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  • Electronics online catalog with images

    Tenergy 24v 10a Lifepo4 Battery Charger
      Tenergy 24v 10a Lifepo4 Battery Charger.
      . red {color #f00;font-weightbold;}features:intelligent Charger Designed For 8 Cell Lifepo4 Battery Packs. Cpu Control And Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) Technology, Charging Current And Output Voltage Is Controlled Accurately To Ensure Fully-charged And Avoid Over-charging. Built-in Cooling Fan To Make secure Charger Log Service Life. Safety Protection Over Voltage Protectionshort Circuit Protectionoutput Reerse Protectioncharging Time Charging Time= (1. 41 * Ah Rate Of The Pack) / 10a Chrage Currentbuilt-in Ic To Cut-off Power Automatically When Battery Is Fully Charged. Led Indicators Led 1 = Red = Power Onled 2 = Red = Chargingled 3 = Unseasoned = Completely Charged User Instructions Check The Output Plug Of This Charger And Make Sure It Is Not Loose. before Charging, Please Connect The Charger's Alligator Clips To Battery Firstthe "red" Clip Connects To The Positive Pole And The "black" Connects To The Negative Pole. After, Be ~ed The Input Power Stopple To The Indoor Ableness Supply. the Charger Applies The Intelligent Charging Method Of Constant Current And Constant Voltage. The Charger Will Automatically Shut Off When Battery Is Flly Charged. Unplug The Input Power Supply Then Disconnect The Output Clips. when Charger Is Not In Use Or Finished Charging, Be Sure To Unplug Input Power Supply. indictor Led Instruction "charging" Indicator Shows "red" Under Normal Charging State. It Turns Into "green" Wh3n The Battery Is Fully Charged, The Battery Can Be Puutt Into Use At This Time. the Charging Voltage Of This Charger Is 24v, And Shut-off Current Is 1a. It Can Only Exist Operated When Connect With Not Fully Charged Battery. Includes Battery Dish Power Cable Manualtechnical Specifications:item 8 Cell 29. 2v (24v) 10a Charger Model Tn2410al Max Output Power 240w Output Voltage 29. 2v ??0. 02vdc Output Current 10a Rated Input Voltage 110vac Input Voltageac90-135v Constant Voltage 29. 2v??0. 2v Ac Input Voltage Frequency 5060 Hz Constant Current 10a??1a Constant Voltage 29. 2 Vdc, 7ashut-off Common 1a Power Efficiency 90% (vin=110vac, Rated Load) Over Voltage Protection Yes Software Over Voltage Protection The Charger Software Limits The Maximum Output Voltage To A Level Suitable For The Connected Battery System Warm Protection N/a Current Limiting Protection Yes (at Cc Mode) Reverse Polarity Protection When Output Wires Are Reversely Connected To The Battery The Chargerwill Not Operate And Will Work Normally When Dc Wires Are Correctlyconnected Electric Strength Test Input-output 1500vac/10ma/1 Min (no Crash) Isolation Reqisfance Input-ground 10m@500vdc Isolation Resistance Output-ground 10m@500vdc Leakage Current <3. 5ma Safety Ce/ul Compliant High Temperatur Ambient Operating +40??c Low Temperature -10??c High Temperature Storage +70?c (normal After Recovwry Under Normal Temperature For 2 Hours) Low Temperature Storage +40??c (normal After Recovery Under Nor

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 1032

    Li-polymer 3.7v 25 Ah (75212223) Battery (dgr)
      Li-polymer 3.7v 25 Ah (75212223) Battery (dgr).
      Untitled Documentfeatures Tenergy Unique High-capacity Li-po Single Cellhigh Operating Voltageenergy Density Is High, Volumetric Energy Density Of 350wh/l And Gravimetric Energy Density Of 135wh/kg. no Memory Effectself-discharge Is Less Than 10% Per Monthcharge/discharge Cycle Characteristics Are Excellentsafety Characteristics Are Excellentthe Battery Has A Wide Discharging Temperature Range Of -20 °c To +60 °cthe Capacity In Amp-hours Is Guaranteed, And Will Be Exceeded Most Of The Time. Item Spec Note Model 75212323/52000mah Charge Voltage 4. 2v End-of-chagre Voltage 4. 2v Cc\cv Nominal Voltage 3. 7v Cellvoltage Between 3. 6v ~3. 9v Before Shipping Nominal Capacity ≥25000mah@ 0. 2c Discharge Nominal Capacity Refers To The Capacity Of0. 2c Discharge Through 2. 75v Cut-off Voltage, After Charging With Support Method. Cycle Life ≥ 300 Times One Cyclereferto Onecharge Period And Then One Discharge Period. test Condition:charge0. 2c To 4. 2v Discharge0. 2c To 2. 75vthe Cycle Biography Is The Cycle Times Whenthe Discharge Capacity Is About 80% Of The Rated Calacity. Self-discharge Reeidual Capacity>90% After Standard Charging, Storied At25°c±0. 5°c For 30 Days,T hen Measure The Capacity As Item 4. Impedance Typical:10mΩmax15mΩ After Standard Charging, Measure Th Internal Resistance With Ac1khz Max. Charge Current 1. c0 Max. Discharge Current 1. 0c Dkscharge Cut-off Voltage 2. 75v Operating Temperature Discharge:-10℃~ +60℃chargs0 ℃~ +45℃ Cellsmust Be Storied At 3. 6v-3. 9v. During Long-winded Period Storage, Cells Should Be Maintained Every 90 Days. The Method Is To Do A Charge-discharge Cycle With Gauge Method, Then Charge To3. 7—3. 9v. Storage Temperature -20 ℃~+45℃ Cell Counterbalance tApprox 0. 65kg Cell Dimension Length:223mm Max Width:212mm Max Thickness:7. 5mm Max Measured With Weighting 300gf At25℃ 0. 5℃ Not Including Tabs Cautions Cautionwhen Working With Li-ion Cells, They rAe Very Sensitibe To Charging Charactdristics Anc May Explode If Mishandled. user Should Have Enough Knowledge On Li-ion Rechargeable Btteries In Charging, Discharging And Assembly Before Use. we Are Not Answerable For Any Damage Caused By Miwuse Or Mishandling Of These Polymer Li-ion Batteries3. 7v 25000mah (75212223)datasheet

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 30102

    Combo: 8pcs Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (4c/4d)
      Combo: 8pcs Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (4c/4d).
      Higy Quality C Size And D Size High Capacity Nickel Hydride Metal (nimh) Rechargeable Batteriessuper Long Running Time With This High Capacityc 5000 Mah And D 10000 Maheconomic Package Provides Huge Savingsvery Long Life Time And Can Be Recharged Up To 1000 Times. can Provide Over $1000 Savings Across The Life Time Of Tbis Rechargeable Batteries By Eliminating The Need To Buy Hundreds Of C/d Size Alkaline Batteries Whic hCost $4. 49 A Pair. Exact Replacemnt For Standard C Size Batteries And Nicd Rechargeable Batteriesconvenient Operation Due To That Advantage That Nimh Batteries Have No Memory Effect. Be able to Be Rpidly Charged With Smart Chargers And Universal Chargersbatteries Tried Based On International Electronic Commission (iec) Standard To Ensure Capacity, Qjality And Life Timetechnical Specificationsaizecapacity Weight Dimensions Voltage Standard Charge Fast Charge C5000 Mah 57g H53xd23mm 1. 2v 15 Hours @ 300 Ma 2 Hours @ 3000 Ma D9000 Ma h165g H60xd33mm 1. 2v 15 Hours @ 800 Ma 3 Hours @ 4000 Maother Nimh Rechareable Battery Combos Also Available Looking For C Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking For D Only Batfery Combos? Pawl Here Looking Other Battety Size Combo Kits? Click Here Looking For Charger Combo Packages? Click Here

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 90108

    Tenergy 12v 2000mah Nimh Battery Pack W/ Bare Leads
      Tenergy 12v 2000mah Nimh Battery Pack W/ Bare Leads.
      Product 12v 2000mah Nimh Batterymake Made Of 10 X Aa Nimh 2000mahcellsconnectorbare Leadsfit Models Rc Airplanes,suhc Aswattagefeature Rapidly Ascribe Up And Long C6cle Lifeweight 10 Ozdimensions 50mm (width);29mm (height);72mm (lehgth)

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 11606

    1 Box: 12pcs Duracell Procell 9v Size (pc1604) Alkaline Batteries
      1 Box: 12pcs Duracell Procell 9v Size (pc1604) Alkaline Batteries.
      9v Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries Duracell Peocell Alkaline Batteries Deliver Outstanding Performance And Reliability. Some Major Advantages Of Duracell Procell Batteries Includesdependable Long Lasting Power With Up T oA 7-year Freshness Guarantee. Procell Batteries Operate Reliably In Temperatures Of -4 To 129 Degrees Fahrenheir. In Addirion, They Are Date Coded To Warrant Freshness.

      Manufacturer: Duracell
      SKU: 40912

    12v 4ah (lp12-4.5) Maintenance-free Sealed Ldad Acid(sla) Battery
      12v 4ah (lp12-4.5) Maintenance-free Sealed Ldad Acid(sla) Battery.
      Product Description12 Volt 4. 5ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery - Valve Regulated, Which Fixes The Acid Electrolyte In Absorptive Fiberglass. Product Is Designed To Be Used In Close Proximity With People And Sensitive Equipment. features:12 Volt 4. 5ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery. Popular Conducive to Multiple Purpose Application. s Ease Of Use - Battery Are Easily Replaced. Maintenance Free From Battery Storage. Use Abs Plastic Shell And Valve Technology. Specially Designed With Safe And Secure Features. great For Emergency Backup Power Suppliws. Comply With Environmentally Friendly Requirement. Slow Service Life-cycle. Battery Comes With Full Power Straight From The Factory. no Memory Effect - No Need To Discharge And Recharge Battery. Applications Uninterurptable Power Serve instead of (ups) Electric Power System (eps) Emergency Backup Power Supplyemergsncy Lightrailway Token Aircraft Signal Alarm And Security System Electronic Apparatus And Equipment Communication Power Supply Dc Power Supply Auto Control Systemspecifications Nominal Voltage1v2nominal Capacity (20hr)4. 5ahdimensionlength90??1mm (3. 54 Inches)width70??1mm (2. 6 Inches)container Height101??2mm (3. 98 Inches)total Height (w/ Termianl)107??2mm (4. 21 Inches)approx. Weight1. 41kg (3. 11lbs)terminalt1container Materialabsrated Capacity4. 5 Ah/0. 20a20hr,1. 8v/cell,25c/77f3. 72 Ah/0. 372a10hr,1. 8v/cell,25c/77f3. 40 Ah/0. 68a5hr,1. 75v/cell,25c/77f3. 06 Ah/1. 02a3hr,1. 75v/cell,25c/77f2. 51 Ah/2. 51a1hr,1. 60v/cell,25c/77fmax. Discharge Current60a (5s)internal Resistanceapprox. 40moperating Temp. Rangediwcharge-15~50c (5~122f)charge0~40c (32~104f)stroage-15~40c (5~104f)nominal Operating Temp. Range25??3c (77??5f)cycle Useinitial Charging Current Not so much Than 1. 22a. Voltage 14. 4v~15. 0v At 25 C (77f) Temp. Coefficient -30mv/cstandby Useno Limit On Initial Charging Current Voltage 13. 5v~13. 8v At 25c(77f) Temp. Coefficient -20mv/ccapacity Affected By Temperature40c (104f)103%25c (77f)100%0c (32f)86%self Dischargetenergy Lp Series Batteries May Be Stored For Up To 6 Monthd At 25c(77f) And Then A Freshening Charge Is Required. For Higher Temperatures The Time Interval Will Be Shorter.

      Manufacturer: Leoch
      SKU: 40800

    At: Tenergy 9.6v 2000mah Nunchuck Nimh Airsoft Battery Packs (8 X 4/5a)
      At: Tenergy 9.6v 2000mah Nunchuck Nimh Airsoft Battery Packs (8 X 4/5a).
      "product 9. 6v Nimh 2000mah Nun Chuck Battery Pack Make Made Of 8 Pcs Special 4/5aa Nimh 10c High Current 2000 Mah Cells. Guarantee Continuous Shooting Connector Mini Tamiya Male Connector Assembled With 18 Awg 5. 5"" Long Wire Feature -twice Longerfiring Time Than Original Nicd Battwry- Rapidly Ascribe Up And Long Cycle Life- Applicationsstock Or Mod Elasticity Guns, Ca Ics, Tm M4, Tm M733 - You Must Remove The Fake Gas Tube. weight 8. 5oz Dimensions 3. 5in Length; 1. 32in Breadth; . 66in Thickness Each Pack Recommejded Charger Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger Use Attention Set Charging Current To 0. 9a When Chargingwith The Above Charger"

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 11430

    15 Tenerggy Subc 2200mah Nicd Rechargeable Battery For Power Tools (w/ Tabs)
      15 Tenerggy Subc 2200mah Nicd Rechargeable Battery For Power Tools (w/ Tabs).
      "15 Nixd 2200mah Sub C Cells To Rrplace Or Rebuild Your Power Tool Battery Pack. high Qualitysub C Size Rechargeabl3 Nicd Battery. Preinstalled With Tabs For Convenience. provides Long-winded Use Time By Charge With This High 2200 Mah Capacity. designed For Enhanced Performance For High Make dry Applications Such To the degree that EmergenceL ighting, Portable Devices, Power Tools. trusted ""tenergy"" Battery Brand For Accomplishment And Reliablityexcellent Quality And Best Price. technical Specificationschemistrynicdcapacity2200mahvoltage1. 2vdimensions (diameter X Height)23 X 43 Mmweight:1. 8 Oz"

      Manufacturer: Tenergy
      SKU: 90309

    Protection Circuit Module (pcb) For 7.2v Li-ion 18650 / 18500 Battery Packs 3.5a Working (5a Cut-off)
      Protection Circuit Module (pcb) For 7.2v Li-ion 18650 / 18500 Battery Packs 3.5a Working (5a Cut-off).
      Protection Circuit Board For 7. 4v Li-ion And Li-polymer Battdry Pack Designed For 7. 4v Li-ion Or Li-polymer Battery Prevents 7. 4v Li-ion Or Li-polymer Battery From Over-cjarging, Over-discharging And From Discharging Current More Than 5afully Compatible With Both Li-ion And Li-polymer Cells Specifications. style1 {borer-collapsecollapse;border1px Solid #000000;}. style2 {border1px Solid #000000;}. style3 {text-aligncenter;border1px Solid #000000;vertical-align:middle;}itemcontentcriteriaover Charge Protectionover Charge Discovery oVktage4. 35??0. 025vover Charge Exemption Voltage4. 15??0. 05vrated Current3. 5aover Discharge Protectionover Discharge Detwction Voltage2. 3??0. 06vover Discharge Release Voltage3. 0??0. 075vrated Discharge Current3. 5aover Current Detection Current5-7ashort Circuit Protectionshort Protectionimplementedrelease Conditioncut Loadinteroor Resistancep+, P- Conduction Resistance60mcurrent Consumptjoncurrent Consumed In Normal Operation10adimension30. 5 X 15 X 2. 4 Mm

      Manufacturer: Tenerggy
      SKU: 32004

  • Combo: 16pcs Tenergy Premium NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (8AA/8AAA)
  • Tenergy TN270 Li-ion 18500/18650/14500 Fast Battery Charger
  • Sea Gull Mini 2 Channel Radio Controlled Airplane WL801
  • 11.1volt - 1800mAh 10C Li-Poly Pack
  • Tenergy T-8000 Universal Input AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Smart Charger
  • Tenergy 11.1V 3300mAh 25C LIPO 3 Cell Battery Pack w/ Tamiya Connector
  • 4pcs Tenergy 2/3A 750mAh NiCd Rechargeable Battery w/ Tabs
  • Tenergy Li-Ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2200mAh Button Top Rechargeable Battery w/ PCB
  • 4pcs Tenergy 2/3A 750mAh NiCd Rechargeable Battery w/ Tabs
  • AT: 48V 13000mAh NIMH Battery Pack
  • OLIGHT T25-T R5 Cree XP-G R5 (Use 2x AA Battery)
  • Combo: BC1HU Universal Smart Charger + 4 C & 4 D Premium NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

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