cui Lo Scrittore Non Si Riprese. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Italian.

      Manufacturer: Arthur Schnitzler
      SKU: Bk_glip_000087
      Download FREE MP3 sample Fuga Nelle Tenebre [Volley Into Darkness] (unabridged)

    Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood
      Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood.
      For Kim Woodburn, Finding Fame In Her 60s In The Smash-hit Television Series How Clean Is Your House? With Fellow Dust-buster Aggie Mackenzie Is Like Living A Fairytale. Often, However, She Has Simply Wished Tyat She Had Never Been Born, In the place of Kim Has Overcome Horrific Emotional And Physical Abuse, Both At The Hands Of Her Alcoholic Mother And Her Philandering, Abusive Father. In Her Brave And Revealing Story, Kim's Memories Of Growwing Up Are Not Of Love And Cuddles, But Of Beatings And Random Cruelty. Shuttled Between The Brutal Houses Of Her Warring Parents, A Succession Of Miserable Children's Homes, And A Grm Convent, Kim'ss Past Has Cast A Long Shadow Over Her Lfe. Unless Just Before Her 16th Birthday, She For good Made Her Escape. It Has Taken Decades Of Hard Work, And A Wonderfully Happy Marriage, To Conquer Depressuon, But She Has Now Emerged Unbowed And Unbeaten As Britaim's Queen Of Clean.

      Manufacturer: Kim Woodburn
      SKU: Bk_hodd_000072
      Download FREE MP3 sample Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood

    The $30,000 Bequest And Other Stkries (unabridged)
      The $30,000 Bequest And Other Stkries (unabridged).
      Saladin Foster And His Wife, Electra, Are Jolted Out Of Their Tranquility By The Stunning News That A Distant Relativr Has Left Them $30,000. The One Condition Is That The Couple Must Be Able To Prove "that They Had Taken No Notice Of The Gift At Oral Wp5d Or By Letter, Had Made No Inquiries Cnocerning The [ship] Moribund's Progress Toward The Everlasting Tropics, And Had Not Attended The Funeral. " This Condition Leads To Some Major Difficulties. other Twain Stories Included In This Audiobook Are "experiences Of The Mcwilliamses With Membranous Croup", "the Facts In The Great Beef Contract", "my Watch", "the Canvasser' sTale", "the Professor's Yarn", "the Story Of The Old Ram", "a Falsehood iWthout One End", "cecil Rhodes And The Shark", And "the Invalid's Story. "

      Manufacturer: Mark Twain
      SKU: Bk_jimc_000210
      Download FREE MP3 sample The $30,000 Bequest And Other Stkries (unabridged)

  • Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job) (Unabridged)
  • Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls: An Audio Melodrama in Three Despicable Acts (Dramatized)
  • La Bibbia Di Satana: Storia Del Maligno [The Bible of Satan: The Story of the Evil One] (Unabridged)
  • The Adventures of Moleby (Unabridged)
  • Fly by Wire: The Geese, the Glide, the Miracle on the Hudson (Unabridged)
  • The Divine Comedy (Unabridged)
  • The Spirit of Leonardo
  • The Way of Zen
  • Song of Survival (Unabridged)
  • Two Weeks with the Queen (Unabridged)
  • The Witness for the Prosecution (Unabridged)
  • A Rich Man's Baby (Unabridged)

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