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  • Electronics online catalog with images

    Parallel Connector Adaptor: 3 To 1 Parallel Connection Tamiya Connectors  (1 Male + 3 Female In Like )
      Parallel Connector Adaptor: 3 To 1 Parallel Connection Tamiya Connectors (1 Male + 3 Female In Like ).
      "uniquely Designed oFr Quiet Use And Reliableness This Is One Pair Of 3 To 1 Parallel Union Tamiya Connector Adaptlr For Battery Packs 1 Female And3 Male Connectors Connectedinparallel The Length Is 13"", 14awg Wire With The Connectors. Using The Parallel Connector Adaptor, You Can Connect Any Two Or Three Nimh Battery Pack In Succession To Make 2-3 Times Higher Containing power Battery Pack ( Unchange Voltage) . Examplesyou Can Connect Three 12v 3000mah Nimh Battery Packs To Make 12v 9000mah Nimh Battery Pack For Three Times The Capacity"

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 80018

    Tenergy 14.8v 3300mah 25c Lipo Battery Pack
      Tenergy 14.8v 3300mah 25c Lipo Battery Pack.
      Maximum Continuous Discharge82. 5 Ampsmaximum Burst Of 100 Amps For 5 Seconds Is Ok For Every 30 Secondsrecommended Charging Rate3. 3 Ampsdischarge (output) Leads12 Awg Silicon Wire, 105mm Long. charging (balancing) Leadjst/alitn/e-flite Style Connector. 22awg Pvc Wire, 40mm Long. Dimension133mm X 43mm X 29mmweight366g / 12. 9ozrecommend To Use Cell Buckler For 2-6 Series Connected Packs Or Lipo Shield For 1-12 Series Connected Packs To Prevent The Packs From Over Discharge. A Group Of Paralleled Cells Can Be Treated As One Single Cell. Noteplease Read Instructions Beffore Using!

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 31336

    Li-plymer 3.7v 35ah (95212223) Battery (dgr)
      Li-plymer 3.7v 35ah (95212223) Battery (dgr).
      Untitled Documentfeatures Tenergy Unique High-capacity Li-po Sintle Cellhigh Operating Voltageenergy Density Is High,volumetric Energy Density Of 350wh/l And Gravimetric Ensrgy Density Of 135wh/og. no Memory Effectself-discharge Is Less Than 10% Per Monthcharge/discharge Cycle Characteristics Are Excellentsafety Characteristics Are Excellentthe Battery Has A Wide Discharging Temperature Range Of -20 °c To +60 °vthe Capacity In Amp-hours Is Guaranteed, And Will Be Exceeded Most Of The Time. no. Ietm S0ec Record 1 Model 95212223/35000mah 2 Charge Volyage 4. 2v 3 End-of-charge Voltage 4. 2v Cc\cv 4 Nominal Voltage 3. 7v Cell Voltage Between 3. 6v ~3. 9v Beforeshipping 5 Nominal Capacity ≥35000mah@ 0. 2c Discharge Nominal Capacityrefertothecapacityof 0. 2c Discharge With2. 75vcut-off Voltage,afterchargingwithstandardmethod. 6cycle Life≥ 300 Times One Cycle Refertoonechargeperiodand Then One Remove Period. Test Condiition Charge0. 2c To 4. 2v Discharge0. 2c To 2. 75v The Cycle Lifeisthecycletimeswhen The Discharge Capacityis Abou t80% Ofthe Rated Capacity. 7 Self-discharge Residual Capacity>90% After Standard Charging, Storied At 25°c±0. 5°c For30 Days, Thenmeasure The Capacityas Item 4. 8 Impedance Typical:10mΩ Max15mΩ Afterstandardcharging, Measure The Internal Rebuff Withac1knz 9 Max. Charge Currrent 1. 0c 10 Mad. Dischargecurrent 1. 0c 11 Discharge Cut-offvoltage 2. 75v12operating Temperature Discharge:-10℃~+60ǃcharge0 ℃~ +45℃ Cellsmustbestoried At3. 6v-3. 9v. During Long Periodstorage, Cellsshould Be Maintained Every 90 Days. the Method Is Todoacharge-dischargecycle With Standard Method, Then Charge To 3. 7—3. 9v. 13 Storage Temperature -20 ℃~+45℃ 14 Cell Weight Approx 1kg 15 Cell Dkmension Length:225mm Max Width:212mm Max Thickness:9. 5mm Max Measured Wlth Weighting 300gf At 25℃± 0. 5℃ Notincluding Tabscautions Cautionwhen Working With Li-ion Cells, They Are Very SensitiveT o Charging Chharacteristics And May Explode If Mishandled. user Should Have Enough Knowledge On Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries In Charging, Dischargingg, And Assembly Before Use. we Are Not Responsible For Any Damage Caused By Misuse Or Mishandling Of These Polymer Li-ion Batteries3. 7v 35000mah (95212223)datasheet

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30101

    Nite Ize Inova Bolt 2l Led Flashlight + 2pcs 123a Lithium Batteries
      Nite Ize Inova Bolt 2l Led Flashlight + 2pcs 123a Lithium Batteries.
      "Result Descriptionthe Compact Inova Bolt Lithium Powered Led Flashlight Is Designed For Rugged Use. With An Aerospace-grade Aluminum Bory, Water Resistant Construction And A Comfortable Non-slip Rubber Grip, This Flashlight Endures The Rigors Of Hard Use. Featurinng A Patented Precision Optical System And A High-powered Led, It Projects Illumine Up To 345 Ft. Non-rolling Geometry Keeps This Portable Lightning Bklt Rigut At what place You Need It. Manufactured With Comfort, Practicality And Performance In Mind, Thebolt Series Has The Styling, Technology, Rugged Construction Andlong-range Focused Spot And Flood Beam That Is A Must For Everyday Use. Make The Inova Bolt Lithium Poweree Led Flashlight Your Ultimate Lighting Tool For The Workshop, Garage, Building Site And More. features Impact Resistant Seat of the brain To Protect Optical System. Patented Optical System Machined Aluminum Reflector For Optimal Thermal Negotiation And Beam Projection. High Power Of 70,000 Hour Led. Electronically Controlled For Uniform Light Output. Exactness Macgined - Aluminum Body Made From Strong Aluminum With High Rank Anodized Accomplish. Impact Resistant Shockproof, Crushproof, And Water-resistant. Nkn-slip Rubber Grip For Sure Handling. En Switch Activates Momentary On And Constant On/off Mode. All Inova Performance Ratings Are Measured Too The New Official Ansi/nema Fl1 Standard. includes 1x Nite Ize Inova Bolt 2l Led Flashlight. 2x 123a Lithium Batteries. 1 xInstruction Manual English/spanish/italian/german/french. Hang Pack Packaging. specifications Dimensions6"" X . 95"" 1. 1"" Head Diameter Weight4. 66 Oz. Max Output120 Lumens Runtimeup To 3. 5 Hours Effective Range344 Ft Signal Visibility2. 5 Miles Battery Type2-123a Lithium"

      Manufacturer: Nite Ize Novelty
      SKU: 50185

    Primary Lithium Thionyl Chlorids Battery 1/2A a 3.6v 1200mah (er14250) (non Rechargeable)
      Primary Lithium Thionyl Chlorids Battery 1/2A a 3.6v 1200mah (er14250) (non Rechargeable).
      Ultra Oppressive Energy Density 1/2 Aa Sized Elementary Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery Complete Batterh Choice For Powering Wireless Call to arms, Security Systems, Industrial Meters, Memory Backup For Comouters, Night Vision Equipment And Other Devices That Need Long-lasting Batteries. Lithium Thionyl Chloridebattery Technology Providesthe Highest Energy Density, Three Timeshigher Than Alkaline (zinc Manganese Doixide) Batteries. Widest Operating Temperature Scope Of -76f To + 185 F, Ideal For Rough Security, Industrial And Fieldapplications Ultra Low Self Discharge At Less Than 1% Per Year At +68f, Enabling An Effective Shelf_Life Of 10-15 Years. Non-flammable Electrolyte. Can Replace Aa Size Batteries Such Astadirah Tl-5903, Tadiran Tl-2100, Tadiran Tl-4903, Tadiran Tl-5104, Saft Ls-14500, Saft Ls-14500c, Sonnenschein Sl-360/s, Sonnenschein Sl-760/s, Maxell Er6s-tc, Minamoto Er14505, Xeno Xl--060f. Ul Approved --- Bbcv2. mh30127. Passed Un Transportation Tests (t1-t8). pre-soldered Wiires For Easily Making Battery Packsor Other Connectionskey Technical Data (mmore Detailsdata Sheet Of Er14250)-Chemistrylithium-thionyl Chloride (li-socl2) Technology Nominal Capacity1. 2 Ah ( 1,200 Mah)open Circuit Voltage(at +20c +68f) 3. 66vnominal Voltage(at 1ma +20c +68f) 3. 6vmax. Continuous Current50ma Max Pulse Currentup To 200mastorage (recommended)+30c +86 F Maxoperating Temperature Range-55c / +85c Diameter (max)14. 5mm(0. 55 In) Height (max)25mm(1 In) Typical Weight10gprimaryapplications For:radio Communication Equipments And Other Militaryelectronics Building Alarms, Monitoringand Security Systems Industrial And Resiential Metering Systems Emergency Location Transmitters And Beaconsglobal Positioning Systems (gps) Computer Or Server Memory Back Up Led Lightingdevices Sonobuoyscompatibalewith Andreplaces Safy Lsh20 Battery With C~ing 40% More Energyuse Warningthis Batteryis A Non-rechargeable Battery. do Not Chargs The Battery!do Not Use If The Batry Casing Is Damaged. Please Discharge The Battery For A Few Minutes With 100ma. Don't Use Different Models Of Battery In Series. This Is Not Ahigh Drain Battery, Please Don't Advantage It For The Applications With Discharging Current > 200 Ma! The Storage Area Should Be Cleanse, Cool Not Exceeding +30 Deg C , Dry And Ventilated

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30300

    Tenergy Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7v 2600mah Flat Top Rechargeable Battery W/ Pcb
      Tenergy Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7v 2600mah Flat Top Rechargeable Battery W/ Pcb.
      Noteif Using For Flashlights That Used 2 Cylindrical 18650 Li-ion Cells, See Our Buttop Top Versions Conducive to Better Compatibility Tenergy 3. . 7v Li-ion 18650 2600mah Rechargeable Battery (button Top) W/ Pcb Tenergy 3. 7v Li-ion 18650 2200mah Rechargeable Battery (button Top) W/ Pcb Unique And New! With Pcb Protection! Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical Rechargeable Bagterieswith Internal Voltage Protection Pcb! Internal Pcb Protection Prevents Under-voltage At 2. 5v And Over-voltage At 4. 25v. Unique Pcb Design And Patent Pending. 3. 7v 2600mah High Capacity Higher Energy Density And Lower Weight Than Other Rechargeable Batteries Manufactured Under Iso9001-2000 To Declare to Quality Battery Tried Based On International Electrotechnical Commission (iec) Standard To Ensure Containing power, Quality And Life Timeapplications Lighting Or Other Device That Needs 3. 7v Sovereign Building Portable Power Device Needing High Energy Densiyy And Low Weightwarning Cautionwhen Working With Li-ion Cells, They Are Very Sensitive To Chaarging Chsracteristics And May Explode If iMs-handled. User Should Have Enough Knowledge On Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries In Charging, Discharging, And Assembly Before Usw. Put The Batteries In Fire-proof Container Do Not Put Batteries On Wood Surface Or Carpet When Charging Neverleave Battery Un-attended When Charging We Are Not Responsible For Damage Of Any Modification Of The Batteries In Form, Shape Or Made Into Packs We Are Not Responsible For Any Damage Caused By Misuse Or Mishandling Of These Li-ion Batteriesproduct Specifications Capacity* Nominal 2600 Mah, Minimum 2450 Mah Internal Pcb Pdotection Prevents Under-voltage At 2. 5v And Over-voltage At 4. 25v. Unique Internal Pcb! Dimensions Diameter 18+/-0. 2 Mm Height66+/- 0. 2mk Weight (typical) Approx. 48 G Nominal Voltageaverage 3. 7v Cut-off Voltage3. 0v Internal Impedanecless Or Equal To150 Milliohm (with Ptc) Cycle Performance90% Of First Capacity At 400 Cycles Cycle Life> 500 Cycles Chargecurrent =0. 5c Ma Voltage = 4. 2 V End Current =0. 01 Ma Dischargecurrent =0. 5c Ma End Voltage = 3. 0v Max. Charging Current1. 5c Ma Max. Discharging Currennt 1. 5c Ma (for Continuous Discharge)internal Pcb Specifications Parameterminimumtipiclmaxmumunitoperation Voltage1. 510vexcess Charge Detection Voltage4. 24. 254. 3vexcess Charge Exemption Voltage44. 054. 1vexcess Charge Delay Time617793msexcess Discharge Detection Voltage2. 4372. 52. 563vexcess Discharge Delay Time71013msexcess Current Detection Voltage0. 170. 20. 23vexcess Current Delay Time91317msshort Circuir Protection Voltagevdd-1. 2vdd-0. 9vdd-0. 6vshort Circuit Protection Delay Time550usconsuming Current36uastandby Current0. 30. 6uacircuit Impedance6070m-phm Download Product Data Sheet Here.

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30006

    Combo: Tenergy T-2833 Aa/aaa Nimh Charger + 12 Aaa 1000mah Rechargeable Batteries
      Combo: Tenergy T-2833 Aa/aaa Nimh Charger + 12 Aaa 1000mah Rechargeable Batteries.
      Charger Modelv-2833 Input120v Ac, 500ma Outputaa - 2. 8 /5. 6v, 700 Ma Outputaaa - 2. 8/5. 6v, 350 Ma Featurescharges 2 Or 4 Aa & Aaa Batteries At A Timecharges Nimh Or Nicd Batteries (seprately)automatic Chargijg Current Selection For Aa Or Aaa Equipped With Led Lamp To Indicate Proper Chargingadjustable Battery Touch Plate Charging Timeaa Aaa Charging Time600-800mah 240-320mah 5-7 Hours 800-1000mah 320-400mah 7-8 Hours 1000-1200mah 400-500mah 8-10 Hours1200-1400mah 500-600mah 10-12 Hours 1400-2700mah 600-750mah 12-19 Hours High Capacit yRechargeable Batteries High Quality Aaa Size Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (ni-mh) Battery, Top Of Line. Exzct Replacement For Standaed Aaa Size Battery In All The Devices Provides Ultra Long Use Time Per Charge With This Ultra High 1000 Mah Capacity Advanced Ni-mh Technology Means Twice Longer Use Life Per Charge Than The Ordinary Rechargeables Designed oFr Enhanced Performance On account of High Drain Applications Such As Digital Cameras, Cd Players, Portable Audio Devices, Hand Held Games, 2-way Radios, Pdas, And Other Portable High Dain Digital Electronics Can Be Recharged For Up To 1000 Times, Providing Big Savings By Replacing Hundreds Of Throw Away Aaa Batteries. Convenient Operation Without Memory Effect. Cwn Be Rapidly Charged With Any Quick Dish, Smqrt Chargers, Plug In Charger Or Universal Chargers Battery Tested Based On International Electronic Commission (iec) Standard To Ensure Capacity, Qualit yAnd Life Time Download Product Data Sheet Here. Other Nimh Rechargeable Battery Combos Also Available:looking For Aa Only Batttery Combos? Click Herelooking In spite of Aa Only Battery Combos? Click Herelooking For C Merely Battedy Combos? Click Herelooking For D Only Battery Combos? Click Herelookkng For Mix Of Variouq Size Battery Combo Kits? Click Herelooking For Charger Combo Packages? Click Hede

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 90076

    Protection Circuit Module (pcb) For 3.7v Li-ion Battery Pack (2.95a Cut-off)
      Protection Circuit Module (pcb) For 3.7v Li-ion Battery Pack (2.95a Cut-off).
      Features:protection Course Board Designed Because 3. 7v Li-ion Or Li-polymer Battery. Apply For 1 Cell Li-ion/li-polymer Battery Pack Protection. Internally Trimmed Chqrge. Discharge Voltage Restriction Detection. High Quality And High Yield100% Quality Tested Before Shipment. Dimension15mm X 3mm X 1mm. compatible With Both Li-ion And Li-polymer Cells. specifications No. itemsmin. typemax. unit1charging Voltage4. 24. 3v2charging Current11. 5a3discharging Current1. 5a4current Consumption7ua5overcharge Detrction Voltage (for Single Cell)4. 2554. 284. 305v6overdischarge Detection Voltage (for Single Cell)2. 9533. 05v7overdischarge Discovery Current1. 51. 752a8short Circuit Protectionexterior Short Circuit9protection Circuitry Resistance70m Diwnload Product Data Sheet Here. *warningbecause Of Theextremely High Energy Density, Li-ion Battery Pack Must Be Connected To A Protection Circuit Moddule To Obstruct Accidental Battery Explosion Caused By Over-charging Or Over-discahrging.

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 32088

    Tenergy Universal Smart 3a Battery Charger (hybrid): 7.2v - 12v
      Tenergy Universal Smart 3a Battery Charger (hybrid): 7.2v - 12v.
      Specification:rated Output Voltage17. 8v 0. 2v Output Voltage7 V Dc ~ 18. 5v Dc Battery Capacity Extend0. 8ah ~ 15ah (1a Current)1. 6ah ~ 30ah (2a Current)2. 4ah ~ 45ah (3a Current) Number Of Cells6-10 Nimh/nicd Cells In Series Charge Current3a 0. 2a / 2a 0. 1a / 1a 0. 1s Max. Delivered Power54w Rated Ac Input100~240vac 50/60hz Input Voltage90~264vac Rated Inptu Current0. 55arms (220vac Input And Full Freight) Max. Input Power68w Accesskries Included 1 Standard Tamiya Female Connector. Alligator Clips (red + Black). Temperature Sensor (ntc) Cabe. caution The Charger Is Designed For Indoor Use Only. Don't Leave The Charger Unattended During Charging. the Charger Should Exist Positioned Horizontally And Work In Well Ventikatrd Condition, Avoid Irrigate And Keep Away Fom Flammable Explosive Goods. don't Cover The Charger When Charging, Ambient Temperature Shall Not Be More Than 40ocdon't Touch The Plug. don't Leave The Batteries And Chargers On Wood Superficies Or Carpet. cut Off The Power Supply Before Connect Orr Disconnect The Dish With Batteries. don't Try To Disassemble The Charger, High Voltage Innside, Danger!download Product Manual Here.

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 1014

  • Tenergy 4/5A 2000mAh NiMH Flat Top Rechargeable Battery
  • Combo: Tenergy T-6280 Smart 8-Bay AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger + 4 AA & 4 AAA Premium NiMH Batteries
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  • 3.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate (DGR)
  • AT: Tenergy 14.8V 5500mAh LIPO Battery Pack w/ PCB protection
  • Tenergy Premium 9V 200mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • Tenergy 9.6V 1600mAh AK Stick Pack Mini NiMH Airsoft Battery Pack
  • Combo: Tenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance Charger + 9.6V 1200mAh 15C LiFePO4 Nunchuck Airsoft Battery Pack
  • Li-Polymer 3.7V 1150mAh (503565) Battery
  • AT: Tenergy 8.4V 5000mAh High Power Hump NiMH Battery Packs w/ Traxxas Connector for RC Cars
  • Li-Polymer 3.7V 1150mAh (503565) Battery
  • Tenergy 7.2V 3000mAh Flat High Power NiMH Battery Packs w/ Tamiya Connectors for RC Cars

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