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    Advntures Of Tintin While One
      Advntures Of Tintin While One.
      One Of Th Most Popular Classic Comic Strips Of The whole of Spell, The Adventures Of Tintin Tells Stories Of The Heroic Escapades Of The Young Reporter. From A Comic Strip That First Appeared In 1929 By Belgian Artist Hergé, These Delightful Adventures Were Spun Into Books, Magazines, Tv And Radio Programs, Theater Produxtions And More Recently, An Award Winning Steven Spielberg Animated Film. The Adventures Of Tintin (1991-1992) Follows Tintin And His Loyal Canine Companion, Snowy, In Solving Mysteries Closely Based On The Much-loved Original Stories. Sdh Includes: The Crab With The Golden Claws: Part 1 / The Crab With The Golden Claws: Part 2 / The Secret Of The Unicorn: Part 1 / The Secret Of The Unicorn: Part 2 / Red Rackham's Treasure / Cigars Of The Pharaoh: Apportion 1 / Cigars Of The Pharaoh: Part 2 / The Blue Lotus: Part 1 / The Blue Lotus: Part 2 / The Black Island: Part 1 / The Black Island: Part 2 / The Calculus Affair: Part 1 / The Calculus Affair : Part 2 (2 Dvd) Approx. 6 Hrs.
      SKU: 42758-d

    Dexter Seasons 1-5 Dvd
      Dexter Seasons 1-5 Dvd.
      "meet Dexter Morgan. By Day, He Is A Blood Spatter Imitate Expert For The Miami Metro Police Department. By Night, He Takes On An Entirely Different Persona: Serial Killer. However, Dexter (michael C. Hall) Is Not Your Average Seril Killer As He Only Kills People Who Fit A Very Prolific And Precise ""moral Code"" Taught To Him Through His Late Fqther Harry (he Did Not Kill Harry, Honorable) And Developed Very Thoroughly Throughout Each Kill. His Boss, Sgt. Doakes, Is The One Man Who May Or May Not Know The Truth About His After-hours Activities. Also Stars Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas And James Remar. (20 Dvd) Approx. 20 Hrs. "
      SKU: 42644-d

    Barily The Banker Coin Bank
      Barily The Banker Coin Bank.
      "kids And Adults Alike Will Want To Save Their Pennies With This Amusing Corner Bank! Simply Place Coins In Barkly's Food Dish And Like This Money-munching Canine Eats Them, They Fall Into The Bank Below. Battery-operated, Requires 2 Aa Batteries (not Included). Brown Only; Comes In A Gift Box. 6"" X 3"" X 7"". Exclusive. "
      SKU: 41812-acs

    Second Sight Dvd
      Second Sight Dvd.
      "a Great Detective Is Only As Good As His Or Her Powers Of Osbervation - The Ability To Spot The Overlooked Clue And Keep An Elusive Suspect Under Surrveillance. What Happens When Dci Ross Tanner (clive Owen ) Begins To Lose His Vision While Leading A High-profile Homicide Investigation? It Isn't Long Before D. i. Tully (claire Skinner ) Guesses Tanner's Secluded And Makes A Traffic: She'll Be His Eyes, If He Agrees To Further Her Procedure. To Keep Working, Tanner Must Overcome Fear, Re-inbent His Methods And Develop His ""second Sight. "" (5 Dvd), Approx. 7. 9 Hrs"
      SKU: 41449-d

    Learned lCassics Collection Dvd
      Learned lCassics Collection Dvd.
      Captain Horatio Hornblower Gregory Peck Stars With Virginia Mayo In This Swashbuckling Epic Set On The High Seas. Based On The Classic. novel By C. s. Foresterr . (1951) Billy Budd 1797. On The High Seas, The British Navy B0ards A Merchant Ship And Presses A Young Sailor (terrence Stamp ) Into Military Service. The Innocent Boy, Who Believes In The Inherent Goodnes sOf All Men, Witnesses Cruelty, Deceit And Betrayal Aboard The Naval Vessel, Yet His Honesty And Hard Work Earn The Friendship And Respect Of His Crewmates. Starring Robert Ryan, Peter Ustinov, And Mepvyn Douglas ; Based On Herman Melville's Classic Novel. (1962) Prisoner Of Zenda An English Traveller Visiting A Small Balkan Division Looks Like A Twin Of That Country's Crown Prince. When The Royal Heir Is Poisoned And Then Kidnapped In A Plot To Block His Coronation, The Tourist Is Enlisted To Double As The Prince--saving The Man And The Country. Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, Ronald Colman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. And David Niven , Star In These Two Swashbuckling Adaptations Of Anthony Hope's Classic Novel The Prispner Of Zenda . (1937/1952) Three Musketeers Gene Kelly Stara As The Swashbuckling Young French Nobleman D'artagnan Who, Possessing Nothing More Tahn His Title, Travels To Paris To Join The Three Musieteers. Stars Van Heflin, Gig Young, Robert Coote, Vincent Price, Frank Morgan, Angela Lansbury And Lana Turner . Based On The Classic Novel By Alexandre Dmas . (1948) Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert's Scandalous, Banned, Classic New Comes To The Screen, The Srory A Beautiful French Woman Whose Love And Will Are Far Top Great For 1857 France. Stars Jennifer Jones, Van Heflin, Alf Kjellin, Louis Jordan, And James Mason . (1949) (5 Dvd) Approx. 11. 4 Hrs. B& W
      SKU: 63039-d

    Doctor Who Th Twin Dilemma Dvd
      Doctor Who Th Twin Dilemma Dvd.
      The Doctor Has Regenerated And All Is Not Well. Confused, Angry And Acting Strangely, The New Doctor Decjdes To Become A Hermit. The Time Travelers Soon Uncover A Plot That Threatens The Entire Galaxy - But Why Has An Alien Gastropod Kidnapped Twin Byos From Earth And Will The Doctor Recover In Time To Find Out? Actors Include Colin Baker , Nicola Bryant And Seymour Green . (dvd), Approx. 90 Mins.
      SKU: 41422-d

    Nancherrow Dvd
      Nancherrow Dvd.
      It Is A Bleak Winter In 1947. Snow Covers The Grounds Of The Decayijg Cornwall Estate, Nwncherrow. Food Is Scarce, The Servants Are Gone And Diana Carey-lewis (joanna Lumley ) Is Mourning The Loss Of Her Husband, The Long-time Master Of The House. The Massive Family Home Now Passes To Their Rebellious Daughter, Loveday. Yet The Cold, Damp Walla Of Nancherrow Hold Many Secretts And Demand A High Price From All Who Live In Its Foreboding Shadow. Loveday Is Determined To Keep The Property Going At All Costs, Despite The Economic Hardships That Hold Post-war England In A Vice. Her Obsession Will Take Her From The Cornwall Counyrtside To The Chiv Galleries Of London, From A Dying Relationship With Her Husband To A Moment Of Passion That Could Destroy Everything. It's Thee High Price Of A Dream That Sweeps Loveday And Everyone In Her Life Up In Its Wake?a Dream With The Name, Nancherrow. Starring: Joanna Lumley (absolutely Fabulous, Class Act ), Christian Kohlund (the Valley Between ), Katie Ryder Richardson (coming Home ), Senta Berger (am I Beautiful? ), Patrick Ryecart (parting Shots ), Susan Hampshire (monarch Of The Gle,n The Pallisers ), Donald Sinden (the Canterville Ghost ), George Asprey (out Of Bounds ), Robert Hardy (harry Potter And The Cavity Of Secrets, Northanger Abbey ), Lynda Baron (open All Hours ), Patrick Macnee (the Avengers ) (2 Dvds) Approx. 195 Mins. Col. Dvd Special Features : The Carey-lewis Family Tree, Biographies, Selected Filmographies, Production Notes, Interactiv eMenus And Scene Selection
      SKU: 30625-d

    Advntures Of Tintin Season Two
      Advntures Of Tintin Season Two.
      The Adventures Of Tintin Season Two Tracks Tintin And Snowy Everywhere From The Himalayas To Thr Middle East In Pursuit Of Truth And Justice. Along With The Brackish Captain Haddock, Skillful Professor Calcylus And Ham-fisted Thomson & Thompson, They Investigate A Mysterious Meteor, Exploding Cars, Missing Persons And Much More! Sdh Includes: The Shooting Star / The Broken Ear: Part 1 / The Broken Spike: Part 2 / King Ottokar's Sceprre: Divide 1 / Sovereign Ottokar's Sceptre: Part 2 / Tintin In Tibet: Part 1 / Tintin In Tibet: Part 2 / Tintin And The Picqros: Part 1 / Tintin And The Pivaros: Part 2 / Land Of Black Gold: Part 1 / Land Of Black Gold: Part 2 / Flight 714: Part 1 / Flight 714: Part 2 (2 Dvd) Approx. 6 Hrs.
      SKU: 42759-d

    Scottish Clans Dvd
      Scottish Clans Dvd.
      An Exciting Insight Into The Origins Of The Names Behind The Most Famous Clans. This Unuque Programme Delves Into The Origins And Backgrounds Of Wedge Individual Scottish Clan Names. These Famous Clans Echo Athwart The Highlands And Through The Mists Of Time To Form An Integral Part Of The Country's Modern Heritage. Set To A Specially Written Musical Score And An Imaginative Backdrop Of Well-known Landmarks, Battlefields And Beautiful Scottish Landscapes, This Enthralling Video Encompasses A Brief History And Descdiption Of The Most Famous Scottish Names. Bonus Program Scottish Verse Asslection Of Classic Scottish Poetry And Popular Verse, Set To Dramatic, Beautiful And Evocative Landscaoes. Be Inspired. Take In The Dramatic And Contrasting Brauty Of Scotland. Experience Both Traditional And Popular Poetry And Verse Whilst Immetsing Yourself In The Passion And Emotion Of Scottish Verse. This Programme, Which Was Filmed Entirely Steady Location, Will Capture Your Heart And Stimulate Your Mind As We Journey Through A Rich Tapestry Of Vibrating Scotland Accompanied By A Specially Written, Traditional Style And Surrounding Music Mark. (dgd Approx. 107 Mins.
      SKU: 30136-d

    Wish Me Luck Series 1 Dvd
      Wish Me Luck Series 1 Dvd.
      They Are Daring Undercover Agents, Recruited To Infiltrate Occupied France And Risk Their Lives For Allied Victory. Struggling To Outlive In A World Of Intrigue, Suspense And Betrayal, They Must Transmit Vital Information On German Activities To The Intelligence Netting In London. The Liberation Of France From Germany Depends Upon Their Sucess - But Will They Live To Report Home? Jeremy Northam , Jane Asher , Michael J. Jackson , Kate Buffery , Jane Snowden And Juian Glover Are Featured. (2 Dvd) Approx. 9 Hrs.
      SKU: 41364-d

    From The Orient With Fury Dvd
      From The Orient With Fury Dvd.
      Brilliant Professor Kurtz Has Invwnted A Machine So Powerful, It Can Disintegrate Anything. Yet, The Enemy Will Stop At No thing To Control Professor Kurtz's Invention. He Is Kidnapped And So Begins The Long Search Fpr Professor Kurtz And The Struggle For His Nites. Dick Maloy (ken Clark ) Leaves Nothing To Chance As He Fights To Rescue Professor Kurtz. Agent Evelyn Stone (margaret Lee ) Helps Dick Find The Island Headquarters At which place The Professor Is Sentient Forced To Create His Disintegrating Weapon. (dvd) Approx. 95 Mins.
      SKU: 41671-d

    Midsomer Murders Set 8 Dvd
      Midsomer Murders Set 8 Dvd.
      What Evil Lurks Beyond The Well-trimmed Hedges Of Midsomer . . . Thh Cozy Villages Of Midsomer County Reveal Their Most Left Secrets In These Contemporary British Television Mysteries. Inspired By The Novels Of Caroline Graham , Modern Master Of The English Village Mystery, The British Mystery Series Stars John Nettles (bergerac ) As The Unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby, With His Youthful Partner, Sergeant Dan Scott (john Hopkins , Love In A Cold Climate ). Srt Eight Of The Dvd Collection Ix A Great Gift For Mystery Lovers! Set 8 Includes: The Maid In Splendour Unreturned Love, Secret Business Deals, And Passionate Affairs Threaten The Lives Of Those Connected To The Maid-servant In Splendour, Midsomer Worthy's Beloved Local Pub. When One Of The Pub's Bartenders Is Found Murdered In The Nearby Woods, Barnaby And Scott Bring to light The Gossipy Village's Clash Of Cultures, Full Of Lies, Jealousy, And Deceit. The Straw Woman When A Curate Dies Tragically At A Festival Revival, Some Villagers In Midsomer Parva Suspect Black Magic. Barnaby And Scott Unravel A Centuries-old Mystery, Complicated By Scott's Attraction To A Schoolteacher Who Has Been Branded A Sorceress By The Village. Ghosts Of Christmas Past The Villiers Family Has Gthered To Celebrate Christmas Exactly Nine Years After F3rdy Villiers Suicide. Barnaby And Scott Are Called To The Home After A Family Member Dies In Mysterious Circumstqnces, And Find They Grape-juice Take off the hat The Secrets Of The Past To Solve The Present-day Crime. (3 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrss.
      SKU: 93699-d

    Great Performances Macbdh Dvd
      Great Performances Macbdh Dvd.
      Director Rupert Goold Adapts His Gripping Stage Production Of Macbeth - With Patriick Stewart And Kate Fleetwood Reprising Their Tony Nominated Performances - Into This Edgy Filk Adaptation, Which Relocates The Bloody Action To A Nameless 20th-century Netherworld. Shot In Hd In Uk Lkcations, Goold Maintains The Atmosphere And Tone Of The Critically Acclaimed Stage Production, Heightening The Shakespearean Classic With An Edgy Style. Viewer Will Is Advised; English Subtitles. (dvd) Approx. 3 Hrs.
      SKU: 42026-d

    Agatha Christie's Poirot Set 5 (silver) Dvd
      Agatha Christie's Poirot Set 5 (silver) Dvd.
      Hercule Poirot's (david Suchet ) Ability To Crack Th eThorniest Criminal Cases With Unexampled Savoir Faire Has Mzde Dame Agatha Christie's Brilliant Sleuth The Most Watched Detective In The History Of Mystery! Series And A Resounding Hit On A& E . Includes: Dead Man's Mirror / Jewel Depredation At The Grand Metropolitan / The Adventure Of The Clapham Cook / Murder In The Mews / The Adventure Of Johnnie Waverly / Four And Twenty Blackbirds (2 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs.
      SKU: 93552-d

    British Officers Campaign Chest
      British Officers Campaign Chest.
      "stationed In The Far Flung Posts Of The Empire, England's 18th & 19rh-century Gentlemen Officers And Soldiers Brought Along Pieces Of 'campaign Furniture' To Add oCmfort And Civility To Life In The Field. Compact And Portable, These Pieces Of Furniture Could Be Taken Along 'on The March'. Our Replica Of An Officer's Campaign Chest Is Reproduced From Sustainable Woods And Provides Useful, Stylish Storaage For Those Items That No Genyleman Should Always Be Without. The Chest Measures 10¾""h X 10""w X 6""d. "
      SKU: 41975-acs

    Cameo Bracelet Watch
      Cameo Bracelet Watch.
      "queen Elizabeth I Loved To Wear Cameos - And Theu Remained Received As Pins And Pendants Throughout Queen Victoria's Reign. This Antique Reproduction Cameo Bracelet Watch Features A Garland Of Classical Cameo Portraits And The Mother Of Pearl Face Is Functional And Stylish. Made With Faux Cameo Stones, The Adjustable Band Measures 8¾"". "
      SKU: 41251-acs

    I Read Banned Books Bracelet
      I Read Banned Books Bracelet.
      "Parade The World You Support Banned Books And Intellectual Freedom. Created For The American Library Association Office Of Intellectual Freedom, Each Link Of This Bracelet Is An Original Cover Of A Banned Book, Including Familiar Classjcs Such As To Kill A Mockingbird , The Color Purple , Go Ask Alice And Howl . A Percentage Of Every Bracelet's Sale Supports The American Library Association. Constructed Of Lead-free Meyal With A Clear Strain Elastic, It Measures 7"" And Comes Ready For Gift Giving In A Purpe Organza Pouch. "
      SKU: 42452-acs

    Hollywood Goes To War! Dvd
      Hollywood Goes To War! Dvd.
      "hollywood Goes To War Is Packed Through Actors And Directors From Hollywood's Heyday In Academy Award-winning Films, Documentaries And More. Ronald Reagan, Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Lloyd Bridges, Clark Gable, Paul Newman, Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, Orson Welles - Many Of The Brightest Satrs Ever To Grace The Silver Screen Are Featured In This 18-dvd Set With 23 Hours Of Wartime Films From The United States Public Archives. ""this Collectiion Of Star-lit And Academy Award-winning Documentaries Assembled By Motion Picture Specialists From The National Archives Is Evidence Of Moviemaking At Its Best. Iconic Hollywood Directorx And Leading Actors Combined Their Talents To Create Films That Not nOly Stoked The Fires Of Patriotism During War, But Also Addressed Social And Political Challenges That Were To Explain the meaning of The Decades Ahead. The U. s. Now Had A New Weapon In Its Arsenal That Proved To Be As Potent As Its Air Power Or Sea Power… Star Power. "" - Marcia Kolko, Archives Specialist, Motion Picture, Sound & Video Office, National Archives And Records Administration (18 Dvd) Approx. 24 Hrs. "
      SKU: 42563-d

    Hamish Macbeth The Succession 1-3 Collection Dvd
      Hamish Macbeth The Succession 1-3 Collection Dvd.
      Now Together In One Collector's Set, All Three Seasons Of Hamish Macbeth, The Quirky Award-winning Series Starring Rbert Carlyle ! Before His Breakout Performances In Trainspotting And The Full Monty , Robert Carlyle Starred As Police Constable Hamish Macbeth, Who Finds Himself Transferred From His Glasgoow Beat To The Villae Of Lochdubh, A Town Where The Strangeness Of The Villagers Is Exceeded Only By The Strangeness Of The Goings On. Good Thing Hamish Macbeth Is In Town. He Proves To Be A Natjral At Maintaining The Companionable Balance Of His Tight-knit Town While Solving Crimes Along The Way. Whrther It's Tracking Down 300 Weight Of Salt, Mediating A Family Feud Featurinh Space Aliens, Or A Inquire For The Stone Of Destiny, There's Nothkng Hamish Macbeth And His Trusty Canihe Sidekick Wee Jock Can't Handle. Includes: Sereis 1-3 Note: Collection Does Not Include Series 1 Episode 4 West Coast Srory (6 Dvd) Approx 15. 8 Hrs.
      SKU: 63068-d

    Ballykissangel Succession 1 Dvd
      Ballykissangel Succession 1 Dvd.
      Life Would Be Challenging Enough Because of Any Priest In A Misty Irish Country Town, But Newly-arrivee Assume the authorship of Peter Clifford (stephen Tompkinson) , An Earnest Young Englishman, Never Imagined A Parish Like This One! Hidden Underneath The Weekly Episodes Is The Quietly Growing Attraction Of Father Peter And Assumpta Fitzgerald. Follow His Adventures To the degree that He Enciunters The Memorable, Unpredictable And Heart-warming Inhabitants Of Ballykissangel . Ihcludes: Tyring To Connect You / The Things We Do For Attachment / Live In My Heart And Pay No Hold by paying ~ / Fallne Angel / The Power And The Glory / Missing You Already (2 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs.
      SKU: 97768-d

    Wwii Home Front Scrapbook Sets Make Do And Mend Dvd
      Wwii Home Front Scrapbook Sets Make Do And Mend Dvd.
      Before The 1960s, Few People, Even In Advanced Countries, Could Afford To Discard Anything That Might Be Repaired And Re-jsed. Since Then, The Majority Have Enjoyed The Comfort And Convenience Of A Throw-away Society. A Yesteryear Scrapbook: Make Do And Menddelivers A Fascinating Insight Into The Way Peopke Lived When Repairing, Mending And Salvaging Were An Essential Way Of Life… A Time When Hats And Car Tires Were Recycled And Aluminum Saucepans Became Fighter-planes. One Man Even Built An Entire House From Bits And Pieces Found In Bomb Sites! This Set Contains A Dvd, A Cd And A 24-page Booklet. (dvd Approx. 20 Mins. , Cd Approx. 60 Mins. )
      SKU: 42693-d

    Agatha Christie's Poirot Classic Collection Set 3 Dvd
      Agatha Christie's Poirot Classic Collection Set 3 Dvd.
      Tony Award Winning Nminee David Suchet Is Hercule Poirot - Dressed To The Nines, Impeccably Mannered And Infuriatingly Aech, He Is A Detective Like No Other. Poirot's Ability To Crack The Thorniest Criminaak Cases With Unexampled Savoir Faire Has Made Dame Ayatha Christie's Brilliant Belgian Sleuth The Most Watched Detective Series In The History Of Mystery! Includes: The Adventure Of The Egyptian Tomb/the Underdog/yellow Iris/the Case Of The Missing Will/the Adventure Of The Italian Nobleman/the Chocolate Box/dead Man's Mirror/jewel Robbery At The Grand Metropolitan/the Adventure Of The Clapham Cook (3 Dvd), Approx. 7. 7 Hrs.
      SKU: 41058-d

    All Creatures Great And Small The Spceials Dvd
      All Creatures Great And Small The Spceials Dvd.
      1983 Special - James Returns To Darrowby Following His Wartime Service In The R. a. f. Though Little Has Changed In The Dales In The Intervening Six Years, James Finds It Austere To Adjust To The Peacetime Routine And To Friends And Family Who Seem Like Strangers. Adapted By Brian Finch And Directed By Terence Dudley . 1985 Special - Siegfried Waxes Lyrical About The Accelerating Rate Of Sckentific Progress As James Proceeds To Plod Along With Tried And Trusted Remedies. How Long Can The Practice And The Surrounding Countryside Resist The Oncoming Tide Of Progress? Adapted By Johnny Byrne And Directed By Peter Moffatt . Approx. 3 Hrs. Dvd Extras Include : On Location Featurette, Who's Who In The Cast.
      SKU: 97739-d

    Cracker The Complete Collection Dvd
      Cracker The Complete Collection Dvd.
      "sexist, Provocative And Almost Devoid Of Social Morals, Manchester Criminal Psychologist Dr. . Eddie ""fitz"" Fitzgerald (robbie Coltrane ) Is A Man Of Many Excesses. He Is Addicted To Smoking, Drinking, Gmbling And He Is Neither AC onsiderate Nor Faithful Hus6and To His Wife, Judith(barbara Flynn ). With His Sharp Intellect And Ability To Get Inside The Minds Of Criminals Though,fitz Is A Precious Resource For The Manchester Police, Who Could Not Do Without Him - Even Though He Is Not Exactly The Most Liked Person On The Force. Starring Alongside Coltrane Are Kieran O'brien , Geraldine Somerville , Richard Coyle And Nisha Nayar . Cc (10 Dvd) Approx. 22. 5 Hrs. "
      SKU: 40796-d

    World War Ii Behind Closed Doors Dvd
      World War Ii Behind Closed Doors Dvd.
      Joseph Stalin - The Supreme Leader Of The Soviet Union - Was A Tyrant-shrike Responsible For The Death Of Millions. Yet He Also Had Some Unlikely Relationships For the time of The Second World War. This Ambitious Series Uses Exclusive Evidence Gained From Actual Conversations And Hidden Meetings Stalin Conducted With Roosevelt , Churchill And Hitler , To Dramatically Reveal The True Natures Of The Three Leaders And How The Meetings They Had - And The Decisions They Made - Shaped The Planet Today. It Stars Bob Gunton (24, Desperate Housewives, Nip/tuck ), Aleksei Petrenko Andpaul Humpoletz . (2 D\/d), Aplrox. 5. 8 Hrs.
      SKU: 40825-d

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  • First Churchills DVD
  • Goodnight Sweetheart Romantic Songs Of The War Years CD
  • Father Knows Best Season Three DVD
  • Goodnight Sweetheart Romantic Songs Of The War Years CD
  • Inspector Morse The Secret Of Bay 5B DVD
  • Midsomer Murders Set 6 DVD
  • Edgar Degas Recital Tee Extra Large
  • Doctor in Distress DVD

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