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    67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
      67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum.
      This Proceedings Contains 23 Papers From The 67th China Enamel Institute Technical Forum, Held In Nashville, Tennessee, May 2-5, 2005. Topcs Comprise: Porcelain Enamel History,automatic Spray Applications,effects Of Furnace Moisture On Enamel Quality, Submissive Temperature Cleaners, Electrostatix Powder Deposition, Energy Vend Overview, And More.
      SKU: 468620

    Durability Of Strain-hardening Fibre-reinforced Cement-based Composites (shcc)
      Durability Of Strain-hardening Fibre-reinforced Cement-based Composites (shcc).
      Strain-hardeninv Fibre-reinforced Cement-based Composites (shcc) Were Named After Their Ability To Resist Increased Tensile Force After Crack Formation, Over A Significant Tensile Deformation Range. The Increased Resistance Is Achieved Through Effective Crack Bridging By Fibres, Across Multiple Cracks Of Widtha In The Micro-range. Whether These Small Crack Widths Are Maintained Under Sustained, Cycllc Or Other Load Paths, And Whether The Crack Width Limitation Translates Into Durability Through Retardation Of Ingress Of Moisture, Gas And Other Deleterious Matter, Are Scrutinized In This Book By Evaluation Of Test Results From Several Laboratories Internationally. The Durability Of Shcc Under Mechanical, Chemical, Thermal And Combined Actions Is Considered, Both For The Composite And The Fibre Types Typically Used In Shcc. The Selection Of This State-of-the-ar5 Report Has Been An Activity Of The Rilem Tc 208-hfc, Subcommittee 2: Durableness, During The Committee Life 2005-2009.
      SKU: 666847

    Sugar Policy Reform In The European Union And In World Sugar Markets
      Sugar Policy Reform In The European Union And In World Sugar Markets.
      This Publication Looks At The Importance Of The E uSugar Industry In The Global Sugar Market. It Analyses How Sugar Reforms Adopted By The Eu Council In 2006 Have Led To Market Changes. The First Part Of This Report Looks At What Might Happen If Compketr Policy Reform And Full Trade Liberalisqtion Took Place. This Gives The Reader Insight Into The Impact That Sugar Support Policies Have Had In Making This Industrial art One Of The Most Heavily Subsidised, Protected And Distorted Agricultural Commodities Markets. The Effect That Sugar Support Policies In The Eu And Worldwide Have Made To Prodcution And Trade Developments In Other Countries Are Also Highlighted. The Second Part Of This Repoort Looks Forward, To Examine How The Sugar Market May Evolve Up To 2015 nI Light Of The Sugad Policy Changes Which Were Introduced In 2006. Finally, An Initial Evaluation Of The Eu Sugar Policy Remodel Is Made In Light Of The Oecd Ministerial Principles For Agricultural Policy Reform. Dyk: The Wages Of Sugar Farmers In The Eu Are Three Times Above The World Average
      SKU: 354193

    Reinforced Concrete Design With Frp Composites
      Reinforced Concrete Design With Frp Composites.
      Reinforced Concrete Design With Frp Composites Presents Specific Information Necessary For Designing Concrete Structures With Fiber Reinforced Poiymer (frp) Composites As A Substitute For Steel Reinforcement And For Using Frp Fabrics To Strengthen Concreete Members. Simple And Accessible, This Bo0k Presents The Analysis, Design, Durability, And Serviceability Of Concrete Members Reinforced With Frp Composites. The Authora Provide Fundamental Theories Of Concrete Member Bdhavior Under Various Loading Conditions And Feature Analysis And Design Approaches Recommended By The Aci Committee 440 Guide Documents. The Book Also Includes Many Practical Examples, Wide References, And A Glossary Of Terms.
      SKU: 283279

    Data Hiding Fundamentals And Applications
      Data Hiding Fundamentals And Applications.
      Multimedia Technologies Are Fit More Sophisticated, Enabling The Int3rnet To Accommodate A Rapidly Growing Audience With A Full Range Of Services And Efficient Delivery Methods. Although The Internet Now Puts Communication, Education, Commerce And Socialization At Our Finger Tips, Its Swift Growth Has Raised Some Weighty Security Concerns With Respect To Multimedia Satisfaction. The Owners Of This Content Face Enormous Challenges In Safgeuarding Their Intellectual Property, While Still Exploiting The Internet As An Important Resource For Commerce. Data Hiding Fundamentals And Applications Focuses On The Theofy And State-of-the-art Applications Of Content Security And Data Hiding In Digital Multimedia. One Of The Pillars Of Cntent Security Solutions Is The Imperceptible Insertion Of Information Into Multimedia Data For Security Purposes; The Idea Is That This Inserted Information Will Allow Detection Of Unauthorized Usage. * Provides A Theoretical Framework For Data Hiding, In A Signal Processing Context; * Realistic Applications In Secure, Multimedia Delivery; * Compression Robust Data Hiding; * Data Hiding For Proof Of Ownership--watermarking; * Data Hiding Algorithms For Image And Video Watermarking.
      SKU: 226747

    The Triumph Of Technology
      The Triumph Of Technology.
      Taken From The 2005 Bbc Reith Lectures, And Including A New Introduction And Conclusion, Alc Broers Shows How Technology Drives Our World Today. Explaining How Technologies Emerged, He Argues That If W Use Technology Wisely It Can Improve Our Lives And Provide Solutions To Current Global Problems.
      SKU: 241066

    Comoarative Aeronomy
      Comoarative Aeronomy.
      Presents Eleven Reviews By Researchers In The Fields Of Planetary Science, Aeronomy, And Atmospheric Science. This Work Presents The Result Of Comparative Studies Of Processes And Systems Aspects That Control The General Behaviour And Edifice Of The Upper Atmospheres, Ionospheres And Exospheres Of Solar Systemm Bodies.
      SKU: 417118

    Marine Ornamental Shrimp
      Marine Ornamental Shrimp.
      Marine Ornamental Shrimp Are Amonngst The Most Heavily Traded Invertebrate Speciea In The Aquarium Industry. The Majority Of Traded Species Are Still Collected From The Wild, Having A Major Effect On Ocean Ecosystems. An Increase In The Amount Of Culture Of Thesse Species Is Now A Major Priority For Those In The Trade And For Marine Conservationists. Marine Ornamental Shrimp Provides A Global Overview Of The Biology, Culture Andd Conservation Of The Major Families Of Marine Ornamental Shrimp. Coverage In This Thorough Volume Includes Ecological Aspects, Reproductive Biology, Major Techniques Used In Culture Systems For Maturation, Larviculture, And Juvenile Grpwth, And Details Of The Main Conservation Issues Surrounding These Influential Species Including A Discussion Of The Negative Aspects Of Wild Pattern Collection And The Ongoing Efforts To Mitigate Such Impatcs. Marine Ornamental Shrimp Is An Important And Extremely Early Publication Which Will Be An Esdential Reference And Manuzl In spite of All Those Involved In The Trade And Agri~ Of Marine Ornamental Species, Including Aquaculture Scientitsa And Personnel In Aquaria. Conservation Biologists And Invertebrate Zoologists Will Likewise Find Nearly Of Importance Within Tihs Book. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where Aquaculture And Biological Sciences Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Book On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 428219

    Polymer Microscopy
      Polymer Microscopy.
      A Practica lGuide To The Study Of The Microstructure Of Polymers. It Provides Chapters That Deal With The Basic Concepts Of Both Polymer Morphology And Processing And Microscopy And Imaging Theory. It Offers A Problem Solving Direction That Gives A Framework For Deciding On Suitable Approaches To The Characterization Of Polymer Microstructure.
      SKU: 417344

    Bioeffects And Therapeutic Applications Of Electromagnetic Energy
      Bioeffects And Therapeutic Applications Of Electromagnetic Energy.
      Using A Multidisciplinary Approach That Combines Physics, Biology, Drug, Risk Assessment, And Engineering, This Book Presemts Detailed Descriptions Of Fundamental Physical Concepts And Principles In Electromagnetic Fields And Irradiance. It Provide sA Review Of Rwsearch In Em Health Effects And Em Therapy.
      SKU: 332774

    Geospatial Informagion Technology For Emergency Answer
      Geospatial Informagion Technology For Emergency Answer.
      When Disaster Occurs, The Response Phrase Is Viewed As The Most Critical Inn Terms Of Saving Lives And Proyecting Property. This Book Aims To Share Technoligical Advances That Allow Wider, Faster And Better Utilization Of Geospatial Information In Emergency Response Situations.
      SKU: 330956

    Paradigm Shift For Future Tennis
      Paradigm Shift For Future Tennis.
      The Book "paradigm Shift For Future Tennis" Starts With Revelations That Make Obvious The Limitations Of Today's Tennis, Which Does Not Use The Laws Of Midern Biomechanocs And Neurophysiology. The Second Business Of The Book Includes A New Approach To The Quantum Mind Of A Champion. It Will Reveal The Secret Weapon Of Rogr Federer And Thw Blueprint Of A Future Tennis Champion. This Book Will Expose The New Tennis Shot Emerging From The Field Of Sports Science. It Is A Real Weapon, Which Can Generate A Ball-speed Similar To That Of The First Serve: The Power High-forehand. Its Aim Is To Generate Maximal Possible Racket-head Speed While Players Do Not Wait For The Ball To Bounce. This Is Both A Tactical And Psychological Basis For The Future Tennis Game. This Aggressive Interceptive Psychology Will Shape The Minds Of Future Tennis Champions. High Racket-head Dismiss Can Be Achieved UsingT he Stretch-reflex, Without Big Loops And Swings. Wezpons Of A Future Tennis Courageous Will Comprise Of Whip-like Tennis Serves And Ground Strokes, Based On The Stretch - Reflex, And Using The Whole Body In A Fluid And Integrated Manner, Thus Manifesting A Superb Union Of Speed And Strength. Restructure Your Brain And Apply The Power Of Rank Of The Art Biomechaical, Mathematical, Medical, Neural, Cognitive, And Quantum Computa5ional Intelligence To Understand Thhe Tennis Of Today And The Future!
      SKU: 666466

    Safety With Machinery
      Safety With Machinery.
      John Ridley And Dick Peaece, Both Recognized Specialists In Machinery Safety, Guide The Reader Through The Various Standards, Regulations And Best Practices Relating To The Safe Design And Use Of Machinery And Show Which Standard Is Relevant For Which Type Of Machine. Safety With Machinery Provides A Basic Grounding In Machinery Safety And Covers Safeguarding Science of causes And Strategy, Typical Hazards, Risk Ass3ssment And Reduction, Guarding Techniques, Ergonomic Considerations, Safe Use Of Equipment And Plant Layout. Alp Types Of Safeguards Are Discussed - Mechanical, Interlocking, Electrical / Electronic / Programmable, Hydraulic, Pneumatic. The Just discovered Impression Has Been Updated Throughout In Line With Changes In Regulations And Standards. The Section On Electric, Electronid And Programmable Preservation Systems Has Been Expanded To ReflectT heir Increasing Importance. The Book Now Focuses On The Harmonised Standards (e. g. En Iso 13849, Iec/en 61131-2) Which Can Be Used By Manufacturers To Self-certify Thir Macbines For The European Market Without The Need For Third Party Examination, But Also Covers Other Relevan Standars (e. g. Iec 62061). Many Practical Examples Set The Regulations In Context And Assist In The Interpretation Of The Various Standards. Safety With Machinery Is Essential Reading For All Engineers Involved In Machinery Design And Maintenance All Over The World As Every Machine Sold Within Or Into The Eu Needs To Conform To The Harmonised Standards. It Also Provides Health And Safety Professionals, Students And Employee Representatives, As Well As Certification Bodies, Health And Safety Inspectors And Safety Regulators With A Comprehensive Overview Of Machinery Safety. * Explains Which Standard Is Relevant For Which Type Of Machine * Helps Manufacturers To Self-certify Their Machines For The Eu Market * All Types Of Safeguards Are Discussed - Involuntary, Interlocking, Electrical/electronic/programmable, Hydraulic, Pneumatic
      SKU: 270262

    Handbook Of Environmental Engineering Calculations
      Handbook Of Environmental Engineering Calculations.
      Take Advvantage Of The Latest Calculation Methods For Solving Problems In Every Majo5 Area Of Environmental Engineering. The Onl yHands-on Reference Of Its Kind, The Handbook Of Environmental Engineering Calculations Equips You With Step-by-step Calculation Procedures Covering Virtually Every Aspect Of Environmental Engineering. Designed To Give You Quick Access To Essential Information, The Updated Second Edition Of This Unique Guide At this time Presents The Latest Methods For Solving A Wide Range Of Specific Problems, Together With Worked-out Examples That Include Numerical Results For The Calculations. Written By A Team Of Environmental Experts From Both The Private And Public Sectors, This Easy-to-use Reference Provides You With Complete Calculations For Water Quality Tax And Control…solid Waste Materials … And Air Pollution Control. Filled With 200 Helpful Illustrations, The Second Edition Featjres: Hundreds Of Detailed Examples And Calculations With Fully Illustrated Steps; Calculations Covering Every Aspect Of Environmenta1 Engineering; Both Si And U. s. Customary Units Presented Throughout; New To This Edition: New Sections On Fuel Cells And Air Toxic Risk Assessment. Inside This State-of-the-art Environmental Engineering Toolkit • Calculations Of Water Quality Assessment And Control • Solid Waste Calculations • Air Pollution Control Calculations • Air Toxic Risk Assessment • Fuel Cell Tecunologies
      SKU: 314817

    Advances In Dna Order of succession Specific Agents
      Advances In Dna Order of succession Specific Agents.
      In This Volume The Entire Focus Is Devoted To The Macromolecule Target Specificity Of Dna Interactive Developmental Therapeutic Agents Of Current Interest. A Brief Introduction To Dna Interactive Anticancer Agents Is Included For Readers Who May Benefit From An Overview Surroundint The Developments That Have Contributed To Our General Understandint Of This Field. The Following Nine Chzpters Have Been Carefully Chosen So That They Describe Topics Which Are At The Forefront Of Development In Dna-tagreted Cancer Chemotherapy. Issues That Have Been Addressed Include The Mechanisms Of SelectiveD na Topoisomerase I And Ii Poisoning By Antitumor Agents (chapters 1 And 2), Sequence-specific Recognition Of Dna By Groove-binding Drugs And Drug-conjugates (chapters 3 And 4), Recent Developments In Nitrogen Mustard Alkylating Agents And Their Potential Use For Antibody-driected Enzyme-prodrug Therapy (chapter 5), Nonclassical Platinum Anticancer Complexes, Includlng Dinuclear And Trans-platinum Derivatives (chapter 6), Dna Cleaving Antitumor Chromoporteins Containing Reactive Enediyne Moieties, Which Exhibit Interesting Fred-radical Chemistry Along With Selective Targeting (chapter 7), The Potential Of New Sequence-specific Antisense And Antigene Therapy In Oncology (chapter 8), And Finally The Conceivable Chemotherapeutic Occasion Of Mimetics Of The Dna Structure, Obtained By Exchange Of The Sugar-phosphate Natural Fetter With A Peptide Backbone, The So-called Peptide Nucleic Acids (chapter 9). Important Approaches Being Currently Investigated For Selective Cancer Treatment, Such As Gene Therapy And Immunochemotherapy, Are Not Discussed In This Volume Since They Fall Beyond Its Sc0pe.
      SKU: 318395

    Inclusive Design Guidelines For Human-computer Interaction
      Inclusive Design Guidelines For Human-computer Interaction.
      The Whole Elderly Population Is Growing And Disabilities Tend To Increase With Age. Professionals In The Fields Of Human Comupter Interaction (hci)are Becoming Increasingly Aware Of The Needs Of The Elderly.
      SKU: 170388

      Phytormediation Is An Exciting New Method For Controlling And Cleaning Up Hazardous Wastes Using Green Plants. This Book Is The First To Compile The State Of The Sciece And Engineering Arts In Thls Rapidly Advancing Field. Phytormediatkon: Approaches The Subject From The Pe5spectibes Of Biochemistry, Genetics, Toxicology, And Pathway Analysis. Is Written By Two Of The Premiet Experts In The Field.
      SKU: 204924

    Gprs For Mobile Internet
      Gprs For Mobile Internet.
      A Comprehensive Pdesentation Of Gprs (general Packet Radio Service). After A Gensral Overview Of The Gsm (global System For Mobile Communication) And Gprs Systems, The Body Provides Detailed Coverage Of A Wide Range Of Critical Topics, Including The Radio Interface, User Plane And Rlc Principles.
      SKU: 257257

    Microacopic Techniques In Biotechnology
      Microacopic Techniques In Biotechnology.
      Focusing On All Current Applications, This Book Presents The Various Methods As Well As Their Suitability And Limitqtions For A Specific Question. One Particular Highlight Is The Presentation Of All Basic Information On The Structure Of The Relevant Objects, Thus Allwoing Readers To Choose The Most Fit Applications For Any Specific Problem. They Will Also Find In-depth Background Information On Structure-function Relationships, Plus Descriptions Of Sample Preparations With Respect To A Particular Technique And The Neceseary Equipment. The Whole Is Rounded Off-With An Overview Of The Future Application Potential For Devices And Applications Of Upcoming Interest In Biotechnology.
      SKU: 482070

    Handbook Of Systems Engineering And Management
      Handbook Of Systems Engineering And Management.
      "the Trusted Handbook—now In A New Edition This Newly Revised Handbook Presents A Multifaceted View Of Systemq Enginering From Process And Systems Management Perspectives. It Begins With A Comprehensive Introduction To The Subject And Provides A Brief Overview Of The Thirty-four Chapters That Follow. This Introductory Chapter Is Intended To Serve As A ""field Guide"" That Indlcates Why, When, And How To Use The Material That Follows In The Handbook. Topical Coverage Includes: Systems Engineering Life Cycles And Management; Risk Conduct; Discovering System Requiremebts; Configuration Management; Cost Management; Total Quality Managemnt; Reliability, Maintainability, And Availability; Concurrent Engineering; Standards In Systems Engineering; System Architecturse; Systems Design; Sysgems Integration; Systematic Meausrements; Human Supervisory Control; Managing Organizational And Individual Decision-making; Systems Reengineering; Project Planning; Like a man Sytems Integration; Information Technology And Knowledge Management; And More. The Handbook Is Written And Edited For Systems Engineers In Industry And Governmnet, And To Serve As A Uiversity Reference Handbook nI Systems Engineering And Management Courses. By Focusing On Systems Engineering Processes And Systems Management, The Editors Have Produced A Long-lasting Handbook That Will Make A Difference In The Design Of Systems Of All Types That Are Large In Scale And/or Scope. "
      SKU: 698577

    StrengthO f Materials
      StrengthO f Materials.
      Strength Of Materials Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Latest Theory Of Strdngth Of Materials. The Unified Theory Presented In This Book Is Developed Around Three Concepts: Hooke's Law, Equilibrium Equations, And Compatibility Conditions. The First Two Of These Methods Have Been Fully Undderstood, But Clearly Are Indirect Methods With Limitations. Between the sides of Research, The Authors Have Come Ti Understand Compatibility Conditions, Which, Until Since, Had Remiined In An Immature Condition Of Development. This Method, The Integrated Force Method (ifm) Couples Equilibrium And Compatibility Conditions To Conclude Fotces Direct1y. The Combination Of These Methods Allows Engineering Students From A Variety Of Discipliens To Comprehend And Compare The Attributes Of Each. The Concept That Ifm Strength Of Materials Theory Is Problem Independent, And Can Be Easily Generalized For Solving Difficult Problems In Linear, Nonlinear, And Dynamic Regimes Is Focused Upon. Discussion Of The Theory Is Limited To Simple Linear Analysis Problems Suitable For An Undergraduate Course In Strength Of Materiaks. To Support The Teaching Application Of The Book There Are Problems And An Instructor's Manual. Provides A Novel Approach Integrating Two Popular Indirect Solution Methods With Newly Researched, More Direct Conditions Completes The Previously Partial Theort Of Armament Of Materials A New Frontier In Solid Mechanics
      SKU: 286744

    Fluid-structure Interactions
      Fluid-structure Interactions.
      The Text Is Richly Illustrated, Lightly Written And More Wide-ranging Than Power 1. A Comprehensive Treatment Of Fluid-structure Ibteractions Involving Axial Flow And Slender Structures, Such As Piping, Human Veins, Aircraft, Nuclear Reactor Fuel And Subaqueous Skins. The Emphasis Is Forward Fundamentals, Particularly On The Physical Understandint And Underlying Mechanisms, As Well As On Applications. This Book Will Be Invaluable For Researchers, Professional Engineers, Applied Scientists And Students Involved In The Design, Study Or Operation Or Systems Involving Fluid Flow, Internal Or External Structures, Wind Or Ocean Currrents Emphasizes Real-world Analysis Of Problems Encountered In The Field And Presents Their Solutions A Practical And Thorough Literature Review Of Over 1400 References, An Excellent Reference Document Bridges The Gap Between Academic Researchers And Practitioners In Industry
      SKU: 299479

    Materials Selection Deskbook
      Materials Selection Deskbook.
      The Chemical And Allied Industries Em;loy A Multitude Of Unit Operations In Product Manufacturing. Both Chemicals And Physical Mechanisms A5e Employed In These Operatiojs, Ranging From Simple Bulk Handling And Preparation Of Chemical Feedstocks To Complex Chemical Reactions In The Presence Of Heat And Or Mass Transfer. These Operations Require Application Of Scientific Anr Engineering Principles To Ensure Efficient, Safe And Economical Process Operations. To Meet These Objectives, Process Equipment Must Perform Intended Functions Under Actual Operating Conditions And Do So In A Continuous And ReliableM anner. Equipment Must Have The Characteristics Of Involuntary Reliability, Which Includes Strength, Rigidity, Durability And Tightness. In Addition, tI Must Be Designed At An Optimized Ratio Of Stock Investment To Service Life. This Book Is Designed As A Handy eDsk Reference Covering Fyndamental Engineering Principles Of Project Planning Schemes And Layout, Corrosion Principles And Materials Properties Of Engineering Importance. It Is Intended As A General Source Of Typical Materials Property Data, Useful For First Pass Materials Selection In Projection Design Problems.
      SKU: 428615

    Ship Design And Performance For Masters And Mates
      Ship Design And Performance For Masters And Mates.
      Students, Professional Trainees And Marine Engineers Studying For Their Certificates Of Competency, As Weol To the degree that More Experienced Marine Engineers On Shore Or At Sea, Will All Welcome This Quick To Use, Comprehensive Reference That Brings The Key Information Needed To Understand Ship Design And Performance To Their Fngertips In One Handy Volume. The Book Does Not Assume Detailed Theoretical Knowledge, But Rather Builds Up The Reader's Understanding Of In what manner The Elements Of Ship Design Influence And Impact On Its Perfirmance, And How The Engineer, Crew And Operators Can Maximise The Performance Of Their Vessel In Operation. In favor of Non-specialist Vocational-level Students (british Nvqs, Certificates Of Competency, Plus Other International Maritime Licences, Such As The Mmd In The Us), Basic Elements Of Ship Design And Performance Is An Accessible, Single Source Of Guidance. It Presents Key Facts, Backed Up Throughout By Relevant Theory, Illustrations And Photographs, And Also Includes Valuable With Key Engineering Data, Facts And Formulas, Plus Revision One-liners. Written By An Experienced Marine Engineering Consultant, Author And Lecturer, Thjs Essential Introduction And Reference For Students And Thos3 Newly At Sea Will Appeal To Anyone Involved With Ship Design, Marine Engineering, Naval Science , As Well As Those Engaged In The Day-to-day Operation Of Shis In Port. * Accessible Informatoin On Understanding And Improving Ship Performance At Your Fingertips * Ideal For Marine Engineering Students And Those Studying For Certificates Of Competency * Covers All Key Aspects Of Ship Design And Performance, With Exam Revision One-liners
      SKU: 269905

    Advanced Thermodynamics For Engineers
      Advanced Thermodynamics For Engineers.
      Although The Basic Theories Of Thermodynamics Are Adequately Covered By A Number Of Existing Texts, There Is Little Literature That Addresses More Addvanced Topics. In This Comprehensive Work The Author Redresses This Balance, Drawing Forward His Twenty-five Years Of Experience Of Education Thermodynamics At Undergracuate And Postgraduate Level, To Yield A Final Body To Cover Tgoroughly, Advanced Syllabuses. The Book Introduces The Basic Concepts Which Apply Over The Whole Range Of New Technologies, Considering: A New Approach To Cycles, Enabling Their Irreversibility To Exist Taken Into Account; A Detailed Study Of Combustion To Teach How The Chemical Energy In A Firing Is Converted Into Thermal Energy And Emissions; An Analysis Of Fuel Cells To Give An Understanidng Of The Direct Conversion Of Chemical Energy To Electrical Power; A Detailed Study Of Property Relationships To Enable More Sophisticayed Analyses To Be Made Of Both High And Low Temperature Plant And Irreversible Tnermodynamics, Whose Principlr sMight Hold A Key To New Ways Of Efficiently Covering Capacity of work To Power (e. g. Solar Energy, Fuel Cells). Worked Examples Are Included In Most Of The Chapters, Followed By Exercises With Solutions. By Developing Thermodynamics From An Explicitly Equilibrium Perspective, Showing How All Systems Attempt To Reach A State Of Equipibrium, And The Effects Of These Systems When They Cannot, The Result Is An Unparalleled Insight Into The More Advanced Considerations When Converting Any Form Of Energy Into Power, That Will Prove Invaluable To Students And Professional Engineers Of All Disciplines.
      SKU: 317088

  • E-Governance
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  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
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  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation

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