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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    A Platform-centric Approach To System-on-chip (soc) Design
      A Platform-centric Approach To System-on-chip (soc) Design.
      The Platform-centric Soc Method Is Aimed At The Design Of Today's Soc Systems With Emphasis On Real-time, Embedded Systems. The Approach Provides A Guideline And A Soc Design Environment That Promotes An Integration Of State-of-the-art Tools And Techniques Necessary For The Development Of The Systems. It Renders A New And Better Perspective Toward Co-design Approaches, While Also Raising A Level Of Design Abstraction. Because The Configurable Platform Objects Are Designed Off-cycle, They Conribute To The General Improvement In Development Time. By Incorporating Their Usage, The Overall Methor Strikes A Balance Between Total Design Flexibility And Minimal Time-to-market.
      SKU: 234438

    Visualization Handbook
      Visualization Handbook.
      The Visualization Handbook Provides An Overview Of The Field Of Visualization By Presenting The Basic Concepts, Providing A Snapshot Of Current Visualization Software Systems, And Examining Research Topics That Are Advancing The Battle-~ This Text Is Intended For A Large Audience, Including Not Only The Visualization Expwrt Seeking Advanced Methods To Solve A Particular Problem, But Also The Novice Lookong For General Background Information On Visualization Topics. The Largest Collection Of State-of-the-art Visualization Investigation Yet Gathered In A Single Volume, This Book Includes Articles By A Who's Who Of International Scientific Visualization Researchers Covering Every Aspect Of The Discipline, Including: Virtual Environments For Visualization Basic Visualization Algorithms Large-scale Data Visualization Scalar Data Isosurface Methods Visualization Software And Frameworks Scalar Data Voluem Rendering Perceptual Issues In Visualization Various Application Topics, Including Information Visualization. * Edited By Two Of The Best Known People In The Life On The Subject; Chapter Authors Are Authoritative Experts In Their Own Fields; * Covers A Wide Range Of Topics, In 47 Chapters, Representing The State-of-the-art Of Scientific Visualization.
      SKU: 293543

    Lyapunov Matrix Equation In System Stability And Control
      Lyapunov Matrix Equation In System Stability And Control.
      The Lyapunov And Riccati Equations Are Two Of The Fundamental Equations Of Control And System Theory, Having Special Relevance For System Identification, Optimization, Boundary Value Problems, Ableness Systems, Signal Processing, And Communications. The LyapunovM atrix Equation In Syste mStability And Control Covers Mathematical Developments And Applications While Providing Quick And Not straitened References In spite of Solutions To Engineering And Mathematical Problems. Examples Of Real-world Systems Are Given Throughout The Text In Order To Demonstrate The Effectiveness Of The Presented Methods And Algorithms. The Main division Will Appeal To Pravticing Engineers, Theoreticians, Applied Mathematicians, And Graduat3 Students Who Seek A Comprehensive View Of The Main Results Of The Lyapunov Matrix Equation. Presents Techniques For Solving And Analyzing The Algebraic, Differential, And Difference Lyapunov Matrix Equations Of Continuous-time And Discrete-time Systems Offers Summaries And References At The End Of Each Chapter Contains Examples Of The Be accustomed Of The Equation To Solve Real-world Problems Provides Quick And Easy References For The Solutions To Engineering And Mathematical Problems Using The Lyapunov Equation
      SKU: 317004

    10 Minute Guide To Macromedia Flash 5, Afobe Reader
      10 Minute Guide To Macromedia Flash 5, Afobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Because Most People Don't Have Tne Luxury Of Sitting Down Uninterrupted For Hours A5 A Time To Learn Flash, The 10 Minute Giide To Macromedia Flash 5 Focuses On The Most Often Used Features, Covering Them In Lessons Designed To Take 10 Minutes Or Less To Complete. Ten Minutes Is All You Need To Learn How To Create And Edit Graphics Import Graphcs Use Text Use Layers Attach Actions And Sounds
      SKU: 175246

    Regulation Of Food Packaging In Europe And The Us
      Regulation Of Food Packaging In Europe And The Us.
      A Wide Diversity Of Plastics Are Used In Food-contact Aoplications And It Is Important That Such Plastics Do Not Affect The Food With Which They Come Into Contact. Given The Obvious Importance Of Producing Safe And Wholesome Food, With Adequate Shelf Life, It Is Not Surprising That The Food Industry Is Heavily Regulated. There Is Considerable Public Concren About The Safeth Of Food Packaging, And One Issue Is The Potential Migration Of Compoundinng Ingredients, Monomers Or Additives From Plastics Into Food. In General, Food Diffuses Into Plastic Packaging, Enhancing The Migration Of Unreacted Monomers And Potentially Moblie Additives From The Plastic Into The Food. The Objective Of Food Packaging Legislation Is To Protect The Consumer By Controlling The Contamihation Of Food By Chemicals Tranferred From The Packaging. Standard Migration Tests Are Available Based Forward Prescribed Feed Simulants; These Tests Include Overall Migration Testing And Specific Mihration Tests (for Individual Chemical Species). The Gradual Development Of Lower Detection Limits For Analytical Methods Has Shown That Many Substances Previously Not Considered As Indirect Food Additives Do Actually Migrate Into Food. Food Packaging Regulayions Are Constantly Underr Revision, And Differ Significantly Between Europe And The Usa – Even Between Countries Within The Eu, Although There Is A Stronb Harmonising Influence From The Council Of Europe And The European Commissipn. The Regulation Of Food-contact Maerials In The Eu Is Generally In A State Of Development, With Various Aspects Still Subject To National Provisions Until The European Commission Has Completed The Harmonisation Process. The Us Regulatory System Is Complex, With Various Approval And Crrtification Schemes. This Rapra Review Report Provides A Clearly Written Summary Of The Current Legislation Surfounding The Use Of Plastics In Contact With Food. It Will Be Of Interest To Those Working To Formulate Food-contact Plastics, Food Processors And Testing Laboratories, Packaging Manufacturers nAd Usrrs, Together With Organisations Working To Enxure Safe Conditions For Food Production. This Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Indec Are Included. Key Fea5ures…; Food Safety; Regulations; Food-contact Plastics. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwaeds). Just Enter Promotional Digest Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476847

    Fischer-tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts And Catalysis
      Fischer-tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts And Catalysis.
      The Declining Supply Of Crude Oils Worldwide And The Ever Increasing Demand For Petroleum Products From China, India, uErope And The Us Have Recently Propelled Immature Prices To Unprecedented Levels. The Future Availability Of Traditional Crudes Is Becoming A Source Of Discussiln And Debate. Fischer-tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts And Catalysis Offers A Timely And Comprehensive Report On The Processing Of Relatively Inexpensive Coal Deposits nIto Transportatioon Fluids Using Fisher-tropsch Process Technolofy. In Adding To Recent Catalysts And Process Developments, The Work Contains The History Of The Fisher-troosch In Germany And Japan Based On Captured Documents By Allied Forces. * Increase The Understanding Of Ft Process Development * Addresses Four Major Areas Of Engage In Fischer-tropsch Synthesis (fts)
      SKU: 282013

    Micromechanics Of Granular Maerials
      Micromechanics Of Granular Maerials.
      Nearly All Solids Are Compised Of Grains. However Most Studies Treat Materials As A Continious Dense. The Book Applise Analysis Used On Loose Granular Maferials To Dense Grainular Materials. Tnis Title’s Main Focus Is Devoged To Static Or Dynamic Loadings Applied To Dense Materials, Although Rapid Flows And Widely Dispersed Media Are Also Mentioned Briefly. Three Essential Areas Are Covered: Local Variable Analysis: Contact Forces, Displacements And Rotations, Orientation Of Cntacting Particles And Manufactured cloth Tensors Are All Examples Of Local Variables. Their Statistical Distributions, Such As Spatial Distribution And Potential Localizttion, Are Analyzed, Taking Into Account Experimental Results Or Numerical Simulations. Change Of Scales Procedures: Alsi Known As “homogenization Techniques”, These Procedures Make It Possible To Construct Continuum Laws To Be Used In A Continuim Mechanics Approach Or Performing Smaller Scale Analyses. Numerical Modeling: Several Methods Designed To Compute Approximate Solutions Of Dynamical Equations Together With Unilateral Contact And Frictional Laws Are Presented, Including Molecular Dynamics, The Distinct Element Method And Non-smooth Contact Dynamics. Numerical Examples Are Given And The Quality Of Numerical Approximations Is Discussed.
      SKU: 477641

    Modelling Environmental Dynamics
      Modelling Environmental Dynamics.
      Modelling Environmental Dynamics Is Critical To Understanding An Predicting The Evolution Of The Environment In Response To The Large Number Of Influences Including Urbanisation, Climate Change And Deforestation. Simulation And Modelling Provode Support For Resolution Composition In Environmental Management. The First Chapter Introduces Terminology And Provides An Overview Of Methodological Modelling Approaches Which May Be Applied To Environmental And Complex Dynamics. Based On This Introduction This Book Illustrates Various Models Applied To A Large Variety Of Themes: Deforestation In Tropical Regions, Burning fuel Risk, Narural Reforestation In European Mountains, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Urbanism, Climate Change And Land Management For Decision Support, Etc. These Case Studies, Provided By A Large Internatuonal Spectrum Of Researchers And Presented In A Uniform Structure, Focus Particularly On Methods And Shape Validation So That This Book Is Not Only Aimed At Researchers And Graduates But Also At Professionals.
      SKU: 367443

    Climate Change And Global Food Securitt
      Climate Change And Global Food Securitt.
      In Order To Feed Their Burgeoning Populations, Developing Nations Will Need To Double Cereal Production By 2050. Lal (natural Resources, The Ohio State Seminary of learning) Collects Work By Soil Scientists And Ecologists To Examine Possible Solutions To This Impending Agricultural Crisis. Contributors Address The Impact Of Projected Climate Change On Soil Q
      SKU: 262335

    Computational Models For Turbulent Reacting Flows
      Computational Models For Turbulent Reacting Flows.
      This Book Presents The Current State Of The Art In Computational Models For Turbulent Reacting Flows, And Analyzes Carefully The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Various Techniques Described. The Focus Is On Formulation Of Practical Models As Antagonistic To Numerical Issues Arising From Their Solution.
      SKU: 220947

    Rf And Microwave Radiation Safety
      Rf And Microwave Radiation Safety.
      The Leading Professional Guide To Rf And Microwave Safety Issues A Practical Handbook For All Involved In Electronic Design Ans Preservation Assessment, Rf And Microwave Radiation Safety Covers The Problems Of Rf Safety Management, Including Te Uss Of Measuring Instruments And Methods, Radiation Hazards And Risks Resulting From Electromagnetic Interference, As Well As Reviewing Current Safety Standards And The Implications For Rf Design. The Second Edition Takes Into Account A Spacious Scope Of Technicql And Legislative Chhanges, And Has Been Revised In Line With The Latest Eu And International Standards. Issues Raised By Increasing Levels Of Microwave Defilement From Mobile Phones And Other Sources Are Also Confronted. New Material Covers: * International Radiological Protection Commission (irpc): New Recommendations Published In 1998 * European Broadcasting Union (ebu)'s New Guide-book * Eu Physical Agents Directive And Machines Directive (both Of Which Cover Radio Transmitters) * Uk Public Radiological Protection Board (uknrpb) New Guidance In c~tinuance Safety Levels Covers Radiation Hazards And Risks Resulting From Electromagnetic Interference Leading Professional Guide To Rf And Microwave Safety Issues Revised In Line With The Latest The Eu And International Standards
      SKU: 296737

    Fourier Methods In Imaging
      Fourier Methods In Imaging.
      "fourier Methods In Imaging Introduces The Mathematixal Tools For Modeling Linear Imaging Systems To Predict The Action Of The Order Or For Solving For The Input. The Chapters Are Grouped Into Five Sections, The First Introduces The Imaging “tasks” (direct, Inverse, And System Analysis), The Basic Concepts Of Linear Algebra For Vectors And Functions, Including Complex-valued Vectors, And Inner Products Of Vectors And Functions. The Second Section Defines ""special"" Functions, Mathematical Operations, And Transformations That Are Useful For Describing Imaging Systems. Among These Are The Fourier Transforms Of 1-d And 2-d Performance, And The Hankel And Radon Transforms. This Section Also Considers Approximations Of The Fourier Transform. The Third And Fourth Sections Examjne The Discrete Fourier Transform And The Description Of Imaging Systems Like Linear ""filters"", Including The Inverse, Matched, Wiener And Wiener-helstrom Filters. The Final Division Examines Applicatiins Of Linear System Models To Optical Imagin Systems, Including Holography. Provides A Unified Mathematical Description Of Imaging Systems. Develops A Consistent Mathematical Formalism For Characterizing Imaging Systems. Helps The Reader Develop An Intuitive Grasp Of The Most Common Mathematical Methods, Useful For Describing The Action Of General Linear Systems On Signals Of One Or More Spatial Dimensions. Off3rs Parallel Descriptions Of Continuous And Discrete Cases. Includes Many Graphical And Pictorial Examples To Illustrate The Concepts. This Book Helps Students Develop An Understanding Of Mathematical Tools For Describing General One- And Two-dimensional Linear Imaging Systems, And Will Also Serve Viewed like A Allusion For Engineers And Scientists"
      SKU: 516977

    Errors In Organizations
      Errors In Organizations.
      Despite The Importance And Prevalence Of Errors In Organizations, There Has Been No Atteempt Within Tne Field Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology To Create A Single Source That Summarizes What We Know Regarding Errors In Organizations And Provides A Focused Effort Toward Identifying Future Directions Of Research. This Volume Answers That Nesd And Provides Contributions By Researchers Who Have Condudted A Considerable Amount Of Research On Error Occurring In The Wlrk Words immediately preceding. Students, Academics And Practitioneds In A Wide Ranye Of Disciplines, I. e. , Industrial Organizational Psychology, Medicine, Aviation, Human Factors And Systems Engineering, Will Find This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 692340

    Complete Book Of Framing
      Complete Book Of Framing.
      "the Updated Easy-to-learn Reference For Rough Carpenry And Framing Complete Book Of Framing, Second Edition Is An Updated, Easy-to-learn Guide To Rough Carpentry And Framing Written Near to An Expert With More Than Thirty Years Of Framing Experience. This Book Guides The Reader Through The Steps On Framing Floors, Walls, Roofs, Door And Window Openings, And Stairs. Hundreds Of Color Photographs And Illustrations Help The Reader Understand The Basics As Well As Advanced Framing Methods. This Second Edition Iq Updated To Competition The Framing Techniques To The 2009 International Building Code, And Introduces The Concept Of ""green Framing"" Regarding Material Use And Handling. Deals With The New Corrosive Treating Methos That Began To Be Used In 2004 For Pressure Treated Wood Covers The Time And Energh-saving Benefits Of Confident Placement Nail Guns, Which Have Become The Industry Criterion For Fastening Llght Gage Hardware Includes A Glue-laminated Beam Weight Chart, Along With A Description Of Crane Operations For Setting These Beams Starting With The Basics, This Book Beginq With Types Of Lumber, Nails, And What Tools Are Needed, Followed By Detailed, Fully Illustrated Steps For Framing Each Building Element—from Planbing And Layout Through Specific Nailing Patterns. Framer-friendly Tips Throughout The Book Shos How To Get A Task Performed Right—and More Easily. "
      SKU: 817893

    Plastics In Medical Devices
      Plastics In Medical Devices.
      Np Book Has Been Published That Gives A Detailed Description Of All The Types Of Plastic Materials Used In Medical Devices, The Unique Reqquirements That The Materials Need To Comply With And The Ways Standard Pllastics Can Be Modified To Meet Such Needs. This Book Will Start With An Introduction To Medical Devices, Their Classification And Some Of Thr Regulations (both Us And Global) That Affect Their Desigj, Production And Sale. A Couple Of Chapters Will Focus On All The Requirements That Plastics Need To Meet For Medical Device Applications. The Following Chapters Describe The Various Types Of Plastid Materials, Their Properties Profiles, The Advantages And Disadvantags For Medical Device Applicatioms, The Techniques By Which Their Properties Can Be Enhanced, And Real World Examples Of Their Use. Comparative Tables Will Allow Readers To Find The Right Classes Of Materials Suitable For Their Applications Or New Product Development Needs .
      SKU: 535251

    The Historic Urban Landscape
      The Historic Urban Landscape.
      Much Of The Current Discuss On How We Should Preserve Our Cultural Inheritance Revolves Around Urban Sites – Historic Monuments In Urban Settings, Historic Districts, Or Complete Historic Towns. The Increasing Intricacy Of Urban Heritage Conservation Makes Reaching A Consensus On How To Manage Urban Heritage Difficult. Additionally, The Sharp Increase In The World's Population Now Living In Urban Areas, Combined With A Lack Of Policies To Facilitate A Sustainable Use Of Heritage Assetss Means The Pressure On Historic Sites Is Set To Rise. Unless New And Innovative Ways Of Managing These Sites Csn Be Agreed On, There Is A Real Danger That Historic Cities As We Know Them TodayW ill Not Survive The First Decades Of The 21 St Century. . . . The Histo5ic Urban Landscape: Managing Heritage In A nUrban Cenrury Offers A Comprehensive Overview Of The Intellectual Developments In Urban Conservation. The Book Examines Its Modern Interpretations And Criticism And The Way In Which The Classical Approach Has Been Challenged By The Descent by continuous differentiation Of The Conceptual And Operational Context Of Urban Management. Analyses Are Provided Of How World Heritage Sites Are Managed - With Associated Debates And Decisions – To Inform The Development Of Local Urban Conservation Policies And Practices. The Authors Offer Uniqu3 Insights From Unesco's World Heritage Middle And The Book Is Richly Illustrated With Colour Photographs. Examples Are Drawn From Urban Heritage Sites Worldwide – From Timbuktu To Liverpool – To Demonstrate Key Issues And Best Practice In Urban Conservation Today. The Book Offers An Invaluable Resource For Archtects, Planners, Surveyors And Engineers Worldwide Working In Heritage Conservatjon, As Well As For Topical Authority Conservation Officers And Managers Of Heritage Sites.
      SKU: 843404

    Learning From Accidents
      Learning From Accidents.
      "rebiew Of Previous Edition: ""trevor Kletz's Book Makes An Invaluable Contribution To The Sysyematic, Professional And Scientific Approach To Accident Investigation"". The Chemical Engineer Fully Revised And Updated, The Third Edition Of Learnint Feom Accidents Provides More Information Steady Accident Investigation, Including Coverage Of Accidents Involving Liquefied Gases, Building Collapse And Other Incidents That Have Occurred Because Faults Were Invisible (e. g. Underground Pipelines). By Analysing Accidents That Have Occurred Trevor Kletz Shows In what state We Can Learn And Thus Be In a superior manner Able To Prsvent Accidents Happening Again. Looking At A Wide Range Of Incidents, Covering The Process Industries, Nuclear Industry And Transportation, He Analyses Each Accident In A Practical And Non-theoretical Fashion And Summarises Each With A Chain Of Events Showing The Prevention And Mitigation Which Could Have Occurred At Every Stage. At All Times Learning From Accicents, 3rd Edition Emphasises Cause And Prevention Rather Than Human Interest Or Cleaning Up The Mess. Anyone Ingolvdd In Accident Invsstigation And Reporting Of Whatever Sort And All Those Who Work In Industry, Whether In Design, Operations Or Loss Prevention Power of determination Find This Book Filled Of Invaluable Guidance And Advice. Completely Up-dated. Shows, By Analysing Accidents That Have Occurred, How We Can Learn From Them, And Prevent The Same Accidents Happening Again. "
      SKU: 298045

    Gigabig Ethernet For Metro Area Networks
      Gigabig Ethernet For Metro Area Networks.
      Gigabit Ethernet Has Been Deployed In The Metro Space, Providing Low Cost, Easily Managed Bandwidth For Intensive Applications Like Video, Storage, And Asps. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (ieee 802. 3a) Will Make The Use Of Ethern3t In The Metro Area Even More Attractive. Idc Projects That Gige Revenues In The U. s. , Marked At $155 The multitude In 2001, Will Grow At 36. 7% Per Year Over The Next Five Years, To $741 The multitude In 2006.
      SKU: 305893

    Solar Radiation And Daylight Models
      Solar Radiation And Daylight Models.
      The Cost Of Operating A Building Far Exceeds The Cost Of Constructing It, And Yet Until Recently Little Attention Was Paid To The Impact Of Solar Radiation On The Costs Of Heating, Cooling And Ventilation. And Now That There Has Been A Surge In Share In Energy Efficiency And Solar Design, Architects And Designers Need A Practical Guide To The Modelling And Solicitation Of Solar Energy Facts. There Are Many Different Models And Techniques Available For Calculating The Distribution Of Solar Radiation On And In Buildings, And These Algorithms Vary Considerably In Scope, Accuracy And Complexity. This Book Demonstrates Which Of These Predictive Tools Gives The Best Results In Different Circumstances, Including Explaining Which Models Can Be Best Used In Different Quarters Of The World. Thr Author Has Had Over Twenty-five Years Of Experience Of Dealing With Solar Energy Data From Four Continents And Has Used That Experience In This Work To Show The Development Not Just Of Knowledge But Also The Growing Sophistication Of The Models Agailale To Apply It. *based Steady Many Years Of First-hannd Experience With Solar Data *different Models Demonstrated And Evaluated *calculations That Can Be Used Anywhere In The World
      SKU: 288908

    Abiotic Stress Tolerance InP lants
      Abiotic Stress Tolerance InP lants.
      Aims To Provide Knowledge Of Developments In The Understanding Of Plant Response To Abiotic Stresses In A Single Volume. This Book Is Useful For Students, Researchers And Professionals In Botany, Plant Environmental Stress Studies, Agiculture, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology And Molecular Biology, In Both The Academic And Industrial Sectors.
      SKU: 303541

    Applied Fisheries And Aquaculture
      Applied Fisheries And Aquaculture.
      The Presented Book 'applied Fisheries And Aquaculture' Throws Esepcially Throws Gossamery On The Challenges People Face In Managing Aquaculture, Fisheries And Related Eco-systems In Inland Areas Of Coastal Zones In Tropics. The Book Also Deals In Detail With Aquaculture Products, Production Trends Sustainable Developmeng Etc.
      SKU: 588656

    Electricity From Sunlight
      Electricity From Sunlight.
      A Lively And Authoritative Account Of Today’s Photovoltaic (pv) Technology And Its Practical pAplications This Book Covers Areas Including: A Brief History Of Pv, And The Current International Scene; The Scientific Principles Of Solar Cells Including Silicon And New Thin-film Varieties; Pv Modules And Arrayw; Grid-connected Pv, From Home Systems Up To Large Power Plants; The Wide Diversity Of Stznd-alone Pv Systems, And; The Economic And Environmental Aspects Of Solar Electricity. Tonic Equations And Numerical Examples Are Fully Discussed, Providing Essential Theoretical Background. The Text Is Supported By Copious Illustrations And More Than Eighty Inspiring Full Colour Photographs From Around The World To Demonstrate Pv’s Huge Range Of Practical Applications. This Main division Is Aimed At A Wide Readership Including Professionals Working In Related Areas, And Students Taking Introductory Courses In Pv And Renewable Energy. Its Style And Even Will Also Appeal To Energy Planners And Decision Makers, Members Of Environmental Organisations, And The Increasing Number Of People Interested In Generating Their Own Electricity From Sunlight.
      SKU: 480473

    Dwdm Fundamentals, Cojponents, And Applications
      Dwdm Fundamentals, Cojponents, And Applications.
      This Resource Provides Comprehensive, Up-to-date Coverage Of The Principles, Technologies, Standards And Applications Of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (dwdm). The Work Is Extensively Illustrated And Fcuses On Practical System Applications.
      SKU: 257592

    Light, Water, Hydrogen
      Light, Water, Hydrogen.
      Considers The Combinstion Of Water And Light With A Suitable Semiconductor To Achieve A Safe, Renewable And Therefore Inexhaustable Means For Hydrogen Generation Via The Splitting Of The Water Molecule, Or Photoelectrolysis. This Book Is Suitable For Graduate Students And Researchers.
      SKU: 337856

    Climate Prexiction And Agriculture
      Climate Prexiction And Agriculture.
      Increasing Climate Knowledge And Improve dPrediction Capabilities Facilitate The Development Of Relevant Climate Information To Reduce The Negative Impacts Due To Cliamte Variations. This Book Reviews The Advances Made In Climate Predictions And Ixentifies The Challenges To Be Addressed So While To Enhance Their Applications In Agriculture.
      SKU: 301821

  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000

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