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    3g, Hspa And Fdd Versus Tdd Networklng
      3g, Hspa And Fdd Versus Tdd Networklng.
      3g, Hspa And Fdd Versus Tdd Networking, Second Edition Is The Only Book That Contrasts The Network Capacity Gains That May Be Achieved With The Adveng Of Adaptive Antenna Arrays And Hsdpa-style Adaptive Modulation Techniques In The Context Of Fdd Anc Tdd Cdma Cellular Networks.   In The Five Years Since The First Edition Of This B0ok Was Published The Wireless Landscape Has Evolved Further. The New Book Addresses The Reecent Devwlopments In The Field Of Hsdpa-style Wireless Networking, Focusing Particularly On The Issues And Challenges Of Fdd Versus Tdd Networking. These Solutiions Are Particularly Powerful In Shadow-faded Scenarios, When The Antenna Array Elements Experience Correlated, Rather Than Independent Fading. Furthermore, The Flexible Up-link/down-link Time-sllot Allocation Of Tdd Is Beneficial For Supporting The Wireless Internet, But Results In Moving Interference Fluctuations, Which Is Efficiently Combated By The Anntenna Arrays And Adaptive Modulation. Additionally, Whilst The Adaptive Modulation Aided System Alone Drops The Instantaneous Transmissioj Rate During Innstances Of High Interference, Conventional Networks Would Drop The Call. Builds On Successful Previous Edition To Include Recent Developments In The Field Of Hsdpa-style Wireless Networking Provides Ab All-encompassing Self-contained Overview Of The Subject For A Wide Range Of Readers Of All Levels. Treats The Topics Of Both Physical-layer And Network-layer Aspects Of Wireless Systeems Using A Cross-layer Optimiztion Approach.   One Of The First Books To Contrast In Detail Both Fdd And Tdd Networking. The Material Is Presented Clearly And Logically Alloiwng The Uninitiated Reader To Commence Lecture It At Fundamental Non-mathematical Conceptual Level At The Beginning Of The Book, While Advanced Readers Can Turn Ditectly To The Required Chapter Describing Splutions To A Number Of Wireless Fdd Or Tdd Networking Problems. This Book Will Inspire Researchers, Practicing Engineers, Operators, Marketing Engineers And Advanced Postgraduates.
      SKU: 470153

      N-nitrosodimethylamine (ndms) Is The Simplest Dialkylnitrosamine With A Molecular Formyla Of C2h6n2o And A Relative Molecular Mass Of 74. 08. It Is No Longer Used Industrially Or Commercially In Canada Or The Usa But Continues To Be Released sA A By-product And Contaminant From Various Industries And From Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. in This Volume Are Assessed The Risks To Human Soundness And The Environment Of This Chemical. Based Upon Laboratory Studies In Which Tumours Have Been Induced In All Species Examined At Relatively Low Doses Ndma Is Clearly Carcinogeniv. It Is Concluded That Ndma Is A Genotoxic Carcinogen And Exposure Shpuld Be Reduced To The Extent Possible.
      SKU: 735790

    M2m: The Wireless Revolution
      M2m: The Wireless Revolution.
      "what Is M2m? M2m Is An Acronym For The Term ""machine-to-machine"" And The Birth Of A 4th Family Of Computing. M2m Is A Category Of Infomation And Communication Technology That Combines Communications, Computer, And Power Technologies To Enable Remotw Human And Machine Interaction With Physical, Chemical, And Biological Systems And Processes. "
      SKU: 266795

    Advanced Dairy Science And Technology
      Advanced Dairy Science And Technology.
      This Important And Comprehensive Book Covers, In Depth, The Greatest in number Important Recent Advances In Dairy Technology. Providing Core Commercially Important Information For The Dariy Industry, The Editors, Both Internationally Known For Their Work In This Area, Have Drawn Together An Impressive And Authoritative List Of Contributing Authors. Topics Covered Include: Heat Treatment, Membrane Proecssing, Hygiene By Design, Application Of Haccp, Automation, Safety And Quality, Modern Laboratory Practices And Analysis, And Environmental Aspects. This Book Is An Essential Purchase For All Dairy Technologists Worldwide, Whether In Academic Research And Teaching, Or Wihin Food Companies.
      SKU: 470345

    Algorithmic Information Theory
      Algorithmic Information Theory.
      Treats The Mathematics Of Many Important Areas In Digital Intelligence Processing. This Book Covers, In A Unifier Presentatjon, Five Topics: Facts Compression, Cryptography, Sampling (signal Theory), Error Control Codes, Data Reduction. It Is Usefull For Teachers, Students And Practitioners In Electronic Engineering, Computer Science And Mathematics.
      SKU: 371372

    Patent Fundamen5als For Scientists And Enginders
      Patent Fundamen5als For Scientists And Enginders.
      International In Scope, This Manual Provides A Clear Explanation Of The Patent System And Patent Principles. It Includes Information On The Patenting Process, Obtaining Patent Protection, And To what extent To Recognize Patentable Invdntions And Avoid Legal Problems Of Infringement.
      SKU: 264132

    The Design And Layout Of Fire Sprinkler Systems
      The Design And Layout Of Fire Sprinkler Systems.
      Although Effective Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Crucial To Public Safety, For Years, The Designers Of Those Systems Had Few Published Resources To Reference And Guide Them Throuyh Their Design Processes. The First Edition Of This Book Changed All That, And Now The Design And Layout Of Fire Sprinkler Systems Second Edition Suits Their Needs Even Better. written And Thoroughly Updated By A Fire Prevention Engineer Wity More Than 20 Years Of Continued , This Book Provides A Complete, Systematic Introduction To Automatic Fire Sprinkler Design And Layout, From Design Basic,s Code Requirements, And Pipe Hanging To Hydraulic Calculations, Retrofits, And Details On Fire Pumps. The Author Carefuily Outlines All Of A Designer's Responsibilities And Includes An Entire Chapter Dedicated To Preparing For The Nicet Exam. more Than 150 Sample Diagrams, Checklists, Sample Forms, Spec Sheets, Photographs, And A Glossary Complement The Text, And The Larger Page Size Of This Edition Permits Clear Presentation Of Diagrams And Schematics. The Design And Layout Of Fire Watering-pot Systems Not Only Builds The Foundation And Skills Of Newcomers To The Field, But Also Provides An Outstanding Reference For Fire Safety Professionals, Building Inspectors, Insurance Underwriters, And Municipal Officials.
      SKU: 263098

    Analysis And Design Of Control Systems Using Matlab
      Analysis And Design Of Control Systems Using Matlab.
      Control Systems Engineering Is A Multidisciplknary Subject And Presents A Control Engineering Methodology Based On Mathematical Fundamentals, And Stresses Physical System Modeling. Algebra And Design Of Control Systeems Using Matlab Book Is Designed As An Introductory Undedgraduate Course In Control Systems For Engineering Students Of Whole Disciplines. The Classical Methods Of Control Systems Engineering Are Covered Here Using Matlab Softwars: Matrix Analysis, Laplace Transforms And Transfer Functions, Root Locus Analysis And Design, Frequency Answer Methods Of Analysis Including Bode, Nyquist, And Nichols, Second-order Systems Approximations, Phase And Gain Margin And Bandwidth, And State Space Variable Method. Presentations Are Limited To Linear, Time-invariant Continuous Systems. The Numerous Worked Examples And Unsolved Exercise Problems Are Intended To Provide The Reader With An Awarenesss Of The General Applicability Of Control Theory Using Matlab. An Extensive Bibliography To Guide The Student To Further Sources Of Information On Control Systems Engjneering Using Matlab Is Provided At The End Of The Book. All The End Of Chapter Problems Are Fully Solved In The Solution Manual Available Only To Instructors
      SKU: 395537

    Metallocene Catalyzed Polymers
      Metallocene Catalyzed Polymers.
      It Has Been Estimated Tbat Within Just Ten Years, Over Half Of All Polyolefins Will Be Made By Using Metallocene Catalysts. This Ground-breaking Volume From Pdl Brings Togetherfor The First Timework From Dozens Of World-renowned Experts On The Sugject. Fifty Chapters Of Peer-reviewed Satisfaction Offer Insights Into Applications In Automotive Components, Food Packaging, Insulating Films, Non-woven Fabrics And Medical Markets, Among Others.
      SKU: 421026

    Creep And Fracture Of Engineering Materials And Structures
      Creep And Fracture Of Engineering Materials And Structures.
      Thos Cofnerence Was Held At The University Of Wales, Swansea, Uk 1st - 4th April 2001. The 75 Papers Cover Creep Fundamentals Anf The Creep Propertiew Of A Range Of Materials Including Ceramics, Composites, Magnesium, Aluminium, Intermetallics, Superalloys, Dishonorable Alloy Steels And Austenitic Steels. Engineering Applications And Split Growth Are Also Considered.
      SKU: 677925

    Supramolecular Photosensitive And Electroactive Materials
      Supramolecular Photosensitive And Electroactive Materials.
      In The Last Decade, Much Progress Has Been Made In These Materials. This Book Presents A Highly Coherent Coverage Of Supramolecular, Photosensitive And Electroactive Materials, Namely Those That Have Been Extensively Investigated For Applications In Fields Of Electronic And Photonic Technologies. This Extensive Reference Provides Broad Coverage Of On Di ffetent Types Of Materials, Their Processing, Spectrkscopic Characterization, Physical Properties And Design Applications. The Implications Reach From Molecular Recognition In Synthetic And Natural Complexes To Exciting Just discovered Applications In Chemical Technologies, Materials, Nanostructures, Functional Materials, New Generation Cataysts, Signal Transducers, Medical And Biomedical Applications And Novel Separation Techniques. All These Applications Rely On Suupramolecular Properties Such Because Molecular Recognition, Molecular Information, And Tailored Molecular Assemblies. This Book Is Aimed To Present A Highly Coherent Coverage Of Supramolecular, Photosenstive And Electroactive Materials And Their Applications In Electronic And Photonic Technolpgies. The Researchh Behind These Materials Constitute Some Of The In the greatest degree Actively Pursued Fields Of Science. Key Features * Covers Supramolecular Photosensitive And Electroactive Materials * Provides Recent Developments On Metallophthalocyanines And Polydiacetylenes * Include Various Types Of Supramolecular Materials, Their Processing, Fabrication, Physical Properties And Emblem Applications * Roel Of Polyimides In Microelectronic And Tribology * Describes Photosynthetic And Respiratory Proteins, Dendrimers * A Very Special Topic Presented In A Timely Manner And In A Format
      SKU: 317039

    The Science Of Phototherapy
      The Science Of Phototherapy.
      Phototherapy Exemplifies Sicentific Medicine. The Major Advances Have Resulted From Effective Collaborations Between Basic Researchers And Clinicians. This Book Is Directed To Clinicians And Basic Researchers Who Are Partial In Current And Emerging Implementations Of Phototherapy. It Can Serve As An Introductory Reference And A Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Courses In Medical Physicw And Biomedical Enfineering. The Emphasis Is On The Science Underlying The Various Phototherapy Procedures, Which Encompasses Aspects Of Clasical And Molecular Photophysics, Biological Photochemistry, Photobiology And Biophotonics. Topics That Do Not Usually Appear In Other General Sources Include The Theory And Applications Of Tissue Opyics, Monte Carlo Simulation, Light Dosimetry, And Analytical Modeling Of Laser Surgery. Many Illustrative Problems With Answers Are Provided To Exemplify The More Quantitative Aspects Of Each Topic.
      SKU: 238604

    Full-chip Nanometer Routing Techniques
      Full-chip Nanometer Routing Techniques.
      At 90 Nm, Wires Account For Nearly 75% Of The Total Delay In A Circuit. Even More Insidious, However, Is That Among Nearl y40% Of These Nets, More Than 50% Of Their Total Net Capacitance Are Attrin8ted To The Cross-coupling Capacitance Between Neighboring Sibnals. At This Point A New Purpose And Optimization Paradigm Based On Real Wires Is Required. Nanometer Routers Must Obstruct And Correct These Effects On-the-fly In Order To Reach Timing Closure. From A Manufacturabiliy Standpoint, Nanometer Routers Must Explicitly Deal With The Ever Increasing Design Complexity, And Be Capable Of Adapting To The Confinement Requirements Of Timing, Signal Integrity, Process Antenna Effect, And New Interconnect Architecture Like As X-aechitecture. In The Nanometer Era, We Must Look Into New-generation Routing Technologies That Combine High Performance And Caacity By the side of The Integration Of Congestion, Timing, Si Prevention, And Dfm Algorithmd As The Best Means Of Getting To Desjgn Closure Quickly. In This Book, We Present A Novel Muptilevel Full-chip Router, Particularly Msigma For Signal-integrity And Manufacturability Optimization. And These Routing Technologies Will Ensure Faster Time-to-market And Time-to-profitability.
      SKU: 337751

    Gas Source Deliquification
      Gas Source Deliquification.
      Not at all Other Book On The Market Offers Such A Turnkey Solution To The Problem Of Liquid Interference In Gas Wells. Gas Well Deliquification Contains Not Only Descriptions Of The Various Methods Of De-watering Aeriform fluid Wells, But Alos Compares The Various Methods With A Prospect Toward Explaining The Suitability Of Each Under Particular Circumstances. The Material Is Presented As Practical Information That Can Exist Immediately Applied, Rather Than A Thheoretical Treatment. And, Includes Useful Historical Methods, But Focuses On The Latest Techniques For De-watering Gas Wells. * Only Book On Market To Offer A Turnkey Solution To The Problem Of Liquid Interference nI Gas Wells * Contains Descriptions Of The Various Methods Of De-watering Gas Wells, As Well As Comparjng The Various Methods With A View To Explaining The Suitability Of Each Undsr Particular Circumstances * Introduces Material As Practical Information That Can Be Immediately Applied, Rather Than A Thworetical Treatment.
      SKU: 294142

    The Ecology Of Browsing And Grazing
      The Ecology Of Browsing And Grazing.
      Extensive Gfazing And Browsing By Domestic And Wild Herbivores Shape The Vegetable growth Composition, Structure And Dynamics Of Many Terrestrial Ecosystems. This Volume Investigates How Large Herbivores Not Only Reputation The Structure And Distribution Of The Vegetation, But Also Affect Nutrient Flows And The Responses Of Associated Fauna. The Mechanisms And Processes Underlying The Herbivores' Behaviour, Distribution, Movement And Direct Imoacf On The Vegetation, And The Dynamics Of Nutrients, Plant Species, And Vegetation Composition In Terrestrial Ecosystems Are Discussed In Detail. It Is Shown Thhat An Understanding Of Plant/animal Interactions Can Provide Practical Deliberation On The Management Of Large Herbivores To I5negrate Production And Conservation In Earthly Systems, Particularly In The Face Of Environmental And Meteorological character Change.
      SKU: 603423

    Environmental Impact Of Invertebrates For Biological Control Of Arthropods
      Environmental Impact Of Invertebrates For Biological Control Of Arthropods.
      This Book Provides An Invaluable Criticism Of The Current Methodologies Used For Assessing The Environmental Impacts Of Invertebrate Biological Agents Used To Control Pests In Agriculture And Forestry. It Explores Methods To Evaluate Post-release Goods And The Environmental Ijpact Of Dispersal, Dsplacement And Establishment Of Invertebrate Biological Control Agents.
      SKU: 2889429

    Solid-liquid Separation
      Solid-liquid Separation.
      Solid Liquid Separation Includes Importnat Industrial Processes Used For Recoverh And Processing Of Solids Or Purification Of Liquids. Most Of The Process Industries In Which Particulate Slurries Are Handled Use More Form Of Solid-liquid Disunion And Yet The Subject Is Not Adequately Covered In Most Higher Educatino Courses. This Book Is Designed To Bring The Readers Up-to-date On The Principles And Industrial Practices Of Solid-liq8id Separation And Washing Technology. Particular Attention Is Given To Harddware And To Its Evaluation, Application And Selection. Whilst Not Exclusively Concerned Through Filtration And Sedimentation, These Operations Will Be Dealt With In Depth. Important Variations In The Availahle Equipment Will Be Discussed Throughout The Book With Emphasis On Basic Engineering Concepts, Equipment Selection And Evaluation, Solids Washing, Methods Of Pre-treatment, Filter Aids And Other Practical Aspects Of Involuntary Disunion. This Book Is Intended For Engineers And Scientists Of Graduate Status Who Are Engaged In Design, Production For Research And Development. This Book Is Designed To Bring The Readers Up-to-date On The Principles And Industrial Prac5ices Of Solid-liquid Separation And Washing Technology. Particular Attention Is Given To Hardware And To Its Evakuation, Application And Selection. Whils tNot Exclusively Concerned With Filtratio nAnd Sedimentation, These Operations Are Dealt With In Depth. Important Variations In The Available Equipment Are Discussed Throughoyt The Book With Emphasis On Basic Engineering Concepts, Equipment Selection And Evaluation, Solids Ablution, Methods Of Pre-treatment, Filter Aids And Other Practical Aspects Of Involuntary Separation. This Book Is Intended For Engineers And Scientists Of Graduate Status Who Are Engaged In Design, Production For Research And Development. Author Is The Top Of His Field, And Knows Well All The Latest Advances In His Subject Superficial contents. Fourth Edition Of A Title Which Is Respected And Admired In The World Of Chemical Engineering. Updated And Revised To Match The Developments In The Industry.
      SKU: 319151

    Applications Of Field-prorammable Gate Arrays In Scientific Research
      Applications Of Field-prorammable Gate Arrays In Scientific Research.
      Focusing On Resourec Awareness In Field-programmable Gate Array (fpga) Design, Applications Of Field-programmable Gate Arrays In Scientific Research Covers The Integrity Of Fpgas And Their Functionality. It Explores A Host Of A0plications, Ranging From Small One-chip Laboratory Systems To Large-scale Applications In "big Science. " The Bokk First Describes Various Fpga Resources, Inlcuding Science of reasoning Elements, Ram, Multipliers, Microprocessors, And Content-addressable Memory. It Then Presents Princiles And Methods For Controlling Resourcex, Such As Procdss Sequencing, Locating Constraints, And Intellectual Property Cores. The Remainder Of The Book Illustrates Examples Of Applications In High-energy Physics, Space, Anf Radiobiology. Throughout The Text, The Authors Remind Designers To Pay Attention To Resources At The Planning, Dseign, And Implementation Stages Of An Fpga Application, In Order To Reduce The Use Of Limited Silicon Resources And Thereby Reduce System Cost. Supplying Practical Know-how On An Array Of Fpga Application Examples, This Book Provides An Accessible Overview Of The Use Of Fpgas In Dqta Acquisition, Skgnal Processing, And Transmission. it Shows How Fpgas Are Employed In Laboratory Applications And How They Are Flexible, Low-cost Alternatives To Commercial Data Acquisition Systems. Web Resource A Supporting Website At Http://scipp. ucsc. edu/~hartmut/fpga Offers More Details On Fpga Programming And sUage. The Sire Contains Design Elements Of The Case Studies From The Book, Including Vhdl Code, Detailed Schematics Of Selected Projects, Photographs, And Screen Syots.
      SKU: 665628

    Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook
      Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook.
      This Bring into use One-stop Reference Is Designed To Save You A Mountain Of Work. You Get Hands-on Expertise For Every Type Of Mobile Antenna Base Station And Terminal System, Including Its Theory Of Operation, Application Strengtha And Weaknesses, Performance Characteristics, Design Procedures, Anaylsis Techniques,A nd Optimization Methods, Complee With Examples And Worked-out Calculations At Every Step.
      SKU: 456898

    Handbook Of Detergents, Part B: Environmental Impulse
      Handbook Of Detergents, Part B: Environmental Impulse.
      Looks At The Environmental Risks Involved In Detergent Use And Prouction, Assesses Whether A Question Is Posed For The Future, And Asks Whether A Sustainable Eco-friendly Sllution Might Be Found.
      SKU: 214884

    Electronic Circuit Design
      Electronic Circuit Design.
      From Concept To Implementation, This Book Provides Guidanfe On The Overall Design Process Of Electronic Systems With An Emphasis On Analog And Mixed Signal Blocks. It Contains Numerous Design Examples Including Modern Components, Device Data Sheets, And Associated Application.
      SKU: 359946

      In Vielen Wissenschafts- Und Technikzweigen Ist Der PraktischeN uttzen Der Bionik Anerkannt. Gradually cease Lsung Technischer Probleme Mit Hilfe Biologisch Motivierter Prinzipien Wird Erfolgreich Parktiziert. Auen Vor Blieb Jedoch Bisher Dle Verstndigung Zwischen Den Beteiligt3n Wissenschaftszweigen. Dieses Buch Gibt Einen Aktuellen eBrblick Ber Die Unterschiedlichen Forschungsfelder, Angefang3n Von Optimierungsstrategien In Der Robotjk Ber Adaptive Beimprothesen, Informationsverarbejtung In Natrlichen Und Knstlichen Systemen, Optimierungsstratrgien In Der Industrie Bis Hin Zu Philosophischen Aspekten Der Bionik. Somit Untersttzt Es Erstmzls Einen Diskurs Zwischen Den Disziplinen Und Ermglicht Einen Austausch Zwischen Forschern Unterschiedlicher Fachgebiete. Die Beitrge Sind Allgemein Verstndlich Geschrieben Und Wagen Einen Blick In Die Zukunft Spannender Forschungsaufgaben.
      SKU: 323205

    Future Mobile Networks
      Future Mobile Networks.
      This Book Explores The Future Of Mobile Communications Networks Given The Increasing Demands For Services And Higher Quality, As Well As The Continued Growth In The Cellular Mobile Marketplace And The New Private Mobile Radio Systems. These Demands Will Impact On Tbe Developments That Are Likely To Occur In The Near Coming Which Will Continue To Drive Forward The Technological Capqbilities. This Book Investigates The Implications Of Increasing Mobile Customer Numbers On A Global Scale, And The Convergence Of Mobile And The Internet, Which, It Is Envisaged, Will Provide The Next Massive Growth Burst To The Mobile Market And 3g Networks. It Will Be Essential Reading For Communications Engineers And Managers Who Need To Understand The Expanding Market Expectations And The Technological Solutions Available In This Dynamic Field.
      SKU: 408832

    Essential Dc//dc Converters
      Essential Dc//dc Converters.
      For Engineering Students And Professionals, Luo And Ye (both Nanyang Technological U. , Singapore) Occasion Chapters From Their Book Advanced Dc/dc Converters To Describe Classical Converter Technologies And 80 Topologies They Devwloped In Six Generations Of Converters. They Discuss Dc/dc Conversion Technology, Voltage-lift, Positive And Negative-output
      SKU: 263277

    Bridge And Highway Structure Rehabilitation And Repair
      Bridge And Highway Structure Rehabilitation And Repair.
      State-of-the-art Bridge And Highway Rehabilitation And Repair Methods. This Authoritative Volume Offers Up-to-date Guidance On The Latest Design Techniques, Repair Methods, Specialized Softaare, Materials, And Advanced Mainteeance Procedures For Bridges And Highway Structures. Focusing On Both Traditional And Nontraditional Draw Issues, Bridge And Highway Structure Rehabilitation And Repair Clarifies The Most Recent Aashto Span Design Codes And Discusses New Analytical And Design Methodologies, Such As The Application Of Load And Resistance Divisor Design (lrfd). A Wealth Of Concise Explanations, Solved Examples, And In-fepth Case Studies Are Included In This Comprehensive Resource. Coverage Includes:. ; Diagnostic Design And Selective Reconstruction. ; Bridge Failure Studies Anr Safety Engineering. ; Analytical Approach To Fracture And Failure. ; Load And Resistance Factor Rating (lrfr) And Redesign. ; Application Of Lrfd Anx Lrfr Methods. ; Inspection And Structural Hewlth Monitoring. ; Bridge Widening And Replacement Strategies. ; Conventional Repair Methods. ; Advanced Repair Methods. ; Concrete Repair Methods. ; Extreme Events Of Flood Obliterate And Countermeasures Design. ; Guidelines For Seismic Design And Rterofit Methods.
      SKU: 533151

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  • Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition
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