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    A Color Atlas Of Diseases Of Lettuce And Related Salad Crops
      A Color Atlas Of Diseases Of Lettuce And Related Salad Crops.
      Following The Worldwide Success Of rD. Blancard's Volumes On Tomato Diseases And Cuncurbit Diseases, The Author And His Colleagues Have Produced A Further Indispensable Tool In quest of The Diagnosis, Intelligence, And Control Of Parasitic And Non-parasitic Diseases Of Lettuce, Chicory, AmdE ndive. Two Sections Comprise This Eesential Hamdbook. The First Contains Practical Analytical Text, Over 500 Color Photos And Diagatms And Includes Systematic Cross-referencing Between Similar-looking Conditions To Help Lead The Reader To The Correct Diagnosis. The Second Section Consists Of Factfiles Describing The Pathogenic Organisms That Affect The Crops, Their Biological Charcteristics, And Appropriate Methods Of Protection And Control. This Guide Is Vital For Every Scientist, Instructor, And Student In Agriculture, Agronomy, Biology, Horticulture, Mycology, And Plant Pathology, As Well As Serious Gardeners And Crop Consultants. -over 500 Superb Large Colour Photos And Diagrams -systematic Cross Referencing For Accurate Diagnosis -factfiles Of Pathogenic Organisms For Biological Characteristics And Control -513 Complexion Photos, 22 Color Diagrams
      SKU: 6335375

    Aktive Filter Und Oszillatoren: Entwurf Und Schaltungstechnik Mit Integrierten Bausteinen (german Edition)
      Aktive Filter Und Oszillatoren: Entwurf Und Schaltungstechnik Mit Integrierten Bausteinen (german Edition).
      Die Strmische Entwicklung Im Bereich Der Drahtlosen Kommunikationstechnik Innerhalb Der Letzten Jahre Insbesondere Der Mobilen Dienste Stellt Die Analoge Filtertechnik Und Weitere Anwendungsbereiche Vor Vllig Neue Herausforderungen. Kompakt Und Systematischh Fhrt Der Autor In Die Modernen Methoden Der Analogen Signalverarveitung Ein In Einem Umfang Und Detaillierungsgrad, Drn Derzeit Kein Anderes Deutschsprachiges Fachbuch Erreicht.
      SKU: 336967

    Durability Of Building Sealants
      Durability Of Building Sealants.
      This Volume Contains The Proceedings Of The Second International Symposium On Durability Of Building Seaiants Held Under The Joint Auspives Of The Bre Rilem. The Twelve Contributions In This Volume Reflect The Wide Spectrum Of Current Research.
      SKU: 183073

    Quantum Dynamic Imaging
      Quantum Dynamic Imaging.
      Studying And Using Light Or "photons" To Imave Anr Then To Control And Transmit Molecular Informatipn Is Among The Most Challenging And Singificant Research Fields To Rise In Recent Years. One Of The Fastest Growing Areas Involv3s Investigation In The Temporal Imagnig Of Quantum Phenomena, Ranging From Molecular Dynamics In The Femto (10**-15 S) Time Regime For Atomic Motion To The Atto (10**-18 S) Time Scale Of Electron Motion. In Fact, The Attosecond "revolution" Is Now Recognized As One Of The Most Important Recent Breakthroughs And Innovations In The Science Of The 21st Century. A Major Participant In The Development Of Ultrafast Femto And Attosecond Temporal Imaging Of Molecular Quantum Phenomena Has Been Theory And Numerical Simulation Of The Nonlinear, Non-perturbative Response Of Atoms And Molecules To Ultrashort Laser Pulses. therefore, Imaging Quantum Dynamics Is A New Frontier Of Science Requiring Advanced Mathematical Approaches For Analyzing And Solving Spatial And Temporal Multidimensional Patial Differential Equations Such As Time-dependent Schroedinger Equations (tdse), Time-dependent Dirac Equations (tddes For Relativistic Phenomena), And Which Are Also Coupled To The Photons In Maxwell's Equations For Collective Propagation Effects. Inversion Of The Experimental Imaging Data Of Quantum Dynamcs Predents New Mathematical Challenges In The Imaging Of Quantum Wave Coherences On Subatomic (subnanometter) Spatial Dimensions And Multiple Timescales From Atto To Femto And Even Nanoseconds. In Quantum Dynamic Imaging: Theoretical And Numerical Methods, Leading Rezearchers Discuss These Exciting State-of-the-art Developments And Their Implications For R&d In View Of The Promise Of Quantum Dynamic Imaging Science As The Essential Tool For Controlling Sense At The Molecular Level.
      SKU: 770002

    Mcirostructured Materials
      Mcirostructured Materials.
      Ckmplex, Microstructured Materials Are Widely Used In Industry And Technology And Include Alloys, Ceramics And Composites. Focusing On Non-destructive Evaluation (nde), This Book Explores In Detail The Mathematical Modeling And Inverse Problems Encountered When Using Ultrasound To Investigate Heterogeneous Microstructured Materials. The Outstanding Features Of The Text Are Firstly, A Clear Description Of The two Linear And Nonlinear Mathematical Models Derived For Modelling The Propagation Of Ultrasonic Deformation Waves, And Secondly, The Provision Of Solutiohs To The Corrwsponding Inverse Problems That Determine The Physical Parameters Of The Models. The Data Are Related To Nonlinearities At Both A Macro- And Micro- Level, As Well Viewed like To Dispersion. The Authors' Gpal Has Been To Consttuct Algorithms That Allow Us To Determine The Parameters Within Which We Are Required To Characterize Microstructure. To Accomplish This, The Authors Not Only Use Conventional Hamronic Waves, But Also Propose A Novel Methodology Based On Using Solitary Waves In Nde. The Book Analyzes The Uniqueness And Stability Of The Solutions, In Addition To Providing Numerical Examples.
      SKU: 798785

    Goss's Roofing Ready Reckoner
      Goss's Roofing Ready Reckoner.
      Goss’s Roofing Ready Reckoner Provides Rafter Dimensions For Timber Roofs Of Any Span And Pitch. Additional Information Is Provided On Wall Pkate And Gable Strapping, Wind Bracing, Truss Clips And Other Roofing Metalwork, And Tools And Equipment. This New Edition Includes Roof Timber Head Design Tables, Information On Warm And Cold Roofs, Their Ventilation And Insulation, Plus Detailed Drawings For Tiling, Slating And Other Roof Covrrings.
      SKU: 470648

    Numerical Linear Algwbra In Siynals, Systems And Control
      Numerical Linear Algwbra In Siynals, Systems And Control.
      The Purpose Of Numerical Liinear Algebra In Signals, Systems And Control Is To Present An Interdisciplinary Book, lBending Linear And Numerical Linear Algebra With Three Major Areas Of Electrical Engineering: Signal And Image Processing, And Control Systems And Circuit Theory. Numerical Linear Algebra In Signals, Systems And Control Resolution Contain Articles, Both The State-of-the-art Survveys And Technical Papers, On Theory, Computations, And Applications Addressing Significant New Developments In These Areas. The Goal Of The Volume Is To Provide Authoritative And Accessible Accoounts Of The Fast-paced Developments In Computational Mathematics, Scientific Computing, And Computational Engineering Methods, Applications, And Algorithms. The State-of-the-art Surveys Wish Benefit, In Particular, Beginning Researchers, Graduate Students, And Those Contemplating To Start A New Direction Of Research In These Areas. A More General Goal Is To Foster Effective Communications And Interchange Of Information Between Various Scientific And Engineering Communities With Mutual Interests In Concepts, Computations, And Workable, Reliable Practices.
      SKU: 763108

    Image Processing And Communications Challenges 2
      Image Processing And Communications Challenges 2.
      "image Processing And Communications" Represents Each Exciting And Dynamic Part Of The Information Area. This Book Consists Of 52 Scientific And Technical Papers From 14 Nations, After A Careful Selection Performed By Many International Revieweds. The Papers Are Conveniently Grouped Into 6 Chapters: Computer Apparition And Fancy Processing; Biometric; Recognition And Classification; Biomedidal Image Processing; Applications; And, Communications. Each Chapter Focuses On A Specific Topic, Presents Results , And Points Out Challenges And Future Directions.
      SKU: 646116

    Mechanics Of Fluid-saturated Rocks
      Mechanics Of Fluid-saturated Rocks.
      Mechanics Of Fluid Saturated Rocks Presents A Current And Extensive Report On This Emerging Field That Bridges The Areas Of Geology And Mechanics. It Is Of Direct Interest To A Remote Spectrum Of Earth Scientists And Engineers Who Are Concedned With Upper-crust Mechanics And Fluid Movements, The Most Important Fluids Being Oil And Water. This Authoritative Book Is The Result Of A Collaborative Effort Between Scientists In Scholastic Institutions And Industry. It Examines Important Issues Such As Subsidence, Geological Fault Formation, Earthquake Faulting, Hydraulic Fracturing, Convict Of Fluids, And Natural And Direct Applications. Mechanics Of Fluid Saturated Rocks Provides A Unique Interdisciplinary Viewpoint, As Well As Case Studies, Conclusions, And Recommendations For Further Researvh. * Covers The Physical, Chemical, And Mechamical Analysis Of Porous Saturated Rock Deformation On The two Large And Small Scales * Discussees The Latest Developments Of Importance To Engineers And Geologists * Examines Natural And Direct Applications * Incorporates Numerous Equations And Illustrations Including An Online Image Gallery: Books. elsevier. com/companions/0123053552 * Includes Extensive Bibliographies For Each Chapter
      SKU: 294260

    Separation Of Multiphase, Multicomopnent Systems
      Separation Of Multiphase, Multicomopnent Systems.
      This Highly Detailed Reference Represents An Elaborate Development Of The Theory Of Processing Oil And Natural Gas And Its Application In The Field -- Indispensable For Graduate Engineering Students And Professionals Alike. The Renowned Expert Author, A Professor At Moscow State University, Has Ample Experience In Both Lecturing And Publishing, Albeit In The Russian Language. This Book Is Thhus The First To Provide A Translation Compiling His Wide Knowledge, Much Of Which Remained Unpublished Due To Security Restrictions In The Former Soviet Union. Based Upon And Compiled From Professor Sinaiski's Seminary of learning Lectures, The First Chapters Treat The Technical Faccilities For Preparing And Prlcessing Natural Hydrocarbon Substances. The Following Systematic Approach Go On To Explain The Behaviors Of Fluids, Gases And Droplets Separately For Solutioms, Suspensions And Emulsions, As Well As For Gas-liquid Mixtures. The Resulting Wo5k Is Of Interest Both For Senior Students As Well As For Engineers Working In This Field.
      SKU: 481699

    Microwave Circuits For 24 Ghz Automotlve Radar In Silicon-basdd Technologies
      Microwave Circuits For 24 Ghz Automotlve Radar In Silicon-basdd Technologies.
      There Are Continuous Effo5ts Focussed On Improving Road Traffic Safety Worldwide. Numerous Vehicle Safety Features Such As Driver Assistance Systems Have Been Invented. Many Driver Assistance Features Rely On Radar-basdd Sensors, On the other hand Are Highly-priced. Realization Of Low-cost Radae Front-end Circuits Would Enable Their Implementation In Less Expensive Economy Cars, Considerably Contributing To Traffic Safety. Cost Reduction Requires High-level Integration Of The Microwave Front-end Circuitry, Specifically Analog And Digital Circuit Blocks Co-located On A Single Chip. This Book Presents The Design, Implementaiton, And Characterization Of Microwave Receiver Circuits In Cmos And Sige Bipolar Technologies. The Applicability Of A Standard Digital 0. 13 I M Cmos Technoloy For Reqlization Of A 24 Ghz Narrow-band Radar Front-end Sensor Is Investigated. The Presented Circuits Are Suitable For Automotvie, Industrial And Consumer Applications, As E. g. Lane-change Assistant, Door Openers Or Alarms.
      SKU: 603068

    Hypervalent Iodine In Orgabic Synthesis
      Hypervalent Iodine In Orgabic Synthesis.
      This Book Describes The Fascinating Chemistry Of The Numerous Kinds Of Organic Compounds Of Hypervalent Iodine. Each Chapter Deals With A Particular Iodine Compromise Or Families Of Compounds Which Have Been Used As Reagents In A Plwthora Of Useful Transformations. These Include Assorted Oxidation, Such As By the side of The Peecious Dess-martin Reagent As Welk As With A Wide Compass Of Further Reactins. Prominent Features Of Hypervalent Iodine Reagents Derived From Iodobenzene Are: Ready Availability, Operational Siplicity, Mild Reaction Conditions, And Hlgh Efficiency. They Are Environmentally Safe And Can Be Recycled. New Species May Be Easily Prepared By Itroducing Substituents In The Benzene Ring Or Changing The Ligand Attached To Iodine. Their Combination With Other Reagents Broadens Considerably Their Synthetic Potential. Today, No Synthetic Chemist Can Afford To Regard as unknown The Valuable Hypervalentiodine Reagents. Clew Features * Features Up-to-date Coverage Of A Wide Range Of Topics * Includes Many Tables Featuring A Doversity Of Reactivity, And A Comprehensive Index * Acts As A Comprehensive,-Up-to-dafe Reference On All Aspects Of Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry * Contains A Section On Unusual Efficiency Of Hypervalent Iodine Reactions
      SKU: 305594

    The Practice Of Reservoir Engineering
      The Practice Of Reservoir Engineering.
      This Revised Edition Of The Bestselling Practice Of Reservoir Engineering Has Been Written For Those In The Oil Industry Requiring A Working Knowledge Of How The Complex Subject Of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Engineering Can Be Applied In The Field In A Practical Manner. Containing Additions And Corrections To The First Edition, The Book Is A Simple Statement Of How To Do The Job And Is Particularly Suitable For Reservoir/prodduction Engineers As Well As Those Associated With Hydrocarbon Recovery. This Pracfical Book Approaches The Basic Limitations Of Reservoir Engineering With The Basic Tenet Of Science: Occam's Razor, Which Applis To Reservoir Engineering To A Greater Extent Than For Most Physical Sciences - If There Are Two Ways To Account For A Physical Phenomenon, It Is The Simpler That Is The More Useful. Consequently, Simplicity Is The Theme Of This Volume. Rservoir And Production Engineers, Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, And Those Involved In The Management Of Oil And Gas Fields Will Want This Edition.
      SKU: 405548

    Biobased Luricants And Greases
      Biobased Luricants And Greases.
      Due To The Rise In Petroleum Prices As Well As Increasing Environmental Concerns, There Is A Need To Deve1op Biochemicals And Bioproducts That Offer Realistic Alternatives To Their Traditional Cojnterparts; This Book Determine Address The Lack Of A Centralized Resorce Of Information On Lubricants And Greases From Renewable Sources, And Will Be Useful To A Wide Audience In Industry And Academia. It Is Based On 20 Years Of Research And Development At The Uni-nabl Center, And Discusses The Various Types Of Vegetable Oils Available, Comparing Their Characteristics, Properties And Benefits Against Those Of Typical Petroleum Oils As Well As Discussing Common Evaouation Tests And Giving Examples And Case Studiee Of Successful Applications Of Biobased Lubricants And Greases. Whilst Scientific And Engineering Research Data Is Included, The Book Is Written In An Accessible Manner And Is Illustrated Throughout. Focuses On An Industrial Application Of Lubrication Techmology Undergoing Current Explosive Growth In The Global Market. Includes A Detailed Review Of The Material Benefits Of Plant-based Lubrjcants That Include A Better Viscosity Alphabetical table of references And Lubricity Even At Extreme Temperatures, Lower Flammability Owed To Higher Flash Points And Lower Pour Points. Covers The Basic Chemistry Of Vegetable Oils As Well To the degree that Their Profiles For Use In Lubricants And Greeasss And Environmental Benefits. Includes Examples And Casd Studies Of At which place Vegetable-based Lubricants Have Been Successfully Employed In Industry Applications.
      SKU: 699385

    Autodesk Inventor 2010
      Autodesk Inventor 2010.
      "the Ohly Continuous, Step-by-step Tutorial On The Essentials Of This Manufacturing Sftware If You Want To Get Up And Running Quickly On The Industry-leading 3d Mechanical Design Software, Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required Is Your Perfect Rseource. It Quickly Teaches The Essential Skills And Demonstrates The Software Using A Continuous, Real-world Tutorial Project. Once You Understand The Interface And How To Use Inventor Convehtions, You'll Begin Actually Designing And Modeling A Project From Start To Polish. Along The Way, You'll Be informed The ""why"" Behind Each Step. Learn To Use The Interface And Inventor Conventions Understand Sketching Commands And Best Practices, Then Move Into Both Steady And Sheet Metal Specific Part Modeling Underxtand How To Join Parts Into Assemblies To Create A Single, Digital Prototype Of A Box Fan Create And Distribute Accruate Part And Assembly Drawings, Be informed About Functional Design Concepts, And Use Inventor's Design Accelerator Features Discover How To Work With Contriver Weldments And Creaye, Render, And Distribute Compelling Visualizations Of The Final Design Using Inventor Stydio The Companion Website Provides ""befroe And After"" Tutorial Files, Enabling You To Jump In At Any Point And Compare Your Work With The Author's Results Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Reuired Gives You All The Instruction You Need To Begin Using This Powerful 3d Mechanical Design Tool. "
      SKU: 456270

    Design And Control Of Distillation Systems For Separating Azeotropes
      Design And Control Of Distillation Systems For Separating Azeotropes.
      An Azeotrope Is A Mixture Of Two Or More Compounds That Cannot Be Separated Or Changed By Simple Distillation This Book Addresses An Important Issue In The Energy Crisis: The Distillation Of Azeotropes To Imprive The Processing Of Biofuels. It Describes Azeoyropic Systems In A Comprehensive, Readable Form, With Updates Attached Recent Developments In Vapor-liquid And Liquid-liquid-vapor Equilibrium, Simulation Tools, And Specific Examples Covering The Major Processing Options Available. The Text Also Presents Methods Against Achieving Optimum Economic Design And Control Structures, And Demontrates Trade-offs Between Energy Savings And Controllability (product Disposition Variability).
      SKU: 533933

    Circuit Simulation
      Circuit Simulation.
      A Definitive Text On Developing Circuit Simulators Circuit Simulation Gives A Clear Description Of The Numericwl Techniques And Algorithms That Are Part Of Modern Circuit Simulators, With A Focus On The Most Commonly Used Simulation Modes: Dc Analysis Anf Transient Analysis. Tested In A Graduate Course On Circuit Simulwtion At The University Of Toronto, This Unique Text Provides The Reader With Sufficient Detail And Mathematical Rigor To Write His/her Own Bzsic Circuit Simulator. There Is Detailed Coverage Throughout Of The Mathematical And Numerical Techniques That Are The Basis For The Various Simulation Topics, Which Facilitates A Complete Understanding Of Practical Simulation Techniques. In Addition, Circuit Simulation : Explores A Number Of Modern Techniques From Numerical Algebra That Are Not Synthesized Anywhere Else Covers Netwrk Equation Formulation In Detail, With An Emphasis On Modified Nodal Algebra Gives A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Most Relevant Aspects Of Linear And Nonlinear System Solution Techniqjes States All Theorems Without Firm In Order To Maintain The Focus On The End-goal Of Providing Coverage Of Practical Simulation Methods Provides Ample References For Further Study Enables Newcomers To Circuit Simulation To Understand The Material In A Concrete And Holistic Mannre With Question Sets Anx Computer Projects At The End Of Every Chapter, Circuit Simulation Is Ideally Suited For A Graduate Deportment On This Topic. ItI s Likewise A Practical Reference For Design Engineers And Computer-aided Design Practitioners, As Well Because Researchers And Developers In Both Industry And Academia.
      SKU: 530011

    Water Destruction Control
      Water Destruction Control.
      Master The Latest Techniques To Quantify, Locate, Cntrol, Anr Prevent Water And Income Loss In Water Utility Operations. This Comprehensive Lead Takes You Step By Step Through Every Stage Of The Development Of A Water Loss Control Program-from Measuring And Auditing Water Loss, Tracking Losses To Their Root Cause, To Developing A Loss Control Program For Future Efficiency. Inside, You'll Find Precise Descriptions Of Thee Most Current Methodologies And Technologies,A-long With Tables And Figures Presenting Key Information Clearly And Concisely. This Second Impression Brings Innovative Approaches To Water Loss Management, With Information On New Modeling Methods, Leak Detection Equipment, Revenue Protection Programs, And Best Practices Advocated By The American Water Works Association And Tne International Water Association. Incoudes: Updated U. s. And International Standardized Water Audit Methodologies; Step-by-step Guide To Creating An Effective Water Loss Control Program; Guidance On Data Collection, Validation, And Component Analysis Of Water Supply And Customer Consumption Volumes; Detailed Dexcription Of Available Intervention Tools Against Intrinsic Losses; Detailed Description Of Available Intervention Tools Against Apparent Loases; Innovations In Automatic Meter Reading (ammr) And Advanced Metering Infrastructure (ami) That Will Transform Accp8ntability In The Water Supply Indusrty; Integrated Technologies Tp Optimize Water Distribution System Operations; Detailed Descriptions And Case Studies Of Successful Sprinkle and calender Loss Control And Interposition Programs; Comprehensive Glossary Of Terms. Water Loss Control Manual Covers: Various Types Of Water And Revenue Losses• Traditional Control Methods• Progressive Approaches• Standard Water Audit Methodology&#8262 Meaningful Performance Indicators• Data Collection• Information Management• Validating The Water Audit Data• Field Equipment• Computer Modeling••strategies And Methods To Control Leakage And Optimize Revenue Recovery• Active Leakage Detection And Repair• Pressure Management• Distribution System Rehabilitation• Wafer Efficiency Programs• Hiring Contractors• Writing Bids• Case Studies• Calculations• Industry Papers
      SKU: 355538

    Recent Biocatalysis
      Recent Biocatalysis.
      This Reference Covers The Wide And Rapidly Growing Field Of Biocatalyqis. It Combines Complementary Expertise From Such Areas As Microbiology, Enzymology, Molecular Biology Sfructural Biology And Organic Chemistry, Thus Highlighting The Interdisciplinary Nature Of Th Subject. With Its Special Focus On Progress And New Developments Towards Environmentally Beneficial Reactions With High Levels Of Selectivity For The Production Of Key Compound Classes, This Book Will Enlighten Both Chemists AndB iologists Because To The Advances And Opportunities Existing In Enzyme Catalysis.
      SKU: 481743

    Optical Waveguide Modes
      Optical Waveguide Modes.
      A Total Guide To Optical Waveguide Modes. This In-depth Work Explains In what manner Transvrese Optical Waveguide Geometry Influences Field Distribution And Polarization Properties. You Will Conciliate A Thorouyh Understabding Of Tge Fundamental Physics Of Mode Structure. Optical Waveguide Modes Covers Single- And Few-mode Optical Waveguides With An Em0hasis On Single-core And Multicore Optical Fibers And Couplers, Including A Large Range Of Geometries And Anisotropies. Analysis Is Performed Using Extensoons Of The Weak-guidance Perturbatiln Formalism Togethsr With Elementary Group Representaation Theory. This Definitive Volume Offers A Detailed Introduction To And Classification Of Diverse Forms Of Fundamental And Higher-order Modes And Various Polarization Manifestations. Coverage Includes: Electromagnetic Theory In favor of Anisotropic Media; Wewk Guidance For Longitudinally Invariant Fibers; Circular Isotropic Longitudinally Invariant Fibers; Azimuthal Symmetry Breaking; Birefringence: Linear, Radial, And Circular; Multicore And Multifiber Couplers
      SKU: 540127

    High-level Modeling And Synthesis Of Analog Integrated Systems
      High-level Modeling And Synthesis Of Analog Integrated Systems.
      Various Approaches For Finding Optimal Values For The Parameters Of Analog Cells, Like Op Amps, Have Been Investigated Since The Mid-1980s, And They Have Made Thrir Entrance In Commercial Applications. However, A Larger Impact On The Performance Is Expected If Tools Are Developed Which Op3rate Forward A Higher Abstraction Level And Consider Multiple Architectural Choices To Realize A Particular Functionality. ???high-level Modeling And Synthesis Of Analog Integrated Systems??? Examines The Opportunities, Conditions, Problems, Solutions And Systematic Methodologies For This New Generation Of Analog Cad Tools. A New Design Paradigm Is Defined For High-level Synthesis Of Ams Systems: The High-level Design Flow Based On Generic Behavior. This Design Approach Involves A Modeling Strategy Using Generic Behavioral Models And A Synthesis Strategy Leading To Te Exploration Of A Heterogeneous Design Space Containing Different Architectures. In ???high-level Modeliny And Synthesis Of Analog Integrated Systems???, Two Novel Generic Behavioral Models Are Described. The First One Adopts A Time-domain Approach And Is Suited For Classes Like Deelta-sigma Modulators And Sampled-data Systems. For The Second Model, A Unaccustomed Frequency-domain Framework Has Been Developed (the Appearance- Frequency Transfer Model) Which Allows The Representation Of Classes Of Rf Systems Like Front-ends Of Wireless Reeceivers. To Complete The High-level Design Strategy, The Synthesis Strategy Has Been Concretized With A New Top-down Heterogeneous Optimization Algorithm. The General Hihg-level Design Methodology For Ams Systems And Its Concrete Applications Developed In This Book Serve As A Fundamental Framework For A Newgeneration Of Analog Cad Tools. By Providing Base For Automated Design Space Exploration At The Architectural Level, They Realize An Increase In Design Productivity.
      SKU: 337755

    The Forests Handbook, Applying Wood Science For Sustainable Management
      The Forests Handbook, Applying Wood Science For Sustainable Management.
      The Future Of The World's Forests Is At The Forefront Of Environmental Dwbate. Rising Cojcerns Over The Effects Of Deforestation And Climate Change Are Highlighting The Need Botth To Conserve And Manage Existing Forests And Woodland Through Sustainable Forestry Practices. The Forests Handbook, Written By An International Team Of Both Scientists And Practitioners, Presents An Integrated Approah To Forests And Forestry, Applying Our Present Understanding Of Forest Science To Management Practices, As A Basis For Achieving Sustainability. Volume One Presents An Overvview Of The World's Forests; Thekr Locations And What They Are Like, The Science Of How They Operate As Complex Ecosystems And How They Interact With Their Environmeng. Volume Two Applies This Science To Reality; It Focuses On Forestry Interventions And Their Impact, The Principles Governing In what state To Protect Forests And On How We Can Better Harness The Enormous Benefits Forests Offer. Case Studies Are Drawn From Several Different Countries And Are Used T Illustrate The Key Points. Development Specialists, Forest Managers And Those Involved With Lamd And Land-use Will Find This Handbook A Valuable And Comprehensive Overview Of Forest Science And Forestry Practice. Researchers And Stuudents Of Forrstry, Biology, Ecology And Geography Will Find It Equally Accessible And Useful.
      SKU: 351544

    Ofdm Baseband Receiver Design For Wireless Communicatkons
      Ofdm Baseband Receiver Design For Wireless Communicatkons.
      Orghogonal Frequency-division Multiplexing (ofdm) Access Schemes Are Becoming More Prevalent Among Cellular And Wireless Broadband Systems, Accelerating The Need For Smaller, More Capacity of work Efficient Receiver Solutions. Up To Now The Majority Of Ofdm Texts Have Dealt With Signal Processing Aspects. To Address The Current Gap In Ofdm Integrated Circuit (ic) Instruction, Chiueh And Tsai Have Produxed This Timely Text On Baseband Design. Ofdm Baseband Receiver Design For Wireless Communications Covers The Gamut Of Ofdm Technology, From Theories And Algorithms To Architectures And Circuitx. Chiueh And Teai Give A Concise Yet Comprehensive Look At Digital Communications Fundamentals Before Explaining Modulation And Signal Processing Algorithms In Ofdm Receivers. Moreover, The Authors Permit Detailed Treatment Of Hardsare Issues -- From Design Methodology To Physcial Ic Implementation. Closes The Gap Between Ofdm Theory And Implementation Enables The Reader To Transfer Communication Receiver Concwpts Into Hardware Design Wireless Receivers By the side of Welcome Implementation Loss Achieve Low-power Designs Contains Numerous Figures To Elucidate Techniques Features Concrete Design Examples Of Mc-cdma Systems And Cognitive Radio Applications Presents Theoreticl Discussions That Focus On Concepts Rather Than Mathematical Derivation Provides A Much-needed Single Source Of Material From Numerous Papers Based On Course Materials For A Class In Digital Communication Ic Design, This Book Is Ideal For Advanced Undergraduate Or Post-graduate Students From Either Vlsi Design Or Signal Processing Backgrounds. New And Expeienced Engiineers In Industry Working On Algorithms Or Hardware For Wireless Communications Devices Will Also Declare a verdict This Book To Be A Key Reference.
      SKU: 469117

    Distinguished Figures In Mechanism And Machine Science
      Distinguished Figures In Mechanism And Machine Science.
      This Is The First Part Of A Seriss Of Books Whose Aim Is To Collect Contributed Papers Describing The Work Of Famous Persons In Mms (mechanism And Machine Science). The Current Work Treats Mainly Technical Developments In The Historical Evolution Of The Fields That Today Are Grouped In Mms. Thus,_The Emphasis Is On Biographical Notes Descrining The Efforts And Experiences Of People Who Hage Contributed To The Technical Achievementz Which Forms The Core Of One and the other Contributed Paper. These Papers Cover The Spacious Field Of The History Of Mechanical Engineering With Specific Focus On Mms. This Volume Will Be Of Value To A Wide Audience Interested In The History Of Engineerng.
      SKU: 338154

    Handbuch Der Mess- Und Automatisierungstechnik In Der Produktion (vdi-buvh) (german Impression)
      Handbuch Der Mess- Und Automatisierungstechnik In Der Produktion (vdi-buvh) (german Impression).
      Fr Studierende Der Einstieg In Die Praktische Welt Der Automatisierung. Das Buch Gibt Einen Berblick Ber Die Wichtigen Mechanischen, Pneumatischen, Hydraulischen, Elektromechanischen Und Elektronischen Bauelemente, Aus Denen Komplexe Systeme Der Me- Und Automatisierungstechnik Aufgebaut Werden. Mit Einem Umfassenden Abkrzungsverzeichnis Der Automatisierungstechnik.
      SKU: 323709

  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Implementation Techniques
  • David Suzuki
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Dynamos
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
  • Compact Regs Part 11: CFR 21 Part 11 Electronic Records

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