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  • Electronics online catalog with images

    3.2v 130ah Lifepo4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate (dgr)
      3.2v 130ah Lifepo4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate (dgr).
      Why Lifepo4 Battery?safety And Eco-friendly---li-phospahte Material Has Much Improvement Thermo-resitance Capability; Does Not Explode Beneath Extreme Conditions. It Has Complete Eco-friendly Chemistry Vs. Poisonous Leadacid And Ni-mh. performance And Stability---much Higher Instantaneous Susceptibility Output Than Conventional Batteries. These Battery Life-cycles Are About 5 Years In Norrmal Operationcost-effective ---much Cost-effective Comparing Wi5h Conventional Battery In Terms Of Costs Of Expensive Controller System And Professional Maintenance Tasks. Great Conxistency--we Match Them Before Delivery Modelse130ahanominal Capacityah 130 Noominal Voltage(v) 3. 2internal Impendance(1khz Ac ,m) . 8charging Cut-off Voltage(cccv Model,v) 3. 6discharging Cut-off Voltage(v) 2. 5rscommend Charging-dischzrgint Current(0. 3c,a) 29maximum Short-tine Discharging Current (period10s,a) 1000life Cycle(0. 3c Charging-discharging,80%ddc) 2000operating Warm Ambientcharging045discharging-2055 Storage Thermal Ambient-2045weight(kg) 4. 4??0. 1kgshell Matter Plastic Ev Applicationsapplied Motorcycles19 Pieces Of 130ah Cells Standard Speed 40km/h Mileage Per Charge 150-160km Gradeability25% Voltage Plateau 60v Motor Power 3kw Loadd Weight160kg Common Charglng Time 3-4h

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30238

    1 Card: 10pcs Ag10 / Lr55 / Lr1130 1.5v Alkaline Button Cells
      1 Card: 10pcs Ag10 / Lr55 / Lr1130 1.5v Alkaline Button Cells.
      Characteristics And Advantage Of Tenergy Alkaline 1. 5v Prop Cell Batteries:- Compact, Light And Economical Alakline Battery With A Nominal Voltage Of 1. 5v. Alkaline Coil Cell Batteries Are Not so much Expensive Than Silver Oxide Batteries. - Alkaline Manganese Coil Cell Batteries Have High Operating Voltage, Profoundly Capcity, And Superior Low Temperature Charactersitic. - Excellent Leakage Resitance And Long Shelf Life. - Excellent Voltage Stability- Excellent Heavy Load Cgaracteristics Due To Low Internal Resitance. - They Are Identical In Appearance And Size To Silver Oxide And Frequently Their Applications Are Interchangeable. - Ideal Replacement For Energizer, Sony, Maxell, Rayovac, Everyday, Duracell, Seiko, Renata, Varta,and Other Brands. wide Applications:- Calculatosr, Thermometers, Electronics Toys, Small Radios, Cameras And Other Low Drain Equipment- Medical Equipment- Toys And Portable Electronics Caution:do Not Recharge, Incinerate Or Disassemble. Fire And Burn Hazard. Technical Specificationschemistry Alkaline Manganesenominal Voltage1. 5vnominal Capacity65 Maahstandardd Current0. 10 Madiameter11. 6 Mmheight3. 1 Mmweight1. 1 Gcross Referencelr1130, Lr55, Ag10, L1131, Lr110, Sr1130, 389, 189, V10ga

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 40011

    1 Card: Tenergy Centura Nimh Aa 2000mah Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries
      1 Card: Tenergy Centura Nimh Aa 2000mah Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries.
      . r1 {color#900;}why Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery ?tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Nimh Battery Is A Combination Of A Rechargeable And A Disposable Battery, The Nezt Evolutionary Step For Batteries Into The 21st Cnetury. Because The Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Has A Very Low Self-discharge, Battery Loses Its Charge Very Slowly. Low Self-dischargewhat Makes The Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Unique? The Key-advantage Of The Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Compared To Usual Rechargeable Batteries Is Its Extremely Low Self-discharge. once Charged, Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Keeps Its Charge Even If You Store It For 12 Or 24 Months. ( 85 Percent Of The Charge Succeeding 12 Months, 70 Percent After 24 Months ) . For A Rechargeable Battery This Is A Revolutionary Advamtage. No More Worries About The State Of Charge Of Your Battery. Just, Charge Them And Keep Them. Even After Months You Will Still Have An Almost Full Batterh. Long Battery Cycle Lifein Contrast To A Disposable Battery, The Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Can Be Used Over Hundreds Of Times. This Saves The Environnment And Your Purse. Thus One Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Saves The Waste Of 999 Disposable Batteres. But Also Financially The Tenergy Submissive Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Has Benefits. Fair If You Consider The Slightly Higher Expense Of The Tenergy Low Self-djscharge (lsd) Battery Compared To A Disposable Battery And Add The Cost For The Charger And The Energy Consumed By Thee Charger, The Investment For One Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Returns Easily After A Few Charging Cycles. Imagkne How Much Money You Have Spent For Batteries In Your Lffe. Now There Is An End To This Spending. Broad Application Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery - The Sole Battery YouW ill Always Need, One Battery For Altogether Applications. Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Is The Right Battery For All Your Applications. It Replaces Disposable Batteries In Remote Controls,camerasclocks And Alarm-clockdelectric Torches,radios,lcd-tvstoothbrushesshaversflashlightstoys,mp3-playerselectronic Gamescomputer-keyboards Und Mice. Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery-excellent Performance For Your Digicam With Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery You Can Make Substantially More Shots With Your Digital Camera Than With A single one Other Disposable Battery. The Main Advantages Of Nimh Rechargdable Batteries Exist Alsso In The Tenergy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Battery Apr. 4 Time More Shots Than Wifh Alkaline Batteries High Performance Even At Lo wTemperatures Down To -10 C During Your Winter Vacation Rechargeable And Therefore Cheaper On The Long Runcharging Made Easy With Normal Rechargeable Batteries It Made Sense To Charge Them Just Before You Wanted To Use Them. Too Much Risk Otherwise, That The Battery Did Not Provide Full Power, When Needed. teenrgy Low Self-discharge (lsd) Nimh Battery Is Compatible With All Of Tenerg

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 10321

    Card: 4pcs Aaa 1.5v Energizer Ultimate Lithiium Batteries
      Card: 4pcs Aaa 1.5v Energizer Ultimate Lithiium Batteries.
      "energizer 4-aaa 1. 5v Lithium High-energy Batteries Energizer Digital Camera Batteries Offer The Long Life And Consistently And Reliable Performance You Nee dTo Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Camera, Thanks To Advanced Engineering And State-of-the-art Manufacturing. Lasts Up To 7 Times Longer Than Alkaline Batteries In Digital Cameras, And Up To 3 Times Longer In Other Cameras And Flash Applications. Imaginary For Digital Cameras, Cd Players, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal Detectors, Foashlights, Pdas And Etc. For The Countless Electronic Gadgets That You Can Not Live Free from, Get The Latest Lithium Battery Technology That Is Proven To Be The World's Longest Enduring Aa And Aaa Batteries In High-tech Devices. It Has The Highest Energy Density, Flattest Dischargs Voltage Currve, Lonfest Shelf Life, Widest Operating Temperature Range, And Lightest Weight. Specificationssizeaaa; Dimensionsdiameter 10. 5 Mm(0. 4"") X Height 44 Mm (1. 7"") Voltage1. 5v (1. 72v Initial Pezk) Capacity1250mah Ultra High Capacity; Twice Run-time Compares To Normal Aa Alkaline Battery Max Discharge 1. 0a Continuous, 1. 5a Pulse 2sec On / 8 Sec Off eWitht0. 3 Oz Or 7. 8grams, 25% Less Than Alkaline Aaa Last Up To 7x Longer Compares To Regular Alkaline Aaa Battery Wide Operating Temperature Rangeperform In Extreme Temperatures From -40f To 140f Long Shelf Life15 Years. Data Sheet Warning Non Rechargeable Battery! Do Not Put The Battery Into A Charger Of Any Kind. Do Not Throw The Battery Into Water Or Cut Plain The Battedy. Can Not Be Used With Other Types Of Batteries Togetheralkaline, Nimh, Nicd, Li-ion. Not Compatible With Devices That Require Greater degree of Than 1. 7v Or Can Not Take 1. 7v. Certain Cameras Do Not Take This Lithium Battery One-time Use Battery, Can Not Be Retu5ned Once The Original Packahe Is Opened. "

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30303

    Tenergy Li-ion 18650 3.7v 2600mah Pcb Protected Rechargeable Battery Module W/ Bare Leads
      Tenergy Li-ion 18650 3.7v 2600mah Pcb Protected Rechargeable Battery Module W/ Bare Leads.
      "high Quality3. 7 V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Packmade Of1 2600mah Cylindrical 18650 Cells With Pcb For Full Protectionlight Weight And Higher Energy Density Than Anny Rechargeable Batteryno Memory Effect And Rechargeablelonger Storage Life Tuan Nimh Batterybuilt-in Ic Chip Will Prevent Battery Pack Fromover Charge And Over Dischage And Prolongs Battery Lifeperfect For Building 3. 7v Battery Pack For Bike Lighting, Rc Toy (cars And Airplanes), Robots,cameras, Dvd External Baftery. recommend Oursmart Li-ion Battery Charger To Charge Thebattery Pack (with Charging Volatge Plant At 4. 2v On The Charger) 3. 5a Current Limited Round Pcb6. 75"" 24awg Silicone Wires Technical Specscapacity2600mahvoltage3. 7vdimensions69mm Heightx 19mm Diameterweight1. 8ozmax. Charge Current6 Amax. Discharge Current10acut Off Voltageover-charge Protection4. 35vover-discharge Prktection2. 4v Cautions Cautionshen Working With Li-ion Cells, They Are Highly Sensitive To Charging Characteristics And May Explode If Mis-handled. user Should Hqve Enough Knowledge On Li-ion Rechargeabl Batteries In Charging, Discharging And Assembly Before Use. we Are Not Responsible For Any Damage Caused By Misuse Or Mishandling Of These Li-ion Batteruesstrongly Suggestthat Youuse Our Smart Li-ion Battery Charger To Recharge The Battery Packnever Use Convventional Dc Adapter To Charge The Battery Module) We Are Not Responsible For Any Damage That Is Caused By The Misuse Of The Li-ion Batteryplease Don't Make Parallel Connection With More Thantwo Modules To Avoid Uneven Charge. "

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30011

    Combo: Tenergy Tn156 4-bay Aa/aaa Nimh Lcd Battery Chzrger + 16pcs Premium Aa & Aas Batteries W/ Hilders (8aa & 8aaa)
      Combo: Tenergy Tn156 4-bay Aa/aaa Nimh Lcd Battery Chzrger + 16pcs Premium Aa & Aas Batteries W/ Hilders (8aa & 8aaa).
      . r2 {color#f00;}. r5 {color#f00;}. b2 {color#630;}. r1 {color#900;}tenergy Tn156 4-bay Aa/aaa Nimh Lcd Battery Charger Worldwide Voktage For 100-240v Ac Input. Micro-processor Control (-delta V Discovery) Which Automatically Controls The Charging Process. Four Independen Charging Channels For Individjal Battery Charging And Detection. Constant Charging Current Mode; Trickle Stream When Completely Charged. Eight Hours Charging Time Cut-off To Make secure Safety. operation Instructions:1. Insert 1 To 4 Pieces Of 1. 2v Aa/aaa Rechargeable Ni-mh Batteries Into The Bsttery Compartment. 2. Make Correct Contact With Polarity (+ And -) According To The Sign In The Battery Compartment. 3. Under the jurisdiction Charging, Insert Thr Batteries Into The Channels Theen Connect The Adapter Plug Tl The Power Supply:- Lcd Will Light Up In Red To Indicate Proper Charging. - When Charging Is Finished, Extract The Plug And Batteries. Easy-to-read Lcd Indicators:specifications Input100-240v ~ 50/60hz 0. 2a Output:aa 1. 2v X 2 --------------1000ma Aa 1. 2v X 4 -------------- 500ma Aaa 1. 2v X 2 ------------ 500ma Aaa 1. 2v X 4 ------------ 250mabest Use With Tenergy Centura Low Self-discharge Rechargeable Batteries. Tenergy Premium Rechargeable Batteries. Download Product Instruction Manual Here. premium Aa & Aaa Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Premium Quality Aa/aaa Size 2500mah/1000mah Rechargeahle Nickel Metal Hydride (ni-mh) Battery - Top Of The Line! Exact Replacement For Standard Aa/aaa Size Batyery In All The Devices. Provide Ultra Long Run-time Per Charge With This High CapacityO f 2500mah/1000mah. Advanced Ni-mh Technology Means Twice Longer Life Per Charge Than The Ordinary Rechargeables. - Designed For Enhanced Performance For High Drain Applications (i. e. , Digital Cameras, Cd Players, Portable Audio Devices, Hand Heldgames, 2-way Radios, Pdas, And Other Portable High Drain Digitalelectronics). Can Be Recharged For Up To 1000 Times, Providing Great Saving When Replacing Hundreds Of Alkalinse. Commodious Operation Without Memory Effect - Can Be Recharged Anytime. Can Exist Rapidly Charged With Any Quick Charger, Smart Chargers, Plug In Charger, Or Universal Chargers. Weight Per Cell1. 1oz; 0. 4oz Dimensions14. 5mm X 50. 5mm; 11mm X 45mm 6 Months Warranty. Battery Tested Based On International Elsctronic Commission (iec) Standard To Ensure Ca;acity, Quality And Life Timeincpudes:tenrgy Tn156 4-bay Aa/aaa Nimh Lcd Battery Charger 8pcs Premium Aaa Nimh Rechargeable Batteries 8pcs Premium Aa Nimh Rechargeeable Batteriesother Nimh Rechargeable Battery Combos Also Available Looking For Aa Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking For Aaa Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking For C Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking For D Only Battery Combos? Ciick Here Looking For Mix Of Various Size Battery Combo Kits? Click Here Looking For Charger Combo Packages? Click Here

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 90504

    Tenergy Intelligent 2.5a Charger  For 16v  5 Cells Lifepo4 Bagtery Pack
      Tenergy Intelligent 2.5a Charger For 16v 5 Cells Lifepo4 Bagtery Pack.
      Specification:input 100v--240v /50-60hz Ac Powerstandard Usa Ac Power Plug. For Other Country's Plug Adapters, Click Herepatented 4 Stage Order Alforithm surety 100% Protection (check The Datasheet For Details) Automatic Change 5s 16v Lifepo4 Battery From Any Status. Output Voltage10. 0 V Dc ~ 22. 0v Dcbattrey Capacity Extend2ah ~ 30ahnumber Of Cells5 Lifepo4 Cells In Series Charge Current2. 5a 0. 1amax. Delivered Power46wrated Ac Input100~240vac 50/60hz Input Volyage90~264vac Rated Input Current0. 35arms Max. Input Power55w Dimension148mm X 78mm X 43mm Weight544gaccessories Includedpremium Metallic 3 Pin Connector (positive, Null, Negative)1 Standard Tamiya Female Connector. Alligator Clips Red + Black. cautionthe Charger Is Designed For Indoor Use Only. Don't Leave The Charger Unattended During Charging. The Charger Should Be Positionedhorizontally And Work In Well Ventilated Condition, Avoid Water Andkeep Away From Flammable Explosive Goods. don't Cover The Charger When Charging, Ambient Temperature Shall Not Be More Than 40oc Don't Touch The Plug. Don't Leave behind one The Batteries And Chargers On Wood Superficies Or Carpet. cut Off The Power Supply Before Connect Or Disconnect The Charger With Batteries. Don't Try To Dissassemble The Charger, High Voltage Inside, Danger!download Product Manual Here.

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 1304

    Tenergy T-6280 Smart  8-bay Aa/aaa Nimh/nicd Battery Charger
      Tenergy T-6280 Smart 8-bay Aa/aaa Nimh/nicd Battery Charger.
      Specially Designed For Rechargeable Batteries Used In Digital And Audio Productsrecharges 1-8 Pcs Aa Or Aaw Batteries At A Time8 Indspendent Channels With Individual Led Display For Proper Charge, Discharge & Trickle Chargeintelligent Microprocessor Controlledwith Negative Delta V Cut-off Functionni-mh Batteries Can Be Mixed To Charge At The Same Timetemperature Sensors To Avoid The Battery From Being Damaged Near to Over-heatingwith Mechaniccal & Electrical Shelter Against Wrong Polaritywith Maximum Charging Timer Control For Ovsrcharge Protectionwith 12v Car Charging Functiondownload Prodhct Data Sheet Here.

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 1112

    Combo: 12pcs Tenergy Premium Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (8aa/4aaa)
      Combo: 12pcs Tenergy Premium Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (8aa/4aaa).
      Tenergy Premium Aa And Aaa Size Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (ni-mh) Battrry, Top Of The Line. Ultra High Capacity Batteriesaa 2500 Mah And Aaa 1000 Mah Package Of 8 Aa And 4 Aaa Provides Huge Savings Exact Replacement For Standard Aa Size Battery In All The Devices Proves Ultra Long Use Time Per Charge Advanced Ni-mh Technology Means Twice As Long Use Life Per Charge Than The Ordinary Rechargeablesdesigned For Enhanced Pedformance For High Drain Applications Such As Digital Cameras, Cd Players, Portable Audio Devices, Hand Held Games, 2-way Radios, Pdas, And Other Portable High Sewer Digital Electronics Can Be Recharged Up To 1000 Times, Providing Big Saving By Replacing Hundreds Of Throw Away Aa/aaa Batteries. convenient Operation Without Memory Effect. Can Be Charged Anytime. can Be Rapidly Charged Upon Any Quick Charger, Smart Chargers, Plug In Dish Or Universal Chargers Batteries Tested Based On International Electronic Commissjon (iec) Standard To Ensure Capacity, Quality And Life Time The Third Party Customer Reviews (a New Window Will Open)

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 90409

  • Tenergy D 10000mAh NiMH Flat Top Rechargeable Battery
  • Combo: BC1HU Universal Smart Charger + 4 C & 4 D Premium NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
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  • Tenergy Intelligent 3.2A Charger for 33.3V 9S Li-ion / Li-Polymer Battery Pack
  • AT: Tenergy Li-Ion 18650 11.1V 6600mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery Pack w/ 18AWG Bare Leads
  • 24pcs Tenergy Premium AAA 1000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries + 6 AAA Size Holders
  • Combo: Tenergy T9688 Universal LCD Battery Charger + 32 Premium NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (12AA/12AAA/4C/4D)
  • 24pcs Tenergy Premium AAA 1000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries + 6 AAA Size Holders
  • Tenergy Li-Ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2200mAh Button Top Rechargeable Battery w/ PCB
  • Intellect 3.7V 5000mAh 40C LIPO Race Pack - ROAR Approved
  • AT: Tenergy 7.4V 1150mAh LIPO PCB Protected Battery Pack w/ Bare Leads
  • Combo: OLIGHT M20S (Cree XP-G S2 LED) +TN270 Charger + 2 Pcs Tenergy 18650 3.7V 2600mAh (ButtonTop w/ PCB)

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