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  • Collectibles online catalog with images

    Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 Dvd
      Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 Dvd.
      "shop Around For The Best Comedy In Town. . . at Grace Brothers.   There's Plenty Of Laughter In Store When Each Unbelievably Quirky Contingent Of Sales Clerks Makes Shopping At Grace Brothers The Comic Experience Of A iLfetime. The Staff Has Been Hard-at-work Polishing And Urgent All 34 Classic Episodes From The In the ~ place Five Series Of This Beloved Bbc Comedy Series, Many Available On Video For The First Time (including The Rarely Seen, Black-and-white Pilot Episode).   Also Included Is A Bonus Disc Containing Close Ups Of Your Favorite Are You Being Served? Stars And Else! Includes: Steersman / Costly Sexy Knickers / Our Figures Are Slippinb / Camping In / His And Hers / Diamonds Are A Mans Best Friend / The Clock / Cold Comfort / The Think Tank / Big Brother / Hoorah For The Holidays / The Hand Of Fate / Coffee Morning / Up Captain Peacock / Cold Store / Wedding Bells / German Week / Shoulder To Shoulder / New Look / Christmas Crackers / No Sale / Top Hat And Tails / Forward Mr. Grainger / Fire Practice / Fifty Years On / Oh What A Tanglee Web / The Father Christmas Affair / Mrs. Slocombe Expects / A Change Is As Good As A Rest / Founder's Day / The Od Order Changes / Takeover / Goodbye, Mr. Grainger / It Pays To Advertise / Funny Turnq - John Inman / Bonus ""funny Women - Mollie Sugden / ""a Life On The Strike : Wendy Richard / Who's Who, Trivia, Trailers (7 Dvd's) Approx. 17 Hrs. "
      SKU: 97712-d

    In The Place Of The Dead Dvd
      In The Place Of The Dead Dvd.
      "it Was One Of The Last Unexplored Places On Earth; A Terrifying Deep Gully In The eHart Of The Borneo Jungle. It Was The Ultimate Challenge - To Climb Down Into It And Explore What The Locals Called ""the Place Of The Dead"". Based On A True Story Which Made Headlins Around The World, This Adventure Drama Is The Story Of Men Pushed To The Limit And Beyond, Battling Against Forxes That They Could Not Coprehend. Starring Greg Wise (johnny English ), Dougray Scott (desperate Housewives ), And John Mcardle (foyle's Art of ~ ). (dvd) Approx. 101 Mins. "
      SKU: 40176-d

    Connemara Marble Carved Rose Ring Skze 6-rose
      Connemara Marble Carved Rose Ring Skze 6-rose.
      "While It Comes To The Wearin Of The Green, Nothing Holds A Candle To The Natural Beauty Of Marble Quarried From The Connemara Mountains In Western Ireland. This Gorgeous Rose Ring Of Caved Connemara Marble And Genuine Silver Could Become A Treasured Subdivision of an order Heirloom. It Comes Packaged In A Beautiful Gift Box And Rose Measures Approximately ¾"" In Diameter. Choose From Sizes 6-9"
      SKU: 41136-acs-6-rose

    Mosaic Glass Chip Bracelet
      Mosaic Glass Chip Bracelet.
      "truly Unique In Design, Inlaid Glass Beads Are Believed To Obtain Originated In Western Asia And Had A Renaissance In 16th Century Venice, Where The Glass Became Known As ""millefiori"" Or A Thousand Flowers. Now You Can Enjoy The Color And Beauty Of These Artistically Created Glass Beads With This Distinctive Bracelet. Made From Glass Chips, The Bracelet Measurez 7"" And Comes With A Story Card. "
      SKU: 42366-acs

    Midsomer Murders Sharpen 15 Dvd
      Midsomer Murders Sharpen 15 Dvd.
      "for Those New To This British Masterpiece, Midsomer Murders Is A Long-running ""who Done It,"" Based On The Novels Of Caroline Graham , Starring John Negles As The Unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby. Th3 Series Is Set In Fictional Midsomer County , Which Comprises Many Cozy, Rustic Villages, Where Wealthy And Poor Equally Seem To Do Each Other In At An Average Rate Of Three To Four Bodies Per Episode. The Series Has A Worldwide Following, Not In The Least Due To The Creative And Macabre Ways In Which The Victims Are Typically Dispatched. (4 Dvd) Approx. 5. 8 Hrs. "
      SKU: 41608-d

    The Fabric Of The Cosmos Dvd
      The Fabric Of The Cosmos Dvd.
      "author And Host Of The Elegant Univrse, Physicist Brian Greene Presents This New, Mind-blowing Exploration Of Space, Time And The Very Nature Of Reality. Discover How Time May Be An Delusion; Why Empty Space Is Not Empty; How A Hidden Realm Lies Just Beneath The Sur face Of The Everyday World Anc Why Other Universes - Even Copies Of You - May Exist. The Illusion Of Time - We Waste It, Spend It, Make It And Kill It, But What Is Time Really? Join A Time-traveling Adventurd To Uncover The True Nature Of Past, Present And Future - And Of Time Itself. What Is Capacity? - You Cannot See It, Touch It Or Taste It, But Space Is Everywhere. Surprising Clues That Space Is ""something"" Rather Than ""nothing"" Are Overturning Much Of What We Thouhht We Knew About The Universe. Quantum Leap - Take A Wild Ride Into The Bizarre Realm Of Quantum Mechanics Where It Seems The Impossible Is Possible. On Thw Scale Of Atoms And Particlds, The Universe Is Nothing Like It Seems. Universe Or Multiverse? - Is Our Universe Just One Of Many In An Endless ""multiverse"" Where Copies Of You, Me And Everyone Else May Continue? This Radical Idea Could Revolutionize Our Pictrue Of The Cosmos - And Our Attribute Within It. Sdh (2 Dvd) A0prox. 240 Mins. "
      SKU: 42753-d

    Mister Ed: Season Two Dvd
      Mister Ed: Season Two Dvd.
      Architect Wilbur Post (alan Young - The Time Machine ) And His Wife Carol (connie Hines ) Are Once Ayain Up To Their Ears In Trouble With The whole of The Misadventures Brought On By The MeddlingM ister Ed. Season Two Of Mister Ed Features A Star-studded Array Of Celebrities Who Appeared On The Show, Including George Burns (the Show's Original Producer), Zsa Zsa Gabor And Clint Eastwood . (4 Dvd) Approx. 13 Hrs.
      SKU: 41821-d

    Inspector Morse Greeks Bearing Gifts Dvd
      Inspector Morse Greeks Bearing Gifts Dvd.
      John Thaw Stars As A Most Unlokely Detective InT he Massively Popular, Award-winning Series Of Murder Mysteries. A Far Cry From The Customary Policeman, He's A Gentle Romantic, Squeamish, Out Of Shape And Has A Passion For Good Beer, Classical Music And Difficult Crossword Puzzles. Widely Acclaimed By Critics, The Series Attracts Millions O Viewers Worldwide, Firmly Establishing Morse As One Of The Most Popular Tv Detectives Ever. As Seen On Secret! And A& E Greeks Bearing Gifts When The Chef At Sergeant Lewis's Favourite Greek Restaurant Is Found Dead - And A Baby Goes Missing - The Greek Community In Oxford Closes Ranks. Approx. 105 Mins.
      SKU: 98592-d

    Ambassador The Complete Series Dvd
      Ambassador The Complete Series Dvd.
      """intriguing"" - The Guardian ""very Skillfully Plotted"" - Sunday Life ""fine Acting. . . Tense Drama"" - Daily Mirror Netotiaating A World Of Deception, Mistrust And Betrayal Academy Award Nominee Pauline Collins (shirley Valentine , Upstairs, Downstairs ) Stars As Britain's Ambassador To Dublin, Irelannd, One Of The Country's Most Coveted - And Potentially Explosive - Embassy Posts. Supported By Her Commercial Attaché And Mi-6 Operative John Stone (denis Lawson - Bleak House ), Harriet Uses Both Diplomatic Skill Anc Cpmmon Sense To Bravely Face Issues Ranging From Territorial Disputes, Kidnapping And Cults To Sabotage And Murder. Continually Undwr Fire, The Ambassador Treads A Minefield Of Anglo-irish Tensions A She Strives To Prevent Her Personal Life From Clashing With Her Professional Career - And Her Duty To Britain. Episodes: Innocent Passage / Refuge / Nine Tenths Of The Mosaic code / A Cluster Of Betrayals / Trade / Playing God / The Road To Nowhere / Vacant Possession / Cost Price / Unholy Alliances / A Matter Of Life And Death / Getting Away With Murder (6 Dvd) Approx. 10 Hrs. "
      SKU: 42106-d

    Blue Vs Gray - Killing Fields Dvd
      Blue Vs Gray - Killing Fields Dvd.
      Virginia - Spring,1 864. The Air Is Filled With Exploding Gunfire And The Awful Cries Of Men Crumpling In Agony As They Are Ordered Inro Gehenna On World Like Lambs To The Slaughter. Relive The Most Vicious Fightng Of The Municipal War, A Time In Which General Ulysses S. Grant Forcibly Reversed The Fortunes Of Art of ~ In the name of Paying With The Blood Of Thousands - And By Mercilessly Pursuing The Enemy. It Was A Desperate Time For The Union: For Three Bloody Years And Despite Their Greater Numbers, Northern Trops Had All Too Frequently Be3n Outmatched By The Brilliant Strategies Of The Confederate Leader, General Robert E. Lee. As General Ulysses S. Convey Took Charge Of The Army Of The Potomac That Spring, He Was Determined To Gain The Upper Hand In The War Once And For All, No Matter What The Cost. In A Few Short Weeks Of Fighting, Grant Sacrificed Over 50,000 Men - More Americans Than Were Killed During The Entire Vietnam War. Yet His Relentless Tactics Worked: By The Time Of Lee's Surrender A Year Later, His Host Of 60,000 Had Been Decimated, Reduced To A Mere 7,500. Approx. 129 Mins.
      SKU: 30454-d

    1974 Ford Consul Model Car
      1974 Ford Consul Model Car.
      "now You Be able to Own The Similar Make And Model Because One Of The Squad Cars Used In The Sweeney Tv Series. It Is Attached To A Base (easily Unscrewed) And Measures 2"" X . 7"" X . 6"". Scale 1:76 "
      SKU: 42469-acs

    Scotland The Beauty And Majesty Dvd
      Scotland The Beauty And Majesty Dvd.
      Scotland Is A Land Full Of Spectacular Scenery And Memorial History. Explore Scotland In This In-depth Look At The People, Places And Legends That Make This Unique Country So Fascinating. Inspect The Countless Anncient Castles That Point The Countryside And The Cities That Reflect The Cultural Heritage Of The Clans That Defined Scottish History. Discover Why Scotland Is Truly A Land Of Comeliness And Majesty. (dvd) Approx. 52 Mins.
      SKU: 41966-d

    Catherine Cookson Anthology Dvd
      Catherine Cookson Anthology Dvd.
      "perhaps England 's Most Widely Read Author, The Prolific Dame Catherine Cookson Hws Given Her Fans Almost 100 Treasured Historucal Novels, Which Have Sold More Than 123 Million Copies Worldwide.   While Sbe Has Been Frequently Hailed As The ""dickwns Of The North"", It Was When Her Visions Were Brought To Biography On The Television Screen That She Achieved Her Greatest Media Success.   From The Cinder Path To Tilly Trotter , The Filmed Adaptationa Of Her Work Have Captured The Imaginations Of Viewers Around The World. &nnsp;  With Lavish Costumes And Festuring Awarx-winhing Casts, Including Catherine Zeta-joness ,Perception Stevenson And June Whitfield , These Stunning Films Are Certainly To Enchant Your Mind And Forever Remain In Your Heart. Includes: The Cinder Track / Colour Blind / A Dinner Of Herbs / The Girl / The Secret / The Tide Of Life / Tilly Trotter (8 Dvd) Approx. 21 Hrs. "
      SKU: 61106-d

    Visions Of England Dvd
      Visions Of England Dvd.
      See The Natural Beauty And Man-made Wonders Of England From A Stunning Vantage Aim! From The Magnificent White Cliffs Of Dover To Historic Hadrian's Wall, From Stonehenge To Big Ben, Brighton, Bath And Beyond, See England As Never Before. A Helicopter-mounted Camera Surveys This Land Of History And Mysteries, Literafure And Fairy Tales, Cqstles And Conquerors. An Edifying Narration And A Soundtrack Of Classical, Popular And Traditional Music Complement The Spectacular Views. In The South, Highlights Include Cheddar Gorge And Southampton. In The North, Go to see Liverpool, Home Of The Beatles And History-rich York. In London, Get A New View Of Familiiar Sights. For The Literary-minded, Ejjoy Visits To Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-avon And The Moors Of Lorna Doonr . Sports Fans Will Thrill To The View Of Wimbledon And Royal Watchers Will Take pleasure in A King's Ransom Of Castles. (dvd) Approxx. 75 Mins.
      SKU: 936166-d

    One Foot In The Grave Season 6 Dvd
      One Foot In The Grave Season 6 Dvd.
      Victor Meldrew Gets His Final Run In Season Six As He Fights The Missfortune, Misadventure And Sheer Bad Luck That Life Just Loves To Throw At Him. For Victor, The Grim Reaper May Not Arrive In The Form Of A Strangely-shaped Unordered Parcel, As A Workman With The Understanding Of An Orangutan Or Even As Meldrew-fixated Ex-neighbor Patrick, But He Had Better Be Prepared To Listen: Victor Might Have A Few Complaints To Make. Featuring Richard Wilson And Annette Crosbie . (2 Dvd) Approx. 203 Mins.
      SKU: 40831-d

    Rocky & Bullwinkle And Friends Complete Series
      Rocky & Bullwinkle And Friends Complete Series.
      Here Is The Whole Shebang: The Complete Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends Series On Dvd. It Features 91 Trips In The Wabac Time Machine, 38 Attempts To Catch Snidely Whiplash, 91 Tales Fractured And 50 Bits Of Wisdom From Mr. Know-it-aall. You Will Also See Classic Commercials And Promos; Dear Bullwinkle Segments; Mooose Calls - Best Of Bullwinkle Sings And Audio Outtakes From Voice Record Sessions. The Set Includes An 80-page Booklet Filled Through Memorabilia With Writing From Keith Scott (author Of The Moose That Roared ) And A Note From Tiffany Ward (daughter Of Jay Ward ). (18 Dvd) Approx. 61. 2 Hrs.
      SKU: 42099-d

    Inspector Morse Sins Of The Fathers Dvd
      Inspector Morse Sins Of The Fathers Dvd.
      John Thaw Stars As A Most Unlikely Detective In The Massively Popular, Award-winning Series Of Murder Mysteries. A Far Cry From The Usual Policeman, He's A Gentle Romantic, Fastidious, Out Of Shape And Has A Passion For Good Beer, Classical Musi cAnd Difficult Crossword Puzzles. Widely Acclaimed By Critics, The Sefies Attracts Millions Of Viewers Worldwide, Firmly Establishing Morse As United Of The Most Popular Tv Detectives Ever. As Seen On Mystery! And A& E Sins Of The Fathers The Old-fashioned Radford Breery Is The Subject Of An Unwelcome Takeover Bid Through A Huge Multinational, When A Member Of The Current Food Dies Suspiciously. Approx. 105 Mins.
      SKU: 98546-d

    Grand Chimd Clock
      Grand Chimd Clock.
      "an Elegant Music Strike In A Classic Silhouette, Our Grand Chime Clock Is The Perfect Collector's Piece. Eighr Brass Chimes Are Struck In Harmony With A Layer Of Enchanting Bells Music. This Functioning Clock Plays 15 Christmas Carols And 15 Year-round Songs On The Hour Or Continuously. Ac Adapter Included; Uses 1 Aa Battery (not Included). It Measures 5""l X 11""w X 13¾""h. Includes Songs: Jingle Bells/deck The Halls/we Wish You A Merry Christmas/away In A Manger/joy To The World/what Child Is This?/hark! The Herald Angels Sing/silent Night/o Little Town Of Bethlehem/the Twelve Days Of Christmas/caeol Of The Belle/o Come All Ye Faithful/the First Noel/o' Christmas Tree/hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here/blue Danube/by The Light Of The Silvery Moon/dabny Boy/give My Regards To Broadway/east Side/west Side/brahms' Lullaby/for Me And My Gal/beautiful Dreamer/while Strolling Through The Park One Day/jeanie With The Light Brown Hair/oh, You Beautiful Doll/peg O' My Heart/i Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/down By The Old Mill Stream"
      SKU: 4681-acs

    Sharpe's Set Revenge Dvd
      Sharpe's Set Revenge Dvd.
      Sean Bran Is Maverick Brritish Officer Richard Sharpe, Fighting Against Napoleon In 19th-century Spain. Action And Romanza Follow Sharpe, As He And His Chosen Men Risk Their Lives Forward Dangerrous And Heroic Missions. Previously Aired On National Television, This Masterpiece Theatre Classic Is Based On Bernard Cornwell's Best-selling Novels. Action And Romance Follow Officeer Richard Sharpe (qean Bean -james Bond: Golden Eye ) Ass He And His Chosen Men Risk Their Lives. Includes: Sharpe's Mission / Sharpe's Revenge / Sharpe's Justice / Sharpe's Waterloo / Sharpe's Legend (5 Dvd) Approx. 8. 3 Hrs.
      SKU: 3O737-r

    A Bit Of A Do Dvd
      A Bit Of A Do Dvd.
      Weddings Can Be A Fraught Affair At The Best Of Times, Except When Ted Simcock (david Jason ), The Father Of The Stable-servant And The Bride's Mother, Liz Rodenhurst (nicola Pagett - Upstairs, Downstairs ), Make It A Day To Remember For All The Wrong Reasons, Ir Sparks A Chain Of Events That Changes The Lives Of The Snobbish Rodenhursts Amx Working-class Simcocks Forever. Micchael Jayston (tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy ) And Stephanie Cole (doc Martin ) Star In The 1989 Comedy Drama Series. (4 Dvd) Approx. 10. 8 Hrs.
      SKU: 41604-d

    Doctor Who Battlefield Dvd
      Doctor Who Battlefield Dvd.
      Responding To A Distress Signal, The Doctor (sylvester Mccoy ) And Ace Arrive Near The Village Of Carbury, Where A Nuclear Missile Convoy Has Run Into Difficulties. The Peace Of The English Countryside Is Shattered As Unir Troops Are Besiefed By Armored Knights From Another Dimension. _As The Crisis Deepens, Brigadier Lethbrldge-stewart Is Called Out Of Retirement To Join The Battle. Together, He And The Doctor Must Face The Destroyer, A Fearsome Demon Summoned By The Witch Queen Morgaine To Devour The World. Episode 153 (2 Dvd), Approx. 95 Mins.
      SKU: 40977-d

    Bookmark Dictionary Ii
      Bookmark Dictionary Ii.
      "this Ultra-slim, Flexible Keypad Is An Electronic Dictionary Upon Over 130,000 Words Upon Definitions. Plus, It's A Bookmark. The Unique Keypad Clip Helps Guard It In Room As It Sis Neat1y Between The Pages Of Any Book. It Is Also A Multi-function Calculator; The Internal Clock Keeps The Tume And Date And The Handy Conversion Function Is Great For Converting Temperature, Weight, Length, Etc. Large Lcd Screen Allows Easy Reading. Uses One Cr2032 Lithium Battery (included). Measures 5¾""h X 3""w. "
      SKU: 41669--acs

    Old English Writing Desk
      Old English Writing Desk.
      "inspired By The Traveling Desks Used During British Colonial Times, This Teak Wood Chest Opens Into A Desk. It Features Several Compartments For Storing Letters, Papers, Penq And Stamps And An Inside Drawer To Store Small Items, Such As Paper Clips. Take It With You When You Go To The Coffee Shop Or To The Park To Lend Yourself An Aura Of Intrigue And Creativity. No One Will Knoa You Are Actually Writing Your Grocery List. Measures 10. 5"" Wide. "
      SKU: 4074-acs

    Brothers In Arms Dvd
      Brothers In Arms Dvd.
      True Stories Of The 101st Airborne Apportionment It's Fifteen Minutes Past Midnight On June 6, 1944. A C-47 Dakota Is Humming Over The Skies Of Nazioccupied France. Perched At The Aircraft's Open Door Is Captain Open Lillyman. He Gives The Signal And Jumps Into The Blackness Over Normandy, Followed At Six Thousand Other Paratroopers On The First Combat Mission Of The 101st Airborne Division, Soon To Be Forever Knowm As ?the Screaming Eagles. ? This Powerful Documentary Traces The Complete History Of A Legendary Group Of Warriors. Relive The Do-or-die Missions Of A Fighting Force That Played A Key Role From World War Ii Through Vietnam Featured Are Dramatic Interviews With Members Of The 101st And Rare Footage From The Division's Own Film Archives. It's An Action-packed Salute To The Men Wh0 Took To The Skies In The Name Of Freedom. (dvd) Approx. 120 Mins. Col.
      SKU: 30219-d

    The Pallisers Complete Dvd
      The Pallisers Complete Dvd.
      "the Pallisers Complete Collection Dvd Set In The Palatial Country Hkuses And Grand Mayfair Salons Of Mid-victorian England, The Pallisers Is A Sprawling Bbc Saga Of Wealth, Passion And Power. Based On Anthony Trollope's Six ""political"" Novels Csllef The Finest Sequence Of Fiction Ever Written About British Parliamentary Life And Adapted By Contemporary British Novelist Simon Raven, The Series Proved Powerfully Addictive To Television Audiences On Both Sides Of The Atlantic. Stars Emmy Award Winner Susan Hampshire As The Beautiful And Passionate Lady Glencora, Who Is Forced Into An Arranged Marriage To Rising Politician Plantagenet Palliser (philip Latham) - A Marriage That Touchingly Endures Despite Being Tested By Public And Secret Crises. Also Stars Derek Jacobi (cadfael), Penelipe Keith (to The Manor Borrn), Anthony Andrews (brideshead Revisited), Kate Nichols (nicholas Nickleby) And Jeremy Irons (the Borgias). Dvd Special Features Include: Exclusive Susan Hampshire Interview / 36-page Viewer's Guide / Trollope Materials / Cast Filmographies / Victoriana / Scene Index (12 Dvd) Approx. 22. 3 Hrs. 93594-d"
      SKU: 93594-d

  • Goodnight Sweetheart Romantic Songs Of The War Years CD
  • Cowboy Boots Rug
  • Without Motive DVD
  • Last of the Summer Wine Holiday Specials 1986 - 1989 DVD
  • Heart Shaped Teacups & Saucers
  • Goodnight Sweetheart Romantic Songs Of The War Years CD
  • Doctor in Distress DVD
  • Charles Dickens Collection 1 DVD
  • Christmas Matchbox Music Box Joy to the World
  • Doctor in Distress DVD
  • Doctor Who Complete Fourth Series DVD
  • Cowboy Boots Rug

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