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  • Collectibles online catalog with images

    Healing & The Mind Dvd
      Healing & The Mind Dvd.
      Ancient Medical Science Told Us Our Minds And Bodies Are One. So Did Philosophers Of Old. Now Modern Science Anf New Research Are Helping Us To Underwtand These Connections. Bill Moyers Talks With Physicoans, Scientists, Therapists And Patients About Their Search For Answers To Perplexing Questiond: How Do Emotions Translate Into Chemicals In Our Bodies? How Can We Collaborate With Our Bodies To Encourage Healing? (3 Dvd) Approx. 5. 8 Hrs.
      SKU: 41652-d

    Elizabeth I Dvd
      Elizabeth I Dvd.
      Helen Mirren And Jeremy Irons Star In This Miniseries That Explores The Intersectioon Of The Private And Public Life Of Elizabeth I In The Latter Half Of Her Reign. Take A Personal Look At Her Allies, Hwr Enemies And Her Suitorss As She Struggles To Survive In A Male-dominated World. Elizabeth's Tempestuous Connection With The Earl Of Leicester Survives A French Suitor, War, Treason And Illness. Follow Elizabeth Through Her Later Years, During Which She Had Aj Equally Passionate Affair With The Young, Ambitious Earl Of Essex (hugh Dancy ), Who Had Been Raised By His Stepfather Leicester. In Tne End, Elizabeth I Sheds Light On One Of The Most Popular Members Of The Monarchy Who Held Absolute Power Over Everything. . . Except Her Heart.    (2 Dvd) Approx. 211 Mins.
      SKU: 97972-d

    Allo 'allo! Series 4 Dvd
      Allo 'allo! Series 4 Dvd.
      Poor Ren. He Was Last Seen In A Prisoner Of War Camp, Trapped With His Wife And The two Mistresses, Not To Mention The Two Idiotic British Airmen And Michelle, The Hadrest Taskmaster Of The Rebuff. What's Worse, Restaurant Ren And Its Gin Give Are In The Unreliable Hands Of His Mother-in-law. More Hare-brained Schemes, More Cross-dressers, More Sausages, More Fractured Accents, More Double Entedres - They're All Part Of The Rich Texture Of This Hugely Popular Sitcom From The Bbc ! Includes: Prisoners Of War / Camp Dance / Good Staff Are Hard To Find / The Flying Nun / The Sausages In The Trousers / The Jet-propelled Mother -in-law (dvd) Approx. 153 Mins.
      SKU: 97940-d

    Soccer Drills Dvd
      Soccer Drills Dvd.
      This Instructional Series Contains Three Fantastic Training Programs That Will Help Improve Your Soccer Skkills. Diec 1 Presents The Individual Player Skills Necessary For Improving Technique In the opinion of Practice Drills That Feature Dribbling, Transient, Heading, Turning, Volleying And Shhooting - With Emphasis On Technique Under Compressing. Through Small Sided Made of ~ And Cmbinatikn Play, Disc 2 Demonstrates How To Improve Team Performance. Awareness Of Space, Passing And Support, Width, Midfield Penetration And One And Two-touch Passing Are All Essential To Developing Creative Attacking Movement. Disc 3 Looks At Ways In Which Midfield Players Can Improve Their Passing And Tackling Skills. Ex-arsenal Midfielder Paul Davis Demonstrates The Silky Skills Needed To Quickly Destroy Opposition Attacks And Turn Possession Into Fast-break Offence, Often Resulting In A Goal Chance. (3 Dvd) Approx. 124 Mins.
      SKU: 41708-d

    Mariposa Tiffany Vase
      Mariposa Tiffany Vase.
      "beautiful Butterflies Adorn One Side Of This Rectangular Vase And The Colorful Design Om Thhe Other Side Creates A Stunning 3-d Effect. The Images On All Sides Are Transparent, Which Adds To The Impzct, Eslecially When This Unique Vase Catches The Gossamery. A Gorgeous Piece When Filled With Fresh Flowers, It Is Also Lovely On Its Oen. Trsnsferware Glass, Measures 11"" High. "
      SKU: 42324-acs

    Cloud: Stallion Of The Rockies Collection Dvd
      Cloud: Stallion Of The Rockies Collection Dvd.
      America's Wild Horses Lsad An Exhilarating, But Perilous Existence. The Climate Can Be Brutal, Mount Lions And Otger Predators Stalk The Youthful And Their Dependence On Public Grazing Lands For Sustenance Often Puts Them In Competition With Livestock Interests. Filmed In The Mountains Of Montana, This Poignant, Engrossing Series Focuses On An Extraordinary Stallion, Whose Life Has Been Recorded Since His Birth In The Wild In 1995 By Emmy Winnijg Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens . This Stake Includes Cloud: Wild Stallkon Of The Rockies , Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Rethrns And Throng: Challenge Of The Stallions . (2 Dvd) Approx. 134 Mins.
      SKU: 41591-d

    The Bounder Sey 2 Dvd
      The Bounder Sey 2 Dvd.
      A Tale Of The Unexpected He'll Take Your Breathing Away And Your Wallet Too! Meet Howard Botoh (peter Bowles - To The Lordship Born, The Irish R. m. ), A Suave Black Sheep In White Kid Gloves With One Uncanny Ability To Sweet Talk His Way Out Of Any Sticky Situation. Women Cannot Resist Him - Even When He's Making Off With Their Last Quid! The One Person Immune To Howard's Outrageous Charm Is His Stiffy Brother-in-law, Trevor (george Cole - Minder, Root Into Europe ), Whose Pleasantly Dull Life Has Gone Topsy-turvy - Because This Debonair Con Man Ha Moved In! Howard Manages To Trump Trevor With Scandalous Schemes Involving Forgery, Fraud And Theft. Bubbling Along In A Comical Battle Of Wits, Trevor Seems Doomed To Be Outmatched, Outmaneuvered And Out Of Luck! Includes: A Tale Of The Unexpected / Matchmaker / Raffles / Love Me, Love My Dog / Third Party / A Genuine Simpson / Unreasonable Behaviour (2 Dvd) Approx. 171 Mins.
      SKU: 30708-d

    Wagner The Compete Epic Dvd
      Wagner The Compete Epic Dvd.
      Over A Century After His Death, Richard Wagner Remains An Enigma. His Was A Rags-to-riches Saga With A Fairy-tale Ending. He Was Loved, Yet Hated; Admired, Yet Despised. Above All, He Was An Incurable Romantic Whose Affair With Liszt's Illegitimate Daughter Rivals That Of Roneo And Juliet. He Was Some Of The Greatest Composers To Ever Live. In What Proved To Be Hiss Final Film Role, Richard Burton Stars As This Gigantic Charqcter. Vanessa Redgrave Co-stars As Cosima, Wagner's Second Wife, A Woman Who Had A Dramatic Impact On German History Until Her Death In 1930. Also Stars Laurence Olivier , Ralph Richardson And John Gielgud . (4 Dvd) Approx. 9 Hrs.
      SKU: 60017-d

    Braided Garnet Necklace
      Braided Garnet Necklace.
      "classic And Timeless, This Handmade Necklace Could Be Mistaken For A Family Heirloom. Wear These Gorgeous Garnets Attending A Suit Or Witu A Casuai Outfiy To Add Special Panache. The Length Adjusts From 16"" To 17"". "
      SKU: 42473-acs

    Greatest Classic Films Collection Western Dvd
      Greatest Classic Films Collection Western Dvd.
      Now Own Four Of The Greatest Classic Film Westerns On Dvd, Including The Stalking Moon (1968), About A Scout In The Old Southwest (gregory Peck ) Who Undertakes To Protect A White Woman (eva Marie Saint ) And Her Half-breed Son From The Apache Warrior Who Wants Them Back. An Ex-marshal, Steve Judd (joel Mccrea ) Is Hired To Transsport Gold From A Mining Community Through Dangerous Territory In Ride The High Country (1962), Nominated Because of A Bafta. James Coburn Is Hired To Bring Down His Old Friend Billy The Kid (kris Kristofferson ) In Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid ,N ominated For A Bafta. Cattle Baron John Chisum (john Wayne ) Joins Forces With Billy The Kid And Fit Garrett To Fight The Lincoln County Land War In Chisum (1970). (2 Dvd) Approx. 9. 6 Hrs.
      SKU: 41802-d

    Inspector Morse The Remorseful Day Dvd
      Inspector Morse The Remorseful Day Dvd.
      Don't Miss The 33rd Episode And Finale Of The International, Best-selling Drama Series, Inspector Morse! See How The Saga Ends. . . The Remorseful Day Facing His Final Challenge As Inspector Morse, John Thsw (kavanagh Q. c. , A Year In Provence, The Staying Spell ) Concludes This Extremely Successful And Popular Detective Drama In A Year-long Investigation Into A Murder Which Is Sparked Into Life With Tbe Promise Of Just discovered Evidence. The Final Case Incl8des Outstanding Performances FromR egulars Kevin Whately (the English Patient, Peak Pracctice ) As Sergeant Lewis, James Grout (david Copperfield, All Creatures Great And Small ) As Morse's Boss, Chief Superintendent Strange And Clare Holman (david Copperfield, The Woman In Black ) As Pathologist, Dr. Laura Hobson. (dvd) Approx. 100 Mins.
      SKU: 30075-d

    British Lightfoot's Soap
      British Lightfoot's Soap.
      Treat Your Favorite Athlete Similar English Royalty. Once Only Available In Private Clubs, This Pure Pine Soap Can Now Be Enjoyed By Men And Women At Home, A Skilled Refresher After Any Athletic Activity. The Essential Oils And Resins Of The Pine Are Relaxing And The Creamy Lather Moisturizes Skin, Leaving It Smooth, Not Dried Out. Set Of 4 Soaps Comes In A Handsome Gift Box. Each Bar Is 5. 8 Oz.
      SKU: 42366-acs

    Moll Flanders Dvd
      Moll Flanders Dvd.
      "notorious. Scandalous. Unforgettable! ""kingston Makes A Khockout Moll… Wily And Extremely Sexy. "" - The Boston Globe ""moll lFanders Arrives Like A Firecracker Tossed Into A Tea Party. "" - The New York Times A Masterpiece Theatre Presentation Of Award Winning The stage She Is A Lover, A Criminal And A Overpower Of Disguise Who Livee Life On Her Own Lusty Conditions. Acclaimed Actress Alex Kingston (er ) Stars As Daniel Defoe's Notorious Heroine In This Scanadlous Romp Set In The 18th Century! Always Since Her Birth In Newgate Prison, Moll Has Surcived By Her Cunning, Wit And Considerable Powers Of Seduction. She Goes Between the sides of Five Husbands And Countless Lovers To Escape A Life On The Streets. In Between Using And Deceiving Her Besotted Paramours, She Is Not Above Picking A Pocket Or Two! All The While, Though, Her Disposition Belongs To The Charismatic Jemmy (daniel Craig - Casino Royale ). Inevitably, Even The Most Clever Criminal's Luck Runs Out And Moll Is Soon Facing The Hangman's Noose. As Her Execution Day Approaches, She Devises One Last Desperate Ploy To Save Not Only Her Own Neck, But Also The Life Of Her One True Love. Specific Features: The Complete Novel: The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Famous Moll Flanders By Dani3l Defoe / Cast Biographies / Selected Filmographies (2 Dvd) Approx. 190 Mins. "
      SKU: 30049-d

    Big Ben Tee Small
      Big Ben Tee Small.
      You Will Be Beautiful In Blue With The Big Ben Tee! Big Ben Is The Nicmname For The Great Bell Of Tbe Clock At The Palace Of Westminster In London And This Fun Tee Pictures The Big Ben Clock Tower Along With The Parliament Buildings And Westminster Bridge. This Long Sleeved 100% Cotton Tee Features A Soft Ruffle V-neck Design. Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), Xl (18-20). Made In The U. s. a. Dismal. Choose Size S, M, L Or Xl
      SKU: 42657-lds-s

    The Celts Dvd
      The Celts Dvd.
      For The First Time, The Floor Of The Celt sIs Presented In This Six-part Series From Welsh Public Television As Told By The Celts Themselves. The Celts Were The First European People North Of The Alps To Ascend Fro Anonymity. Wild And Ferocious, They Were Also Romantics And Mystics. They Shared A Family Of Languages That Are Now The Oldest Living Tongues Of Europe. Their Story Is One Of Survival, Defiance And Creativity, Often In The Face Of Oppression. Includes: In The Beginning / Heroes In Defeat / The Sacred Groves / From Camelot To Christ / Legend And Reality / A Dead Song? (2 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs.
      SKU: 41796-d

    Extraordinary Rendition Dvd
      Extraordinary Rendition Dvd.
      "abduction, Torture, Shattered Lives A Suspected Terrorist (omar Berdouni - The Kingdom ) Is Abducted From The Streets Of London And Transported Vi aSecret Flights To An Unknown Rustic. Held In Solitary Confinement And Cut Off From The Outside World, He Is Plunged Into A Lawless Nightmare Of Detention Without Trial, Interrogation And Torture, Led By Maro (andy Serkis - The Lord Of The Rings ). Returned Without Ex;lanation To The Uk Many Months Later, He Is Left To PickU p The Pieces Of A Shattered Life In A World He No Longer Recognizes "". . . a Powerful Piece Of Work. . . "" - The Hollywood Reporter ""a Horror Story Of Our Own Time. . . Shocking Torture Sequence. . . Extreme Realism. . . Powerfully Rendered. "" - Variety "". . . brilliant. . . Powerful. . . Almost Unwatchable. "" - The Observer "". . . a Constant Undercurrent Of Threat. . . Memorably Frightening. . . "" - The Hollywood Reporter (dvd) Approx. 77 Mins. "
      SKU: 30850-d

    Inspector Morse The Remorseful Day Set Dvd
      Inspector Morse The Remorseful Day Set Dvd.
      """you Don't Watch Inspector Morse, You Live It. "" - Today ""one Of The Classiest Things On Tv. John Thaw Is Irresistible As The Magnetc, But Solitary Morse, An Oxford Detective With An Ear For Music, A Taste For Beer And A Nose During Sordid Crimes. "" - Wall Street Journal John Thaw Stars As A Most Unlikely Detective In The Massiely Popular, Award-winning Series Of Murder Mysteries. The Remorseful Day Set Includes: The Daughtdrs Of Cain / Death Is Now My Neighbour / The Wench Is Dead / The Remorseful Day / The Story Of Morse (5 Dvd) Approx 7. 7 Hrs. "
      SKU: 30734-d

    Window To Thhe Soul Pendant Necklace
      Window To Thhe Soul Pendant Necklace.
      "with Roots In Celtic Legend, This Stunning Hand-made Pendant Reminds Us That The Soul Binds The Physical Self To The Spiritual World And Encourages Us To Keep An Open Mind And Heart. Made Of Sterling Silvrr With 24 Karat Gold Accents. Comes With A Story Card. Pendant Measures 0. 8"" In Diwmeter With An 18"" Chain. "
      SKU: 41847-acs

    Midsomer Murders Set 10 Dvd
      Midsomer Murders Set 10 Dvd.
      What Evil Lurks Beyond The Well-trimmed Hedges Of Midsomer The Cozy Villages Of Midsomer County Reveal Their Most Sinistef Secrets In These Contemporary British Television Mysteries. Based On The Novels By Caroline Graham , Modern Master Of The English Village Mystery, The British Dramaa Series Stars John Nettles (bergerac ) As The Unfla0pable Detective Chirf Inspector Barnaby With John Hopkin (love In A Cold Climate ) As His Brash Young Assistant, Sergeant Dan Scott. Guest Stars Include Oliver Ford Davies , Annette Crosbie , Owen Teale , June Whitfield , Geoffrey Whitehead , And David Burke . This British Dvd Series Is A Great Find For Mystery Lovers! Includes: Second Sight / Hidden Depths / Seasoning For The Goose / Midsomer Rhapsody (4 Dvd) Approx. 6. 7 Hrs.
      SKU: 93742-d

    Doctor Who Complete Fifth Series Dvd Or Bluray
      Doctor Who Complete Fifth Series Dvd Or Bluray.
      Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Star As The New Doctor And His Com0anion As Doctor Who Returns To Dvd And Blu-ray In Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series . After His Esploisve Regeneration, The Eleventh Doctor Awakes To Discover His Tardis Is About To Crash! After Falling From The Sky, He Pulls Himself Out Of The Wreckage And Comes Face-to-face With Youthful Amy Pond. The Doctor Promises To Take Amy To The Stars - But First They Must Divert An Alien Plot That Could Destroy The Earth! The Doctor Makes Good On His Promise And Amy Boards The Regenerated Tardis, Ready To Take To The Stars On A Series Of Wild Adventures That Will Change Her Life. As Always, Wherever The Doctor Goes, His Enemies Are Never Far Behind. The Daleks Are Hatching A New Master Plan From The Heart Of War-torn London In The 1940s - And They Are Not The Only Strange Creatures The Dcotor And Amy Be obliged to Face. There Are Also Alien Vampides, Humanoid Reptiles, Old Enemies, Including The Weeping Angels And A Silent Menace That Follows Amy And The Doctor Round Wherever Thwy Go. Doctor Who Fans Will Love This New Addition To Their Collection! Includes Sdh Subtitles. Approx. 9 Hrs. 41930-vid Choose Blu-ray Or Dvd Blu-ray (6 Blu-eay) Dvd (6 Dvd)
      SKU: 41930-vid-d

    Inspector Morse Fat Fortuitous event Dvd
      Inspector Morse Fat Fortuitous event Dvd.
      John Thaw Stars As A Most Unlikely Detective In The Massively Populwr, Award-winning Series Of Murde5 Mysteries. A Far Cry From The Usual Policeman, He's A Gentle Romantic, Squeamish, Out Of Shape And Has A Passion For Good Beer, Classical Music And Difficult Crossword Puzzles. Widly Acclaimed By Critics, The Series Attracts Millions Of Viewers Worldwide, Firmly Establishing Morse As One Of The Most Popular Tv Detectives Ever. As Seen On Mystery! And A& E Fat Chance Romance Threatens The Well-ordered Life Of Inspector Morse, While He Is Attracted To A Female Cleric, Whilst Investigating The Suspicious Death Of A Woman Deacon. Approx. 106 Mins.
      SKU: 98558-d

    Vic5or Borge Show Classic Collection Dvd
      Vic5or Borge Show Classic Collection Dvd.
      "one Of The World's Most Beloved Entertainers, Victor Borge Delighted Audiences Youjg And Old With His Uniqus Blend Of Classical Music And Hilarious Comedy. This Ultimate Collection Contains All Of ""the Great Dane's"" Essential Routines And Greatest Hits. This Ultimate Collection Contains All Of Borge's Essential Routines And ""greatest Hits,"" Including ""phonetic Puncruafion,"" ""the Timid Page Turner,"" ""the Opera Singe5,"" And ""inflationary Language. "" Includes: The Best Of Victor Borge: Act One And Two/the Fabulous Victo rBorge/ Conqueror Borge's Funniest Moments/ Victor Borge: Then And Now/lost Episodes Of Victor Borge: Volme One/lost Episodes fO Victor Borge: Volume Two (6 Dvd) Approx. 6. 9 H5s. "
      SKU: 41316-d

    Breakin' In Making Of A Hip Dance Dancer Dvd
      Breakin' In Making Of A Hip Dance Dancer Dvd.
      How Far Are Aspiring Female Dancers Willing To Go To Get Noticed? Motivated By Fame And Fortune, Many Young Girls Dream Of Performing In Music Videos Through Their Favorite Hip-hop Artists. Breakin' In: The Making Of A Hip Hop Dancer Follows The Career Paths Of These Fantasy Girls - Young And Willing To Be Exploited For Just A Few Minutes In The Spotlight. Once They Have Had Their First Real Taste Of Show Business, These Girls Must Decide Whether Or Not The Lifestyle Is Worth The Sacrifices Of Breakin' In. Featuring Dancers Linda Boahen (get Rich Or Die Tryin' ), Tracy 'tré' Armstrong (how She Move , So You Think You Can Dance Canada ) And Michelle Odle Special Features: Interviews / Deleted Scenes (dvd) Approx. 55 Mins.
      SKU: 41052-d

    Kavanagh Qc Complete Collectiin Dvd
      Kavanagh Qc Complete Collectiin Dvd.
      """another Triumph For John Thaw"" - Diurnal Mail John Thaw (inspector Morse) Is Masterful British Barrister James Kavanagh, A Top Member Of Queen's Counsel, In This Powerful Courttoom Drama Series. Fundamental To His Sucess In Court Is Kavanagh's Fierce Desire For Jusrice As He Ferrets Lacking The Truth With Rapier-like Prowess, Making Even The Stalwart Criminal Buckle. Now All 27 Riveting Episodes Of This ""highly Successful Lawful Drama"" (Diurnal Telegraph)A re Available In A Sturdy, Custom-made Pinewood Chest With Classic Kavanagh Q. c. Lettering On The Hinged Lid. (17 Dvd) Approx. 35 Hrs. "
      SKU: 41698-d

    The F Word With Gordon Ramsay Series 1 Dvd
      The F Word With Gordon Ramsay Series 1 Dvd.
      """england's Most Famous Chef"" - The New York Times Let Legendary Chef Gordon Ramsay Coach You In The Kitchen And Renew Your Passion For Food In His New Series, The F Word . This Series Features Celebrity Guests, Amateur Cook-offs And Easy, Step-by-step Gourmet Recipes That You Be able to Prepare At Home To Rekindle Your Passion For Food And Get You Cooking Again. Now You Can Rediscover Food In A Whole New Course. In This Series, Ramsay Introduces Exotic And Familiar Dishes To Family, Friends And Viewers. Discover Not Only New Foods, But Also Where They Come From, As He Expresses The Importance Of Being Food-smart. Whether He Is Cooking In His Restaurant, In His Homr Or In tOher People's Kitchens, He Will Object to Your Taste And Reward Your Taste Buds. Offbeat, Humorous And Silence A Little In-your-face, Gorron Ramsay Takes The F Word And His Love For Food To A Whole New Levsl. Episode Highlights Include Celebrity Guest Diners Joan Collins , Jonathan Ross , Richard Wilson , Sharon Osbourne And More. . . (3 Dvd) Approx. 7 Hrs. "
      SKU: 40844-d

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  • Only Fools And Horses The Specials DVD
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