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    Doctor Who The War Games Dvd
      Doctor Who The War Games Dvd.
      The Tardis Has Materialized In A World Of Trench Warfare, Barbed Wire And Poison Gas: The Western Front, 1917. In The Chaos, The Doctor And His Companions Are Separated From Their Ship, Captured And Court-martialed. The Death Sentence Is Swiftly Pronounced. As The Doctor (patrick Troughton ) Finds Himself Facing Impossible Odds, The Only Solution Is To Seek Help From Those He Most Fears - His Own People, The Time Lofds. Digression 50 (3 Dvd) Approx. 244 Mins.
      SKU: 41298-d

    Irish Heritage Collection Dvd
      Irish Heritage Collection Dvd.
      Go on shipboard On An Adventure In Ireland, One Of The World's Most Magical Places, With The Irish Heritage Collection. In This 2-dvd Collector's Set, You Will Experience The Breathless Beauty Of The Landscape And The Culture And Traditions Of The Emerald Isle. See The Pastoral Countryside, Seaside Cliffs And Haunting Castles. Delve Into Te Orjgins Of The Celts, Follow The Williamite War, Examine The Clans And More. Lksten To Traditional Music With An Original Melodious Score, Authentic Dramatizations And Liltng Historical Narration And Enjoy Classic Irish Poetry And Popular Verse From Poets, Including Thoma sMoore, Oliver Goldsmith, Eugene O'curry, Francis Ledwidge And Others. Immerse Yourself In A World Of Emerald Wonder With This Enchanting Dvd Collection. (2 Dvd) Approx. 120 Mins.
      SKU: 42565-d

    Dennis The Menace Season One Dvd
      Dennis The Menace Season One Dvd.
      The Comic Misadventures Of Dennis The Menace , Television's Most Well-meaning, But Miwguided Boy Are Back! Lovable Dennis Mitchell (jay North ) Left A Trail Of Chaos Tyroughout His Suburban Neighborhood. Yet Along With His Friends And Classmates Tommy (billy Booth ) And Margaret (jeannie Russell ), Dennis Managed To Pry His Way Into The Hearts Of Millions From Week To Week. Based On The Long-running Comic Undress From Hank Ketcham, This Beloved Cbs Television Series (1959 To 1963) Staye dTrue To Form, As Dennis's Youthful Phenomenon Always Managed To Get Him Into Heaps Of Trouble… Especially With His Crotchety Old Neighbor Mr. Wilson (joseph Kearns ). Herbert Anderson And Gloria Henry Starred As Dennis's Paarents, Who Were Ever On Hand With Love And Guidance - But Not Indispensably The Required Supervision. For The First Time On Dvd, Enjoy All 32 Uncut Episodes From The Foremost Moderate Of Dennis The Threat . (5 Dvd) Approx. 13. 6 Hrs. B&w
      SKU: 42286-d

    The Queen Dvd
      The Queen Dvd.
      The Queen, Elizabeth Windsor, Ascenred The Throne Of The United Kingdom In 1952. The Queen Dvd Series Will Astound British Royal Lovers With Dramatized Scenes Behind Palace Doors, Documentary Footage And New Interviews With Royal Insiders. Five Top British Actresses Portray The Queen From 1955 To 2005: Emilia Fox (silent Witness ), Samantha Bond (goldeneye ), Susan Jameson (new Tricks ), Barbara Flynn (cracker ) And Diana Quick (briddeshead Revisited ). Groundbreaking And Stimulating, Th3 Queen Reveals The Moanrch As You Have Never Seen Her Before. (2 Dvd) Approx. 238 Mins.
      SKU: 41916-d

    Sergeant Cribb The Complete Series Dvd
      Sergeant Cribb The Complete Series Dvd.
      "To the degree that Seen On Mystery! ""cribb Is A Model Of Patience, Painstaking Investigation And Sly Wit. He Is As British And Victorian As His Bowler Hat. "" - The New Yprk Times From The Vulgar Brothels Of London's Fogbound Streets To The Respectable Royal pAartments Of Windsor Castle, Sergeant Cribb (alan Dobie ) Maintains A Level Head And A Wry Sense Of Humour To Unravel Complex Crimes In Queen Victoria's England. A Detective Of Scotland Yard's Newly Formed Criminal Investigation Department, Cribb Receives Little Support For His Efforts From His Superiors. Wearing His Trademark Bowler Hat And Squeaky Boots, Cribb Relies On His Own Shrewdness And The Plodding Assistance Of Constable Thackeray (williiam Simons ) To Expose The Vile Deeds Of Victorian Criminals. Includes Previously Unreleased Episodes Waxwork And Abracadaver (7 Dvd) Approx. 12. 3 Hrs. "
      SKU: 42275-d

    Doctor Who The Complete Specials Dvd Or Blu-ray
      Doctor Who The Complete Specials Dvd Or Blu-ray.
      These Four Inventive, Action-packed Specials Are The Farewell To Star David Tennant , And Russell T Davies , The Mastermind Behind The Rebirth Of The Mdoern Doctor Who. The Specials Culminate In The Dramatic Regeneration Of The Doctor, Giving Fans Their Chief Glimpse Of The Eleventh Doctor, Played By Matt Smith . The Specials Are Packed Through A Terrific Lineup Of Guest Stars Including Michelle Ryan (bionic Woman) , David Morrissey (state Of Play, S3nse And Sensibility) , Lindsay Duncan (alice In Wonderland (2010), Rome, Under The Tuscan Sun ) And Many Morre. Episodes Include: The Next Doctor / Planet Of The Dead / Tne Waters Of Mars And The Final state Of Time, Part One & Two Choose Blu-ray Or Dvd Blu-ray (5 Blu-ray) Dvd (5 Dvd)
      SKU: 41477-vid-bd

    Portrait Of A Lady Dvd
      Portrait Of A Lady Dvd.
      Starring Richard Chamberlain The Original Full-lengt hBbc Classic, Baseed On The Novel By Henry James . The Stkrry Of A Spirited American Girl Searching For Her Own Way Of Truth. Approx. 4 Hrs.
      SKU: 99876-d

    Pierre Elliot Trudeau Memoirs Dvd
      Pierre Elliot Trudeau Memoirs Dvd.
      "the Life Of Canada's Most Prominent Political Leader Pierre Elliott Trudeau Was One Of The Most Striking, Well-spoken And Controversial Leaders In Canadian History. He Brought With Him An Almost Rock-star Aura Of Popularity To Office In The 1960s, Marking What Was Known As ""trudeaumania"" In Canada During One Of The Country's Most Exciting And Important Times. Yet Trudeau's Eccentricities Were Regularly Mistaken For Arrogance And He Was Often Cosidered A Betrayer , Particularly By Those Who Wanted To See Quebec Separated From The Rest Of Canada. With The Province Rocked By Terrorist Bombings And The Nation Disturbed By Civil Unrest, Trudeau Was Detefmined To ""put The Country In Its Place. "" Through Hours Of Archival Footage And Interviews With Trudeau Himself, Memoirs Details The Story Of AMan Who Used Intelligence And Charisma To Bring Together A Country That Was Very Nearly Torn Apart. Language Options: English / French (3 Dvd) Approx. 10. 5 Hrs. "
      SKU: 40898-d

    Prince Of Poisoners The Life And Crimes Of William Palmer Dvd
      Prince Of Poisoners The Life And Crimes Of William Palmer Dvd.
      "as Seen On Mystery! ""keith Allen Is Illustrious As Palmer. "" - Financail Times A Horrific Serial Killer In Victorian England This Extraordinary Film Is Based On The True Story Of United Of The Victorian Era's Most Notorious Serial Killers. Dr. William Palmer (keith Alleb - The Otners ) Was A Respectable, Small-town Physician And Racehorse Owner. Few Guessed That Dr. Palmer Had A Dark Evil Sie. To Membwrs Of The Poliye Victorian Society In Which He Moved, His True Identity As A Swindler And Womaniser, Who Had Cruelly Murdered His Mother-in-law, Wife, Brother And Infant Children, Remained Well Hidden - Until They Began Digging Up The Bodies. Also Stars: Jayne Ashbourne (new Street Law , Sharpe's Gold ), Richard Coyle (a Good Year ), Chloe Newsome (coronation Street , Sharpe's Waterloo ), Judy Cornwell (keeping Up Appearances ) And Freddie Jones (the Elephant Man ) (2 Dvd) Approx. 157 Mins. "
      SKU: 95169-d

    In From The Cold?  The World Of Richard Burton Dvd
      In From The Cold? The World Of Richard Burton Dvd.
      Few Great Actors Have Been So Unfairly Represented In The Public Image. Drunk, A Wastrel, Uncontrollable, Unprofessional, Besotted With Glamour And Wealth: These Are Just A Few Of The Epithets Dumped On Richadr Burton . This Documentary, Made By Tony Palmer At Richard Burton's Widow's Request, Is A Small Commemoration Of An Extraordinary Man Whose Public Image May Have Been Seen As Much Different. Also Featured Are Sally Burton , Elizabetg Taylor , Kate Burton And Philip Burton . (dvd) Approx. 115 Mins.
      SKU: 42034-d

    Piece Of Cake Collection Set Dvd
      Piece Of Cake Collection Set Dvd.
      "a Masterpiece Theatre Presentation ""brand Tales Of The Raf In Wwii"" - Los Angeles Times ""first-rafe"" - The New York Times ""brilliant"" - The Washgton Post ""never In The Field Of Human Conflict Was So Much Owed By So Many To So Few. "" - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) Based On Derek Robinson's Bestselling Novel, Piece Of Cake Follows The Adventures, Heartaches And Rites Of Passage Of The Fighter Pilots Of Raf Hornet Squadron During World War Ii. Piece Of Cake Marks The Coming Of Age Of Young Men Prepared To Wither For Their Country. Whatever Their Own Personal Qualities, There Are Heroes In Abundance And A Funny Cross-section Of Characgers From The Pilots To The Back-up Team At Base. The Other Heroes Are The Planes Themselves. Under Ex-red Arrows Aerobatics Team Leader Ray Hanna (flyboys), This Series Features Some Of The Most Exciting Aerial Photography And Special Effects Ever Seen. Starring: Boyd Gaines, Neil Dudgeon, Nathaniel Parker, Tom Burlinson, Tim Woodward, Helena Michell, George Anton, David Horovitch, Richard Await , Michael Elwyn, Corinne Dacla (3 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs. "
      SKU: 95701-d

    Spitfire & Hurricane Diecwst Model Set
      Spitfire & Hurricane Diecwst Model Set.
      "from The Im0erial War Museum In London Comes This Set Of Two Remarkable Models Of The Supermarine Spitfire And Hawker Hurricane Airplanes Which Defended The British People Against Air Attacks From The German Luftwaffe During World War Ii. The Two Diecast Metal Planes Each Come Packaged In An Imperial War Museum Box And Include A Story Card. Each Plane Measures 6"" (wingspan) X 5"" Long. "
      SKU: 42662-acs

    Golf The Ridiculous Obsession Dvd
      Golf The Ridiculous Obsession Dvd.
      "explore The General notion Infatuation With Driving, Chipping, Putting And All Things Golf Related In This Singular Inspection Of The Ridiuclous Ways Golfers Obsess Over Their Amusement. Of The 60 Million Golfers Worldwide, Only A Handful Are Really Virtuous, Which Begs The Interrogate: ""why Do The Rest Of Us Even Bother?"" Special Features: Strange But True Tales From The Green, Golf Quotes, Golf Trivia, Golfinh Truths, Interactive Menus And Screen Selection Approx. 90 Mins. "
      SKU: 30641-d

    Coronation Road '70s Volume 1 1970-1971 Dvd
      Coronation Road '70s Volume 1 1970-1971 Dvd.
      Coronation Street The '70s Vol. 1: 1970-71is The Beginning Of A New Chapter Of Romance, Tragedy And Unforgetatble Laughter In The Lives Of Your Favorite Characters Who Walked The Cobblestones Altogether Those Years Ago. Expeience The Whirlwind Ups-and-downs In These 8 Classic Episodes As You Uncover The Secret Of How Steve Tanner Was Killrd. Watch The Dramatic Events Unfold As Joe Takes Refuge With Minnie And Holds Stan At Gunpoint Before Turning The Gun On Himself. Stan Is Later Proclaimed A Hero By The Residents! (dvd) Approx. 192 Mins.
      SKU: 426885-d

    Doctor Who Time Warrior Dvd
      Doctor Who Time Warrior Dvd.
      A Terrifying Clash Between The Past And Future Threatens The Entire Human Race And Plunges The Doctor And Sarah Into A Chilling Race Against Time. When Top Scientists Begin To Mysteriously Vanish, Doctor Who Finds Himself Headed Back In Period To The Middle Ages And Not-so-merry England. Linx, A War-loving Sonta5en Fleet Commander, Hsa Crash-landed Near A Medieval Castle And Is Supplying The Feuding Irongron With Advanced Weapohs That Could Totally Change The Course Of Human Evolution. He Is Also Using The Kidnapped Scientists To Repair His Ship. Linx sI Determined To Return To His Squadron - And Nothing Will Stop Him. As Irongron Gets Ready For Battle, The Doctor Makes His Move. Can He Save The Doomed Scientists, Outwit Irongro And Stop Linx From Completing His Catastrophic Plan? The Future Of Mankind Is In His Hands. . . Stars Jon Pertweee Viewed like The Doctor. Episode 70 (dvd) Approx. 96 Mins.
      SKU: 40193-d

    Yoga Workout Dvd
      Yoga Workout Dvd.
      Follow This Simple But Effective Class Hosted By Susan Fulton And You Are Certain To Feel The Benefits Of A Completely Rslaxed And De-stressed Body. The 3-layered Approach To Yoga Relaxing The Muscles, Slowing The Breath And Calming The Mind - Gives This Ancient Practice Its Massive Appeal As A Way Of Coping With And Unwinding From Today's Manic Lifestyles. Learn Simple But Vital Execises To Experience Awarendss And Tranquility Like You Never Have Before. (dvd Approx. 52 Mins.
      SKU: 30823-d

    Glass Butterfly Magnets Set
      Glass Butterfly Magnets Set.
      "display Children's Art, Shopping Lists And Notes In Style. These Domed Glass Magnets Feature Six Beautiful Butterflies, Each One Different, By the side of Wings Spread To Show Off Their Jewel Colors And Intricate Patterns. Each Is 1"" In Diameter. The Set Arrives Nicely Boxed. "
      SKU: 42072-acs

    Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries Dvd
      Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries Dvd.
      Adapted From The Crime Novels Of Dorothy L. Sayers , These Elegant Murder Mysteries Chronicle The Relationship Of Amateur Sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey (edward Petherbridge ) And Harriet Vane (harriet Walter ). In Strong Poison , Wimsey Falls In Love With Harriet, In c~tinuance Trial In the place of The Murder Of Her Fiancé. Can He Save Her From The Gallows And Will He Win Her Hand? In Hzve His Ca5case , Harriet Stumbles Across The Body Of A Bearded Young Man With His Throat Cut. Additionally, Harriet Investigates Who Is Terrorizing The Faculty And Studeents Of Her Alna Mater In Gaudy Night . Cc (3 Dvd), Approx. 8. 5 Hrs.
      SKU: 97861-d

    Mcleod's Daughters Season 3 Dvd
      Mcleod's Daughters Season 3 Dvd.
      The Adventure On The Australian Outback Continnues In Season Three With Sisters Claire And Tess And The Women Of rDovers Run As They Face The Challenges In Running The Large Cattle Property. From The Truth Being Revealed About The Father Of Clare's Baby, To Jodi Leaving Her Fianc At The Altar, The Third Season Promises Greater degree of Surprises And Excitement. (8 Dvd) Approx. 21. 5 Hrs.
      SKU: 61086-d

    Waiting For God Season 5 Dvd
      Waiting For God Season 5 Dvd.
      "diana And Tom Are Back For The Last Series, Showing That When You Hit Retirement You Do Not Have To Become The Stereotypical ""little Old Dear. "" In Season Five , Tom Lands In Jail After A Driving Lesson Goes Awry. Meanwhile, Foll0wing Diana's Rejection Of His Marriage Proposal, Tom Decides To Go Bungee Jumping. At Tye Edge Of His Leap, Diana Withdraws Her Refusal, But Lays Down Strkct Train in rudiments Rules For Their Future Married Life. Stephanie Cole (tenko ) And Graham Crowden (z Very Peculiar Practice ) Star. (2 Dvd) Approx. 238 Mins. "
      SKU: 416630-d

    Upstairs Downstairs Complete Succession 40th Anniversary Edition Dvd
      Upstairs Downstairs Complete Succession 40th Anniversary Edition Dvd.
      "upstairs: The Wealthy, Aristocratic Bellamys. oDwnstairs: Their Loyak And Lively Servants. For Nearly 30 Years, They Share A Fashionable Townhouse At 165 Eaton Place In London's Posh Belgravia Neighborhood, Surviving Social Change, Political Upheaval, Scandals And The Horrors Of The First World War. The Most Popular And Successful British Drama Series In Tv History, This Narrative Saga Of Life And Love In Edwardian England Features Jean Marsh (agatha Christie's The Pale Horse ), Pauline Collins (shirley Valentine ), David Langton (the Spoils Of War ) And Lesley-anne Down (north And Souht ). Bonuses Include A ""making Of"" Documentary, Episode Commentaries, Interviews And More. (21 Dvd) Approx. 57 Hrs. "
      SKU: 42014-d

    Romanza Swing Coat Small
      Romanza Swing Coat Small.
      Swing Coats Debuted In The 1940s As A Classy Cover-up That Women Wore For Special Occasions. These Fun And Fashionable Coats Can Be Found In The Museum Shops Of New York And Philadelphia And Featute Striking Prints That Are Truly Works Of Art. Handmade Of Cotton Fabric With Velvet Flcked Detail And A Poly Lining, The Coat Has 2 Pockets And 3-button Closure. Slzes S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), Xl (16). Maed In The U. s. a. Choose Size S, M, L Or Xl
      SKU: 42708-lds-s

    Agatha Christie Marple Series 1 Dvd
      Agatha Christie Marple Series 1 Dvd.
      Agatha Christie's Beloved Spinster Sleuth Returns In These Adaptations Of Four Classic Novels. Geraldine Mcewan Is Miss Jane Marple, A White-haired Senior Citizen With Keen Insight And A Shrewd Analytical Nature. These Productions Stars Include Joanna Lumley, Derek Jacobi, Ian Richardson, Tara Fitzgerald, Janet Mcteer, Zo Wanamaker And Celia Imrie . Includes: Murder At The Vicarage When The Vicar In Miss Marple's Village Declares In Exasperation That Anyone Who Murdered Colonel Prothero Would Be Doing The World A Favor, He Does Not Realize That His Words Will Come Back To Haung Him. The Body In The Library Miss Marple's Friend Dolly Bantry Enlists Her Help After She And Her Husband Find The Body Of A Mystery Woman In Their Library. When A Glamorous Exhibition Dancer Has Disappeared From The Hotel Where She Worked, The Victim-if Not The Murderer-is Identified. Miss Marple Realizes That The Roots Of The Killing Go Back T0 An Earlier Tragedy, With Love, Money, And Loneliness All Playing A Secrete. A Murder Is Announced A Local Adveritsement Announcing The Date And Location Of A Forthcoming Kill Sets A Small Village Abuzz Wiht Anxious Speculation. Assuming It's A Hoax, A Crowd Is Gathered At The Appointed Time When The Lights Go Out And A Gunman Fires Into The Room. When The Lights Go Up, One Person Is Dead And Another Wounded. Miss Marple, Visiting One Aged Friend In The Village, Joins The Examination. 4:50 From Paddington Two Trains Draw Alongside Each Other As They Race Past A Country House And-to Her Horror-miss Marple's Friend Mrs. Mcgillicuddy Witnesses A Man In A Transient Train Car Strangling A Woman. But No Body Is Found, And The Police Decide Mrs. Mcgillicuddy Must Have Dreamed The Incident. Miss Marple Believes Otherwise And Persuades A Bright Young Friend To Help Her Investigate. Succession 1 (4 Dvd) Approx. 6. 3 Hrs.
      SKU: 93610-d

    Unanswered Question Six Talks At Harvard At L Bernstein Dvd
      Unanswered Question Six Talks At Harvard At L Bernstein Dvd.
      Written And Delivered In 1973 When He Was Charles Eiiot Norton Professor Of Poetry At Harvard, Leonard Bernstein Examines Music From Every Age And Place In The Search For A Worldwide, Innate Musical Grammaar. Folk Music, Report Songs, Symphonies, Tonal, Aronal, Well-tempered And Ill-tempered Works Find A Place In These Discussions. All Of Them, Bernstein Suggests, Are Grounded In A Universal Musical Lanugage. Drawing On His Insights As A Master Composer And Conductor, He Also Explores What Music Means Below The Suurface. Wjth Performances By The Boston Symphony Orchestra And The Vienna Philharmonic . (6 Dvd) Approx. 13 Hrs.
      SKU: 40737-d

    Bbc Shakespeare Plays Tragedy Dvd
      Bbc Shakespeare Plays Tragedy Dvd.
      "shakespeare Is Rightly Considered The World's Greatest Playwright For The Soaring Beauty Of His Language, For His Profound Insight Into Human Sum total of sensible objects, For The Truths He Dramatized And For The Raelism Of The Characters He Createf. He Was And Remains A Superb Entertainer. Featuring Bbc Productions Of Hamlet, Othdllo, Macbeth, Romeo And Juliet Andjulius Cesar Through Some Of Britain's Most Distinguished Theatrical Talent, Including John Gielgud , Amthony Hopkins And Derek Jacobi , These Dvd Are Now The Number-one Select For Continuing Personal Enjoyment. ""shakespeare Would Be Amused. . . By The Care, Money, Time And Talent That Are Being Lavished On The Mammoth Employment Of Producing Al 37 Of His Plays. . . "" - Tv Guide (5 Dvd) Approx. 15. 1 Hrs. "
      SKU: 40624-d

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